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• New, highly ergonomic handles make the wall saw easier to use and transport.


The Tornado SB321 also features increased stability for longer periods of use between servicing, a more robust, longer-lasting motor, a reinforced design for the stirrup underpinning, and an optimised flush flange. The prismatic rails can be cobbled together now. The result is a new, powerful Tornado wall saw with a host of beneficial features and improvements. EDT EURODIMA also introduces the new Hurricane SB120, which adds another new dimension to the Braxx family of wall saws. Though compact and lightweight in construction (< 35 cm width/depth, <25 kg), the SB120 is full of features, including 12 kW peak performance to serve a wide range of sawing applications. The SB120 also has an innovative new guide rail system which can be rotated by up to 90° through a special fastening bracket form. The saw can be set up on both sides of the rail, saving time for sectional cuts and ensuring higher ground clearance. The versatility of all of EDT EURODIMA’s products will be on display at Bauma. Visit us in hall A1, booth 405/500.

Dustcontrol, the manufacturer of dust extraction equipment and wet vacs, will have a broad display of products at Bauma, including the introduction of the new DC AirCube 500 air clear. Designed to replace the existing DC AirCube, the new model DC AirCube 500 features a large air flow of 500 m3/h, but with a much lower noise level. The prefilter area has been doubled, making it easy to replace filter components, and to open the entire unit. The micro filter area is 4,2 m2, while the filter itself has a new design that allows the replacement to be completed with no dust extraction. The micro filter also has a longer life thanks to the filter cleaning when the unit is shaken. Dustcontrol DC AirCubes can be stacked on top of each other, and have a handle that can be used to spool up the electrical cord. The unit is also equipped with an electrical outlet to conveniently connect electric tools and machines (max 2000 W). EDT EURODIMA

The new “SAFE GUARD” blade guard series from EDT EURODIMA features increased stability, safety, lightweight materials and easy handling. The company’s developers achieved a trend-setting construction by fulfilling the underlying standards “lightweight and stable.” Creating an improved blade guard was an intensive project for EDT EURODIMA’s research and development staff, which collaborated with the sales staff to analyze market information and user requirements to develop an optimal, cost-effective solution. The team found that by specifying a more lightweight material with a different thickness, the blade guard’s weight could be reduced by up to 45 %. For example, the new blade guard for a diamond blade Ø 1600 mm weighs only 16 kg, compared with the 29-kg weight of existing models. The lower diameter guards are also easily manageable, approximately 12 kg for a 1200 mm blade, and 9.5 kg for an 800 mm blade. Although the Safe Guard is lighter, its special construction of steel sheet profiles, aluminium plates, and brackets with highstrength steel provide the necessary rigidity to give users many years of safe, durable service. Tests and initial field uses of the Safe Guard verify that the lighter, redesigned product is easier to handle, and exceeds all existing performance specifications. The result is a valuable new accessory to the high-frequency Braxx system. Another enhancement to the Braxx control series is the new Tornado BC321 wall saw. Similar to its predecessor, the BC320, the new model features many important features: • Improved automatic operation makes work easier. At full speed, the machine regulates its use of power on different materials. • Design improvements have reduced the weight of the BC321 by approximately 27 % compared with the BC320. • Easily visible illuminated displays allow operators to monitor the phase outlet in the power supply. • Plugs are positioned in a notch on the saw’s narrow side, minimising the risk of damage.


PDi • Issue 2 - 2010 • Bauma Special • April - May

Finmac Demolition At the 2007 edition of Bauma, the Finnish company Finmac Demolition introduced a brand new remote controlled demolition robot. Finmac became the second manufacturer of remote controlled demolition robots. The first model was called the F16, and several units are today working around the world. Recently, Finmac released a second model called the F18R. The new robot is an agile but tough demolition machine and has been designed with the hardest industrial work in mind. It is available in the motor options of 15, 18,5 or 22 kW. Many of the solutions for Finmac F18R have come directly from the dirty, dusty worksites that the machines will be used in. Drawing on our customers’ input and ideas, Finmac’s team of designers have created a really powerful machine. The Finmac F18R promises super-strong, over dimensioned hoods, hydraulic cylinder and arm protections formed to minimize damage to the machine from working in kilns and ovens. The optimized hydraulic oil coolers and increased ground clearance are ideal for continuous operation in high temperatures. The optional telescope increases the reach and makes the Finmac F18R perfect for all industries. A powerful electric motor makes the work productive. The unit is available both in rubber and steel tracks.

FRD Europe FRD Europe will show a revolutionary product at Bauma in the new excavator mounted XCENTRIC® Ripper, which the company has developed in cooperation with the Spanish engineering and manufacturing company Grado Cero, a specialist in excavator mounted attachments. The XCENTRIC® Ripper, with a patented reaction power accumulation technology, is more productive than any hydraulic hammer available in the market on 85% of applications, and between two to four time more productive on 50% of job applications. That means the XCENTRIC® Ripper can work in the most severe conditions in tunnels, foundations and under water without making any special modifications. The XCENTRIC® Ripper will be available in a wide range of models, with 10 different sizes for excavators from 2 to 85 tonnes. Three models of the Ripper will be introduced at Bauma.

PDi Magazine 2-2010  
PDi Magazine 2-2010  

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