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How To Know Which SEO Services To Choose And Trust By now you already know how important search engine optimisation is to your online business. You know that keywords are crucial, content has to be fresh, original and engaging and that P1 on Google is your goal to drive unique visitors to your site. You’ve realised that Search Engine Optimisation is an ongoing thing but you don’t have enough time to devote to your website’s SEO alongside other business commitments. So you’ve decided to employ a company offering SEO services to do it for you. But how do you know which ones you can trust to do the best job for you?

SEO services to the rescue Type SEO services into a search engine and you will get thousands of listings within a second, all offering top quality SEO and all promising to get your site into P1 of page one. The sheer number of consultancies offering SEO services can be mind-boggling. But there are specific things to look for when choosing the right Search Engine Optimisation provider.

If it’s too good to be true… The old saying ‘if it’s too good to be true, it probably is’ is the best guideline to start with. SEO services that promise to get you onto page one within 24 hours are probably employing ‘black hat’ techniques such as keyword stuffing (filling your body text with keywords and little else), hidden text and other dubious approaches. While keyword stuffing may have worked a few years ago, today the search engines employ much stricter guidelines on how many keywords a page can have before it is considered to be ‘stuffed’. SEO services that use black hat techniques won’t get you listed on any page of Google, let alone page one. So if they’re promising the earth in a week, avoid. White hat techniques (Search Engine Optimisation methods approved of by the search engines) will take between three and six months to push you up the rankings, so don’t be taken in by companies that say they can do the impossible.

In for the long haul An SEO company that is serious about business is in for the long haul. They’ll understand that Search Engine Optimisation takes time and needs to be constantly updated to be consistently effective. While your first burst of SEO may bring in unique visitors at the start, eventually your site will be overtaken by more relevant, fresher, new kids on the block and you’ll start to drop down the rankings. Good Search Engine Optimisation services will work with you continuously, producing fresh and original content that keeps both the ‘bots and the human visitors coming back to your site.

A partnership of two halves Don’t expect your SEO services to do everything for you. A good, trustworthy company will expect you to put time and effort into the partnership as well. While they may know Search Engine Optimisation, you know your business, your mission statement and what you want to achieve online. Whether that’s link building or converting clicks into sales, you need to tell your Search Engine Optimisation partners what you want to achieve for them to create effective Search Engine

Optimisation. Avoid any SEO service that says ‘we’ll do it all for you’ without any consultation process.

What are your rivals doing? If your business rivals are shooting up the listings while you languish on page three, try and find out which SEO services they are using. Word of mouth is also a great recommendation, so ask around and find out if any of your business contacts can recommend an SEO service that they’ve found to be effective.

You’re the customer Remember that throughout the process, you are the customer so if you are not happy with the SEO services you have employed, don’t hesitate to try someone else. But be patient – great search engine optimisation results don’t happen overnight and it may take a couple of months for the results to start filtering through. If your SEO services are working hard producing killer content, updating the site regularly and linking you into social media platforms, blogs and pulling in the inbound links, then congratulations – you’ve got a great business partner that will increase your online profile and boost your business. Once you’ve found a good SEO service, hang on to them. They’ll be one of the most important business partners you’ll ever have!

How To Know Which SEO Services To Choose And Trust  

By now you already know how important search engine optimisation is to your online business. You know that keywords are crucial, content has...