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other applications. Since the beginning of the 1990s, OilQuick’s focus has been on the development and sales of automatic quick coupler systems for excavators, wheel loaders, material processing machines and lift trucks. Hydraulic attachments can be changed directly from the drivers cab in just 10 seconds. OilQuick is patented in Japan, North America and most countries in Europe. Thousands of OilQuick systems have been sold to satisfied customers in Western Europe and the US. The export share is approximately 80%. The product has a tremendous market potential, and OilQuick expect a significant expansion in the next few years. OilQuick will show and demonstrate a number of its products at the company’s large, 400 m2 outdoor booth at Bauma.

Pullman Ermator AB Pullman Ermator is now back with a number of new products. New are the S13, S26, S36 and S36PCB dust extractors. The filter size has been doubled on the S26, and has increased from 3 to 4 m2 on S36. All three models have also been made lighter than previous models, making them easier to work with on the jobsite. The filters are made in polyester and are folded. In addition, all models are equipped with manometers and a time counter as standard features. All 3-phase machines will have Can Lock systems, while the air hoses has been changed to a new material with a longer life cycle. The A line of air cleaners has also been updated. All units have a separate electric outlet and a time counter. Separate illuminated indicators indicate when the filter needs to be changed , and when there is something wrong with the filter. The capacities have been increased with A 1000 and A 2000, making both of them 300 m3/h stronger than their predecessor models, the A700 and A1700. The mounting of cole filters has also been made easier on the new A line series. Pullman Ermator has also upgraded its wet vac series. The sturdier remodelled caddy is easier to work with and move. The tank capacity has been increased up to 70 litres. The outlet for slurry has been changed for easy emptying of the machine. And, the bottom surface has been made inclining towards the outlet. In addition, a new type of bag has been developed only for wet material. All of Pullman Ermator’s new products will be shown at its booth at Bauma. Ramtec


The Finnish demolition equipment attachment manufacturer Ramtec Oy, has increased its product range to include multi-processors, pulverizers and cutter-crushers. At Bauma, Ramtec plans to display a CG35 crusher grapple, a MP19 multiprocessor, a DG15 demolition grapple and an MM104 screening bucket. The Robi CG patented crusher grapple is an efficient excavator attachment for crushing, pulverizing, sorting and loading of demolished materials. There are three models in the CG crusher grapple range, CG20r, CG35r and CG50r. They weigh 1.8, 2.6 and 3.5 tonnes respectively. The MM104 is a new patented screening bucket that can be used for screening, crushing and loading various types of materials, including soil, wood, concrete, bricks and glass, and other waste materials. It can be easily mounted on an excavator or a wheel loader. The MM series includes three models—the PDi • Issue 2 - 2010 • Bauma Special • April - May

MM104, MM154 and MM254. They weigh 1.7, 2.3 and 2.9 tonnes respectively. The new MP range of Multiprocessors is aimed at a multitude of demolition tasks. The MP19 at the show is designed for primary applications and in particular for crushing concrete and cutting reinforced structures. Its operating weight is 2.27 tonnes with a maximum jaw opening of 859mm, a maximum cutting force of 2,800 kN and a maximum crushing force of 1,350 kN. The Robi DG demolition and sorting grapple series attachments include five models, of which the DG15 will be shown at Bauma. The DG grapples are specially designed for light demolition projects, such as wooden buildings, bricks, concrete without rebar, and for sorting and loading demolition debris in scrap yard applications.

Rockster Recycler Please see the special feature on mobile recycling equipment on pages 14-16 for novelties to be launched at Bauma.

Rubble Master Please see the special feature on mobile recycling equipment on page 14 for novelties to be launched at Bauma.

Saint-Gobain Abrasive Nimbus Diamond Tools, part of Saint Gobain will use Bauma to demonstrate and show several new and recently introduced products at Bauma The engineers at Norton-Nimbus have developed an alternative solution for coolant, with foam replacing water. This innovative method was developed and patented by our research and development centre in Japan for wire sawing, and has now been adapted to drilling. This foam drilling unit is composed of a compressor generating specially developed and environmentally friendly foam through the drilling motor. The foam is then vacuumed and reduced back to water. The density of the foam has been designed to allow fast drilling and efficiently carry the slurry out of the hole. Because of its density compared with water, the foam will not spread through cracks in the concrete nor splatter around when drilling. This virtually eliminates the need to protect the job site before drilling, and the time devoted to cleaning up afterward. As a result, customers will realize substantial savings in their labour costs. Those interested in taking a closer look at this system will be able to see a live demonstration at Bauma. Norton-Nimbus has also launched several other innovations in the past months for drilling applications, including the X3 laser welded core and the new and revolutionary O’Tip. To answer the specific needs of hand-held drilling, Norton-Nimbus just launched the X2 core drill. As with the rest of the range, the X2 is manufactured in our Burgess Hill, UK, plant and laser-welded for improved performance and safety. The big difference is a thinner segment. Compared with the market standard thickness of 3,5mm, the 2.6mm thick segments used on the X2 not only allow for much faster drilling, but also provide a much easier and comfortable solution for the operator. Small diameter drilling is carried out with thin wall crowns, manufactured in one continuous ring with waterways cut out in the diamond section. To comply with safety standards, the mechanical principals for producing crowns force manufacturers to respect a ratio of 1 to 4, where the height of the full crown cannot be more than four times its thickness. This is why all crowns in the market are 10mm high, with only 7mm of actual diamond cutting section. Norton-Nimbus has developed and patented a new production process where crowns are no longer manufactured as one piece, but

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