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H a v i n g


H o m e

i n

P a r a d i s e

by Mar Bueno


hen deciding to own

a second home, you have to make it as beautiful and comfortable as possible, not to mention lavish. If it is a luxury to be able to buy a second home, why

Owning in Mexico For a foreigner, owning a house in Mexico is like a dream come true, with fantastic weather, beautiful beaches and colorful sunsets away from cold winters and cloudy days. The idea may seem impossible for some people; however, acquiring property in Mexico has now become a standard procedure.

not make it perfect? To be able to do it properly, there is a complete range of professionals in Los Cabos waiting for you to help you build an amazing home with all the care and time needed to fulfill your wishes.

Here is a list of things to take into account when building a new home on this side of paradise:

Mexican Legislation allows Non-Mexican citizens to own real estate located on the coastal and border areas through a Trust contract named Fideicomiso. In this contract, a bank is an intermediary, acting as the purchaser of the property on your behalf, while you acquire all the rights and benefits to use it. Protecting your Investment In most cases, the same title Insurance you had on your home in the U.S. or Canada is available in Mexico. And 7











it´s just as important to purchase one, not only for your peace of mind but to be sure that everything is in order for you to make one of the most important decisions of your life. Insurance companies in Mexico follow the same protocol as in the U.S.: research of the property, making sure that any transfer of title was done according to the law; verification of seller and title-holder, and certification that the property is free of any kind of lien, among other things. Talking about Home insurance, there are brokers available in Cabo who know from experience who the best carriers in the business are and can provide you with the best premiums and protection for your valuable property. Building your Dream Residences in Los Cabos have an excellent reputation, especially due to the fact that most of them are the creation of the best architects in Mexico. Brilliant architectural teams provide all the services needed to build the perfect home: topographical surveys, implementation of projects according to specific budgets, architectural and civil design and the usage of construction materials of the best quality.












A unique home is a home built with personality, but sometimes people need a little help to actually turn their ideas into reality. In Los Cabos, there are interior decoration experts who can help you create a perfect environment for you with the most exquisite taste, always minding your needs and expectations and considering every single detail, such as color, light and ambiance. Thanks to the demands of the most exclusive clientele, the range of products available is endless. Los Cabos has a wide selection of custom-made furniture, from the most rustic, handcrafted Mexican styles to the latest ergonomic designs and unique upholstery fabrics and textiles. Period-style doors and windows with the latest technology are the hype, along with the finest lighting fixtures, electrical installations and jaw-dropping home theater, protection and control systems. Wouldn´t it be nice to kiss your remote controls goodbye? And for the things that you can´t find in Cabo, you don´t have to worry. There are companies that can get you anything you want from any part of the world, adhering to the law and completely trouble-free. Pool and Outdoor Design

Thinking Green For those who have an environmentally-friendly lifestyle, there are water solutions for your entire home and engineering services to enhance the quality of electric energy, making it more efficient and reducing costs significantly so you don´t pass out when getting the electric bill. There are also specialized waterproofing systems, as well as thermal and acoustic insulation made from the best materials to help you save energy and respect the environment.

The Details that make your Home Unique On the creative side of it all, qualities such as state-ofthe-art design, supervision of the finest details and the implementation of beautiful artisan work help a residence become a one-of-a-kind place to live and enjoy. 8

Connecting to nature is essential for every human being. Therefore, having a nice place outside to breathe some fresh air is also a necessity. If you want a beautiful garden, there are landscaping companies that can help you create and maintain it under any climate circumstances. If it is a pool what you long for, there are experts who can get you the pool of your dreams, with features like swim machines for exercise or simply the nicest shapes and designs. They also provide safe purification systems and pool maintenance. And for those who love comfort and pampering, there is spa equipment available, along with the best amenities and products. To complete the picture, Los Cabos offers beautiful marble finishings of the best quality, decorative elements in fiberglass and the finest exterior furniture in the market.

It is just a matter of deciding...


Everybody´s home away from home should be a decadent escape. Finish your Dream, The Guide offers you the best options to build your dream home. So carry on and see for yourself all of the great services available to fulfill your every need and desire, right here in paradise.


visit THE GUIDE online

Patricia Rivera Director and Art Director

Norma de la Garza Sales

María del Mar Bueno Writer and Translator

Printed by:

The Sea of Cortés seen from

Grupo Art Graph, S.A. de C.V.

the Sierra de la Laguna, Unesco´s Biosfere Reserve


part of our


please call:

Cel. (624) 147 0552 or (624) 145 2981 10

photograph: mario rodríguez




Cabo Developmet


Constructora Malver


CR Construcciones



16 art galleries

El Lunario

18 ceiling beams

Polivigas Ceiling Beams


custom pools

Pools “R” us

22 doors






hot tubs





Casa Paulina


Casa Tapiz


Patio Design Center




Villa Valentina Interiors


kitchens, bath



Cocinas Piacere

3 landscape design



property maintenance


swimming pools



Atlantic House

eco building


30 interior design ,



Bio Ingeniería

No. 5 January-June 2011



Finish your dream

16 spa at home

All 4 Spas


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architects & builders

CABO DEVELOPMENT With experience in Los Cabos that ranges from single residential homes to large commercial developments, Cabo Development is a company that specializes in high end construction, design and project management. They understand the importance of providing our customers with high quality finishes, cost control and personal attention until they are satisfied with the end result.

Cabo Development

Construction and Design Established 2003

Km. 29.5 Carretera Transpeninsular Inside Plaza Peninsula., 3C San José del Cabo, BCS 23400 México Tel: (624) 142 5660 / 62 Contact: Joaquín Vaughan 12

architects & builders 13

architects & builders

CONSTRUCTORA MALVER MALVER is a Construction Company established in Los Cabos twenty six years ago. Since then, it has achieved a reputation for its high quality standards, dedication and ultimate customer satisfaction. Understanding of its clients’ needs and desires, and its commitment to resolve with quality and creativity the most intricate details on a foundation of trust and friendship, allow it to deliver a custom home of exquisite taste and outstanding craftsmanship, always exceeding its clients’ expectations. A MALVER-built home becomes a reflection of a particular lifestyle and a livable asset for the homeowner in Mexico. MALVER’s work encompasses a wide range of services, from creative architectural design to top quality construction. Tempered by a highly demanding world class residential market, and responsible for compiling an enviable list of unique clients over its twenty-six year

- Exquisite taste and outstanding craftsmanship, always exceeding its clients expectations -

history, MALVER has evolved to become Los Cabos finest home builder.


Constructora Malver Construction Company Established 1984

Miguel Hidalgo#1133, Col. Centro San José del Cabo, BCS 23400 México Tel: (624) 142 0505 / 142 3749 Contact: Carlos Lira 14

architects & builders


architects & builders

CR CR is a young company born in 2002. Since then, we have grown to become a diversified company which provides a comprehensive service to our clients throughout all the stages of the construction process: from the conception of the idea to the finalization of the project. Our company is endorsed by a team of professionals interacting to achieve the highest standards, offering topographic survey, architectural design, civil design and construction services. CR has developed projects at Villas del Mar, Oasis Palmilla, El Dorado, Puerto Los Cabos, El Pedregal and Club Campestre San José. Our goal is to exceed our clients expectations, always considering what we value most in our service: Quality




Construction, Architectural Design, Civil Design, Topographic Survey. Established 2002

Valerio González 1342, Interior L-8 Plaza del Arbol, Col. 1 de Mayo San José del Cabo, BCS 23400 México Tel: (624) 142 2377 / 146 9420 Contact: Antonio Caraza 16

architects & builders

Small enough to offer a personalized service, big enough to give an opportune answer to the needs of our clients.


architects & builders






Mexican company dedicated to Construction, Property Maintenance and Integrated Preservation. It was established in 2004 in the city of Puebla, operating all across the states of Puebla, Tlaxcala, Sinaloa, Nuevo León, Baja California Sur and their counties ever since. We are committed to provide the best service and dedicated to the Implementation of Projects, Architectural Design and Construction of any kind of property, as well as the supervision of the entire construction process. At GENESIS URBAN CONSTRUCTION, we have a professional system and high quality concrete, which allows us to offer an excellent service in order to solve all your maintenance needs, as well as the necessary

Property Maintenance and Integrated Preservation.

infrastructure for the optimal preservation of your property. Among our clients are the Governments of the States of Puebla and Tlaxcala, several restaurants, governmental offices, Ultrafemme Group, Pizza Hut, VW, BUAP, local construction developers in Cabo, private homeowners and many others, all of them satisfied customers who require professional maintenance on their properties. Thus, we have a large number of high quality services rendered behind us.

GRUPO GENESIS / caboFIX Construction and Maintenance

At GUC, we don´t spare on our efforts to satisfy our

Established 2004

customers needs, which is why our team is constituted by a

Calle Laja Mza. 6, Lt. 8, Col. Cangrejos. Cabo San Lucas, BCS 23477 México Tel: (624) 172 5732 183 5045 Contact: David Frausto Jiménez

professional group of Designers, Architects and Engineers with experience in the industry of construction. 18

architects & builders

At GENESIS URBAN CONSTRUCTION, our goal is to provide high standards of quality and sustainability. Other services: - Quantification of Building, program monitoring and cost estimates - Technical supervision of construction process - Construction field diagnosis and troubleshooting - Update plans - Building extensions - Finishes and Specifications - Remodeling - Coating - Waterproofing


art galleries

EL LUNARIO Located in a beautiful mission style building dated from the late 1800’s, El Lunario is the newest addition to San José del Cabo´s growing Art District.

El Lunario features artwork by Alejandro Arango, Alvaro Santiago, Carlos Vivar, Chantale Marzin, José Luis Bustamante, and other internationally recognized artists.

The displayed artwork includes Paintings, Sculpture, Ceramic, Mixed Media and Jewelry.

There are private closed-door tours available at the gallery upon special request.

El Lunario Art Gallery

Established 2010 Morelos 133, Col. Centro, Art District San Jose del Cabo, BCS 23400 Mex Tel. (624) 146 9450 / 157 6020 / 122 3245 Contact: Irene Bustos 20

art galleries 21

ceiling beams

POLIVIGAS POLYURETHANE BEAMS Polivigas is a company dedicated to the manufacture of polyurethane products, our ceiling beams are an excellent lightweight alternative to traditional wood beams. We have the highest quality at a very considerable price compared to those imported, and as well we guarantee timely deliveries thanks to our local production plant. It is recommended for interiors and exteriors, and if you want to give a mexican touch and have a durable and realistic look without replacing or repainting your wood beams, we are the best option.

We also accept your special design by request... Builders and homeowners are demanding that

-Polyurethane is environmentally safe

ordinary exterior trim such as wood beams or corbels be made of Polyurethane.

-Chlorofluorocarbons free -Resists weather conditions: sun and salt water exposure







Polyurethane Beams Established 2007

Carr. Transpeninsular Km. 31 Plaza las Palmas, L 15 San Jose del Cabo, BCS 23400 Mex Tel. (624) 183 2426 Contact: Héctor Enriquez 22





ceiling beams


custom pools

POOLS “R” US We are a company dedicated to provide our clients with the best quality service in their homes; we want to fulfill our customers´desires, so they can have the pool of their dreams. With experts on our staff, we take care of pool design, construction, maintenance and/or remodeling, so our final customer won´t have to do anything but make a big splash. We have a broad variety of services, from pool design, swim machines and water features, to solar heating systems and purified water for the entire home.

It is our mission to provide our clients with a high-quality product which not only looks great, but will also provide years of trouble-free enjoyment to the end user.


Pool, spa and patio construction and remodel Established 2007

We have also made it our goal to deliver our product on time according to the plans and specifications of our standards and our client’s satisfaction.

Calle Lote F s/n, Costa Azul, San Jose del Cabo BCS 23400 México Tel: (624) 172 6353 US Tel: (619) 819 8719 Contact: Don Liberman 24

custom pools

Services - Pool and spa design, engineering and construction - Swim machines for water exercise - Remodeling and upgrading - Water features - Patios - Green pool technology - Salt and ozone systems for pool sanitation - Solar pumps - Solar heating - Pool covers - Whole house water purification systems 25

doors & windows

MILGARD WINDOWS & DOORS Milgard Windows & Doors is a leading manufacturer of vinyl, aluminum and fiberglass windows and patio doors. Products manufactured in our Southern California locations are now available in Mexico and are displayed in our new Los Cabos showroom. Whether your project is new-construction or replacement, Milgard is focused on providing energy-efficient products which are designed for the harsh climate and architectural style of Baja living. Having been recognized for manufacturing the U.S. highest quality vinyl windows six times, Milgard provides you with a reputation for quality, warranty, service and a brand name that you can depend on. Since early 2010, we have established Milgard dealers throughout Baja and other regions of Mexico to serve your building needs. Whether you are in La Paz or Los Cabos, please check our dealer locator on our website or simply contact our Los Cabos showroom for the Milgard dealer in your area.

Milgard Windows & Doors

Vinyl, aluminum and fiberglass windows and patio doors Established 1958

Pacific Design Center Plaza Peninsula Local 3-B, Colonia La Jolla, San JosĂŠ del Cabo, BCS 23400 MĂŠxico Tel: (624) 172 7000 Contact: Andy Doty 26

doors & windows 27


BIO INGENIERIA INTERNACIONAL At BIO-INGENIERIA, they are committed to providing the finest in professional support to their customers. This commitment is fulfilled by a staff of post-graduate, experienced professionals. MISSION: Offering






Environmental Preservation and Improvement. At BIOINGENIERIA, they want their customers to build their dream home, taking advantage of the natural resources that the Environment has to offer while causing a minor environmental impact with cost-effective solutions. SERVICES: Once you have found your dream place, you will need their services from beginning to end, until your house is finished. BIO-INGENIERIA provides a wide range of Products and Environmental Services:  - Environmental Impact Studies. - Evaluation of Land-Use Change.  - Rescue of Wild and Endangered Species. - Assistance for Environmental Regulatory Compliance. - Hydrogeological Studies. - Noise & Odor Control. - BIO-AQUA®:  Wastewater Treatment Plants (WWTP) - Desalination systems for Seawater. - Water Purification systems. - Maintenance services, assessment and products for WWTP.

Exclusive distributor of BIO-AQUA®


Bio Ingeniería Internacional

Environment, Water & Wastewater Treatment and Recycling Specialists Established 1989

Sonora #1115 esq. Marcelo Rubio, Col. Pueblo Nuevo, La Paz, BCS Mex Tel: (612) 122 1509 - (612) 123 3409, Contact: Arq. Irina Trasviña Mar


The first Environmentalist Company founded in Baja in 1989.


hot tubs & pool maintenance

AQUALAB Established in Los Cabos since 1988, AQUALAB is the first company fully dedicated to provide integral solutions for Water Treatment, offering a wide list of services and products, including: - Purification systems - Pool Maintenance and Equipment - Water and Food Analysis - Waste Water Plants - Chemical Products for Water Treatment - Hot Tubs - Technical advice Mission Statement To offer a wide variety of the best quality products and services related to water treatment, in order to provide integral solutions and make the purchase process easier for business and final consumers who look for efficiency, honesty and expertise in a company.

Pool Maintenance and Equipment


Water Treatment Specialists Established 1988

Paseo de Los Marinos #675. Col. El Chamizal. San Jose del Cabo BCS 23400 MĂŠxico Tel: (624) 14 20482 Contact: Blanca Bastida 30

hot tubs & pool maintenance

Ask for your trusted brands, AQUALAB is their authorized dealer in Los Cabos. Visit their Showroom and experience the convenience of having all the water services you need in one reliable familyowned Company with more than 20 years of experience and hundreds of satisfied clients. 31


INTERCAM You now have your dream house, don’t forget to protect it !

INTERCAM INSURANCE will help you develop a plan to identify, appraise, secure and insure your new Home and portfolio of personal assets with confidentiality and professionalism. Not all insurance policies are created equal. In fact, every insurance product is created for a specific type of risk. Standard insurance products, designed for the general public, don’t apply for Cabo’s Beach Residences. Luxury Ocean Proximity Properties require a unique Policy attending its specific concerns. By

working with



your Broker, we will provide:

Standard insurance products, designed for the general public, don’t apply for Cabo’s Beach Residences. Luxury Ocean Proximity Properties require a unique Policy attending its specific concerns.

-A comprehensive analysis of how to protect your home, providing adequate coverage and identifying your

We look forward to protecting your valuable

exposure to threats that can lead to a loss.

property in Mexico.

-The best pricing, allowing you full protection with reasonable premiums. -A portfolio of the best insurance products offered by the strongest and prestigious carriers in the country. -A personalized service by local Professionals, who will attend your needs in your language to the extent that

Intercam Insurance and Bonds Financial Services Established 2006

policies are submitted in English. Plaza las Velas Suite C. San José del Cabo, BCS As a homeowner in Mexico, you are encouraged by Mexican law to insure your Property only with Insurance

Puerto Paraiso Mall, Business center. Cabo San Lucas, BCS. Cp. 23400

Carriers registered in Mexico. México Tel: (624) 14 373 33 ext. 160 Contact: Alfredo Gadsden 32


We look forward to protecting your valuable property in Mexico.


interior design, furniture and fabrics

ATLANTIS HOUSE The Leading Design Firm Atlantis House has made a commitment to providing clients with new and better methods of producing designs that reflect beautiful and functional environments while providing a long-term return on investment. Atlantis House provides services of Architecture, Construction, Interior Design, Furniture & Fixture Procurements, Turn-key




Installation, Villas & Owners Units, New Build & Renovation, Restaurant, Bar Design, Sales & Marketing Facility Design, Theme & Concept Development, Interior Improvement Studies, Improvement Estimating, and Project Management. Atlantis House manufacturing base through its principals provide personal attention and oversight in the production of handcrafted furniture, manufactured in a range of styles, from California Casual, Spanish Mediterranean, Mexican Traditional, Modern, or European Formal. The Company mixes Fine Leather, European Fabric, Hand-hammered Iron, Volcanic Stone, Antique Doors, and Distressed Wood in the manufacture of sleek chairs, console tables, cocktail tables, handcrafted wooden armoires, beds, and timeless decorative accent pieces.

Atlantis House

Architecture, Construction, Interior Design, Manufacturing Established 2003

Atlantis House offers only quality merchandise with attention to detail and pride themselves on creating custom-made furniture as unique as the individuality of each client. Their skilled craftsmen help make clients dreams become a reality. A complete design house, providing their clients with comprehensive service that begins with the first stone moved to the last painting hung. The end result is stunningly beautiful living spaces that are a joy to live in. 34

LOS CABOS Carr. Transpeninsular Km 29.5, Local 6 A, Plaza Península, La Jolla San José del Cabo, BCS 23406 México Tel. (624) 142 2799 Fax 142 2526 Contact: Robert Jan Neijmeijer LOS ANGELES 269 South Beverly Drive, Suite 1208, Beverly Hills, California 90212 USA Tel. (310) 424 5518

interior design, furniture and fabrics


interior design, furniture and fabrics

CASA PAULINA Since 1989, Paulina Gutierrez has brought her unique style, impeccable design sensibilities and commitment to personalized service to homeowners in Los Cabos. Her goal? Your complete happiness. Paulina sources everything you desire right down to the smallest detail, making moving into your new home easy and carefree, like it should be. And, in Casa Paulina her retail store, handpicked one of a kind accessories, tablewear and textiles, fabrics, rugs, fine art and decorative pieces provide a shopping experience like no other. Paulina’s love for traveling brings you high end treasures from all over the globe.

- Long distance consultations –

plan your interiors from anywhere you are

- AutoCAD renderings for every room –

what you see is what you get

- Custom finishings, architectural details

and Mexican design accents

- Original handcrafted metalwork: mirrors, chandeliers, windows, furniture, fixtures and hardware - Custom fine art and sculpture installations - Custom wall finishes, murals, acid stain

concrete finishes, tile and paint treatments,

and inlaid floor and stair designs all designed

and produced by our expert craftspeople

- A world of the finest designer fabrics

from Sanderson,

Designers Guild, Pepe

Peñalver, Gaston y Daniela, Alhambra and more 36

Casa Paulina

Interior Design, furniture and fabrics Established 1989

At Plaza Paulina, Morelos esq. Comonfort, Historic District San José del Cabo, BCS 23400 México Tel. (624) 142 55 55 Contact: Paulina Gutierrez

interior design, furniture and fabrics


interior design, furniture and fabrics

CASA TAPIZ Casa Tapiz has the best solutions for decorative wallcoverings. Their distributors are located in the main cities of Mexico and Central America. Because they represent different manufacturers, you will be able to choose from a great selection of wallcoverings with unique designs, different materials and textures and the most competitive prices in the market. Renew your house or office according to your own style and to the trend that suits your personality best. Check out their new collection of wallcoverings at their webpage If adding more shapes and texture to your spaces is what you’re looking for, Casa Tapiz offers beautiful relief decorative panels, which you can leave au naturel or paint in your favorite color. Casa Tapiz will be glad to show you their products and catalogues, as well as to give you an estimate, no strings

Beautiful relief decorative panels

attached. They will be happy to help you add the necessary touch to finally make your home your own and they will always guarantee the quality of their products and their service.

Casa Tapiz

Decorative Wallcoverings Established 2005

Plaza El Zalate km 29.5 Carr.transpeninsular San Jose del Cabo, BCS 23400 Mex Tel. (624) 172 6676 Miguel Hidalgo 2518 y Esq. 12 de Octubre Col. Matamoros Cabo San Lucas, BCS 23468 Tel. (624) 143-3188 Nextel 188-7160 ID 92*14*75855 Contact: Roberta Escamilla Barahona 38

interior design, furniture and fabrics

Wallcoverings, made of different materials and textures


interior design, furniture and fabrics

PATIO DESIGN CENTER Casual Hospitality Patio Design Center´s retail division was created in 2002, opening the doors to its outdoor room with an exciting and innovative product selection, essentially to introduce local outdoor furniture manufactured in their own family casting facility, GAMBOA Y CIA. S.A., a company recognized over decades for their high quality production of aluminum frames for top brands such as BROWN JORDAN, VENEMAN COLLECTIONS,

their PATIO DESIGN CENTER, where you can have


assistance from their professional staff when selecting

and many more.

furniture and accessories and to customize any program

After many years of fostering ethics on product design and

for outdoor rooms, provide Architectural and Design

specification for the residential retail consumer market,

Services, as well as Installation. Their doors are open all


year long.

into a regional entity, specializing in product procurement for top Resort Destinations and working with operations managers as well as design firms for FFE packages, layouts, and product selection with professional guidance on operability, warranty and design.  Their reward is essentially the repetitive contract work they continue to perform for the hospitality market.  The Casual Furniture market is an expanding industry with a growth of 10% a year; therefore, Patio Design

Outdoor Furniture

Center tries its best to present interesting innovations

Established 2002

every season to fulfill their customers demands and work

Paseo Malecón S/N Zona Hotelera San Jose del Cabo, BCS 23400 Mex Tel. (624) 130 7202 Contact: Sabrina Reynoso

closely with manufactures to promote their products. They are expanding every season to get more experienced in procurement of product in categories such as Shade Equipment, Misting systems,  Poolside Furniture and Accessories, Installations, Resin Weave Product, Aluminum, Teak, Fire Pits, Heating and Outdoor Furniture Fabrics. They offer the best and most complete selection of brand names to their consumer, with locally supported product from their Retail Division. Please visit


Patio Design Center

Corporate Offices Antares y Elote 2725 Tijuana B.C. 22105 Mex Tel. (664) 906 1243 Mex Cell (664) 385 1123 Arq. Gabriel E. Gamboa CEO

interior design, furniture and fabrics 41

interior design, furniture and fabrics

SEGUSINO The art of Mexican Furniture After more than 6 years of distributing the best quality Mexican furniture in Los Cabos, we are bound to continue developing the industry in a friendly and proactive manner, bringing together the “Segusino look” with fresh concepts and ideas which can help people to decorate and furnish their home. Our friendly and helpful staff is devoted to make sure that our client’s needs are addressed. We are continually looking for new trends and are committed to continual improvement with our customer’s feedback, as we believe that the best way in doing business is working together. Our main concern since we opened our doors has been to offer a good quality fine piece of furniture at a fair price. Every single detail you desire for you house, you name it, we have it! - Fine mexican hand made furniture - Sofas, love seat, sectionals made specially

to your needs

- Wide selection of upholstery fabrics - Decorative accessories - Drapery - Interior Design consultations


Mexican Furniture Established 2004

Carret. Transpeninsular Km. 2 San José del Cabo, B.C.S. 23400 México Tel: (624) 146 9855 Contact: Silvia Ruiz Segusino La Paz Alvaro Obregón 2140 (over the Malecon) La Paz, B.C.S. 23000 México Tel: (612) 125 17 03 Contact: Silvia Ruiz / Rebeca Valle 42

interior design, furniture and fabrics


interior design, furniture and fabrics


Villa Valentina Interiors is a showroom & studio of Latin American antiques and hand crafted furniture set within a charming colonial setting in San JosĂŠ del Cabo. Each of their interior design layouts are carefully composed and directed in order for them to represent not only their clientele taste but also part of the region where they co-exist. Classic sophistication, timeless design and the minucious care for details are distinguishable qualities that describe the work of the remarkable Villa Valentina team. For more information please visit

Villa Valentina Interiors Interior Design Showroom Established 1996

Carretera Trasp. Km 31.5 s/n Zona Comercial Fonatur San Jose del Cabo B.C.S. 23400 MĂŠxico Tel: 142 6611 - 142 6612 Contact: Daniel Talamante 44

interior design, furniture and fabrics



e group Founded in 1976, celebrating over 30 years of design excellence and originated as a US based firm in Phoenix, Arizona, e group has now offices in Los Cabos, Mexico; Manila, Philippines and Shenzhen, China. Their history demonstrates an international experience in outstanding projects located in the U.S., Mexico, Panama, Costa Rica, China, Indonesia, United Arab Emirates and Jordan.

Clients At the local area, e group has an important list of clients,

Successful projects go beyond solving immediate needs

such as: Discovery Land Company, Del Mar Development

and problems; balancing needs and issues can serve the

and Pueblo Bonito Resorts, among others.

long-term interests of their clients, the community and the environment. At e group, their experienced, skilled


and committed professionals work as a team to focus on


a solution that will meet their Clients’ needs and exceed

Landscape design

their expectations.

Architecture Landscape Construction Landscape Maintenance

e group

Landscape Design Established 1976

Valerio González local 5 Plaza Tamarindo Col. 1° de mayo San José del Cabo B.C.S. 23400 México Tel. (624) 14 257 27 Tel/fax (624) 130 70 39 Cel. (624) 106 00 22 US line (602) 462 9000 Contact: Arq. Irene Bustos Rocha 46



spa at home

ALL4SPAS Create your Own Private Spa at home All4Spas is dedicated to the design, installation, consulting, maintenance, equipment and cosmetic products supply, plus everything essential for Spas and Beauty Clinics, from an essential oil to the most sophisticated first class technology. Their corporate offices in Mexico and USA are the best line of direct communication within our providers, ensuring an opportune supply as fast as needed and allowing their clients to receive the best service in the business. The revolutionary PIPELESS HYDROTHERAPY , eliminates hidden tubes and complicated installation of the traditional hydrotherapy tubs, as well as retaining water and bacterial residue.


Spa equipment and supplies Established 2004 Carr. Transpeninsular Km. 6.7 Local F, Col. El Tezal. Cabo San Lucas B.C.S. 23450 MĂŠxico Tel: (624) 105 9393 Contact: Adriana Azuara 48

spa at home

Noiseless hydroteraphy for a complete relaxation

Top quality sauna and steam room equipment


photograph: mario rodrĂ­guez




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