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Don’t forget the IACDS Bauma seminar The first IACDS seminar will be held at Bauma under the title ‘The Very Best of Diamond Technology’. It will take place in Hall B 1, Conference room B 11, at 10.00 to 14.00 on Friday 23 April. The subjects that will be covered are as follows: 10.00 “Dry coring and dry wire sawing in reinforced concrete” by Martin Godickemeier of Hilti.

introduce probably the widest range of new products ever. All of the novelties covered in an extensive report in PDi issue 1-2010 will be on the stand. One of the features of Tyrolit’s display will be a high-frequency wall saw line featuring a new built-in gearbox. The wallsaw, named WSE1620***, will be the biggest in the line. Also to be introduced at Bauma is the new WCE14*** wire saw and a drilling gearbox, both of which are part of a new modular system using the same driving unit. Tyrolit will also launch the new 11 HP FSG 513*** floor saw. This robust machine provides optimized cutting, more application options and increased safety. Also new is the DME75UW*** drill motor for drilling applications in reinforced concrete, and for very large diameter core drills. Tyrolit is also launching a new series of drill rigs comprising four models and six designs. The series contains the DRU160***, DRU250***, DRA250***, DRU400***, DRA400*** and DRA500***. All rigs come with the combi-foot system. Apart from the DRU160***, all drill rigs in the new range have the ModulDrill quick fixing system that guarantees fast, secure drill motor mounting. The other models also have a twin-speed feed gear for greater ease of use. Tyrolit is also adding the drilling system DRS160** to its existing range of 11 models. The DRS160** can drill holes up to 160 mm. Tyrolit will also introduce a new floor saw to the European market. Named the FSG5135, the floor saw was developed and produced in the US by the Tyrolit company Diamond Products. Tyrolit is also launching a new series of Premium diamond wires for concrete and steel. The new series meets the highest demands for quality, efficiency and safety and copes with every concrete cutting challenge. In addition

Tyrolit has developed TGD® technology aimed at making concrete cutting faster, more efficient and more economical. During recent years several new diamond grain distribution technologies have been released by several of the world’s diamond tool manufacturers. Tyrolit has applied its TGD Technology to take grain distribution one step further. According to Tyrolit, this technology is not just about distributing the diamonds according to a certain controlled pattern, nor is it solely about the diamonds. With TGD, the abrasive diamond grains are distributed optimally in the segment. As a result, a consistently high cutting performance can be achieved over the lifetime of the tool. This decisively improves the cutting speed, service life and versatility of the Tyrolit premium tools, and eliminates any possible variations in performance. The patented TGD technology is already available on Tyrolit floor saw blades, and will be released at Bauma for wall saw blades. Also worth mentioning is that Tyrolit is once again organising the well-received Tyrolit Cutting Pro Competition. Throughout 2010, national qualifications and finals will be held in various parts of Europe, leading up to the grand final in Innsbruck in January 2011.

10.30 “Cutting methods using a minimum of water with efficient recovery of dust and slurry” by Thierry Gillet of Husqvarna Construction Products. 11.00 “Remote controlled underwater wire sawing” by Franz Zeindler of Tyrolit. 11.30 “Hydraulic versus high-frequency motor driven concrete cutting equipment – the pros and cons” by Johan Hartvik of Tractive AB. 12.00 “Hydraulic versus high-frequency motor driven concrete cutting equipment – environmental considerations” by Johan Hartvik of Tractive AB. 12.30 “Nuclear power plants – large decommissioning projects” by Franz Zeindler of Tyrolit. 13.00 “post installed rebar – efficient methods of strengthening concrete structures” by Jakob Kunz of Hilti. 13.30 “Floor grinding and demolition markets – new opportunities for growth” by Thomas Nilsson of Husqvarna Construction Products AB. Those who wants to attend the seminars should register on line at

WideCut The Korean manufacturer WideCut, a company formed in 1990 and devoted to the development and manufacture of high-quality diamond wires and accessories, will exhibit at Bauma. The production is sold globally in approximately 30 counties, particularly Japan, Germany and the US.


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