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FRD Europe is also launching a new monobloc cylinder with easy exchangeable wear parts, more power at lower noise levels, but with no without through-bolts. This feature is the latest development in the FX breaker series, and results from the FRD’s ongoing collaboration with the Technical University of Tokyo. The innovative new impact mechanism minimizes the discharge of vibration to the excavator, as well as reduces the vibration stress to operators. The new breaker body, fully closed frame with rubber plugged service points and a new, worldwide patented rod arrangement, have combined to considerably reduce sound levels by as much as 7db. The five FX series hydraulic breakers are coming with an operation weight of 66 to 300 kg and are designated for mini excavators from 0,5 to 7 tonnes. All breakers are equipped with an adjustable flow and pressure device, which secures the optimum interaction between attachment and excavator at any time. The FX series are equipped with easy exchangeable long life wear parts. The front bushing can be replaced easily and easy access to the rod pin. This makes it simple and easy to replace the rod. There are three different frame types for all models: • The Breaker series FX 15 up to FX 55 in the Standard Frame Version. • The Breaker series FX 15 S up to FX 55 S in a Silent Version. • The Breaker series FX 15 XS up to FX 55 XS in the Extra Silent Version.

Heger Diamond Tools In PDi issue 1-2010, a large report about Heger was published. The report mentioned that the big news from Heger at Bauma would be the launch of the Heger Titan Xflow and Heger Titan HeroX. The Heger Titan Xflow is a combination of Titan maX angled segment design and the dotted segments. The dots reduce the friction and improve the water flow. The new tools reach high forward speeds with significant lifetime increase. Due to the small slots between the segments, the blade is vibration free to preserve operator and equipment. The Heger Titan HeroX is a new generation of drills consisting of four different segments to cover the full range of concrete drilling. The series covers all applications from freehand drilling to the heavy drill motor applications on massive drill rigs. The patented spike design allows immediate vibration-free drilling from the first hole. The use of high-grade diamond and metal powders lead to faster and more comfortable drilling, even in highly reinforced concrete. Later this year Heger will also introduce three new lines of diamond tools for dry cutting divided in the VIP, Premium and budget range with Premium being the standard line.

Hilti Hilti has announced that they are about to launch a new high cycle wallsaw at Bauma, the new Hilti DST 10-E. It is quick to transport and easy to set up by a single person, the new Hilti DST 10-E electric wall saw speeds up a whole range of small to medium-sized sawing jobs. This new wall saw, featuring a unique design, makes everyday sawing jobs easier because all the electronics are incorporated in the saw head. There’s no need for a separate electronics box so transport, making set-up and dismantling are much quicker and easier than ever. With its 7.5 kW power output (S1, continuous operation) drawn from a 16 amp electric supply and its ability to cut to a depth of up to 38 cm, the DST 10-E will increase productivity by providing plenty of power for a wide range of sawing applications such as cutting out door a n d window openings or renovation work on balconies and building facades at positions that are difficult to work on. With the aid of the practical transport trolley, the complete saw system plus accessories can be brought to the desired loca-


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tion on the job site by a single person without the slightest trouble. What’s more, the saw features an electric remote control system with a simple, easy-to-follow display. Hilti diamond saw blades are precisely matched to the DST 10-E, resulting in higher cutting performance and longer life. In addition, the segments of these blades feature the latest Hilti Equidist technology, ensuring equal spacing of the diamonds in the matrix. This absolutely even distribution avoids the formation of diamond clusters as well as areas void of diamonds, resulting not only in impressive cutting performance, but also making the blades suitable for universal use. The same blade can be used to cut a wide range of different types of concrete. With Hilti Fleet Management, a fixed monthly charge covers all tool, service and repair costs. That greatly simplifies tailor-made financial planning and eliminates a load of administrative work. There are no hidden costs. All tools in the fleet are replaced at regular intervals with tools of the latest generation, helping avoid costly downtime and ensuring compliance with the latest safety standards. Hilti Lifetime Service is the unique service package for those who prefer to own their tools. Hilti tools are built to last, but even if a defect occurs, Hilti will take care of it quickly and professionally, completely free of charge for up to two years from date of purchase. Afterward, Hilti continues to prove the quality of its products by putting a limit on what a repair can cost for as long as you continue using your Hilti tool. Hilti even provides a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty against defects. Further Hilti has beefed up its line of drill motors with a score of new models in a wide range of power rates and applications. The DD EC-1, the smallest in the line-up, is designed for wet drilling of reinforced concrete and brittle materials with 8-35 mm drill bits. Handheld motor DD 110, which Hilti singles out as the handiest and lightest motor of its portfolio, is absolutely indispensable for up to 160mm jobs. Versatile drill motor DD 130 is a true “all-a-rounder” applicable for both wet and dry coring of up to 160mm. The DD 130 can be used either in hand-held or rig-mounted modes. The larger end of the range is occupied by rig-based motors. The DD 200 is equipped with universal drive. The design of the DD 350 and DD500 boasts high-frequency drive and e-gears. These powerhouses of machines have been developed for large-scale and deep drilling in construction materials. The hydraulically driven DD 750 completes the bigger end of the new line. Hilti will show the complete range of drill systems at Bauma together with the remaining range of machines and diamond tools for professional concrete cutters. Also look for Hilti’s new TE 1500-AVR breaker; DD 350 and DD 500 diamond coring systems powered by 1,000Hz high frequency brushless motors; and the lightweight TE-60 Combihammer, which delivers nearly 2,800 impacts per minute.

HTC Sweden AB HTC Sweden AB has been rather secretive about whether they are about to launch new products at Bauma. During several years, the company has continuously provided the market with new products within sectors like concrete floor grinding, wooden floor grinding, polishing of concrete floors with the Superfloor method, Twister, etc.

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