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Above the even heavier Hilti TE 3000-AVR.

Hilti TE 1500-AVR is a new strong handheld, electro-pneumatic breaker, suitable for indoor light demolition.

5-9 tonne excavators and backhoe loaders, the XR 25 G0 for 19-25 tonne excavators, and the XR 35 G0 for 30-39 tonne excavators.

Hilti redefines pneumatic breakers

A breaker from the new Montabert Blue Line.


Many equipment companies have also upgraded their pneumatic breaker products. “The electro-pneumatic breakers hit the market a little over 15 years ago, greatly in response to the market’s request for breaking concrete in a manner with fewer accessories (compressors and hoses, etc.) that the hydraulic breakers and air tools need to operate,” says Bret Baldwin, Hilti’s Building Construction Trade Manager. “Additionally, for indoor work, electro-pneumatics became the tool of choice.” The latest iteration in that technology is Hilti’s new TE 3000-AVR Breaker, which boasts the power of an air tool, at the same weight level, without the need for an air compressor to deliver explosive breaking power and exceptional mobility. Weighing 65 pounds, the TE 3000-AVR delivers 50 foot-pounds of impact energy to break up to six tons of material per hour, at rate comparable with a 60- to 65-pound air tool. The TE 3000-AVR also offers contractors easy, flexible operation from anywhere on the jobsite. Be-

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cause it does not require an air compressor, the TE 3000-AVR allows contractors to have their tool set up and working before the compressor is even towed to the location and hooked up. For maximum versatility, the TE 3000-AVR accepts standard 1-1/8 inch chisels, same as air-powered tools. In addition, the TE 3000-AVR incorporates Hilti’s subchassis active vibration reduction (AVR) system to dramatically cut the vibration passed along to the operator during operation, reducing fatigue and allowing them to work longer. An active cooling system reduces wear and tear on the motor, electronics and hammering mechanism. And, the TE 3000-AVR features a brushless SR motor that eliminates the need to replace carbon brushes — allowing longer intervals between service and twice the expected motor life. For smaller applications, there’s Hilti’s new TE1500-AVR. Ideal for everything from concrete foundation removal to digging in clay, to penetrations for pipes and electrical boxes, The TE1500-AVR also offers extended durability. With 22 foot-pounds of impact energy generated by a 1,800-watt motor, the TE 1500-AVR delivers up to 1,950 blows per minute to efficiently break up floors, slabs or foundations. However, all that power doesn’t come at the expense of operator comfort. The TE 1500-AVR offers a best-in-class weightto-power ratio, along with Hilti’s sub-chassis active vibration reduction (AVR) system that dramatically cuts the vibration

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