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Above a breaker from the new Hy-Ram series from Allied. To the left a handheld breaker from the new Chicago Pneumatics series.

felt by the operator. This advanced design allows the operator to work longer and be more productive. Hilti also extended the definition of durability with the TE 1500-AVR. An active cooling system reduces wear and tear on the motor, electronics and hammering mechanism. Three-chamber sealing keeps dust out of the tool for longer life with fewer breakdowns. Also, the TE 1500-AVR features a brushless SR motor that eliminates the need to replace carbon brushes — allowing longer intervals between service and twice the expected tool life. For versatility, the TE 1500-AVR is compatible with a variety of TE-SP polygon self-sharpening chisels, which provide strong breaking power and stick less in concrete and masonry. Also compatible with the new breakers is the Hilti TE DRS-B Dust Removal System, which reduces cleanup time and captures dust for a better working environment. Hilti’s TE 1500-AVR is also backed by Hilti Lifetime Service, a unique service agreement that includes two years of no-cost coverage. Baldwin adds that for 2010 and beyond, “the market is asking for more, mainly a method for breaking concrete that is more productive, and a tool that is easier to use and maintain, and that cost less overall to operate.” Hilti’s response is the launching of its TE 3000.

Chicago Pneumatic provides handheld performance


Chicago Pneumatic has launched the new CP 0112, CP 0112

PDi • Issue 2 - 2010 • Bauma Special • April - May

S and CP 0112 EX handheld pneumatic breakers, all of which feature an upgraded valve system that produces a 15% increase in performance compared with company’s previous CP 0111 series. The CP 0112 range builds on the proven features of its predecessor in many other ways. The forgings are made of alloy steel to increase durability, while the four-bolt back head withstands rugged use. An integral oiler provides continuous lubrication. In addition, the CP 0112 series are the lightest handheld breakers in the Chicago Pneumatic range, weighing from 13.5 to 16 kg. They are especially well suited to situations where easy handling and weight restrictions are important issues. The CP 0112 can be used in light demolition applications (e.g., floors, pavement, frozen ground and masonry walls). The more specialized CP 0112 EX boasts an extended handle, making it ideal for light trenching applications. Both feature the 1 x 4 North American hexagonal shank. For applications where a quieter tool is helpful, the CP 0112 S is a silenced version of the new series featuring the 25 x 108 mm standard ISO shank used outside Northern America. The CP 0112 S breaker is also CE-approved. Technical data Model CP 0112 CP 0112 S CP 0112 EX

Weight lb kg 30 13.5 32 14.5 35 16

Length in mm 21 535 21 535 313/8 800

Blows per min. 1590 1590 1590

Air cons. cfm l/sec 48 23 48 23 48 23

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