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How Can An SEO Service Boost Your Profits? If you want to succeed in the modern business world, you have to succeed online. Without a strong online presence, your product, services or company, no matter how good they are, will lose out to your rivals who are making an online impact. Getting a good ranking on Google is crucial to business success, and that will depend largely on your Search Engine Optimisation. An effective SEO service can and will boost your profits by pushing you up the rankings and driving traffic towards your website.

How an SEO service can open the floodgates You can look at Search Engine Optimisation as a form of baiting the hook. Good SEO attracts the attention of the search engine ‘bots as they trawl billions of Internet pages to collate the listings a search term generates. But Search Engine Optimisation has changed. Gone are black hat techniques such as keyword stuffing and hidden text. Today the search engines are interested in fresh, original and unique copy that has a direct relevance to the search terms used by your average browser. So search engine optimisation has to appeal to both the ‘bots and your human visitors. A good SEO service will understand this, and create an Search Engine Optimisation campaign that draws in human visitors as well as the search engines.

Location, location, location Where you are in the rankings determines how much traffic flows to your website. It’s a simple and inescapable fact that the vast majority (90%) of browsers will click on the first listing on page one of Google. The further down the listings you are, the fewer people are going to select your entry. Drop off page one and you drop off the map completely. So a good SEO service will do everything they can to make sure that your listing gets a good Search Engine Results Page (SERP) and pulls in the traffic consistently. It’s this consistency that counts. A P-1 spot is great, but if you don’t maintain it you will quickly notice a drop off in the number of visitors. Search Engine Optimisation brings in the unique visitors – it’s up to your website SEO to keep them coming back.

How do I keep them on the hook? Just like landing a big fish, it’s all about playing the line and encouraging the fish towards the net, rather than struggling and trying to force them to stay. Once your visitors have come to your site, your SEO service has to ensure that they stay there. So it’s not just about keywords and search terms – it’s also about unique and fresh content that engages, entertains and informs the visitor.

There has to be a clear routemap on your well designed website that gently leads the visitor to the end-goal, whether that’s towards your checkout with a shopping cart full of products, signing up to a newsletter or interacting with the site further. A major part of your SEO service has to be a strong

call to action that leads the visitor along this routemap to the conclusion. Once they’ve reached this conclusion, converted that click into a cash sale or signed up to your newsletter, you have your fish in the net. What an effective SEO service can do is keep those fish coming, if necessary by changing the bait on a regular basis. As your ranking position improves, so too will your profits, as more visitors find your website, discover it’s exactly what they’ve been looking for and become regular visitors rather than just unique, one-off customers. Reinforce your SEO with great customer service and a strong product and you will quickly see a substantial boost in your profits. Talk to your SEO service and see how strong, effective SEO could help your business move up to the next level.

How Can An SEO Service Boost Your Profits?  

If you want to succeed in the modern business world, you have to succeed online. Without a strong online presence, your product, services or...

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