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According to the manufacturer, the best thing about the SW800 is the almost complete absence of any electrical and electronic components that are always likely to fail under extreme operating conditions such as high humidity, vibrations, voltage and temperature drops. The basic version of the SW800 features only a wye-delta switch and, upon customer request, can be further completed with a remote control that is as dependable as the saw itself. Having jettisoned vulnerable electronics in favor of a more reliable hydraulic set-up, Dr.Schulze was faced with the task of developing an absolutely new automatic system that would regulate the speed of blade feed and lowering. To solve this problem, the manufacturer devised a hydraulic system that automatically varies cutting speed depending on the operating parameters (e.g., concrete hardness, degree of reinforcement, blade condition, cutting depth etc.). This ingenuous solution prevents the blade from getting jammed in the cut, and allows optimal sawing performance at all times. Compact, lightweight and big-wheeled, the A23 hydraulic power pack is easily transportable to the job site. The power pack is capable of operating at an oil flow rate of 55 l/min and a pressure of 250 bar, generating a hydraulic power of 23kW. This energy is passed onto the blade with virtually no losses via a state-of-the-art reducer built into the swivel lever. With the required 32A (400V) electrical protection, the new wall saw can be used on any construction site without limitation. The power pack is equally suitable for wire sawing and core drilling systems. The saw’s cutting head comes complete with lightweight, yet robust aluminum rails of various lengths reinforced with steel plates and a tooth rack for extended service life. Another new feature are the self-adjusting pulleys that do not require periodical re-adjustment,

and allow simultaneous usage of worn-out and new rails. Dr.Schulze has also beefed up its range of floor saws with the new FS600D model. Powered by a 22 hp diesel engine HATZ, the FS600D is designed to cut concrete and asphalt with up to 600 mm blades to a depth of 230mm. Blade feed and cutting depth are hydraulically controlled. A stripped-down version of the machine with manual downfeed is also available. When considering all of Dr.Schulze’s many inventions, it’s helpful to remember the Meissner kombisystem. By now, the system-transformer with an almost unlimited number of sawing and drilling options has been successfully utilized at hundreds of jobs in the different corners of the world. Such varied and challenging projects as concrete coring with 2m drill bits, radial sawing of 1.5 to 6 m pipes, and rock drilling with outsized drill bits to big depths have been completed using the same Meissner system. Another Meissner job involved making 5 x 5 m openings in ceiling slabs with an X-Y-Z-saw, with further slicing of the cut concrete to blocks of pre-determined size. All the cutting was performed without having to repeatedly set-up the saw, which was fixed to the floor with anchor bolts prior to the start of the job. This clearly proves Meissner’s amazing flexibility. Dr.Schulze welcomes Bauma visitors to check out these and other products at its booth A1.135 in Hall A. Dr.Schulze’s full range of core drilling, floor, wall and wire sawing systems will be on display, along with milling and grinding machinery, and diamond consumables. Issue 2 - 2010 • Bauma Special • April - May •

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