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Social media channels and their Relevance on the Enterprise In the last five years, social media marketing has gradually become the hottest topic in marketing. With millions of individuals and companies seeking for the right social media tool and strategy, there have been several hosting conferences, presentations, and webinars to get the right perspective for social media. Also, there has been huge buzz created on this topic and multiple thought leaders have evolved, thanks to the social media buzz again! But social media for the enterprise needs the right approach and the right actions to justify itself and fetch returns. One needs to quantify its returns although the benefits are mostly of an intangible nature. Social media marketing has been the buzzword in the enterprises owing to its omnipresence. Nearly every facet of life is now engulfed by social media sites while consumers have taken to the medium for nearly everything – asking for options and opinions, sharing of ideas and information, job search, and even for sorting out trivial tasks and problems. Enterprises and analysts believe that leveraging the medium will help companies to know more about their consumers closely and then devise strategies making use of that information. The best channels for social media marketing for enterprises • Facebook, which was launched by Mark Zuckerberg, has millions of users and the number is increasing rapidly. It is one of the best socialmedia platforms for companies to promote their brands and even publicize relevant events. You can get a company page and list out the activities and projects that your organization has been undertaking. One can update profiles, exchange messages with interested people, socialize with similar interest groups, and even organize different events like webinars by getting people to join it. • Twitter, which was founded by Jack Dorsey, is a micro blogging service which gets the world to know your opinion in less than 140 characters. The site has more than 200 million users and can be linked with Facebook accounts for automatic updates. It is perfect for all types of people to stay in touch with celebrities, get others to follow your company and even promote new launches with posts. Sharing of information is fastest through this micro-blogging site. • LinkedIn was launched in 2003 and is known to be a perfect professional networking medium, which deals in business-related social networking boasting of

more than 100 million users. Companies can get their profile page up and ready with relevant information about the history of the company, product and service information and link with employees who are working presently. One can get the company promoted through co-workers and ex-employees who can discover new connections. Job seekers find the site pretty much useful because relevant groups post job-related information which is conveyed easily through feeds. HR professionals can also judge the career history of a particular job seeker and pitch in their offer keeping the info in mind. LinkedIn is rapidly growing at a consistent rate and can be integrated with both Twitter and Facebook for instant updates. But is social media really relevant to your enterprise? Yes and no. This is because every company engages with a social media channel due to different reasons. One needs to get the purpose clear before even engaging in social media. With any social media application, one needs to assess the benefits before venturing for a social media experience? Enterprises are keen to get on the social media marketing bandwagon because everybody else is doing the same. But as an organization, one needs to have a definite motive for accessing the social media channel. One needs to devise strategies which are ingenious and catchy especially while promoting the latest product or service, so that they resonate well with the right set of prospective customers. About Author:

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Social media channels and their Relevance on the Enterprise  
Social media channels and their Relevance on the Enterprise  

In the last five years, social media marketing has gradually become the hottest topic in marketing. With millions of individuals and compani...