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Gift from the heart Au s t ral ia & New Ze a l a n d Gi f t Gi v i n g Gu i d e 2 0 2 0

Gift from the heart Aust ra l i a & New Zeal and G i f t G i v i ng G ui de 2 02 0

It is up to us to live each day with gratitude. Remembering to be thankful for the ordinary things and not just savouring but creating the good times. Our wish for you is that you capture joy, create memories and give thanks as you celebrate all that Christmas and the Summer Holiday season brings. Whether your loved ones are present with you or not, this guide is designed to help you curate meaningful, thoughtful gifts chosen with love. From twinkling magic to all things bright and beautiful, we’re here to inspire your search for feel good gifts for those you care about.

Koala Diffuser

& Lavender essential oil 15mL NZ Retail $110.67 · Wholesale $83.00 · PV 25.00 SKU: 60215760

Cute as a button, this diffuser comes with Lavender essential oil 15mL, which makes it a great gift for the kid’s bedroom! Featuring 2,4 and 8 hours of continuous misting time, together with 4 music settings & brightness control, this makes for a perfect night light or daytime delight. This Koala Diffuser comes with a wall plug and USB plug so you can choose the way that suits you to power it.


This is a gift that really gives twice! $1 from the sale of each Koala Diffuser will be donated to the Foundation for National Parks & Wildlife to support a Bushfire Recovery Nurseries program that will sustainably replant bushfire destroyed bushland and restore habitats for koalas and other native wildlife. In Northern New South Wales they are working specifically with Friends of the Koalas to regrow habitat lost to the bushfires.

Brevi® Stone Diffuser & Niaouli essential oil 15mL

NZ Retail $74.67 · Wholesale $56.00 · PV 11.00 SKU: 60215780


Enjoy the blissful benefits of misting aromatic essential oils with our stone look Brevi® Diffuser. Lightweight and compact it features ultrasonic technology and multiple light settings. You can choose with 2, 5 and 10 hour settings. The Brevi® Stone Diffuser comes with Niaouli essential oil 15mL which has an earthy, sharp aroma that blends well with Tea Tree, Rosemary, Lavender, Wild Orange and Eucalyptus essential oils. More subtle than Tea Tree, Niaouli has more floral undertones to its scent.

Grown and made locally the Banksia Seed Pod Diffuser is a unique, one off piece, that is finely crafted. Beautifully packaged making it an ideal gift, this diffuser comes boxed with Litsea essential oil 15mL. When diffused this citrusy aroma promotes a cleansing, revitalising, blissful environment.. When you purchase this kit you will also get the special limited offer of Hinoki essential oil 5mL. Derived from the wood of the Japanese hinoki tree, this essential oil has a fresh, woody and balsamic aroma that promotes a relaxing environment. Simply fill the pod with your favourite essential oil. The Banksia Seed Pod is a natural diffuser, it works by soaking up the essential oil. *We do recommend that you sit the Banksia Pod on a coaster as it is porous and some essential oil may seep out.

Banksia Seed Pod Diffuser + Litsea essential oil 15mL & Hinoki essential oil 5mL AU Retail $80.00 路 Wholesale $60.00 路 PV 30.00 NZ Retail $89.33 路 Wholesale $67.00 路 PV 30.00 SKU: 60215887

Citrus Bloom® Hands Collection

AU Retail $65.00 · Wholesale $49.00 · PV 28.00 NZ Retail $69.33 · Wholesale $52.00 · PV 27.00 SKU: 60213972

Hand and Body Lotion, Foaming Hand Wash and a Newly Designed Decorative Dispenser, make up this delightful gift. Citrus Bloom® is a perfect fusion of Wild Orange, Pink Grapefruit, Lavender, Roman Chamomile and Magnolia essential oils. Take a moment to pamper yourself and enjoy the aroma of Citrus Bloom® by washing your hands with this gentle Foaming Hand Wash and follow it up with the Hand and Body Lotion for a layered fragrance that will last so you can enjoy the aroma.

Beautiful Touch Captivating Blend 10mL

AU Retail $47.00 · Wholesale $35.00 · PV 26.50 NZ Retail $52.00 · Wholesale $39.00 · PV 27.25 SKU: 60203676

Named the “Captivating Blend” for a reason, this combination of Lime, Osmanthus, Bergamot and Frankincense essential oils makes for a sweet, invigorating and uplifting fragrance. This charming blend is perfect for everyday use or special occasions.


essential oil 5mL AU Retail $75.00 · Wholesale $56.00 · PV 42.00 NZ Retail $80.00 · Wholesale $60.00 · PV 42.00 SKU: 60211578 Sourced in Tasmania, Rosalina is a long-established native plant which is earning a reputation as a beautifully scented gift to the aromatic world. It is also commonly known as “Lavender Tea Tree”. It’s bright and refreshing aroma is ideal for when you need a pick-me-up or when you are looking to put that ”Christmas pep” back in your step!

Amāvī™ Gift Set AU Retail $76.00 · Wholesale $57.00 · PV 39.00 NZ Retail $81.00 · Wholesale $61.00 · PV 39.00 SKU: 60207972

Amāvī™ Moisturising Lotion



For him to use – and you to enjoy! Amāvī™ Touch 10mL and Moisturising Bath Bar are exotic and earthy in aroma. The Amāvī™ Fortifying Blend is a fusion of Buddha Wood, Balsam Fir, Black Pepper, Hinoki, and Patchouli essential oils known for their grounding properties as well as Cocoa Extract. They come packaged in a branded black and rust canvas toiletry bag that is environmentally-friendly, made from 100% recycled plastic bottles. If you love the unique Amāvī™ fragrance – you can add to the gift the Amāvī™ Moisturising Lotion which is available for separate purchase. A great step to add to the favourite man in your life’s skin care routine!

Floral Bath Set AU Retail $27.00 · Wholesale $20.00 · PV 00.00 SKU: 60209083


Whether you are spending time travelling over the holiday season or exploring the wonders that are in our own back yard, this dōTERRA branded bath set has it all! It includes an eye mask, shower cap, face cloth and small cloth, and all packs nicely into a bag!

Weekender Kit SOLD OUT


This Weekender Kit is the perfect accessory for any travel escape. Comprising of several smaller bags, great for all your toiletries and must have essential oils, you will be able to enjoy getaways and take your favourite dōTERRA products with you!

Give the gift of three of our best-selling essential oils in a convenient, easy to use Touch Format with the dōTERRA Touch® Trio!

dōTERRA Touch® Trio

Incorporate dōTERRA Touch® Lavender Peace™ 10mL, into your sleep routine to enjoy the blend of Lavender, Cedarwood, Ho Wood, Ylang Ylang, Marjoram, Roman Chamomile, Vetiver, Vanilla Absolute and Hawaiian Sandalwood essential oils known for their calming and soothing aromas. dōTERRA Touch® Helichrysum 10mL is a convenient way to support your skincare routine, for glowing, healthy looking skin at your fingertips.

AU Retail $128.00 · Wholesale $96.00 · PV 56.00 NZ Retail $137.33 · Wholesale $103.00 · PV 55.00 SKU: 60210426

dōTERRA Touch® Balance Grounding Blend 10mL, has an enticing aroma that promotes feelings of tranquillity, centeredness and relaxation with its blend of Spruce, Ho Wood, Frankincense, Blue Tansy, Blue Chamomile and Osmanthus essential oils.

Specially designed for the gourmet cook, or budding Chef – with four 5mL essential oils that are not part of our regular offering. We know you will love the highly sought after Dill, Star Anise, Red Mandarin and Kumquat essential oils. Bringing a Summer festive zest to your cooking, these oils will add depth and complexity to family and traditional favourites. With this combination of spicy, sweet, citrus and herbaceous flavours you’ll be creating salad dressings, enhancing finger food, fruits and thirst quenchers.

Nourish Kit AU Retail $71.00 · Wholesale $53.00 · PV 38.00 NZ Retail $76.00 · Wholesale $57.00 · PV 37.00 SKU: 60211747

Desert Bloom Passive Diffuser

& Holiday Peace Holiday Blend 5mL



Holiday Joy Holiday Blend 15mL AU Retail $56.67 · Wholesale $42.50 · PV 27.50 NZ Retail $52.00 · Wholesale $39.00 · PV 27.50 SKU: 31450004

Make a small space more beautiful with our Desert Bloom Passive Diffuser. Perfect for a desk or bedside table, add a drop or two of your favourite essential oil and enjoy the aroma. This modern, succulent-shaped, clay diffuser in a natural beechwood base, is simple and elegant. We have paired it with our Holiday Peace Holiday Blend 5mL that includes the calming aromas of three fir essential oils— Siberian, Douglas, and Himalayan—complemented by Grapefruit, Frankincense, and Vetiver. Holiday Joy Holiday Blend 15mL brings a warm, sweet aroma that creates a welcoming environment for holiday gatherings and can be diffused every day to uplift the spirit. This proprietary blend combines Wild Orange, Cinnamon, Nutmeg, and Clove with the fresh and airy scent of Siberian and Douglas Fir.

Wrap yourself in contentment by diffusing at least one of this festive trio and enjoy the rich, grounding, calming aromas of a season of giving thanks. Heartwarming and inviting, Harvest Spice Gathering Blend 15mL combines the sweet and spicy of Cassia, Clove, Nutmeg, and Cinnamon; the soothing of Cedarwood; and the fresh and uplifting aroma of Eucalyptus. Holiday Peace Holiday Blend 15mL promotes a grounding foundation with the calming aromas of Siberian Fir, Douglas Fir, Himalayan Fir, Grapefruit, Frankincense, and Vetiver. Bringing a floral aroma to the trio, Cananga essential oil 15mL has a beautiful fragrance, similar to Ylang Ylang that can bring a sense of calm and tranquility amidst the busy whirl of activities and celebrations.

Festive Collection AU Retail $132.00 · Wholesale $99.00 · PV 65.00 NZ Retail $141.33 · Wholesale $106.00 · PV 64.00 SKU: 60215765

Order early for your chance to receive this limited edition dōTERRA Holiday Tin. (Strictly available while stocks last)

Ancient Oils

Gratitude Diffuse r Bl e n d H ysso p essent ia l oi l Fran kin cen se essent i al oi l

AU Retail $365.00 · Wholesale $274.00 · PV 168.00 NZ Retail $390.67 · Wholesale $293.00 · PV 165.00 SKU: 60214126

Cist u s essent ial oi l Galban u m essent ia l oi l Myrrh essent ial oi l

Precious, Pure & Ancient An c i e nt W i s dom Diffus er Blend La vend e r e sse nti a l oi l H yssop esse nti a l oi l My rtl e e sse nti a l oi l

From the shifting sand of the Sahara to the expanse of primeval forests and unending blue skies, the dōTERRA Ancient Oils Collection is inspired by the contours, cultures, and peoples of the distant past. The Collection includes six precious and revered essential oils known to be used since ancient times - Myrrh, Frankincense, Galbanum, Hyssop, Cistus, and Common Myrtle essential oils. This collection comes in a beautifully designed natural wood box and includes (5 x 5ml bottles and 1x 2.5ml bottle) essential oils.

dōTERRA Touch®


essential oil 10mL AU Retail $89.00 · Wholesale $67.00 · PV 51.00 NZ Retail $94.67 · Wholesale $71.00 · PV 49.00 SKU: 60204448

Revered by the Māori people for its many invigorating properties, Mānuka has been used for centuries in New Zealand. dōTERRA has now established a long term partnership which supports a large plantation on Māoriowned land in the area. Through a 12 year-long forestry rights agreement with Māori landowners, this project brings additional income to the local community and helps create new jobs and teach new skills to the local community.Which is part of the dōTERRA Cō-Impact Sourcing model. Mānuka has been used for centuries in New Zealand. The aroma of Mānuka is ideal for when you are feeling overwhelmed. Use Mānuka Touch to help ground and centre energies while shielding yourself in preparation for deep meditation.

Lip Balm Perfect for a stocking filler! This three pack of lip balms in a specially designed gift box makes a perfect gift for teachers, Secret Santa or even yourself. Featuring Original, Herbal and Tropical flavours. These lip balms hydrate and soothe the skin while delivering the unique scent and taste of essential oils that provide a sensory experience. For luscious lip smacking perfection you will love this gift.


NZ Retail $33.33 ¡ Wholesale $25.00 ¡ PV 10.00 SKU: 60211663

Exclusive to New Zealand Only

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