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Anyone can grind their wooden floors The EZwood™ concept is now updated with new tools and a new guide. Called EZ SL, the new tools utilize diamonds to produce a brilliant result when removing lacquer and oil. The EZwood™ concept has become increasingly known and appreciated on the market for its ease of use. The system consists of an HTC 420 VS multifunctional grinding machine together with tools and accessories for wood grinding. In addition, the machine can also be used for grinding everything from concrete

to natural stone. It is even possible to use the machine for finishing a wooden floor with oil. The EZwood™ concept offers many benefits when compared to traditional methods of wood grinding. They include: • No marks when starting and stopping • Users can grind against the grain of the wood • Grinding is virtually dust-free • The ability to grind close to corners and edges (approx. 2 cm) • Works on all wooden floors

Atlas Copco launches new QAC 800 generator To fulfil the demand in the market for 800 kVA electrical power, Atlas Copco has upgraded its popular QAC 750 generator to the QAC 800. The new QAC 800 delivers 800 kVA of prime power at 50 Hz to meet increasing demands from generator users in the market. It has a MWM engine of model type TCD 2016 V12. Designed to provide exceptional performance in all weather conditions, Atlas Copco’s QAC series generators are built to withstand the most extreme temperatures. A built-in engine coolant heater ensures quick and easy start-up in cold conditions, while a variable speed electric cooling fan allows continuous operation in deserts and other environments with consistently high temperatures. Designed with safety in mind, all QAC series generators have a four-pole main motorised circuit breaker to provide overload and short circuit protection, an emergency stop, and automatic engine alarms and shut-downs. The generators are also equipped for safe operation at refineries and other petroleum plants, and comply with all EC safety regulations. With its ”whisper quiet” sound levels, the QAC series generators are perfectly suited for operations in the most noise-sensitive of environments. The double-skinned and removable fuel tank with leakage sensors and spillage-free frame construction prevents accidental engine fluids or fuel spills,


eliminating the risk of any ground pollution. Easily handled by crane, lift or truck, the generator’s robust 20-ft CSC ISO container enclosure has lockable wide-opening doors so that all components are always within reach for easy, stress-free service and maintenance. The innovative dual compartment design, with the engine/alternator compartment separated from the cooler compartment, ensures maximum efficiency while operating in the most extreme conditions. A separated power cubicle, opposite to the control cubicle, achieves a safer operation. The state-of-the-art Atlas Copco Qc 4002£ control panel includes features such as an LCD screen with numerous read-outs, warnings and shutdowns. The screen can be programmed to display this information in multiple languages. The high-tech generator controller can handle a wide variety of applications and scenarios, from “island operation” and “automatic mains failure” to the most complicated paralleling operations such as “load sharing,” “peak shaving” and “base load.” This multi-purpose control system makes the Atlas Copco QAC series generator an outstanding, easy-to-operate machine, offering a single solution to the most varying and challenging applications.

PDi • Issue 2 - 2010 • Bauma Special • April - May

Liebherr at Scotplant The latest in Liebherr’s high-technology equipment was once again on display at this year’s Scotplant. Leading the way was the R 906 Classic, one of the new generation 6 series hydraulic excavators. The 22 tonne class machine features low noise and exhaust emissions with the latest Liebherr engine technology, a fully air-conditioned operator’s cab with top and front window guards, and four operating modes from hard dig to precision lifting or grab work. Powered by a Liebherr made D 934 S, four-cylinder diesel engine, output is 105kW at 1800RPM. Bucket capacities range from 0.60m3 to 1.15m3. Additional features available include 5.4m monobloc gooseneck boom, a 2.7m stick and a hydraulic quick-hitch and a swivel circuit. The R 906 Classic produces excellent lifting duties up to 4.20 tonnes at a 9-metre working radius. Breakout force is 152kN and digging force is 128kN.

A 904 C Litronic Industrial Rehandler Liebherr’s new 24 tonne class A 904 C Litronic features four hydraulic outriggers for exceptional stability and maximum lifting capacities up to 4.50t at 10.50m radius. The Stage IIIA/Tier 3 Liebherr engine develops 105kW and is extremely fuel efficient, with reduced emissions. The industrial straight monobloc boom is 6.60 metres in length, and the stick is a 5-metre industrial angled type with hydraulic rotation for the Type GM65 grab attachment. The eight-wheeled undercarriage is fitted with Gumasol 10.00-20/SP20 (MH4) twin tyres and a Liebherr automatic central lubrication system for undercarriage and attachment is included.

The A 316 Litronic Industrial Rehandler The A 316 Litronic wheeled materials handler features a hydraulically elevating cab, a 3.5m stick and a 5.5m industrial boom for lift height and long reach capabilities. The 21 tonne class machine is equipped with a waste sorting grab and hydraulic swivel for full 360-degree rotation. Exceptionally agile and manoeuvrable, the A 316 is fitted with front and rear hydraulic outriggers for operational stability. The A316 Litronic’s 94kW engine has power to spare. Highly successful in waste transfer stations and scrap metal processing applications, the A 316 has maximum lift

capacities of up to 11 tonnes, an optimum reach of 9 metres and a lift height of up to 9 metres. The operator’s cab is typically comfortable and functional, with Litronic engine, hydraulic and electronic management system, lift charts, and safe load indicator. The cab can be hydraulically raised to give an eye-line of approximately 5 metres and the model on display has a FOPS top guard and front screen guard.

The Liebherr L 538Z2plus1 Wheeled Loading Shovel The Liebherr L 538Z2plus1 is an articulated, hydrostatic drive machine in the 12 tonnes operating weight class, with a 4.50 tonne payload and a bucket capacity of 2.5m3. With a new generation 105kW Stage IIIA / Tier 3 Liebherr diesel engine, wheeled loader is powerful, agile and highly responsive. The hydrostatic drive and advanced engine combine to produce excellent fuel consumption returns and significant reduction in CO2 emissions. Both axles have limited slip differentials to avoid wheel spin for maximum push, with the added benefit of prolonged tyre life. The L 538Z2plus1 combats dust incursion with a cyclonic pre-cleaner for the engine induction system. The isolated cooling pack is equipped with a fine mesh filter and an automatic reversing fan to maintain cooling efficiency.

The PR 724 LGP Litronic Bulldozer Liebherr’s 20 tonne class, low ground pressure (LGP) bulldozer is fully hydrostatic with electronic drive control. A Liebherr made Stage IIIA / Tier 3 reduced emissions diesel engine develops 120kW at 1800RPM. Semi-U and straight blades are available, as is a 3800 x 1110mm six-way blade with spill guard and laser equipment for optimum operational precision. The spacious, ergonomically designed cab features twin joystick levers and an unobstructed view of the surrounding area and working equipment. The instrument panel with its built-in information display for all major machine functions is conveniently positioned without obscuring views of the blade. The cabin lining has been optimised for better noise absorption, while the hydrostatically driven engine cooling fan only runs when needed to minimize noise levels.

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