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the way the job gets done by those working in the utility, commercial infrastructure, fire and rescue, underwater and general construction sectors. From ductile iron to plastic pipe, PowerGrit will get you in and out of the job faster, easier and safer than other methods. Also expected at ICS BLOUNT’s Bauma display is the new 680GC, the much anticipated revolution in concrete chain saws. Built to be the most reliable gas saw ICS has ever produced, the 680GC is packed with innovations. The distinctive black powerhead houses redesigned carburetion and ignition systems that work together to ensure easy starting, cooler operation, and dependable performance at just about any elevation. Improved airflow design keeps the engine much cooler, helping extend its life. The 68GC is available with 12 inch (30 cm) and 14 inch (35 cm) guidebars, and the entire line of TwinMAX™ diamond chains.

Klindex The Italian manufacturer Klindex will use Bauma to show a large portion of it latest product developments. The company’s Super Concrete is a system that changes a standard concrete floor in a beautiful, polished and easy-to-clean surface, thanks to its patented and performing grinding machines and diamond tools. The Super Concrete is an easy and fast system for grinding and polishing concrete surface without the use of wax. Klindex will also show its new Hercules 530 floor grinding machines. This new line of floor grinding and polishing machines for marble, granite, polished concrete, gres, conglomerate, stone, industrial surfaces, and cement floors features counter-rotating steel planetary gears. This makes the equipment very easy to handle, reliable, robust and long-lasting. Thanks to the easy handling, this line is especially suitable to contractors with inexperienced operators. The machines’ productivity is extremely superior compared with any other machine built with belt drives. Another novelty is the KY100 ASC Supervak. Like all other Supervak models, the KY100 ASC is equipped with the automatic self-cleaning future, and is also the only professional vacuum cleaner in the world with retractable dimensions due to its telescopic frame, according to Klindex. Klindex will also show its Expander 1000 mega-grinder. This is the first grinding machine with 6 counter-rotating staggered heads for a perfect surface levelling. This feature guarantees the desired flatness of the surface, and the perfect balance of the floor grinding machine for the operator. The Expander 1000 mega-grinder has an innovative system of automated change tools. Using built-in actuators, the head rotates of 90° allowing the operator to change the tools without having to lift the grinding machine. It has an adjustable work pressure from 500 kg to 750 kg, and a central actuator that makes it possible to give more or less pressure to the tools. The machine uses only gears to provide superior durability and reliability. There are no belt transmission that are subject to breaks. Other features of the Expander 1000 mega-grinder include maximum silence in order to work in confined spaces, and a third extractable front wheel for easy transportation and to climb on


PDi • Issue 2 - 2010 • Bauma Special • April - May

vans. The machine has planetarium inclination to allow a bigger amount of frontal removal as well as an extractor tank for effective collection of dust. The Expander 1000 is remote controlled with either cable or radio. The remote control unit has a multidirectional joystick that prevents vibrations to the operator.

Lissmac With its series production of fully hydraulic floor cutters, Lissmac has set standards. The company’s FS 41 and Uni-Cut floor cutters feature all-hydraulic operations. That includes the saw blade drive; saw blade lowering, traction and steering. When it comes to performance, Lissmac’s operator-friendly ride-on floor cutters also have plenty to recommend them. These diesel driven machines produce between 65-98 kW and, depending on the particular model, cutting depths of up to 630 mm with a maximum feed speed of up to 80 m/min. The usable saw blade diameters range from 350 to 1,500 mm, and blade rotation is variably adjustable to cater for different material properties, cutting depths and working speeds. The Lissmac FS 41 and Uni-Cut floor cutters have strong, warp-resistant frames for precise cutting, vibration absorbers for minimum vibration, and smooth-running, state-ofthe-art engines. Special emphasis has been give to the cutters’ manoeuvrability, while a low centre of gravity makes them tilt-proof. These Lissmac machines also master alternating left and right-hand cuts with short set-up times. All models can produce pushed and pulled cuts on just one machine. All Lissmac products will be on display at Bauma in Hall A1, Booth 221/324.

Sase and MKS Funke At Bauma, Sase and MKS will introduce Sase’s new PDG line of planetary diamond grinders. All three PDG grinders, PDG 8000, PDG 6000, and PDG 4500, have three powerful heads to better follow floor contours. The three-headed machines also deliver the most productivity while utilizing nine pieces of diamond tooling, rather than the twelve required by a four-headed machine.  The machines are also perfectly balanced and are certified ultra-low vibration.  The PDG line is precision engineered and designed with a contemporary and sleek yet sturdy look. The look reflects how the machines run. They are indestructible, aggressive, and reliable; but also refined and easy to operate.  Sase’s new grinders will be on display with many of the company’s other successful products, such as dust extractors, floor scrapers, scarifiers, edge grinders, and a full-line of competitively priced diamond tooling developed specifically for the concrete grinding and polishing industry.  Polished concrete for industrial and retail surfaces continues to take market share from other flooring systems. Sase has become the most respected supplier of concrete grinding and polishing equipment and tooling, coatings removal and prep in the US. While most construction-related companies have suffered a decline in sales over the past three years, Sase has enjoyed growth, enabling it to open a new training and service location to provide better service and support to East Coast contractors.  To bring its expertise to Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Benelux, Sase has teamed up with MKS, a long-respected and well established supplier of diamond tooling and equipment for the polished concrete, surface preparation, coatings removal, and natural stone industries. MKS has a 25-year history fully focused in floor grinding. Based in the northern region of Germany, MKS serves central and northern Germany, Benelux and Scandinavia.

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