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Application Development with New Released Dot NET With the release of Dot NET 4.5, Microsoft has mainly focused on the enhancements done to the core features of .NET that mainly sharpens web, services, and data development. This latest release of .NET framework incorporates many changes that will definitely revolutionize the web development world. Dot NET is considered as the most important component of Windows that enables developers to develop and run the next generation web application and web based services. The main elements of this framework are – CLR [Common Language Runtime] and class libraries that include ADO.NET, ASP.NET, Windows Forms, Windows Presentation Foundation, and Windows Workflow Foundation. The new enhancements made in Dot NET framework are as follows – 1] Windows Metro Style Apps With the release of new version, Microsoft has focused a lot on the performance enhancements of metro style apps that are built using .NET APIs. This includes – 1) Reduction in startup time 2) Updates in garbage collector for improved memory retrieval when app is suspended 3) Addition of automated buffering for enhanced file I/O performance 4) Better support for IRandomAccessStream and performance testing facility in the Windows app certification kit 5) Supports faster development of client UI code with asynchronous programming in C Sharp and Visual Basic Many other major improvements are done in .NET framework so that it supports all the changes done in Windows Runtime API. 2] ASP.NET Updates and Enhancements The newly introduced version includes enhanced support for async, cancellation and threading. Also, it supports Entity framework enumerations, special data types in dynamic data, unit

testing, Entity framework 5.0 RC and web forms compilation system’s extension. Moreover, ASP.NET web API is now updated with to allow JSON formatting. 3] Windows Communication Foundation [WCF] With WCF’s custom X509 certificate validator, it now supports client side validation of the server SSL certificate. Now onwards, developers can simply add WCF service references in a managed windows Metadata [WinMD] file. And so, JavaScript apps can call WCF services using the windows runtime feature. Overall, considerable improvements for enhanced performance have been done. With the newest Microsoft release the overall performance, compatibility and reliability has stepped forwarded the level of Dot NET web development, execution and maintenance platform. Developers and leading web development companies believe that the productivity of their web development services will increase with Dot NET 4.5. With this release, the demand for the framework will grow for various requirements that include Desktop apps, client-server apps, enterprise apps, web apps, ecommerce stores and most importantly mobile apps. About Us: Softweb Solutions specializes in delivering best Asp .net Development Services. We have expert .NET developers to deliver quality solutions using all latest frameworks. For more information, contact us at

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Application Development with New Released Dot NET  

With the recent release of Dot NET 4.5 by Microsoft, how it will help developers and web development companies to utilize enhanced features...