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A recent introduction from HTC is the unique CX tool line, which outperforms any existing metal tool on the market, according to a HTC spokesman. “The tools are a real breakthrough in performance,” he said. The tools were officially launched during the Swedish exhibition Nordbygg, and will be displayed at Bauma as well. The CX series has longer life and better cutting rate, which will save time and money for the operator. The tool line was developed for normal to hard concrete (C35-60), and has high resistance against heat. And with an extremely high cutting rate, the CX series leaves a uniform scratch pattern and speeds up the grinding process. Husqvarna Construction Products

Husqvarna Construction Products is bringing a long line of products to Bauma. In fact, the company began rolling out its new offerings at the end of last year. First, Husqvarna displayed two brand new demolition robots, the DXR 250 and the DXR 140. With these the company has launched a totally new range of remotely controlled demolition machines within the space of two years. “We launched our first demolition robot, the DXR 310 in 2009,” says Husqvarna Construction Products head of marketing communications Ingrid Nyström. “In the beginning of 2010, we are releasing a new model, the DXR 250, which is a compact robot with a fixed arm. At Bauma we are going to present another new robot, the DXR140, which will be the smallest robot in the range.” On two indoor and outdoor stands, at Bauma, visitors will be able to test Husqvarna’s extensive range of drilling machines and stands, including the newly added DM 340 and the DS 450 stand. The new powerful WS 482 HF electric wall saw has a blade capacity of up to

1600 mm, and the best power-to-weight ratio on the market. In the power cutter range, new models of the 700, 900 and 1200 series will be presented. The new petrol driven K 760 power cutter is a development on the K 750. Like its forerunner, the K 760 is equipped with Husqvarna’s X-Torq® technology, which makes the cutter stronger while reducing emissions. “The K 760 is a good choice for all users who want both a powerful, reliable machine and want to consider the environment,” Nyström says. “The X-Torq engine lends up to 75% on reduced emissions and up to 20% on reduced fuel consumption compared to a conventional two stroke engine.” All of Husqvarna’s new power cutter models are equipped with the latest generation of Active Air Filtration™, which increases filter working life by up to one year of operational time on dry cutting. Diagrip is Husqvarna’s unique technology for more effective diamond tools. Diagrip wall saw and floor saw blades have become very popular due to the superior cutting capacity in combination with increased working life. The complete range of Diagrip tools will be presented at Bauma, encompassing wall and floor saws blades, drill bits and blades for handheld power cutters. Within the field of surface preparation Husqvarna will also present its five grinders with diamond tool accessories. All in all there will not be any disappointment for the con- tractors who visit the Husqvarna stands at Bauma.

Hydro-Tec GmbH The German supplier of concrete sawing and drilling equipment Hydro-Tec has not announced any new products before Bauma, electing instead to publicize its news at the show. What we can tell though is that Hydro-Tec GmbH has topped up its HS range of core drilling systems with a new HS300. The new rig has a drilling range of up to 300mm. Assembly of the HS300 is done at Hydro-Tec’s manufacturing facilities using only German components. The system is powered by an electric motor, which is fastened on to the stand with just a hand-crank thanks to the integrated quick-change plate. Four replaceable profiled strips on the column allow for easy movement of the carriage, which results in smooth and vibration-free drilling. Reduced wear of the column is another advantage of this design, as the strips preclude direct contact between it and the carriage. HS300 will be shown at Bauma, along with Hydro-Tec’s other products.




PDi • Issue 2 - 2010 • Bauma Special • April - May

The diamond sawblade manufacturer ICS BLOUNT has not announced any new products for Bauma, so it attendees will have to visit the company’s stand to see if it has brought something new. What is certain is that ICS will show is new CWS-200 chain wall saw, which was released year together with its new utility chain, the PowerGrit. The PowerGrit™ Utility Chain is an exciting new cutting product designed to change

PDi Magazine 2-2010  

Globalmagazine for demolition, recycling and concrete cutting professionals

PDi Magazine 2-2010  

Globalmagazine for demolition, recycling and concrete cutting professionals