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1,"abacus","[\3B:E:K]n sextant:navigate " 2,"abandon","[:\B3QD:Q]vt /n abandon:prohibit 3,"abase","[:\B<0K]v bassus[ ] debase v curtail:duration abase:strength 4,"abashed","[:\B3MC]adj

abaq" " "" GRE easy

ab Ab acus 26 52 1000

abacus:calculate ""

forsake "

Do not abandon yourself to drinking calmness:frenzy despair:hope

a+band +on frenzy:calm

inhibition:abandon agitation:tranquility salvage vt

disgrace debase demean basement n " embarrassed ash

A man who betrays friends abases himself


abase:prestige damp:ardor abase:status shorten:length

abash vt

bash bath embolden vt

abash abash" abolish abate a tax The medicine abase v [ ] s

unabashed:embarrassment unheralded:announcement 5,"abate","[:\B<0C]vt abated her pain bate

wane annihilate eradicate exterminate extirpate rebate vt debate v : " ab ate eat

abate:tax alleviate:distress abate:force fade:loudness abate:intensity alleviate:intensity taper:width intensify v promote v increase in intensity

abate:degree discount:price attenuate:thickness thin:density[intensity] abate:length augment v

6,"abbreviate","[:\BT0:H0<0C]v brev brevity n abridge:word abbreviate:letter 7,"abdicate","[\3BD0E<0C]v ab dicate dictator n usurp v assume v

curtail retrench slash extend v

to abbreviate the December to Dec December abbreviation:sentence synopsis:narrative


abbreviate:sentence abridge:essay prolong v "

relinquish shed slough abdicator n indicate v

to abdicate the office abdicate a right

ab dic

abdicate:throne resign:office recant:belief

constitute v " Ab do men 1 kidnap 2 ab duct deviant 3 viaduct n introduction n " err a typical adj a bet obstruct v " " G G J" bd

8,"abdomen","[\3BD:P<Q]n men? abdominal adj


10,"aberrant","[3\B<T:QC]adj errant adj erratic adj

a rocket on an aberrant course normal adj bet bait[ ] impede v

aberrant:standard digressive:topic abet an ill-doer forestall v 1

11,"abet","[:\B<C]vt abut v a but elucidate:clarity

foment instigate provoke frustrate v stymie v

abet:assistance counsel:guidance thwart vt


12,"abeyance","[:\B<0:QK]n eye ance inactivity:suspension cinder n 13,"abhor","[3B\O5:]vt horrible adj

doldrums latency [ ] continuance n "" "" "

The law goes into abeyance temporary eat ate ey eye!

ab ey

abominate detest execrate loathe contemn disdain adore vt greatly admire "

He abhor to tell lies


horrid adj

14,"abhorrent","[3B\O5:T:QC]adj abhorrent to her 15,"abide","[:\B>0D]vt miscreant n

Disgusting loathsome repellent n repugnance n loathing abhorrence:dislike adoration:fondness abide by ... ...abide by the rules ID [ ] Ab I de GRE

Violence is " a bid

It's abhorrent to his idea tolerate

I cannot abide her Ab id ID "

law-abiding individual enduring ephemeral adj

16,"abiding","[:\B>0D0R]adj abut evanescent adj

an abiding love of GRE GRE "




17,"abject","[\3BDN<EC]adj reject abject reject v

downtrodden underfoot projectile n renounce abjure:reject : exultant adj

an abject liar

abject poverty "

ab ject

spirited adj

exciting adj

18,"abjure","[:B\DN7:]vt perjury n jury n

forswear recall recant retract espouse v affirm v

abjure one's religion embrace v " ab lut a blue

ab jure

19,"ablution","[:B\S7:M:Q]n antediluvian (adj luv lut)"

perform [make] one's ablution

dilute v

20,"abnegate","[\3BQ0F<0C]v reaffirm v "

ab neg ate

negative adj

renege v

21,"abnormal","[3B\Q5:P:S]adj 22,"abode","[:\B:7D]n


ab norm ab ode old

" b abode abolish v d adobe " "

home residence

23,"abolition","[]3B:\S0M:Q]n 24,"abolitionist","[]3B:\S0M:Q0KC]n 25,"abominable","[:\B5P0Q:BS]adj

the abolition of slavery

persist in slavery "

abolitionist:slavery anarchist:government loathsome abominable weather 2

an abominable affair "

26,"abominate","[:\B4P0Q<0C]v loathe in ate ominous adj esteem v " n

to abominate sin

ab omen

a ate

a bom bomb

27,"aboriginal","[]3B:\T0DN:Q:S]adj ETS [SAT] "


aboriginal inhabitants

origin n

aborigine n

28,"abortive","[:\B5:C0H]adj abortive attempt Retry, Fail? " 29,"abound","[:\B>7QD]v country a bound und


fruitless futile

an abortive organ

It was an

abort[SAT ] vi

ab or ori tive

Not ready reading drive A:Abort,

Streams abound with fish abundant adj above "" xxx "" board "" "

Natural resources abound in with our

30,"aboveboard","[:\B8H\B5:D]adv surreptitious adj " 31,"abrade","[:\BT<0D]v desiccated:dehydration 32,"abrasion","[:\BT<0N:Q]n lubricate:abrasion seal:leakage 33,"abreast","[:\BT<KC]adv " 34,"abridge","[:\BT0DN]v Abridge sb 's rights abbreviate:letter amplify v ab rade

chicanery n 10 ""

abrasive[SAT] adj

abraded:friction vaporized:heat

augment v " abrasion resistance " to march abreast You should keep abreast with the science a breast wind abrasion scuff:abrasion heat:vaporization

curtail abbreviate retrench slash a bridge protract v extend in length synopsis

It was abridged from to original work ... abridge:word " " condensed adj unabridged adj

abridge:length attenuate:thickness

35,"abridgement","[:\BT0DNP:QC]n reduction 36,"abrogate","[\3BT:7F<0C]v ago uphold v " 37,"abruptly","[:\BT8ACS0]adv rupt " ab rog

abbreviation:sentence abridgement:essay

abate annihilate annul nullify quash vitiate abnegate v interrogative adj arrogant adj

This custom was abrogated 3 years embrace v institute v

suddenly unexpectedly

an abrupt change in the weather

an abrupt turn


38,"abscission","[3B\K0N:Q]n 39,"abscond","[3B\KE5QD]vi condiment secrete:store " " n recondite adj " absent mind

ab sciss bunk decamp

scissors n

process of grafting " ab cond purloin:appropriate "" ""

abscond with the money

abscond:depart pilfer[sneak]:take lurk:wait

follow:shadow leave:abscond

40,"absentminded","adj 41,"absolute","[\3BK:S7:C]adj absolute necessity nominal:figurehead 42,"absolve","[:B\L5SH]v

" unlimited absolute quiet absolute value by

complete total qualified adj "

ab solute

absolute:variability inevitable:chance


exculpate acquit exonerate vindicate ab solve " be absorbed by ... n absolution n exculpatory:absolve hortative:encourage

to absolve him from blame dissolution n solvent adj

They agree

to absolve you from your obligation resolution n solve vt inculpate vt 43,"absorb","[:B\K5:B]v ab sorb reflect v absorbed adj exude v " indict vt

hortative:encourage motivational:stir

... absorbent adj

be absorbed in

...absorb sb 's attention emit v radiate v

absorb:sponge seal:caulk

44,"abstain","[:B\KC<0Q]v abs tain forbidden:abstain ab stain n v "

curb refrain

abstain from (wine, smoking) [ ]He abstained from voting retain v attain v mandatory:comply

abstention abstinence n

45,"abstemious","[3B\KC0:P0:K]adj abstemious meals austere:decorate ab tem

abstentious abstinent continent sober temperate temetum mead ab stem ious " indulgent adj abs tain "

an abstemious person abstemious:indulge

reticent:talk abstemious:gorge abstain

46,"abstinence","[\3BKC0Q:QK]n 47,"abstract","[\3BKCT3EC]n intractable adj

summary abridgment adj elaborate adj "

make an abstract of ...

abs tract

contract n v

48,"abstraction","[3B\KCT3EM:Q]n the act of remove or take away deep that he did not eat for 3 days 49,"abstruse","[3B\KCT7:K]adj intrusion n protrusion n 3 abstracted adj

absent-mindedness attention n

Her abstraction was so " abs trus accessible adj


recondite esoteric abs ab truse

His statement is a bit too abstruse

truth 4

patent adj

abstruse:comprehension indiscernible:vision" ridiculous ludicrous Their request is absurd an absurd opinion Don't be absurd!

50,"absurd","[:B\K::D]adj ! ab surd "

51,"abundance","[:\B8QD:QK]n und

Carpets are available in abundance "

abundance of the heart

abound v

cornucopia:abundance mace:authority

52,"abuse","[:\BU7:L]v /n abuse a privilege abuse oneself

revile depreciate derogate ab use

misuse maltreat mistreat abusive adj

verbal abuse "


disabuse ......


declamation:grandiloquence burlesque:mockery 53,"abut","[:\B8C]v on a but 54,"abysmal","[:\B0LP:S]adj abysmal misery 55,"abyss","[:\B0K]n border upon on, against a bet

polemic:disputatious invective:abusive to abut on other land

His house abuts on the church "

contiguous:abut simultaneous:coincide wretched

fathomless plumbless unfathomable GRE the abyss of despair

The weather was abysmal "

abyss n chasm

stygian:dark abysmal:low a byss bottom " ac cede "

56,"academician","[:]E3D:\P0M:Q]n 57,"accede","[3E\K0:D]v concede v 58,"accelerate","[3E\K<S:T<0C]v +celerare celer prolong:duration celerity n

national academician consent subscribe

We acceded to her request mur "

ac cede v

recede v swiften decelerate v

demur vi

I decided to accelerate my advertising expedite:process accelerate:pace retard v "

accelerare ac ad accelerate:speed

crescendo:sound acceleration:tempo emphasize ac cent

59,"accentuate","[3E\K<QCU7<0C]v accentus accent n 60,"acceptable","[:E\K<AC:BS]adj acceptable accept able ...... "

Her black hair accentuated the delicateness of her skin accent n cantata n " Your proposal is quite


an acceptable gift

61,"acceptance","[:E\K<AC:QK]n tender:acceptance exhibit:inspection 62,"access","[\3EK<K]n easy of access ac cess

receive wide acceptance

acceptance of work "

authoritative:acceptance conspicuous:attention

approach vt have access to

There is no access to the street through that door procession n 5


63,"accessible","[3E\K<K:BS]adj only by boat abstruse adj "

accessible money

an accessible person

This island is accessible

64,"accessory","[3E\K<K:T0]adj subsidiary n " 65,"accidental","[]3EK0\D<QCS]adj accident n cid safeguard:accident hedge:loss 66,"acclaim","[:\ES<0P]v claim v proclaim v

auxiliary adjuvant ancillary appurtenant subservient subsidiary supplementary ac cess access of primary importance

accessory of a bicycle

fortuitous adventitious contingent fluky deciduous adj incident n intentional:accidental arrogant:humble

accidental death " ac claim

accidental force

inventiveness:accidental effect:casual


She was acclaimed as the winner

acclaimed adj

exclaim v " adapt climatize season " proclivity n declivity n " The play received accolades from the Ac cola de excoriate v The rice has been acclimated in this area ac

67,"acclimate","[:\ES>0P0C]v climate make unfamiliar with

68,"acclivity","[:\ES0H0C0]n [ ] 69,"accolade","[]3E:\S<0D]n press reproof n " " speak ill cutting remark


approval appreciation badge kudos laurels accolade ad-" ... " reprobate v derogate v denunciation n denounce v

collum" collar -col- " "

criticism n disapprobation n

denigrate v

swearword n

70,"accommodate","[:\E5P:D<0C]v The guests are well accommodated accommodation n commodity n

bestow domicile ... ... conform accommodate (sb ) with ( ) [ ] obliterate:remove accommodate:supply obliging

accommodate (sb )for the night ( ) commodious adj " He was accommodating enough


71,"accommodating","[:\E5P:D<0C0R]adj to lend me a dollar "

an accommodating person

72,"accompany","[:\E8PA:Q0]v he on the piano ac ... company


Please accompany me on the trip to my hometown accompaniment n [ ] accompanist n "

I accompanied

73,"accomplice","[:\E5PAS0K]n duplicity n complicated adj

associate abettor accessory coconspirator conspirator com plice place You should accomplish the task "

com plic

74,"accomplish","[:\E5PAS0M]v accomplished adj "

compl complete


75,"accord","[:\E5:D]v agree reconcile grant bestow with According to my watch it is already 1 o'clock " 76,"accost","[:\E5:KC]v address hail , ac cord


Your opinion accorded with mine accordance n discord n concord n

He was accosted by a girl : / : " "


accost:approach importune:request glorify:praise/bequest:give 77,"accountability","[:]E>7QC:\B0S0C0]n 78,"accrete","[3\ET0:C]v [ ] [ ]accrete:grow inch:advance responsibility

accountable adj

ac crete create " addition "

erode:diminish[destruction] accrete:enlarge[growth]

79,"accretion","[:\ET0:M:Q]n reduction in substance caused by erosion 80,"accrue","[:\ET7:]v experience ac crue accumulate

accretion of population

ac cret

The interest accrued over the months "

common sense that accrues with

81,"accumulate","[:\EU7:PU7S<0C]v dissipate v "

garner stockpile

He accumulated a good library

ac cumul

82,"accuracy","[\3EU7T:K0]n , accurate adj cura

precision exactness " " "

firing accuracy

I doubt the accuracy of her statement

83,"accuse","[:\EU7:L]v [ ] She was accused as an accomplice excuse n " 84,"acerbic","[:\K::B0E]adj saccharin n " 85,"achievement","[:\CM0:HP:QC]n 86,"achromatic","[AkrEJ5mAtIk]adj extraneous:essence transitory:permanence 87,"acidity","[:\K0D0C0]n 88,"acidulous","[:\K0DU7S:K]adj acid ity

ac cuse

accused adj


sour astringent sharp bitter harsh

The playwright allows an acerbic tone to acerb adj a bic acerbity

pierce through otherwise arid or flowery prose

acerbity[SAT] n

Such a goal was impossible of achievement a chrom atic " detoxification:poison neutralization:acid acidulous satire 7


chromatic adj



acid ulous ...


89,"acknowledge","[:E\Q5S0DN]v as the best player of the year 90,"acme","[\3EP0]n AC me AC AC AC acme:mountain crest:wave 91,"acolyte","[\3E:S>0C]n 92,"acorn","[\<0E5:Q]n 93,"acoustic","[:\E7:KC0E]adj 94,"acoustics","[:\E7:KC0EK]n 95,"acquaintance","[:\EV<0QC:QK]n large circle of acquaintances 96,"acquainted","[:\EV<0QC0D]adj 97,"acquiesce","[]3EV0\<K]v quiet defy v quiescent adj resist v " knowledge

I acknowledge the truth of your statement "

She is acknowledged

apex apogee capstone meridian zenith 16 " ac olyte oak corn acous tic " 1991 2000 10 5

be [reach] the acme of perfection acme:surpass impossible:execute


a liturgical service

priest "

" The hall has good acoustics " She has a

I have no acquaintance with this book acquire vt , quaint adj acquaint v ... " ?"

Are you fully acquainted with the facts? consent accede subscribe quietude n

You acquiesced in their plan

acquire vt acquiesce:yield

intransigent:acquiesce deferential:offend

98,"acquired","[:\EV>0:D]adj 99,"acquisition","[]3EV0\L0M:Q]n 100,"acquisitive","[:\EV0L0C0H]adj acquire vt ive

indigenous adj

" divestiture n [ be acquisitive of ] "

This motor scooter is his latest acquisition grasping greedy requisite n prerequisite n ac quit an acquisitive mind " requite vt ,

101,"acquittal","[:\EV0CS]n acquit vt "

ubiquitous adj

conviction n

102,"acrid","[\3ET0D]adj acid r gentle adj "

pungent astringent austere

an acrid speech

an acrid drug


grating[stridency, piercing]:sound acrid[acridity]:odor [ ]

[ ] acrid:gentleness forthright:guile


ireful wrathy wroth 8

uninformative:knowledge acrimonious:goodwill

harmonious adj

" asperity speak with acrimony acro bat " WAC Women's Army Corps " acro phob ia " active adj actuary n " " radar radio detecting and acri mony " acrophobia n

104,"acrimony","[\3ET0P:Q0]n 105,"acrobat","[\3ET:B3C]n surgeon:dexterity acrobat:agility 106,"acronym","[\3ET:Q0P]n ranging acro nym

acronym n

107,"acrophobia","[]3ET:\G:7B0:]n 108,"activate","[\3EC0]H<0C]v 109,"actuarial","[]3ECU7\2:T0:S]adj 110,"actuate","[\3ECU7<0C]v act uate ..."

Her lofty spirit has greatly activated me calculating n motivate activate actual adj

What actuated her to give up such a promising post?

111,"acuity","[:\EU7:0C0]n acute adj [] "

sharpness cuteness

acuity of wit



acumen n


My business acumen has made me very successful unable to discerning "

acu men

alacrity:prompt acumen:shrewd 113,"acute","[:\EU7:C]adj hearing keen shrewd sensitive

acute disease mild adj " ad age

She has very acute

perspicacity:acute caprice:whimsical adage G "

114,"adage","[\3D0DN]n G G

old adage


115,"adamant","[\3D:P:QC]adj uncompromising unswayable -- -- adamant:yield cautious:gamble 116,"adaptable","[:\D3AC:BS]adj adaptor n aptitude n

too hard to be broken I am adamant about it vacillatory adj

unyielding inflexible inexorable obdurate relentless a dam ant moved adj incline to yield ---- impossible:execute adamant:moved irresolute adj adapt v unchangeable adj the " "

adamant:flexibility refractory:control

conform quadrate reconcile square adept adj ` e'

adapt able ...

ineptitude ept apt

remain unchanged


... 9

The play is an adaptation of a novel

principle of adaptation to local conditions 118,"addendum","[:\D<QD:P]n addition

" This is an addendum to the book " She was addicted to rock music film addict : : " add ition He became add end

addendum:document postscript:letter 119,"addict","[:\D0EC]v /n addicted to the drug 120,"addition","[:\D0M:Q]n disabuse:error rehabilitate:addiction 121,"additive","[\3D0C0H]n 122,"addle","[\3DS]v adj ad dict

inured:tolerance addicted:dependency Our baby brother is an addition to our family " color food additive "

My brain is a bit addled by whiskey " She adduced nothing to prove her theory

1 add


3 add le 123,"adduce","[:\DU7:K]v induce vt education n " n o

ad duce

124,"adept","[:\D<AC]adj adept ` e' adopt vt

expert adapt vt

He was adept at irritating people a a a Inept adj

ad ept -ept- " I hope he will prove

125,"adequate","[\3D0EV0C]adj adequate to the job 126,"adhere","[:D\O0:]v early ad here etch:corrosive glue:adhesive 127,"adherent","[Ed5hIErEnt]n 128,"adjacent","[:\DN<0KQC]adj city and adjacent suburbs 129,"adjourn","[:\DN::Q]v journey n ad equate to

We should take adequate food for the holiday equable adj equation n "

The two surface adhered to each other tackiness:adhesive sharpness:scalpel disciple henchman forerunner n "

I adhered to my plan to leave detach v "

dingy:glisten slippery:adhere

fanatic:admire zealot:adherent

adjoining contiguous neighboring abutting approximal bordering conterminousthe ad jacent adj adj "

adjacent garden plots defer shelve prorogue recess journal n

ad journ journey

convoke vt [ ] " adjudicate a claim for damages ad judic to judge

130,"adjudicate","[:\DN7:D0E<0C]v judicious adj prejudice n "


131,"adjunct","[\3DN8REC]n adjunct to the verb essential element 132,"adjure","[:\DN7:]v XXX 133,"adjust","[:\DN8KC]v 134,"adjutant","[\3DN7C:QC]n 135,"ad-lib","[3D\S0B]n /adj /v ad-lib:impromptu aside:divergent " 1 ad junct

appendage accessory appendix appurtenance 2 ad add jun junction n disjunction n

This is an

I adjure you to speak the truth " He soon adjusted to army life adjunct n adj

1 ad jure

abjure vt

2 ad jure


adjust my watch ant "

ad just


ad add jut

improvise extemporize "

ad add lib lip

136,"administer","[:D\P0Q0KC:]v manage provide 2 minister " admire v "

administer the country


administrate ad ministrate

137,"admirable","[\3DP:T:BS]adj eccentric:unconventional 138,"admire","[:D\P>0:]v mirage n miraculous adj lionize:admire vituperate:despise 139,"admissible","[:D\P0K:BS]adj 140,"admission","[:D\P0M:Q]n only

craven:admirable deft:awkward



I admire you for your bravery abhor vt " admissible evidence admit v "

ad mire

elegy:sorrow eulogy:admiration

gripe:discontent praise:admiration

adit ingress

China's admission to the United Nations

Admission by ticket " They vt

gain [obtain] admission to [into]

grant sb Admission

lottery:raffle ticket:admission

141,"admonish","[:D\P5Q0M]v sh admonitory adj

warn advise reprove chide rebuke reprimand reproach ad mon

admonished those frantic football fans to change their wicked ways admonishment admonition n peccadillo:sin admonishment:castigation warning:admonitory " 142,"adobe","[:\D:7B0]n Adobe Adobe " n adult 11

ad moni monitor n

admonish:denounce punish:pillory persuade:convince pretense:deceive admonition:reprove alibi:exculpatory ameliorate:improve admonish:caution

apprise:information admonish:warning

an adobe house

adobe walls

abode n

' b'

adobe `d'


escent ...

a do lescent lesson


144,"adopt","[:\D5AC]v adoptable adj "

They adopted my methods

ad opt

option n

145,"adorable","[:\D5:T:BS]adj 146,"adore","[:\D5:]v oration n inexorable adj woo[love]:adore idolize

delightful charming

an adorable set of twins ad ore "

" adoration n adulate:fawn

She adores the cinema

abhorrence:dislike adoration:fondness fascination:interest

apprehension:terror affection:adoration

147,"adorn","[:\D5:Q]v decorate embellish beautify ornate adj "

She likes to adorn herself with jewels


suborn v

148,"adroit","[:\DT50C]adj maladroit adj adroit:ungainly adroitly adv

expert dexterous deft adro it it it fumble vi adult scorn vt ate

an adroit tennis player � "

a droit loquacious:succinct

ungainly adj

ham-handed adj

149,"adulate","[\3DN7S<0C]v adulation:admiration adulate:fawn woo[love]:adore somber affection "




aversion:disinclination vituperate vt derision n

scorn:reject adulate:flatter disdain vt

fulminate:criticize disparage:ignore disparage vt obloquy n

150,"adulterate","[:\D8SC:T<0C]v adulterate:pure purist:adulteration unalloyed adj " foreshadow umbrage n


ate [ ]

adulate v dismantle:unity embellish:austere stickler:approximation tainted v n unadulterated adj

adulterate:purity[pristine] enervate:vigor embellish:austerity

adulterate:purity enervate:vigor bolster[brace]:weak demanding:satisfactory adulterate:pristine

151,"adumbrate","[\3D8PBT<0C]v umber umbrella n

The recent development adumbrates a worldwide revolution adumbration" " It is highly advantageous to us

revelation n

152,"advanced","[:D\H4:QKC]adj 153,"advantageous","[]3DH:Q\C<0DN:K]adj advantage n "

the advanced education profitable beneficial

154,"advent","[\3DH:QC]n 2 vent intervention n

Since the advent of jet aircraft, travel has been speeded up convention n " accidental casual 12





156,"adventurous","[:D\H<QCM:T:K]adj 157,"adversary","[\3DH:]K:T0]n the Second World War aversion n

adventurous pioneers


opponent enemy antagonist con adverse adj

Great Britain and Germany were adversaries in adversity n versatile adj ally n "

ad vers ary

humility:supplicant resistance:adversary contrary adverse wind adverse fortune

158,"adverse","[3D\H::K]adj me to close my business

hostile opposing ad vers

Adverse circumstances compelled " ad vers ity adversary n

159,"adversity","[:D\H::K0C0]n ary adversity ity sity city refer n adj

A friend is known in adversity "

160,"advert","[:D\H::C]v ad vert inattentive adj "

He adverted to the need of more funds advertising:commercial publishing:journal

ad vert vers advertent adj

advertising n

161,"advisable","[:D\H>0L:BS]adj 162,"advocate","[\3DH:E0C]v schools pollster:canvass 163,"aegis","[\0:DN0K]n Zeus " 164,"aeon","[\0::Q]n ... " eon

It is advisable to leave now ... champion expounder n of

advise vt exponent

advisory adj


I advocates building more

ad voc denounce vt "

equivocal adj

revocable adj


shield protection defense s

A child whose welfare is now under the aegis of the courts

Aeons passed before life existed on the earth

a e


165,"aerate","[\<0:T<0C]v Blood is aerated in the lungs " 166,"aerial","[\2:T0:S]adj aerial:air aquatic:water " aer ate

He aerated his writing with a persuasive colloquialism aerate:oxygen hydrate:water remove air from

pneumatic soaring ethereal

aerial view

domestic aerial

167,"aeronautics","[]2:T:\Q5:C0EK]n 168,"aesthete","[\0:KI0:C]n connoisseur

civil aeronautics a esthete 13

aero naut ics


anesthetic n

aesthetically adv philistine n "

aesthetics:beauty epistemology:knowledge

gourmet:food aesthetic:art

169,"affable","[\3G:BS]adj fable n ... 2 aff able

gentle amiable congenial cordial genial sonsy ineffable adj infect fabulous adj

an affable smile testy adj af fect ation

1 af " "

irascible adj



He was deeply affected by my words without affectation af fect

171,"affectation","[]3G<E\C<0MQ]n affection n affectation a artlessness n

" Her manners are affected natural adj affect [ ]officious:meddle ingenue adj disaffected adj affection

172,"affected","[:\G<EC0D]adj affect affected disaffected:rebel content contented adj


disaffected:contentment dubious:commitment[conviction] posturer:unaffected bigot:tolerant " have an affection for [towards] apprehension:terror affection:adoration

173,"affection","[:\G<EM:Q]n submission:obeisance antipathy n " mercurial:mood fickle:affection

affection:embrace scowl:displeasure kiss:affection

displeasure:frown indifference:shrug

cress:affection swagger:bravado

174,"affectionate","[:\G<EM:Q0C]adj 175,"affidavit","[]3G0\D<0H0C]n [ ][ ] affidavit:statement wedding:ceremony 176,"affiliate","[:\G0S0<0C]v ate filial adj

Are you affectionate to me af fid "

" perfidy n confidence n


to connect or associate dissociation n analogy similitude 2 affi ni ty affiliation n "

1 af fili ity

2 aff




177,"affinity","[:\G0Q0C0]n 1 af fin ity antipathy n "

She feels a strong affinity for him infinite adj confine vt

affinity of aggregation repugnance n

aversion n

178,"affirm","[:\G::P]v recant v gainsay v

... abjure vt

confirm "

I affirmed my love for you

af firm

179,"affix","[:\G0EK]n signature to a letter

stick fasten attach af fix "

n prefix or suffix affix a stamp to the envelope

to affix my


pain suffering misfortune 14

bear up under affliction

af flict ion

conflict n /v

infliction n

" rich opulent needy adj land affluent in natural resources impecunious adj indigent adj " an affordable risk af flu

181,"affluent","[\3GS7:QC]adj confluence n superfluous adj

182,"affordable","[:\G5:D:BS]adj afford v af ford Money

can, could, be able to " offend

affordable housing

183,"affront","[:\GT8QC]v society af front

offer [put] an affront to sb [upon sb ] confront vt "

Such behavior is an affront to

effrontery n

184,"aftermath","[\4:GC:P3I]n after ma th " "

famine as an aftermath of drought " She was left alone and agape

in the aftermath of war

185,"agape","[:\F<0A]adj /adv ape --

/ openmouthed " agendum agitate v

1 a gape

2 ag

186,"agenda","[:\DN<QD:]n agility n program:concert agenda:meeting 187,"agglomerate","[:\FS5P:T<0C]v 188,"aggrandize","[:\FT3QD>0L]v aggrandize my estate relegate v efface v

docket sked

place [put] sth on the agenda " global adj "

ag end a

repertoire:performance syllabus:course itinerary:trip agenda:minutes itinerary:log ag glomer

conglomerate v

augment boost heighten sublime uprear grandeur n

All my desired was to disparage vt

ag grand ize undermine v " intensify gravitation n

grandiloquent adj

189,"aggravate","[\3FT:H<0C]v grav ate gravity n

Grief aggravated my illness succor vt ameliorate v alleviate vt

Don't aggravate me console vt !" allay vt "


190,"aggravating","[\3FT:H<0C0R]adj 191,"aggregate","[\3FT0F<0C]v aggregate wages last year? gregarious adj join together " 192,"aggression","[:\FT<M:Q]n aggression ag ad gress ion egregious adj


How aggravating to be interrupted ! ,

total sum agglomerate conglomerate ag greg group ate isolated units aggravate disperse v coalesce v

in the aggregate a v aggregate eg disaggregate v

What were her disaggregate v

an aggression upon one's right egress n progress n /v

commit aggression against ...


transgress v "


193,"aggressive","[:\FT<K0H]adj even-meaning adj "

militant assertive

He is very aggressive

an aggressive executive

194,"aggrieve","[:\FT0:H]vt 195,"aggrieved","[:\FT0:HD]adj 196,"aghast","[:\F4:KC]adj 197,"agile","[\3DN>0S]adj

outrage persecute

grieve v ag griev ed

gratify vt

" grief n " ghost n agility n " literate:erudite "

grievous adj


I stood aghast at this unforeseen disaster ag I le ag it ate "

an agile mind [wit] excited perturbed

198,"agitated","[\3DN0]C<0C0D]adj agitated:frenetic

abandon:inhibition tranquility:agitation equanimity n " adj Gnostic agnostic

199,"agitation","[]3DN0\C<0M:Q]n 200,"agnostic","[3F\Q5KC0E]n Gnostic gnosis " "

agnostic " "


a- " " ignorance n " 2 agog "


diagnostic adj 1

201,"agog","[:\F5F]adj demagogue n 3 agog go go let's go

All agog to know what had happened interested:agog careful:meticulous dolor " agrarian reforms agr arian Her last agony was over agonized:distress obsessed:concern

" "

202,"agony","[\3F:Q0]n agonizing adj important:paramount 203,"agrarian","[:\FT2:T0:Q]adj mercantile:trade " antagonistic adj

1 agon

2 ago ny painful:agonizing


204,"agreeable","[:\FT0::B:S]adj sb irritable adj "


Are you agreeable to his suggestion?

make oneself agreeable to

205,"agronomy","[:\FT5Q:P0]n 206,"ailment","[\<0SP:QC]n " 207,"airborne","[\2:B5:Q]adj 208,"airtight","[\2:C>0C]adj



" ail malinger:ail flatter:appreciate

women's ailments

airborne bacteria an airtight excuse 16

air born air tight

" foolproof:fail airtight:leak

" 209,"airy","[\2:T0]adj unreal immaterial 1 airy dreams " " 2 a lab aster " " He accepted my offer with alacrity alacrity:apathetic dilatoriness n

210,"alabaster","[\3S:]B4:KC:]adj 211,"alacrity","[:\S3ET0C0]n alac I like temerity:timid recalcitrance n ala ALA sluggish adj "

dispatch expedition promptitude []

husbandry:dissipate alacrity:procrastinate

alacrity:prompt acumen:shrewd [ ]

hesitance and reluctance

212,"albeit","[5:S\B0:0C]conj " 213,"albino","[3S\B>0Q:7]n prairie:tree "


Albeit she has failed twice, she is not discouraged

I will


al I will bino

I will


214,"alchemy","[\3SE0P0]n nostrum:remedy


chemy "

chemistry n


astrology:astronomy alchemy:chemistry alcohol 1672 " "

215,"alcohol","[\3SE:O5S]n al-kuhl 216,"alcove","[\3SE:7H]n niche alcove:recess done:roof n warning -- alcohol

algerbra alkali al



kuhl "

ascetic:luxury teetotaler:alcohol al the cove al the cove cave recess

coat alcove "

217,"alert","[:\S::C]adj RED ALERT 218,"alias","[\<0S03K]n

No one alert

air-raid alert

be on the alert "

He is an alert boy

stupor:alert despair:hopeful Johnson, alias Johns " pretext ali



alias bias n

epithet:disparage alias:mislead 219,"alibi","[\3S0]B>0]n ali bi be being warning:admonitory alibi elsewhere

Have you an alibi? "

alibi for being late

a libi


alibi:exculpate sophism:deceive

220,"alienate","[\<0SU:Q<0C]v reunite v " on fire lit v

We'd better not alienate ourselves from the colleagues



The sky was alight with millions of stars 17

The queen

alighted from the carriage 222,"align","[:\S>0Q]v the curb 223,"aligned","adj aline

The bird alighted on a twig



" Align the car with

We must align ourselves with her al all ig awry adj n improperly adjusted irregular adj curved adj 1 ailment " "

a lign line askew adj

warped adj

224,"alimentary","[]3S0\P<QC:T0]adj 2 elementary adj 225,"alimony","[\3S0P:Q0]n 226,"alkali","[\3SE:S>0]n 227,"allay","[:\S<0]v 1 intensify vt 2 lay arouse vt alkali resistance "

an alimentary endowment

Ali I like


ali I like money

money i p "



relieve alleviate assuage mitigate mollify lull alley n foment vt " " The police allege that he was murdered 2400 " devotion fealty piety 100 " all leg ory allegory:fiction " all e increase the intensity of

My fever was allayed by the medicine excite vt aggravate vt

228,"all-consuming","adj 229,"allege","[:\S<DN]v a all leg e

It is alleged that

al leg

230,"allegiance","[:\S0:DN:QK]n ... leg all leg iance renegade:allegiance apostate:faith 231,"allegory","[\3S0F:T0]n allegiance n ce

allegiance to one's native land

give allegiance to

authoritativeness:pundits allegiance:partisans

fable apologue parable allegory ory story

allege vt



I am allergic to penicillin " aversion

I am allergic to injection

sensitization:allergy habituation:inured 233,"allergy","[\3S:DN0]n alert adj

He have an allergy to penicillin " Heat often alleviates pain

all erg

allergy:reaction lancet:instrument allay mitigate mollify

234,"alleviate","[:\S0:H0<0C]v relieve vt levity n elevate vt

1 al lev [


abate:tax[length] alleviate:distress[intensity strength power] [ ] exacerbate vt "

]dampen:ardor attenuate:force console:grief


235,"alley","[\3S0]n 236,"alliteration","[:]S0C:\T<0M:Q]n literature al liter n

blind alley


allay lay

alloy o

alley e 4 S all


on scrolls of silver snowy sentences " alliterate:remove blazon:efface "


237,"allocate","[\3S:E<0C]v shares al loc

assign distribute location n

That space has been allocated for a new hospital " home


locomotive n

238,"allopathy","[:\S5A:I0]n homeopathy n " meed



239,"allowance","[:\S>7:QK]n to allow ance

Her monthly allowance is 50 Yuan " aluminium alloy

50 make an allowance

pittance:allowance rivulet:stream

240,"alloy","[\3S50]n alley e unalloyed adj

Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc alloy:purity thin:density "

allay lay

alloy o

241,"allude","[:\S7:D]v to ludicrous adj 242,"allure","[:\SU7:]v 6 "

He didn't mention my name but I was sure he was alluding to me elude v ... intimate:communicate allude:refer fascination They allured me into a snare mention explicitly lure bait "


to tempt entice n

lure 6

243,"alluring","[:\SU7:T0R]adj " 244,"alluvial","[:\S7:H0:S]adj 245,"ally","[:\S>0]n adversary n " 246,"almond","[\4:P:QD]n alimony n 247,"alms","[4:PL]n 248,"aloft","[:\S5GC]adv loft n

attractive charming




slippery:elude alluring:entice

alluvial deposits

al luv

alluvium n [ ]

ablution n


England allied with France

ally oneself with[to] ... [ ] ...

ally:war teammate:game

Almonds are used extensively in confectionery I like money!" ask for alms upward Birds perching aloft telephone wires keep[stay] aloft " "





My fighting spirit soars aloft

grounded adj

founder v


reserved standoffish unbending 19

He held himself aloof from the others




politic:offend aloof:associate

gregarious adj in alphabetical order "

intimacy n alpha

aloofness" beta

250,"alphabetical","[]3SG:\B<C0E:S]adj dictionary:alphabetical annals:chronological 251,"alter","[\5:SC:]v altercation n alternation n

These clothes must be altered friable:crumble malleable:alter an angry argument quarrel " n

The weather alters almost daily " He had an altercation over the umpire's decision

252,"altercation","[]5:SC::\E<0M:Q]n alter cat ion 253,"alternative","[5:S\C::Q:C0H]adj alter "

There was no other alternative but to fight till the victory

254,"altitude","[\3SC0]CU7:D]n exalt v altimeter n "

It is difficult to breathe at high altitudes

absolute altitude

alt itude

255,"altruism","[\3SCT70L:P]n altruist n " altruistic adj

unselfish selflessness benevolent eleemosynary philanthropic selflessness:altruist expertise:connoisseur


ism egocentric n

egoism n

256,"aluminium","[]3SU7\P0Q0:P]n 13 257,"amalgam","[:\P3SF:P]n blend

Al " am " That school will amalgamate with another "

258,"amalgamate","[:\P3SF:P<0C]v unite combine admix interfuse school amalgam n separate v isolate v

disintegrate vt

259,"amass","[:\P3K]v mass

garner hive stockpile massive adj

During each war the monopoly capitalists amassed fabulous wealth " amateur n amat amor eur amorous v

massacre n /v

260,"amateurish","[]3P:\C::T0M]adj enamored adj "

inexpert unskillful

261,"ambidextrous","[]3PB0\D<EKCT:K]adj dextr ous

skillful versatile dextrous adj

ambidextrous tennis players "


ambiguous adj

262,"ambience","[\3PB0:QK]n ience ambient adj

environment atmosphere "

The restaurant has a pleasant ambience



263,"ambiguity","[]3PB0\FU7:0C0]n 264,"ambiguous","[3P\B0FU7:K]adj ambiguous:clarity mendacious:truth platitude:banal oxymoron:incongruous 265,"ambition","[3P\B0M:Q]n ingenuous:guile [] [] "

watershed n

" ambi guous ...

uncertain vague obscure equivocal unintelligible ambiguous:understand blatant:ignore " My ambition is the presidency



266,"ambivalence","[3P\B0H<0S:QK]n 267,"ambivalent","[3P\B0H<0S:QC]adj val ent ambi lent

commitment n

" GRE ambi

There is an ambivalent feeling towards GRE valiant adj valor n "

268,"amble","[\3PBS]n /v anble I am ball

saunter bummel mosey stroll preamble n

The horse is walking at an amble apple : ia ramble v n :

amble ambul amble r run "

ambulance n

ample adj

walk:amble talk:chat draw:doodle 269,"ambrosia","[3P\BT:7N0:]n mellifluous:music ambrosial:food 270,"ambulatory","[\3PBU7S:C:T0]adj 271,"ameliorate","[:\P0:SU:T<0C]v meli or ate aggravate vt dampen v demoralize v " 1

tint:suffuse amble:wander ambrotos 2 ambros

match quickly HIV

an ambulatory patient improve meliorate


amble vi

" 1a "

The situation has ameliorated 2 meli invigorate v He is amenable to reason recalcitrant adj

melior better

ameliorate:improve admonish:caution

272,"amenable","[:\P0:Q:B:S]adj a men able ... intransigent adj " amen able

submissive obedient inimical adj

mener able ... ossified adj

obdurate adj

273,"amendment","[:\P<QDP:QC]n vote

The 19th Amendment to the Constitution gave women the right to ment amends n emend vt "

The plan was passed without amendments

274,"amenity","[:\P0:Q0C0]n some of the town's local amenities honorarium:grateful " mystery n

amiability cordiality geniality amoenus a men ity

Stadiums and gymnasia are just " " amenity:comfortable


A methyst



276,"amiable","[\<0PU:BS]n " 277,"amicable","[\3P0E:BS]adj 2 ami 3 a mic able

affable genial cordial complaisant lenient obliging ami A mi

The foreign guests are always able inimical adj

amiable to the host when they visit his house

congenial amiable amiable

to settle a question in an amicable way amicable C inimical adj


amicus friend " ami

asperate adj ami ty

278,"amity","[\3P0C0]n " 279,"amnesia","[3P\Q0:LU:]n 280,"amnesty","[\3PQ<KC0]n 281,"amoral","[3\P5T:S]adj amoral "

She lives in amity with her neighbors


mnes ia

" a mnes "

Some criminals were favored with amnesty Young children are amoral a moral

immoral adj

282,"amorous","[\3P:T:K]adj amour n "


amor ous





283,"amorphous","[:\P5:G:K]adj ous metamorphose v " 284,"amorphousness","n 285,"amortize","[:\P5:C>0L]v suddenly increase one's indebtedness 286,"amphibian","[3P\G0B0:Q]n eaglet:bird frog:amphibian 287,"ample","[\3PAS]n supply of water

inchoate morphology n

I can't understand your amorphous ideas

a morph

amorphous:shape errant[wandering]:course equivocal:meaning

amorphousness:definition lassitude:energy a " 1 amphi ambi bi bios an fawn:mammal enough adequate 2 apple extend " meagerness n " " mort ize ...

" immortal adj mortality n

2 am



abundant 1 ampl

I have ample money for the journey amplitude n " ampl ify

We have an ample

amplify vt

288,"amplify","[\3PAS0]G>0]v amplifier n

She amplified on the subject

amplified adj

mute vt ... abridge v


ampl itude


290,"amputate","[\3PAU7C<0C]v " 291,"amulet","[\3PU7S0C]n amulet:evil helmet:injury 292,"amuse","[:\PU7:L]v

to amputate a arm


amputee n


put ate

fetish juju mascot periapt phylactery talisman "

a mu


Her story amuses me amused adj amusing adj chron ism "

I amused myself by reading detective stories didactic:instruct comic:amuse chronicle n synchronous adj "


293,"anachronism","n anachronism:chronology fallacy:logic


294,"anachronistic","[:]Q3ET:\Q0KC0E]adj 295,"anaerobic","[3Q]<0:\T:7B0E]adj respiration n require oxygen " an

old-fashioned aero

anachronistic:time discordant:sound anaerobe n living in oxygen


296,"anagram","[\3Q:FT3P]n " 297,"analgesic","[]3Q3S\DN0:K0E]n tonic:invigorate 298,"analogue","[\3Q:S5F]n " 299,"analogy","[:\Q3S:DN0]n ana log prologue n epilogue n adj

`Silent'is an anagram of`listen' Silent listen



anodyne anesthetic analgesic:deaden

an alge sic

nostalgia n

neuralgia n

analgesic:pain anesthetic:sensation palliative:symptom sensitivity to pain

aseptic:disinfection anesthetic:numbness analgesia:pain simplify:complexity" analogy n ana log

Surimi is marketed as an analogue of crabmeat

No analogy exists between you and me lacking similarity disparate adj

forced analogy analogous adj "

300,"analysis","[:\Q3S:K0K]n lysis

The analysis of the samples showed some valuable clues to the police synthesis n "

measure:dimension analyze:nature [ ] "

301,"analytical","[]3Q:\S0C0ES]adj 302,"anarchist","[\3Q:E0KC]n apologist:defend 303,"anarchy","[\3Q:E0]n order n "

insurgent insurrectionist mutineer


arch ist " matriarchy n


anarchist:government abolitionist:slavery political disorder an arch

hierarchy n


304,"anathema","[:\Q3I0P:]n 3 ana the ma blessing n " 305,"anatomical","[]3Q:\C5P0E:S]adj 306,"ancestor","[\3QK0KC:]n from Italian

commination imprecation malediction malison anathema:curse theocracy:stateanathema theocracy


2 ana them a panegyric n

1 an atom ical

2 ana tomy

3 ana tom tomb


ascendant forebear forefather primogenitor progenitor scion n anchor v rite n "

Her ancestors came

heirloom:ancestor bequest:testator hermit recluse

307,"anchorite","[\3RE:T>0C]n 308,"ancillary","[3Q\K0S:T0]adj ancillary to the study of science 0 01 :"" "" " "


subordinate auxiliary n aid ancilla ...... paramount adj yarn [pl ] " 1 dote vi [ ] nem ia "

Some practice in the deft use of words may well be an cillary



2 anecdote:story skit:play

anecdote:amusement lecture:instruction caption:illustration ditty:oratorio anecdote:novel[narrative] skit:play 310,"anemia","[:\Q0:P0:]n 311,"anesthesia","[]3Q0K\I0:L0:]n 312,"anesthetic","[]3Q:K\I<C0E]n aesthetic adj anesthetic:numbness astringent:contraction 313,"anguish","[\3RFV0M]n gui sh " having angles thin and bony anhydrous compounds a

anemic adj

strong/hale adj


sensation n " analgesic anodyne local anesthetic an esthet

analgesic:pain anesthetic:sensation soporific:alertness anesthetic:numbness intoxicant:drunkenness " distress My heart anguished within me

aseptic:disinfection sedative:drowsiness


anger n



angular velocity an hydr ous

an gu

lar dehydrate vt


315,"anhydrous","[3Q\O>0DT:K]adj carbohydrate n wet adj " living v

316,"animate","[\3Q0]P<0C]adj animated adj animation n

The party was animated by her unanimous adj lassitude n



vivacitymagnanimous adj 24

animation n

drone n

" There exists animosity between us " anim animal us ani 1 anim 2 animo animal

317,"animosity","[]3Q0\P5K0C0]n sity city

318,"animus","[\3Q0P:K]n animosity antagonism rancor friendliness n " rankle vi vt r chronicle ankle " ann

319,"ankle","[\3RES]n 320,"annals","[\3Q:SL]n

the annals of war "

anniversary n

annuity n

dictionary:alphabetical annals:chronological 321,"annexation","[]3Q<E\K<0M:Q]n annex an nex next demolish

the annexation of Czechoslovakia by Germany " We annihilated the enemy an nihil nihil n

322,"annihilate","[:\Q>0:]S<0C]v nihilism n [ ] "

323,"annotate","[\3Q:7C<0C]v 324,"announce","[:\Q>7QK]v guests an nounce "

an annotated text

nota note

connotation n

notorious adj announce



The captain announced that the plane was going to land

325,"annoy","[:\Q50]v with sb for [at] sth mawkish:sentimental peeve:annoy

abrade chafe fret gall irk provoke ruffle vex anoien anoier inodiar

She looked annoyed

be annoyed

testy:annoy tractable:control " [ ] " nul

hidebound:conservative peeved:annoyed maudlin:sentimental testy:annoy hesitate:balk ! annoying:gadfly rude:churl

patronizing:condescending peeved:annoyed 326,"annoying","[:\Q500R]adj 327,"annul","[:\Q8S]v nullify v a no no How annoying!

invalidate cancel abolish abate abrogate annihilate negate nullify quash make legal reaffirm vt " 1 an odyne 2 typical adj a

328,"anodyne","[\3Q:7D>0Q]n 329,"anomalous","[:\Q5P:S:K]adj 330,"anomaly","[:\Q5P:S0]n trend:anomaly

analgesic anesthetic

" normal adj " stream:eddy conformity to

aberrant deviant heteroclite preternatural climatic anomaly gravity anomaly


anomaly:paradigmatic blemish:flawless 25

predicted occurrence


" innominate an anonymous letter " 1 an orex orexis ia 2 a no re xia an onym synonym n

331,"anonymous","[:\Q5Q0P:K]adj pseudonym n

anonymous:identify nonchalant:excite anorexia nervosa

332,"anorexia","[]3Q:\T<EK0:]n easy "


ant a gon

synergic adj ant anti

" agon antagonism n mollify v "

334,"antagonize","[3Q\C3F:Q>0L]v ... arouse hostility show opposition opposition enmity cowardice:intimidate choler:antagonize ant anti arctic precedence " ante cede

placate v

propitiate v

335,"Antarctic","[3Q\C4:EC0E]adj 336,"antecedence","[]3QC0\K0:D:QK]n

recede v

accede v

" "

337,"antecedent","[]3QC:\K0:D:QC]n adj 338,"antedate","[\3QC0\D<0C]n ante date "

That was antecedent to this event

ante cede

thing that comes before another vt

That event antedated World War

339,"antediluvian","[\3QC0D0\S7:H0:Q]adj antediluvian automobile 340,"antenna","[3Q\C<Q:]n 341,"anterior","[3Q\C0:T0:]adj ante superior n adj

old-fashioned primitive hoary Noachian timeworn venerable ante diluvium ante ant nna antediluvian:age colossal:size antenna:signal net:fish " "


previous earlier antecedent foregoing precedent prior inferior adj interior adj exterior adj 1 anth ensuing vi

ages anterior to the flood " " antho logy logos "

342,"anthem","[\3QI:P]n 343,"anthology","[3Q\I5S:DN0]n anthesis n chrysanthemum n

national anthem

2 an them

ana analects florilegium miscellany omnibus compendium:summary anthology:collection n anthropo misanthrope n anthropo logy adj 26

344,"anthropoid","[\3QIT:A50D]adj 345,"anthropology","[]3QIT:\A5S:DN0]n 346,"antibiotic","[]3QC0B>0\5C0E]n

philanthropist n


" antibiotic:infection

anti bio


" anti body food:nourish antibodies:protect

347,"antibody","[\3QC0]B5D0]n " 348,"antic","[\3QC0E]adj monkey made some antics facetious:speech antic:behavior 349,"anticipate","[3Q\C0K0A<0C]v arrival with much pleasure fantastic queer n antico " expect anti cip ate

grotesque prank caper frolic lark monkeyshine shenanigan antique n antique antic attic n t


antic n

I anticipate hearing from you again incipient adj retrospective adj

anticipate sb 's

emancipate vt " " " Jogging is an antidote to nervous antidote:poisoning remedy:disease

350,"anticipatory","[3Q\C0K0A<0C:T0]adj 351,"anticlimax","[]3QC0\ES>0P3EK]n 352,"antidote","[\3QC0D:7C]n tension balm:irritation anti dote dose

untoward adj

anti climax

I antidoted the poison with quick medication overdose n anecdote n "

antidote:poison tonic:lethargy


Australia antigen (AA)

" "

anti gen

" " anti pathy proclivity n

354,"antihistamine","[]3QC0\O0KC:P0Q]n [ ] 355,"antipathy","[3Q\C0A:I0]n apathy n affinity n " sympathy n

anti his ta mine I have an antipathy to cats propensity n

animosity animus antagonism rancor affection n benevolence n

settled fondness

356,"antiquated","[\3QC0EV<0C0D]adj antique n antiquity n " adj

obsolete old fashioned antediluvian hoary Noachian timeworn venerable

357,"antiseptic","[]3QC0\K<AC0E]n antiseptic:disinfect

antiseptic gauze "

anti sept

septic adj


sedative:pacify antiseptic:sterilize contrast opposition

358,"antithesis","[3Q\C0I0K0K]n anti thesis hypothesis n "

The antithesis of death is life Anti sister

anti thes set antithetic adj thesis n


anti tox

detoxify vt

intoxicate vt



360,"anvil","[\3QH0S]n hammer:anvil pestle:mortar 361,"aorta","[<0\5:C:]n 362,"apathetic","[]3A:\I<C0E]adj apathetic:concern vehement adj "

A good anvil does not fear the hammer [ ] " " ennui:enthusiastic fervor:apathetic arrhythmic:regularity

alacrity:apathetic temerity:timid

apathetic:emotion imprudent:discretion

363,"apathy","[\3A:I0]n have an apathy to ... a path

indifference impassivity phlegm stoicism stolidity fervor n " aperture card aper open

She has an apathy to food

364,"aperture","[\3A:CU7:]n 365,"apex","[\<0A<EK]n APEC 2001

opening hole gap crest fastigium vertex Ape x X

a per

ture apex APEC


She was at the apex of her fortunes "

366,"aphasia","[:\G<0L0:]n 367,"aphorism","[\3G:T0L:P]n


phas ia

phrase n

" a phor ism

maxim adage apothegm axiom dictum gnome [ ] "

brevity[conciseness]:aphorism distortion[exaggeration]:caricature pithiness:aphorism exaggeration:caricature 368,"aphoristic","[]3G:\T0KC0E]adj 369,"apiary","[\<0A0:T0]n apiary:bee cage:pet " a pi culture with aplomb

euphemism:offensive aphorism:diffuse

aphoristic:terse hyperbolic:exaggerated He keeps an apiary api ary aviary n

" a pi ary

370,"apiculture","[\<A0]E8SCM;]n 371,"aplomb","[:\AS5P]n

" plomb "

self-possession assurance

372,"apocalyptic","[:]A5E:\S0AC0E]adj vaticinal apocalypse n apo cal call " inconsequential adj

prophetic Delphian fatidic mantic oracular sibylline vatic apocalyptic:prophetic inconsequential:illogical

373,"Apocrypha","[:\A5ET0G:]n cryptic adj 2 apo cry

---- canon n " spurious counterfeit 28

1 apo cryph



authenticated adj


375,"apogee","[\3A:DN0:]n gee geo geology n perigee n

The orbit has an apogee of 200 miles from the earth " a political "



376,"apolitical","[]<0A:\S0C0E:S]adj 377,"apologist","[:\A5S:DN0KC]n

apologize vi

saboteur:disrupt apologist:defend anarchist:rebel critic n detractor n apologize to sb " " apologize

disciple:follow heretic:unconformity patron:support 378,"apologize","[:\A5S:DN>0L]v for oneself apo log

I must apologize for calling you so late apologize:contrite compliment:impressed

379,"apophasis","[:\A5G:K0K]n [ ] apo phas

I will not bring up my opponent's questionable financial dealings " a pop apoplectic:angry emaciated:thin lect let apoplectic:calm callow:mature

apophasis:claim oxymoron:paradox

380,"apoplectic","[]3A:]AS<EC0E]adj MICHAEL JACKSON calm adj "

381,"apostasy","[:\A5KC:K0]n stasy state status n statute n

defection recreancy tergiversation apostasy:faith recantation:heresy apo state

apo stasy stay fidelity n "


382,"apostate","[:\A5KC0C]n 383,"apostrophe","[:\A5KCT:G0]n `

renegade ' "

renegade:allegiance apostate:faith boy's James' two 0's, four 9's

" the

can't can not '88 1988 'lectric electric

1980's the nineteen eighties 20 80 apostrophes:word ellipsis:sentence 384,"apothecary","[E5pBWEkerI]n the cary

apo strophe

strophe n

catastrophe n


a pot he cary care

apo the car y " " 1 apo theos


apothecary:medicine butcher:meat librarian:book 1 apo thegm them 2 a pot

385,"apothegm","[\3A:I<P]n 386,"apotheosis","[:]A5I0\:7K0K]n 2 a pot theology n

He was the apotheosis of courage atheism n deify v "

387,"appall","[:\A5:S]v murdered

consternate daunt 2

The public were appalled when they heard the president had been embolden vt nerve vt encourage v " ?

1 ap pal pale


causing horror shock or dismay 29

When will this appalling war end?


appealing adj





20 1

" apparere ap- ad- parare

389,"apparatus","[]3A:\T<0C:K]n 2 appa rat us "

There is sports apparatus in the gym

390,"apparel","[:\A3T:S]n 2 appare

clothing garments attire array clad garb raiment

1 appar

apparent " 1 appar +ition

gaudy:apparel grandiloquent:speak

tonsorial:hair sartorial:apparel

391,"apparition","[]3A:\T0M:Q]n 2 appar it specter n wraith n

He saw the apparition of his dead wife was "

392,"appeal","[:\A0:S]v appeals to me " 393,"appealing","[:\A0:S0R]adj 394,"appearance","[:\A0T:QK]n

beseech crave entreat implore importune supplicate ap peal pull



an appeal for forgiveness

remonstrator:dissuade applicant:appeal

bewitching captivating seductive siren

appealing eyes

noisome adj


My sudden appearance surprised her fetid:smell ugly:appearance

Don't judge by appearances bravura:performance

garishness:appearance stridence:sound resplendent:appearance 395,"appease","[:\A0:L]v ap pease "

assuage conciliate mollify placate propitiate

I appeased him by saying sorry roil vt vex vt rile vt "

implacable:appease indomitable:subdue


title designation cognomen compellation " pend app end age

foreword:introductory appellation:designate 397,"appendage","[:\A<QD0DN]n adjunct

appendix n [ ] pendulum n " 398,"appendix","[:\A<QD0EK]n [] This dictionary has two appendices " She has a good appetite sexual appetite A good lack of 2 appendage ix

synopsis:condensed appendix:supplementary 399,"appetite","[\3A0C>0C]n appetite is a good sauce [ ] appetite " " "

craving itch lust

gourmand:appetite skinflint:thrift


voracity n

400,"appetizer","[\3A0C>0L:]n 401,"appetizing","[\3A0C>0L0R]adj



acclaim plaudit "

Everyone applauded

ap plaud

applause n

mirth:laughter approval:applause 403,"applicable","[\3AS0E:BS]adj rule is not applicable to you 404,"applicant","[\3AS0E:QC]n interview:applicant audition:actor 405,"appoint","[:\A50QC]v cast:actor "

appropriate relevant apply vt seeker " nominate

The new law is applicable to from next year " remonstrator:dissuade applicant:appeal


applicability n job applicant

I was appointed mayor of the city


406,"apposite","[\3A:L0C]adj answer was apposite

appropriate apt relevant applicable applicative applicatory apropos pertinent ap pos site opposite adj extraneous adj " Barry and the


407,"apposition","[]3A:\L0M:Q]n painter ap pos site "

The painter Barry was born in Boston

408,"appraise","[:\AT<0L]v raise Appraise praise "

appraise historical characters correctly

ap praise


409,"appreciable","[:\AT0:M:BS]adj appreciable difference between them inappreciable adj "

enough to be perceived noticeable perceptible palpable tangible imperceptible adj

There is no ponderable adj

410,"appreciate","[:\AT0:M0<0C]v understand and enjoy help Do you appreciate good wine?

gratefully recognize


I really appreciate your ap preci " ?apprehend a

This land has appreciated in value dread

411,"apprehend","[]3AT0\O<QD]v thief ap prehend

capture arrest

Do you apprehend any difficulty? "

prehensile adj

comprehensive adj misgiving

412,"apprehension","[]3AT0\O<QM:Q]n She is a girl of weak apprehension 413,"apprehensive","[]3AT0\O<QK0H]adj intrepid adj "

He looked around the room with apprehension "

apprehension:terror affection:adoration

I am apprehensive that he may fall ill

414,"apprentice","[:\AT<QC0K]n a craftsman app rent "

novice colt neophyte rookie tenderfoot tyro

He's apprenticed to


415,"apprise","[:\AT>0L]v apprise a

inform notify

He was apprised of our arrival

prise "

appraise v

apprise:information admonish:warning n reproach v " method

withhold information Spring approaches

416,"approach","[:\AT:7CM]v proach approachable adj

approached the task


417,"approbation","[]3AT:\B<0M:Q]n prove 2 ap prob probe ate opprobrium n condemnation n

The play received the approbation of the mass media 3 ap porb probe ation castigation n execration n " " reprobate n v approbate

1 prob

praise:approbation demur:objection endorse:approbation

censure:blameless approbation:reprehensible

418,"approbatory","[]3AT:7\B<0C:T0]adj 419,"appropriate","[:\AT:7AT0:C]v applicable apt befitting felicitous property n meet adj propriety n appropriated public funds for his own private use embezzler:appropriate / apt adj

approbatory gestures

annex filch pilfer pinch purloin snitch swipe adj Her casual clothes were not appropriate for such a formal occasion propr appropriating adj abscond:depart surrender vt appropriation n smuggler:import inappropriate adj lurk:wait purloin:appropriate " infelicity n " mirth:laughter approval:applause She

lurk:concealment purloin:appropriation

/ measured adj

420,"appropriateness","[:\AT:7AT0:CQ0K]n 421,"approval","[:\AT7:H:S]n endow:income endorse:approval 422,"approve","[:\AT7:H]v of substantiate v disapprove v

I showed my approval by smiling " approbate countenance "

I don't approve of wasting time

ap prove

423,"approximate","[:\AT5EK0P0C]adj 2 ap proxim

much like more or less correct or exact The approximate time is two o'clock " stickler:approximation[imprecision]

paraphrase:verbatim approximate:precise approximation to the truth

424,"approximation","[:]AT5EK0\P<0M:Q]n purist:adulteration [ ] " April n


stylus:mark lamp:illumination apron:protection = : " She "

dropclothing:floor=apron:clothing curtain: window 426,"apropos","[]3AT:\A:7]adj /adv speak quite apropos

with reference to regarding applicable applicative applicatory pertinent propose v apropos

Apropos our date for lunch, I can't go 32

irrelevant adj

427,"apt","[3AC]adj ... inappropriate

befitting felicitous aptness n

This shoe is apt to slip unsuitability n aqu "

an apt answer


unlikely adj

428,"aquatic","[:\EV3C0E]adj aquatic:water arboreal:trees 429,"aqueduct","[\3EV0D8EC]adj " 430,"aquifer","[\3EV:G:]n 431,"aquiline","[\3EV0S>0Q]adj qu line "

aquatic sports " conduit

aqueous adj

aquarium n


aque duct

aqueduct:water pipeline:gas vessel:blood

aqui fer an aquiline nose

shale:lode well:aquifer aquila aqu line

" hover A

432,"arabesque","[]3T:\B<KE]n 433,"arable","[\3T:BS]adj 434,"arachnid","[E5rAknId]n 435,"arbiter","[\4:B0C:]n " 436,"arbitrary","[\4:B0]CT:T0]adj arbitr "


que ara able ...

" arab le " arbit er "

suitable for plowing and planting ( ) ara chnid child

spider:arachnid orange:fruit deputy chief arbiter

umpire arbitrator

arbiter of fashion

discretionary despotic dictatorial

His choice was quite arbitrary

437,"arbitrate","[\4:B0CT<0C]v arbitr " 438,"arbitrator","[\4:B0CT<0C:]n faultfinder:criticize arbitrator:mediate 439,"arbor","[5B:bE(r)]n 440,"arboreal","[4:\B5:T0:S]adj 441,"arboretum","[]4:B:\T0:C:P]n finch:bird arboretum:tree : : "

Management and labor agreed to arbitrate their remaining differences

arbitrator:disputants judge:litigants " arbor:shelter hedgerow:fence of or like a tree arbor arbor tum " "

arboreal:trees sidereal:stars aquatic:water arboretum:trees aviary:birds


442,"arcade","[4:\E<0D]n 443,"arcane","[4:\E<0Q]adj well-known "

arca " hidden secret esoteric 1 arcan arcanum n 2 arca

444,"archaeology","[]4:E0\5S:DN0]n 445,"archaic","[4:\E<00E]adj ancient antique bygone



archaic adj

archaism n


an archaic bronze statuette current adj modern diction "

archaic laws

evanescent:permanence archaic:currency meteoric:constancy 446,"archaism","[\4:E<00L:P]n 447,"archer","[\4:CM:]n 448,"archetype","[\4:E0C>0A]n 3 archer 449,"archipelago","[]4:E0\A<S:F:7]n 4 arch ipelago archipelago:ocean ar cha ism arch er prototype type 1 archi pelago neologism n arch n "

recent dictation "

ensample mirror paradigm

1 arche


2 arche type " chip n "

harbinger:presage archetype:exemplify 2 archi pelago 3

range:mountain chain:link archipelago:island grove:trees archipelago:islands galaxy:stars She went to work in an architect's office : : : "

glade:wood oasis:desert




choreographer:movement architect:building sculptor:statue 451,"archive","[\4:E>0H]n arsenal:weapon museum:artifacts [ ] " 1 archi

2 arc hive hide

archive:manuscript[file/document] archive:records

museum:paintings[art] library:books theatre:performance

452,"archivist","[\4:E0H0KC]n 453,"arctic","adj

curator:art archivist:documents torrid adj ardent eyes " ard


frosty gelid glacial nippy passionate

454,"ardent","[\4:D:QC]adj " 455,"ardor","[\4:D:]n alleviate:strength

arduous adj

ardor n

eagerness enthusiasm zeal passion calenture hurrah torpor n " onerous laborious operose toilsome arduous employment 34

assuage:sorrow dampen:ardor

456,"arduous","[\4:DU7:K]adj ard uous ... sinecure n

a arduous and exhausting war "

facile adj

457,"arena","[:\T0:Q:]n " 458,"argot","[\4:F:7]n language common verbalism "

a re


arena:gladiator court:lawyer

slang cant jargon lingo patois vernacular


459,"argue","[\4:FU7:]v 460,"argument","[\4:FU7P:QC]n sermon:homiletics argument:logic

They argued the case for 8 hours


box:fight debate:argue


You must settle this by argument not by fighting fallacy n valid argument " argumentativeness n " "

461,"argumentation","[]4:FU7P<Q\C<0M:Q]n 462,"aria","[\4:T0:]n 463,"arid","[\3T0D]adj dry ar ia sere

argumentative adj

soliloquy[monologue]:play aria:opera Desert lands are arid " a ri d

marsh:sodden desert:arid 464,"aristocrat","[3\T0KC:]ET3C]n aristo crat a ris rise to crat

damp adj nobleman

a struggle between the aristocrats and the plebeians autocrat n democrat n "

465,"arithmetic","[:\T0IP:C0E]n 466,"armada","[4:\P4:D:]n fusillade:projectiles "

arithm " an air armada arm fleet n armor n armory n armada:vehicles

467,"armistice","[\4:P0KC0K]n Armist ice Arm mistake "

armi stice

arm is tice

468,"armory","[\4:P:T0]n [ ]" 469,"aroma","[:\T:7P:]n 8

arsenal depot dump magazine

larder[pantry]:food armory:munitions[weapons]


Her room conveyed a delicate aroma of the mysterious East A roma " The odd sight aroused his curiosity arouse sb

470,"arouse","[:\T>7L]v wake up cause to become active from sleep arise v " indict


He was arraigned for high treason 35

arrange v


472,"arrangement","[:\T<0QDNP:QC]n " 473,"array","[:\T<0]v formation:soldiers 474,"arrears","[:\T0:L]n 475,"arrest","[:\T<KC]adj of children check stall "

to make arrangement for a party

welter n

orderly arrangement

The general arrayed his troops

ray n


an account in arrears

arr ear

Arr ear


The criminal was arrested

Poor food arrests the natural growth

vitalize v " salient an arresting sculpture blatant:arresting odious:distinguish

476,"arresting","[:\T<KC0R]adj banal adj "

477,"arrhythmic","[:\T0IP0E]adj regular adj exhibiting regularity "


rhythm ic

arrhythmic:regularity apathetic:concern


disdain disdainfulness haughtiness hauteur superbity superciliousness arrogance:defer lassitude:stir "

mean:prodigality meek:arrogance 479,"arrogant","[\3T:F:QC]adj ar rog arrow ant

overbearing haughty proud abrogate vt

It is arrogance that has cramped your progress confidence:arrogant inquiry:interrogatory "

interrogate vt

intentional:accidenta1 arrogant:humble 480,"arrogate","[\3T:7F<0C]v ar rog ate 481,"arroyo","[:\T50:7]n

frugal:miserly confident:arrogant


to claim or seize without right

He arrogated to himself a certain importance "

Arrow gate gully ravine chasm cleft clough gorge gulch "

grotto:cavern arroyo:channel 482,"arsenal","[\4:K0Q:S]adj arsenal : � " museum:paintings library:books 483,"arson","[\4:KQ]n " 484,"artery","[\4:C:T0]n channel:silt "

depot dump armory

She charmed the visitor with the arsenal of her blandishments archive:manuscript arsenal:weapon

ars ard


ardent adj

arsonist n



aqueduct:water artery:blood



485,"artful","[\4:CG:S]adj artfulness adj slyness"

deceitful cunning

486,"arthritis","[4:\IT>0C0K]n 487,"article","[\4:C0ES]n article:byline movie:credits 488,"articulate","[4:\C0EU7S0C]v articulate structure 3 articulate particular articu




ritis an article about ships


The woman bought a few small articles " enunciate

A baby cannot use articulate speech 1 articul ate 2 articu late

The backbone is an

articulate:speech graceful:movement "

articulate:clearly shout:1oudly

articulate:unclear elaborate:sketchy 489,"articulation","[4:]C0EU7\S<0M:Q]n 490,"artifact","[\4:C0G3EC]n archive:records museum:artifacts 491,"artifice","[\4:C0G0K]n arti fice art fice face

ratiocination:thinking articulation:talking artifacts n " cageyness craftiness slyness wiliness -- -- cool unnatural by artifice ----101 arti fact

" art ifact in fact

lure a man by artifice candor n "

492,"artificial","[]4:C0\G0M:S]adj artifice art ficial

This brand of tinned beans contains no artificial colouring "

493,"artillery","[4:\C0S:T0]n 494,"artisan","[4:C0\L3Q]n 495,"artistry","[\4:C0KCT0]n 496,"artless","[\4:CS0K]adj sly adj guileful adj affected adj

heaven's artillery arti san skill of an artist partisan n

art "



a sculptor of great artistry an artless village girl


is try art less


ingenuous unaffected eccentric adj mount climb transcendent adj diligent adj

blemish:impeccable guile:artless bias:impartial

cunning adj artlessness n

disingenuous adj "

urbanity n

497,"ascend","[:\K<QD]v rise a scend descent n

The stairs in the Five-Star hotel ascend in a graceful curve go down " get [gain, have, obtain]

498,"ascendancy","[:\K<QD:QK0]n the ascendancy over ... "

supremacy domination masterdom sovereignty


499,"ascendant","[:\K<QD:QC]adj influence[power] "

a conservative policy currently in the ascendant

having no

500,"ascent","[:\K<QC]n 501,"ascertain","[]3K:\C<0Q]v certain "

the ascent to power " We must ascertain the usual customs of the local people as

502,"ascetic","[:\K<C0E]adj busybody:intrusive sybarite n voluptuary n

self-denying austere astringent mortified n As ce indulge:ascetic restrain:libertine indulgent adj libertine n hedonist n

a sce

glutton:overindulgence ascetic:self-denial ascetic:1uxury teetotaler:alcohol sumptuous adj " scribe

503,"ascribe","[:\KET>0B]v scripture n conscribe vt n

consider sth to be caused by " aseptic surgical techniques contaminated adj "

I ascribed my failure to bad luck




antiseptic n

aseptic:disinfect anesthetic:numb 505,"aside","[:\K>0D]n 506,"asinine","[\3K0Q>0Q]adj 9 9 IQ

ad-lib:impromptu aside:divergent stupid silly obstinate " as kan hang a picture askew " transfigure:aspect transfer:location transfix:attention a sper mildness n prosperity n soothingness n " spers flattery n desperate adj -- " ask skew adj asinine behavior

" as nine

asin ass nine 9 9

507,"askance","[:\KE3QK]adv 508,"askew","[:K\EU7:]adj v

aligned adj


509,"asparagus","[:\KA3T:F:K]n 510,"aspect","[5Aspekt]n mien

: "

511,"asperity","[3K\A<T0C0]n asperity:optimistic mildness of temper

512,"aspersion","[:K\A::M:Q]n disperse v

Don't cast aspersions on my honesty tout v sphyx ia 38

intersperse vt glowing tribute " "

rationalization:explain aspersion:discredit a


as phyx fix ia

514,"asphyxiate","[3K\G0EK0<0C]v a sphyx "

to suffocate

The men trapped in the mine were asphyxiated by gas

515,"aspirant","[:\KA>0:T:QC]n aspirant:quarry hunter:prey 516,"aspiration","[]3KA:\T<0M:Q]n audacious:trepidation apathetic:aspiration 517,"assail","[:\K<0S]v 518,"assault","[:\K5:SC]n 519,"assay","[:\K<0]n /v 520,"assemble","[:\K<PBS]v as semble ... 521,"assent","[:\K<QC]v to resent v buck vt " 1 sail "

an aspirant after [for] honors

a spir ant


spir " 2 as sail Sexual assault

respiration n

conspire v

" saul sail assail" as say assay essay "

The ore assays high in gold collect resemble vt concur consent assemble a watch dissemble v "

All the people assembled at my house

I assented to your view

as sent

dissent v

522,"assert","[:\K::C]v meeting assert sth to be true " assert:belabor tend:fuss

aver avouch avow constate depose profess as sert

I had to assert myself in the

calumny:assertion perjury:testimony

523,"assertiveness","[:\K::C0HQ0K]n brassy adj unassertive adj " evaluate

obsequious:servile belligerent:assertive

diffidence n

524,"assess","[:\K<K]v assess:value plumb:depth 525,"asset","[\3K<C]n 526,"assiduous","[:\K0DU7:K]adj uous probity:dishonest assiduity n

appraise rate

Damages were assessed at 1000 RMB " liability n " as sid assiduity:careless

misjudge:assess misconstrue:interpret Good health is a great asset

diligent persevering industrious sedulous insidious adj desultory adj slipshod adj "

an assiduous worker

preside v remiss adj

rakish:restraint slothful:assiduity


What are today's assignment?

?I have got a new assignment



528,"assimilate","[:\K0P0S<0C]v He has to assimilate the facts 529,"assist","[:\K0KC]v help , in, at respirator as sist simil

America has assimilated many people from all corners of the world simulate vt similarity n "

assist at a graduation ceremony resistance n " " joined v

Her breathing was assisted by a

persistence n interference n

530,"assistance","[:\K0KC:QK]n 531,"associate","[:\K:7M0<0C] n Don't associate with dishonest boys 532,"assorted","[:\K5:C0D]adj 533,"assuage","[:\KV<0DN]v 2 ass age inflame vt suave adj harrow vt

partner colleague adj as soci mixed assorted sizes

associate one thing with another politic:offend aloof:associate "


" assuage her grief gall vt 1 suage intensify vt

lessen allay relieve alleviate mitigate "

assuage:sorrow dampen:ardor muffle:sound

exacerbate vt

534,"assume","[:\KU7:P]v affect pretend simulate feign counterfeit sham ... same time reject vt assume a leading position usurp v assume rightfully as sume unassuming adj overbearing adj " "

I assume you always get up at the abdicate v refuse

assumption n

535,"assumed","[:\K7:PD]adj 536,"assure","[:\M7:]v ... 537,"assured","[:\M7:D]adj

pretended false

an assumed name

I assure you there's no danger confident certain paints with an assured hand

as sure

" "

you may rest assured that ...

538,"asteroid","[\3KC:T50D]n 539,"asthma","[\3KP:]n 540,"astigmatic","[]3KC0F\P3C0E]adj stigmatize vt "

aster " 1 2 " stigma astigmatism n

astigmatic lenses

541,"astonished","[:K\C5Q0MC]adj 542,"astonishing","[:K\C5Q0M0R]adj 543,"astonishment","[:K\C5Q0MP:QC]n surprise:astonishment "

moist:sodden surprised:astonished " He looked at me in astonishment




544,"astound","[:K\C>7QD]adj stound sound

He was astounded when he heard his son had taken drugs " indelible:forget astounding:expect "


astound:wonder appall:horror amazing

545,"astounding","[:K\C>7QD0R]adj 546,"astral","[\3KCT:S]adj 547,"astray","[:KC\T<0]adj 548,"astringent","[:K\CT0QDN:QC]adj

astr " The boy was led astray by bad companions n string " astrolabe:nautical colander:culinary astronomy n astrology:astronomy " stringent adj stray v adj "

astringent:pucker[contraction] spark:ignition anesthetic:insensibility 549,"astrolabe","[\3KCT:S<0B]n 550,"astrology","[:\KCT5S:DN0]n alchemy:chemistry " scalpel:surgeon telescope:astronomer astro nomy astro lab astro ology

551,"astronomer","[:\KCT5Q:P:]n 552,"astronomy","[:KC\T5Q:P0]n " 553,"astute","[:K\CU7:C]adj


observatory:astronomy conservatory:music

cunning crafty shrewd sagacious perspicacious as under " a sylum

fatuous adj


554,"asunder","[:\K8QD:]adj apart separate 555,"asylum","[:\K>0S:P]n

refuge shelter harborage sanctuary refugee:asylum " sym metr


556,"asymmetric","[]3K0\P<CT0E]adj protean:rigid "


symmetry n


557,"asymptomatic","[<0]K0PAC:\P3C0E]adj 558,"asynchronous","[<0\K0RET:Q:K]adj 559,"atavism","[\3C:H0L:P]n 560,"atheism","[\<0I00L:P]n a a

a syn chron

symptom n " " aviary n atheistic adj " pantheism n

atavus[ ] the ism

at avi atheist[SAT] n


theology n " 561,"athletics","[3I\S<C0EK]n soldier:medal " Atlas" " At las last 563,"atom","[\3C:P]n " 564,"atonal","[<0\C:7Q:S]adj 565,"atone","[:\C:7Q]v a ton monotone adj n tonetics n " a tom " molecule:atoms tissue:cel1s matrix:number crystal:atoms at las : He is good in athletics athlete athlete n athlete:trop


Blood must atone for blood "

a tone

guilt:expiation[atonement] fatigue:repose[take a rest] 566,"atrocious","[:\CT:7M:K]adj monstrous " brutality

atrocious crimes



atrocious:bad momentous:important 567,"atrocity","[:\CT5K0C0]n " 568,"atrophy","[\3CT:G0]v [ ] atrophy a trophy at ro phy

The murderer committed a lot of atrocities

at ro


muscular atrophy of a person affected with paralysis " ......" trophy n "


569,"attach","[:\C3CM]v 570,"attain","[:\C<0Q]v attainment n


I am attached to my family

He attached his horse to a tree

tach at tach


He attained the position of President of the Ford Motors detain v " "

abstain v

571,"attendant","[:\C<QD:QC]n 572,"attention","[:\C<QM:Q]n conspicuous:attention 573,"attentive","[:\C<QC0H]adj 574,"attenuate","[:\C<QU7<0C]v 3 ten ate debase:value decelerate:speed

the Prince and his attendants

Your application will have attention inadvertence n tent "


attentive:officious refined:snobbish 1 at ten tenacity n 2 at ten ate

" 10:00

weaken cripple sap unbrace attenuation n

tenable adj


attenuate:thickness collapse:volume retrenchment:money weaken:potence 42

cool:temperature debilitate:strength enervate:vitality simplify:complexity strengthen v refine:purification attenuate:rarefaction intensify v "

alleviate:power cool:temperature attenuation:strength bluntness:sharpness

575,"attest","[:\C<KC]v 576,"attic","[\3C0E]n 577,"attire","[:\C>0:]v ... n -- " 578,"attorney","[:\C::Q0]n[ ] attorney:disbar student:expel 579,"attract","[:\CT3EC]v at tic

I can attest to the absolute truth of his story attic antic n adj antique n antic" tire

at test


The singer wears rich attire

at torn ney attorney:defendant : "

tornado n

att at orn ney

Flowers attract many bees "

Like attracts like

The film attracts a large audience

repellent:attract ephemeral:endure 580,"attraction","[:\CT3EM:Q]n attraction to me repulsion n "

The idea of working for state-owned enterprises has little

581,"attractive","[:\CT3EC0H]adj 582,"attribute","[:\CT0BU7:C]n tribute ... attribution n v...

at tract

ravishing:attractive perspicacious:discerning


David attributed his success to the unity of all the staff tribute n exculpate v attribute guilt "

distribute vt

583,"attrition","[:\CT0M:Q]n attrit contrition n "

The long war of attrition exhausted the strength of both countries

584,"attune","[:\CU7:Q]vt 585,"atypical","[<0\C0A0E:S]adj 586,"auction","[\5:EM:Q]n 587,"audacious","[5:\D<0M:K]adj circumspect adj meticulous

an industry that is not attuned to the demands of the market a typical " auct aug audacious behavior augment v

at tune


auction sth off daredevil timid adj temerity "

august n "

auda cious ... audacious:caution inedible:food :

audacious:trepidation shiftless:aspiration laconic:volubility


He had the audacity to pick pockets in broad daylight " 43

daredevil:audacity malcontent:dissatisfaction

589,"audible","[\5:D:BS]adj : " 590,"audit","[\5:D0C]v 591,"audition","[5:\D0M:Q]n "

aural auricular

audi ble

audible:stentorian discernable:obvious[manifest]


" audi auditorium n audit n interview:applicant audition:actor

592,"auditory","[\5:D0C:T0]adj 593,"auger","[\5:F:]n 594,"augment","[5:F\P<QC]v augmentation n 595,"augur","[\5:F:]n the play translator:interpret luminary:eminence " aug

" 1 anger n auger anger2 auger u " aug "

Continuing rains augmented the flood waters abate v abrade v decrease n /v diminution n

argument money augment

soothsayer auspex haruspex nostradamus auger u augur u argur sugar

A smooth dress rehearsal augured well for augur:predict pundit:opine maven:experience

intercessor:mediate augur:prediction pundit:opinion

596,"augury","[\5:FU7T0]n prediction:augury

portent indication : "

an evil augury




597,"august","[5:\F8KC]adj august n " corona

impressive majestic

the august presence of the monarch

your august father

598,"aureole","[\5:T0:7S]n aureole-aureole

halo au au o re " auricula o le AU re

7000 G O

7000 le

599,"auricular","[5:\T0EU7S:]adj aural adj auricle n "

an auricular tube [ ]

particular adj

600,"aurora","[5:\T5:T:]n 601,"auspices","[\5:KA0K0L]n ... suspicious adj " patronage

"" "" under the auspices of ...

" au spic conspicuous adj


favorable propitious benign dexter 44



au spi spider

cious propitious adj "

boding ill


ominous adj

unfavorable adj

untoward adj

inauspicious adj

603,"austere","[5:\KC0:]adj stern adj


a desert nomad's austere life

an austere style baroque adj lavish adj "



plain:austere clean:sterile

austere:design laconic:speech

austere:embellish[decorate] pure:adulterate abstemious:indulge 604,"austerity","[5:K\C<T0C0]n 605,"authentic","[5:\I<QC0E]adj bogus adj [ ] apocryphal adj wartime austerity genuine semblance n au

sterity sterility n

ostentation n ? author


Is that an authentic painting from Picasso? [ ] engage:tedious " " authentic article

discompose:pacific[placid] fabricate:authentic[ingenuous]


606,"authenticate","[5:\I<QC0E<0C]v 607,"authenticity","[]5:I<Q\C0K0C0]n genuine:authenticity honest:trust entire:integrity specious:authenticity

authenticate the authorship of an old poem

authenticity:fraudulent sincerity:hypocritical melodrama:subtlety chimera:authenticity

spuriousness n " authority n " authoritative:acceptance "

608,"authoritarian","[:]I5:T0\C2T0:Q]n 609,"authoritative","[:\I5:T0]C<0C0H]adj conspicuous:attention 610,"authority","[:\I5:T0C0]n

an authoritative opinion

authoritativeness:pundits allegiance:partisans virtuoso

contumacious[recalcitrant]:authority reactionary[hidebound; cornucopia:abundance mace:authority hegemony n -lack of authority license "

conservative]:change[innovation; novelty] recalcitrant:authority implacable:conciliation

611,"authorize","[\5:I:T>0L]v empower commission accredit usurper:authorization barbarian:property 612,"autobiography","[]5:C:B>0\5FT:G0]n best-seller list of 2001 2001 : "


Her Autobiography was acknowledged to be number one on the autobiography:reminisce eulogy:praise auto crat "

auto bio graphy

613,"autocrat","[\5:C:ET3C]n adj autocracy n :? democracy n : " autocracy:power

dictator tyranny despotism totalitarianism aristocracy n

autocratic[SAT] pundit:?

nominal:figurehead absolute:autocrat


automatic n





" auto mobile " auto nomy autonomous adj autonomy economy mansion:residence limousine:automobile

616,"automobile","[\5:C:P:7B0:S]n [ ] [ ]motor car, car four-poster:bed convertible:automobile 617,"autonomy","[5:\C5Q:P0]n dependence n " auto psy self-government

618,"autopsy","[\5:C:AK0]n 619,"auxiliary","[5:F\L0SU:T0]adj adj "

---- Auto psy

Auto psy spy

" ancillary

subordinate additional supplementary

an auxiliary airdrome

620,"available","[:\H<0S:BS]adj avail availability n "

He is not available for the job

This book is not available here

621,"avalanche","[\3H:S4:QCM]n " 622,"avant-garde","[4:H4:R\F4:D]n 623,"avarice","[\3H:T0K]n cupidity rapacity gluttony:food generosity n

an avalanche of letters

avant-garde painters avar avid adj ava rice

vanguard n

van guard " avarice:money

sobriety " greedy avarice stoic:perturb avaricious:satisfy venge contented adj vengeance n "

624,"avaricious","[]3H:\T0M:K]adj 625,"avenge","[:\H<QDN]v ... revenge n /v " 626,"aver","[:\H::]v affirm 627,"averse","[:\H::K]adj P []...

He was determined to avenge his father


verity n

veracious adj

deny v

belie v

... " 2


The minister is averse to from flattery " She has an aversion to pets aversion:inclination

1 a verse

adverse adj

controversy n

628,"aversion","[:\H::M:Q]n propensity inclination proclivity n 629,"avert","[:\H::C]v a vert divert v

repugnance loathing "

a vers ion affinity n court n penchant

aversion:disinclination adulation:admiration

avert one's glance from sth introvert n " 46

Accidents can be averted by careful driving

630,"aviary","[\<0H0:T0]n 631,"avid","[\3H0D]adj indifferent adj 632,"avidity","[:\H0D0C0]n 633,"avocation","[]3H:7\E<0M:Q]n 634,"avoid","[:\H50D]v " 635,"avow","[:\H>7]v avowal n " "



aviation n

aviatrix n

arboretum:trees aviary:birds avi av

" id ID

eager appetent ardent athirst

an avid sports fan

reverence:respect avidity:enthusiasm hobby a vocation n " a void


Are you trying to avoid me?

void n

devoid of ...

irrevocable:repeal ineluctable:avoid impervious:penetrate

untenable:defended inevitable:avoided

He avowed that he would never cooperate with me again

a vow v

636,"avulse","vt 637,"avuncular","[:\H8REU7S:]adj 638,"awareness","[:\V2:Q0K]n 639,"awash","[:\V5M]adj 640,"awe","[5:]v

link vt

suture vt " avuncular affection uncul uncle "

tactical awareness

" dry adj " redoubtable:regard[awe]

These rocks are awash at high tide No difficulty could awe these young men irreverence adj n "

despicable:scorn[contempt; disregard] 641,"awe-inspiring","[\5:0QK\A>0:T0R]adj 642,"awkward","[\5:EV:D]adj awkward

Mount Qomolangma is an awe-inspiring sight The pan is an awkward shape svelte adj " " v orderly adj aligned adj lithe adj glib adj

" He's very deft adj "

lumbering lumpish ungainly

craven:admirable deft[dexterous]:awkward owl n O

643,"awl","[5:S]n 644,"awning","[\5:Q0R]n 645,"awry","[:\T>0]adj 646,"axe","[3EK]n

awl:pierce pestle:mash awning:sun umbrella:rain

askew cockeyed

look awry

wry adj " 47


scythe:reaper axe:woodcutter

647,"axiom","[\3EK0:P]n 648,"axiomatic","[]3EK0:\P3C0E]adj 649,"axis","[\3EK0K]n 650,"axle","[\3EKS]n 651,"azure","[\3N:]adj 652,"babble","[\B3BS]v ball Bab baby le express succinctly " n i l " "

Archimedean axiom self-evident aphoristic

maxim n controversial adj

" "

an azure sky

a zure

" He babbled without stopping babble:sense parrot:originality bad

prattle gabble prate twaddle waffle babble:talk simper:smile scribble:write

653,"bacchanal","[\B3E:Q:S]n Neptune [ ]




Bacchus has drowned more men than " back

bac back chanal china


654,"backdrop","[\B3EDT5A]n drop

The important events provided the backdrop for his novel " " hike n " back slide

placebo:painkiller backdrop:vista forthright adj

655,"backhanded","[5bAkhAnd]adj 656,"backset","[\B3EK<C]n 657,"backslide","[\B3E]KS>0D]v 658,"backwater","[\B3E]V5:C:]n 659,"bacon","[\B<0E:Q]n " 660,"bacteria","[B3E\C0:T0:]n impeccable:flaws bacterium:colony citizen:nation 661,"badge","[B3DN]n badge X badger v " chevron:badge caisson:cart bacterium " bacon � check

backset set back

I'm afraid he' begun to backslide recently back water 1974 1990 " 11



bacteria:decomposition yeast:fermentation


enzyme:catalyst bacterium:microbe

host:parasite medium:bacterium

token emblem sign budge v bud

The olive leaf is a badge of peace barge n bar bargecadge v cad n

bad ge


662,"badger","[\B3DN:]v badger bauson

torment nag heckle n " "

Stop badgering me! -- " bad in age

! badger badge

badger:bother persecute:injure belabor:mention 663,"badinage","[\B3D0Q4:N]n banter backchat


serious[sincere] conversation[discourse] [ ] " 664,"baffle","[\B3GS]v confuse puzzle confound balk bilk dash foil thwart ba ff le ail wick n n wick " disarm vt ball mollify v " bold adj This puzzle baffles me ..." "

We succeeded in baffling the enemy's attack 665,"bail","[B<0S]n 666,"bailiwick","[\beiliwik]n [SAT] 667,"bait","[B<0C]v 668,"bald","[B5:SD]adj ' o' " 669,"bale","[B<0S]n mirth n bundle " disaster 1 ball vt out

He was bailed out for $500 Bailiff n baili

heckle persecute torment n 1ure enticement bare The mountain is bald She writes in a bald style





harmful ominous deadly sinister malefic maleficent malign beneficent adj salubrious adj "


baleful:menace solicitous:concern 671,"balk","[B5:E]v idea of compromise 672,"balky","adj 673,"ballad","[\B3S:D]n ballad:stanza novel:chapter 674,"ballast","[\B3S:KC]n ballast:stability girder:support 675,"ballerina","[]B3S:\T0:Q:]n 676,"ballet","[\B3S<0]n " restive

baffle foil thwart n back tractable adj "

The horse balked at the jump move ahead willingly acquiesce vi "

He balked at the

a ballad singer

1 ball ad

2 bal lad "

ballad:song lyric:poem comedian:actor ball last

ballast:instability purchase:slippage

ballet nna " ice ballet instrumentalist:symphony dancer:ballet "


677,"balloon","[B:\S7:Q]v 678,"ballot","[\B3S:C]n/v 679,"ballroom","[\B5:ST7:P]n 680,"balm","[B4:P]n antidote:poisoning balm:irritation 681,"balmy","[\B4:P0]adj piquant adj "


decrease slowly

" ball lot "

I balloted for him

secret ballot ballroom"

love balm [ ]" " irritant n soothing " a balmy breeze

palm n balm


mild pleasant


inclement adj

682,"banal","[B:\Q4:S]adj banana banal arresting adj novel adj "

dull stale hackneyed commonplace insipid trite insipid vapid jejune

ban all

equivocation:ambiguous platitude:banal

disjointed:coherence banal:originality

683,"banality","[B:\Q3S0C0]n 684,"band","[B3QD]n striate:band " strip v

original expression jazz band

freshness n " stipple:dot

We banded together against the robbers

685,"bandage","[\B3QD0DN]n 686,"bandy","[\B3QD0]v 687,"bane","[B<0Q]n 688,"baneful","[\B<0QG:S]adj 689,"banish","[\B3Q0M]v evict:residence banish:country 690,"banister","[\B3Q0KC:]n 691,"bankrupt","[\B3RET8AC]adj 692,"bankruptcy","[\B3RET:ACK0]n 693,"banquet","[\B3REV0C]n " " " " " ban que t -- quarrel ( )


I bandaged up his injured head bandy words with a person 1 ban 2 blessing n

band " " benefit n " "

the bane of one's existence pernicious noxious deleterious

a baneful influence ban

salubrious adj banish vanish v

banish sb from [out of] the country " balustrade rail insolvent ban ister bank rupt

staircase:banister garden:fence corruption n interrupt v " " banc


go into bankruptcy They banqueted until the morning --

solvency n

" "

" : "

writer[author]:novel chef:banquet 50


694,"banter","[\B3QC:]n 210cm 130 695,"barb","[B4:B]n

He bantered with his grandchildren playful:banter exaggerated:hyperbole barb words barb:caustic pan:harsh 1 barb " He received the most barbarous treatment quiesce v civilized adj beard barb 2

barter n "

696,"barbarous","[\B4:B:T:K]adj 1 barb civilize v " barb poet ous 2

cruel brutal 3 ous

barbarize v

697,"barbecue","[\B4:B0EU7:]n 698,"bard","[B4:D]n " 699,"bare","[B2:]v " occult v " uncover


" bard barbbar d

the Bard (of Avon)

The dog bared its teeth

ba re


700,"barefaced","[\B2:G<0KC]adj bare face surreptitious adj n

shameless blatant bold unconcealed brassy brazen impudent unabashed " If you bargain with them they might reduce the price debate:issue bargain:price barca boat[ ] bar ge " barge cargo locomotive:flatcar It's a

701,"bargain","[\B4:F0Q]vi with, for real bargain bar gain

702,"barge","[B4:DN]n tugboat:barge 703,"bark","[B4:E]n " v cry of a dog

The bark can be used as medicine " barley " n" "

Dogs always bark at strangers

epidermis:mammal bark:conifer 704,"barn","[B4:Q]n 705,"barometer","[B:\T5P0C:]n 1 baro meter 2 bar meter

barley " " barn

Opinion polls serve as a barometer of the public mood " lord nobleman magnate an oil baron 1 baro 2

706,"baron","[\B3T:Q]n 3

4 bar on

" flamboyant florid luscious 51


1550 1700

austere adj 708,"barrage","[B:\T4:N]n 3 709,"barren","[\B3T:Q]adj bare 2 bar ren

" barraging the speaker with questions barrage:explosives deluge:rain sterile bare effete impotent infecund prolific adj obstruct n barrier obstacle [] swap truck " barric permit passage " " " The desert is barren land 1 bar bar rage

710,"barricade","[]B3T0\E<0D]v 711,"barrier","[\B3T0:]n 712,"barrister","[\B3T0KC:]n 713,"barter","[\B4:C:]v 130 " 714,"base","[B<0K]adj attenuate:force vile

bar vt n

The police put a barrier bar n

barrier of speech

rister legister legist [ ]" 210cm jog:exercise barter:trade

Farmers bartered rice for machinery barter:commodities correspond:letters

To betray a friend is a base action virtuous adj noble adj

base "


sublime adj

patrician n adj

715,"baseboard","[\B<0KB5:D]n 716,"basement","[\B<0KP:QC]n 717,"baseness","[\B<0KQ0K]n 718,"bashful","[\B3MG:S]adj 719,"bask","[B3KE]v 720,"bassoon","[B:\L7:Q]n 721,"baste","[B<0KC]v taste baste:dryness caulk:moistness

base board

veneer:furniture baseboard:wall "


It is rather damp in the basement base timid shy ness "

She is bashful in doing anything " 2 "


abash vt


We basked ourselves on the beach 1 bass bass n

Meat is basted to keep it from drying out " stronghold on You are a bastion of strength

baste bake toast


722,"bastion","[\B3KCM:Q]n basement ment bastion

a bastion of iron

basement " bath 52


hackneyed stale

pathetic adj

offbeat adj


724,"baton","[B3\C:Q]n 725,"battalion","[B:\C3SU:Q]n " 726,"bauble","[\B5:BS]n 727,"bauxite","[\B5:EK>0C]n 728,"bawdy","[\B5:D0]adj decorous adj " bellow


They threatened to baton me to death 1

bat 2 bat ta lion




The jester brandished his bauble xite site Baux bawdy house 2 baux xite "


1 Baux indecent obscene

body body body


bawd n

729,"bawl","[B5:S]v 730,"bazaar","[B:\L4:]n 731,"beacon","[\B0:E:Q]n 732,"bead","[B0:D]n 733,"beam","[B0:P]n 734,"beat","[B0:C]v beat:palpitate "

A good bawl usually makes her feel better " "" Fires beaconed the darkness bea bead


awl n


con can


She wore a string of beads

" " beater n grow:burgeon

The beams fingered the sky pulsate vibrate The heart beats

to beat eggs

735,"beatific","[]B0::\C0G0E]adj fic ...... "

blissful blessed delightful

a beatific state of mind


beat ti

736,"beatitude","[B0\3C0CU7:D]n 737,"beaver","[\B0:H:]n 738,"bedeck","[B0\D<E]vt ceremony strip vt " 739,"bedizen","[B0\D>0LQ]v ... 740,"bedlam","[\B<DS:P]n bed deck

blessedness happiness eager beaver

" "

adorn deck garnish prank 1/3 1/2

The cars were all bedecked with flowers for the wedding 1/4 -- titanic -- Deck

bed dement loony

bedeck" a regular bedlam 53




serenity n " wet dirty a street of bedraggled tenements " red beet " " Hate begets hate be get " white beet "

741,"bedraggled","[B0\DT3FSD]adj email draggled adj ETS bee

742,"beet","[B0:C]n 743,"befriend","[B0\GT<QD]v 744,"befuddlement","[bi5fQdl] n 745,"beget","[B0\F<C]vt 746,"begrudge","[B0\FT8DN]v beg rudge rude magnanimous:begrudge 747,"beguile","[B0\F>0S]v beguiling adj " "

be ... friend

be ... fuddle vt vi n produce Like begets like

She did not begrudge the money " XX "

He begrudged his friend the award grudge v taciturn:chatter

mislead cheat deceive

You beguiled me into signing this contract

guile n

748,"behold","[B0\O:7SD]v beholder n "

look at

We beheld a beautiful vista


be hold

749,"beholden","[B0\O:7SD:Q]adj ... " 750,"belabor","[B0\S<0B:]v assert:belabor tend:fuss 751,"belated","[B0\S<0C0D]adj 752,"belch","[B<SCM]v " 753,"beleaguer","[B0\S0:F:]v leaguer n vt n

obligated indebted

I am greatly beholden to you


holden hold

baste drub lambaste pummel wallop badger:bother belabor:mention delayed a belated birthday card

Don't belabor the point " be late "


Plant chimneys belch out dense smoke

besiege encircling beset blockade delight v mollify soothe v "

I am beleaguered by problems


754,"belie","[B0\S>0]v disguise misrepresent garble warp ... ... ... aver vt affirm v confirm vt "

What he does belies his commitments

be lie


755,"belief","[B0\S0:G]n veer:direction convert:belief 756,"believable","[B0\S0:H:BS]adj 757,"belittle","[B0\S0CS]vt ... little " "

Her story is beyond belief

frenetic:movement fanatical:belief

implausible adj

" A poor man is not to be belittled be

depreciate derogate disparage

758,"bellicose","[\B<S0E:7K]adj icose bellicosity n pacific[peaceful, appeasing] adj

belligerent pugnacious rebel v rebellion n conciliatory adj

I am in a bellicose mood "


imperious:servile bellicose:peaceable inclined to make peace

759,"belligerent","[B0\S0DN:T:QC]adj obsequious:servile belligerent:assertive 760,"bellwether","[SAT]n advisor:consultant "

bellicose pugnacious conciliatory adj Bell n

She always said some belligerent things peaceful adj "

wether n


761,"belongings","[B0\S5:R0RL]n 762,"bemoan","[B0\P:7Q]v ... 763,"bemused","[B0\PU7:LD]adj 2 be amuse vt "

possessions property " bewail He bemoaned his bitter fate be moan n vi vt " 1 be muse v

confused preoccupied

I am bemused with drink

764,"bench","[B<QCM]n 765,"bend","[B<QD]v " 766,"benediction","[]B<Q0\D0EM:Q]n curse n " 767,"benefactor","[\B<Q0]G3EC:]n 768,"beneficence","[B0\Q<G0K:QK]n comedian:humor " charitable " patron crook The road bends here

rostrum:orator bench:judge


bend:rigid submerge:buoyant dissolve:insoluble

blessing benison

bene dict

valediction n

malediction n

bene fact

" philanthropist:beneficence

bestow many beneficences

769,"beneficent","[B0\Q<G0KQC]adj baleful adj noxious adj toxic adj

bene fic

beneficent:harm tenacious:yield


770,"beneficial","[]B<Q0\G0M:S]adj invidious adj "

advantageous favorable

Sunshine is beneficial to plants

771,"beneficiary","[]B<Q0\G0M:T0]n benefactor n "

I am the beneficiary of her generosity

bene fic ary

772,"benefit","[\B<Q0G0C]n profit gain bene fit "


Exercise benefits our health

disability benefits

773,"benevolence","[B0\Q<H:S:QK]n truculence n " 774,"benevolent","[B0\Q<H:S:QC]adj bene vol volition n

sage:wisdom phi1anthropist:benevolence

antipathy n

kindly charitable "

Teachers taught us to be benevolent

malevolent adj

775,"benign","[B0\Q>0Q]adj ben ign malign adj

good-natured kindly benignant adj ben son

A benign tumor will not cause you any fatal harm

vicious adj " "

776,"benison","[\B<Q0LQ]n 777,"bent","[B<QC]n for ineptitude n "


predilection adj

I have a natural bent for football

778,"bequeath","[B0\EV0:J]v queath


She bequeathed everything to her son



que a th sth -- " devise He left bequests of money to his friends " The teacher berated the student be quest


heirloom:ancestor bequest:testator 780,"berate","[B0\T<0C]v rate vt praise vt

scold rebuke jaw rail rate revile upbraid vituperate commend vt " deprive dispossess Let's go berrying

781,"bereave","[B0\T0:H]v 782,"berry","[\B<T0]n 783,"berserk","[\B::K::E]adj berserkr " " berserkr

Illness bereaved her of her husband Barry berry "

reave v


My husband will go berserk if he finds you here bera" " serkr" " berserkers "


784,"beseech","[B0\K0:CM]v once 1 seech seek

entreat implore crave importune invoke supplicate 2 be see ch -- -- " I was beset by mosquitoes G offer

They beseeched me to go at offer offer

supplicant:beseeching coquette:flirtation 785,"beset","[B0\K<C]v be set " by

This town is beset with mountains

786,"besiege","[B0\K0:DN]v by the Greeks be siege n

overwhelm harass beset "

I was besieged by problems

Troy was besieged

787,"besmirch","[B0\KP::CM]v besmirched smirch v n show

taint besmear defile smear soil stain sully tarnish honor vt "

His soul was horribly

788,"bespeak","[B0\KA0:E]v 789,"bestial","[\B<KCU:S]adj 790,"bestow","[B0\KC:7]v 791,"betoken","[B0\C:7E:Q]v 2 beto ken

Today's events bespeak future tragedy beastlike brutal bestial lust bestial words

be speak

" "

best beast n stow v 1 be " token n

Several gifts were bestowed on the guests signify indicate " revea1 indicate divulge Dark clouds betoken a storm

792,"betray","[B0\CT<0]v be a traitor to country to the enemy traitor n " to "

Confusion betrays the guilty "

betray one's

juggernaut:crash quisling:betray

793,"betrayal","[B0\CT<0:S]n 794,"betroth","[B0\CT5:I]v 2 3 bet ro


The couple was betrothed with the family's approval

1 troth n

795,"beverage","[\B<H:T0DN]n 796,"bevy","[\B<H0]n 797,"bewail","[B0\V<0S]vt ... 798,"bewilder","[B0\V0SD:]v wilderness be ... wilder v ...

cooling beverages a bevy of quails bewail for sb 's death confuse


beverage average " wail n vt "


a bevy of young women be ail

I was bewildered by the maze of streets puzzling" be wit n

bewildering adj captivate

799,"bewitch","[B0\V0CM]v ...


I was bewitched by the pretty dancer 57

ch 800,"bias","[\B>0:K]n

witch n against v


" bias

His background biases him against businessmen " biblio Bible graph " graph "

dilettante:superficiality partisan:bias 801,"bibliographer","[]B0BS0\5FT:G:]n 802,"bibliography","[]B0BS0\5FT:G0]n 803,"bibliophile","[\B0BS0:7G>0S]n gourmet:food calligrapher:handwriting 804,"bibulous","[\B0BU7S:K]adj 805,"bicker","[\B0E:]v " 806,"bid","[B0D]v command spades "

biblio Bible biblio phi " a bibulous evening


bibul ous


" bikeren[ ]

The two boys were always bickering over toy guns

Do as you are bidden

I bid four Yuan for that picture

4 I bid 2

807,"biennial","[B>0\<Q0:S]adj 808,"bifurcate","[\B>0G::E<0C]v 809,"bigot","[\B0F:C]n bi got turncoat:constancy bigot:dedication rage:anger 810,"bigoted","[\B0F:C0D]adj 811,"bigotry","[\B0F:CT0]n 812,"bile","[B>0S]n insulin:pancreas bile:1iver 813,"bilingual","[B>0\S0RFV:S]adj 814,"bilious","[\B0SU:K]adj " " be got " adj zealot



" coalesce v " bi got by God bigot

bi furc fork n

recluse:withdrawn bigot:biased

bigot:tolerance liar:honesty

posturer:unaffected bigot:tolerant cosmopolitan:provincial

a bigoted person

bigoted:advice conservative:change




Bi le

a bilingual dictionary bad-tempered cross a bilious green "

bi lingu

linguistics n





Fate bilked my hopes

bilk sb out of his money

bil bill

k bill low


816,"billow","[\B0S:7]n " 817,"bin","[B0Q]n 818,"biographer","[B>0\5FT:G:]n " 819,"biography","[B>0\5FT:G0]n 820,"biosphere","[\B>0:]KG0:]n hemisphere n " 821,"biped","[\B>0A<D]n 822,"birch","[B::CM]n bitch n " 823,"bishop","[\B0M:A]n " " bi shop Be shop adj

A field of burning grass is billowing clouds of smoke


a rubbish [dust] bin


dustbin n


She was the biographer of Bill

diary:biographer scripture:theologian

bio graphy marine biosphere

portrait:painting biography:history bio sphere atmosphere n


a feathered biped



centipede n

podiatrist n bir bird ch

" Birch

the white [silver, Japanese] birch

The Bishop has set [put] his foot in it [ ] shop " " " grotesque fantastic 2 pizza " black ball v " bit:drill blade:razor You can't blame anyone blaspheme v " 59


bit:drill blade:razor

825,"bivouac","[\B0H73E]n 826,"bizarre","[B0\L4:]adj clothing 1 bazaar n

The story has a certain bizarre interest


827,"blackball","[\BS3EB5:S]v 828,"blackmail","[\BS3E]P<0S]n the money 829,"blade","[BS<0D]n 830,"blame","[BS<0P]v on, upon blame Blame it![ ] ! reprove:reprimand blame:censure black mail


All the members blackballed him


The man tried to blackmail the clerk into helping him draw

" Don't blame it on him, but on me I am to

blame balme blaspheme

narcissism:love guilt:blame

831,"blanch","[BS4:QCM]v blank adj n bleach v "

Her face blanched with fear

1 blanc


832,"bland","[BS3QD]adj smile tangy adj tang

insipid balmy faint "

bland food

a bland little drama

a bland

833,"blandishment","[\BS3QD0MP:QC]n threat n " 834,"blandness","[\BS3QDQ0K]n 835,"blare","[BS2:]v 1 2 bleat n

adulation blarney



blandishment:coax[cajole] medal:honor threat:intimidate

obstacle:impede prevarication:deceive

pungency n " The radio was blaring B eat mondaine bla " se cursing miser:munificent zealot:blase 1 blas blame phem 2 blas blast " " phemy The radio blared out the exciting news

836,"blase","[\BS4:L<0]adj 837,"blasphemy","[\BS3KG0P0]n blasphemous adj 838,"blast","[BS4:KC]n " 839,"blatant","[\BS<0C:QC]adj the blatant roar of the storm subtle adj unimpressive adj

phenomenon n v

castigation:disapproval blasphemy:irreverence

A blast of wind blew the window agape

blast:whiff gush:trickle

boisterous clamorous obstreperous vociferant 1 blat ant " the stars blazoned on that wall efface v blatter v 2 bla ant disco blatant:arresting odious:disgusting

a blatant lie unobtrusive adj

ambiguous:understand blatant:ignore

inconspicuous adj v

840,"blazon","[\BS<0LQ]n blazon:adorn pillar:support " 841,"bleach","[BS0:CM]v 842,"bleachers","[\BS0:CM:L]n [ ] 843,"bleak","[BS0:E]adj bleak wind b leak cold " blanch

bla diffidence n

on blazonness n

alliterate:remove blazon:efface

The sun bleached my dress bleach v depressing "


Two weeks in hospital seems a bleak prospect



844,"blemish","[\BS<P0M]v reputation guile:artless

mar spoil prejudice tarnish vitiate n : " mix n


One bad deed can blemish a good blemish:impeccable

anomaly:paradigmatic blemish:flawless pristine:blemish

845,"blend","[BS<QD]v 846,"bless","[BS<K]v bliss n " praise glorify

These buildings blend in well with the trees Bless this house! Bless my soul!


Bless the Lord

Bless me! !

847,"blessing","[\BS<K0R]n 848,"blight","[BS>0C]n Frost blighted the crops /unblemished adj "

A Blessing in Disguise? v ... wither b light blighted adj

bane n


Bankruptcy was the blight of his family /robustadj /sound adj

withered hale adj

849,"blinds","[BS>0QDs]n 850,"blissful","[\BS0KG:S]adj 851,"blithe","[BS>0J]adj spirit bli the

blind adj bless v cheerful carefree grave v "

" blissful ful dislike:loathing pleasure:bliss a blithe "

spoke with blithe ignorance of the true situation

852,"blizzard","[\BS0L:D]n 853,"bloated","[\BS:7C0D]adj 854,"blockade","[BS5\E<0D]v/n

severe snowstorm swelled

1 b lizzard lizard n bloated with too much food


" blo blow at block vt "

The path was blockaded by snow " "

filibuster:legislation blockade:commerce 855,"blockage","[\BS5E0DN]n 856,"blooming","[\BS7:P0R]adj/adv bloom n v " flower v lot ch

There's a blockage in the pipe

You are a blooming fool

Jane is blooming with beauty

857,"blossom","[\BS5K:P]n 858,"blotch","[BS5CM]n 859,"blouse","[BS>7L]n

The child blossomed into a beauty botch v " "


blo blow use


860,"blowhard","[\BS:7]O4:D]n 861,"bludgeon","[\BS8DN:Q]n 2 blud blood 862,"blue","[BS7:]adj " 863,"blueprint","[\BS7:\AT0QC]n 864,"bluff","[BS8G]vt " 865,"blunder","[\BS8QD:]v under 18 plunder v "

boaster braggart club

blow hard

blowhard:boastful toady:obsequious blood 1 �


She had been bludgeoned

melancholy Gloomy depressed

a blue joke movie

He was in the blues

wood:carpenter blueprint:architect n He's only bluffing


bluff cliff n

bungle n blunder


I have made a terrible blunder "

bl blow

protocol:blunder bumper:damage frank straightforward hone v whet vt "

866,"blunt","[BS8QC]vt disedge obtund adj blunt slacken:tension blunt:sharpness n " " slur v

Too much alcohol makes your senses

867,"blur","[BS::]v Blur CD

Tears blur my eyes "

The moths blurred at the window screen

868,"blurb","[blE:b]n " 869,"blurt","[BS::C]vt out blurt:utter : " n

blurb:notice gloss:explanation cameo:appearance


blat ejaculate

I blurted out the secret

blur v



870,"blush","[BS8M]v " 871,"bluster","[\BS8KC:]v

Spare my blushes

She blushed as red as a rose

lush adj

bawl bellow blust blast n

The wind blustered around the house blustering:speak swaggering:walk bluster:loud prate:aimless be boastful of ... "


blustered my way through the crowd pontificate:pompous scoff:derisive drawl:slow 872,"boastful","[\B:7KCG:S]adj " 873,"bode","[B:7D]v bodement n presage

full of self-praise

blowhard:boastful toady:obsequious

This bodes me no good " 62



" "

forebode v

auspicious adj

boding ill

874,"bodyguard","[\B5D0]F4:D]n 875,"bog","[B5F]n dog bog " [] v...

bodyguard:person soldier:country down hinder


I got bogged down by the homework

876,"boggle","[\B5FS]v goggle n 877,"bogus","[\B:7F:K]adj 2 ""Bogus""

hesitate balk gag scruple stumble " " embolden vt

Never boggle at a difficulty " 1 bog v us

spurious "

He discovered that the painting was bogus

authentic adj

878,"bohemian","[B:7\O0:P0:Q]n/adj 879,"boisterous","[\B50KC:T:K]adj preposterous adj 880,"bolster","[\B:7SKC:]n plea with new evidence bolster[brace]:weak thwart vt " v dash out dart quiet adj "

unconventional noisy unruly blatant boister ous

" boi boil v

cushion pillow v up

support strengthen reinforce brace buttress prop bolster:support tackle:hoist undermine v

I bolstered my adulterate:pure sap v

bolster:strength whet:sharpness

decrease support of


The pickpocket bolted attack bomb n

bolted adj bombard vt "

separated "

882,"bombardment","[B5P\B4:DP:QC]n 883,"bombast","[\B5PB3KC]n bomb n exaggerated:hyperbole

highfalutin rant rhapsody rodomontade down-to-earth language grandiloquent " slavery captivity understate v

Their eloquence is all bombast pompous:bombast "

bombast:pompous tirade:critical drivel:nonsensical

884,"bombastic","[B5P\B3KC0E]adj understated adj unpretentious adj

The candidate spoke in a bombastic way

885,"bondage","[\B5QD0DN]n serf n bond band "

He is in bondage to his ambition


886,"bonhomie","[bRnR5mi:; (?@) bRnE5mi:] n diplomatic:tact bonhomie:good natured bon net : "

bon homie human



bonny adj 63


888,"bonus","[\B:7Q:K]n decoration:soldier 889,"boo","v ... bon us snare v "

The win on the pools was a bonus "


890,"bookcase","[\B7EE<0K]n 891,"bookish","[\B7E0M]adj 892,"boom","[B7:P]n 893,"boon","[B7:Q]n 2 bon boon 894,"boor","[B7:]n Boor poor boor:sensitivity misfortune n

wardrobe:clothes bookcase:books bookish expressions He boomed out his answer benevolence largess " chuff churl clodhopper clown peasant "


Business is booming 1 moon

" boon

Radio is a boon to the blind

tourists acting like boors neophyte:experience " indecorous:propriety civil person

credulous:dupe insensitive:boor mischievous:imp sensitive:boor sagacious:simpleton ill-mannered

895,"boorish","[\B7:T0M]adj boorish:sensitivity 896,"boost","[B7:KC]v ST booster n "

The boorish guest ruined the banquet

raise push

boost prices

You need to boost your spirits


st ST

enthusiastic supporter" abortive boot less " The wood bores hard " we thought we'd perish of boredom bore dom I'm bored with this job bootless:futility effulgent:resplendence void:empty

897,"bootless","[`bU:tlIs] adj

interesting:intriguing bootless:futile

898,"bore","[B5:]v pall punch puncture n hole die:shaping drill:boring 899,"boredom","[\B5:D:P]n entrance v state of being dull "

food:hunger stimulation:boredom 900,"boring","[\B5:T0R]adj entrancing adj " botane

uninteresting dull n

I had expected the book to be boring

901,"botany","[\B5C:Q0]n 902,"botch","[B5CM]v


tany any

botanical adj

" "

mismanage blow

She botches all She touches 64

903,"bother","[\B5J:]vt me Bother it! ! bo ther her

Don't bother me " bottle neck bouder[ ]

I'm sorry to bother you... ...Don't bother yourself about

904,"bottleneck","[5bRtlnek]n adj 905,"boudoir","[\B7:DV4:]n 906,"boulder","[\B:7SD:]n frond:leaf boulder:rock 907,"boundary","[\B>7QDT0]n unrestraint n " "

indefinite adj

" "

shoulder boulder

colossus:figurine boulder:pebble



border limit

A stone wall marked the boundary between the two farms

908,"boundless","[\B>7QDS0K]adj impeccable:flaw limited adj "

boundless imagination

bound less


909,"bounteous","[\B>7QC0:K]adj 1 bount bound ous 910,"bouquet","[B7\E<0]n 2 bount fragrance

plentiful bountiful ous "

bounteous nature

a bounteous repast

a bouquet of roses

a rich bouquet

banquet n "


bouquet:flowers woodpile:logs constellation:star 911,"bourgeois","[SAT]n 912,"bout","[B>7C]n " 913,"bovine","[\B:7H>0Q]adj vine " expurgate " arbor bow " stolid bourg n a wrestling bout

singer:choir flower:bouquet hamburg n 1 " boutique n


His bovine face gave no response

1 bov cow 2 bo

914,"bowdlerize","[\B>7DS:T>0L]v 1818 915,"bower","[\B>7:]n

This book has been bowdlerized

� Bowdler


916,"box","v buffet smack spank 917,"boycott","[\B50]E:C]v �

box:fight debate:argue

" �C� 1880

They're boycotting the shop 65

""Boycott"" 1897 918,"brace","[BT<0K]v challenge! ! brace

ostracize strengthen n

patronize v " I braced my foot against the wall denounce vt " a bracing lecture brace " Brace yourself for a new


brace embrace v brace 1et

919,"bracelet","[\BT<0KS0C]n 920,"bracing","[\BT<0K0R]adj vapid adj "

exhilarating exhilarative quickening tonic

921,"bracket","[\BT3E0C]n bracket:shelf "

bracket a word

brack brace et

racket n


922,"brackish","[\BT3E0M]adj brackish:repulse : "

a thin, brackish gruel

923,"brag","[BT3F]v boast

You are the baggiest of all persons boasting b rag art n : " "

b rag




924,"braggadocio","[]BT3F:\D:7M0:7]n 925,"braggart","[\BT3F:C]n adj 926,"braid","[BT<0D]v

wear one's hair in braids "

br aid



grooved:striated braided:stranded : 927,"brake","[BT<0E]n v brake 16 " "

impede obstruct

The government put the brakes on all these projects brake:decelerate clamp:compression "

divert:shunt retard:brake v

928,"brand","[BT3QD]n like?

We've branded our cattle "

What brand of computer do you

underscore:emphasis brand:ownership

929,"brandish","[\BT3QD0M]v dish " ""

words brandished and banners waved


1 brand


930,"brash","[BT3M]adj candor:subterfuge brash:deliberate 931,"brassy","[\BT4:K0]adj "

madcap reckless " brass n

rash adj

frivolous:gravity brash:discretion

diffident adj

humble adj

furtive adj

unassertive adj


932,"brat","[BT3C]n 933,"brattish","[\BT3C0M]adj 934,"bravado","[BT:\H4:D:7]v ] do bravura n " caress:affection



rat n

" " bravo[

tightfisted:parsimonious brattish:mischievous The mob bravadoed a while but never got really violent courageous:bravado complimentary:fulsomeness


935,"bravery","[\BT<0H:T0]n 936,"bravura","[BT:\HU7:T:]adj n

He is unrivaled in bravery

The girls are wearing their bravery bravo[ ]a o


This picture has a bravura of execution " The river brawled over the rapids crawl v awl n " brawn n

bravura:performance resplendent:appearance 937,"brawl","[BT5:S]v/n 1 brawny adj 2 quarrel or fight 3 awl n strong muscular impudent

a family brawl

938,"brawny","[\BT5:Q0]adj 939,"brazen","[\BT<0LQ]adj braz brass n effacing adj "

brawn brown adj


They prefer to brazen a thing out rather than admit defeat modest adj self-

brazier n

impudence:brazen deadpan:impassive

940,"breach","[BT0:CM]v breach break n v 941,"breadth","[BT<DI]n intellectual breadth "

n of solder v "

fissure rent rift schism hiatus

You are in breach of the contract

What's the breadth of this river?

breadth of mind

a man of

942,"breakthrough","[\BT<0E]IT7:]n 943,"breeder","[\BT0:D:]n 944,"breezeway","[\BT0:L]V<0]n " 945,"brevity","[\BT<H0C0]n brevity:aphorism distortion:caricature 946,"bribe","[braIb]n /v conciseness breed v n "

Surgeons have made a great breakthrough


breeze n


breezeway:building stairway:floor

the brevity of his life prolixity n lengthiness n "




epitomize:brevity embellish:ornamentation

exaggeration:caricature brevity:epigram

bribe:incorruptible affect:insensible hear:uncommunicative 67


947,"bricklayer","[\BT0E]S<0:]n 948,"bridle","[\BT>0DS]n/v 2 3 ride b

brick n layer n curb control n without restraint bring gun d " " sparkling

" Bridle your tongue 1 bride n

949,"brigand","[SAT]n 950,"brilliant","[\BT0SU:QC]adj brilliance n brightness v g rim

a brilliant scientist "




firm:ironclad smart:brilliant

951,"brim","[BT0P]n ` b' grim adj

Her eyes brimmed over with tears brimful adj " rind n verge border

He brimmed a glass of beer

rim n

952,"brindled","[\BT0QDSD]adj 953,"brink","[BT0RE]n 954,"brisk","[BT0KE]adj 955,"bristle","[\BT0KS]vi gristle n gristle cower v " 956,"brittle","[\BT0CS]adj brittle brittleness n fragility n

brindle n

" blink v ponderous adj b ris rise tle : : bri brim " "

on the brink of the grave risk

nimble spry yare zippy

His hair bristled with anger

bristle:anger vacillate:irresolution condone:mercy condemn:warning

crisp crumbly crunchy

glass is brittle "

She has a brittle temper


manifest:perceive brittle:break to start a discussion bring up moot breach n

957,"broach","[BT:7CM]v to broach the subject 958,"broaden","[\BT5:DQ]vt vi out at this point

broach beer from a keg cockroach n close off "

It's a good chance

To do a part-time job will broaden your outlook " K

The road broadens

broad:width heavy:weight

959,"brocade","[BT:\E<0D]n facade n "

gold [silver] brocade [ ]


cascade n

960,"brochure","[\BT:7M:]n 961,"broil","[BT50S]vt/vi

booklet pamphlet to broil a chicken

a holiday brochure oil boil r

" "

It's broiling today!


962,"broker","[\BT:7E:]n " 963,"bromide","[\BT:7P>0D]n bromide:hackneyed 964,"brooch","[BT:7CM]n 965,"brood","[BT7:D]n 966,"brook","[BT7E]v twig:limb brook:river 967,"browbeat","[\BT>7B0:C]v instigator:incite bully:browbeat 968,"browse","[BT>7L]v/n on ] 2 browser n " nibble no v platitude



pawnbroker n

impresario:entertainment broker:trade

, " " Don't brood about it


unhackneyed adj pin


put up with n stream refuse to tolerate "

A great man cannot brook a rival


bully bludgeon bluster bulldoze cow dragoon hector " browse on grass browse through the book

brow beat >:-<

1 brow broust[

969,"bruise","[BT7:L]n/v " 970,"bruit","[BT7:C]v about abroad 971,"brunt","[BT8QC]n blazon

My feeling was bruised

I bruised my knee

It is bruited that


keep secret run

" "

impact shock

I had to bear the brunt of the criticisms rugged brushwork " 1 brusco[

972,"brushwork","[\BT8MV::E]n 973,"brusque","[BT8KE]adj 3 brus brut "

rough abrupt blunt

brusque behavior



974,"brutal","[\BT7:CS]adj brutality n "

savage violent

harsh rigorous

the brutal truth

a brutal winter



brute strength

brute courage

She is a brute to me

brut bubble u

" babble v

976,"bubble","[\B8BS]v foam effervesce n bad boy puddle n 977,"buck","[B8E]v u pebble n " n

The kettle is at the bubble

oppose resist traverse

[] 69

I bucked at your suggestion

assent to " 978,"bucket","[\B8E0C]n container coming down in buckets 979,"buckle","[\B8ES]n " v fasten rustic rural buckle up pastoral " bu bull n co cow n " palatial:hovel [] v One bucket of paint will be enough for the wall The rain was


city[metropolis]:bucolic hovel:palatial 981,"bud","[B8D]n 982,"budge","[B8DN]v budget n t

urban adj

sophisticated adj "

Trees begin to bud in the spring move a little ` budge' " yield

He can't budge this rock

Money can't budge her

obdurate[diehard]:budge lachrymose:cheer hidebound:innovation [ ]

palter:candor vagary:predict 983,"budget","[\B8DN0C]n budget:solvency "

A new car will not be part of my budget


984,"buffet","[\B8G0C]v ... 8feet ... "

strike slap

The travelers were buffeted about during the rough boat ride


clown harlequin zany "

ludicrous:buffoon dissolute:libertine humorous:wag inexperience:neophyte 986,"bugaboo","[\B8F:B7:]n 987,"buggy","[\B8F0]n 988,"bulb","[B8SB]n 989,"bulge","[B8SDN]v/n budge v budget 990,"bulk","[B8SE]n carriage bugbear bug a boo bug " " "

baby carriage adj bulbous adj bulb

protrude jut outthrust protuberance bill ge

My pocket bulges with money " " "

t bilge n

depressed region

size quantity

The bulk of the students voted bulletin board bull lion bullet in "

991,"bulletin","[\B7S0C0Q]n 992,"bullion","[\B7SU:Q]n


993,"bully","[\B7S0]v " " 2 BULL

hurt tyrannize n

He's always bullying smaller children : bully:scare" 1 bul bole[

1 bul boele[ ] underdog n

instigator:incite bully:browbeat[intimidate] stupid:gullibility

sabotage:subvertness bull:intimidation dupe:duplicity 994,"bulwark","[\B7SV:E]n 2 bul bull wark " stumble bumblebee n rampart

Law is the bulwark of society

] wark

995,"bumble","[\B8PBS]v stumble v

The old lady kept bumbling on about something " " protocol:blunder

8ball 8

humble adj

996,"bump","[B8PA]v hit knock n 997,"bumper","[\B8PA:]n bumper:damage "

he couldn't see clearly and ran bump into a tree bump v bumpy adj

998,"bumptious","[\B8PAM:K]adj exaggerative:hyperbole 999,"bungle","[\B8RFS]v bungler n 1000,"buoy","[B50]n buoyancy n unsupported adj

be bumptious over one's inferiors humble adj "

bump v

presumptuous adj

dour:geniality impetuous:vacillation[hesitation] bumptious:humbleness


do sth badly n jungle n tangle v v encourage buoyed adj

blooper blunder boner fluff lapse bring off "

I bungled the job

They were buoyed up by good news sink v "

boy u

1001,"buoyant","[\B50:QC]adj leaden adj "


I am in a buoyant mood

buoyant:sink insoluble:dissolve hangdog adj

bend:rigid submerge:buoyant dissolve:insoluble

buoyant:float heavy:drop

1002,"burdensome","[\B::DQK:P]adj 1003,"bureaucracy","[BU7:\T5ET:K0]n bureaucratization n " proliferate

a burdensome task bureau

burden n v cracy

some ... bureaucratic adj


1004,"burgeon","[\B::DN:Q]v grow:burgeon beat:palpitate 1005,"burglar","[\B::FS:]n 1006,"burial","[\B<T0:S]n

burgeoning cities wither v

1 burjon[ ] subdue v wane vi

burg n


subside v burglar alarm

waste away " "

hamburger n

burying sepulcher sepulture inhumation interment 71

burial service


obliterate:removalv n v n " 1007,"burlesque","[B::\S<KE]n burly adj 2 caricature parody 1 burle burla[ ] diatribe:abuse burlesque:mockery 1 brun[ ] 2 burn v " "

doggerel:verse burlesque:play polish The metal burnishes well

1008,"burnish","[\B::Q0M]v tarnish v ... furnish v

numb:insensible burnish:lustrous hole tunnel den v " She burst out laughing bus "

burnish:dull mar:flawless burrow b furrow n

1009,"burrow","[\B8T:7]n ditch:canyon burrow:cavern 1010,"burst","[B::KC]v 1011,"bust","[B8KC]n 1012,"busybody","[5bIzIbRdI]n 1013,"butcher","[\B7CM:]n 1014,"butt","[bQt]v 1015,"butterfly","[\B8C:GS>0]n 1016,"buttress","[\B8CT0K]n 8trees 8 splint:limb mattress n mat

burrow a hole

inflate:burst pull:tear


ascetic:self-denial busybody:intrusive He is a real butcher "


butt:head nudge:elbow a social butterfly v up bolster "


He buttressed his argument with solid facts buttress:edifice " box " gone " " contravene v

strut:wing buttress:wall bracket:shelf

buttress:strength vaccination:immure She is a buxom blonde past belated oldfangled n line n Let's bypass the town side effect by stander secretive 72

1017,"buxom","[\B8EK:P]adj 1018,"bygone","[\B>0]F5:Q]adj 1019,"byline","[\B>0]S>0Q]n 1020,"bypass","[\B>0]A4:K]v 1021,"byproduct","[\B>0]AT5D8EC]n 1022,"bystander","[\B>0]KC3QD:]n 1023,"byzantine","[B0\L3QC0Q]adj

box some Let bygones be bygones credits:movie byline:article ! by " 5 by pass product "



straightforward adj 1024,"cabal","[E:\B3S]n cabal:conspirator "

" CABAL cast:actor cab n

a cabal of powerful men cabal:association spat:quarrel

cabal:association plot:plan

1025,"cabinet","[\E3B0Q0C]n net ruffle:shirt molding:cabinet v "

medicine cabinet

Cabinet Minister



cache camp supplies "



cache:hidden[hoard] summit:inaccessible 1027,"cacophonous","[E3\E5G:Q:K]adj mellifluous adj dulcet adj

fetid[malodorous]:smell cacophonous[jarring]:sound " heard a cacophony of horns " " caco phony caco

euphonious adj dissonance

1028,"cacophony","[E3\E5G:Q0]n phony phone cacophony:voice gaucherie:skill 1029,"cactus","[\E3EC:K]n 1030,"cadaver","[E:\D<0H:]n decadent adj cadence n " cacti

euphonious adj

symphony n

cacophony:sound glare:light malodor:scent

cacophony:melody genteel:churl


cad fall

cad aver

Cad cab

a ver

1031,"cadaverous","[E:\D3H:T:K]adj 1032,"cadence","[\E<0D:QK]n 1033,"cadet","[E:\D<C]n 1034,"cadge","[E3DN]v beg 1035,"caffeine","[\E3G0:Q]n 1036,"caisson","[5keIs(E)n]n 1037,"cajole","[E:\DN:7S]v cajolery n cajole:reluctant coaxing "

pale ghastly rhythm

gaunt haggard cad ence GRE 15 cad ge

She had a cadaverous face " cadet:veteran tadpole:frog badge n " " budge v


cad et He cadged 15 cents




earn v "

nicotine:tobacco caffeine:coffee chevron:badge caisson:cartV coax wheedle It is difficult to cajole her

caj cage jole jail

blandishment:cajole obstacle:impede

wheedle:cajolery extort:coercion


1038,"calamity","[E:\S3P0C0]n 911 calamitous adj "

Calamity is man's true touchstone


cal call

amity n

1039,"calcification","[]E3SK0G0\E<0M:Q]n 1040,"calcify","[\E3SK0G>0]v 1041,"calcium","[\E3SK0:P]n 1042,"calculable","[\E3SEU7S:BS]adj 1043,"calculate","[\E3SEU7]S<0C]v sextant:navigate " intentional scheming " 1arge kettle calc ify calc Ca

flexibility n calculus n

" make malleable/pliant/more flexible " "

calcium:mineral sugar:carbohydrate " ?

a calculable assistant reckon

Have you calculated the result?


1044,"calculated","[\E3SEU7S<0C0D]adj 1045,"calculating","[\E3SEU7]S<0C0R]adj 1046,"calculus","[\E3SEU7S:K]n 1047,"caldron","[\E5:SDT:Q]n " 1048,"calf","[E4:G]n calf shoes

a calculated insult shrewd

" "

a calculating businessman

The witch stirred her caldron

cal call dron drone

" calibrated the polling procedures ca lib lip rate

1049,"calibrate","[\E3S0]BT<0C]v ... calibre n calipers n unstandardized/unsubstantialized adj 1050,"calligrapher","[kE5lI^rEfE(r)]n

measure:dimensions calibrate:diameter plumb:depth gauge:pressure calibrated " : call I "

bibliophile:books gourmet:food calligrapher:handwriting : artistic calligraphy " unfeeling She is callous to rebuke callus n calloused adj callous:compassion calli kalli graphy

1051,"calligraphy","[E:\S0FT:G0]n handwriting calligraphy:scribble sonnet:doggerel 1052,"callous","[\E3S:K]adj callous:impassive dupe:duplicity sympathetic adj " unfledged

gully:erosion callus:friction



I am only a callow youth 74

call low

frank:secretiveness callow:maturity sophistication "

apoplectic:calm callow:mature

behaving with adult

1054,"Calorie","[\E3S:T0]n liquid:gallons power:watt 1055,"calorimeter","[]E3S:\T0P0C:]n " 1056,"calumniate","[E:\S8PQ0<0C]v approbate v " 1057,"calumny","[\E3S:PQ0]n GRE approbation n "

She can eat only 1500 calories a day sound:decibel electricity volt calori meter "

calorific adj


heat:calorimeter distance:odometer

corroborate:evidence calumniate:falsehood

vindicate vt



calu call mny flattering adj calumnious adj

calumny:assertion[representation] perjury:testimony

1058,"camaraderie","[]E3P:\T4:D:T0]n 1059,"cameo","[\E3P0:7]n cameo:sculpture relief


comrade n

enmity n " came o peccadillo:offense

glass cameo "

blurb:notice cameo:appearance disguise

1060,"camouflage","[\E3P7GS4:N]n /v camou camera n camouflage:detection malinger:duty 1061,"campaign","[E3P\A<0Q]n camp n aign "

The military vehicle was camouflaged disguise:identification " J

camouflage:deception flattery:ingratiating

mimicry:camouflage mutation:variation

I am campaigning for equal rights for men

1062,"canard","[E:\Q4:D]n " 1063,"canary","[E:\Q2:T0]n canery canary "

There are stories canarding about her

canary yellow



chicanery n


1064,"candid","[\E3QD0D]adj dissembling adj "

To be candid, I think you acted foolishly



can did

1065,"candidacy","[\E3QD0D:K0]n withdraw:candidacy "

the state of being a candidate




1066,"candidate","[5kAndIdeIt]n ballot:candidates : "

applicant aspirant seeker

roster:personnel slate:candidate





palter:candor diehard:budge mendacity n "

candor:subterfuge brash:deliberate 1068,"cane","[keIn]n

artifice n "

cane:walk glasses:see can nine

1069,"canine","[\E<0Q>0Q]adj 1070,"canker","[\E3RE:]n 1071,"cannibal","[\E3Q0B:S]n 1072,"canny","[\E3Q0]adj 1073,"canon","[\E3Q:Q]n

" cancer n cannibalism n " canon can on cannon n " conquer vt "

Blighted stems often canker Carib ( )

shrewd careful the Shakespeare canon apocrypha n " orthodox heterodox adj

religion:devout canon:orthodoxy 1074,"canonical","[E:\Q5Q0E:S]adj 1075,"canopy","[\E3Q:A0]n canopy:cover tag:identify 1076,"cant","[E3QC]n jargon " v cant

nontraditional adj


drapery awning covering

canop mosquito

cant can't

" cant anker anger can tank "

1077,"cantankerous","[E3Q\C3RE:T:K]adj 1078,"cantata","[E3Q\C4:C:]n 1079,"canter","[\E3QC:]v /n " 1080,"canto","[\E3QC:7]n 1081,"canvas","[\E3QH:K]n tripod:camera easel:canvas 1082,"canvass","[\E3QH:K]v "" ""

bad-tempered quarrelsome cant ata sonata n Canterbury "

slow gallop

cant er

" She showed me her recent canvases " scrutinize " 76

canvas:painter marble:sculptor

canvass a district for votes

canvas n

exponent:advocate pollster:canvass

1083,"canyon","[\E3QU:Q]n burrow:cavern "

the Grand Canyon

gorge gully ravine valley


1084,"capability","[]E<0A:\B0S0C0]n capacious adj 1085,"cape","[E<0A]n " 1086,"caper","[\E<0A:]v /n jump leap

The little girl has great capability as a singer


ability n

roomy spaciouscapacity n content volume ability qualification " cloak A bicycle cape will protect me in wet weather cap

cut a caper upon nothing cap ill cap " cap it "

ape n

cape er


1087,"capillary","[\E3A0S:T0]n 1088,"capitation","[]E3A0\C<0M:Q]n 1089,"capitulate","[E:\A0CU7S<0C]v Capitulate capital n \ resist vt

capitulate on [upon] the condition that oppose v " resistance n " A hailstorm in June is a caprice capriciousness n



cap it late

1090,"capitulation","[E:]A0CU7\S<0M:Q]n 1091,"caprice","[E:\AT0:K]n price n cap rice caprice:predict 1092,"capricious","[E:\AT0M:K]n objective:fact resolute adj steadfast adj constant adj turn over acute:perspicacity unsatisfied:discontent confirmation n


furtive:stealth whimsical:caprice discerning:insight apophasis:claim caprice:deliberate impromptu:rehearsal

" My wife is very capricious capricious:change " cap capricious:whim

erratic flighty pertinacious adj

insubordinate:submissive capricious:deliberate

1093,"capsize","[E3A\K>0L]v size sizeable "

The little boat capsized in the storm, but didn't sink

1094,"capsule","[\E3AKU7:S]n 1095,"caption","[\E3AM:Q]n 1096,"captious","[\E3AM:K]adj 1097,"captivate","[\E3AC0H<0C]v

summary cap carping

a capsule review "

cap sule


cap ous

capture v " I was captivated by her beauty

fascinate charm attract 77

captivation n

captive n

repulse v win

" The criminal was captured cap escape:capture

1098,"capture","[\E3ACM:]v dodge:blow " "

1099,"carafe","[E:\T4:G]n 1100,"carapace","[\E3T:A<0K]n 1101,"carat","[\E3T:C]n 200

car a pace 24 karate n

carapace:turtle hull:seed caret n " carbonated adj


1102,"carbohydrate","[\E4:B:7\O>0DT<0C]n sugar:carbohydrate " cancer n gen

carbo hydr


1103,"carcinogen","[E4:\K0Q:DN:Q]n 1104,"cardboard","[\E4:DB5:D]n 1105,"cardinal","[\E4:D0QS]adj card cardiologist n adj

carcinoma n [ ] "

card board " This is a matter of cardinal significance " careen car

paramount minor adj

1106,"careen","[E:\T0:Q]v Car reen preen 1107,"carefree","[\E2:GT0:]adj

He careened through foreign territories career n " carefree free from care " careless adj

idyll:carefree ordeal:difficult

carefree:responsibility hidebound:flexibility 1108,"careful","[\E2:G:S]adj careful:meticulous attention " v

He is a careful worker devoted:zealous careful:fastidious


interested:agog careful

derelict adj

inadvertence n

1109,"caress","[E:\T<K]n loving touch 1110,"caret","[\E3T:C]n V

swagger:bravado caress:affection c t caret:insertion comma:pause care worn wear

" " lighthearted adj

c are t c t

1111,"careworn","[\E2:V5:Q]adj " 1112,"caricature","[\E3T0E:CM:]n

a careworn face

Magazines often contain caricatures brevity:aphorism

car I cat

pithiness:aphorism exaggeration:caricature brevity:epigram 78

distortion:caricature 1113,"carillon","[E:\T0SU:Q]n 1114,"carnage","[\E4:Q0DN]n 1115,"carnal","[\E4:QS]adj


" car ill "

a set of bells capable of being played from a keyboard massacre carn car rnage rage carnal knowledge " Lent 40 " carn

fleshly sensual

spiritual adj


1116,"carnation","[E4:\Q<0M:Q]n 1117,"carnival","[\E4:Q0H:S]n ival "


festivity merrymaking


1118,"carnivore","[\E4:Q0H5:]n herbivorous adj carnivorous adj

any animal that consumes other animals flesh-eating " vt " Party garaus " gar aus

carn vor

voracious adj

1119,"carol","[\E3T:S]n carol carol

The salesman is caroling company's glories

choral dance

1120,"carouse","[E:\T>7L]n car rouse 1121,"carp","[E4:A]v complain:carp drink:guzzle 1122,"carpenter","[\E4:A0QC:]n




" " car p "



Car ouse house

roisterer:carouse recluse:withdraw carp n

She was always carping at me

caviler:carping libertine:licentious Like carpenters, like chips [ ] carp

enter "

taxonomist:classify carpenter:build 1123,"carrion","[\E3T0:Q]n carr carn

saw:carpenter scissors:tailor knife:butcher car rion lion graph er " Cart card cartoonist n carton " " cartoon graph

1124,"cartographer","[E4:\C5FT:G:]n tailor:clothing lexicographer:dictionary 1125,"cartoon","[E4:\C7:Q]n 1126,"carve","[E4:H]v carve:turkey slice:cake 1127,"cascade","[E3K\E<0D]n cas cad cas cast cad

cart card


I carved the figure of a woman hack:carve gouge:engrave small waterfall "

Please carve the chicken

Her long hair fell over her shoulders in a cascade of curls casual adj 79

decadent adj


1128,"cast","[E4:KC]n appoint:official cast:actor 1129,"caste","[E4:KC]n


The fishermen cast their nets into the sea letter:signature playbill:cast tout v

choir:singer cast:actor cast aspersions on "

rigid class distinction punish rebuke

" cast i gate extol v flatter vt "

1130,"castigate","[\E3KC0F<0C]v 1131,"castigation","[]E3KC0\F<0M:Q]n

castigation:disapproval blasphemy:irreverence crime:misbehave castigation:reproof denunciation:denial loathing:dislike : approbation n accolade n " inveterate adj scrutiny n casual glance casual ty catacomb n VCD " cata " " "

peccadillo:sin admonishment:castigation soaking:damp glorification:merit 1132,"castle","[\E4:KS]n 1133,"casual","[\E3NU7:S]adj

drawbridge:castle gangway:ship occasional accident a casual visitor

1134,"casualty","[\E3NU7:SC0]n 1135,"cataclysm","[\E3C:ES0L:P]n

The enemy suffered casualties upheaval disaster cata clysm

1136,"catalog","[\E3C:S5:F]n catalogue series v log "

Can you catalogue the VCD sets you sell?

1137,"catalyst","[\E3C:S0KC]n cata lyst least catalysis n supervisor:oversight catalysis:initiate 1138,"catalyze","[\E3C:S>0L]v 1139,"catapult","[\E3C:A8SC]n cata pult cata pult " cata act disaster " stimulate

a serious breach of trust was the catalyst for the divorce catalytic adj inhibitor n inhibit v slingshot enzyme:catalyst bacterium:microbe catalyze vt retard v " The driver was catapulted through the windscreen retard vt /prevent v "

1140,"cataract","[\E3C:T3EC]n 1141,"catastrophe","[E:\C3KT:G0]n cata strophe oxymoron:contradictory mishap:catastrophic 1142,"catechism","[\E3C0E0L:P]n

cascade n


The English party turned out to be a catastrophe catastrophe:mishap humiliation:embarrassment

catastrophic adj

cat chi

cat ech is




1143,"categorical","[]E3C0\F5T0E:S]adj capitulate:categorical : qualified adj


category n " cat er "

conditional adj

1144,"cater","[\E<0C:]v to 1145,"caterpillar","[\E3C:]A0S:]n " 1146,"catharsis","[E:\I4:K0K]n " 1147,"cathedral","[E:\I0:DT:S]n 1148,"catholic","[\E3I:S0E]adj narrow adj " adj moth

She catered to my every need cater v pillar n

tadpole:flog caterpillar:butterfly


cathartic n purgative


cathed chair

cat he dral Catholic


all-inclusive universal

1149,"caucus","[\E5:E:K]n 1150,"caulk","[E5:E]v seal:caulk " n

cactus n

" absorb:sponge

baste:dryness caulk:moistness

1151,"causal","[\E5:L:S]adj cause n casual adj causality n "

a causal relationship between scarcity of goods and higher prices

1152,"caustic","[\E5:KC0E]adj desiccant:dry solvent:dissolve smooth adj "

biting n :

caus cause tic barb:caustic pan:harsh palliating adj innocuous adj

Caus tic kind adj

caustic:eat away caustic:burn genial adj

pungent:odor caustic:comment caustic:smoothing

1153,"cauterize","[\E5:C:T>0L]v 1154,"cavalier","[]E3H5\S0:]n sluggard:lazy cavalier:arrogant 1155,"caveat","[5kAvIAt]n [ ] " cave n " : cave at

cauter caval " " cavalier cave "


" cavalcade n rapscallion:mischievous

cavalry n

overture[preamble]:introductory caveat:warning[cautionary]

1156,"cavern","[\E3H:Q]n ditch:canyon burrow:cavern

cavity n

cavern:spelunker ocean:diver


1157,"cavil","[\E3H0S]v ill civil adj cavil encomiast:eulogize quibbler:cavil faultfinding:criticize quibble:cavil 1158,"caviler","n

carp quibble

Even she could find nothing to cavil about cavil:criticize probe:investigate

cav cave il

nitpick:criticize cavil:object " "

nitpicker:criticize preacher:sermon quibbler:cavil

caviler:carping libertine:licentious caper frisk frolic rollick romp

1159,"cavort","[kE5vC:t]vi " 1160,"cede","[K0:D]v cession n cede "

dodder:unsteady cavort:sprightly

trudge v

The Qing government ceded China's Hong Kong to Britain possess vt "


1162,"celebrate","[\K<S0BT<0C]v as the glorious harbinger

praise cerebr ate

We celebrated the New Year " famous renowned

Lu Xun will be for ever celebrated

1163,"celebrated","[\K<S0BT<0C0D]adj celebrate v "

I am a celebrated novelist


1164,"celebrity","[K0\S<BT0C0]n 1165,"celerity","[K0\S<T0C0]n decelerate v " 1166,"celestial","[K0\S<KCU:S]adj 1167,"celibate","[\K<S0B0C]n /adj 1168,"cellar","[\K<S:]n 1169,"cello","[\CM<S:7]n 1170,"cellular","[\K<SU7S:]adj 1171,"cement","[K0\P<QC]n fracture n /v " 1172,"cemetery","[\K<P0C<T0]n v

social celebrities speed


obscurity n celer

" accelerate v

Celerity is the soul of warfare

The sun is celestial body celib ce

celest ial

celeste n

" "

libate liberate v 60 a o

celibacy n cell n " "

The wine has been cellared for 60 years violin n viola n " cellar n cello o

cellular plastics

Our holiday together cemented our friendship



public cemetery 82


cemet cement


met meet

" 1173,"censor","[\K<QK:]v censor:expurgate " critical pliable:influenced censorious:condemn cens assess vendor:purvey

1174,"censorious","[K<Q\K5:T0:K]adj eulogistic adj "




censorship:information sanitation:disease

censorship:communication preservative:decay 1176,"censure","[\K<QM:]n /v censu assess reprehensible:censure remonstrant:dissuade commend v exonerate v extol v "

whether the Senate will censure one of its members jeer:derision reprimand:censure lamentable:pity censure:blameless approbation:reprehensible

1177,"census","[\K<QK:K]n mountain area 98 census assess cent n

The census enumerated 98 persons over one hundred years old in this census:population inventory:merchandise[stock] " centralize v centri fug " centri pet petition v competition n centr ize refugee n " fugitive n "


1179,"centralization","[]K<QCT:S>0\L<0M:Q]n concentration 1180,"centrifuge","[\K<QCT:GU7:DN]n centrifugal adj centrifuge:separate colander:drain centripetal force

1181,"centripetal","[K<Q\CT0A0CS]n " 1182,"centurion","[K<Q\CU7:T0:Q]n 1183,"cephalic","[K<\G3S0E]adj 1184,"ceramic","[K0\T3P0E]n mosaic:ceramic patchwork:cloth 1185,"cereal","[\K0:T0:S]n 1186,"cerebral","[\K<T0BT:S]adj cerebration n thinking cerebrum n " skull

century n cephal



" acephalous adj ceram n " ceramist n

bicephalous adj ce ram

ceramics n : : "

shard:ceramic crumb:cake ce real "

His approach is cerebral


celebrated adj

celebrity n


1187,"ceremony","[\K<T0P:Q0]n hegemony n ceremonious adj

The marriage ceremony took place in the church affidavit:statement wedding:ceremony It's a certainty that I will win the game " quandary n supposition n

1188,"certainty","[\K::CQC0]n misgiving n indecision n "

1189,"certification","[]K::C0G0\E<0M:Q]n driver:license "

certification of fitness

certify v


1190,"certitude","[\K::C0CU7:D]n 1191,"cessation","[K<\K<0M:Q]n concession n 1192,"chafe","[CM<0G]v chafe" 1193,"chaff","[CM4:G]n shell:pecan

celti certain adj ceasing stopping


obscurity n

" cessa cease cession n " chase n /v

cessation of arms [hostilities] start n continuation n

perseverance n vex

commencement n

My shoes chafed the skin on my feet

chaf chafe f "

dross:metal chaff:grain


winnow:chaff filter:impurities

1194,"chagrin","[\M3FT0Q]n /v chagrin:mind grimace:face 1195,"chalice","[\CM3S0K]n 1196,"challenge","[\CM3S0QDN]n challenging adj goblet cup

I was chagrined at the poor sales of my book elate vt cheerfulness n proud satisfaction "


grin v

delight n "




I challenged him to a game of tennis " leon

challenger n

flout:disregard taunt:challenge mock:imitate chame shame leon lion "


salmon:ichthyologist chameleon:herpetologist 1198,"champion","[\CM3PAU:Q]n impugn v disparage vt " v

a champion for internationalism

championship n

1199,"chancellor","[\CM4:QK:S:]n cellar "

the Lord Chancellor

chance n




chandel candle n

chandler n



1201,"channel","[\CM3QS]n artery:plaque channel:silt 1202,"chant","[CM4:QC]n 1203,"chantey","[\CM4:QC0]n 1204,"chaos","[\E<05K]n pallor:color v "

The English Channel is between England and France

I chanted a prayer

chant ey eye

" chant chao s " chaos:predictability

chanty shanty

confusion disorder strictly structured /strictly featured

chaotic adj

" Ch apel apple

1205,"chapel","[\CM3A:S]n " 1206,"char","[CM4:]v

I attend chapel each morning

ch ape



char n " charade

" Kindness is one of my characteristics

1207,"characteristic","[]E3T0EC:\T0KC0E]adj characterization n characterize v

1208,"charade","[M:\T4:D]n charade:dissimulate void:empty 1209,"charisma","[E:\T0LP:]n charismatic adj "

"" "

charade:word mime:stories

magnetism charm

cha china ris rise ma mao

1210,"charity","[\CM3T0C0]n charitable adj


I helped her out of charity

char ity

forgiving lenient philanthropic " fake mountebank quack " delightful What a charming young girl! chartered accountant [ ] ! charm n C A charter vt " n char chatter v

1211,"charlatan","[\M4:S:C:Q]n juggernaut:crush charlatan:deceive 1212,"charming","[\CM4:P0R]adj 1213,"chartered","[\CM4:C:D]adj chart n vt "

chartered airplane


careful cautious

Be chary of catching cold! bold adj rash adj "


char y

chary:caution imperturbable:composure 1215,"chase","[CM<0K]v to make a groove in chafe v

The cat likes to chase the mice "

a richly chased plate

embroider:cloth chase:metal 85

1216,"chasm","[5kAz(E)m]n 1217,"chassis","[\M3K0]n 1218,"chaste","[CM<0KC]adj 1219,"chasten","[\CM<0KQ]v 1220,"chastise","[CM3K\C>0L]v 1221,"chauvinism","[\M:7H0Q0L:P]n " 1222,"chauvinist","[\M:7H0Q0KC]n

cleft:chasm cut:gash : " virtuous restrained chaste adj scold condemn patriotism jingoism n




chase v " "


chastity n


male chauvinism

� Nicolas Chauvin

miser:thrift chauvinist:patriotism

" " jolt:move

1223,"chauvinistic","[]M:7H0\Q0KC0E]adj 1224,"check","[CM<E]v check:stop n prompt v

patriotic:chauvinistic receptive:gullible check hasten v " check v er

We checked our steps propagate v goad vt

1225,"checkered","[\CM<E:D]adj " 1226,"cheetah","[\CM0:C:]n 1227,"chef","[Fef]n " 1228,"cherubic","[CM<\T7:B0E]adj rubber somber adj " 96

She'd had a checkered past


cheet cheat v author:novel chef:banquet



chef:kitchen chemist:laboratory

angelic innocent-looking

cherub n

che rub

1229,"chevron","[5FevrEn]n V 1230,"chiaroscuro","[kIB:rE5skJErEJ]n tapestry:intricacy :



chevron:badge caisson:cartV


claire-obscure tapestry:intricacy tapestry use chicanery honest dealing 86

chiaroscuro:contrast filigree:delicacy " chi canery canary chick chicanery gullible:chicanery

1231,"chicanery","[M0\E<0Q:T0]n trickery urbane:gaucherie guileless:chicanery servile:domination aboveboard action

chicanery:clever tactlessness:truthful forthrightness n "


scold reprove

The teacher chided me for being late

chide child

chide:pillory humor:mollycoddle 1233,"chill","[tFIl]v chill ill

praise vt " debase:status chill:temperature monster fancy " chip:stone shard:glass " 10 " chiropodist n " chi me ra chimerical adj


melodrama:subtlety chimera:authenticity 1235,"chip","[CM0A]n 1236,"chipmunk","[\CM0AP8RE]n 1237,"chiromancy","[\E>0:T:P3QK0]n necromancy n " chirrup v "

This rock chips easily chip n palmistry munk monk n chiro man



chir chair man

1238,"chirp","[CM::A]v 1239,"chisel","[\CM0LS]n brush:painting chisel:sculpture 1240,"chivalrous","[\M0H:ST:K]adj chival caval chi va

" swindle cheat I chiseled a hole in the wall chi se

gallant courteous honorable chivalry n "

I appreciate chivalrous acts

1241,"choir","[EV>0:]n 1242,"choke","[tFEJk]vt throttle

The church choir sings every morning smother:choke : " choler




bad-tempered irritable

cho le pacific adj

cholecystitis n "

choler n

cowardice:intimidate choler:antagonize 1244,"chop","[CM5A]n 1245,"chord","[kC:d]n 1246,"chore","[CM5:]n 1247,"choreography","[]E5T0\5FT:G0]n choreography:dance plot:story

difficult to provoke We had to chop a way "

constellation:star chord:note grove:tree queue:person It's such a chore to do the shopping! dancing chore graphy cho " graphy

: "

choreographer:movement architect:building sculptor:statue



1248,"chortle","[\CM5:CS]v /n P "

I chortled throughout the movie

chortle chuckle n

cho le

1249,"chorus","[\E5:T:K]n troupe:perform chorus:sing 1250,"chromatic","[ET:7\P3C0E]adj 1251,"chromosome","[\ET:7P:K:7P]n 1252,"chronic","[\ET5Q0E]adj sporadic adj "

My speech was welcomed with a chorus of praise " chrom DNA chromatron n chrom some a chronic disease colorless adj somatic adj " "

cho us

a chronic war


synchronous adj

1253,"chronological","[\ET5Q:\S5DN0E:S]adj dictionary:alphabetical annals:chronological 1254,"chronology","[ET:\Q5S:DN0]n 1255,"chrysanthemum","[ET0\K3QI:P:P]n 1256,"chuckle","[\CM8ES]v chick le chortle v grin v

chron logical "

chronicle n

chronometer n

anachronism:chronology fallacy:logic chrys anth anthology n ch ch le chrysalis n chu " "


She chuckled at the story guffaw v


chuckle:laughing whisper:speaking

1257,"chunk","[CM8RE]n chunky adj " boor

Having meat often meant a big chunk of the income


1258,"churl","[CM::S]n churlishness n

church n

A churl does not fit in a church

churlish adj

surly boorish churlish"

annoying:gadfly rude:churl

uncouth:churl conspiratorial:conniver complaisance n " li supercilious adj cider " decipher v encipher v " genteel adj

cacophony:melody genteel:churl hospitable:misanthrope 1259,"cider","[\K>0D:]n 1260,"ciliate","[\K0S00C]adj 1261,"cinder","[\K0QD:]n 1262,"cipher","[\K>0G:]n zero nonentity " cir let " 88

Two ciders, please cili ili ci

I couldn't cipher out her motives

cipher:cryptic pr�cis:concise 1263,"circlet","[\K::ES0C]n

1264,"circuitous","[K:\EU7:0C:K]adj circus n circuit n circulate v immaterial:relevance circuitous:directness 1265,"circular","[\K::EU7S:]adj protean:rigid " n

roundabout indirect devious circulation n "

take a circuitous route

circuit ous

digressive:statement circuitous:route

Have you seen that circular?



1266,"circumference","[K:\E8PG:T:QK]n kilometers " 1267,"circumlocution","[\K::E:PS:\EU7:M:Q]n succinctness n direct encounter express succinctly " /straightforward adj chest circumference

distance circum fer

The earth's circumference is more than 40000 circumference:circle perimeter:rectangle border:country

circum locu loqu

loquacious adj

locution n

pithy utters utter concisely straightforward utter

circumlocutory adj

1268,"circumscribe","[\K::E:PKET>0B]v circum scribe

restrict restrain limit prescribe v cautious

Their life was extremely circumscribed circumscribed circum spect audacious adj unlimited "

describe v

1269,"circumspect","[\K::E:PKA<EC]adj urbane:polish circumspective adj "

circumspect:prudence reckless adj rash adj

rash:circumspective imperious:servile

1270,"circumspection","[\K::E:P\KA<EMQ]n prudence 1271,"circumstance","[\K::E:PKC:QK]n with circumstances circum stance condition "

temerity n " The circumstances forced her to accept You writes

1272,"circumstantial","[]K::E:P\KC3QM:S]adj 1273,"circumvent","[]K::E:P\H<QC]v confront v direct encounter "

circumstantial report we tried to circumvent enemies

circumstantiality n circum vent


1274,"cistern","[\K0KC:Q]n landfill:refuse "

cister sister n


1275,"citadel","[\K0C:DS]n bulwark 1276,"cite","[K>0C]v ... incite v citation n


cit city ad add

" citen


The judicial minister cited the latest crime figures " 89


1277,"civilian","[K0\H0SU:Q]n citizen:nation "

civil citizen n

civilization n


1278,"civility","[K0\H0S0C0]n 1279,"claim","[ES<0P]vt n



rudeness n " reclaim v acclaim n /v renounce v " clairaudience n : " Clam calm clam" clam claim voyage n /v

He claimed that he hadn't done it lien:claim subpoena:command clair clear voy

claim:legitimated hypothesis:confirmed 1280,"clairvoyance","[ES2:\H50:QK]n

dexterous:manipulate prescient:predict clairvoyant:oversee 1281,"clam","[ES3P]n 1282,"clamor","[\ES3P:]n /v proclamation n reclaim v

She was clamoring to go to the zoo clamorous adj noisy vociferous"

1283,"clamp","[ES3PA]n v grip fasten 1284,"clan","[ES3Q]n 1285,"clandestine","[ES3Q\D<KC0Q]adj clandestine:secretly overt:openly 1286,"clapper","[\ES3A:]n 1287,"clarification","[\ES3T0G0\E<0M:Q]n 1288,"clarify","[\ES3T0G>0]v enunciate:mumbling clarify:confusing obfuscate v " n clearness

Try to clamp these two blocks of wood together clan dan clannish adj " clandestine dealings :

clam n


surreptitious furtive

clan n

destine v "

clandestine:secrecy harmony:congruity : clap v per "

open adj

anxious:reassurance perplexed:clarification My mind suddenly clarified misunderstood:clarify erroneous:retract clar clear adj

" ify ... roil v

1289,"clarion","[\ES3T0:Q]adj 1290,"clarity","[\ES3T0C0]n obfuscation:clarity equivocation n muddy adj

clar clear ion lion clarity of thinking

soft and indistinct


equivocation:truth euphemism:offense ambiguous:clarity mendacious:truth opaqueness n

consensus:factionalism clarity:confusion " clash dash v 90

equivocation:clarity prevarication:truth

ramshackle:soundness garbled:clarity


crush v

trash n "

1292,"clasp","[ES4:KA]n clap lathe:shape clasp:fasten typical n

My button won't clasp " That joke's a classic

She clasped my arm with fear

1293,"classic","[\ES3K0E]adj 1294,"classify","[\ES3K0G>0]v classification n 1295,"clause","[ES5:L]n

" class n ify ...

arrange group

classify books by subjects "

taxonomist:classify carpenter:build cla da use

paragraph:essay clause:sentence claustro close v phob ia recluse:crowd


1296,"claustrophobia","[\ES5:KCT:\G:7B0:]n claustrophobia:enclosure 1297,"clay","[ES<0] n 1298,"cleanse","[ES<QL]v "

bricks tiles pottery

clay:porcelain flax:linen cleanliness n

" "

I cleansed the wound for the injured "

1299,"cleavage","[\ES0:H0DN]n cleft fissure division 1300,"cleave","[ES0:H]v " 1301,"cleft","[ES<GC]n opening crack crevice 1302,"clemency ","[\ES<P:QK0]n clement pitiless adj " grip adj cli cleft lip clement adj c split separate

This wood cleaves easily

leave v

cleaver n

left C

cleft:chasm cut:gash le men

" ruthlessness n

1303,"clench","[ES<QCM]v 1304,"clich�","[\ES0:M<0]n

I clenched my money in my hand che " client n


hodgepodge:uniformity clich�:original

equivocation:misleading clich�:hackneyed 1305,"clientele","[]ES>0:Q\C<S]n 1306,"cliff","[ES0G]n steep precipice

clientele:customers faculty:teachers "


I broke a leg while climbing a cliff climax n "

1307,"climactic","[ES>0\P3EC0E]adj 1308,"clinch","[ES0QCM]v

The two companies clinched the deal 91




1309,"cling","[ES0R]v 1310,"clinical","[\ES0Q0E:S]adj " 1311,"clip","[ES0A]n 1312,"clique","[ES0:E]n flock:sheep " v

The baby clung to his mother

She is of a clinging sort


They seemed to have a clinical view of the breakup of their marriage

The letters were clipped together coterie financial clique c

She clipped her nails li que

clipper n clique:intimates


1313,"clog","[ES5F]n v stalemate:negotiations 1314,"cloister","[\ES50KC:]n "


It must have been clogged up

log n


monastery convent nunnery

cloist close er

cloistered adj

secluded "


bullheaded hardheaded intractable pigheaded unpliant " clos close et closure n end

demanding:satisfactory adulterate:pristine closed-mind:sway 1316,"closet","[\ES5L0C]n conclusion water closet W C adj "

pantry:food [wardrobe]closet:clothes v " coagulate

1317,"clot","[ES5C]n colt n slot n coagulant:clot

Perspiration clotted my hair freeze:water clot:blood



cloy v

clot:dissolved crowd:dispersed


1318,"cloture","[\ES:7CM:]n 1319,"cloudburst","[\ES>7DB::KC]n cloudburst:rainfall 1320,"clout","[ES>7C]n clout " blow power

closure n vt cloud n burst v

voting:roll call termination:cloture cloudiness n gust:wind



All the evidence showed that Russia does not have that kind of impotency n impotence n " "

clo close out

impuissance n comic entertainer cloy v

1321,"clown","[ES>7Q]n 1322,"cloying","[\ES500R]adj cloying:sweet "

clo close own




ill-constructed 92

You are clumsy!

clumsily adv


1324,"cluster","[\ES8KC:]n " 1325,"coach","[E:7CM]n v

bunch v

We clustered together round the camp fire

clot v

The coach played me at center co ag coagulate v

" curdle clot coagent n [ ] liquefy

1326,"coagulant","[E:7\3FU7S:QC]n antibiotic:infection coagulant:bleeding dissolve v thin vt "

coagulant:thicken[clot] solvent:dissolve

1327,"coalesce","[]E:7:\S<K]v coal n disaggregate v

The two parties coalesced into a new one bifurcate v alliance polarize v fragment " hoarse adj horse "

co al ally

1328,"coalition","[]E:7:\S0M:Q]n 1329,"coarse","[E5:K]adj fastidious adj "

course coarse


1330,"coax","[E:7EK]v coaxial adj explanation:enlighten 1331,"cob","[E5B]n 1332,"cobbler","[\E5BS:]n 1333,"cocoon","[E:\E7:Q]n 1334,"coda","[\E:7D:]n coda:symphony[sonata] 1335,"coddle","[\E5DS]v 1336,"code","[E:7D]n 1337,"codicil","[\E5D0K0S]n 1338,"codify","[\E5D0G>0]v 1339,"coerce","[E:7\::K]v [ ]

induce persuade cajole wheedle " NBA " cob

She coaxed me to take the medicine equivocation:coax

hoax vt

blandishment:coax medal:honor prevarication:deceive

cobble v n

coddle v

" ooo cc"

Most worms cocoon in winter co da coda coma

epilogue:novel[play] prelude n overture n "

[ ] peroration:speech dessert:meal mollycoddle v co dd le "

The letter was written in code cod code il ill cod code ify ... force compel 50 codification n restrain constrain 93

" " compilation "

I got what I wanted by coercion

co erce 1340,"coeva","[E:7\0:H:S]adj

wheedle:cajolery extort:coercion n co eva era n

coercionary adj

voluntary adj "


congruent:dimensions coeval:age co existence " coffin n co gent in scoff v " cogency n

1341,"coexistence","[\E:70F\L0KC:QK]n 1342,"coffer","[\E5G:]n 1343,"cogent","[\E:7DN:QC]adj repugnant:repel coffer coffee compelling "


unconvincing adj

1344,"cogitate","[\E5DN0C<0C]v cogitation n

ponder meditate

co gi ta "



philosopher:cogitate iconoclast:attack

1345,"cognate","[\E5F]Q<0C]adj co gn ate dog

Physics and philosophy are cognate sciences cognizance n recognize v " cogn cognizance n

cogn ate

1346,"cognitive","[\E5FQ0C0H]adj 1347,"cognizant","[\E5FQ0L:QC]adj of

cognitive powers conscious

knowledge awareness " cogn " nominate vt cohabit:reside "

She was cognizant of the truth oblivious adj cogn nomen unaware adj nominal adj inhabitant n

incognizance:knowledgeable penury:wealthy 1348,"cognomen","[E5F\Q:7P<Q]n surname 1349,"cohabit","[E:7\O3B0C]v conspire:plot " co habit

habitat n

1350,"coherence","[E:7\O0:T:QK]n articulated cohesive adj cohesion n

cohere vi

co here

coherent adj "


disjointed:coherence banal:originality Your ideas coincide with me

1351,"coincide","[]E:70Q\K>0D]v incide coincidence n coincident adj

co incide inside "


contiguous:abut simultaneous:coincide col ander under calendar n " cylinder n

1352,"colander","[\E8S:QD:]n astrolabe:nautical colander:culinary 1353,"cold-blooded","[\E:7SD\BS8D0D]adj 1354,"collaborate","[E:\S3B:]T<0C]v col labor ate

centrifuge:separate colander:drain Snakes are cold-blooded

I am a cold-blooded killer


Anyone who collaborated might be sentenced to be shot collaboration n collaborative adj 94


1355,"collage","[E:\S4:N]n 1356,"collapse","[E:\S3AK]n street col lapse

college n collage college

" He collapsed in the "

The rainstorm caused the collapse of the roof collapse:volume attenuate:thickness col cellar n col late parallel n col later cell " collation n "

collapse:implode divide:sunder

1357,"collar","[\E5S:]n 1358,"collate","[E5\S<0C]v 1359,"collateral","[E:\S3C:T:S]adj " 1360,"colleague","[\E5S0:F]n 1361,"collected","[E:\S<EC0D]adj 1362,"collection","[E:\S<EM:Q]n " 1363,"collide","[E:\S>0D]v collision n collusion n "

bilateral adj

equilateral adj


co1 league n " collect ed "

composed self-possessed collective adj

compendium:summary anthology:col1ection


I collided with a girl

col lide

collude vi

1364,"colloquial","[E:\S:7EV0:S]adj 1365,"colloquium","[E:\S:7EV0:P]n 1366,"colloquy","[\E5S:EV0]n 1367,"collude","[E:\S7:D]v smugg1e:convey stalk:follow 1368,"collusion","[E:\S7:N:Q]n 1369,"colon","[\E:7S:Q]n 1370,"colonnade","[kRlE5neId]n 1371,"colony","[\E5S:Q0]n " colon " conversation

col 1oqu

colloquialism n

" " " collude:cooperate

conference seminar col loqu y y

col loqu ium y

col lude

ludicrous adj

collusion:conspirators cooperation:partners o " "


colonnade:pillar queue:person colonize vt colonization n

bacterium:colony citizen:nation


1372,"coloration","[]E8S:\T<0M:Q]n 1373,"colorless","[\E8S:S0K]adj 1374,"colossal","[E:\S5KS]adj " 1375,"colossus","[E:\S5K:K]n 1376,"colt","[E:7SC]n 1377,"coltish","[\E:7SC0M]adj 1378,"coma","[\E:7P:]n co ma 1379,"combat","[\E5PB:C]n /v " 1380,"combine","[E:P\B>0Q]v com bine fight col t

the method of dying dull uninteresting huge gigantic


uniform coloration " chromatic adj "

a colorless speech

co los lose

antediluvian:age colossal:size

150 cult n

colossus:figurine boulder:pebble dolt n molt n "

" "

frisky frolicsome

coltish:discipline loutish:grace unconsciousness

She has been in a coma for two week "

comatose adj com bat

coma:unconsciousness delirium:confusion com bat bat combat combatant n

combative adj

merge mix coalesce combination n "

The two parties have combined to form a government

1381,"combustible","[E:P\B8KC:BS]adj bus tible table nonflammable:combustible "


Petrol is highly combustible

com bust


combustible:ignite malleable:shape


1382,"combustion","[E:P\B8KCM:Q]n 1383,"comedienne","[E:]P<D0\<Q]n 1384,"comeliness","[\E8PS0Q0K]n 1385,"comely","[\E8PS0]adj

soot:combustion sawdust:woodcutting comedy n unattractiveness n enne " comedian n "



She is a comely young woman come tible table "



1386,"comestible","[E:\P<KC0BS]n adj 1387,"comic","[\E5P0E]adj n comedian "

Most Sunday papers have comics


didactic:instruct comic:amuse


1388,"comity","[\E5P0C0]n 1389,"comma","[\E5P:]n

courtesy civility

com it y

enmity n


com come ma " order be in control of

caret:insertion comma:pause

enclose:parentheses separate:comma 1390,"command","[E:\P4:QD]v /n sum of money subpoena:command " 1391,"commandeer","[]E5P:Q\D0:]v commandeered command deer com mand

I command you to go mandatory adj

I can't command so large a lien:claim

demand v /n ,

countermand v

request[entreaty]:command propose:stipulate

invite:summon entice:goad

The soldiers commandeered the house " com mand

All automobiles were

1392,"commandment","[E:\P4:QDP:QC]n mandate precept 1393,"commemorate","[E:\P<P:T<0C]v memorate memory n " begin start originate

commander n

" com

This monument commemorates those who died

1394,"commence","[E:\P<QK]n mence

The first term commences in September


cease v " cessation n matriculation n " com mend "

1395,"commencement","[E:\P<QKP:QC]n 1396,"commend","[E:\P<QD]v praise

We should commend good people censure v /n execrable adj berate vt " deplore v

recommendation n re commend 1397,"commendable","[E:\P<QD:BS]adj 1398,"commensurate","[E:\P<QM:T0C]adj com mensur measure v uncommensurateness n "

I was satisfied with the job commensurate with my abilities preponderant adj tantamount adj incommensurate adj parity n

1399,"comment","[\E5P<QC]n commentary n commentator n


No comment!

! "

com ment

pungent:odor caustic:comment trade

1400,"commerce","[\E5P::K]n nations theater:performance market:commerce 1401,"commercial","[E:\P::M:S]adj n

Our country has been trying to broaden its commerce with other filibuster:legislation blockade:commerce quarantine:contagion[contact] embargo:commerce advertising:commercial publishing:journal 97

com merce merchant n

[ ] "




com mingle v

" com miser

1403,"commiserate","[E:\P0L:T<0C]v com miser miss ate 1404,"commission","[E:\P0M:Q]n two small commissions for you 1405,"commitment","[E:\P0CP:QC]n profound commitment to the family mit meet Com mit

I commiserate with him after he got fired commiseration n v com miss mit pledge promise com mit " I gets 30% commission on my sales com mission n "

10% I have

I am afraid of any commitments com mit MIT MIT

a Com

commit v consign bind obligate perpetrate crime:misdemeanor commitment:decision disaffected:contentment dubious:commitment[conviction]

equivocate:commitment procrastinate:action dilettante:commitment nonentity:consequence [ ]" 1406,"committed","[E:\P0C0D]adj Com mit ambivalent adj noncommittal adj devoted MIT GRE

I am a committed teacher " ous

com mitted

profligate:solvent mercurial:committed

confirmable adj spacious roomy

1407,"commodious","[E:\P:7D0:K]adj accommodation n constringed adj "

commodi commodity n

com mod ious constricted adj

taut:commodious extraordinary:purlieu

cramped adj

1408,"commodity","[E:\P5D0C0]n "

com mod mode n

barter:commodities correspond:letters

1409,"commonplace","[\E5P:QAS<0K]adj moon common adj place n


platitude "

it will be commonplace for people to travel to the

inimitable adj

1410,"commonsensical","[kRmEn5sensIk(E)l]adj preposterous adj "

common adj

sensi sense n

1411,"commonwealth","[\E5P:QV<SI]n " 1412,"commotion","[E:\P:7M:Q]n promotion n turbulence

commonwealth of learning

common adj

wealth n

civil commotion

com motion n tranquility"

motivation n

squall:commotion flash:illumination

tranquillity n common adj 98



1414,"communicable","[E:\PU7:Q0E:BS]Adj communic common adj able ... "

communicable knowledge

communicable disease

1415,"communicate","[E:\PU7:Q0E<0C]v commun common adj

teachers are able to communicate their ideas clearly "

tamper:adjust misrepresent:communicate

1416,"communication","[E:]PU7:Q0\E<0M:Q]n censorship:communication preservative:decay 1417,"community","[E:\PU7:Q0C0]n

Communication with other countries was difficult " commun common adj ity "

1418,"commute","[E:\PU7:C]v to change or exchange com mute com mute commuter n dense solid n

I commute from Cambridge to London every day " agreement covenant com pact pact n

1419,"compact","[E:P\A3EC]adj " 1420,"companion","[E:P\A3QU:Q]n 1421,"comparable","[\E5PA:T:BS]adj comparability n comparison n

comrade mate

companion in adversity

company n compare v able ...


My house is not comparable with yours " smoking compartment scope range com pass

1422,"compartment","[E:P\A4:CP:QC]n 1423,"compass","[\E8PA:K]n compass:direction "

com part ment



1424,"compassion","[E:P\A3M:Q]n dispassionate adj impassive adj

Her heart was filled with compassion compassionate adj sympathetic indifference n com pati "

com passion n

1425,"compatible","[E:P\A3C:BS]adj compatibility n "

com pat put ible ...

1426,"compatriot","[E:P\A3CT0:C]n 1427,"compel","[E:P\A<S]v re pel expel v ex pel "

com patriot n

" com pel repel v

force constrain exact

I was compelled to do so



compel lat late 99


1429,"compelling","[E:P\A<S0R]adj 1430,"compendium","[E:P\A<QD0:P]n compendious adj


" com pend com pen ium "

summary abstract

concise comprehensive

compendium:summary anthology:collection recompense

1431,"compensate","[\E5PA<QK<0C]v com pens ate

Nothing can compensate for the loss of time compensation n " com pet rival:competition

expense n with in

dispense v

1432,"compete","[E:P\A0:C]v competition n sycophant:flattery "

I have often competed against famous players ability competent adj good

competitive adj

competence n

1433,"compile","[E:P\A>0S]v " 1434,"complacent","[E:P\AS<0KQC]adj com place

gather compose

I am compiling an book for students

com pile


He had become complacent anxiety n "

com plac

com pla play cent

complacency n

1435,"complaisance","[E:P\AS<0LQK]n adeptness:maladroit churlishness n

He speaks with complaisance obstinacy n " obliging obdurate adj v " character aspect complexity n com plex " com pliant adj " "


1436,"complaisant","[E:P\AS<0LQC]adj please com pla play is ant : obsequious:fawn compliant:yield : 1437,"complement","[\E5PAS0P:QC]n complete vt complementary adj

She is entirely complaisant to me compliant:servile trusting:gullible

com plais

Love is the complement of the law

com ple

1438,"complexion","[E:P\AS<EM:Q]n complexion complexion

...... complex

duplicity n

1439,"compliant","[E:P\AS>0:QC]adj complaisant pliant adj suppliant adj compliant:servile trusting:gullible 1440,"complicate","[\E5PAS0E<0C]v complexity n "

complying submissive compliance n

com pli play ant

frugal:penurious compliant:obsequious

obsequious:fawn compliant:yield adj com plic ate

complicated adj

complication n


com plic ity 100

com pli play city


1442,"compliment","[\E5PAS0P:QC]v /n praise flattery complement v /n compliment:impressed implement n v "

She received many compliments apologize:contrite

compliment:flattery deference:subservience

1443,"complimentary","[]E5PAS0\P<QC:T0]adj scathing adj vituperative adj "

courageous:bravado complimentary:fulsomeness

1444,"comply","[E:P\AS>0]n mandatory:comply forbidden:abstain 1445,"component","[E:P\A:7Q:QC]n 1446,"comport","[E:P\A5:C]v transportation n portable adj with

You must comply with the rules " com pon put nexus n

com ply play


disconnected components com port


He comported himself as if he was the king "

comportment n

1447,"compose","[E:P\A:7L] oxygen com pose construct:remodel compose:edit 1448,"composed","[E:P\A:7LD]adj distraught adj restless adj "

She soon composed herself composition n compost n discombobulate vt tranquil self-possessed "

Water is composed of hydrogen and n compound

composite adj

com pose ed

Composed composer

1449,"composer","[E:P\A:7L:]n 1450,"composure","[E:P\A:7N:]n

sonnet:poet symphony:composer tranquility equanimity " self-possession

" chary:caution imperturbable:composure

tedious:energy disturbing:composure 1451,"compound","[\E5PA>7QD]n v mix

soldier:army element:compound include com prehend "

separate v " comprehensible adj



garbled:comprehend obscured:recognize 1453,"comprehensive","[]E5PAT0\O<QK0H]adj explanation of its plans 1454,"compress","[E:P\AT<K]v com press com prehens

hermetic adj inclusive

The government gave a very comprehensive apprehensive adj "

prehensile adj

to press together contract suppress v

Wood blocks may compress under pressure "

depression n

increase in volume


distention n " 101

1456,"compromise","[\E5PAT:P>0L]v rather die than compromise compromising adj " com promise mediation:compromise prosecution:conviction

Such conduct will compromise my reputation implacable:compromise honest:swindle intransigent adj open to compromise

I would polemical adj

1457,"compulsion","[E:P\A8SM:Q]n work by compulsion compulsory adj com puls compelling coercive "

Drinking is a compulsion with me repulse v repulsive adj

She made me do the compulsive adj

1458,"compunction","[E:P\A8REM:Q]n doing it com punct

guilt remorse penitence qualm punctual adj acupuncture n

I have some compunction in absence of misgiving "

1459,"concatenate","[E5Q\E3C0Q<0C]v concatenation n separate v "

con caten chain n

con cat ten10 ate

1460,"concave","[\E5Q\E<0H]adj n 1461,"conceal","[E:Q\K0:S]v 1462,"concede","[E:Q\K0:D]v cede v [ ] con cede

con cave n

convex adj

scoop:concave spatula:flat evince v unearth v " con aggress v "


I concealed the apple in my pocket admit yield

The Liberal Democratic Party conceded defeat privilege refuse to grant

concession n yielding He is full of conceit

1463,"conceit","[E:Q\K0:C]n conceited adj " imagine con ceive

con ceit ceive

con ce it

1464,"conceive","[E:Q\K0:H]v traveling to the moon

The baby was conceived in November perceive v receive v

It's difficult to conceive of " con centra center

conceivable adj

1465,"concentrate","[\E5QK<QCT<0C]v dilute:concentrated deploy v

You should concentrate on your work dilute solution rarefy v concentric circles distend v "

1466,"concentric","[E:Q\K<QCT0E]adj eccentric adj "

be concentric with ...

con centr

1467,"conceptual","[E:Q\K<ACU7:S]adj 1468,"concern","[E:Q\K::Q]v apathetic:concern

concrete adj


" arrhythmic:regularity "

I am concerned about mother's health

baleful:menace solicitous:concern

flip:respect nonchalant:concern


1469,"concerned","[E:Q\K::QD]adj ... firm:intransigent concerned:obsessed 1470,"concert","[\E5QK:C]n " 1471,"concerted","[E:Q\K::C0D]adj " 1472,"concerto","[E:Q\CM2:C:7]n 1473,"concession","[E:Q\K<M:Q]n concession:placate "

involved "


He is very concerned about her

exhibition:painting concert:symphony

program:concert agenda:meeting

take concerted action


individually devised

concert n concede v

ooa con cede

" stratagem:deceive

1474,"conciliate","[E:Q\K0S0<0C]v vex v nettle v rile vt "

placate reconcile pacify

concil council

ciliated adj

1475,"conciliation","[E:Q\K0S0\<0M:Q]n 1476,"conciliatory","[E:Q\K0S0:C:T0]adj contentious adj discontent adj

recalcitrant:authority implacable:conciliation sop:conciliatory subsidy:supportive " con cise concision n

" polemical adj

belligerent adj

1477,"concise","[E:Q\K>0K]adj 1478,"conciseness","[E:Q\K>0KQ0K]n 1479,"conclave","[\E5QES<0H]n 1480,"conclude","[E:Q\ES7:D]v conclusive adj begin v

terse laconic succinct


synopsis:conciseness distillate:purity con clave cave enclose con clude exclude v l

prolixity n " concave adj " conclusion n


seclude v

embark on " I concocted an excuse for being late con coct cook v

1481,"concoct","[E:Q\E5EC]v concoction n "

1482,"concomitant","[E:Q\E5P0C:QC]adj con comit come 1483,"concord","[\E5RE5:D]n accord v /n concordant adj dissonance dissension schism n comity n

accompanying attendant comely adj agreement "

Infirmities are the concomitants of old age

We lived in concord enmity n 103

con cord contention n "

discordant adj

agreeing consonant harmonious discrepancy n

inconsonant:concord scatter:overlap rancor n

1484,"concrete","[\E5QET0:C]adj 1485,"concurrent","[E:Q\E8T:QC]adj curriculum n concurrence n


con crete create v con curr concur v shaking

conceptual adj con cur occur v con current adj naysay v /dissent v "

" occurrence n


1486,"concussion","[E:Q\E8M:Q]n 1487,"condemn","[E:Q\D<P]v condemn:warning : :

con cuss con demn damn v

percussion n

discussion n " damnify v indemnify v

disapprove censure countenance v extol v "

pliable:influenced censorious:condemn

bristle:anger vacillate:irresolution


1488,"condemnation","[]E5QD<P\Q<0M:Q]n 1489,"condensation","[]E5QD<Q\K<0M:Q]n 1490,"condense","[E:Q\D<QK]v 1491,"condensed","[E:Q\D<QKC]adj 1492,"condescend","[]E5QD0\K<QD]v Sunday con de scend

approbation n

exaltation n

panegyric n


rust:corrosion dew:condensation con dense adj rarefy v "

rarefaction n "

synopsis:condensed appendix:supplementary deign stoop descend v ascend v "


The king condescended to eat with our every

1493,"condescending","[]E5QD0\K<QD0R]adj patronizing:condescending peeved:annoyed 1494,"condescension","[]E5QD0\K<QM:Q]n 1495,"condign","[E:Q\D>0Q]adj indignity n undeserved adj deserved unmerited adj : : "

condescending:patronize obsequious:fawn

patronize:condescension deride:mockery cond ig " abscond v recondite adj n Con dig n

" indignant adj

1496,"condiment","[\E5QD0P:QC]n 1497,"conditional","[E:Q\D0M:Q:S]adj 1498,"condole","[E:Q\D:7S]v with cond le indolence n

cond ment ... This is conditional on my plan commiserate


condition n " con dol " cond one


I condoled with her in her loss

doleful adj

condolence:sympathy[compassion] gibe:derision con done

1499,"condone","[E:Q\D:7Q]v donate v pardon v /n

I cannot condone the use of violence bristle:anger vacillate:irresolution 104

condone:mercy condemn:warning :


denounce v

exact vt

" vulture to con dor door 3 "

1500,"condor","[\E5QD5:]n 1501,"conduce","[E:Q\DU7:K]v con duce ...

Chats conduce to the establishment of harmonious atmosphere traduce v " to Fresh air is conducive to health conducive:foment

induce v

1502,"conducive","[E:Q\DU7:K0H]adj tonic:invigorate "


1503,"conduct","[E:Q\D8EC]n " 1504,"conductor","[E:Q\D8EC:]n film:director

behavior v

1ead guide

con duct

grammar:language protocol:conduct

pilot:ship conductor:orchestra

symphony:conductor "

director:script conductor:score aqueduct passageway c one core n candy "

conductor:instrumentalist director:actor con du it "

1505,"conduit","[\E5QD0C]n 1506,"cone","[E:7Q]n

1507,"confection","[E:Q\G<EM:Q]n 1508,"confederacy","[E:Q\G<D:T:K0]n 1509,"confer","[E:Q\G::]v 1510,"confess","[E:Q\G<K]v 1511,"confession","[E:Q\G<M:Q]n 1512,"confide","[E:Q\G>0D]v 1513,"confidence","[\E5QG0D:QK]n 1514,"confident","[\E5QG0D:QC]adj frugal:miserly confident:arrogant

con fect

infection n con feder "

affection n

perfection n "

confederation alliance reward con fer con fess

conference n profess v "

" professor n "

recantation:error confession:crime con fid fidelity n

perfidy n " " con fid

confidence:arrogant inquiry:interrogatory sure I am confident of success "

confident:timid open:shy strictly confidential

1515,"confidential","[]E4:QG0\D<QM:S]adj confidentiality n "

confident adj



1516,"configuration","[E:Q]G0FU7\T<0M:Q]n figurative adj figurehead n " restrain

form contour outline



1517,"confine","[E:Q\G>0Q]v confined adj

I shall confine myself to English



limited restricted " loose:confinement disabuse:misconception substantiate verify con firm v " fiscal adj confiscation n " confirmation n "

1518,"confinement","[E:Q\G>0QP:QC]n 1519,"confirm","[E:Q\G::P]v confirmed adj


claim:legitimated hypothesis:confirmed con fisc

1520,"confiscate","[\E5QG0KE<0C]v 1521,"conflagration","[]E5QGS:\FT<0M:Q]n flagrant adj deflagrate v "

con flagr flare

con flag n v

rat ion lion

1522,"conflate","[E:Q\GS<0C]v 1523,"conflict","[\E5QGS0EC]v

combine mix meld fuse fight battle con flu

con flat

inflate v

deflate v con flict

" jibe v "

opposition clash superfluous adj

1524,"confluence","[\E5QGS7:QK]n confluence:streams junction:roads 1525,"conform","[E:Q\G5:P]v established rule " to with

affluence n

divergence n " comply dissent v con form not hew to conformism n anomalous adj conforming to an

incongruent:conform recalcitrant:obey

1526,"conformity","[E:Q\G5:P0C0]n heretic:unconformity generous:liberality 1527,"confound","[E:Q\G>7QD]v equivalent:interchange 1528,"confront","[E:Q\GT8QC]v craven:confront honest:deceive 1529,"confuse","[E:Q\GU7:L]v enunciate:mumbling clarify:confusing 1530,"confusion","[E:Q\GU7:N:Q]n befuddle puzzle "

maverick:conformity extrovert:reserve

con found


discriminate between " face con front sidestep v jumble orient vt affront v /n cower v con fuse " coma:unconsciousness effrontery n " confusing adj confrontation n

circumvent v

confused adj

consensus:factionalism clarity:confusion 106


" jell geal con ge al all melt v disintegrated v fail to

1531,"congeal","[E:Q\DN0:S]v solidify "

1532,"congenial","[E:Q\DN0:Q0:S]adj con gen gene

companionable :

amiable agreeable sociable dour adj " con gen tal

con geni genius n


1533,"congenital","[E:Q\DN<Q0CS]adj genital adj progenitor n "

existing as such at birth innate

1534,"congest","[E:Q\DN<KC]v overcrowd congestion n " con glomer assemble " with

con gest

digestion n

ingest vt

1535,"conglomerate","[E:Q\FS5P:T0C]v 1536,"congregate","[\E5RFT0]F<0C]v 2400 aggregate n /v gregarious adj

agglomerate vt con greg


con GRE gate

1537,"congruent","[\E5RFT7:QC]adj congruent:dimensions coeval:age " 1538,"congruity","[E:Q\FT7:0C0]n 1539,"conifer","[\E:7Q0G:]n bark:conifer "

con gru gree

congruous adj : : disagreeable adj

incongruent:conform recalcitrant:obey

variance n con cone n fer

" coniform adj conference n epidermis:mammal

1540,"conjecture","[E:Q\DN<ECM:]v /n reject n /v projectile n adj

guesswork prediction

con ject

restrain from the speculation join n " gal

fact n "

1541,"conjoin","[E:Q\DN50Q]v 1542,"conjugal","[\E5QDN7F:S]adj cohabit conjugate subjugate "

conjoincon ju

" " Con ju gal goal

1543,"conjunction","[E:Q\DN8REM:Q]n combination 1544,"conjure","[\E8QDN:]v abjure vt perjury n "

con junct

junction n

injunction n [ ] " con jure

I conjure you not to betray me


1545,"connive","[E:\Q>0H]v connive:cooperate pry:watch 1546,"connoisseur","[]E5Q0\K::]n credulity:dupe discrimination:connoisseur gourmet:cuisine "


con nive

con nive give connivance n agnostic n "

uncouth:churl conspiratorial:conniver con nois seur

gons nois connoisseur:art

selflessness:altruist expertise:connoisseur

1547,"connotation","[]E4Q:\C<0M:Q]n connotative adj " nub

con not note


denotation n

1548,"connubial","[E:\QU7:B0:S]adj conjugal adj [ ]"

con nubi


nubile adj

1549,"conquer","[]E5RE:]v 1550,"conquest","[\E5REV<KC]n

con quer

conqueror n

" " con san gu in ity

inexorable:dissuasion indomitable:conquest con sanguine adj " con sci assiduous Con science n con sci entious

1551,"consanguinity","[]E5QK3R\FV0Q0C0]n G R E G exsanguine adj

1552,"conscience","[\E5QM:QK]n 1553,"conscientious","[]E5QM0\<QM:K]adj " 1554,"consciousness","[5kCnFEsnis] n 1555,"conscript","[\E5QKET0AC]v subpoena:witness conscript:soldier 1556,"consecrate","[\E5QK0]ET<0C]v desecrate vt sacrifice n /v "

" careless adj

state of being conscious draft con script

con sci ious prescription n "

" scripture n

emigrate:exile enlist:conscript dedicate sanctify ...

con socd ... con se crate


1557,"consensus","[E:Q\K<QK:K]n confusion:clarity

con sens us

consent v /n

consensus:factionalism falsehood " sequence n

law:criminality consensus:factionalism lesson:falsehood schism:consensus interruption:continuity on upon therefore as a result " 108

expedition:foot dragging consensus:factionalism 1558,"consequent","[\E5QK0]EV<QC]adj consequence n consequently adv

con sequ

obsequious adj

1559,"consequential","[]E5QK0\EV<QM:S]adj 1560,"conservation","[]E5QK::\H<0M:Q]n 1561,"conservative","[E:Q\K::H:C0H]adj contumacious:authority /waste vt / squander v " 1562,"conservatory","[E:Q\K::H:CT0]n seminary:theologian conservatory:artist

influential con serve

nugatory adj

" reservation n "

preservative n

bigoted:advice conservative:change ] [ exhaust vt conserve vt

reactionary[hidebound conservative]:change[innovation novelty] [

]hidebound:conservative peeved:annoyed manic:interested[excited]

greenhouse " considerable

conserve vt


observatory:astronomy conservatory:music

conservatory:music seminary:theology observatory:astronomy 1563,"considerable","[E:Q\K0D:T:BS]adj piddling:considerable " caring thoughtful entrust



1564,"considerate","[E:Q\K0D:T0C]adj 1565,"consign","[E:Q\K>0Q]v deliver 1566,"consistency","[E:Q\K0KC:QK0]n 1567,"consistent","[E:Q\K0KC:QC]adj 1568,"console","[E:Q\K:7S]v grief " comfort


consider ate consignment:invoice "

" : "

con sign

discombobulated:order erratic:consistency uniform con solo n con sist adj con sistent sister

" consolation n aggravate

solitude n

embarrass:shame console:comfort

disturb:serenity console:grief alleviate:intensity

1569,"consolidate","[E:Q\K5S0]D<0C]v dissolve v "



con solid n adj

solidify v

1570,"consolidation","[E:Q]K5S0\D<0M:Q]n 1571,"consonance","[5kRnsEnEns]n consonant adj dissonant adj chime

fragmentation n con son " con sort n

" inconsonant:concord scatter:overlap

/discrepant adj

1572,"consort","[\E5QK5:C]v associate n resort n "


assorted adj


1573,"conspectus","[E:Q\KA<EC:K]n spectacular adj "

outline synopsis

con spect us

inspection n

1574,"conspicuous","[E:Q\KA0EU7:K]adj suspicious adj hermitage:secluded landmark:conspicuous inconspicuous blatant adj /salient adj


con spic uous :

perspicacious adj nondescript adj

authoritative:acceptance conspicuous:attention / prominent adj con spire " "

conspicuous:see transparent:understand


1575,"conspire","[E:Q\KA>0:]n conspirator n cohabit:reside conspire:plot spy:watch conspire:cooperate 1576,"constancy","[\E5QKC:QK0]n 1577,"constant","[\E5QKC:QC]adj frequently persistent

perspire v

inspiration n conspiracy n infiltrate:enter

uncouth:churl conspiratorial:conniver

fickle:constancy naive:sophistication n invariable con stant

" constantly adv " interstellar adj

craven:heroic volatile:constant

mercurial adj con stell " con stern adj

intermittent adj stellar adj

1578,"constellation","[]E5QKC:\S<0M:Q]n 88 constellation:star chord:note queue:person 1579,"consternation","[]E5QKC:\Q<0M:Q]n star nation 1580,"constituent","[E:Q\KC0CU7:QC]n 1581,"constitute","[\E5QKC0CU7:C]v 1582,"constitution","[]E5QKC0\CU7:M:Q]n 1583,"constrain","[E:Q\KCT<0Q]v constraint n release vt " forced oblige "



Con ster

component element compose constitutional adj confine

con stit stat con stitute " con strain v

institute v n " abdicate v "

restrain vt ,

1584,"constrained","[E:Q\KCT<0QD]adj 1585,"constrict","[E:Q\KCT0EC]v stricture n

unnatural con strict

intemperate adj con strict adj dilate v

" restriction n "

constrict:diameter compress:size debase:value commodious adj con struct 110

distend v

1586,"constringe","[kEn`strIndV]vt 1587,"construct","[E:Q\KCT8EC]v

" destruction n obstruct v /n construction n

constructive adj

construct:remodel compose:edit

" cons true

1588,"construe","[E:Q\KCT7:]v explain interpret " 1589,"consul","[\E5QK:S]n 1590,"consult","[E:Q\K8SC]v advisor:consultant : : " squander confer

con strue struct

council n refer to

" consultation n bellwether:leadership

consultant n


con sume take "

assume vt

resume v


1592,"consumerism","[E:Q\KU7:P:T0L:P]n 1593,"consummate","[\E5QK8]P<0C]adj consummation n

perfect v conclude finish accomplish " communicating con tact

con sum

cummate summit n

amateurish adj

1594,"contact","[\E5QC3EC]n v touching 1595,"contagion","[E:Q\C<0DN:Q]n sprain:injure cold:contagion 1596,"contagious","[E:Q\C<0DN:K]adj 1597,"contain","[E:Q\C<0Q]v " 1598,"containment","[E:Q\C<0QP:QC]n 1599,"contaminate","[E:Q\C3P0Q<0C]v sterilize disinfect vt untainted adj "

intact adj

tactile adj


con tag ion

quarantine:contagion embargo:commerce

communicable restrain

contiguous con tain

incommunicable retain vt detain v

" container n


" pollute smudge con tamin ate purify v

contaminated" aseptic adj pristine adj "

1600,"contaminated","[E:Q\C3P0Q<0C0D]adj 1601,"contamination","[E:Q]C3P0\Q<0M:Q]n " 1602,"contemplate","[\E5QC<P]AS<0C]v G contemplative adj contemplation n

hedge:loss quarantine:contamination safeguard:accident

meditate ponder "

con temple n



1603,"contempt","[E:Q\C<PAC]n /v


con tempt vt

temptation n

attempt v /n

redoubtable:awe[regard] despicable:contempt[scorn disregard] wince:pain smile:pleasure pout:displeasure sneer:contempt scoff:contempt thank:gratitude : : deference n deify v

paragon:admire pariah:contempt despicable:contempt reprehensible:censure watch with contempt " estimable adj

1604,"contemptible","[E:Q\C<PAC:BS]adj " 1605,"contemptibly","[E:Q\C<PAC:BS0]adv 1606,"contemptuous","[E:Q\C<PACU7:K]adj " 1607,"contend","[E:Q\C<QD]v extend v " satisfied n struggle

hilarious:laugh contemptible:distain

measly:contemptibly puny:weakly scornful


discomfited:blush contemptuous:sneer

con tend

con t end

distend v


con tent disaffected adj

discontent n contented adj con tent

contented adj " attentive adj

gripe:discontent praise:admiration

avaricious adj abstention n

1609,"contention","[E:Q\C<QM:Q]n rivalry discord assertion general agreement " quarrelsome belligerent

1610,"contentious","[E:Q\C<QM:K]adj conciliatory adj "


meddlesome:pry contentious:argue

1611,"contentment","[E:Q\C<QCP:QC]n ] restiveness n " compete

disaffected:contentment dubious:commitment[conviction]


1612,"contest","[\E5QC<KC]v /n gerrymander:district "

con test v /n

detest vt


1613,"contestant","[E:Q\C<KC:QC]n 1614,"context","[\E5QC<EKC]n 1615,"contiguous","[E:Q\C0FU7:K]adj simultaneous:coincide "


trophy:contestant honors:student con text textile n texture n contiguity n

" " contiguous:abut


con tig uous

1616,"continent","[\E5QC0Q:QC]adj continence n

self-restrained temperate n " 112

con tin

continental adj

1617,"contingent","[E:Q\C0QDN:QC]adj 10

accidental fortuitous "

con ting tig

con ting

contingency n

1618,"continuation","[E:Q]C0QU7\<0M:Q]n 1619,"continuity","[]E5QC0\QU7:0C0]n 1620,"contort","[E:Q\C5:C]v contortion n deform continue v con tort " smuggling

metamorphosis n continuance n distort v

continuation without change disjunction n "


remaining tortuous adj

torture v /n

contortion:body grimace:face

1621,"contraband","[\E5QCT:B3QD]n 1622,"contract","[\E5QCT3EC]v

contra band n

contra band bank con tract " astringent:contraction



shrink condense compress deflate wrinkle n contract:implode descend:plummet convulsion:contraction frenzy:emotion

oath:promise contract:agreement 1623,"contraction","[E:Q\CT3EM:Q]n anesthetic:insensibility "

1624,"contradict","[]E5QCT:\D0EC]v contradictory adj mishap:catastrophic n "


contra dict

contradiction n

contrary n adj /adv

paradox:contradictory epigram:wise


1625,"contravene","[]E5QCT:\H0:Q]v contravention n support v /n



contra vene

intervene v

buttress v n " con tribute penitent con trite penitent:contrition contri ve vene labored v contrived:design : tribute n contribution n attrition n " contrition n

1626,"contribute","[E:Q\CT0BU7:C]v 1627,"contrite","[\E5QCT>0C]adj

triturate vt "

apologize:contrite compliment:impressed 1628,"contrive","[E:Q\CT>0H]v 1629,"contrived","[E:Q\CT>0HD]adj 1630,"control","[E:Q\CT:7S]n 1631,"controlled","[E:Q\CT:7SD]adj 1632,"controversial","[]E5QCT:\H::M:S]adj

impenitent adj

con tri try ve " group experimented on " "

...... "

controllable adj

indecipherable:decoded unmanageable:controlled disputatious 113

contro vers

controversy adj


dispute argument

axiomatic adj

" contradict disprove contro vert vers introvert n corroborate

1633,"controvert","[\E5QCT:H::C]v substantiate v liken vt ... "

1634,"contumacious","[]E5QCU7\P<0M:K]adj tumid adj tumor n contumacy n

insubordinate rebellious contumely n ] [ ]

con tum obedient adj

acious "

con tuma


reactionary[hidebound conservative]:change[innovation novelty] [ 1635,"conundrum","[E:\Q8QDT:P]n weak week puzzling

questions dilemma

Seven days without water make one " convalescent adj

con undrum under drum n recuperate

conundrum:solve tangle:unravel con val esce ... valorous adj

1636,"convalesce","[]E5QH:\S<K]v " 1637,"convalescence","[]E5QH:\S<KQK]n 1638,"convene","[E:Q\H0:Q]v dismiss:reinstate "

recidivism:relapse rehabilitation:convalescence convoke con vene disperse:reconvene



1639,"convenience","[E:Q\H0:QU:QK]n opportune:convenience impermanent:transience 1640,"convention","[E:Q\H<QM:Q]n conventions " custom


con vene opportune adj

convenient adj inconvenient adj conventionality n : ossify v transcend "

con vent

overdose:prescription indiscretion:convention


1641,"conventional","[E:Q\H<QM:QS]adj doyen:uninitiated

customary traditional ceremonious

eccentric:conventional offbeat adj "

hero:admirable eccentric:unconventional con verge moving apart conversancy versed " adj contrary opposite n 114

outlandish adj spread out " discrepancy n

1642,"converge","[E:Q\H::DN]v 1643,"convergent","[E:Q\H::DN:QC]adj 1644,"conversance","[E:Q\H::K:QK]n 1645,"conversant","[\E5QH:K:QC]adj unfamiliar adj ignorant adj

diverge vi discrepant adj "


lack of familiarity con vers ant

conversation n


I hold the converse opinion


1647,"convert","[E:Q\H::C]v veer:direction convert:belief 1648,"convertible","[E:Q\H::C:BS]n convertible:automobile 1649,"convex","[\E5Q\H<EK]n /adj "

change transform n hunter:quarry proselytizer:convert adj convert v

vert " ible ...

conversion n


concave v /n vex vt impart con vey " convey vt

dent n

" collude:cooperate

1650,"convey","[E:Q\H<0]v transport transmit smuggle:convey

convoy v /n

splint:immobilize duct:convey vehicle transfer condemn n "

1651,"conveyance","[E:Q\H<0:QK]n 1652,"convict","[E:Q\H0EC]v of convince vt victory n

" vict

She was convicted of murder

invincible adj

1653,"conviction","[E:Q\H0EM:Q]n [ ] skepticism n dubiety "

certainty opinion


resoluteness:will zeal:conviction

mediation:compromise prosecution:conviction

disaffected:contentment dubious:commitment[conviction]

1654,"convince","[E:Q\H0QK]v cogent:convince repugnant:repel unconvincing adj "

vince vict

lethargic:stimulate skeptical:convince cogent adj

admonish:denounce persuade:convince

1655,"convivial","[E:Q\H0H0:S]adj convivial:sociability : " convene


con viv

vivid adj

revive v

1656,"convoke","[E:Q\H:7E]v adjourn v "

con voke call

convocation n

invoke v

provoke vt

1657,"convoluted","[\E5QH:S7:C0D]adj revolutionary adj straightforward adj 1658,"convoy","[\E5QH50]v 1659,"convulse","[E:Q\H8SK]v 1660,"convulsion","[E:Q\H8SM:Q]n "

coiled spiraled


convoluted seashell

con volut

convoluted:complexity ephemeral:transience transient:evanescence

escort accompany agitate

con voy

convey vt

convoy" " "

con vulse pulse n turmoil 115

vulnerable adj

convulsion:contraction frenzy:emotion




corral:horses coop:chickens co operate v co operation n stonewall vi "


1662,"cooperate","[E:7\5A:T<0C]v 1663,"cooperation","[E:7]5A:\T<0M:Q]n " 1664,"cooperative","[E:7\5A:T:C0H]adj 1665,"coordinate","[E:7\5:DQ<0C]n v 1666,"copious","[\E:7A0:K]adj opulent adj sparse adj plentiful

collusion:conspirators cooperation:partners



factious adj

" coordination n copi copy ous copy "

co ordin order abundant wordy cop

dearth n " sound:air electricity:copper " flirt co que " cord n ream:paper cord:wood cord " sincerely" " tte coquet J "

1667,"copper","[\E5A:]n Cu 1668,"copyright","[\E5A0T>0C]n 1669,"coquette","[E:7\E<C]n


supplicant:beseeching coquette:flirtatious 1670,"cord","[kC:d]n 128 3 62

1671,"cordial","[\E5:DU:S]adj 1672,"cordon","[\E5:DQ]n 1673,"core","[E5:]n 1674,"cornet","[\E5:Q0C]n 1675,"cornice","[\E5:Q0K]n v

friendly gracious heartfelt cord n on

cordially adv

levee:river cordon:crowd "

cut out the core of the apple corn et corner n " corn nice

" copious adj cornucopia:abundance

1676,"cornucopia","[]E5:Q:\E:7A0:]n mace:authority 1677,"corny","[\E5:Q0]adj 1678,"corona","[E:\T:7Q:]n lack dearth n old-fashioned pittance n

corn copia copy " corn


corn n "


corona:sun atmosphere:planet 116

1679,"coronation","[]E5T:\Q<0M:Q]n " 1680,"corporal","[\E5:A:T:S]adj 1681,"corporate","[\E5:A:T0C]adj bodily

coro nation

coronation:reign wedding:marriage


incorporation n corpor al " corpor ation


incorporated collective

1682,"corporation","[]E5:A:\T<0M:Q]n 1683,"corporeal","[E5:\A5:T0:S]adj disembodied adj immaterial adj tangible material incorporeal incarnate adj stout obese corp us

" spiritual adj intangible adj

corpor eal real " corp lent copy

1684,"corpulent","[\E5:AU7S:QC]adj 1685,"corpus","[\E5:A:K]n 1686,"corpuscle","[\E5:A8KS]n 1687,"corral","[E5:\T4:S]n corral:horses coop:chickens 1688,"correlate","[\E5:T:]S<0C]v

corp ulent corp copy us

corpulence n G corpse n corp se "


corp uscle corr curr al all " adj n corr correct v

" all coral n

cor relate v

correlation n


1689,"correspondent","[]E5T0\KA5QD:QC]adj my wishes correspond vi

agreeing matching n " "

The result was correspondent with

correspondingly adv corri dor door

1690,"corridor","[\E5T0D5:]n 1691,"corroborate","[E:\T5B:T<0C]v robot ate corroborant adj

confirm bolster support strengthen n roborant corroborative adj deny v " lessening of certainty cor rode " " "


cor robor



controvert v

1692,"corroboration","[E:]T5B:\T<0M:Q]n 1693,"corrode","[E:\T:7D]v 1694,"corrosion","[E:\T:7N:Q]n 1695,"corrosive","[E:\T:7K0H]adj n



rust:corrosion dew:condensation erosive adj 117

etch:corrosive glue:adhesive


1696,"corrugate","[\E5T7F<0C]v rugoes adj corrugation n furrow "

cor rug wrinkle n

cor rug n


ruga n

1697,"corrugated","[\E5T7F<0C0D]adj 1698,"corrupt","[E:\T8AC]adj pristine adj purity n

folded wrinkled furrowed

smooth adj cor rupt

" corruption n

immoral depraved dishonest

corruption" glitter sparkle cor us cate cake cake

1699,"coruscate","[\E5T:KE<0C]v scintillate v "

1700,"cosmopolitanism","[]E5LP:\A5S0C:Q0L:P]n provincial:cosmopolitan servile:domination 1701,"cosmos","[\E5LP5K]n 1702,"cosset","[\E5K0C]v pamper n

cosmopolis n insularity n



bigoted:tolerant cosmopolitan"

insular adj co mo "

cosm co s mo s

slight adj custom n costume "

unspoiled adj cost "



1703,"costume","[\E5KCU7:P]n 1704,"cosy cozy","[\E:7L0]adj 1705,"coterie","[\E:7C:T0]n coterie:group : " adj " warm comfortable snug clique

cozen v rie

cote cottage n

cottage n

cotenant n

1706,"coterminous","[E:7\C::P0Q:K] conterminous terminate v 1707,"couch","[E>7CM]n 1708,"cougar","[\E7:F:]n 1709,"counselor","[\E>7QK:S:]n divan puma panther adviser terminal n


co term

co term n


coach n

" cougar cool " "


consult v


seller n

1710,"countenance","[\E>7QC0Q:QK]v countenance:toleration demur:objection 1711,"counteract","[]E>7QC:\T3EC]v

approve tolerate n visage regard with disfavor check neutralize

continent adj forbid v condemn vt " "

counter act


1712,"counterbalance","[]E>7QC:\B3S:QK]v 1713,"counterfeit","[\E>7QC:G0C]v sophism:reasoning counterfeit:money 1714,"countermand","[]E>7QC:\P4:QD]v command n /v

counterpoise forge feign dissemble adj

balance n /v " n counter feit fact " demand v /n

forgery:counterfeit embezzlement:fraud cancel revoke " counter mand

countermand:order revoke:license

1715,"counterpart","[\E>7QC:A4:C]n counter part "

The foreign minister is the counterpart of the secretary of state

1716,"counterproductive","[\E>7QC:AT:\D8EC0H]adj 1717,"coup","[E7:]n 1718,"couple","[5kQp(E)l]n v 1719,"courageous","[E:\T<0DN:K]adj " 1720,"court","[E5:C]v snub n /v spurn v woo seek aversion n " polite court room court n ous n cool co up coup 2400 couple cool

counter productive adj "


disconnect v " courageous:bravado complimentary:fulsomeness

brave fearless valiant

repel intentionally

repulse intentionally

1721,"courteous","[\E::CU:K]adj 1722,"courtroom","[\E5:CT7:P]n gladiator:arena "

courtesy n

" lawyer:courtroom

referee:field judge:courtroom

1723,"coven","[5kQv(E)n]n 1724,"covenant","[\E8H0Q:QC]n " 1725,"covert","[\E8H:C]adj open adj "

retainer:retinue witch:coven compact bargain v

" co ven ant coven cave ant

concealed hidden disguised sheltered

cover v


overt adj

1726,"covetous","[\E8H0C:K]adj covet v mania:enthusiastic rapacity:covetous

avaricious "

cove cover t ous covetous:desire prodigal:speed

cupidity n

troubled:distraught covetous:rapacious




intimidate world

embolden vt cow ar d

undaunted adj



1728,"coward","[\E>7:D]n their deaths yokel:sophistication coward:courage 1729,"cowardice","[\E>7:D0K]n pluck n v " 1730,"cower","[\E>7:]v 1731,"coy","[E50]adj 1732,"cozen","[\E8LQ]v 1733,"crab","[ET3B]n shellfish 1734,"crabbed","[\ET3B0D]adj 1735,"crack","[ET3E]n 1736,"craft","[ET4:GC]n 1737,"crafty","[\ET4:GC0]adj 1738,"crag","[ET3F]n 1739,"cram","[ET3P]v 1740,"cramp","[ET3PA]n 1741,"cramped","[\ET3PAC]adj 1742,"crank","[ET3RE]n 1743,"cranky","[\ET3RE0]adj 1744,"crass","[ET3K]adj 1745,"crate","[ET<0C]n fissure

cowardly adv

Cowards die many times before

coward:craven dupe:gullible

coward:brave philanthropist:selfish

dauntlessness n " cowardice:intimidate perplexity:obfuscate choler:antagonize

fear:cower anger:rant reserved coax deceive v shy cosy adj

brazenly confront co y

bristle v " boy coy "

deal with forthrightly cay crab n " "


complain grumble

peevish ill-tempered cross break" proficiency guile deceitful sly G 240

craftsman n craft n "


cra cry rag n stuff

craggy adj

steep rugged uneven"

cream cram" clamp n confined restricted eccentric peevish clam n " commodious adj " " Cry ass produce 120


cra cry rank bank erratic crank n

queer odd

unrefined cr rat ate

cr as s

refined adj crater n

" curate n

create a crate

curator n

envelope:letter crate:produce cavity crate

" " Croatian cougar " cr cry aven craven brave coward:craven : cravat run V " craven n

1746,"crater","[\ET<0C:]n 1747,"cravat","[ET:\H3C]n 1748,"crave","[ET<0H]v craven adj

neckerchief scarf desire crave cave r run

exult:satisfaction crave:longing cowardly n coward

1749,"craven","[\ET<0H:Q]adj dupe:gullible valorous adj

craven:heroic volatile:constant permanent:erratic craven:confront honest:deceive gallant adj " terror:fear craving:desire creep canyon n create v " belief trustworthiness credentials cred spurn v "

craven:admirable deft:awkward dastard:craven

craven:hero parsimonious:spendthrift

1750,"craving","[\ET<0H0R]n 1751,"crawl","[ET5:S]v 1752,"crayon","[\ET<0:Q]n 1753,"crease","[ET0:K]n crease:folding hole:perforating 1754,"credence","[\ET0:D:QK]n skeptic n doubt n "

crawl:proceed dwindle:decrease crayon canyonc ray on create a creasecr ease easy "


grease n

credibility n

credible adj

1755,"credential","[ET0\D<QM:S]n 1756,"credit","[\ET<D0C]n 1757,"creditable","[\ET<D0C:BS]adj 1758,"credo","[\ET0:D:7]n [ ] creed 1759,"credulity","[ET0\DU7:S0C0]n 1760,"credulous","[\ET<DU7S:K]adj penitent:obdurate skeptic:credulous 1761,"creed","[ET0:D]n trust

" credits:movie byline:article creditworthy cred credit n able " "

creed n " credulity:dupe discrimination:connoisseur skepticism n "


cred ulous

credulous:dupe insensitive:boor "

credulous:cozen tractable:control cred " 121

1762,"creek","[ET0:E]n " 1763,"creep","[ET0:A]v

creek creep v

creel n

creek:river peddle:rock hill:mountain

cr ee dim



move swiftly crepuscule n

quick movement

" cry pass

1764,"crepuscular","[ET0\A8KEU7S:]adj killer "

cry pass killer

1765,"crescendo","[ET0\M<QD:7]n crescendo:sound acceleration:tempo 1766,"crest","[ET<KC]n increase peak

crescend decrease in volume cr est " "


crescent n


C rest


crest:wave summit[peak, acme]:mountain

1767,"crestfallen","[\ET<KC]G5:S:Q]adj exultant adj "

dejected disheartened humbled

crest n

fallen adj

1768,"crevice","[\ET<H0K]n vt "

fissure cleft


crack n

cre cry v ice

crevasse n

1769,"criminality","[]ET0P0\Q3S0C0]n 1770,"cringe","[ET0QDN]v cringe:dread " cower

law:criminality convention:indiscretion fawn cr in ge cringing adj /n

" fidget:nervousness

1771,"crinkle","[\ET0RES]v 1772,"cripple","[\ET0AS]n

n wrinkle twist ripple fold v lame maim ... crit faultfinder

wrinkle n v " cr ipple apple "

creep v

1773,"criterion","[ET>0\C0:T0:Q]n 1774,"critic","[\ET0C0E]n 1775,"critical","[\ET0C0E:S]adj 1776,"criticism","[\ET0C0]K0L:P]n 1777,"criticize","[\ET0C0K>0L]v arbitrator:mediate

critique n " apologist n " " " faultfinder:criticize "

bombast:pompous tirade:critical accolade n encomium n

fulminate:criticize adulate:flatter

nitpick:criticize cavil:object 122

exemplary:criticized erratic :predicted

1778,"croak","[ET:7E]n 1779,"crochet","[ET:7\M<0]n 1780,"crockery","[\ET5E:T0]n

low hoarse v v clay croch

" encroach vi rock crony n crony " crooked adj bent curved askew" 240 croon:sing croach encroach "

crockery:earthenware : " ism cr

1781,"cronyism","[\ET:7Q00L:P]n on y 1782,"crook","[ET7E]v 1783,"croon","[ET7:Q]v murmur:speak "

nepotism:relative cronyism:friend bend softly creek n pop hook n v cr roon room


annoyed bad-tempered angry n

" c rot che ty " "

1785,"crotchety","[\ET5CM0C0] adj 1786,"crouch","[\ET>7CM]v 1787,"crown","[kraJn]vt 1788,"crucial","[\ET7:M:S]adj perceptible:obvious 1789,"crude","[ET7:D]adj 1790,"crudity","[\ET7:D0C0]n 1791,"cruelty","[\ET7::SC0]n 1792,"crumb","[ET8P]n 1793,"crumble","[\ET8PBS]v ... not easily crumbled "

whimsical perverse couch n r

hover:plunge crouch:spring " relevant:crucial

inaugurate:president install:official crown:king significant important inconsequential adj raw n delicacy n " " crumble v decisive " crud " cruc cross

cruel adj fragment scrap portion disintegrate collapse

pottery:shard bread:crumb friable adj


friable:crumble malleable:alter

1794,"crumple","[\ET8PAS]v rumple " 1795,"crusade","[ET7:\K<0D]n crus ade 123


11 13

cruciform adj

crusader n

" juggernaut:crush quisling:betray adj " crust acean ocean crusty adj


1797,"crustacean","[ET8K\C<0MU:Q]n " 1798,"crutch","[ET8CM]n crutch:support " cross cr u

crust n acean

tch teach

crutch:walk glasses:see


peripheral element cryogen n "

" cry gen "

1800,"cryogenic","[]ET>0:\DN<Q0E]adj 1801,"crypt","[ET0AC]adj 1802,"cryptic","[\ET0AC0E]adj cipher:cryptic pr�cis:concise 1803,"crystal","[\ET0KCS]n 1804,"cub","[E8B]n 1805,"cubicle","[\EU7:B0ES]n 1806,"cuddle","[\E8DS]n 1807,"cuff","[E8G]n v cu b crypt

cryo gen

mystifying baffling obscure cryptic:perplex " 20 " :


apocrypha n "

cryptogram n

self-explanatory adj


" "

cube n

incubation n


cub icle embrace fondle caress hug

coddle cuff cui

puddle n "

slap fare

give sb a cuff cui

handcuffs n " Cuis cul connoisseur:art gourmet:cuisine

1808,"cuisine","[EV0\L0:Q]n "

1809,"culinary","[\EU7:S0Q<T0]adj astrolabe:nautical colander:culinary 1810,"culminate","[\E8SP0Q<0C]v 1811,"culpable","[\E8SA:BS]adj culpable:blame "

cuis cul " climax


in ary

colander cullender n

culmination n culp culprit n

" exculpate v exemplary:imitation above reproach

testimonial:appreciation confession:culpability

innocent adj


1812,"cult","[E8SC]n ...... " foster nurture



1813,"cultivate","[\E8SC0H<0C]v ivate cultivable adj cultured adj

She always tries to cultivate rich people cause to wither

cult neglect vt "

nurture:child cultivate:crop feral adj clumsy onerous "

1814,"cultivated","[\E8SC0H<0C0D]adj 1815,"cumbersome","[\E8PB:K:P]adj easy to handle "

cumber v cumb cub er

recumbent adj

1816,"cumulus","[\EU7:PU7S:K]n 1817,"cunning","[\E8Q0R]adj cunning:gulled

cumul clever deceiving ingenuous adj

cumulative adj

" watchful:waylaid

ingenious n guile dexterity " Cupid n

artless adj

1818,"cupidity","[EU7:\A0D0C0]n " 1819,"curator","[EU7:\T<0C:]n curable adj curate n ranger:forest curator:museum 1820,"curb","[E::B]v curd n d

avarice greed covetousness

cup id

covet v

cur cure n /v "


cu rat or curator:art archivist:documents


curators:paintings librarians:books

restrain check control n goad v /n cheese coagulate congeal " Cur n few " " bean curd(s) "

Cur curr b

curt adj

1821,"curd","[E::D]n 1822,"curdle","[\E::DS]v 1823,"curfew","[\E::GU7:]n

cur curr few inquisitiveness

1824,"curiosity","[]EU7:T0\5K0C0]n wanderlust:travel "

curi osity


1825,"curmudgeon","[E:\P8DN:Q]n agreeable person "

cur mud

cur mud geon




curriculum schedule 125

curr iculum

curriculum:course menu:dish agenda:meeting 1827,"currish","[\E::T0M]adj G 1828,"curse","[E::K]n theocracy " curs " curs snarling bad-tempered mean ill-bred " swearword v swear cur se se

" cur rish currish

anathema:curse theocracy:stateanathema

1829,"cursive","[\E::K0H]adj 1830,"cursory","[\E::K:T0]adj fastidious adj " terse


excursion n

painstakingly thorough

1831,"curt","[E::C]adj " 1832,"curtail","[E::\C<0S]v abase:strength 1833,"curtain","[\E::CQ]n



curt cut

curt:words parsimonious:resource

abbreviate protract v

curt cut tail

curtail:period[duration] enervate:energy

prolong vt

elongate v " " curv aceous " " custodian n " custom n "

1834,"curvaceous","[E::\H<0M:K]adj 1835,"cushion","[\E7M:Q]n 1836,"custody","[\E8KC:D0]n 1837,"customary","[\E8KC:P<T0]adj 1838,"cuticle","[\EU7:C0ES]n 1839,"cutlery","[\E8CS:T0]n 1840,"cyclone","[\K>0ES:7Q]n cyclical adj epidermis cut " pillow v ...


crush on custo

care protection

custom n

It is customary with me to do so cut icle "

cycl one


alone "

cyclamate n

cyclopedia n

rain[snow]:precipitation hurricane:cyclone [ ] net cyg cyg cyg cyg cyg "

1841,"cygnet","[\K0FQ0C]n 1842,"cylinder","[\K0S0QD:]n

cygnet cygnet cygnet "


1843,"cynic","[\K0Q0E]n cynophobia n ing�nue:sophistication cynic:trustfulness Cynosure n sy see press v cyt ology dabble dedicate devote vt silly foolish stupid cytogenous adj babble v specialize vi

cyn ic " Cyn " see to logy double dabbler n dabble see no sure

cynical adj

cynicism n

1844,"cynosure","[\K>0Q:M7;]n 1845,"cypress","[\K>0AT0K]n 1846,"cytology","[K>0\C5S:DN0]n 1847,"dabble","[\D3BS]v dabbler:dedication 1848,"daft","[D3GC] adj 1849,"dagger","[\D3F:]n 1850,"daguerreotype","[D:\F<T:7C>0A]n " 1851,"dainty","[\D<0QC0]n 18 18 delicacy adj 18


" martinet:leniency

specialist/ dedicate professional n " daft:saint judicious adj " "

dagger:scabbard pistol:holster Daguerre

daguerreotype:photograph musket:firearm

exquisite pretty "

fastidious particular squeamish

...... ... ... ... ... ... ... ..................

1852,"dais","[\D<00K]n 1853,"dally","[\D3S0]v dalliance v dawdle



dais dally daily adj " "

dais dally away

" dally

trifle toy loiter flirt

dallying flirting toying

dally:time squander:money

1854,"dam","[D3P]n 1855,"damp","[D3PA]v damp:quench : :

hindrance obstruction adj

tourniquet:blood dam:water

... damped

dampness n sere adj "

damp:vibration stanch:flow



1856,"dampen","[\D3PA:Q]v scorch v


deaden depress reduce

assuage:sorrow dampen:ardor alleviate:strength

damper n

amelioration n " , fop " tantalize vt ... " dan dy dandified adj


miser:hoard dandy:preen sycophant:fawn pundit:opinion 1858,"dangle","[\D3RFS]v Dang le



1859,"dank","[D3RE]adj dank:moisture : "

damp wet humid

sank vi


1860,"dapper","[\D3A:]adj slovenly:dapper

neat trim frowsy adj

quick alert unkempt adj slovenly adj

dapper:fastidious "



spotted mottled


striated:groove mottled[dappled]:spot dare v devil n


1862,"daredevil","[\D2:]D<HS]adj /n malcontent:dissatisfaction courage:daredevilry : 1863,"darn","[D4:Q] v 1864,"dart","[D4:C]n move:dart : : " : n " yarn n v

bold reckless adventurous


prudence:daredevil sagacity:simpleton



dais dart:missile skiff:boat


" descend:plummet

1865,"dashing","[\D3M0R]adj 1866,"dastard","[5dAstEd]n 1867,"daub","[D5:B]v 1868,"daunt","[D5:QC]v impassive:perturb hearten vt cowed adj



dash v

" : " daubster n " fearless:daunt make resolute


intimidate dishearten dismay undaunted adj daunting adj fearless brave

da aunt "

D aunt embolden vt

dauntless:trepidation footloose:attachment meek adj

1869,"dauntless","[\D5:QCS0K]adj dauntless:intimidate irrepressible:restrain trepid adj "

dauntless:trepidation footloose:attachment pusillanimous adj craven n adj easily discouraged

1870,"dawdle","[\D5:DS]v 1871,"daze","[\D<0L]v 1872,"dazzle","[\D3LS]v 1873,"deactivate","[D0:\3EC0H<0C]v 1874,"deaden","[D<DQ]v

idle loiter bemuse benumb" dazzling adj de act

dawdler n

hie v


glimmer:dazzle murmur:resound potentiate v " "


tonic:stimulate[invigorate] analgesic:deaden 128

1875,"deadlock","[\D<DS5E]n 1876,"deadpan","[\D<DA3Q]adj

standstill stalemate

dead lock

" dead pan impudence:brazen

wooden impassive n n :adj " treatment chicanery n d earth

deadpan:impassive insight:discerning 1877,"dealing","[\D0:S0R]n 1878,"dearth","[D::I]n plenitude n spate n

honest dealing Dear th

" glut v /n plethora n

scarcity famine copious adj " rout

1879,"debacle","[D<0\B4:ES]n debar v

de bacle complete success "


bac back le

bar forbid exclude

1880,"debarkation","[]D0:B4:\E<0M:Q]n : unload " de base

embark v , , ,

debark:ship dismount:horse unload:truck :


1881,"debase","[D0\B<0K]v attenuate:force[intensity] deification n


basement n

basis n

debase:value enervate:vitality debased adj ennobled adj

simplify:complexity debase:status lower:height

debasement n " bate debatable adj box:fight debate:argue de bauch " somebody

1882,"debate","[D0\B<0C]n 1883,"debauch","[D0\B5:CM]v ...... debauchery n "

corrupt deprave debase

de bauch beam

1884,"debilitate","[D0\B0S0C<0C]v invigorate fortify v "


enervate weaken

attenuate:thickness debilitate:strength

1885,"debility","[D0\B0S0C0]n 1886,"debonair","[]D<B:\Q2:]adj

weakness feebleness infirmity charming urbane genial jaunty


bility ability

" " somebody

deb debt on air de bouch

1887,"debouch","[D0\B7:M]v emerge issue somebody beautiful 1888,"debrief","[D0\BT0:G]v 1889,"debris","[D:\BT0:]n ash:burn " debauch v

de bouch mouth a ......debouch o "

brief n rubble litter

" debt rise deb debt ris rise debris:destroy


1890,"debunk","[\D0:\B8RE]v unexposure v "

de bunk bank

de bunk bank

perpetuate to sham

1891,"debut","[D0\BU7:]n XX but de " X performance

de but but Z debutante n

F but


F but


F but... Z farewell

debut:career embarkment:journey

1892,"decadence","[\D<E:D:QK]n 1893,"decadent","[\D<E:D:QC]adj 1894,"decamp","[D0\E3PA]v 1895,"decant","[D0\E3QC]v subterfuge:deceive decant:pour " runaway

decade n deterioration de camp dec 12 " ant

wholesomeness n " de cad decay v "


De can t

1896,"decapitate","[D0\E3A0C<0C]v ... ... behead 1897,"deceit","[D0\K0:C]n deceitful adj dishonest" fraud deception falseness

de capit de ceit

" conceit n conceive vt

1898,"deceive","[D0\K0:H]v delude mislead stratagem:deceive concession:placate prevarication:deceive "


deceive shit

hoax:deceive filibuster:delay blandishment:coax

grandstand:impress equivocate:deceive

1899,"decelerate","[D0:\K<S:T<0C]v retrench:expense attenuate:force 1900,"decent","[\D0:KQC]adj decency n decant vt

slowdown "

de celer

accelerate v

decelerate:speed enervate:vitality

proper acceptable seamy adj ruse trick "

modest respectable

de cent


1901,"deception","[D0\K<AM:Q]n 1902,"decibel","[\D<K0B<S]n decibel:loudness light-year:distance 1903,"deciduous","[D0\K0DN7:K]adj 1904,"decimate","[\D<K0P<0C]v

camouflage:deception flattery:ingratiation


decibel:sound lumen:light volt:electricity watt:power " de cid decim 130

decid decide v dec12 mate v

uous 12

" decimal adj

" 1905,"decipher","[D0\K>0G:]v legible:decipher : " conclusive de claim resolute" proclaim vt acclaim v " " decode cipher n decipher:hieroglyph break:code separate:component

1906,"decisive","[D0\K>0K0H]adj 1907,"declaim","[D0\ES<0P]v

1908,"declamation","[]D<ES:\P<0M:Q]n 1909,"declare","[D0\ES2:]v affirm de

declamation:grandiloquence diatribe:abuse clare clear ... classify vt deterioration " de clin inclination n declaration n "

1910,"declassify","[D0:\ES3K0G>0]v 1911,"declination","[]D<ES0\Q<0M:Q]n declivity n proclivity n " code n

decline v ,

1912,"decode","[\D0:\E:7D]v 1913,"decompose","[]D0:E:P\A:7L]v

tacit:infer encoded:decode de com pose disintegration decay vi

" compose v " "

1914,"decomposition","[]D0:E5PA:\L0M:Q]n 1915,"decontaminate","[]D0:E:Q\C3P0Q<0C]v " 1916,"decorate","[\D<E:T<0C]v embellish 1917,"decorative","[\D<E:T:C0H]adj 1918,"decorous","[\D<E:T:K]adj mangy adj bawdy adj indecorous adj

bacteria:decomposition yeast:fermentation contaminate con tamin ate

de contamin

abstemious:indulge austere:decorate

" " unseemly adj

ornamental proper

labyrinth:tortuous ornament:decorative decor " room room " decoy decay decoy " coy adj decoration n rous

proper adj

1919,"decorum","[D0\E5:T:P]n gaffe:decorum 1920,"decoy","[D0\E50]v 1921,"decree","[D0\ET0:]n

decency etiquette impropriety n


effrontery n 1ure bait v


coy adj


decry v

de cree creed n 131

1922,"decrepit","[D0\ET<A0C]adj crep creep ee p robust adj hale adj " disparage decrepitude n


de crepit

dec12 repit repeat sturdy adj vigorous adj


100 sound adj


decrepitated vi


de cry committed"



1924,"dedicated","[\D<D0]E<0C0D]adj 1925,"dedication","[]D<D0\E<0M:Q]n martinet:leniency dabbler:dedication 1926,"deduce","[D0\DU7:K]v 1927,"deduct","[D0\D8EC]v 1928,"deed","[D0:D]n 1929,"deem","[D0:P]v subtract

dedicated adj zeal:dedication mesmerism:interest de duce deduce " deductive adj "

bigotry:dedication rage:anger dabble v "

meeting:minutes sale:deed consider believe judge disfigure embezzle de

motive:deed doubt:question "


I deem it my duty to help de face " "

1930,"deface","[D0\G<0K]v 1931,"defalcate","[di:fAl5keIt] v

falc fault ate de fa father ma mother

1932,"defamation","[]D<G:\P<0M:Q]n defamatory adj 1933,"default","[D0\G5:SC]n fulfill an obligation " beat de eulogy n [ ]

calumny "

defame v

de fame

de fault n

default:pay yield:resist

pay one's debts


feat n

" " defective adj plaintiff " "

1935,"defeatist","[D0\G0:C0KC]n 1936,"defect","[D0\G<EC]n fault flaw v

stickler:exacting defeatist:resigned de fect defection n defend

1937,"defendant","[D0\G<QD:QC]n the defending party opposed to plaintiff 1938,"defended","adj de fend defendant n adj " 132


defense n


invulnerable:injured inevitable:avoided

1939,"defer","[D0\G::]v 1940,"deference","[\D<G:T:QK]n deference:authority

defer:leader admire:hero respect

arrogance:defer lassitude:stir


frugal:penurious deference:sycophant effrontery n

emulation:exemplar contempt n "

exemplary:imitation reverent:deference

1941,"deferential","[]D<G:\T<QM:S]adj maudlin:sentimental obsequious:deferential 1942,"deferrable","[D0\G::T:BS]adj 1943,"defiance","[D0\G>0:QK]n :

deferential:offend intransigent:acquiesce scornful:respect : impudent adj " defiant adj shortage de fic de veneration n deficit n file vile de file " surfeit n " imperious adj "

exigent adj defy vt

1944,"deficiency","[D0\G0M:QK0]n incompleteness 1945,"defile","[D0\G>0S]v

desecrate pollute corrupt n " vague adj clear " define vt

precipice:steepness defile:narrowness 1946,"defined","[D0\G>0QD]adj 1947,"definite","[\D<G0Q0C]adj 1948,"definition","[]D<G0\Q0M:Q]n 1949,"definitive","[D0\G0Q0C0H]adj 1950,"deflated","[D0\GS<0C0D]adj flatulent adj deflation n

indeterminate adj

" "

amorphousness:definition lassitude:energy conclusive provisional " deflate v flat

feeling less important or less confident " flect reflection n

inflate v

flatus n


bend swerve

flexible adj

" "


foliage n

defoliator:tree insecticide:insect de forest " de form "

1953,"deforestation","[]D0:G5T0K\C<0M:Q]n deforestation:trees 1954,"deform","[D0\G5:P]v 1955,"defraud","[D0\GT5:D]v

deforest v


deforest:tree insecticide:insect misshape disfigure ... swindle

de fraud n "


1956,"defray","[D0\GT<0]v pay " 1957,"deft","[D<GC]adj maladroit:deft voluble:verse 1958,"defunct","[D0\G8REC]adj 1959,"defuse","[D0:\GU7:L]v 1960,"defy","[D0\G>0]v

The expenses are defrayed by the taxpayers


fray free


adroit dexterous

daft adj

craven:admirable cleft:awkward " "

maladroit ham-handed inept adj de funct

dysfunction n [ ] foment v " "

de fuse n acquiesce vi obey v

1961,"degenerate","[D0\DN<Q:T<0C]v generation n "

de genera n

de gene

regenerate vt

1962,"degrade","[D0\FT<0D]v upgrade vt " "

demote debase

de grade

retrograde adj


1963,"dehumanize","[D0:\OU7:P:Q>0L]v 1964,"dehydrate","[D0:\O>0DT<0C]v detoxify:poison dehydrate:water dehydrate:moisture desertification:vegetation 1965,"dehydration","[]D0:O>0\DT<0M:Q]n desiccated:dehydration 1966,"deify","[\D0:0G>0]v ... with contempt deification n " idolize exalt

de hydr

hydrant n

anhydrous adj descent:altitude ... "

dehydrate:water wither:vitality fade:brightening saturate with water reconstitute vt

fatigue:rest[repose] dehydration:water


deification n

deity n



debasement n " vouchsafe " de ject abject adj reject vt She passed by without deigning to look at me

1967,"deign","[D<0Q]v de ign n n

condescend stoop

condescend vi

1968,"dejected","[D0\DN<EC0D]adj exultant adj deject adj gladden adj "


1969,"dejection","[D0\DN<EM:Q]n depression 1970,"delectable","[D0\S<EC:BS]adj enjoyment entertainment" delightful

mollify:anger hearten:dejection delicious luscious delect delight

" delectation n delight


1971,"delegate","[\D<S0F0C]n 1972,"delete","[D0\S0:C]v erase

representative de lete litter n

de legate n del

" record vt " delete er wholesome adj

1973,"deleterious","[]D<S0\C0:T0:K]adj salutary salubrious adj "

injurious pernicious

1974,"deliberate","[D0\S0B:T0C]adj deliberation n impetuous adj liberality n liberty n insubordinate:submissive precipitate adj

intentional v candor:subterfuge brash:deliberate hasty adj " " delicate adj

de liber


apophasis:claim caprice:deliberate impromptu:rehearsal headlong:deliberation

1975,"deliberately","[D0\S0B:T0CS0]adv 1976,"delicacy","[\D<S0E:K0]n filigree:delicacy tapestry:intricacy delicate" 1977,"delimit","[D0:\S0P0C]v ... 1978,"delineate","[D0\S0Q0]<0C]v 1979,"delinquent","[D0\S0REV:QC]adj delinquency n misdeed" limit n :

summarily adv de lic

chiaroscuro:contrast crudity n husky adj

tapestry:intricacy tapestry


" de line de ate limn " lin quent

... draw depict describe linqu linger

1980,"delirium","[D0\S0T0:P]n delirious adj 1981,"delude","[D0\S7:D]v


deli " allude vi : " ludicrous adj

coma:unconsciousness delirium:confusion mislead deceive trick de lude

delusion:thought hallucination:perception mirage:imagination 1982,"deluge","[\D<SU7:DN]n deluge:droplet landslide:pebble drizzle n " 1983,"delusive","[D0\S7:K0H]adj 1984,"delve","[D<SH]v : " 135

de luge luv


delude deluge

dilute v


barrage:explosives deluge:rain

rain:deluge wind:hurricane

delusion n

illusion hallucination quaff:sip delve:skim

transparent adj

" :


scrutinize:gloss delve:skim

1985,"demagogue","[\D<P:F5:F]n demagogue:instruct : " de " de degrade marc mark oneself mand

dem agog

demagogy n

1986,"demand","[D0\P4:QD]v mind:sway : : supplicate v

demanding:satisfactory adulterate:pristine closed-

1987,"demarcate","[\D0:P4:]E<0C]v 1988,"demean","[D0\P0:Q]v

demarcation n humble

" " "

mean adj demean our

1989,"demeanour","[D0\P0:Q:] demeanor[SAT]n 1990,"demented","[D0\P<QC0D]adj insane

behavior deportment de ment dem is e de mobilize v demo cracy

de ment

3 GRE " sane adj mobility n san e mob n " " 3 "

1991,"demise","[D0\P>0L]n death termination 1992,"demobilize","[D0:\P:7B0S>0L]v 1993,"democracy","[D0\P5ET:K0]n 1994,"demography","[D0:\P5FT:G0]n

democratic adj demographic adj

demo graphy " demolish vt

census n

demography:population meteorology:weather 1995,"demolition","[]D<P:\S0M:Q]n rehabilitate:demolition "

de moli

demon n


1996,"demonstrate","[\D<P:QKCT<0C]v demonstrable adj unable to prove " " de moral



demonstration n

1997,"demonstrative","[D0\P5QKCT:C0H]adj 1998,"demoralize","[D0\P5T:S>0L]v 1999,"demote","[D0\P:7C]v 2000,"demotic","[D0:\P5C0E]adj 2001,"demur","[D0\P::]v demur:objection object dishearten de mote popular de mur dem

invigorate v

cheer v "

ameliorate "

promote vt profound adj mural n

commotion n "

countenance:toleration praise:approbation accept v accede v "

demur:qualms[doubt] waver:irresoluteness 136

2002,"demure","[D0\PU7:]adj 2003,"demystify","[D0:\P0KC0G>0]v 2004,"den","[D<Q]n "

reserved clarify

dem de mystify v

" obfuscate vt "

2005,"denigrate","[\D<Q0FT<0C]v negrophile n nigrify v

defame blacken belittle belittlement



de ni grate great exalt v " " citizen n " " "

denigration n den im

honor vt


sonnet:poem denim:fabric14 den n nomin nominate vt

2007,"denizen","[\D<Q0LQ]n inhabitant occupant 2008,"denominate","[D0\Q5P0Q<0C]n call designate ...

nominal adj

2009,"denomination","[D0]Q5P0\Q<0M:Q]n 2010,"denote","[D0\Q:7C]v mark indicate signify note

coin:denomination officer:rank connote v de no suggest imply " denouncement n

2011,"denouement","[D<0\Q7:P4:R]n joke:punch line plot:denouement 2012,"denounce","[D0\Q>7QK]v punish:pillory persuade:convince 2013,"dent","[D<QC]n 2014,"denture","[\D<QCM:]n toupee:hair " v denture n dent "

de noue knot

de nounce advocate vt , indented adj dent denture

renounce v tout v condone vt "

admonish:denounce brace v "

convex adj de nature nture

dentist n



de nude naked

nudism n

nudity n

cover v "

2016,"denunciation","[D0]Q8QK0\<0M:Q]n denunciation:denial glorification:merit panegyric n " refuse from

denunciate denounce : execrate:denunciate :

castigation:reproof eulogy n tribute n accolade n

2017,"deny","[D0\Q>0]v 2018,"depart","[D0\A4:C]v

postulate vt de part

aver v

corroborate v

posit v "

lurk:wait abscond:depart secrete:store 137

purloin:appropriate pilfer:take

" trustworthy reliable dependency n adj pend depend vi autonomy n " " unpredictable adj "

2019,"dependable","[D0\A<QD:BS]adj 2020,"dependence","[D0\A<QD:QK]n 2021,"dependent","[D0\A<QD:QC]n 2022,"depict","[D0\A0EC]v 2023,"deplete","[D0\AS0:C]v 2024,"deplore","[di5plC:]v ... commend vt " 2025,"deploy","[D0\AS50]v 2026,"deport","[D0\A5:C]v

minion:dependent groveler:petitioner describe de pict pic picture " plentiful adj laud vt depletion n accolade v


de plete plore

replete adj implore vt

enrich vt extol v


commend vt

de de port

ploy de port


employ deploy

concentrate v "


deport:nation expel:school " comport v "

2027,"deportation","[]D0:A5:\C<0M:Q]n 2028,"deportment","[D0\A5:CP:QC]n 2029,"depose","[D0\A:7L]n 2030,"deposition","[]D<A:\L0M:Q]n 2031,"depravity","[D0\AT3H0C0]n depraved[SAT] adj

deportation:country eviction:dwelling behavior demeanor bearing de port


de pose

deposit v position n

repose v /n " perjury n depravity " process of eroding deprive "

corruption wickedness

de prav

deprivation n

doldrums:energy depravity:virtue belittle depravity deprecate

2032,"deprecate","[\D<AT0E<0C]v extol v vaunt v endorse v "

deprecate:value restrict:diameter


belittle disparage [ ]

de preci price

appreciate vt

vi "

fawn:hauteur[imperiousness] self-depreciate:swagger 2034,"depredation","[]D<AT0\D<0M:Q]n 2035,"depress","[D0\AT<K]v deject

depreciation:valuable ossification:flexible pred plunder bulge vt " predator n "

raid robbing plundering weaken de press


2036,"depressed","[D0\AT<KC]adj depressant:mood : protuberant adj "

despondent:depressed saturnine:gloomy masterful:skilled




2037,"depression","[D0\AT<M:Q]n 2038,"deprivation","[]D<AT0\H<0M:Q]n surfeit n fecundity n "

surfeit n

" privacy n privation n deprive vt

de priv privat

2039,"deputy","[\D<AU7C0]n understudy:star deputy:sheriff 2040,"deracinate","[D0\T3K0]Q<0C]v "

de put

depute v

repute n

dispute v /n

deputize v

eradicate uproot insanity remiss n


rac race

plant v " arrange v relict relinquish deranged adj relict n pillar of society risible adj " relic n "

2041,"derangement","[D0\T<0QDNP:QC]n 2042,"derelict","[\D<T0S0EC]adj dereliction n

de range de


stickler:derelict poseur:unaffected ridicule de ride de ride

extremely careful


ridiculous adj praise v "

patronize:condescension deride:mockery 2044,"derision","[D0\T0N:Q]n mockery

show respect for

jeer[gibe]:derision reprimand:censure apologize:regret smirk:smugness sneer[ridicule]:derision veneration n "

condolence:sympathy[compassion] 2045,"derisive","[D0\T>0K0H]adj bluster:loud prate:aimless "

ridiculous jeering

pontificate:pompous scoff:derisive drawl:slow

2046,"derivative","[D0\T0H:C0H]adj precursory adj innovative adj

derived n seminal adj "

de rive river

derive v

derivation n

2047,"dermatologist","[]D::P:\C5S:DN0KC]n 2048,"dermatology","[]D::P:\C5S:DN0]n pediatrics:children dermatology:skin 2049,"derogate","[\D<T:F<0C]v disparaging belittling" 2050,"desalinization","[D0:]K3S0Q:\L<0M:Q]n purification:dross desalinization:salt " "

dermat ologist dermat olgy

dermatologist:skin podiatrist:feet epidermis n hypoderm n


disparage decry

de rog

arrogate v

rogation n derogatory adj

salt n

desalinize desalt vt

salty adj


2051,"descend","[D0\K<QD]v descend:altitude dehydrate:moisture

de scend "

ascend v

contract:implode descend:plummet

2052,"descendant","[D0\K<QD:QC]n offspring 2053,"descry","[D0\KET>0]v 2054,"deseam","v de seam n discern " profane

descend v scry

forbears n decry v outcry n

" "

2055,"desecrate","[\D<K0ET<0C]v sanctify v revere v hallow vt ... " n " sicc

de secra

de se crate

consecrate vt

2056,"desert","[\D<L:C]v desertification n desertion n

de sert

deserted adj

deserter n

2057,"desiccant","[\D<K0E:QC]n emollient:suppleness desiccant:dryness 2058,"desiccate","[\D<K0]E<0C]v desiccate:moisture detoxify:poison : drench v hydrate v

si c c

caustic:eat away desiccant:dry " n desiccation n dehydrate v

cleanser:dirt desiccant:moisture adj sicc siccative adj

desiccation:moisture deceleration:velocity disintoxication:immunity

add water " desiccate abraded:friction desiccated:dehydration sodden adj

2059,"desiccated","[\D<K0E<0C0D]adj " 2060,"desideratum","[D0]L0D:\T<0C:P]n 2061,"designation","[]D<L0F\Q<0M:Q]n

desider desire " indication " " a computer with many desirable features title sign design v /n

foreword:introductory appellation:designate 2062,"designer","[D0\L>0Q:]n 2063,"desirable","[D0\L>0:T:BS]adj " 2064,"desirous","[D0\L>0:T:K]adj 2065,"desist","[dI5zIst] [SAT]v forbear de

sign er

worthwhile beneficial

Everybody is desirous of success insist v "



2066,"desolate","[\D<K:S0C]adj 2067,"despair","[D0\KA2:]n despair:hopeful

deserted de spair sper

solitary desperado n "


desolation n desperate adj

solitude n

solo n "


abandon:inhibition despair:hope contemptible

2068,"despicable","[\D<KA0E:BS]adj venerable:reverence despicable:scorn 2069,"despise","[D0\KA>0L]v reverence n /v venerate v "

de spic

despise v

conspicuous adj "

redoubtable:awe[regard] reprehensible:censure despicable:scorn[contempt; disregard] despicable:value mulish:flexibility loathe de spise spic sublime adj

lionize:admire vituperate:despise


rob plunder ravage

spoil v

spoliate vt

" de spond spend : : :

2071,"despondent","[D0\KA5QD:QC]adj respond v elated adj responsible adj " sanguine adj

disheartened dejected hopeless

de spond

despondent:depressed saturnine:gloomy masterful:skilled

2072,"despot","[\D<KA5C]n potent adj "

de pot n

spot n



despotism n

2073,"despotic","[D<\KA5C0E]adj 2074,"dessert","[di5zE:t]n

autocratic tyrannical

despotic:tyranny generous:liberality " " destitute institute


dessert:meal epilogue:play coda:sonata de stabilize v de stitute

2075,"destabilize","[D0:\KC<0B0S>0L]v ... 2076,"destitute","[\D<KC0CU7:C]adj restitute v destitution n " de struct lacking

institute v

2077,"destructible","[D0\KCT8EC:BS]adj construction n obstruct n /v " disuse

destruction n

destructive adj

2078,"desuetude","[\D<KV0CU7:D]n 2079,"desultory","[\D<K:SC5:T0]adj

de suet suit

suitable adj random de sult

de sue use " consult v strictly methodical detach vt " insult v


desultory:plan languid:energy facile:profundity 2080,"detached","[D0\C3CMC]adj attachment n detachment n separate tether v

assiduous adj impartial indifferent detach v " 141

de tach

2081,"detain","[D0\C<0Q]v "


holdback delay

de tain

attainment n

retain v

manumit vt


de tect "

protection n

detect v

detective n

disguise:identification camouflage:detection 2083,"deter","[D0\C::]v rapt:distract discourage spur v " cleansing n ter

terror n

determent n


2084,"detergent","[D0\C::DN:QC]adj 2085,"deteriorate","[D0\C0T0:T<0C]v deterioration n

de terg

deter gent superior adj

" inferior adj



improvement n " determinative" deter rent incentive n adj

2086,"determinant","[D0\C::P0Q:QC]adj 2087,"deterrent","[D0\C<T:QC]adj inducement n " hate abhor

deterring discouraging n


de test de ton

attest v

testify v

" monotone n adj

2089,"detonate","[\D<C:7Q<0C]v detonation n "

de ton

de ton ate


de tour

detour:route digress:topic de tox detoxicate vt toxin n

" detoxification:poison

2091,"detoxification","[D0:]C5EK0G0\E<0M:Q]n neutralization:acid "

2092,"detoxify","[D0:\C5EK0G>0]vt 2093,"detractor","[D0\CT3EC:]n extol v detract v "

detoxify:poison dehydrate:water de tract or tractor n de

" proponent n apologist n

2094,"detriment","[\D<CT0P:QC]n 2095,"detritus","[D0\CT>0C:K]n 2096,"devastate","[\D<H:KC<0C]v

de trim debris de trit

detrimental adj contrite adj

harmful" valuable product devastating adj " "

ravage destroy

de vast adj 142

2097,"deviate","[\D0:H0<0C]v deviant n /adj "

diverge digress

de via

deviation n

deviance n

obviate v

2098,"devious","[\D0:H0:K]adj 2099,"devoid","[D0\H50D]adj 2100,"devolve","[D0\H5SH]v 2101,"devoted","[D0\H:7C0D]adj

roundabout winding empty de void

deviousness n

dishonesty "


avoid vt

voidance n

She devolved the duties of office upon me loving loyal devote vt " " de vote vow votary n

involve v devote vt devoted:zealous


zealous:enthusiastic idolatrous:devoted careful:fastidious dabble v

fanatic:devoted prude:proper

2102,"devotional","[D0\H:7M:QS]adj 2103,"devour","[D0\H>7:]v 2104,"devout","[dI5vaJt]adj 2105,"dew","[dju:]n 2106,"dexterity","[D<EK\C<T0C0]n 2107,"dexterous","[\D<EKC:T:K]adj

elegiac:sorrow devotional:reverence vour voracious adj " impiety n "

religion:devout canon:orthodoxy dew:condensation rust:corrosion adroitness adroit handy

devoutness n "

surgeon:dexterity acrobat:agility dexter ambidextrous adj : " dia 2 bet 2 " beneficent adj


dexterous:manipulate prescient:predict clairvoyant:oversee 2108,"diabetes","[]D>0:\B0:C0:L]n 2109,"diabolical","[]D>0:\B5S0ES]adj diabolic adj seraphic adj " dia 2 gnose n dia 2 gon 2 dia2 dia meter wicked cruel fiendish


2110,"diagnose","[\D>0:FQ:7L]v 2111,"diagonal","[D>0\3F:QS]adj 2112,"dialect","[\D>0:S<EC]n 2113,"diameter","[D>0\3P0C:]n

diagnose:treat proofread:correct diameter:circle diagonal:rectangle lect 2 "

" "

diameter:circle diagonal:rectangle



2114,"diaphanous","[D>0\3G:Q:K]adj phantom n substantial adj opaque adj

dia phan

dia phan "


impermeable of light

2115,"diatribe","[\D>0:CT>0B]n diatribe:discourse encomium n eulogy n

dia2 tribe 2 laudatory piece of writing dicho2 tom impose dict " a didactic old lady dict " "

tribune n

contrite adj


declamation:grandiloquence burlesque:mockery diatribe:abuse

2116,"dichotomy","[D>0\E5C:P0]n 2117,"dictate","[D0E\C<0C]v 2118,"dictum","[\D0EC:P]n 2119,"didactic","[D0\D3EC0E]adj didactic:instruct comic:amuse 2120,"die","[D>0]n 2121,"diehard","[5daIhB:d]n

abdicate v

dictator n


did act

didactics n

pedagogy "

didactic:teach hortatory[exhortative]:urge fantastic:amaze die:shaping drill:boring reel:winding palter:candor budge:diehard " sitology diet n tics dietitian n " braveness n " "

vagary:predict diehard:budge

diehard:conservative manic:excitement 2122,"dietetics","[]D>00\C<C0EK]n

2123,"differentiate","[]D0G:\T<QM0]<0C]v 2124,"diffidence","[\D0G0D:QK]n 2125,"diffident","[\D0G0D:QC]adj 2126,"diffuse","[D0\GU7:L]v diffusion n disseminate

discriminate dif fid bold adj adj

different adj

assertiveness adj brassy adj dif fuse focus v "

blazonness n " "

expansive adj

nervy adj

confuse vt

transfuse vt

euphemism:offensive aphorism:diffuse understanding

2127,"digestion","[D0\DN<KCM:Q]n digesting 2128,"digit","[\D0DN0C]n 2129,"dignity","[\D0FQ0C0]n 2130,"digress","[D>0\FT<K]v stray 0 9 dign

digest v n " " dignitary n "

fang:tooth finger:digit ity indignant adj

dignify vt

di gress

stray:group digress:subject[topic] detour:route : "

digress:excursive reiterate:redundant

aside:digression summary:excerpt : 144

2131,"digressive","[D>0\FT<K0H]adj aberrant[errant]:standard [ ]


digressive:topic[subject] stray:group random:pattern " lapid lapidary n

digressive:statement circuitous:route shabby still in use " di late di late di lapid

2132,"dilapidated","[D0\S3A0D<0C0D]adj adj dilapidation n restored adj

2133,"dilate","[D>0\S<0C]v constrict v narrow v contract v

swell expand " delay v /n

dilute v


2134,"dilatory","[\D0S:]C5:T0]adj malcontent:complain 2135,"dilemma","[D0\S<P:]n 2136,"dilettante","[]D0S0\C3QC0]n di let tante

di lat "

lat late


alacritous adj

precipitate adj


di2 lemma n

" amateurish dilet delect delight n v

dabbler amateur adj delectable adj "

dilettante:superficiality partisan:bias

dilettante:commitment nonentity:consequence 2137,"diligence","[\D0S0DN:QK]n satire:lampoon diligence:effort 2138,"dilute","[D>0\SU7:C]v ]dilute:concentrated concentrate v " dim : :

diligence intelligence procrastination n di lute "

malign:ill-will diligent:effort

slacken:tautness dilute:strength[concentration]



measure n


congruent:dimensions coeval:age " increase vt

measure:dimensions calibrate:diameter gauge:pressure plumb:depth 2140,"diminish","[D0\P0Q0M]v escalate vi " decrescendo diminish o mini

erode:diminish accrete:enlarge

2141,"diminuendo","[D0]P0QU7\<QD:7]n 2142,"diminutive","[D0\P0QU7C0H]adj 2143,"dimple","[\D0PAS]n 2144,"din","[D0Q]n hush v /n "

crescendo n


diminish" " di di di stench:nose din:ear silence v /n

dim adj clamor uproar v


2145,"dinghy","[\D0RF0]n 2146,"dingy","[\D0QDN0]adj slippery:adhere " ocean n

dingy " dirty-colored grimy shabby ding y dingy:glisten

2147,"diocesan","[D>0\5K0K:Q]adj " 2148,"diplomat","[\D0AS:P3C]n xenophobic:diplomatic "

e cu men

ecumenical adj

diplomatic adj

diplomat:tact inventor:ingenuity

2149,"dipsomania","[]D0AK:7\P<0Q0:]n " 2150,"dire","[D>0:]adj pleasant adj "

dipso thirst mania n

dipso so deep man ia

so deep

calamitous dreadful miserable


di re



2151,"directness","[D0\T<ECQ0K]n 2152,"director","[D0\T<EC:]n

fawn:imperiousness equivocate:directness symphony:conductor film:director "


director:script conductor:score

conductor:instrumentalist director:actor 2153,"dirge","[D::DN]n direct elegy:poetry dir dirt ge " 1ament

Dirige, Domine, Deus meus, in conspectu tuo viam meam dir die ge paean[hymn]:joy[praise] dirge:grief [ ] dirge:music

2154,"disabuse","[]D0K:\BU7:L]v cure:disease mislead vt " 2155,"disaffect","[]D0K:\G<EC]v 2156,"disaffected","[]D0K:\G<EC0D]adj disaffected:rebel beloved adj "

dis abuse v

disabuse:error[fallacy] rehabilitate:addiction hoodwink v lead into error

loose:confinement disabuse:misconception


dis affect

win over disaffection n

mollify v " officious:meddle contented adj

discontented disloyal

disaffected:contentment dubious:commitment[conviction]

2157,"disaggregate","[D0K\3FT0F<0C]v 2158,"disagreeable","[]D0K:\FT0:BS]adj harmful:lethal "

aggregate v /n greg offensive unpleasant

coalesce v " agreeable adj disagreeable:hateful


2159,"disapprobation","[]D0K3AT:7\B<0M:Q]n accolade n " 2160,"disapproval","[]D0K:\AT7:H:S]n

disapproval condemnation

approbate v

condemnation censure

dis approval n " bait v " shipshape:disarray

upbraid[castigation]:disapproval lament:grief blasphemy:irreverence 2161,"disarm","[D0K\4:P]v 2162,"disarray","[]D0K:\T<0]n squalid:cleanliness " calamity catastrophe cataclysm dis aster dis arm disorder confusion v put on guard

dis array n

2163,"disaster","[D0\L4:KC:]n disastrous adj "

asterisk n

asteroid adj

2164,"disavowal","[]D0K:\H>7:S]n affirm v " disperse exclude

avow v

vow n

admission n

acknowledgement n


2165,"disband","[D0K\B3QDv 2166,"disbar","[D0K\B4:]v disbarment n

band n Bar

" bar bar " disbelieve v " disbursement n retain vt cern " discern v " expenditure" Bar

attorney:disbar student:expel belief n


2168,"disburse","[D0K\B::K]v payout expend 2169,"discard","[D0K\E4:D]v reject

dis burse purse n

dis card perceptible

2170,"discernible","[D0\K::Q:BS]adj distinguish

concern vt n

palatable:savory discernible:manifest

audible:stentorian discernable:obvious[manifest]

2171,"discerning","[D0\L::Q0R]adj caprice:whimsical insight:discerning 2172,"discernment","[D0\K::QP:QC]n

ravishing:attractive perspicacious:discerning myopic adj insight acumen " "

lack of insight hire v "

2173,"discharge","[D0K\CM4:DN]v emit release dismiss 2174,"disciple","[D0\K>0AS]n

Discipledisciple 147

discipline n



stickler:exacting martinet:disciplinal martinet discipline n "

obstreperous adj

disciplined adj


2175,"disciplinarian","[]D0K0AS0\Q2:T0:Q]n 2176,"discipline","[\D0K0AS0Q]n " 2177,"disclaim","[D0K\ES<0P]v [ ] 2178,"disclose","[D0K\ES:7L]v 2179,"discography","[D0K\E5FT:G0]n " deny uncover

coltish:discipline loutish:grace

martinet:discipline pedant:learning

dis claim dis close disco n

" disclosure n graphy "

list:discography tool:hoe

2180,"discombobulated","[]D0KE:P\B5BU7S<0C]adj discombobulated:order erratic:consistency 2181,"discomfit","[D0K\E8PG0C]v mollify v " 2182,"discomfited","adj " 2183,"discomfort","[D0K\E8PG:C]n 2184,"discommode","[]D0KE:\P:7D]v assist v pacificate v oblige v v discomfiture[SAT] n

discompose v discombobulate v

bobu compose v "

disconcert embarrass

defeat v dis comfit comfort n

frustration confusion

discomfited:blush contemptuous:sneer

comfort n v " commod commodity n ease v com pose pacificate vt concert n discontinuous adj " placate v " intermittent commodious adj inspire vt " discompose:pacific[placid] commode n

... trouble

convenience vt perturb

mollify v

2185,"discompose","[]D0KE:P\A:7L]v fabricate:authentic[ingenuous] 2186,"disconcert","[]D0KE:Q\K::C]v

compose v

[ ] engage:tedious confuse upset embarrass

2187,"disconnected","[]D0KE:\Q<EC0D]adj nexus n -disconnected components 2188,"discontent","[D0KE:Q\C<QC]n gripe:discontent praise:admiration " adj "

separate detached incoherent

content n



discontented adj


disseminate:information foment:discontentment 148


2190,"discord","[\D0KE5:D]n 2191,"discordant","[D0K\E5:D:QC]adj

quarrelling conflicting " surcharge n

dis cord

harmony n

" cardiology n cordial n adj

dis cord ant

anachronistic:time discordant:sound 2192,"discount","[\D0KE>7QC]n

" countenance n concourse n vt " lullaby:song

2193,"discountenance","[D0K\E>7QC0Q:QK]v 2194,"discourse","[\D0KE5:K]n diatribe:discourse "


dis course

2195,"discourteous","[D0K\E::C0:K]adj 2196,"discredit","[D0K\ET<D0C]v ... exhortation:motivate invective:discredit 2197,"discreet","[D0\KET0:C]adj ee "

impolite rude disbelieve n "

court n


" credit n /v

disgrace dishonor

prudent careful circumspect


discrete adj


2 e


2198,"discrepancy","[D0K\ET<A:QK0]n decrepit adj converge v

inconsistency difference consonant adj discrepant adj discreet "

discretediscre disco pan


2199,"discrete","[D0\KET0:C]adj continuous adj "



infinite:exhaust discrete:overlap

2200,"discretion","[D0\KET<M:Q]n prudence circumspection frivolous:gravity brash:discretion indiscretion:convention preordain vt " obligatory adj distinguish confound vt

apathetic:emotion imprudent:discretion overdose:prescription

foolish:discretion impecunious:money

2201,"discretionary","[dIs`kreFEnErI]adj 2202,"discriminate","[D0\KET0P0Q<0C]v liken:similarity discriminate:difference 2203,"discrimination","[D0]KET0P0\Q<0M:Q]n discerningdiscriminatory adj spectator:watching sentinel:watchful

mandatory adj

" incriminate vt ...

crimin crime n " partiality prejudice

discriminating adj epicure:discriminating

credulity:dupe discrimination:connoisseur equitable adj discriminatory"


2204,"discursive","[D0\KE::K0H]adj succinct adj concentrate v "

dis curs

discourse n

keen on title

2205,"disdain","[D0K\D<0Q]n /v deign v disdainful adj



dis dai n

dis dain dign treat favorably embark v "

dignity n adulation n "

snub:disdain double-cross:disloyalty debark bark bank

2206,"disembark","[]D0K0P\B4:E]v 2207,"disembodied","[\D0K0P\B5D0D]adj embody vt corporeal adj

incorporeal " undeceive

Disembodied voices could be heard in the darkness

2208,"disenchant","[]D0K0Q\CM3QC]v ... 2209,"disencumber","[]D0K0Q\E8PB:]v 2210,"disengaged","[]D0K0Q\F<0DND]adj 2211,"disentangle","[5disin5tAN^l]v 2212,"disfavor","[]D0K\G<0H:]n 2213,"disfigure","[D0K\G0F:]v ... disapproval v

enchant vt

" recumbent adj incumbent n "

encumber v cumb engaged adj disentangle:snarl dislike :

disengage v "

mesh v "

favor n vt "

countenance n

vt "

spoil deform

figure n

2214,"disfranchise","[]D0K\GT3QCM>0L]v ... franc chise " spew


enfranchise vt

franchise n


2215,"disgorge","[D0K\F5:DN]v vomit swallow v " 2216,"disgrace","[D0K\FT<0K]v 2217,"disgruntle","[dis5^rQntl]vt 2218,"disguise","[D0K\F>0L]v n dis

gorge n




ingest vt

grace n

" refresh v disgruntled contented adj v "

guise n "

disguise:identification camouflage:detection

disguise:recognition padding:damage 2219,"disgust","[D0K\F8KC]v kiss:affection hurl:disgust n : " dis gust

odious:disgust menacing:fear



repugnant offensive 150

blatant:arresting odious:disgusting

entrancing adj

" discourage untidy dis heart " " aversion:disinclination leaning n " "

2221,"dishearten","[D0K\O4:CQ]v ... 2222,"disheveled","[D0\M<H:SD]adj

heve hair dis hevel heaven reluctance inclination n :

2223,"disinclination","[]D0K0QES0\Q<0M:Q]n adulation:admiration aversion:inclination

: disinclination:bent reluctant

2224,"disinclined","[]D0K0Q\ES>0QD]adj 2225,"disinfect","[]D0K0Q\G<EC]v antiseptic:disinfect


inclined adj

disposed adj oil:lubricate

infect v

disinfectant n " ingenuous adj

aseptic:disinfection anesthetic:numbness crafty insincere

2226,"disingenuous","[]D0K0Q\DN<QU7:K]adj IQingenuous u " 2227,"disingenuousness","[]D0K0Q\DN<QU7:Knis]n 2228,"disintegrate","[D0K\0QC0FT<0C]v 2229,"disinter","[]D0K0Q\C::]v 2230,"disinterest","[D0K\0QC:T0KC]n inter v u

ingenious adj


pernicious:injure disingenuous:mislead

ingratiating:win favor disingenuous:deceive

guilelessness n integr intact bury v " impartiality

" integrity n integral adj "

apathy indifference

interest n

iniquity n


2231,"disinterested","[D0K\0QC:T0KC0D]adj disinterested:partisanship venal:probity disinterestedness n "

motives impartial prejudiced adj

uninterested adj factional adj iniquity n

2232,"disjointed","[D0K\DN50QC0D]adj orderly adj "

joint n


disjointed:coherence banal:originality

2233,"disjunction","[D0K\DN8REM:Q]n 2234,"disjunctive","[D0K\DN8REC0H]adj 2235,"dislike","[D0K\S>0E]v n

junction n [ ]

continuity n

" " predilection n "

nominal:significance disjunctive:unity penchant n

dislike:loathing pleasure:bliss locate v 151




lodge n

anchor v " snub:disdain double-cross:disloyalty dismay mantle n dismal" v dis men tle dismantle:unity "

2238,"disloyalty","[D0K\S50:SC0]n faithlessness 2239,"dismal","[\D0LP:S]adj 2240,"dismantle","[D0K\P3QCS]v adulterate:pristine "

dis day mal disassemble ...

2241,"dismay","[D0K\P<0]n /v 2242,"dismember","[D0K\P<PB:]v 2243,"dismiss","[D0K\P0K]v summon v " 2244,"disobedient","[]D0K:\B0:D0:QC]adj 2245,"disorder","[D0K\5:D:]n confusion

dis may member n dis miss "


hearten v "



disperse:reconvene dismiss:reinstate

obedient adj v

" " vt disoriented adj dis par " dis

disordered adj orient n adj

2246,"disorientation","[D0K\5T0<QC<M:Q]n 2247,"disparage","[D0\KA3T0DN]v par peer parity n champion v aggrandize v belittle extol v

dis parage passenger kudos n dis par adulate vt revere v " disparity n

epithet:disparage alias:mislead

scorn:reject adulate:flatter disparage:ignore

2248,"disparate","[\D0KA:T0C]adj homogeneous adj like adj

dis parate prepare "

parity n

analogous adj

similar adj

2249,"dispassionate","[D0K\A3M:Q0C]adj tirade dispassionate speech responsive adj

passionate adj partial adj "

passion n


2250,"dispatch","[D0\KA3CM]v leisureliness n "

n promptness haste

dis patch

patch n


disperse scatter



propel vt

expel v "




indispensable adj


2253,"dispense","[D0K\A<QK]v 2254,"disperse","[D0K\A::K]v focus v aggregate v


dis pense n dis sper se

" disperse:reconvene dismiss:reinstate

channel vt " clot:dissolved crowd:dispersed depress dis spirit " " "

2255,"dispersed","[D0\KA::KC]adj 2256,"dispirit","[D0\KA0T0C]v 2257,"displace","[D0K\AS<0K]v 2258,"displeasure","[D0K\AS<N:]n 2259,"disport","[D0\KA5:C]v deport vt " frolic

dispirited adj place n

... supplant ...

ensconce vt "

embrace:affection frown:displeasure dis port di sport

comport v

2260,"disposable","[D0\KA:7L:BS]adj 2261,"disposal","[D0\KA:7L:S]n 2262,"disposed","[D0\KA:7LD]adj 2263,"disposition","[]D0KA:\L0M:Q]n 2264,"dispossessed","[]D0KA:\L<KC]adj 2265,"disproof","[D0K\AT7:G]n 2266,"disproportion","[]D0KAT:\A5:M:Q]n 2267,"disprove","[D0K\AT7:H]v ... refute 2268,"disputable","[\D0KAU7C:BS]adj 2269,"disputant","[\D0KAU7C:QC]n

dispose v

" " disinclined adj "

recycle:disposal rehabilitate:demolition be [feel] disposed for [to do] ... a final settlement possess vt substantiation n " vt " "

proportion n prove vt " n "

symmetry n


dispute v

arbitrator:disputants judge:litigants argumentative " putative adj

" repute n v

2270,"disputatious","[]D0KAU7\C<0M:K]adj polemic:disputatious invective:abusive 2271,"dispute","[D0\KAU7:C]v


prohibitive:purchase peremptory:debate 153

accept v


2272,"disquiet","[D0K\EV>0:C]v /n /adj 2273,"disquisition","[]D0KEV0\L0M:Q]n 2274,"disregard","[]D0KT0\F4:D]v

anxiety restless

quiet vt

put at ease

" prerequisite n "

dis quisition question ignore flout:disregard taunt:challenge

redoubtable:awe[regard] reprehensible:censure despicable:scorn[contempt; disregard] 2275,"disreputable","[D0K\T<AU7C:BS]adj 2276,"disrespect","[]D0KT0\KA<EC]n 2277,"disrupt","[D0K\T8AC]v apologist:defend " satisfy v discreditable shabby repute n

nurture n /v disrepute n "


rudeness v rupture

respect v /n " dis rupt disruptive adj saboteur:disrupt

2278,"dissatisfaction","[]D0KK3C0K\G3EM:Q]n " 2279,"dissect","[D0\K<EC]v specimen:dissect sentence:parse 2280,"dissemble","[D0\K<PBS]v dissimulate v simulate dissemble masquerade:feeling analyze " feign

daredevil:audacity malcontent:dissatisfaction

dis sect

dis sect n

dissection n


dis semble

assemble v

simultaneous adj "

dissemble:honesty snub:politeness

dissemble:information behave honestly

ingenuous:dissemble raffish:preen polite:snub dis nucleate v semin " dis sens sense seminal adj

2281,"disseminate","[D0\K<P0Q<0C]v foment:discontentment garner v


2282,"dissension","[D0\K<QM:Q]n concord n " disagree

disagreement discord

dissenting adj



dis sent concur v

assent v

sentiment n "

dissenter n

dissenter:orthodox maverick:group 2284,"dissertation","[]D0K:\C<0M:Q]n 2285,"dissident","[\D0K0D:QC]n 2286,"dissipate","[\D0K0A<0C]v dissenter scatter

conform vt

dissert vi " dis sid squander dis dis side sip v gather v preside v subside v "

dissipated adj amass v "


husbandry:dissipate alacrity:procrastinate

accumulate v 154

2287,"dissipation","[]D0K0\A<0M:Q]n 2288,"dissociation","[D0]K:7K0\<0M:Q]n 2289,"dissolute","[\D0K:S7:C]adj sol dissoluble adj voluble:speech licentious:dissoluteness 2290,"dissolve","[D0\L5SH]v coagulant:thicken solvent:dissolve coagulant n " dispel

dissipation:temperation fecundity:sterility dis socia affiliation n "

accumulation n "

dissipated immoral profligate debauched libertine:dissolute sycophant:obsequious " dis solve release dissolution n

dis solute adj


buffoon:ludicrous wag:humorous

buoyant:sink[submerge] insoluble:dissolve rigid:bend

volatile:evaporate soluble:dissolve consolidate v

caustic:burn solvent:dissolve coagulant:clot


clot:dissolved crowd:dispersed dis son dis suade advise

" dissonant adj persuade v : : abet vt discordant concord n "

2292,"dissonance","[\D0K:Q:QK]n 2293,"dissuade","[D0\KV<0D]v reprehension:censure indomitable:conquest 2294,"distend","[D0\KC<QD]v 2295,"distension","[D0\KC<QM:Q]n 2296,"distill","[D0K\C0S]v liquefy:fluid distill:pure

remonstrance:dissuade enhance vt compress vt " "

remonstrator:dissuade supplicant:appeal protest:dissuade supplicate:entreaty expand dis tend


contend v "

inflation expansion dis still

compression n

... "

distillate n

distill:purity leaven:volume

2297,"distillation","[]D0KC0\S<0M:Q]n 2298,"distinct","[D0\KC0REC]adj indistinct easily visible " difference repute n notable

synopsis:conciseness distillate:purity distinguish v nebulous adj

" undifferential

2299,"distinction","[D0\KC0REM:Q]n spoof:parody

eminence "

nuance[nicety]:distinction hint:suggestion

1ack of distinction mutter v

2300,"distinctly","[D0\KC0RECS0]adv 2301,"distinguish","[D0\KC0RFV0M]v

speak distinctly

eclipse v

make distinctive celebrated


dis sting 155

distinguished adj

eminentinstigate v

extinguish vt

nicety:indistinguishable dis tort " dis tract rapt adj distracted distressed " distracted insane trait n

eminent adj distorted adj

undistinguished adj


2302,"distort","[D0K\C5:C]v brevity:aphorism distortion:caricature 2303,"distracted","[D0K\CT3EC0D]adj intrepid:deter rapt:distract 2304,"distrait","[D0K\CT<0]adj 2305,"distraught","[D0\KCT5:C]adj troubled:distraught covetous:rapacious 2306,"distress","[D0\KCT<K]n abate:tax alleviate:distress

distortion n

dis tractor

tractable adj

" dis traught

distract v "

composed adj

pain suffering discomfort agony anguish agonized:distress obsessed:concern scatter dis tribute : : "


stress n

2307,"distribute","[D0\KCT0BU7C]v 2308,"district","[\D0KCT0EC]n 2309,"disturb","[D0K\C::B]v 2310,"disturbing","[dI`st\:bIN] adj 2311,"ditch","[dItF]n 2312,"ditty","[\D0C0]n area

distribution n "

tribute n


rig:contest gerrymander:district turb turbid adj perturb v

disturbance n "


tedious:energy disturbing:composure ditch:canyon burrow:cavern : : "

kitty ditty di

ditty:oratorio anecdote:novel nocturnal adj Diana n

fable:tale ditty:song Diana nocturnal adj "


2313,"diurnal","[D>0\::Q:S]adj diary n 2314,"diva","[\D0:H:]n dial

chiefly active at night Diva di vag

occurring at night diva diva diva " diva gate diva gate

2315,"divagate","[\D>0H:]F<0C]v digress vagary n "

vagabond v /adj /n

2316,"diver","[\D>0H:]n 2317,"diverge","[D>0\H::DN]v diverge:apart traverse:across

cavern:spelunker ocean:diver di verge come together " 156

" converge v divergence n disagreement

2318,"divergent","[D>0\H::DN:QC]adj divergence n unification n "

ad-lib:impromptu aside:divergent

confluence n

2319,"diversity","[D>0\H::K0C0]n diverse adj diversification n

variety diversion n


di vers uniformity n

adversity n "

versatile adj

2320,"divert","[D>0\H::C]v 2321,"divest","[D0\H<KC]v vestment n endow v "


di vert dispossess

divert:shunt retard:brake di vest n vt

" vested adj

strip strip dance

2322,"divestiture","[D>0\H<KC0CM:]n 2323,"divinity","[D0\H0Q0C0]n 2324,"divulge","[D0\H8SDN]v 2325,"dizziness","[\D0L0Q0K]n 2326,"docile","[\D5K:S]adj " 2327,"dock","[D5E]n v the

acquisition n god goddess di

" " keep secret "

the divinity of Beethoven's music vulgar adj "



hemorrhage:bleeding vertigo:dizziness tractable obedient teachable doc Word ile

intransigent adj


Doc Word adj doctrine n "




doctrine:heretical course:errant

doctrine:heterodoxy spontaneous:studied adaptability:stable 2329,"document","[\D5EU7P:QC]n curator:art archivist:documents 2330,"dodder","[\D5D:]v 2331,"dodge","[D5DN]v dodge:blow " don off take off on put on don v " " dawdle v doc Doc Word

documentary n


documentation n

dodder:unsteady cavort:sprightly





2332,"doff","[D5G]v 2333,"dogged","[\D5F0D]adj easily discouraged "

determined stubborn tenacious obstinate


dogma n

yielded adj


2334,"doggerel","[\D5F:T:S]n doggerel:verse burlesque:play 2335,"doggo","[5dC^Eu]adv 2336,"dogma","[\D5:FP:]n dictatorialdogmatism n


doggery n

calligraphy:scribble sonnet:doggerel " : " dogmatic adj doctrinal " do " happy adj " " " domicile n v domestic adj "

doggerel:poem sketch:draw dog dog doggo:instability dog mama

dogma:iconoclast convention:maverick doldr dole n doleful adj

heresy n dol do drum n

2337,"doldrums","[\D5SDT:PL]n drum 2338,"dolorous","[\D5S:T:K]adj 2339,"dolt","[D:7SC]n

doldrums:energy depravity:virtue sorrowful mournful doltish adj dol dolor n jubilant adj

wag:humorous dolt:stupid domain domin dominate v

2340,"domain","[D:7\P<0Q]n territory dominion 2341,"dome","[D:7P]n dom dome home roof

alcove:recess dome:roof dom domesticity n

2342,"domesticate","[D:\P<KC0E<0C]v " 2343,"domicile","[5dRmIsaIl]n 2344,"dominant","[\D5P0Q:QC]adj [ ] 2345,"dominate","[\D5P0Q<0C]v 2346,"domination","[]D5P0\Q<0M:Q]n impervious:damaged indomitable:subdued exacting:satisfy 2347,"don","[D5Q]v [ ] put on indomitable adj doff take off" don

nomad:domicile freelancer:employer recessive adj [ ] " have no control over ... "


gullible:chicanery servile:domination inexorable:dissuasion indomitable:conquest[control] easily subdued "

2348,"donor","[\D:7Q:]n gift:donor " n "

donate v


ate donation n


2349,"doodle","[\D7:DS]v travel:ramble walk:amble

dawdle v

dodder v



2350,"dormancy","[\D5:P:QK0]n 2351,"dormant","[\D5:P:QC]adj malleable:plasticity 2352,"dorsal","[\D5:K:S]adj 2353,"dose","[D:7K]n " dors


dorm n dormitory n

dormancy dormouse n

activity n



endorse v "


dose:medicine sentence:punishment dos n " senility dolt dote l 1 "

2354,"dossier","[\D5K0]<0]n [ ] portfolio:securities dossier:reports 2355,"dotage","[\D:7C0DN]n 2356,"dote","[D:7C]v 2357,"doting","[\D:7C0R]adj 2358,"double","[\D8BS]adj n

disk operating system


upbraid:reproach dote:like "


mania:enthusiasm doting:fondness double-cross v

snub:disdain double-cross:disloyalty " dour:geniality " ignite v " dowdy


2359,"doubtfulness","[\D>7CG7SQ0K]n 2360,"dour","[D7:]adj bumptious:humbleness 2361,"douse","[D>7K]v 2362,"dowdy","[\D>7D0]adj dowdy 2363,"down","[D>7Q]n 2364,"downcast","[\D>7QE3KC]adj downstream adj downgrade n adj dowdy sullen gloomy

purify:imperfection verify:doubtfulness stubborn do our jocund adj dose u dow down dy tidy " "

congenial adj

genial adj 1


" "


antiquated dowdy adj


unhappy discouraged depressed downplay vt belittle"

100 cast down


down pour practical

downpour:flooding wind:erosion sensible

" 14 "


wick down to earth


2367,"dowry","[\D>7T0]n 2368,"doyen","[\D50:Q]n 2369,"doze","[dEJz]n /v 2370,"drab","[DT3B]adj doyenne doze:sleep nudge:prod monotonous n drabness n severe harsh " draftsmanship n "


do wry

" "

eccentric:conventional doyen:uninitiated

dullness dreariness"

2371,"draconian","[DT<0\E:7Q0:Q]adj indulgent adj mild genial lenient adj conscription v

Draco :

palmy:prosperity draconian:severity

draconian:inclemency fret:vexation :


" tonic n draining n "

2373,"drainage","[\DT<0Q0DN]n 2374,"drastic","[\DT3KC0E]adj 2375,"drawbridge","[\DT5:]BT0DN]n gangway:ship 2376,"drawer","[\DT5::]n 2377,"drawl","[DT5:S]v /n inch:move : bluster:loud prate:aimless " draw

drain v /n

ripen:mature drain:empty severe " drawdown n

extreme strong violent draw bridge

drawback n


drawers n draw 1 " read

folder:papers drawer:clothing gavel n gave l

" lope:run drawl:speak

pontificate:pompous scoff:derisive drawl:slow deadpan:impassive bicker:unpleasant

2378,"dread","[DT<D]v /n cringe:dread "

read dread

dead dread


2379,"dreary","[\DT0:T0]adj 2380,"dredge","[DT<DN]v dredger n "

gloomy cheerless drag v

dull sink

a dream is not dreary dregs n

jocund adj

" drudge

drudge v /n dredge



d ren ch desiccate v sicc drip n v scribble v /n "


trench n


drenched:wet antithetic:different 2382,"dribble","[\DT0BS]v



2383,"drift","[DT0GC]n /v 2384,"drill","[DT0S]n 2385,"drivel","[\DT0HS]n /v die:shaping drill:boring nonsense

" bit:drill blade:razor driver " drizzle drizzly adj deluge n " draw l gave l

drive l

nonsensical:drivel pompous[exaggerated]:bombast[hyperbole] 2386,"drizzle","[\DT0LS]v /n " 2387,"droll","[DT:7S]adj grave n adj 2388,"drone","[DT:7Q]n /v speak animatedly 2389,"droop","[DT7:A]v 2390,"droplet","[\DT5AS0C]n 2391,"dross","[DT5K]n purification:dross desalinization:salt 2392,"drought","[DT>7C]n 2393,"drove","[DT:7H]n " brought flock herd drought" drive " drop n /v let " " funny n serious adj doll n somber adj doll " drizzle deluge

drollery n

droll:laugh grisly:flinch

mutter:indistinct hiss:sibilant drone:monotonous stammer:halting

deluge:droplet landslide:pebble dregs n


d ross rose rose

dross:metal chaff:grain

2394,"drowsiness","[\DT>7L0Q0K]n 2395,"drudge","[DT8DN]v n

sedative:drowsiness anesthetic:numbness dredge v rewarding work " "


2396,"drudgery","[\DT8DN:T0]n 2397,"drum","[DT8P]n 2398,"drummer","[\DT8P:]n

bow:violin stick:drum

trumpet:horn tambourine:dram " "


drummer:musician tragedian:actor

2399,"drunkenness","[\DT8RE:QQ0K]n 2400,"dryness","[\DT>0Q0K]n

anesthetic:numbness intoxicant:drunkenness

baste:dryness caulk:moistness 161

emollient:suppleness desiccant:dryness

" 2401,"dual","[\DU7::S]adj 2402,"dubious","[\DU7:B0:K]adj [commitment]conviction 2403,"duckling","[\D8ES0R]n 2404,"duct","[D8EC]n " 2405,"ductility","[D8E\C0S0C0]n 2406,"duel","[\DU7::S]v /n 2407,"duet","[DU7:\<C]n 2408,"dulcet","[\D8SK0C]adj " 2409,"dull","[D8S]adj perspicuous adj insensitive resplendent adj v tarnish:dull vitrify:smooth brilliance n dullness wit n dullard n " dullard n duel v /n melodious ductility:malleable toxicity:poisonous skirmish:insignificance duel:formality l duet t " dulc dulcify vt dulcimer n cacophonous adj " " du duel n /v dub ious certain adj duck n " duct ductile adj induction n splint:immobilize duct:convey " duet n " disaffected:contentment dubious:

dubiety n

trenchant adj "


brilliance n

2411,"dumbfound","[D8P\G>7QD]v ... 2412,"dunce","[D8QK]n 2413,"dune","[DU7:Q]n word:sentence water:canal 2414,"dupe","[DU7:A]n credulous:dupe insensitive:boor perspicacity:dupe rectitude:corruption 2415,"duplicate","[\DU7:AS0E0C]adj 2416,"duplicity","[DU7:\AS0K0C0]n n " v

confound surprise 16 2000

dumb adj dunce dance

dummy n u dunce"



Duns Scotus � DUNE2000

river:gorge wind:dune


du pe " v

du pe

credulity:dupe discrimination:connoisseur reverent:idolater trusting:dupe

coward:craven dupe:gullible

du plic du pilc 162

duplication n duplicitous adj

" callous:impassive

dupe:duplicity :


" We hope the meeting will be short duration accelerate:speed prolong:duration dur u " dress endure ss dur durability n

2417,"duration","[DU7\T<0M:Q]n durable adj durance n

2418,"duress","[\DU7:T<K][SAT]n compulsion coercion coerce vt " duty n " Dwarf abode

2419,"dutiful","[\DU7:C0G:S]adj 2420,"dwarf","[DV5:G]n 2421,"dwelling","[\DV<S0R]n habitable:dwelling " v

" potable:beverage

deportation:country eviction:dwelling

2422,"dwindle","[\DV0QDS]v crawl:proceed dwindle:decrease 2423,"dynamic","[D>0\Q3P0E]adj explosives" 2424,"dynamo","[\D>0Q:P:7]n 2425,"dyslexia","[D0K\S<EK0:]n insomnia:sleep dyslexia:read 2426,"dyspepsia","[D0K\A<AK0:]n 2427,"dyspeptic","[D0K\A<AC0E]adj 2428,"eagle","[\0:FS]n 2429,"eaglet","[\0:FS0C]n 2430,"earnest","[\::Q0KC]adj 2431,"earplug","[\0:AS8F]n shield:impact "

diminish shrink decrease increase v energetic vigorous


swindle v /n



proliferate v " dynam dynamite n v dynamics n dynamite n

emollient:soothe dynamo:generate dys lex ia " indigestion dys peps ia

" dysphoria n lexicon n

dysfunction n

dys Pepsi n " "



morose grouchy

genial adj

talon:eagle claw:panther eaglet:bird fawn:mammal frog:amphibian grave earn money earnest flippant adj

" facetious adj "

ear plug n

earring earbob n ear ring n



ear shot

earshot:hear ken:see 163


2433,"earsplitting","[\0:]KAS0C0R]adj earsplitting:voice : " worldly easel

ear split v

earsplitting:loud heartrending:sad



2434,"earthly","[\::IS0]adj 2435,"easel","[5i:z(E)l]n


earthy adj

coarse unrefined " "


tripod:camera easel:canvas eaves n drop n /v "

2436,"eavesdrop","[\0:HLDT5A]v shadow:follow

eavesdrop:conversation trespass:property

collude:cooperate eavesdrop:listen

2437,"eavesdropper","[\0:HL]DT5A:]n 2438,"ebb","[<B]v recede decline wane 2439,"ebullience","[0\B8SU:QK]n ience ebullient adj " ebullient torpid adj

listener:eavesdropper observer:spy G e bull bubble torpor n "


exuberance impassivity n

" " calm restraint impassiveness n

e bull lifelessness n

2440,"eccentric","[0E\K<QCT0E]n concentrate v eccentricity n doyen:uninitiated "



ec centri

centrifuge n

hero:admirable eccentric:unconventional


2441,"ecdysis","[\<ED0K0K]n 2442,"echelon","[\<M:S5Q]n 2443,"echo","[\<E:7]n 2444,"�clat","[eI5klB:] n


e cd


ecdysiast n

vcd" : "

e che lon long refection:light echo:sound ec la t lat " fiasco n ec lect select intellect n


" "

" collective adj n

2445,"eclectic","[<E\S<EC0E]adj eclecticism n "

2446,"eclipse","[0\ES0AK]n eclipse:prestige enervation[enfeeble]:vigor prominent " dialogue

lipse leave

ec lip se

lapse v


make distinctive

make more prominent / bring to more


ec logue

ecology n

ecosystem n



2448,"economical","[]0:E:\Q5P0E:S]adj 2449,"ecstasy","[\<EKC:K0]n rapture

redundant adj ec stasy ecstatic adj universal diocesan adj

economize v statue n stasis n "

economy n ecstatic n adj


pleasure:ecstasy surprise:astonishment 2450,"ecumenical","[]0:EU7\P<Q0E:S]adj ecumenical:generality entire:integrity 2451,"eddy","[\<D0]n 2452,"edict","[\0:D0EC]n 2453,"edifice","[\<D0G0K]n tower:edifice rampart:barrier 2454,"edify","[\<D0G>0]v edacious adj edification n e dict edify

persevered adj e cu men ocean

ocean diocesan factional adj provincial adj " "

stream:eddy trend:anomaly addict vt edifice n " edify edifice

edify "

buttress:edifice splint:limb enlighten edi edify

blueprint:edifice syllabus:course edifice edifice edify edible adj

edifying adj weird

" 3 eee " blazon vt n

2455,"eerie","[\0:T0]adj 2456,"efface","[0\G<0K]v erase etch v emboss vt

ef face aggrandize vt ef fect ef femin

alliterate:remove blazon:efface institute n vt effect n " efficacious adj " efficacy n

bring to preeminent

2457,"effective","[0\G<EC0H]adj 2458,"effeminate","[0\G<P0Q0C]adj


feminism n fervor n

2459,"effervesce","[]<G:\H<K]v bubble foam fury:anger be flat still v /n /adj exhausted hale adj ef fig droop v

ef ferv " effete " " ex fetus sound adj "


2460,"effete","[<\G0:C]adj barren 2461,"effigy","[\<G0DN0]n

fetus n


ef fete n vt

figment n ef fluv flu

figure n effluent adj n "

" n desired products "

2462,"effluvia"," effluvium[SAT] n 2463,"effortless","[\<G:CS0K]adj 2464,"effrontery","[<G\T8QC:T0]n effort n

grueling adj

impudence temerity 165

ef front

decorum n

deference n

timidity n " 2465,"effulgent","[<\G8SDN:QC]adj effulgent:resplendence " overflowing gushy ef fus effusion n reticent adj n " egalitarian gush:effusive resplendent fulg effu effulgence n bootless:futility

2466,"effusive","[0\GU7:K0H]adj rage:irate

emotion:effusive liberty:licentious n " ego centri e greg equal adj

lack of emotion

2467,"egalitarian","[0]F3S0\C2:T0:Q]adj meliorism:progress egalitarian:equity 2468,"egocentric","[]<F:7\K<QCT0E]adj 2469,"egregious","[0\FT0:DN:K]adj aggregate n /v "

equalitarian adj

egotist n e gre GRE gious GRE

altruism n

egoism n



gregarious adj

2470,"egress","[\0:FT<K]n exit v 2471,"ejaculate","[0\DN3EU7S<0C]v ejaculation n abject adj

e gress exclaim "

digress v

aggressive adj ject e jacul

entrance n


eject vt

jaculate v ...

dejected adj

2472,"elaborate","[0\S3B:T0C]adj simplify vt " pass

exquisite v


e labor n

elaboration n abstract adj

fawn:imperiousness equivocate:directness

articulate:unclear elaborate:sketchy

2473,"elapse","[0\S3AK]v 2474,"elastic","[0\S3KC0E]adj

e lapse n

eclipse n ,

" last v " " despondent adj inelastic adj

flexible adaptive resilient supple elastic:expand viable:live springiness resilience e lat

ephemeral:endure inelastic:stretch 2475,"elasticity","[]<S3K\C0K:C0]n 2476,"elated","[0\S<0C0D]adj hangdog adj elate v

lack of resilience elate v


el ate d

depress v

reprobate " dejection n wretchedness n " elbow:joint heart:organ elect v 166

2477,"elation","[0\S<0M:Q]n 2478,"elbow","[\<SB:7]n 2479,"electorate","[0\S<EC:T0C]n el

bow n elector n "


2480,"eleemosynary","[9elii:5mCsinEri]adj 2481,"elegant","[\<S0F:QC]adj elegant " 2482,"elegiac","[]<S0\DN>0:E]adj " 2483,"elegy","[\<S0DN0]n " 2484,"element","[\<S0P:QC]n pith n superficial element elemental adj adjunct n e leg

alms n

philanthropist:eleemosynary elegance n

: " polite adj

...... ...

insolent adj

e leg

elegiac:sorrow devotional:reverence

dirge n dirt ge

tango:dance dirge:music elegy:poem paean:song elegiac:sorrow devotional:reverence

elegy:sorrow[lament] satire:ridicule eulogy:admiration[praise]

elementary adj

soldier:army element:compound

essential element " elephant n " debasement n " " illicit adj " " evoke v fail to elicit " microscopic adj "

2485,"elephantine","[]<S0\G3QC>0Q]adj 2486,"elevate","[\<S0H<0C]v

massive clumsy e lev lev ave

lift sb sth up

2487,"elevation","[]<S0\H<0M:Q]n 2488,"elf","[elf]n 2489,"elicit","[0\S0K0C]v educe

elevate vt elf:imperious evoke suitable

e licit e lig ible

2490,"eligible","[\<S0DN:BS]adj 2491,"eliminate","[0\S0P0Q<0C]v 2492,"elite","[<0\S0:C]n "

remove eradicate

e limi

2493,"elitism","[<0\S0:C0LP]n 2494,"elixir","[0\S0EK:]n 2495,"ellipse","[0\S0AK]n I love you ...... " lipsis 167

e lit panacea e lix prolix adj el lip pro lix

elite n [ ] "






eclipse n



ellipsis:word apostrophe:letter

apostrophes:word ellipsis:sentence ambiguous palpable adj "


2497,"elliptical=elliptic","[0\S0AC0E:S]adj 2498,"elm","[<SP]n 2499,"elocution","[]<S:\EU7:M:Q]n 2500,"elongation","[]0:S5R\F<0M:Q]n tension:elongation 2501,"elope","[0\S:7A]v shorten v "

locu elongate v elongate" e lope v /n loqu lucid adj garble vt

circumlocution n longitude n

loquacious adj


longevity n


escape abscond

e lope eloquence n lucidity n obfuscate v e lude elocution n "


2502,"eloquent","[\<S:EV:QC]adj 2503,"elucidate","[0\S7:K0D<0C]v abet:encouragement elucidate:clarity 2504,"elude","[0\S7:D]v

expressive explain

elucidation n obscure adj elude vt " elusive adj

to avoid adroitly "


slippery:elude alluring:entice 2505,"Elysian","[0\S0N0:Q]adj 2506,"emaciate","[0\P<0M0<0C]v

blissful delightful maci

Elysium n

" apoplectic:angry emaciated:thin fatten v invigorate v "

e ma

firmness:obstinacy supple:spineless thin:emaciated 2507,"emaciation","[0]P<0M0\<0M:Q]n 2508,"emanate","[5emEneit] v 2509,"emancipate","[0\P3QK0A<0C]v emancipate manuscript n manumit vt emaciated[SAT] adj e man ate [] shackle vt "

invigoration n "

e man cip emancipation n

e man bondage n

anticipate " "

2510,"emasculate","[0\P3KEU7S<0C]v 2511,"embankment","[0P\B3REP:QC]n 2512,"embargo","[<P\B4:F:7]n

weaken castrate adj bank n bar [ ] go "

e mascul masculine adj " em bar go

quarantine:contagion[contact] embargo:commerce


2513,"embark","[0P\B4:E]v dismount:horse disembark:ship 2514,"embarrass","[0P\B3T:K]v indulge:mollycoddle

e bark conclude v disconcert

Em bark "


debut:career embarkment:journey

em barrass barrel n

embarrass:mortify disembarrass:entanglement : "

embarrass:shame console:comfort

2515,"embarrassment","[0P\B3T:KP:QC]n shrug:indifference unheralded:announcement 2516,"embed","[0P\B<D]v " wedge

blush:embarrassment smile:pleasure nod:agreement bow:respect unabashed:embarrassment

catastrophe:mishap humiliation:embarrassment

em bed ...� belle n

extract v

" embellish:austere

2517,"embellish","[0P\B<S0M]v adulterate:pure


bellish "

epitomize:brevity embellish:ornamentation

2518,"embellishment","[0P\B<S0MP:QC]n 2519,"embezzle","[0P\B<LS]v embezzle:fraud " peculate

verbosity:words floridness:embellishments bezzle


embezzle:funds usurp:power

2520,"embezzlement","[0P\B<LSP:QC]n 2521,"embezzler","[0P\B<LS:]n 2522,"embitter","[0P\B0C:]v ... 2523,"emblazon","[0P\BS<0L:Q]v 2524,"emblem","[\<PBS:P]n 2525,"embody","[0P\B5D0]v symbol

forgery:counterfeit embezzlement:fraud "


smuggler:import embezzler:appropriate bitter adj " Blaze n emboss boss emblematic adj embodiment n bold adj abash v " faze v

" symbolic representative"

em body n

2526,"embolden","[0P\B:7SD:Q]v encourage daunt v " 2527,"emboss","[0P\B5:K]v 2528,"embrace","[0P\BT<0K]v frown:displeasure shrug:indifference renounce v condemn vt "

cow v

appall vt

boggle v


embellish ornament em brace eschew v


bossy adj

flatten out "

submission:obeisance affection:embrace ostracize v spurn v abrogate vt abjure vt


2529,"embroider","[0P\BT50D:]v embroider:cloth chase:metal 2530,"embroil","[0P\BT50S]v 2531,"embryonic","[]<PBT0\5Q0E]adj embryo n adj " mend adj "

broider vt embro umbro

embroidery n

broil n /v em broil boil incipient rudimentary embryo

" embroider doodle v

2532,"emend","[0\P<QD]v 2533,"emerald","[\<P:T:SD]n 2534,"emerge","[0\P::DN]v 2535,"emigrate","[\<P0FT<0C]v 2536,"emigration","[]<P0\FT<0M:Q]n 2537,"eminence","[\<P0Q:QK]n

amendment n Emerald Isle

mendacious adj ald old

" herald n v " emergency n " "

merge v immigrate vt

submerge v migrate v

emergence n

emigrate:exile enlist:conscript " prominent adj / ignoble adj "

repatriate:emigration repeal:ratification e min eminent adj imminent adj

expert[maven]:experience luminary:eminence 2538,"emissary","[\<P0K:T0]n 2539,"emit","[0\P0C]v eject e miss mit e mit miss moll soft "

eminent undistinguished adj " emission n mollify v

absorb v " emollient:soothe dynamo:generate

2540,"emollient","[0\P5S0:QC]n emollient:suppleness desiccant:dryness 2541,"emolument","[0\P5SU7P:QC]n

remuneration e mot

molu e molu demote vt

ment emote vi "

molar n adj


2542,"emotion","[0\P:7M:Q]n sensibility apathetic:emotion imprudent:discretion 2543,"empathy","[\<PA:I0]v " 2544,"emphasis","[\<PG:K0K]n "

promote vt

convulsion:contraction frenzy:emotion I feels empathy with her pathy

antipathy n

apathetic adj

emphasize vt

emphatic adj

underscore:emphasis brand:ownership


2545,"empirical","[<P\A0T0E:S]adj 2546,"employ","[0P\AS50]v 2547,"empower","[0P\A>7:]v 2548,"empyrean","[]<PA>0\T0::Q]n pyrogenic v empyreal adj

empiric She employs her free time in playing power n " paradise

empire n "

empiricism n


em pyr fire


pyre n

celestial sublime" late emulate emulation n emulous adj " " emulate:exemplary

2549,"emulate","[\<PU7S<0C]v obviate:unnecessary

emulation:exemplar deference:authority sify en act emulsion n rescind v "

2550,"emulsify","[0\P8SK0G>0]v 2551,"enact","[0\Q3EC]v 2552,"enactment","[0\Q3ECP:QC]n 2553,"enamel","[0\Q3P:S]n " 2554,"enamored","[I5nAmEd] adj of

rescission n " e name 1500 enamel:tooth bark:tree

... ... fascinated

amour n

" capsule n " cephalous adj enchanting adj " "

2555,"encapsulate","[0Q\E3AKU7]S<0C]v 2556,"encephalitis","[]<QK<G:\S>0C0K]n 2557,"enchant","[0Q\CM4:QC]v 2558,"encipher","[0Q\K>0G:]v ... 2559,"enclave","[\<QES<0H]n 2560,"enclose","[0Q\ES:7L]v 2561,"enclosure","[0Q\ES:7N:]n " 2562,"encomium","[<Q\E:7P0:P]n encomiast:eulogize quibbler:cavil entrance cipher n

summarize epitomize cephal bewitch

cephalic adj enchantment n "

decipher v "

enclose vt close v

enclose:parentheses separate:comma


stockade:enclosure pillar:support

recluse:crowd claustrophobia:enclosure

eulogy panegyric

en com come

encomiast n :

encomiastic adj diatribe n harsh

encomium:eulogy discontent:complain : 171


" enclose envelop compass n v " scotch v " crochet v recumbent adj " remove impediment exclude vt "

2563,"encompass","[0Q\E8PA:K]v 2564,"encounter","[0Q\E>7QC:]v 2565,"encourage","[0Q\E8T0DN]v 2566,"encroach","[0Q\ET:7CM]v 2567,"encumber","[0Q\E8PB:]v "

circumlocution n stimulate spur courage n

croach cumber v cumb

2568,"encyclopedic","[<Q]K>0ES:7\A0:D0E]adj pediatrics n encyclopedia:compendious danger n dear adj native


encyclo ped

encyclopedia n " "

pertinacity:changeable recapitulation:lengthy sequester:seclusion endanger:jeopardy endearment n " pandemic adj

2569,"endanger","[0Q\D<0QDN:]v 2570,"endearing","[0Q\D0:T0R]adj 2571,"endemic","[<Q\D<P0E]adj endemic:region inborn:individual 2572,"endorse","[0Q\D5:K]v endorse:approval[approbation] 2573,"endorsement","[0Q\D5:KP:QC] n 2574,"endow","[0Q\D>7]v 2575,"endue","[0Q\DU7:]v 2576,"endure","[0Q\DU7:]vt inelastic:stretch

en dem exotic adj dorse

epidemic adj foreign adj "

dorsal adj deprecate vt " "


oppose publicly

impugn v

rider:bill endorsement:policy endow:income endorse:approval

divest v "

provide endow vi dur

endow endurance n

" ephemeral:endure repellent:attract " ephemeral:enduring inanimate:living

transitory:endure immutable:change lasting " e nerv ate durable patient

2577,"enduring","[0Q\DU7:T0R]adj ephemeral adj transitory adj



adulterate:purity enervate[enfeeble]:vigor

decelerate:speed enervate:vitality dispirit:morale

curtail:period enervate:energy hamstring:effectiveness 172

strengthen v

fortify v

invigorate v " eclipse:prestige enervation[enfeeble]:vigor " feeble adj fee ball tonic adj " " adulterate:purity enervate[enfeeble]:vigor enfeebling " enervation:vitality

2579,"enervation","[]<Q::\H<0M:Q]n debase:value vitality n

2580,"enfeeble","[0Q\G0:BS]v eclipse:prestige palliate:anger 2581,"enfetter","[<Q\G<C:]v 2582,"enflame","[in5fleim] v 2583,"enforce","[0Q\G5:K]v 2584,"enfranchise","[0Q\GT3QCM>0L]v

invigorate v fet feet n inflame

enfranchise vt en flame n

force n vt " franchise n v franc chise disfranchise vt subjugate vt "

enfranchise:vote ignite:burn illuminate:see 2585,"engaging","[0Q\F<0DN0R]adj 2586,"engender","[0Q\DN<QD:]v eradicate v quash v " grave n adj en gross adj engrossing adj " v " attractive

enfetter vt engage v

resubject v "

engagement n gen generate vt

produce beget procreate

gender n


2587,"engrave","[0Q\FT<0H]v 2588,"engross","[0Q\FT:7K]v 2589,"engrossed ","[0Q\FT:7KC]adj absorbed:engrossed close:intimate 2590,"engulf","[0Q\F8SG]v overwhelm 2591,"enhancement","[0Q\O4:QKP:QC]n 2592,"enigmatic","[]<Q0F\P3C0E]adj free of ambiguity broadly known

hack:carve gouge:engrave



attentive:officious refined:snobbish

gulf n vt en gulf golf enhance v " mysterious wildly accepted enigma n


mystery "



readily understood en join v

2593,"enjoin","[0Q\DN50Q]v 2594,"enkindle","[0Q\E0QDS]v

command forbid inflame

rejoin v rekindle v "


kindle vt vi


2595,"enlighten","[0Q\S>0CQ]v explanation:enlighten 2596,"enlist","[0Q\S0KC]v ... enlist:conscript " animate " recruit

en light

enlightening adj


en list n

induction n


2597,"enliven","[0Q\S>0HQ]v 2598,"enmesh","[0Q\P<M]v extricate vt "

live adj

" mesh n


be enmeshed in difficulties

2599,"enmity","[\<QP0C0]n camaraderie n comity n

hostility antipathy concord n debase vt boredom " " "

enemy n [ ] inimical adj

amity n


2600,"ennoble","[i5nEubl]vt ... 2601,"ennui","[\4:QV0:]n interest energy n

I relieved my ennui with gambling excitement n

anvil n exuberance n keen

ennui:enthusiastic fervor:apathetic somnolence:alert enthusiasm n

2602,"enormity","[0\Q5:P0C0]n enormous adj 2603,"enrage","[0Q\T<0DN]v 2604,"enrapture","[0Q\T3ACM:]v 2605,"ensconce","[0Q\KE5QK]v en scon scan ce ce unsettle v infuriate elate

wickedness immensity " rage n /v rapture n vt

e norm


irk:enrage suggest:urge rapt adj enraptured adj en sconce n

" indifferent adj "

shelter establish settle displace v " semble

conce cond abscond v

2606,"ensemble","[4:Q\K4:PBS]n " 2607,"enshrine","[0Q\MT>0Q]v ... 2608,"ensign","[\<QK:Q]v 2609,"enslave","[0Q\KS<0H]v 2610,"ensnare","[0Q\KQ2:]v shrine n sign n slave n snare n

resemble v

dissemble v

solo n

en shine n /v insignia n manumit v v " 174

... " " man "


catch trap

2611,"ensue","[0Q\KU7:]v sequence n sue v ensue

What will ensue from this? anterior adj insure assure snarl ensuing " "


en sue v


sue sequ

2612,"ensure","[0Q\M7:]v 2613,"entangle","[0Q\C3RFS]v

sure adj tangle n

entangle:involve grill:question : extricate vt " " snarl n /v "

exoneration:blame disentangle:snarl 2614,"entertaining","[]<QC:\C<0Q0R]adj 2615,"entertainment","[]<QC:\C<0QP:QC]n 2616,"enthrall","[0Q\IT5:S]v charm 2617,"enthusiasm","[0Q\IU7:L03L:P]n doting:fondness paranoia:suspicion 2618,"enthusiastic","[0Q]IU7:L0\3KC0E]adj

disembarrass:entanglement amusing pleasing amusement thrall n

tedious adj

impresario:entertainment broker:trade en thrall throw in "


zealous[mania, madness]:enthusiasm reverence:respect avidity:enthusiasm zealous:enthusiastic idolatrous:devoted halfhearted adj attractive enticing" " " ennui n "

ennui:enthusiastic fervor:apathetic somnolence:alert 2619,"entice","[0Q\C>0K]v entice:tempt affectionate:love : lure : enticing adj formidable adj

slippery:elude alluring:entice

2620,"enticement","[0Q\C>0KP:QC]n 2621,"entirety","[0Q\C>0:S0]n 2622,"entitle","[0Q\C>0CS]v ...

command:entreaty goad:enticement entire adj entity n "

completeness wholeness title n entom ology "


2623,"entomology","[]<QC:\P5S:DN0]n 2624,"entourage","[]5QC7\T4:N]n 2625,"entrance","[\<QCT:QK]n repulse v bore v " v

en tom tomb ology " egress n disgust v


retinue enrapture

en tour age enter vt vi n

repel vt

2626,"entrancing","[in5trB:nsiN] adj 2627,"entrapment","[0Q\CT3AP:QC]n

disappointing adj entrap v trap n 175

unprepossessing adj vt


vigilant:entrapped exacting:satisfied

valiant:entrapped demanding:satisfied 2628,"entreat","[0Q\CT0:C]v " 2629,"entreaty","[0Q\CT0:C0]n 2630,"entr�e","n [] enter" plea

" plead beg en treat n protest:dissuade supplicate:entreat

command:entreaty goad:enticement


2631,"entrenched","[0Q\CT<QCMC]adj 2632,"entrepreneur","[]5QCT:AT:\Q::]n [ ] 2633,"entrust","[0Q\CT8KC]v 2634,"entry","[5entri]n commit

entrench v enterprise n trust n

" " " "

journal:entries run:performance twine n v " "

2635,"entwine","[0Q\CV>0Q]v 2636,"enumerate","[0\QU7:P:T<0C]v

number n

2637,"enunciate","[0\Q8QK0<0C]v utter articulate pronunciation n enunciation n enunciate:words limn:lines mumble n /v wrapper covering environment face confront " waffle:enunciate embed:disinter 2638,"envelope","[\<QH0S:7A]n 2639,"environs","[0Q\H>0T:QL]n 2640,"envisage","[0Q\H0L0DN]v envision vt "

e nunci nounce

announce vt

denounce v

enunciate:mumbling clarify:confusing

envelop vt environ vt


envelope:letter crate:produce environment " visage n en vis age


visualize imagine

2641,"enzyme","[\<QL>0P]n enzyme:catalyst bacterium:microbe 2642,"epaulet","[\<A:S<C]n ring:finger " epau

zyme n leaven yeast " let e pau let

zymurgy n

zymic adj



2643,"ephemeral","[0\G<P:T:S]adj ephe ephemeron n

transitory transient n

e phem

ep ... hemer

ephemeral:endure repellent:attract inelastic:stretch 176

inert:react ineffectual:proceed perpetual eternal everlasting adj 2644,"epic","[\<A0E]n 2645,"epicure","[\<A0EU7:]n ...... epicurean adj " indifferent to food "

convoluted:complexity permanent:perpetually ephemeral:transience : enduring adj permanent adj

ephemeral:longevity grandiose:humility xenophobia:diplomatic

adj gourmet gourmand Epicures n



modest adj pi a person


e pi cure v

epicure:discriminating sentinel:watchful spectator:watching

2646,"epidemic","[]<A0\D<P0E]adj endemic n adj "


epi ... dem

e pi dem dam

2647,"epidermis","[]<A0\D::P0K]n bark:conifer "

epi ... derm

dermatology n


2648,"epigram","[\<A0FT3P]n terse telegram n

epi ... gram

epic n



program n "

exaggeration:caricature brevity:epigram

paradox:contradictory epigram:wise epi ... logue epilogue:novel coda:symphony

2649,"epilogue","[\<A0S5F]n dessert:meal epilogue:play coda:sonata prologue n preface n " e pi sode sell

terminus:stop epilogue:story[prose] finale:music

[ ]

2650,"episode","[\<A0K:7D]n 2651,"epistemology","[0]A0KC0\P5S:DN0]n aesthetics:beauty epistemology:knowledge 2652,"Epistle","[0\A0KS]n 2653,"epitaph","[\<A0C4:G]n epitaph:tombstone motto:shield 2654,"epithet","[\<A0I<C]n " 2655,"epitomize","[0\A0C:P>0L]v epi ... tome n 2656,"epoch","[\0:A5E]n " Epistle �



episodic adj e pi stem

" stem

epi ... stem ology " e pis piss piss "

epi ... taph tomb n

e pit n

epi ... thet put

e pi the


epithet:disparage alias:mislead


e pit tom tomb

epitome[SAT] n "

abstract abridgmenttome

epitomize:brevity embellish:ornamentation " 177

2657,"equable","[\<EV:BS]adj equator n intemperate adj "


tranquil serene

equ able

equate vt

equation n

2658,"equanimity","[]0:EV:\Q0P0C0]n unanimous adj excitability n

equ anim agitation n

e quan "

animate v adj

perturbation n equilibrium n balance

2659,"equestrian","[0\EV<KCT0:Q]n adj 2660,"equilibrium","[]0:EV0\S0BT0:P]n equipoise n poise n vt vi pose I

equine adj n equitation n equi libr balance v " librate v


equipoise:vacillate equi

2661,"equity","[\<EV0C0]n unfairness n

fairness impartiality justice equitable adj equ val

illiteracy:education inequity:redistribution /unfair adj " equivalence n

discrimination n

discriminatory adj valor n

2662,"equivalent","[0\EV0H:S:QC]adj ambivalent adj

convalesce vi " equivocal adj

indistinguishable:confound equivalent:interchange equi voc

2663,"equivocate","[0\EV0H:]E<0C]v vague fawn:imperiousness equivocate:directness waffle v speak unequivocally grandstand:impress equivocate:deceive straightforwardly

ambiguous misleading communicate

equivocate:commitment procrastinate:action "

ambiguous:understand equivocal:meaning

2664,"equivocation","[0]EV0H:\E<0M:Q]n equivocation:clarity prevarication:truth obfuscation:clarity metaphor:description " 2665,"era","[5IErE]n

equivocation:coax explanation:enlighten equivocation:ambiguous platitude:banal oxymoron:incongruous equivocation:truth euphemism:offense clarity n equivocation:definite rationalization:plausible

equivocation:misleading bromide[clich�]:hackneyed

era:moment region:site

" e radic radical adj

2666,"eradicate","[0\T3D0E<0C]v uproot exterminate destroy abolish eliminate radix n eradication n engender v erase vt " rase abrasion n erasable adj

2667,"erasability","n 2668,"erasure","[0\T<0N:]n 2669,"erect","[i5rekt]v adj

indelibility n " "


indelibility:erasure impermeability:passage suspend vt slouch v stand erect prostrate vt


2670,"erode","[0\T:7D]v topsoil:erode paint:peel process of eroding


disintegrate "

e rode

rodent adj n

erode:diminish accrete:enlarge deposition n

accrete:growth erode:destruction singe:incinerate

deposit v

2671,"erosion","[0\T:7N:Q]n callous:friction accretion n

downpour:flooding wind:erosion reduction in substance caused by erosion Eros Eros n e ro " e rot


2672,"erotic","[0\T5C0E]adj cupidity n " err "


cupid n


2674,"errand","[\<T:QD]n 2675,"errant","[\<T:QC]adj digress:topic errant:standard 2676,"erratic","[0\T3C0E]adj


aberration n " err " irregular random wandering eccentric queer err heroic:craven error n errant:course heretical:doctrine amorphous:shape

discombobulated:order erratic:consistence erratic:permanent "

exemplary:criticized erratic:predicted

2677,"erroneous","[0\T:7Q0:K]adj " 2678,"error","[\<T:]n

incorrect mistaken


misunderstood:clarify erroneous:retract

disabuse:error rehabilitate:addiction " er sa formerly 3 " erst

expiate:guilt correct:error

misdemeanor:crime inkling:indication lapse:error 2679,"ersatz","[\2:L3CK]adj 2680,"erstwhile","[\::KCOV>0S]adj ...... " 2681,"erudite","[\<T7D>0C]adj agitated:frenetic unlettered adj " learned scholarly artificial adv

erst earliest adj

while n

conj ...


e rud

rudiments n smattering of knowledge

literate:erudite ignorant adj

erudite:fathom oblivious:neglect

2682,"erudition","[]<T7\D0M:Q]n illiteracy n " 2683,"erupt","[0\T8AC]v

prescience:future erudition:esoteric

extremely ignorance

e rupt 179

corrupt adj


interrupt v

eruption n "

2684,"escalate","[\<KE:S<0C]v " " late scale n

Escalator diminish decrease v escapism n shun avoid abstain embrace v wane ebb vi

elevator n "

dainty adj

esc Esc

2685,"escape","[0K\E<0A]v 2686,"eschew","[0K\CM7:]v seek v

escape:capture dodge:blow es chew v it's true

" Eschew chew

habitually indulge in n

greet v "

welcome v /n "


2688,"esophagus","[0:\K5G:F:K]n 2689,"esoteric","[]<K:7\C<T0E]adj

" abstruse confidential mysterious generally known espion spy n spouse n spy es oter outer "

prescience:future erudition:esoteric 2690,"espionage","[]<KA0:\Q4:N]n 2691,"espouse","[0K\A>7L]v repudiate v " 2692,"espy","[0K\A>0]v 2693,"essential","[0\K<QM:S]adj adjunct n essential element " state n n descry

common accepted "" "

support advocate

espousal n

abjure vt

spy n " inherent necessary essence n patina n essential quality

2694,"estate","[0K\C<0C]n 2695,"esteem","[0K\C0:P]v abominate vt "

" esteem:idolatrize favor:bribe mark of esteem odium n

obeisant:esteem embrace:affection : stigma n

infuriate:rage commend:esteem scrounge:possession :



infamous adj estrange v

contemptible adj

" rapprochement n

2697,"estrangement","[0K\CT<0QDNP:QC]n " 2698,"estuary","[\<KCU7:T0]n 2699,"etch","[<CM]v etch

strange adj

reconciliation n

eat east ary itch v /n 180

apiary n etching n


aviary n


etch:corrosive glue:adhesive

efface v " 2700,"eternal","[0\C::Q:S]adj 2701,"ethereal","[0\I0:T0:S]adj ponderous adj " ethic n logic:reasoning ethics:behavior anthropology ethnology " ethnical adj The Eternal god intangible ephemeral adj ether aither " material adj

e the real


2703,"ethnography","[<I\Q5FT:G0]n ethnic adj ethos n "

ethn graphy

2704,"etiquette","[\<C0\E<C]n 2705,"etymology","[]<C0\P5S:DN0]n 2706,"eucalyptus","[]U7:E:\S0AC:K]n 2707,"eugenic","[U7:\DN<Q0E]adj 2708,"eulogize","[\U7:S:DN>0L]v lampoon:satirize

decorum etymon n

e tiquette ticket n "

eit IT que tte IT


cactus n eu gen eu log euphoria n eulogistic adj " laudatory


panegyric:eulogize cavil v "

encomiast:eulogize quibbler:cavil

pan criticize v

denounce v

2709,"eulogy","[\U7:S:DN0]n autobiography:reminisce eulogy:praise denunciation n diatribe n

eulogy:praise[admiration] elegy:lament[sorrow] encomium:eulogy discontent:complain : stricture n " eu phem " telephone n " semaphore n arrhythmic adj vacant adj satisfaction:euphoria " evacuation n : " cacophony n ephemeral adj euphemism:offensive : eulogy:speak defamation n

2710,"euphemism","[\U7:G0P0L:P]n aphorism:diffuse euphemistic:offend invulnerable:injure harmonious

euphemism:offense equivocation[prevarication]:truthobfuscation:clarity

2711,"euphonious","[U7:\G:7Q0:K]adj graceful:movement euphonious:sound 2712,"euphoria","[U7:\G5:T0:]n 2713,"eurhythmic","[U7:T\0JP0E]adj 2714,"evacuate","[0\H3EU7<0C]v fill up conquer vt occupy vt "

eu phon

cacophonous adj eu phor ia eu rhythm n e vacu

vacuum n adj


2715,"evade","[0\H<0D]v evade:answer goldbrick:work 2716,"evanescent","[]<H:\Q<KQC]adj adolescent adj evanescent:vanish n efflorescent adj n evanescent:permanence archaic:currency "

e vade

pervade v

invade vt

evasion n

evasive adj

ephemeral transient senescent adj

e van escent ...

e van wan escent periodic:recur

evanescent:disappear pliant:yield " evaporate:vapor petrify:stone

convoluted:complexity transient:evanescence

lasting perpetual permanent abiding adj e vapor n "

2717,"evaporate","[0\H3A:T<0C]v volatile:evaporate soluble:dissolve 2718,"evaporation","[0]H3A:\T<0M:Q]n 2719,"evasion","[i5veiVEn]n 2720,"evenhanded","[\0:H:Q\O3QD0D]adj 2721,"even-tempered","[\0:H:Q\C<PA:D]adj 2722,"everlasting","[9evE5lB:stiN]adj

remainder:subtraction residue:evaporation evade v " placid calm" inclemency:evasion : "


countless [innumerable myriad untold]:number everlasting " victor n victory n evict:residence banish:country

[interminable]:duration unsubstantiated:conclusion 2723,"evict","[0\H0EC]v harbor v " e vict


2724,"eviction","[0\H0EM:Q]n 2725,"evince","[0\H0QK]v keep hidden " 2726,"eviscerate","[0\H0K:T<0C]v ... 2727,"evoke","[0\H:7E]v fail to elicit "

deportation:country eviction:dwelling indicate manifest e vince vict

" evincible adj conceal v

disembowel ... e voke

e viscera n provoke vt

e viscer visa revoke vt

" evoke:hot-headed :


2728,"evolve","[0\H5SH]v 2729,"ewe","[U7:]n 2 e w

e volve

evolution n

" : "

sheep:ewe swan:pen :


2730,"ewer","[\U7::]n 2731,"exacerbate","[<EK\3K::B<0C]v ... mitigate v palliate v assuage vt allay vt " adj

" ex acerb acerbic adj acerbate vt adj alleviate v



ex act

exaction n

forgive vt

condone vt


2733,"exacting","[0F\L3EC0R]adj defeatist:resigned exacting:satisfy "

rigorous strict

demanding arduous onerous

stickler:exacting indomitable:control

vigilant:entrapped exacting:satisfied wary:gulled

2734,"exactitude","[0F\L3EC0CU7:D]n 2735,"exaggerate","[0F\L3DN:T<0C]v hyperbolic:exaggerated minimize v "

imprecision n

" aphoristic:terse malicious:ill will exaggerating:hyperbole

overstate overemphasize intensify

playful:banter exaggerated:hyperbole

2736,"exaggeration","[0F]L3DN:\T<0M:Q]n anger:tirade exaggeration:hyperbole 2737,"exalt","[0F\L5:SC]v condemn vt humble vt ... praise glorify extol lower in status "

pithiness:aphorism brevity:epigram exaggeration:caricature

ex alt

altitude n condemnation n ex asper

altimeter n " asperity n

pillory vt

exaltation n ex asper

2738,"exasperate","[0F\L4:KA:T<0C]v vex exasperation n mollify v mitigate v "

2739,"excavate","[\<EKE:H<0C]v "

ex cav cave n

cavity n

excavation n

fill in

entangle vt

2740,"exceed","[0E\K0:D]v surpass outdo ... 2741,"excel","[0E\K<S]v surpass transcend

ex ceed excellent adj exception n

proceed vi Excel ex cept "



2742,"exceptional","[0E\K<AM:QS]adj exceptionable adj 2743,"excerpt","[\<EK::AC]n 2744,"excess","[\<EK<K]adj n prosaic adj

reception n

precept n

commonplace adj v expert n excess

" aside:digression summary:excerpt ex cess excessive adj too little " "



2745,"exchangeable","[0EK\CM<0QDN:BS]adj 2746,"exchequer","[\<EKCM<E:]n 2747,"excise","[<E\K>0L]v ...

" ex chequer check incisive adj " excision n "

treasury funds ex cise concision n torpor n stolid adj ex claim ex clude "

2748,"excitability","[0E]K>0C:\B0S0C0]n 2749,"excitable","[0E\K>0C:BS]adj 2750,"exclaim","[0EK\ES<0P]v 2751,"exclude","[0EK\ES7:D]v ... exclusive adj "

equanimity n "

exclaim:utter flare:shine occlude v preclude n

" exclusion n

2752,"excogitate","[<EK\E5DN0C<0C]v 2753,"excoriate","[<EK\E5:T0<0C]v lavishly accolade n flatter vt " abrade

cogitate v denounce


" extol v praise

ex cor core n

2754,"excrete","[<EK\ET0:C]v absorb vt "

ex crete create

secrete vt

se crete

ingest vt

2755,"excruciate","[iks5kru:Fieit]v 2756,"exculpate","[\<EKE8SA<0C]v indict vt inculpate v "

ex cruci crude ate ex culp culprit n

exult v culpable adj

" attribute guilt

2757,"exculpatory","[<EK\E8SA:C:T0]adj alibi:exculpatory warning:admonitory 2758,"excursion","[0EK\E::M:Q]n 2759,"excursive","[<EK\E::K0H]adj 2760,"execrable","[\<EK0ET:BS]adj laudable adj " jaunt

exculpatory:absolve hortative:encourage motivational:stir " ex curs incursion n cursive n /v " "

ex curs abominable detestable

digress:excursive reiterate:redundant exe cr cry able

commendable adj

2761,"execrate","[\<EK0ET<0C]v loathe detest abhor denounce curse ex crate execration[SAT] n 184

ex secrat :

desecrate vt

de se crate execration


laud extol v /n

approbation n " 2762,"execute","[\<EK0EU7:C]v guillotine:execute " 2763,"executor","[0F\L<EU7C:n 2764,"exegesis","[]<EK0\DN0:K0K]n 2765,"exemplary","[0F\L<PAS:T0]adj exemplify vt ... redoubtable:regard executor:will soldier:order ex egesis " ex ege eye exemplar n " ex empl empt execution n executioner n executive adj n pillory:ridicule

impossible:executed adamant:moved

vagary:predict impossibility:execute

commendable typical admonitory

exemplary:criticized erratic:predicted "

exemplary:imitation culpable:blame corrective:amends paradigm:exemplify

emulate:exemplary obviate:unnecessary

exemplary:imitation reverent:deference 2766,"exempt","[0F\L<PAC]adj exempt:liability pardon:penalty 2767,"exert","[0F\L::C]v for to excused v " exercise emit

ex empt

preempt v

exemption n

ex ert inhale v ex haust "

inert adj

exertion n "


2768,"exhale","[<EK\O<0S]v 2769,"exhaust","[0F\L5:KC]v discrete:overlap

ex hale

exhalation n exhaustion n

deplete n


thirsty:imbibe exhausted:rest thorough n

2770,"exhaustive","[0F\L5:KC0H]adj 2771,"exhibit","[0F\L0B0C]v

incomplete adj ex hibit

partial adj

" "

tender:acceptance exhibit:inspection exhibitionist n "

2772,"exhibitionism","[]<EK0\B0M:Q]0L:P]n 2773,"exhilarate","[0F\L0S:T<0C]v exhilaration n sadden v " urge " ex hort stimulate elate

ex hilar

ex hil hill

hilarious adj

2774,"exhort","[0F\L5:C]v exhort:suggest goad:direct 2775,"exhortation","[]<FL5:\C<0M:Q]n obloquy:discredit "

ex hort

" " ex hort hot 44

exhortation:motivate invective:discredit persiflage:incite


2776,"exhortative","[0F\L5:C:C0H]adj 2777,"exhume","[<EK\OU7:P]v " 2778,"exigent","[\<EK0DN:QC]adj urgence urgency deferrable adj " disinter

exhortative:urge didactic:teach ex hume

" human n humility n humus


urgent adj

exigence n


2779,"exiguous","[<F\L0FU7:K]adj ambiguous adj "

scanty meager

ex igu 1 u


contiguous adj

2780,"exile","[\<EK>0S]v /n 2781,"exodus","[\<EK:D:K]n 2782,"exogamy","[<E\K5F:P0]n 2783,"exonerate","[0F\L5Q:T<0C]v inculpate v censure v /n incriminate vt �

emigrate:exile enlist:conscript ex odus exo gamy game absolve " ex oner ex dus bus "

" ex us influx n "

onerous adj

prove guilty

2784,"exoneration","[0F]L5Q:\T<0M:Q]n censure v /n " 2785,"exorbitant","[0F\L5:B0C:QC]adj exorbitant:moderation perfidious:loyalty 2786,"exorcise","[\<EK5:K>0L]v sorcerer n exorcism n " fantastic

exoneration:blame disentangle[extricate]:snarl

incrimination n

excessive " ex sorc

ex orbit n


orc orca n

ex or cise

sorcery n

2787,"exotic","[<F\L5C0E]adj mundane adj "




endemic adj


indigenous adj

2788,"expand","[0EK\A3QD]v proliferate:number "

ex pand

expansion n

expanse n


2789,"expansive","[0EK\A3QK0H]adj intrude:expansive limited adj " :

outgoing reserved adj taciturn adj

comprehensive withdrawn adj

expand vt diffident adj

ex pan


malicious adj


expatiate spatium space 186

ex pat pet

expand v


compatible adj

" banish exile ex patri patriotism n patricide n

2791,"expatriate","[<EK\A3CT0<0C]v " 2792,"expectant","[0EK\A<EC:QC]adj 2793,"expediency","[0EK\A0:D0:QK0]n ped pod expedient adj n "



expect vt


] " centipede n podiatrist n


ex ped

2794,"expedite","[\<EKA0D>0C]v ... process retard vt "

ex ped

expedite:process accelerate:pace

2795,"expedition","[]<EKA0\D0M:Q]n quick

promptness haste :

exploration foot dragging

expeditious adj "


expedition:foot dragging consensus:factionalism : discharge eject " consume ex pel

2796,"expel","[0EK\A<S]v student:expel

deport:nation expel:school


ingest vt

2797,"expend","[0EK\A<QD]v spend store up " 2798,"expenditure","[0EK\A<QD0CM:]n 2799,"experienced","[0EK\A0:T0:QKC]adj experienced practitioner 2800,"expert","[\<EKA::C]n tyro n " " adj

ex pend

suspend v

expendable adj

outlay expense

extravagance:expenditure loquaciousness:talk experimentation n fledgling n


experimental adj


excerpt n /vt

pest:irksome expert:proficient

2801,"expertise","[]<EKA::\C0:L]n practicing:expertise exercising:strength 2802,"expiate","[\<EKA0<0C]v ex pi ate " 2803,"expire","[0EK\A>0:]v expiration n pi piety n

expert n "

selflessness:altruist expertise:connoisseur

He tried to expiate his crimes by giving money expiate:guilt correct:error

ex pi pious adj

impious adj

guilt:expiation fatigue:repose

cease terminate die

ex pire spire

inspiration n

aspiration n

come to life "


2804,"explanation","[]<EKAS:\Q<0M:Q]n " 2805,"explicable","[\<EKAS0E:BS]adj explicit adj "

explanatory adj

parenthesis:explanation ellipsis:omission


explicate v ex plic

implicit adj

2806,"explicit","[0EK\AS0K0C]adj immanent adj obscure adj "

explicate v

implicit adj

inchoate adj

tacit adj

2807,"exploit","[\<EKAS50C]v exploit:utilize "


explore v


exploitation n


2808,"explore","[0EK\AS5:]v 2809,"explosive","[0EK\AS:7K0H]n 2810,"exponent","[<EK\A:7Q:QC]n explain v proponent n opponent n adj


ex plore

implore v

" "

explosion n advocates expound v

barrage:explosives deluge:rain ex pound 007 007 " 3

exponent:advocate pollster:canvass " repose v /n ex post

2811,"exponentially","[]<EKA:7\Q<QM:S0]adv 2812,"exposition","[]<EKA:\L0M:Q]n 2813,"expostulate","[0EK\A5KCU7S<0C]v postmeridian adj postwar adj



expound v remonstrate postulate n /v significant "

expository adj ex post v


2814,"expressive","[0EK\AT<K0H]adj 2815,"expropriate","[<EK\AT:7AT0]<0C]v proprietary adj n property n "

expressly adv

express adj


vt "

dispossess ...

ex propriate appropriate v adj

2816,"expulsion","[0EK\A8SM:Q]n 2817,"expunge","[<EK\A8QDN]v 2818,"expurgate","[\<EKA::F<0C]v purity n

expulse v erase

expel v ex punge ex purg inexpurgate v

pel pul pull " pungent adj ex pur gate gate " purge n /v

vendor:purvey censor:expurgate

obliterate v " ex quisite requisite adj

2819,"exquisite","[\<EKEV0L0C]adj n inquisitive adj tawdry adj

consummate delicate " 188


ex stand

extinct adj impromptu

lost adj makeshift

missing adj ex tempor

" tempo n

2821,"extemporaneous","[<EK\C<PA:\T<0Q0:K]adj planned adj "

2822,"extemporize","[0EK\C<PA:T>0L]v extemporization:spontaneous 2823,"extend","[0EK\C<QD]v 2824,"extenuate","[0EK\C<QU7<0C]v extenuate:seriousness aggravating adj

improvise boast:dishonest ex tend tenu "

temporal adj [ ] follow a script "

temporary adj

text[rehearsal]:extemporize score:improvise honesty:guilt


extension n attenuate v

abbreviate v



2825,"exterminate","[<EK\C::P0Q<0C]v terminus n "

annihilate extirpate eradicate

ex termin

terminate v

2826,"externalize","[<EK\C::Q:S]>0L]v ... 2827,"extinct","[0EK\C0REC]adj extant adj resuscitated adj " [] tin

external adj extinguish vt

n , " distinction n instinct n

2828,"extinction","[0EK\C0REM:Q]n 2829,"extinguish","[0EK\C0RFV0M]v 2830,"extirpation","[]<EKC::\A<0M:Q]n stirpiculture n propagation n "

annihilation abolition quench tin ignite v

perpetuation n kindle v

" " stirp n

rekindle v


extirpate vt

ex tirp

2831,"extol","[0EK\C:7S]v excoriate v

laud exalt

ex tol

exalt impugn v

lambaste v detract v

pan v

censure v /n

deprecate v

vilify vt disparage v

condemn v extract

malign v " tortuous adj extort:obtain

2832,"extort","[0EK\C5:C]v "

ex tort

distort v


sycophant:flattery extortionist:intimidation : " milk:extract exploit:utilize 189

kidnap:detainment extortion:retribution plunder:destruction 2834,"extract","[0EK\CT3EC]v ex tract

embed vt


bed" 2835,"extracurricular","[]<EKCT:E:\T0EU7S:]adj 2836,"extradite","[\<EKCT:D>0C]v 2837,"extraneous","[<EK\CT<0Q0:K] adj achromatic:hue extraneous:essence intuitive adj " remarkable unusual extra ordinary adj extramarital ex tradit irrelevant extrinsic relevant adj apposite adj curricular adj tradition n extra adj " extradition n adv n essential adj "

intrinsic adj

2838,"extraordinary","[0EK\CT5:D:Q:T0]adj quotidian adj prosaic adj "

2839,"extrapolate","[<EK\CT3A:S<0C]v interpolate v "


extra pol

extra pol poll

2840,"extravagance","[0EK\CT3H0F:QK]n exorbitantvagrant adj n divagate v

extra vag

extravagant adj

profuse frugality n "

extravagance:expenditure loquaciousness:talk extreme adj release disentangle n ex tric extremist n "

2841,"extremity","[0EK\CT<P0C0]n 2842,"extricate","[\<EKCT0E<0C]v entangle vt enmesh v

intricate adj

trick n

mire v n " extraneous alien intrinsic adj inherent/ immanent adj

2843,"extrinsic","[<EK\CT0QK0E]adj ingrained adj "

2844,"extrovert","[\<EKCT:7H::C]n maverick:conformity extrovert:reserve 2845,"extrude","[<EK\CT7:D]v 2846,"exuberance","[0F\LU7:B:T:QK]n

extro vert

introvert n

extroversion n "

extrovert:outgoing perfectionist:exacting ex trude rude adj ex uber ennui n sudorific adj sultry adj crestfallen adj " " uber udder n anvil sudation n n "

exuberant adj

soaking:wet exuberant:happy frigid:cool 2847,"exude","[0F\LU7:D]v ex ude sud ex sult

absorb take in v


2848,"exult","[0F\L8SC]v jubilant triumphant exultant adj abject adj

exult:satisfaction crave:longing

dejected adj


2849,"fabric","[\G3BT0E]n 2850,"fabricate","[\G3BT0E<0C]v prefabricate v engage:tedious fabrication n "

apple:fruit wool:fabric lie create fabric n

" fabric n ate [ ]

discompose:pacific[placid] fabricate:authentic[ingenuous]

2851,"fabulous","[\G3BU7S:K]adj 2852,"facade","[G:\K4:D]n 2853,"facet","[\G3K0C]n 2854,"facetious","[G:\K0:M:K]adj antic:behavior



fable n

" fac face "

the grim facts behind the facade of gaiety face et jocose jocular earnest adj fac ile ... facile adj obstructionist n fac simile disinterested adj " arduous adj face le one who facilitates face simile ecumenical adj " faceti face ous


lugubrious adj superficial


profound adj Fac face ilit ate impede v " faction n

" facility n "

2856,"facilitate","[G:\K0S0C<0C]v hamper v thwart v obstruct v

thwart vt

2857,"facsimile","[G3E\K0P0S0]n 2858,"factional","[\G3EM:Q:S]adj 2859,"factionalism","[\G3EM:Q:S0L:P]n

unity n "

consensus:factionalism confusion:clarity expedition:foot dragging falsehood fact ous factious adj " cooperative adj it "

law:criminality consensus:factionalism lesson:falsehood 2860,"factious","[\G3EM:K]adj 2861,"factitious","[G3E\C0M:K]adj factual adj " factor n fact totum total fashion fad fade vi irreducible adj fact totum totem faddish adj [ ] insubordinate sham faction n

fact it ious

2862,"factorable","[\G3EC:T:BS]adj 2863,"factotum","[G3E\C:7C:P]n 2864,"fad","[G3D]n 2865,"fade","[feId]v

" " " faded adj "

abate:force[intensity] fade:loudness

unflagging adj


2866,"fag","[G3F]v 2867,"fail-safe","n 2868,"faint","adj 2869,"faith","[G<0I]n apostate:faith " adj


drudge fail-safe:malfunction " apostasy:faith recantation:heresy : "

fag fact


stentorian adj





treacherousness n adj

" fake aquiline adj " "

2871,"fake","[G<0E]v counterfeit simulate feign n 2872,"falcon","[\G5:SE:Q]n 2873,"fallacious","[G:\S<0M:K]adj valid adj sound adj


Fall can misleading deceptive veracious adj fall "

fallible adj

Everybody is fallible

veritable adj

2874,"fallacy","[\G3S:K0]n disabuse:fallacy cure:disease 2875,"fallibility","[]G3S0\B0S0C0]n 2876,"fallow","[\G3S:7]n adj

fallacy fall

anachronism:chronology fallacy:logic "

valid argument inerrancy n fall low "

valid reasoning

fellow n


in use


2877,"falsehood","[\G5:SKO7D]n " 2878,"falsify","[\G5:SK0G>0]v

erroneousness fallaciousness

corroborate:evidence calumniate:falsehood


lie misrepresent

false adj stammer

falsification n f alter v


2879,"falter","[\G5:SC:]v lurch stagger stumble totter wobble falter:act stammer:speak " familiar adj n

2880,"familiarity","[G:]P0S0\3T0C0]n familiarity " fa father mish v n skirt mish fan n 192

conversance n

lack of

2881,"famish","[\G3P0M]v blemish n vt skirmish n

famine n fa mine pron surfeit vt fancier n " fanatic:devoted prude:proper


fanatic:admirer zealot:adherent grotesque:fantasy "

nicety:precision illusion:fantasy


2883,"fanatical","[G:\Q3C0E:S]adj 2884,"fanfare","[\G3QG2:]n 2885,"fang","[G3R]n 2886,"fantasia","[G3Q\C<0L0:]n 2887,"fantasy","[\G3QC:K0]n 2888,"farce","[G4:K]n farce:performance limerick:poem 2889,"fare","[G2:]n stowaway:fare " diet fanfare n

frenetic:movement fanatical:belief fan fare aorta n fantasy n Final Fantasy

" "

fang:tooth finger:digit fantastic adj Square a "


nicety:precision illusion:fantasy far ce voice far ce


burlesque caricature mock travesty "

tuition:instruction fare:transportation


2890,"farewell","[\G2:\V<S]interj goodbye n farewell performance "

panegyric:praise valediction:farewell

debut v

2891,"far-fetched","[\G4:\G<CMC]adj 2892,"farrow","[\G3T:7]v 2893,"fascia","[\G3M0:]n n far row

fetch vt

vi fallow adj

far-reaching adj farrow "


strip band fillet

fascia charm allure

fascine n " fascinate vt fascia fascination:interest

2894,"fascination","[]G3K0Q<0M:Q]n adoration:fondness "

2895,"fashionableness","[5fAFEnEblnis]n 2896,"fast","[G4:KC]n adj

modish adj

lacking style and fashionableness fast fast

" n

firm solidly steadfastly tightly loosely attach stronghold "

fasting adj

fast:eat respite:labor moratorium:act 2897,"fasten","[\G3KQ]v unsecured palace " fastness n

lathe:shape clasp:fasten

fastness n


dainty exacting 193

fast tidious tedious adj

devoted:zealous careful:fastidious indiscriminate adj coarse adj

fastidious:outshine recalcitrant:resist uncritical adj easygoing adj

dapper:fastidious " "


cursory adj

2899,"fastidiousness","[G3K\C0D0:KQ0K]n 2900,"fatal","[\G<0CS]adj 2901,"fathom","[\G3J:P]n oblivious:neglect disastrous 6 1 83 v

industriousness:activity fastidiousness:selectivity fat fate n vt fatality n fat home unfathomed adj fathomless adj " occult adj " " home


measurable adj

2902,"fathomable","[\G3J:P:BS]adj 2903,"fatigue","[G:\C0:F]n guilt:expiation fatigue:repose 2904,"fatten","[\G3C:Q]v 2905,"fatuity","[G:\CU70C0]n 2906,"fatuousness","[5fAtjuEsnis]n " 2907,"faucet","[\G5:K0C]n 2908,"fault","[G5:SC]n unblemished:imperfection "


fat que

fatigue:rest dehydration:water soon tired energetic adj "

indefatigable adj emaciate vt " "

sagacity n

fatuous adj

fat ous

sensibleness n

astute adj

faucet fauces n

" impeccable:fault

foible:fault quibble:objection

2909,"faultfinder","[\G5:SC]G>0QD:]n arbitrator:mediate 2910,"fauna","[\G5:Q:]n 2911,"favorable","[\G<0H:T:BS]adj 2912,"fawn","[G5:Q]v pundit:opinion malcontent:complaint sycophant:fawn reprobate:misbehave 1 " Faunus

fault n

find v



flora n untoward adj "


flower "

fawn:imperiousness equivocate:directness elaborate:sketch reprobate:misbehave sycophant:fawn adulate:fawn woo:adorn " miser:hoard dandy:preen parsimonious:expend peremptory:fawn fawn:attentive garish:colorful

obsequious:fawn compliant:yield condescending:patronize imperiousness:fawn self-depreciatory:swagger fawn:hauteur



willfulness:headstrong subservience:fawning fa ze

" faze face face face

2914,"faze","[G<0L]v ... dismay abash nonplus muddle embolden v undisturbed adj fazed adj allegiance fidelity brave " fidelity n

2915,"fealty","[\G0::SC0]n 2916,"fearless","[\G0:S0K]adj 2917,"feasible","[\G0:L:BS]adj 2918,"feat","[G0:C]n 2919,"feather","[\G<J:]n 2920,"febrile","[\G0:BT>0S]adj 2921,"feckless","[\G<ES0K]adj reck v responsible adj "


fear fealty " feas fac ible fly eat

realty n


fearless:daunt impassive:perturb suitable practicable possible 2400

" " " febrifugal adj reckless adj "

f fly eat fly

eat GRE 2400

bird:feathers fish:scales fever feverish irresponsible febri febris ineffective

molt:feathers shed:hair feb Feb2 ile ill 2 feck effect n less

2922,"fecundity","[G0\E8QD0C0]n deprivation n " 2923,"feeble","[G0:BS]adj 2924,"feedback","[\G0:DB3E]n 2925,"feigned","[G<0QD]adj genuine adj " bliss weak faint

fecund adj


abundant adj

fe und under

fee ball response

hardy adj feed v back "


pretended simulated sham

feign vt

feint vi

foreign feign


2926,"felicity","[G0\S0K0C0]n congratulate ... felicitous[SAT] adj 2927,"feline","[\G0:S>0Q]adj 2928,"fell","[G<S]v 2929,"felon","[\G<S:Q]n fell fall

felicitousness appropriate "

fe li city



felicitate v

felid n


line " " felony n feminine adj " "

quarry:stone fell:timber fell on Fall ist 195





2931,"fencing","[\G<QK0R]n 2932,"fender","[\G<QD:]n 2933,"feral","[\G0:T:S]adj 2934,"ferment","[\G::P<QC]v /n

saber fend vt

fencing fence n er

fenc "

defence n

fencer n


fender:collision feral

brutish brutal brute ferine excite agitate

fearfer fur al all fer fur ment agitation

cultivated adj tranquility n "


fer ferv

2935,"fermentation","[]G::P<Q\C<0M:Q]n yeast:fermentation 2936,"fern","[G::Q]n " frond:fern needle:pine fierceness " feroc fierce adj


2937,"ferocity","[G:\T5K0C0]n cruel" 2938,"ferret","[\G<T0C]v 2939,"ferrous","[\G<T:K]adj " 2940,"ferry","[\G<T0]n ferryboat 2941,"fertilize","[\G::C0S>0L]v glue:seal manure:fertilize 2942,"fervent","[5f\:vEnt]adj 2943,"fervid","[\G::H0D]adj indifferent impassive adj 2944,"fervor","[]G::H:]n fervor:apathetic 2945,"festal","[\G<KCS]adj 2946,"fester","[\G<KC:]v



ferocious adj


rr feet feet ferric ferr ferry n ferrous

rr 2

" containing no iron

ferrum n ferroconcrete n

v fer

fer fertile adj


floriferous adj fecund fertilizer n " "

differ v " fecundity

fertility n

fertilize:grow immunize:resist fervid ferv fever v

dispassionate adj ferv

ardent fervent fiery passionate perfervid " ardor

restrained adj

uninterested adj

fervor:zealot doubt:skeptic improvidence:spendthrift zealotry n joyous rankle v lack of fervor" festa n festival n faster " 196


apathy n festive

festive adj heal v "


suppurate )

fester feast n

2947,"festoon","[fes5tu:n]n [SAT](

2948,"fetid","[\G<C0D]adj having a pleasant smell 2949,"fetish","[\G0:C0M]n 2950,"fetter","[\G<C:]v enfetter v management "

fet feet id

fetid:smell grating[cacophonous]:sound ugly:appearance

fet fect restraint " feet field 18 us fet feet ter

" set free liberate loose v enfranchise v

... hamper n unfettered liberty fet quarrel

2951,"fetus","[\G0:C:K]n 2952,"feud","[GU7:D]n 2953,"fiasco","[G0\3KE:7]n notable success " decree

feet us feud " Disco

fetology n

feticide n


feud field

Fi asco disco

fresco n



2954,"fiat","[\G>03C]n 2955,"fickle","[\G0ES]adj


fi fire at ...


fat boss

emboss" tickle vt " fickle

capricious inconstant


fickle:constancy na?ve:sophistication 2956,"fiction","[\G0EM:Q]n " 2957,"fictitious","[G0E\C0M:K]adj sham figment n factual adj "

mercurial:mood fickle:affection fiction faction n

magazine:periodical mystery:fiction

fabulous chimerical fictional fictive

fiction n


2958,"fidelity","[G0\D<S0C0]n unconventionality n

loyalty faithfulness allegiance ardor devotion fealty apostasy n fid get " friend n not care a fig fig " ornate 197


"" " "

fidelity to custom n

" fidgety adj nervous uneasy

2959,"fidget","[\G0DN0C]v fidget:nervousness cringe:dread 2960,"fiend","[G0:QD]n 2961,"fig","[G0F]n 2962,"figment","[\G0FP:QC]n 2963,"figurative","[\G0FU7T:C0H]adj devil


fiendish adj

" "

fig Figo


figure n



literal adj

" 2964,"figurehead","[\G0F:O<D]n " 2965,"figurine","[\G0FU7T0:Q]n statuette figure n " fila n pilfer steal snitch fili filigree n fill ch " bus ter filar adj " filth n " vt ine colossus:figurine boulder:pebble figure v head n nominal:figurehead absolute:autocrat

vestige:remainder figurine:statue twig:branch 2966,"filament","[\G0S:P:QC]n 2967,"filch","[G0SCM]v 2968,"filial","[\G0SU:S]adj


affiliation n fili " fili gree grain

2969,"filibuster","[\G0S0B8KC:]v /n Buster n hoax:deceive filibuster:delay

" "



2970,"filigree","[\G0S0FT0:]n filigree:wire ace:thread tapestry:intricacy tapestry 2971,"filings","[\G>0S0RL]n 2972,"fillet","[\G0S0C]n 2973,"filly","[\G0S0]n 2974,"filter","[\G0SC:]n 2975,"filth","[G0SI]n 2976,"finable","[\G>0Q:BS]adj 2977,"finale","[G0\Q4:S0]n 2978,"finch","[G0QCM]n arboretum:tree : : v fil ter foulness " file n fill fili et "

fili gree queen n :

filament n

chiaroscuro:contrast filigree:delicacy tapestry:intricacy

vt ...

metal:filings wood:shavings


filly:horse pullet:chicken

" " filthy adj "

winnow:chaff filter:impurities filthfill th


fine n " final adj fin n ch open scene " flinch v n fly inch " finch:bird

[eagle]finch:bird aspen:tree lizard:reptile[ ] fine adj "



2980,"finesse","[G0\Q<K]n handedness n ineptitude n

adroitness delicacy cunning " fussy

fine adj

fineness n


2981,"finicky","[\G0Q0E0]adj finicky:quality

finical adj

fine adj

ical : "


fluent:glib meticulous:finicky humorous:wry fin fire arm final adj "

2982,"finite","[\G>0Q>0C]adj 2983,"firearm","[\G>0:T4:P]n 2984,"firebrand","[\G>0TBT3QD]n 2985,"firefly","[\G>0TGS>0]n 2986,"fiscal","[\G0KE:S]adj 2987,"fishery","[\G0M:T0]n financial

daguerreotype:photograph musket:firearm fire brand n "


fire fly fisc al

" confiscate v aviary n fissi ile " " fissile fissure n fissiparous adj

fish ery ary fissionable

apiary n missile n

2988,"fissile","[\G0K>0S]adj [ ][ ] fission n "

2989,"fitful","[\G0CG:S]adj 2990,"fixate","[\G0EK<0C]v 2991,"flabby","[\GS3B0]adj 2992,"flaccid","[\GS3EK0D]adj firmness n flaccidity n n "

periodic restless fix vt flaccid " weak

fit n


vt "

flaggy adj

flag n v weak feeble

flag flagflab flac " flac flab flaccidity n

flabby limp flimsy floppy sleazy


flag flag wax vi

flaggy adj flagging

flag:vigor waver:resolution thriving adj / vibrant adj " flagellant

flag:country trademark:company 2994,"flagellate","[\GS3DN<S<0C]v flagellum "

whip flog scourge

flagel fl fly age llate

2995,"flagrant","[\GS<0FT:QC]adj " 2996,"flail","[GS<0S]n

notorious outrageous

fragrant adj


flagrant l

flag ant ant




frail adj 199


flail l

fl fly ail


2997,"flair","[GS2:]n 2998,"flak","[GS3E]n

knack keenness criticism

fl fly air fly air flak flake n "


2999,"flamboyant","[GS3P\B50:QC]adj furtive:openness flamboyant:reserved 3000,"flammable","[\GS3P:BS]adj fragile:break flammable:burn 3001,"flange","[GS3QDN]n 3002,"flannel","[\GS3Q:S]n 3003,"flare","[GS2:]n /v " 3004,"flask","[GS3KE]n 3005,"flatcar","[\GS3CE4:]n 3006,"flatten","[\GS3CQ]v ... 3007,"flatter","[\GS3C:]v disparage:ignore excoriate v " 3008,"flattering","[\GS3C:T0R]adj " 3009,"flattery","[\GS3C:T0]n deference:subservience hubris:pride flattery:praise flask

resplendent ornate subdued adj inflammable


flam flame n understated adj

flame "

boy ant n

natural adj flam mable

combustible "

flammable inflammable adj

fl fly ange anger flange



" : "

flannel:cloth linen:fabric limerick:poem flame n flaring adj gaudy lurid

gust:wind flare:light

flash v /n flat car emboss vt flatterer n

Fl fly ask locomotive:flatcar tugboat:barge "

" "

fulminate:criticize adulate:flatter flatter:praise loquacious:talkative


malinger:ail flatter:appreciate

sabbatical:leave flattering:infatuation

calumnious adj

camouflage:deception flattery:ingratiating querulous:complain sycophant:flattery pomposity flat ulence

compliment:flattery aspersions n invective n " flatus n

rival:competition sycophant[toady]:flattery extortionist:intimidation

3010,"flatulence","[\GS3CU7S:QK]n inflate v " 3011,"flaunt","[GS5:QC]v


fluctuation n

fl fly aunt

GRE 2400 "


3012,"flavoring","[\GS<0H:T0R]n 3013,"flaw","[GS5:]n " 3014,"flawless","[\GS5:S0K]adj 3015,"flax","[GS3EK]n 3016,"flay","[GS<0]v 3017,"fleck","[GS<E]n perfect v

condiment seasoning

flavor n


" impeccable:flaw ingenuous:guile

glitch:flaw peccadillo:error[sin, offense]

anomaly:paradigmatic blemish:flawless flax relax f lay fly freckle n fledge vi fledge vi flee v ce fleet n v molt n /v " " perennial adj free fly edge clay:porcelain flax:linen fray n "

" " r flay l "

flax flex v pillage excoriate

particle flake

3018,"fledgling"," fledging[\GS<DNS0R]n experienced practitioner 3019,"fleece","[GS0:K]n 3020,"fleeting","[\GS0:C0R]adj maturity n wool v

molt n /v

transient ephemeral flex v n


3021,"flexibility","[]GS<EK:\B0S0C0]n adamant:flexibility refractory:control 3022,"flexible","[\GS<EK:BS]adj obdurate adj inflexible:alternate 3023,"flick","[GS0E]n /v 3024,"flicker","[\GS0E:]v 3025,"flighty","[\GS>0C0]adj 3026,"flimsy","[\GS0PL0]adj 3027,"flinch","[GS0QCM]v finch n droll:laugh grisly:flinch flutter mulish adj "

limber:flexibility spindly:frailty " flex flect immovable reflect v inflect v

calcification n pliant pliable inflexible adj tractable

static:move pliable:inflexible

f lick n /v flick v

lick flicker f lick

flick er "

flick "

capricious skittish film film n

flight n /v " fl fly inch n


wince cower cringe shrink

filch vt : stoic:flinch flint

filth n "

grimace:pain flinch:fear sneer:derision flint 20 fl fly int international

3028,"flint","[GS0QC]n flinty adj fling n vt vi

pestle:grind spoon:stirring flint stone:sharpen scissor:cutting pencil: recording 201



: " fl fly lip n seriousness n pert flip adj flirt vi n " flit:move blurt:utter block n segregate v " flow floe" " flabby flaccid flower decorated showy ornate A floppy disk fauna n Faunus flabby adj florescence n flaccid adj " " " vt plod v n " flip:respect nonchalant:concern sobriety n fl pant n gravity n " earnest adj " "

3029,"flip","[GS0A]adj 3030,"flippancy","[\GS0A:QK0]n 3031,"flippant","[\GS0A:QC]adj


3032,"flirtatious","[GS::\C<0M:K]adj coquette:flirtation 3033,"flit","[GS0C]v 3034,"flock","[GS5E]n clique:intimates flock:sheep 3035,"floe","[GS:7]n flirt:decency fly it v


school:fish flock:birds herd:animals

3036,"floodgate","[\GS8DF<0C]n 3037,"floppy","[\GS5A0]adj 3038,"flora","[\GS5:T:]n 3039,"florid","[\GS5T0D]adj flexible

rosy ruddy

flor id

solemn adj Florida n

3040,"floridness","[\GS5T0DQ:K]n verbosity:words floridness:embellishments 3041,"flotsam","[\GS5CK:P]n 3042,"flounder","[\GS>7QD:]v act gracefully slide v /n " n flower wreckage n "

flower florid adj

flot float sam some flow under flatfish

" flo flow under flounder:process

3043,"flourish","[\GS::T0M]v 3044,"flout","[GS>7C]v

lack of embellishment fl fly out flu

waste away

wither v

" "

fleer gibe jeer jest sneer undulate

flout:disregard taunt:challenge stabilize v remain steady "



3046,"fluctuation","[]GS8ECU7\<0M:Q]n 3047,"fluent","[\GS7::QC]adj humorous:wry 3048,"fluffy","[\GS8G0]adj 3049,"fluid","[\GS7:0D]n 3050,"fluke","[GS7:E]n adj accident " halting adj

pristine:decay stable:fluctuation graceful " fluff n " " fluke flu flow

invariance n


fluent:glib meticulous:nitpick[finicky]


opacity:light impermeability:fluid luke luck n flake n

expected occurrence


3051,"flunk","[GS8RE]n /v 3052,"fluorescent","[GS7::\T<K:QC]adj fluorometry n "


fluor n

escent ...

fluor flour n

3053,"flush","[GS8M]n /v " 3054,"fluster","[\GS8KC:]v


flu sh

blush v/n

galvanize:stimulate irrigate:flush

discompose discombobulate flurry unhinge calm adj flit flatter " flutter " " " "

flush v


3055,"flustered","[\GS8KC:D]adj 3056,"flutter","[\GS8C:]v 3057,"fluvial","[5flu:viEl]adj 3058,"flux","[GS8EK]n

fluvial:river sidereal:star fluctuation diffuse v " feeble adj : " flu fluxion n

3059,"focus","[\G:7E:K]v concentrate 3060,"fodder","[\G5D:]n 3061,"foible","[\G50BS]n fod food fault

disperse v


foible:flaw quibble:objection

tiff:squabble foible:failing squabble:[dispute]quarrel 3062,"foil","[G50S]n foil:metal veneer:wood 3063,"fold","[G:7SD]v n

thwart baffle balk bilk dash implement v " "


foliage n

foil fail v

crease:folding hole:perforating 203

3064,"folder","[\G:7SD:]n 3065,"foliage","[\G:7S00DN]n folivore n "

fold leafage

fold v foil n

folder:papers drawer:clothing foli plumage:bird foliage:bush

" portfolio n

3066,"folklore","[\G:7ES5:]n 3067,"folly","[\G5S0]n silliness 3068,"foment","[G:7\P<QC]v thwart vt placate v

folk adj fool n instigate incite

lore n sagacity n ferment v inhibit v "

folktale n


disseminate:information foment:discontentment quell v squelch v stifle vt defuse v quash v

conducive:foment tonic:invigorate impede v " fond adj "

3069,"fondle","[\G5QDS]v caress 3070,"fondness","[\G5QDQ0K]n adoration:fondness

taste devotion "

mania:enthusiasm doting:fondness


antipathy n

3071,"foodstuff","[\G7:DKC8G]n 3072,"foolhardy","[\G7:S]O4:D0]adj 3073,"foolproof","[\G7:SAT7:G]adj foolproof:fail airtight:leak 3074,"foot","[G7C]n infantry "

stuff n vt

" fool adj hardy adj " fool's errand n

reckless audacious daredevil infallible

fool proof n adj ... vt

foothold n " trifle foot le

footlights n

footnote n

foot:perambulate eye:observe 3075,"footle","[\G7:CS]v about

" dauntless:trepidation footloose:attachment

3076,"footloose","[\G7CS7:K]adj unversed:familiarity 3077,"fop","[G5A]n 3078,"forager","[\G5T0DN:]n stalking:hunters " attached adj dandy

foot loose adj "

foppish adj

dandified" rummage for age grazing:foragers

forage n fodder v

3079,"foray","[\G5:T<0]v /n

plunder pillage forager 204

for ray


3080,"forbearance","[G5:\B2:T:QK]n forbore forbear impatience n "

self-control restraint patience

forbear v


bear n v


prohibit preclude forbid

forbidding adj

countenance v

n " " fort n fordable adj

3082,"forbidden","[G:\B0DQ]adj 3083,"ford","[G5:D]n " 3084,"ford","[fC:d]n 3085,"forebear","[\G5:B2:]n 3086,"forebode","[G5:\B:7D]v " 3087,"forecast","[\G5:E4:KC]v 3088,"foreclose","[G5:\ES:7L]v 3089,"foreknowledge","[\G5:\Q5S0DN]n 3090,"forensic","[G:\T<QK0E]adj 3091,"forerunner","[\G5:]T8Q:]n 3092,"foresee","[G5:\K0:]v n v

mandatory:comply forbidden:abstain T ford ford

ford:river pass:mountain shore:lake ancestor forbear fore adj adv n prep bear n v fore bode v

: " descendant n "

foretell predict portend n

bodement n

foreboding n adj

fore cast bar

cast 21 fore close v " fo ren si

" foreclosure n "

fore knowledge n forum n


" "

prognostic herald forebear harbinger "

fore runner n

fore see

3093,"foreshadow","[G5:\M3D:7]v presage " 3094,"forestall","[G5:\KC5:S]v precipitated vt abet vt "

Dark clouds foreshadow a storm

fore shadow n vt



fore stall n v

install vt

3095,"forestry","[\G5:T0KCT0]n 3096,"foreword","n

tree:forestry flower:horticulture foreword:introductory appellation:designate : :

" "


3097,"forfeit","[\G5:G0C]v " 3098,"forge","[G5:DN]n mill:grain forge:metal 3099,"forgery","[\G5:DN:T0]n forgery:documents 3100,"forgo","[G5:\F:7]v 3101,"forlorn","[G:\S5:Q]adj 3102,"formality","[G5:\P3S0C0]n duel:formality " " relinquish v lag vi


for feit feet



forfeiture n

counterfeit forge ahead v "

forger n

pirate:take forge:copy

forgery:counterfeit embezzlement:fraud


for go

" for lorn adj lornness n format n " skirmish:insignificance

wretched miserable

formal adj

3103,"formation","[G5:\P<0M:Q]n formation:soldiers "

form n /v

formative adj


3104,"formidable","[\G5:P0D:B:S]adj comforting adj simple adj enticing adj

form v reassuring adj form n renounce abandon

id ID ID card " " forgo" abjure vt " "

genial adj formulate vt

3105,"formula","[\G5:PU7S:]n 3106,"forsake","[G:\K<0E]v 3107,"forswear","[G5:\KV2:]v 3108,"fort","[G5:C]n 3109,"forte","[G5:C]n adj

for sake n

renounce deny ford n v fort n straightforward " invigorate ... sap n vt enervate v

for swear v fort fortress n "

fortress like adj

3110,"forthright","[G5:I\T>0C]adj cozen v deal with forthrightly

acrid:gentleness forthright:guile

furtive adj

3111,"fortify","[\G5:C0G>0]v altitude fortitude attitude

fort n vitiate v

fortitude n debilitate v "

altitude n "

attitude n


3112,"fortnight","[5fC:tnait]n [SAT]

fortnight fourteen night 14


3113,"fortuitous","[G5:\CU7:0C:K]adj 3114,"fortunate","[\G5:CM:Q0C]adj 3115,"forum","[\G5:T:P]n 3116,"forward","[\G5:V:D]adj 3117,"fosse","[G5:K]n 3118,"foster","[\G5KC:]v stymie v repress v moat

accidental auspicious n tribunal presumptuous


fortune n

" hapless adj " untoward adj "

fortune n forensic adj forwardness n "

foss e nurture cultivate

fossil n adj foster faster

fossilify v

fossilize vt


recommend:laud sanction:foster

retract v

thwart vt

stifle vt " found v foundation:house pedestal:statue flounder vi n flow underfounder found "

3119,"foundation","[G>7Q\D<0M:Q]n 3120,"founder","[\G>7QD:]v sink collapse stay[keep] aloft succeed v "

fail n

3121,"four-poster","[\G5:\A:7KC:]n " 3122,"foyer","[\G50:]n 3123,"fracas","[\GT3E4:]n peaceful situation hall lobby for

post n

poster n

four-poster:bed convertible:automobile

" free " unruly fract ious " fraction n scrap fracture n fractional adj

quarrel brawl peaceable discussion

3124,"fractious","[\GT3EM:K]adj 3125,"fracture","[\GT3ECM:]n 3126,"fragile","[\GT3DN0S]adj

peevish irritable cross crack cement n "

crisp friable delicate "

flag fract ile ...

fragility n

agile adj

fragile:break flammable:burn porous:penetrate 3127,"fragment","[\GT3FP:QC]n frag

shard:pottery fragment:bone consolidation n l fragrant adj r "

coalesce v


3128,"fragmentation","[]GT3FP:Q\C<0M:Q]n 3129,"fragrant","[\GT<0FT:QC]n " flagrant adj

fragrance n

noisome adj


3130,"frail","[GT<0S]adj l frail r "

fragile delicate

fragile adj

frag fragment n

fr free ail

flail n v

3131,"frailty","[\GT<0SC0]n 3132,"framework","[\GT<0PV::E]n 3133,"framing","[\GT<0P0R]n skeleton:animal framing:building 3134,"frank","[GT3RE]adj callow:maturity "

weakness fault

limber:flexibility spindly:frailty

hardness n


social order or system " frame framework " evident blank adj n ank " " flank:secretiveness framework n structure scaffold


3135,"frantic","[\GT3QC0E]adj 3136,"fraternal","[GT:\C::Q:S]adj fraternity n frat n

frenzied brotherly free rat" deceit trickery " deceitful " filled charged loaded n freight

frenetic adj


" fratricide n frater father father

frater brother n


impostor cheat

frau n [ ]


forgery:counterfeit embezzlement:fraud 3138,"fraudulent","[\GT5:DU7S:QC]adj hoax:fraudulent paragon:excellent 3139,"fraught","[GT5:C]adj fraught with tension " v caprice

authenticity:fraudulent sincerity:hypocritical

freight n vt

idyll n


3140,"fray","[GT<0]n brawl 3141,"freak","[GT0:E]n 3142,"freckle","[\GT<ES]n

flay vt adj free

l oddly heckle v

fray r free break n

foray n for ray freak


freak break " fleck n fly "


3143,"freelancer","[5fri:lB:nsE(r)]n " 3144,"freeway","[\GT0V<0]n 3145,"frenetic","[GT0\Q<C0E]adj frenetic highway expressway

free lance n

nomad:domicile freelancer:employer

freethinker n fren phren

free lance n frantic adj

" phrenetic adj frenetic:movement:

frantic frenzied

literate:erudite agitated:frenetic

energetic:frenetic firm:obdurate 208


" delirium mania convulsion:contraction frenzy:emotion : " rarity n " avoid deliberately avoid


frenzy:calm[calmness] abandon:prohibit[inhibition] : 3147,"frequency","[\GT0:EV:QK0]n 3148,"frequent","[\GT0:EV:QC]v deliberately frequent adj avoid

frequency:pitch wavelength:color visit rarely avoid shun avoid " co cool shun

3149,"fresco","[\GT<KE:7]n 3150,"fret","[GT<C]v /n peevish

fres fresh irritate vex annoy worry

fresco:wall parquetry:floor fr free et " fret

" fretful adj

draconian:inclemency fret:vexation fret n crumbled brittle frail adj

3151,"fretwork","[\GT<C]V::E]n 3152,"friable","[\GT>0:BS]adj crumbled[difficult to crumble] 3153,"friction","[\GT0EM:Q]n lubricant:friction 3154,"frieze","[GT0:L]n frieze:ornament pillar:support 3155,"frigidity","[GT0\DN0D0C0]n soaking:damp frigid:cool 3156,"fringe","[GT0QDN]n 3157,"frisk","[GT0KE]n /v 3158,"fritter","[\GT0C:]v 3159,"frivolous","[\GT0H:S:K]adj brash:discretion 3160,"frolic","[\GT5S0E]v temperate adj

work" fragile adj substantial adj fiction n " friction " Byzantium " freeze v splint:mobility friable:crumble malleable:alter not easily

impervious:friable nonflammable:combustible resistance to be pulverized

friable:crumbed lucid:comprehended

disagreement clash

abraded:friction vaporized:heat desiccated:dehydration Phrygia n frieze:building illumination:manuscript frigid adj torridness n frig

soaking:wet exuberant:happy frigid:cool frigid" center n frisky adj , " P " f ro lic frivolous:gravity " frolicsome"

sweltering adj flange n frisk free litter free lous

edge border margin frolic gambol f for risk n

fr free itter litter n vt trivial sober adj frivo

grandeur n

frivolity n O lic free

gaiety fun romp

fr free o lic 209

frolicsome adj

" fern frond fern front n frond:fern needle:pine frond:leaf

3161,"frond","[GT5QD]n boulder:rock "

3162,"frothy","[5frCWi]adj 3163,"frown","[GT>7Q]v /n 3164,"frowzy","[\GT>7L0] frowsy adj 3165,"fructify","[\GT8EC0G>0]v 3166,"frugal","[\GT7:F:S]adj frugal:miserly confident:arrogant frugal:impecunious temperate:sober prodigal adj " sparing

weighty adj scowl

" " dapper adj "

embrace:affection frown:displeasure musty " frowzy frown

slovenly unkempt fruit n

fruition n

frugal:penurious compliant:obsequious firm:obdurate parsimony:frugal hubris:pride officious:attentive frugal:penurious deferential:sycophant : : sumptuous adj

3167,"frugality","[GT7:\F3S0C0]n extravagancy n " 3168,"frustrate","[GT8K\CT<0C]v 3169,"fuel","[\GU7:S]n 3170,"fugitive","[\GU7:DN0C0H]adj fugacious adj fugue n "

obsequious:attentiveness parsimonious:frugality

profligacy n

foil baffle thwart stoke:fuel irrigate:water fleeing

nullify "

abet vt


fleeting evanescent perishable n




3171,"fulcrum","[\G8SET:P]n 3172,"fulfill","[G7S\G0S]v 3173,"full-blown","adj perform


room " satisfy adj fulfillment n incipient adj full-fledged adj " fly edge full-bodied:flavor default n fulfill an obligation "

blown blow

3174,"full-bodied","[G7S\B5D0D]adj resonant:sound "

3175,"fulminate","[\G8SP0Q<0C] v fulminic adj


full min ate 10 "

full min ate


fulminate:criticize adulate:flatter


3176,"fulmination","[]G8SP0\Q<0M:Q]n 3177,"fulsomeness","[5fJlsEmnis]n complimentary:fulsomeness 3178,"fumble","[\G8PBS]v 3179,"fume","[GU7:P]v /n 3180,"fumigate","[\GU7:P0F<0C]v 3181,"functionary","[\G8REM:Q:T0]n 3182,"funereal","[GU7:\Q0:T0:S]adj 3183,"fungi","[\G8RF>0]n motivation:psychologist 3184,"fur","[f\:(r)] n 3185,"furbish","[\G::B0M]v burnish v " fungus " forest:tree fur:hair polish burnish " "

full min nation fulsome adj full

praise v /n " courageous:bravado

handle adroitly preen:self-satisfaction fume:anger

" "

official mournful

function n vi " fungicide n



funeral n



" renovate furbish furnish v polish v

3186,"furlough","[\G::S:7]n 3187,"furnace","[\G::Q0K]n 3188,"furor","[\GU7:T5:]n fury:anger

fur for lough laugh furn frenzy fad furnish v fury n

" furnace:heat generator:electricity Furies fur y "


serenity n " burrow n furrow " fur fur n furtive

3189,"furrow","[\G8T:7]n 3190,"furtive","[\G::C0H]adj open adj sublime adj

surreptitious stealthy sneaky shifty worthless forthright adj candidly adv " fusilier n fuse n " brassy adj "

furtive:stealth whimsical:caprice unsatisfied:discontent

furtive:openness flamboyant:reserved

3191,"furtively","[\G::C0HS0]adv 3192,"fusillade","[]GU7:L0S\<0D]n /v tirade n crusade n

ill ade

grenade n

armada:vehicles fusillade:projectiles 211

3193,"fusion","[\GU7:N:Q]n 3194,"fuss","[G8K]n fussy adj fuzz n

Jazz-rock fusion fu ss assert:belabor tend:fuss bombast rant fresh adj " frivolousness fus fuse tian

fuse n

v "

garrulous:talkative fussy:careful "


3195,"fustian","[\G8KC0:Q]n 3196,"fusty","[5fQsti]adj 3197,"futility","[GU7:\C0S0C0]n refute vt efficacious adj 3198,"gabble","[\F3BS]v 3199,"gadfly","[\F3DGS>0]n gadfly:goad humorist:amuse 3200,"gadget","[\F3DN0C]n trinkets:jewelry 3201,"gaffe","[F3G]n gaffe:social " "


futile[SAT] adj

fut ile ...

fu tility

bootless:futility effulgent:resplendence void:empty futile effectiveness n " jabber gab n vi babble v gad n fly n

interesting:intriguing bootless:futile

gobble vt


annoying:gadfly rude:churl


gad n

g et


fidget v /n



misjudgment : "

gaff n




illusion:perception gaffe:judgment

miscalculation:judgment gaffe:decorum

exploit:heroic gaffe:tactless problem:unsolvable 3202,"gaggle","[\F3FS]n 3203,"gaily","[\F<0S0]adj 3204,"gainsay","[F<0Q\K<0]v 3205,"gait","[F<0C]n 3206,"galaxy","[\F3S:EK0]n orthodoxy adj Milky Way galactic adj deny gain say "

gay adj


gaiety n

" concur v " affirm v "

speak in support of

gait:walk parlance:speak gala milk milky way galactagogue n xy 4


neodoxy n " " ant

heterodoxy n

galaxy:stars archipelago:island I heard gales of laughter bile n gallant adj

3207,"gale","[F<0S]n 3208,"gall","[F5:S]v ... n

Many trees were blown down in the gale rancor g all 212

gaunt adj

gallantry n

lull[calm] vt

assuage[placate appease] vt gall ey eye

galling adj

placating adj

" "

3209,"galley","[\F3S0]n 3210,"gallon","[\F3S:Q]n 3211,"gallop","[\F3S:A]n /v 3212,"gallows","[\F3S:7L]n

gallery n "

galley:ship kitchen:house

heat:calories liquid:gallons gallop gall low gallon elope vi s "

lope v /n


gall low s

3213,"galvanize","[\F3SH:Q>0L]v rouse spur galvanize:stimulate irrigate:flush 3214,"gambit","[\F3PB0C]n game bet " lull v

galvano- " allay vt "

" gal van ize

galvanic adj

gam game bit


bit n

game bit bet

3215,"gamble","[\F3PBS]v /n invest:capital gamble:stake 3216,"gambol","[\F3PB:S]n /v plod v /n " gamely ut

game ball adamant:yield cautious:gamble frolic gamb n game ball

ball game "

gambler n

ball game football


gamble n /v

3217,"gamely","[\F<0PS0]adv 3218,"gamut","[\F3P:C]n

game " CDEFGA g ander under game " game "

3219,"gander","[\F3QD:]n goose ninny v 3220,"gangly","[5^N^lI]adj 3221,"gangrene","[\F3RFT0:Q]n 3222,"gangway","[\F3RV<0]n 3223,"garble","[\F4:BS]v elucidate v report accurately " gangplank

stalwart adj

" " drawbridge:castle gangway:ship correct:accurate garble:unintelligible "

gang re ne gang way n garble


misleading "

garbled:comprehend obscured:recognize

ramshackle:soundness garbled:clarity


3225,"gardenia","[F4:\D0:Q0:]n 3226,"gargantuan","[F4:\F3QCU7:Q]adj gan tuan gargar

garden n " gigantic enormous minute adj Gargantua " " gar garnish v garment n Rabelais gar

minuscule adj waterspout gaudy " accolade gar ment

3227,"gargoyle","[\F4:F50S]n 3228,"garishness","[\F2:T0MQ0K]n

gargle v dazzling garish adj

stridence:sound garishness:appearance grandiloquent:language garish:apparel 3229,"garland","[\F4:S:QD]n 3230,"garment","[\F4:P:QC]n lint:covering tarpaulin:garment 3231,"garner","[\F4:Q:]v 3232,"garnish","[\F4:Q0M]v /n 3233,"garret","[\F3T:C]n " 3234,"garrulity","[F3\T7:S0C0]n 3235,"garrulous","[\F3T7S:K]adj laconic adj " loquaciousness attic

prying:inquisitive garish:colorful fawn:attentive

gar land n


hem:garment ruffle:shirt molding:cabinet "

tarpaulin:covering raincoat:garment collect gather decorate embellish disseminate v " gar "

from cellar to garret from garret to cellar

gar ret rat

taciturnity n

" garr ulous gar rul rule n ous

loquacious talkative

garrulous:talkative cloying:sweet fussy:careful

garrulous[loquacious]:words prodigal:money

3236,"gash","[F3M]n 3237,"gasification","[]F3K0G0\E<0M:Q]n 3238,"gastric","[\F3KCT0E]adj gastritis n gastrology n "

gash gash

gush v

cleft:chasm cut:gash tenuous indefinite gastr gas


gaseous adj

solidification n " gas stomach trick

of in or near the stomach

tric trick n

3239,"gastronomy","[F3K\CT5Q:P0]n 3240,"gauche","[F:7M]adj


gastr " gauche polished adj "

awkward tactless


3241,"gaucheness","[\F:7MQ0K]n 3242,"gaucherie","[\F:7M:T0:]n cacophony:voice gaucherie:skill 3243,"gaudy","[\F5:D0]adj grandiloquent:speak 3244,"gauge","[F<0DN]n gauge:pressure scale:weight " 3245,"gaunt","[F5:QC]adj taunt aunt gaunt" 3246,"gavel","[\F3HS]n referee:whistle " " showy

polish n

" urbane:gaucherie guileless:chicanery

tactlessness " gaud n

garish adj





A4 B5

gouge n

vt O

measure:dimensions calibrate:diameter

gauge:pressure plumb:depth

hollowed-eyed haggard angular drawn

g aunt


gaunttaunt vt


gave l

drawl v

maul vt




3247,"gaze","[F<0L]v /n 3248,"gazetteer","[]F3L0\C0:]n 3249,"gear","[F0:]n screw:thread "


gazelle n " gazette n gaze tteer tear gaze gazetteer gear g ear tear " gear:tooth

paraphernalia equipment apparatus machinery

3250,"gelid","[5dVelid]adj [SAT] 3251,"gem","[DN<P]n 3252,"gene","[DN0:Q]n 3253,"genealogy","[]DN0:Q0\3S:DN0]n 3254,"generality","[]DN<Q:\T3S0C0]n entire:integrity "

" gemstone n " gene alogy generalization generalize vt " ecumenical:generality gem:turquoise flower:violet "

3255,"generate","[\DN<Q:T<0C]v emollient:soothe dynamo:generate 3256,"generic","[DN0\Q<T0E]adj [ ]

procreate " general


generative adj

generator n


gene genus n 215

genre n

genetic adj


3257,"generosity","[]DN<Q:\T5K0C0]n " 3258,"generous","[\DN<Q:T:K]adj 3259,"genesis","[\DN<Q0K0K]n geneticist n "



courage:rashness generosity:prodigality

magnanimous beginning origin

despotic:tyranny generous:liberality gene sis Genesis n

" genetics n genetic adj

3260,"genial","[\DN0:QU:S]adj caustic adj dour adj

friendly amiable " gene n " gen gene elegant

geni gene al all mordant adj saturnine adj

genital adj


resourceful:inventiveness philanthropic:geniality truculent adj

dyspeptic adj

3261,"genome","[\DN0:Q:7P]n [ ] 3262,"genre","[\N4:QT:]n 3263,"genteel","[DN<Q\C0:S]adj gentility[SAT] n

gen re

genus n gentle adj

gen us"

gentleman n loutish adj " " "

genteel:vulgarity intrepid:fear mild kind amiable gentry n grovel authentic docile

churlish adj refined


truculent adj

3265,"gentleness","[\DN<QCSQ0K]n 3266,"genuflect","[\DN<QU7GS<EC]v 3267,"genuine","[\DN<QU70Q]adj entire:integrity honest:trust 3268,"genuineness","[\DN<QU70QQ0K]n 3269,"genus","[\DN0:Q:K]n 3270,"geometrician","[]DN0:7P<\CT0M:Q]n 3271,"germ","[DN::P]n 3272,"germane","[DN::\P<0Q]adj inappropriate adj irrelevant adj

truculent:gentleness unregenerate:remorse genu flect " genuine:authenticity


ingenuous adj spurious adj "

feigned adj

spurious:genuineness illusory:reality gen us geo geology n genus genre n

" " "

metric measure ian

germicide n

cide suicide n " german adj germ n germule n

relevant pertinent "


3273,"germinate","[\DN::P0Q<0C]v 3274,"gerontocracy","[]DN<T5Q\C5ET:K0]n gerontic adj gerontology n

germ n

germination n

germinal adj


geronto- " " cracy ger germ on to cracy " 1776 gerrymander

plutocracy:wealth gerontocracy:age Gerry " gest gesture ate

3275,"gerrymander","[\DN<T0P3QD:]v /n salamander n rig:contest gerrymander:district gest " gest Geysir " ghastly:unpleasant jeer taunt scoff

3276,"gestate","[\DN<KC<0C]v pregnancy digestion n ingest vt

ge st ate

gestation n

3277,"gesture","[\DN<KCM:]n 3278,"geyser","[\F>0L:]n volcano:lava geyser:water 3279,"ghastly","[5^B:stli]adj 3280,"gibe","[DN>0B]v /n

gesticulate v gush v gey gay n

parody:style mime:gesture ser sir n geyser


: " apologize:regret

jibe vi ... vt n

"... " " grave adj " "

gibe:derision condolence:sympathy[compassion] mirth:laughter 3281,"giddy","[\F0D0]adj 3282,"giggle","[\F0FS]v 3283,"gild","[F0SD]v 3284,"gimmick","[\F0P0E]n 3285,"ginger","[\DN0QDN:]n vigor spirit light-hearted frivolous gigi le gigi giggle le gold n

serious adj


represent accurately

gimme give me give it to me gingerly adj /adv carefully cautiously garble " encircle surround gird v er girth[SAT] n / ginger:spice ginger gingerly "

give money to me "

3286,"gingerly","[\DN0QDN:S0]adj /adv 3287,"girder","[\F::D:]n ballast:stability girder:support 3288,"girdle","[\F::DS]n girth" 3289,"gist","[DN0KC]n essence substance v

gingerly ginger


bone:body girder:skyscraper

circumference birth

gist 217

tangential point

trivial point


3290,"glacial","[\FS<0M:S]adj : " 3291,"glacier","[\FS3:M]n 3292,"glade","[FS<0D]n glade blade n

glaze v n


glacial:cold profound:deep


glaci ice

glacier:ice sea:water glad adj " gladius n

" glade gladgladiator n

an open space in a wood or forest

glade:forest oasis:desert archipelago:ocean arena " alluring glamour n /glamor "

3293,"gladiator","[\FS3D0<0C:]n lawyer:courtroom gladiator:arena 3294,"glamorous","[\FS3P:T:K]adj 3295,"glance","[FS4:QK]n /v 3296,"glare","[FS2:]v 3297,"glaring","[\FS2:T0R]adj 3298,"glaze","[FS<0L]n veneer:furniture 3299,"gleam","[FS0:P]n 3300,"glean","[FS0:Q]v 3301,"glee","[FS0:]n 3302,"glib","[FS0B]adj maladroit:skill glib:profundity labored adj awkward adj

glad ia tor

peck:kiss glance:look flare v /n

peruse v

scrutiny n "


cacophony:sound glare:light glaring:bright deafening:loud v glaze glass

unnoticeable adj


glaze:porcelain varnish:wood

rumple v " v flash reap gaiety merriment glean v glean flee v " clean glee g lib lip taciturn adj glider n flash n glance" flash g listen v 218

n gleeful adj ad-lib n

n " adj

gleaner n

gleanings n


add lipcensure v n [ ]

fluent:glib meticulous:nitpick[finicky] humorous:wry " lumber v glim n n " glimmer:dazzle murmur:resound

3303,"glide","[FS>0D]v 3304,"glimmer","[\FS0P:]v 3305,"glimpse","[FS0PAK]n /v 3306,"glisten","[\FS0KQ]v



dingy:glisten slippery:adhere


3307,"glitch","[FS0CM]n ch



glitch "

g lit bit

glitch:flaw peccadillo:error[sin, offense] glisten flash n glisten" gloa glow ming n glow at


3309,"gloaming","[\FS:7P0R]n twilight 3310,"gloat","[FS:7C]v " 3311,"global","[\FS:7B:S]adj


" float n /v primp:vain gloat:smug

worldwide total



local adj gloomy adj "

" depressing pessimistic

3312,"gloom","[FS7:P]n darkness dimness obscurity


despondent:depressed saturnine:gloomy masterful:skilled 3313,"glorify","[\FS5:T0G>0]v exalt ... : " sheen blurb:notice gloss:explanation " gloss v /n " sleek showy ary g loss ary glorification n


denunciation:denial glorification:merit 3314,"gloss","[FS5K]n /v gross adj n engross vt

glow vi "


glass n

3315,"gloss over","

scrutinize v

3316,"glossary","[\FS5K:T0]n glossary:text legend:map 3317,"glossy","[\FS5K0]adj 3318,"glower","[\FS>7:]v 3319,"glowing","[\FS:70R]adj 3320,"glucose","[\FS7:E:7K]n 3321,"glue","[FS7:]n 3322,"glut","[FS8C]v /n 3323,"glutinous","[\FS7:C0Q:K]adj


glossal adj

glossography n

varnish:glossy sand:smooth glow vi er " glu glue cose "


stare scowl frown aspersion n

glowing tribute gleukos

" "

glue:seal manure:fertilize

etch:corrosive glue:adhesive gluttonous adj dearth n dear " non viscous "

gluey sticky

glue n 219


3324,"glutton","[\FS8CQ]n gluttonous adj abstentious adj

epicure "

glut v


glutton:overindulge ascetic:self-denial

3325,"gluttony","[\FS8C:Q0]n " 3326,"gnarled","[Q4:SD]adj 3327,"gnat","[Q3C]n 3328,"gnawing","[Q5:0R]adj /n 3329,"gnome","[Q:7P]n aphoristic" 3330,"goad","[F:7D]n attack:vanquished goad:provoked curb n /v lull

prodigality:spending gluttony:eating

avarice:money gluttony:food

crabbed gnaw v gnaw v night "

roughened hardened "

knar n

knot n

v "

maxim aphorism


agnostic n

g nome name

gnomic adj

stimulus v check n /v " gob n



goal n

exhort:suggest goad:direct gadfly:goad humorist:amuse

command:entreaty goad:enticement

3331,"gobble","[\F5BS]v gobble:eat guzzle:drink 3332,"goblet","[\F5BS0C]n 3333,"goggle","[\F5FS]n

gobble gabble v

gobble O "


babble v

swill [quaff]:sip gobble:nibble " 3 n ggg

goggles:eyes gloves:hands earmuff:ears gold brick XX


3334,"goldbrick","[\F:7SD]BT0E]v " 3335,"gong","[F5R]n gong gong

evade:answer goldbrick:work

" rancor n go re red gauge n " gorge n 220

3336,"goodwill","[\F7D\V0S]n 3337,"gore","[F5:]n 3338,"gorge","[F5:DN]n abstemious:gorge v

benevolence gor filth fill

spleen n


gory adj v

bloody" gouge n vt reticent:talk

gorge throat n

fiver:gorge wind:dune showy splendid




3340,"gorgon","[\F5:F:Q]n 3341,"gorilla","[F:\T0S:]n ill" 3342,"gosling","[\F5LS0R]n young goose 3343,"gospel","[\F5KA:S]n 3344,"gossamer","[\F5K:P:]n substance n " adj �

Gorgon very large powerful African ape

" Gorillai go ill go ill AIDS gor

goose ling Gospel tenuous

underling n

hireling n

" "

go god spel spell goss goose samer summer

ponderous adj

3345,"gossip","[\F5K0A]n 3346,"gouge","[F>7DN]n hack:carve gouge:engrave 3347,"gourmand","[\F7:P:QD]n man dize : " 3348,"gourmet","[\F7:P<0]n gourmet:cuisine epicure chisel " glutton n v

god+sib related gauge n v gorge n v

goss goose sip v usury:interest gouging:price




mand demand v

gormandize v


gourmand:appetite skinflint:thrift

cineaste:film gourmand:food sharpshooter:target

gourmet "



epicure gourmet

bibliophile:books gourmet[epicure]:food calligrapher:handwriting gourmet:food aesthetic:art govern v


3349,"governance","[\F8H:Q:QK]n 3350,"grace","[FT<0K]n waver:resolution "

governor n

government n " lumber:grace

coltish:discipline loutish:grace

3351,"graceful","[\FT<0KG:S]adj 3352,"gracefully","[\FT<0KG7S0]adv 3353,"gradation","[FT<0\D<0M:Q]n 3354,"graft","[FT4:GC]v grafting "

articulate:speech graceful:movement euphonious:sound flounder v nuance act gracefully grade n vt n " " abscission n


process of


3355,"grain","[FT<0Q]n miller:grain tanner:hide 3356,"grandeur","[\FT3QDN:]n "

granary n grain ary

dross :metal chaff:grain "

catch:fish harvest:grain

refinery:petroleum mill:grain splendor magnificence grand adj



frivolous adj

3357,"grandiloquence","[FT3Q\D0S:EV:QK]n " 3358,"grandiloquent","[FT3Q\D0S:EV:QC]adj secretive adj " pompous

grand loqu

declamation:grandiloquence diatribe:abuse

pompous bombastic

gaudy:apparel grandiloquent:speak

3359,"grandiose","[\FT3QD0:7K]adj trivial adj "


ephemeral:longevity grandiose:humility

3360,"grandstand","[\FT3QDKC3QD]v grandstand:impress equivocate:deceive 3361,"granite","[\FT3Q0C]n granite:rock "

n "

grand adj

stand n


grand stand


gran grain n





bestow confer 2-4 vivid

concede vt grain particle " graph n

refuse to grant withhold vt gran grain granular adj

" granulate v "

3363,"granule","[\FT3QU7:S]n 3364,"graphic","[\FT3G0E]adj 3365,"graphite","[\FT3G>0C]n 3366,"grasping","[\FT4:KA0R]adj 3367,"grate","[FT<0C]v 3368,"grateful","[\FT<0CG:S]adj honorarium:grateful " satisfy "

graph n graph

" " soothe v "

avaricious greedy

grasp v /n g rat e grate

irritate annoy fret appreciative

ingrate n


3369,"gratify","[\FT3C0G>0]v aggrieve v irk v


gratulant adj

gratitude n

gratify:desire slake:thirsty

displease v


harsh rasping

irritating annoying 222

grating:sound acrid:odor fetid:smell

" 3371,"gratis","[\FT<0C0K]adj 3372,"gratuitous","[FT:\CU7:0C:K]adj gratuitous " justified adj " " n grav grave n droll adj giddy adj insignificant adj flippancy adj " " g rat is unjustified " free gratuity n grat uity merited adj warranted

gratuitous:justification impertinent:propriety

3373,"grave","[FT<0H]adj 3374,"gravel","[\FT3H:S]n

l grave gravel gravitation n

gravel:pebble crowd:person gravitate v grav "

3375,"gravitational","[\FT3H:\C<0M:Q:S]adj 3376,"gravity","[\FT3H0C0]n brash:discretion 3377,"graze","[FT<0L]v stalking:hunters " gr grow ease n

solemnity sedateness earnestness " graze raze

aggravate vt ,


levity n

grass n raze v

glaze v



3378,"grease","[FT0:K]n 3379,"green","[^ri:n]adj experience:green "


" pelf:impecunious

inexperience:green pertinacity:refractory

3380,"greenhorn","[\FT0:QO5:Q]n 3381,"greenhouse","[\FT0:QO>7K]n 3382,"gregarious","[FT<\F2:T0:K]adj aloof adj "



green n adj

horn n "


greenhouse:plant incubator:infant sociable greg egregious adj



3383,"gregariousness","[FT0\F2:T0:KQ0K]n 3384,"gremlin","[5^remlIn]n [SAT] 3385,"grenade","[FT0\Q<0D]n 3386,"gridiron","[\FT0D]>0:Q]n grill

poseur:sincerity recluse:gregariousness grem green lin gren green grid n ade iron n crusade n " " tirade n


fusillade n



3387,"grief","[FT0:G]n muffle:sound assuage:grief console v " 3388,"grieve","[FT0:H]v ... 3389,"grievous","[\FT0:H:K]adj 3390,"grill","[FT0S]v broil grill:question 3391,"grim","[FT0P]adj 3392,"grimace","[FT0\P<0K]v grimace:face "


grievance n

upbraid:disapproval lament:grief solace:grief pacification:anger

paean:joy hymn:praise dirge:grief

smart:pain grieve:sorrow severe slight adj

" joyous adj " entangle:involve scrutinize:observe

n gridiron

gr grow ill grill

grow ill

forbidding sinister n

g rim n grim adj ace face

brim n s

prim adj


contortion:body : "

chagrin:mind grimace:face smile grim n

grimace:pain flinch:fear sneer:derision pout v " grindstone n : pestle:grind : : : "

3393,"grin","[FT0Q]v 3394,"grind","[FT>0QD]v


spoon:stirring spice:flavor flint stone:sharpen scissor:cutting pencil: recording 3395,"gripe","[FT>0A]v grumble grasp seize " g ris rise ly bristle n vi great " bridegroom g room bridegroom n grove n " rope n " groom" great gripe grow ripe

Gripe grasp n /v

gripping adj

gripe:discontent praise:admiration 3396,"grisly","[\FT0LS0]adj 3397,"gristle","[\FT0KS]n 3398,"grit","[FT0C]n 3399,"groan","[FT:7Q]v 3400,"groom","[FT7:P]n 3401,"groove","[FT7:H]n

gruesome ghastly g ris rise tle pluck v

droll:laugh grisly:flinch " grin and bear "



grow five 5



striated:groove braided:strand dappled:spot 3402,"grope","[FT:7A]v 3403,"gross","[FT:7K]adj total entire g grasp n /v

vulgar obscene crude n 224

gloss n


glow glass

engross vt

" bizarre fantastic picturesque adj : " grow grow grotto:cavern arroyo:channel groan n /v precarious adj aloft adv crouch vi " isolate vt n /v rejoice v " " grove:trees " couch n " grotto n objective:fact grotesque grotto

3404,"grotesque","[FT:7\C<KE]adj gro grow tes test que grotesque:fantasy imperial:significant 3405,"grotto","[\FT5C:7]n cavern

3406,"grouch","[FT>7CM]n /v 3407,"grounded","[5^raundid]adj 3408,"group","[FT7:A]v ... 3409,"grouse","[FT>7K]n v 3410,"grove","[FT:7H]n archipelago:islands 3411,"grovel","[\FT5HS]v l Grove l grovel gravel n " n

complaint grudge adv aggregation

stray:group digress:subject grouch groove n groan

complain grumble grow five

2 OOgrovel v

stoop cringe groove n



glad tor grove grow five imperious:grovel " Grow owl grudging adj n g ruel rule " garrulity n " "

pluck:quit pride:grovel

3412,"groveler","[\FT5HS:]n 3413,"growl","[FT>7S]v 3414,"grudge","[FT8DN]v 3415,"grueling","[\FT7:S0R]adj cruel grueling grue vi

minion:dependent groveler:petitioner grow l begrudge grudge begrudge exhausting effortless adj grisly rough hoarse mutter n /v rumble v grue vi gruel vt " g rue rule some graft v

3416,"gruesome","[\FT7:K:P]adj 3417,"gruff","[FT8G]adj 3418,"grumble","[\FT8PBS]v grouse groan 2 "

4 g rough adj "


grow ball





peevish cranky grouchy

grump n

grow p




3420,"guarantee","[9^ArEn5ti:]adj 3421,"guffaw","[F8\G5:]n /v 3422,"guile","[F>0S]n artlessness n " artless deceit cunning

My watch is guaranteed for one year "

vouch vt "

shiftless:ambition impeccable:flaw ingenuous:guile guile:naif tardy:prompt

acrid:gentleness forthright:guile

blemish:impeccable[flawless] guile:artless

3423,"guileless","[\F>0SS0K]adj 3424,"guilelessness","n

manipulative adj "


disingenuousness n

3425,"guillotine","[]F0S:\C0:Q]n guillotine:execute "


Gu ill otine


3426,"guilt","[F0SC]n crime sin guilt:expiation fatigue:repose 3427,"guilty","[\F0SC0]adj 3428,"gulch","[F8SM]n 3429,"gulled","adj gull n culpable

narcissism:love guilt:blame innocence n exonerate vt gulf n exculpation n

expiate:guilt correct:error

attribute guilt " "

prove guilty "

valley ravine v cheat trick credulous

wary:gulled vigilant:ambushed



gullibility n

patriotic:chauvinistic receptive:gullible gullible:chicanery servile:domination bully:intimidate stupid:gullibility

compliant:servile trusting:gullible mawkish:sentimental gullible:trust 3431,"gully","[\F8S0]n 3432,"gulp","[F8SA]v 3433,"gum","[F8P]n 3434,"guru","[\F7T7:]n 3435,"gush","[F8M]v spout

coward:craven dupe:gullible " gulf gulch gully:erosion callus:friction gulp " "

vigilant:entrapped exacting:satisfied wary:gulled


swallow resin

resin:tree gum:rubber plant mentor" gash n

gusher n "

gush:effusive rage:irate

trickle:gush warm:sear

blast:whiff gush:trickle


3436,"gust","[F8KC]n cloudburst:rainfall "




gust:wind flare:light

3437,"gustation","[F8K\C<0M:Q]n " 3438,"gutless","[\F8CS0K]adj 3439,"gutter","[\F8C:]n 3440,"guttle","[\F8CS]v 3441,"guy","[F>0]n 3442,"guzzle","[\F8LS]v 3443,"gynaecocracy","n 3444,"gyrate","[\DN>0:T0C]adj quaff


gusto n

gustatory adj

olfaction:odor gustation:flavor


gut n gut n ter

less " guttle "


gu tt le

guzzle v "

strut:wing guy:pylon guttle v gynaecoid adj

gobble:eat guzzle:drink carp:complain cracy cracy gyr gyral adj habitat n gynephobia n gyroidal adj habitant n " "


spiral convoluted v

3445,"habituation","[9hAbitju5eiFEn]n habituate vt sensitization:allergic habituation:inured n adj

habitable adj " hackneyed

potable:beverage habitable:dwelling

3446,"hack","[O3E]v hack:carve gouge:engrave

mercenary:soldier hack:writer trite offbeat adj shaft n " hag n bromide n unhackneyed"

" hack n eye d

3447,"hackneyed","[\O3EQ0D]adj original adj fresh adj

equivocation:misleading bromide[clich�]:hackneyed

windy:concise hackneyed:original

3448,"haft","[O4:GC]n 3449,"haggard","[\O3F:D]adj " 3450,"haggle","[\O3FS]v 3451,"hail","[O<0S]n v ... 3452,"halcyon","[\O3SK0:Q]adj

gaunt drawn


bargain hello" tranquil


hal hall n 227


miserable adj

stormy adj

tempestuous adj

" hal e infirm adj effete adj blighted adj anemic adj

3453,"hale","[O<0S]adj wan adj "

sound healthy

3454,"half-baked","adj 3455,"hallmark","[\O5:SP4:E]n 3456,"hallow","[\O3S:7]v ...

well thought of mark n revere

" uncharacteristic feature hollow n O " se crate de "

hall low

desecrate vt

3457,"hallucination","[O:\S7:K0Q<0M:Q]n mirage:imagination 3458,"halo","[\O<0S:7]n 3459,"halting","[\O5:SC0R]adj fluent adj " ham n handed deft adj halt n vt vi "


delusion: hallucination:perception

hallow v ...

hall low "

stammer:halting drone:monotonous

3460,"ham-handed","adj 3461,"hammer","[\O3P:]n 3462,"hamper","[\O3PA:]v facilitate v

adroit adj

" "

hammer:anvil pestle:mortar hinder impede encumber n hampering further development ham harm v string

hammer:carpenter knife:butcher hammer " hamstring:effectiveness

mail:mailbox laundry:hamper

seminal adj

3463,"hamstring","[5hAmstriN]v enervate:vitality "


3464,"handle","[\O3QDS]n v manipulate 3465,"hangar","[\O3R:]n 3466,"hangdog","[\O3RD5F]adj sprightly adj " hangar n " hanger n

hand le e "

cumbersome adj

easy to handle





buoyant adj

elated adj


3468,"hankering","[\O3RE:T0R]n desire "

craving yearning


ring n

odium n

lack of


3469,"haphazard","[]O3A\O3L:D]adj 3470,"hapless","[\O3AS0K]adj fortunate adj "


hap n

hazard n hap n

methodical adj less mishap n

systematic adj happy adj


unfortunate unlucky luckless

3471,"harangue","[O:\T3R]n 3472,"harass","[\O3T:K]v haunt:familiar harass:irritating 3473,"harbinger","[\O4:B0QDN:]n " 3474,"harbor","[\O4:B:]n


har hard angue argue har hard ass n

speak temperately


harassment n

sexual harassment

" herald forerunner v presage harbinger:presage archetype:exemplify

retreat refuge v


evict v

" hard bitten hardball n hardboard n

3475,"hard-bitten","[\O4:D\B0CQ]adj tender adj "

stubborn tough dogged

3476,"harden","[\O4:DQ]v 3477,"hardheaded","[\O4:D\O<D0D]adj 3478,"hardihood","[\O4:D0O7D]n 3479,"hard-nosed","[\O4:DQ:7LD]adj 3480,"hardy","[\O4:D0]adj

ripen:maturity harden:solidity pragmatic willful" hardy adj " audacious " "

macerate v "

boldness fortitude hardheaded intrepid

robust vigorous

3481,"harmonious","[O4:\P:7Q0:K]adj 3482,"harmony","[\O4:P:Q0]n 3483,"harness","[\O4:Q0K]n v able to utilize " hard p harp P hard

harmony n

acrimonious adj discord n

" " failed to utilize/ not

agreement accord

imbroglio n

How tide can be harnessed to produce electricity



harp hard cartoon n "

horn:blow harp:pluck



lampoon n /v


3486,"harpsichord","[\O4:AK0E5:D]n 3487,"harridan","[\O3T0D:Q]n 3488,"harrow","[\O3T:7]n harrowing adj 3489,"harry","[\O3T0]v harried adj untroubled adj " stern assuage v v

harp n hard ride hard mollify v "

si chord n " harri hurry dan hard hurry hallow v " hall low hollow n

harass annoy torment



comfort mollify vt

check v

3490,"harsh","[O4:M]adj criticism "

barb:caustic pan:harsh

harshen v

soften v

encomium n


3491,"harshly","[\O4:MS0]adv 3492,"hassle","[\O3KS]n haggle wrestle vi 3493,"hasten","[\O<0KQ]v 3494,"hasty","[\O<0KC0]adj deliberate adj "

mollycoddle v

treat harshly

paean n harass v

harshly lampoon haggle v

" tussle vi

argument squabble harass " accelerate haste n impetuous

hustle vt

slow the progress of

check vt

retard vt well considered


characterized by deliberation

3495,"hatch","[O3CM]n 3496,"hatchet","[\O3CM0C]n 3497,"hatred","[\O<0CT0D]n 3498,"haughty","[\O5:C0]adj 3499,"riven","[5rIv(E)n] adj 3500,"rivet","[5rIvIt] n v 3501,"rivulet","[5rIvjJlIt] n 3502,"robe","[rEJb] n 3503,"robust","[rEJ5bQst] adj


door:room hatch:hold "


hatch et hate v /n " arrogant supercilious rive v rivet streamlet intact adj rive v

haugh high "


riveting adj

riveting adj

vapid adj "


rivu river let rob v robe " robust

pittance:allowance rivulet:stream

robustro bus t 230

sickly adj

decrepit adj


3504,"rococo","[rE5kEJkEJ] adj 3505,"rodent","[5rEJdEnt] n squirrel:rodent 3506,"roe","[rEJ] n 3507,"roguish","[5rCJ^IF] adj 3508,"roguish","[5rCJ^IF] adj 3509,"roil","[rRIl] v vex " roe

18 rod dent erode v

ro coco corrode v

" kangaroo:marsupial

egg:chicken roe:salmon rogue n ish" settle v clarify v

" "

mischievous rogue

ishro gui sh

appease v

" " "

3510,"roisterer","[5rCistE ] n 3511,"roll call","[rEJlkC:l] n 3512,"rollicking","[`rClIkIN] adj 3513,"roof","[ru:f] n 3514,"rookie","[5rJkI] n 3515,"roost","[ru:st] v /n 3516,"rope","[rEJp] n 3517,"roster","[5rRstE(r)] n slate:candidate obituary:death 3518,"rostrum","[5rRstrEm] n 3519,"rosy","[ `rEJzI ] adj 3520,"rotation","[rEJ5teIF(E)n] n 3521,"rote","[rEJt] n 3522,"rotten","[5rRt(E)n] adj

ro ist er er roll v call boisterous

roisterer:carouse recluse:withdraw voting:ro11call termination:cloture roll v lick v ing " roo kie lick "

roof:room summit:mountain novice recruit rooster n roost" "

professional:rookie soldier:recruit


splice:rope weld:metal roster " rostrum rose " rotate v rot e putrid "

roast v


roster roll call

rostrum:orator bench:judge


torque:rotation tension:elongation


homogenization:uniform putrefaction:rotten 231


3523,"rotund","[rEJ5tQnd] adj


sonorous circuitous



3524,"roundabout","[5raJndEbaJt] adj 3525,"rouse","[raJz] v ... 3526,"rout","[raJt] n /v 3527,"rove","[rEJv] v 3528,"rowdy","[5raJdI] adj 3529,"royalty","[5rCIEltI] n 3530,"rubber","[ `rQbE(r) ] n 3531,"rubble","[5rQb(E)l] n 3532,"rubicund","[5ru:bIkQnd] adj pallid adj wan adj " rout

round about" quell v " " " "

arouse v

mollify v

route routr run out

r run ove above row v dy ty rub v rub ble

royalty:payment subpoena:writ ber " rubify v ruby n candy:sugar candle:wax tire:rubber

" "

rub red icund bound

ruddy adj

pale adj

3533,"rucksack","[5rJksAk] n 3534,"rudder","[5rQdE(r)] n

ruck back sack n " rudder " " " incipient " satisfaction n " rudi rude adj erudite adj rudiments n

3535,"rudimentary","[ru:dI5mentErI] adj full developed 3536,"rue","[ru:] n 3537,"rueful","[5ru:fEl] adj 3538,"ruffian","[5rQfIEn] n 3539,"ruffle","[rQf(E)l] v preen v " " adj n fully realized

highly evolved

longing:pine remorse:rue impenitent adj " rufang

ruffian rueful ruffian rufang ruff rufang le


ruffle:shirt molding:cabinet hem:garment

3540,"rumble","[5rQmb(E)l] v


3541,"ruminative","[5ru:mInEtIv] adj museful:ruminative lamentable:plaintive 3542,"rumple","[5rQmp(E)l] v 3543,"run","[rQn] n 3544,"rung","[rQN] n 3545,"runic","[ `rU:nIk ] adj 3546,"rupture","[5rQptFE(r)] n /v 3547,"ruse","[ `rU:seI ] n 3548,"rust","[rQst] n 3549,"rustic","[5rQstIk] adj 3550,"rustling","[ `rQslIW ] n " 3551,"ruthless","[5ru:WlIs] adj merciless subterfuge n

ruminate v " ruffle v n

rumen n

ru min ate


rumple:shirt ? "

: ?

preen v

glaze v


journal:entries run:performance " Runic rupt ru se interrupt v "

martial:military runic:mysterious remain unbreakable "


rust:corrosion dew:condensation rust n ic rustle rural adj rustle rush hustle

silver:tarnish iron:rust polished adj urbane adj

" "

plagiarism:ideas rustling:cattle

ru th less " 8

ruthless:mercy insipid:flavor


3552,"ruthlessness","[5ru:WlIsnIs] n 3553,"sabbatical","[sE5bAtIk(E)l] adj " 3554,"saber","[5seIbE(r)] n 3555,"saboteur","[sAbE5tE:(r)] n saboteur:disrupt apologist:defend 3556,"saccharin","[5sAkErIn] n sugar:saccharin acerbity n " v

clemency n

sa bbat bat ical

sabbatical:leave flattering:infatuation

sa b


saber " sabot n sa bot boot eur boot

sabotage n " sacchar sugar in

saccharine adj

saccharize v


3557,"sacrifice","[5sAkrIfaIs] n

sacr " " "

sacrament n

sacred adj

sacrosanct adj

sanctity n

worship:sacrifice prediction:augury


3558,"sacrilege","[5sAkrIlIdV] n 3559,"sadden","[5sAd(E)n] v 3560,"saddle","[5sAd(E)l] n 3561,"sadistic","[sE`dIstIk,seI-] adj 3562,"safari","[sE5fB:rI] n 3563,"safeguard","[5seIfgB:d] n quarantine:contamination hedge:loss 3564,"saga","[5sB:^E] n 3565,"sagacious","[sE5^eIFEs] adj puerile adj fatuous adj " Sage

sacri leg e sad adj v exhilarate v sad sit v dle

respect n /v " " ""

reverentness n "

Sade 1740-1814 sa far I far "

Sad sit is tic


safe guard safeguard P&G " saga sage adj "


n saga cious

without wisdom

3566,"sagacity","[sE5^AsEtI] n fatuity n folly n " n

prudence:daredevil constancy:turncoat sagacity:simpleton sensitive:boor

3567,"sage","[seIdV] adj sage:judicious

sage:wisdom philanthropist:benevolence " turpitude n saintly behavior " " salient:ignore


sage:judgement knave:deceive saint n

3568,"saintly","[5seIntlI] adj 3569,"salacious","[sE5leIFEs] adj 3570,"salient","[5seIlIEnt] adj incomprehensible:understand 3571,"saliferous","[sE5lIfErEs] adj 3572,"saliva","[sE5laIvE] n 3573,"salmon","[5sAmEn] n chameleon:herpetologist "

lascivious bawdy Sali ent

sala ci ous salient

silent adj

subtle:ignore salient:observe Sali salt fer ous " Sali va " egg:chicken roe:salmon

unconspicuous adj



3574,"salubrious","[sE5lu:brIEs] adj unhealthy adj virulent adj

sa lu

bri bring ous noxious adj

instructive:comprehension salubrious:health baneful adj squalid adj "

deleterious adj 234

3575,"salutary","[5sAljJtErI] adj 3576,"salutation","[sAlju:5teIF(E)n] n [ ] deportation n "

sa lu


unhealthy deleterious pernicious adj salute n v


salutation:welcome applause:approval[praise]

3577,"salvage","[5sAlvIdV] n /v 3578,"salve","[`sAlvI,`sB:lweI] n irritant n " sa l vo v

salv save age salv save e

salvation n " placebo:innocuous salve:unctuous

3579,"salvo","[`sAlvEJ] n 3580,"sampler","[5sB:mplE(r)] n

shot:salvo ? sample n

: :?" " sanatory adj desecrate v " sanctimonious:devoted "

tile:mosaic stitch:sampler san at orium

3581,"sanatorium","[9sAnE`tR:rIEm] n 3582,"sanctify","[5sANktIfaI] v consecrate

sanct ify

sanctuary n

3583,"sanctimonious","[sANktI5mEJnIEs] adj unctuous:earnest "

sancti mon ious

3584,"sanction","[5sANkF(E)n] n /v sanction:approve proscribe v dismiss v sanct u ary "

recommend:laud sanction:foster


3585,"sanctuary","[5sANktjuEri]n 3586,"sand","[sAnd] n v 3587,"sandal","[5sAnd(E)l] n 3588,"sane","[seIn] adj

sanctuary:protection utopia:perfection sand:dune word:sentence water:canal

" : "

varnish:glossy sand:smooth sand san e sandal " sanity n san g froid sangui ne tary sanitizer n tation 235

" GRE " despondent adj " hopeless adj "

3589,"sangfroid","[5sRN5frwB:] n 3590,"sanguine","[5sAN^wIn] adj 3591,"sanitary","[5sAnItErI] adj 3592,"sanitation","[sAnI5teIF(E)n] n

morose adj

noxious adj

censorship:information sanitation:disease

" 3593,"sap","[sAp] n v sa p sa pi ent end sap n ling " adj sap n p hire praise n /v " gaunt adj aunt taunt vt aunt vaunt v " sapless adj end bolster v foolish adj " fortify v invigorate v "

3594,"sapient","[5seIpIEnt] adj 3595,"sapling","[5sAplIN] n 3596,"sapphire","[5sAfaIE(r)] n 3597,"sarcasm","[5sB:kAz(E)m] n 3598,"haunt","[O5:QC]v aunt V

sarcastic adj obsess n h home aunt "

haunt:familiar harass:irritating

3599,"hauteur","[O:7\C::]n depreciate:swagger 3600,"haven","[\O<0H:Q]n " 3601,"havoc","[\O3H:E]n serenity n "

arrogance haughtiness snobbery humility n humbleness n "

haut high

haughty adj

fawn:hauteur self-

sanctuary shelter refuge

heaven n

have n


unsafe/dangerous place


destruction devastation

hav have oc occur v

ha voc

3602,"hawk","[O5:E]n eagle v 3603,"hawker","[\O5:E:]n 3604,"hawser","[\O5:L:]n 3605,"hazard","[\O3L:D]n risky " 3606,"headlong","[\O<DS5R]adj /adv deliberate adj " headfirst risk peril v peddler huckster "

falcon n fall "


aquiline adj


dare venture

haphazard adj

hazardous adj

dangerous perilous

rashly impetuous

hasty rash

head long

3607,"headstrong","[\O<DKCT5R]adj tractable adj "

obstinate unruly

willfulness:headstrong subservience:fawning



The ship could make no headway against the wind 236



fester v

" insalubrities n " " hear v say " dismay v /n " "

3610,"healthfulness","[5helWfulnis]n 3611,"hearken","[5hB:kEn]v

hear ken

ignore vt

3612,"hearsay","[\O0:K<0]n rumor gossip 3613,"hearten","[\O4:CQ]v encourage

mollify:anger hearten:dejection earsplitting[deafening]:loud heartrending:sad

3614,"heartrending","[5hB:trendIN]adj 3615,"heave","[O0:H]v 3616,"heavy-handedness","n 3617,"heckle","[\O<ES]v " 3618,"hectic","[\O<EC0E]adj 3619,"hector","[\O<EC:]n Achilles " bully v tic raise lift finesse n badger

heave heaven n " heck le



hack v n

hackneyed adj

" Hector Trojan

browbeat bully

3620,"hedge","[O<DN]n quarantine:contamination safeguard:accident 3621,"hedgehog","[\O<DNO5F]n 3622,"hedonist","[\O0:D:Q0KC]n hedonist:please recluse:privacy 3623,"hedonistic","[]O0:D:\Q0KC0E]adj 3624,"heed","[hi:d]n /v [SAT] 3625,"hegemony","[O0:\F<P:Q0]n money lack of authority "

h high edge edge high " hedge n he do ni st do ascetic n " hog n

prune:hedge trim:hair


" do hedonism n

hedonistic:pleasure narcissistic:self ee " Germany


Take heed will surely speed [ ] leadership

he gemony Germany

he ge get mony


3626,"heinous","[\O<0Q:K]adj 3627,"heirloom","[\2:S7:P]n

abominable reprehensible heir n heiress n


commendable adj heirloom:ancestor bequest:testator heliosis n heliocentric adj

admirable adj " "


3628,"heliotrope","[\O<SU:CT:7A]n 3629,"helm","[O<SP]n 3630,"helmet","[\O<SP0C]n " 3631,"helot","[\O<S:C]n 3632,"helve","[O<SH]n 3633,"hem","[O<P]n " 3634,"hemisphere","[\O<P0KG0:]n 3635,"hemophilia","[]O0:P:\G0S0:]n 3636,"hemorrhage","[\O<P:T0DN]n /v " 3637,"hemostat","[\O0:P:KC3C]n 3638,"henpecked","[\O<QA<EC]adj 3639,"hepatitis","[]O<A:\C>0C0K]n 3640,"herald","[\O<T:SD]n unheralded:announcement proclaim vt " forerunner serf slave handle helmet

helio trope hel hell n m helm hermit n

hell m titanic" hermetic adj amulet:evil helmet:injury

Helot " v surround enclose

hel hell lot hell

lot helot"

hem:garment ruffle:shirt molding:cabinet

hemi sphere " hemo phil ia hemo rrhage" "


hemorrhage:bleeding vertigo:dizziness

hemo stat hen n peck v ed

" " hepatic adj "

hepato- " " itis v her ald old

unabashed:embarrassment unherald

impromptu:performance unheralded:announcement

3641,"herbaceous","[O::\B<0M:K]adj 3642,"herbicide","[\O::B0K>0D]n 3643,"herd","[O::D]n v

herb n herb i cide herdsman n " 238

herbivorous adj

carnivorous adj

" "

insect:pesticide plant:herbicide

3644,"heresy","[\O<T:K0]n recantation:heresy 3645,"heretic","[\O<T:C0E]n dogma n "

here sy say

hearsay n


nonconformist:norm heretic:orthodoxy : : " " hermetical adj


apologist:defend generous:liberality authority:superiority 3646,"heretical","[O0\T<C0E:S]adj 3647,"hermetic","[O::\P<C0E]adj comprehended " her MIT "

doctrine:heretical course:errant airtight hermit n


3648,"hermit","[\O::P0C]n recluse hermitage:secluded landmark:conspicuous 3649,"heroic","[O0\T:70E]adj


vegetarian:meat hermit:society

craven:heroic volatile:constant her pet n ologist

" salmon:ichthyologist

3650,"herpetologist","[]O::A:\C5S:DN0KC]n chameleon:herpetologist 3651,"hesitance","[\O<L0C:QK]n : hesitation:reluctance hubris:pride 3652,"heterodox","[\O<C:T:D5EK]adj incongruous spontaneous:studied adaptability:stable 3653,"hew","[OU7:]v v hew dew "

impetuous:hesitate[hesitance] irrepressible:servile parsimonious:profligacy alacrity n unorthodox : impetus n hetero dox " not hew to " " impetuosity n orthodox adj " heterogeneous adj

heterodox:nonconformity authority:superiority canonical adj conform v


3654,"hexagon","[\O<EK:F:Q]n 3655,"heyday","[\O<0D<0]n 3656,"hiatus","[O>0\<0C:K]n us "

hexa six gon prime hey int !

hexapod n adj day "

We are likely to be disconcerted by hiatuses of thought

hi he at

3657,"hibernation","[]O>0B:\Q<0M:Q]n hibernation:activity 3658,"hide","[O>0D]n " v secrete conceal

hibernal adj

hibernate v


miller:grain tanner:hide 239


3659,"hidebound","[\O>0DB>7QD]adj contumacious:authority

hide n

bound v ] [ : / " heinous adj nous pulchritudinous adj

reactionary [hidebound conservative]:change [innovation novelty] [

]hidebound:conservative peeved:annoyed manic:interested/excited 3660,"hideous","[\O0D0:K]adj hideousness affinity n 3661,"hie","[O>0]vt " He hied himself to the post office hier archy hide v ous

hie hie hie hieratic adj

dawdle v hieron n


3662,"hierarchy","[\O>0:T4:E0]n echelon:hierarchy : "

3663,"hieroglyph","[\O>0:T:FS0G]n separate:component "



decipher:hieroglyph break:code

3664,"highbrow","[\O>0BT>7]n 3665,"high-flown","[\O>0\GS:7Q]adj hearted adj highlight n v vt

high brow n pretentious bombastic high-minded adj " like hike hilar ious hil hill

middlebrow n high-handed adj

lowbrow n high-strung adj

" high-


backset n exhilarate vt

" ex hil hill "


macabre:shudder hilarious:laugh contemptible:distain 3668,"hilt","[\O0SC]n 3669,"hinder","[\O0QD:]v handle haft n shaft n " hind adj

hoary:old hilarious:funny

thwart impede frustrate


hindmost adj


3670,"hindrance","[\O0QDT:QK]n 3671,"hinge","[O0QDN]n 3672,"hint","[O0QC]n joint

obstruction impediment obstacle" pivot " " " popo tamus P popo

nuance:distinction hint:suggestion hinter land n

3673,"hinterland","[\O0QC:S3QD]n 3674,"hippopotamus","[]O0A:\A5C:P:K]n hippocampus n potamic adj "

hippo n

potam us hip n


3675,"hirsute","[\O::KU7:C]adj 3676,"hiss","[O0K]v

hairy shaggy bristly

hirs hair n piss

ute " hiss:sibilant drone:monotonous histo his to "

to make a sound like prolonged"s"

3677,"histocompatibility","[9histEukEm9pAti5biliti]n histology n [ ] his to ology " dramatic affected historic adj

compatibility n

3678,"histrionic","[]O0KCT0\5Q0E]adj histrionic:actor "


3679,"hitherto","[\O0J:\C7:]adv 3680,"hive","[O>0H]n 3681,"hoard","[O5:D]n /v beehive

hither adv hive

to hide

" live hive hoary adj lavish v " tumultuous:bedlam active:hive wait:lurk save:hoard " miser:hoard

hoard board n

dandy:preen sycophant:fawn pundit:opinion 3682,"hoarse","[O5:K]adj 3683,"hoary","[\O5:T0]adj 3684,"hoax","[O:7EK]n /v paragon:excellent 3685,"hobble","[\O5BS]v " limp ... impede jumble rough husky white gray trick fraud coax v "

hoarse hoary

hoary:old hilarious:funny


hoax:deceive filibuster:delay


hobby n




gaucherie n

hobble "

3686,"hodgepodge","[\O5DNA5DN]n items:hodgepodge people:rabble 3687,"hoe","[O:7]n " 3688,"hoist","[O50KC]v 3689,"hold","[O:7SD]n n

hodgepodge:uniform clich�:original "

hodgepodge:? interpreter:translate illuminati[illuminator]:instruct Hoe 1812-1886 hoe hoe toe n list:discography tool:hoe

bolster:support tackle:hoist " holo caust


door:room hatch:hold

3690,"holocaust","[\O5S:E5:KC]n caustic adj cauterize v "

holo hollow caust cause v


3691,"holograph","[\O5S=FT4:G]n 3692,"holster","[\O:7SKC:]n 3693,"homage","[\O5P0DN]n homicide n



" dagger:scabbard pistol:holster allegiance hom hum age " home n ly " home age homage

hol hold v n honor

counsel:advice laud:homage simple unpretentious plain

disrespect n

3694,"homely","[\O:7PS0]adj pulchritude n homeliness"


3695,"homeopathy","[]O:7P0\5A:I0]n 3696,"homiletics","[]O5P0\S<C0EK]n argument:logic " parable:story homily:lecture identical homily n etics

home home let ics

allopathy n




3697,"homily","[5hRmIlI]n 3698,"homogeneous","[]O5P:\DN0:Q0:K]adj disparate adj "

" homo gene ous

homo gen eous

3699,"homogenization","[9hEumEdVEnai5zeiFEn]n 3700,"homogenize","[O:7\P5DN:Q>0L]v 3701,"homograph","[\O5P:FT4:G]n 3702,"hone","[O:7Q]n 3703,"honesty","[\5Q0KC0]n snub:politeness v hone hone

homogenization:uniform putrefaction:rotten stratify v " " blunt v " dissemble:honesty


homo graph horn n

integrity truthfulness "

bigot:tolerance liar:honesty

improbity n

3704,"honorable","[\5Q:T:BS]adj 3705,"honorarium","[]5Q:\T2:T0:P]n honorarium:grateful "

ignominious adj

" honor n arium amenity:comfortable

3706,"hoodwink","[\O7DV0RE]v 3707,"hoof","[O7:G]n v


hood n hood n

wink v /n hook n "

hood wink

disabuse vt





hoop P " horizon n plumb adj horm " horme n " "

3709,"horizontal","[]O5T0\L5QCS]adj 3710,"hormone","[\O5:P:7Q]n 3711,"horn","[O5:Q]n 3712,"horology","[O5\T5S:DN0]n 3713,"horrendous","[O5\T<QD:K]adj 3714,"hortative","[\O5:C:C0H]adj exculpatory:absolve "

trumpet:horn tambourine:drum hor hour n ology "

horn:blow harp:pluck

horrible frightful dreadful hortatory hort ative


horrible adj hortation n

horrific adj


exhort v


3715,"hortatory","[\O5:C:C:T0]adj 3716,"horticulture","[\O5:C0E8SCM:]n " 3717,"hosepipe","n v hose n


didactic:teach hortatory:urge horti culture n

" tree:forestry flower:horticulture

pipe n

" " "

3718,"host","[O:7KC]n 3719,"hostile","[\O5KC>0S]adj 3720,"hotbed","[\O5C]B<D]n 3721,"hovel","[\O5H:S]n 3722,"hover","[\O8H:]v 3723,"howler","[\O>7S:]n 3724,"hub","[O8B]n 3725,"hubbub","[\O8B8B]n 3726,"hubris","[\OU7:BT0K]n

host:parasite medium:bacterium unfriendly antagonistic hot bed dwelling hut waver blunder hovercraft n " spoke:hub radius:center uproar tumult din arrogance hub bub" hub n ris rise " hostility n " palatial:hovel bucolic:city

" "

hover:plunge crouch:spring

hubris:pride flattery:praise humility n "

parsimony:frugal hubris:proud hesitation:reluctance 243

3727,"huckster","[\O8EKC:]n 3728,"huddle","[\O8DS]v 3729,"hue","[OU7:]n 3730,"hulk","[O8SE]n 3731,"hull","[O8S]n husk v n hu e "

peddler hawker puddle n "

huck back ster


" carapace:turtle hull:seed membrane:cell humane[SAT] adj merciful " malingerer:duty recluse:humanity

3732,"human","[\OU7:P:Q]n mankind adj " 3733,"humble","[\O8PBS]adj humiliate v degrade mortify

modest v presumptuous adj

hum ble supercilious adj

exhume vt bumptious adj

humility n "

3734,"humbleness","[\O8PBSQ0K]n " 3735,"humdrum","[\O8PDT8P]adj 3736,"humid","[\OU7:P0D]adj

dour:geniality impetuous:vacillation[hesitation] bumptious:humbleness

monotonous boring damp moist wet

hum n

drum n


humidity n

moistness dampness" " hauteur n

3737,"humiliation","[OU7:]P0S0\<0M:Q]n 3738,"humility","[OU7:\P0S0C0]n panache n "

catastrophe:mishap humiliation:embarrassment hubris n

humility:supplicant resistance:adversary

3739,"hummingbird","[\O8P0RB::D]n 3740,"humor","[\OU7:P:]v 3741,"humorous","[\OU7:P:T:K]adj 3742,"hunch","[O8QCM]n n " chunk indulge n

humming vbl

bird n

" " " n Echo

chide:pillory humor:mollycoddle amusing funny witty capricious

wag:humorous dolt:stupid Hunch Narcissus

I had a hunch that he would lose


a hunk of bread



3744,"hurdle","[\O::DS]n 3745,"hurl","[O::S]v /n hurl:insult "

obstacle v


hurl vt

" exhortation:encourage

scowl:displeasure kiss:affection hurl:disgust

3746,"hurly-burly","[\O::S0]B::S0]n 3747,"hurricane","[\O8T0E:Q]n fire:inferno storm:hurricane 3748,"husband","[\O8LB:QD]n

tumult turmoil uproar

hurly n

burly adj

" hurry dan "

hurri hurry cane can hurry snow:precipitation hurricane:cyclone v

can hurricaneharridan n

rain:deluge wind:hurricane

squander v " husbandry:dissipate alacrity:procrastinate prodigality n

3749,"husbandry","[\O8LB:QDT0]n economy waste n " silence soothe quiet hoarse rough

3750,"hush","[O8M]v /n 3751,"husky","[\O8KE0]adj delicate adj husk n

husk n husk n

din n v " [corn]seed:husk orange:rind [ ]

core n " shack hut hat n " high bird faucet fireplug v sicc C C si " Hygeia hymn hymn hymn high gene hymnology n high gene hymnbook n " hymn:praise hydr ant hydr of unmixed extraction hydrogen n " hydroelectric adj aerate:oxygen purebred adj "

3752,"hut","[O8C]n 3753,"hybrid","[\O>0BT0D]n

3754,"hydrant","[\O>0DT:QC]n 3755,"hydrate","[\O>0DT<0C]n hydrate:water

desiccate v

3756,"hygiene","[\O>0DN0:Q]n 3757,"hymn","[\O0P]n dirge:grief " paean

3758,"hyperbole","[O>0\A::B:S0]n playful:banter exaggerated:hyperbole exaggeration:hyperbole

hyper bole understatement n "

hyper bole ball ball hyper

hyperactivity n anger:tirade

malicious:ill-will exaggerating:hyperbole


aphoristic:terse hyperbolic:exaggerated



3760,"hypercritical","[\O>0A:\ET0C0E:S]adj sensitive hypertension n 3761,"hyphen","[\O>0G:Q]n " " -"


hyper critical adj

hypersensitive adj

under-sexed adj soporific n " soporific

hy-phen hy high phen hyp high not ic not hypnosis n


3762,"hypnotic","[O0A\Q5C0E]adj conscious adj stimulant n

bracing adj

3763,"hypochondria","[]O>0A:7\E5QDT0:]n " 3764,"hypocritical","[]O0A:\ET0C0E:S]adj n epidermis n

hypo ... chondr ia

hypo cho

hypo critical adj

hypocrite[SAT] n ingenuous adj "

hypodermic adj honest adj "

authenticity:fraudulent sincerity:hypercritical hypo ... ten use hypo ... thesis n " hyster ia ich 1 Ich

3765,"hypotenuse","[O>0\A5C0QU7:K]n 3766,"hypothesis","[O>0\A5I0K0K]n claim:legitimated hypothesis:confirmed 3767,"hysteria","[O0K\C0:T0:]n 3768,"ichthyologist","[]0EI0\5S:DN0KC]n chameleon:herpetologist 3769,"icicle","[\>0K0ES]n 3770,"icing","[\>0K0R]n 3771,"iconoclast","[>0\E5Q:ES3KC]n dogma:iconoclast convention:maverick 3772,"identification","[>0]D<QC0G0\E<0M:Q]n camouflage:detection " "

hypothetical[SAT] adj

" salmon:ichthyologist

ice n icle ice

" frosting n icon n clast " iconize vt ... " disguise:identification

philosopher:cogitate iconoclast:attack iden identical adj


I identified the jacket; it was my brother's " peculiarity eccentricity

it is difficult to identify

anonymous:identify nonchalant:excite 3774,"idiosyncrasy","[]0D0:\K0RET:K0]n idiom n idiopathy n "





3775,"idiot","[\0D0:C]n 3776,"idolater","[>0\D5S:C:]n

idiocy n

" idol n icon n reverent:idolater trusting:dupe idolize vt suspicious:paranoid esteem:idolatrize favor:bribe : : "

3777,"idolatrous","[>0\D5S:CT:K]adj admiring:idolatrous " 3778,"idyll","[\>0D0S]n ordeal:difficult 3779,"ignite","[0F\Q>0C]v extinguish vt douse vt "

idolatrize v

zealous:enthusiastic idolatrous:devoted

I dy ll experience fill with tension ign igneous adj "

dy ill dy ill


igneous rock

combustible:ignite malleable:shape

3780,"ignition","[0F\Q0M:Q]n 3781,"ignoble","[0F\Q:7BS]adj 3782,"ignominious","[]0FQ:\P0Q0:K]adj 3783,"ignominy","[\0FQ:P0Q0]n " 3784,"ignorance","[\0FQ:T:QK]n educate:ignorance erudition n " erudite adj ig gnor dishonorable mean


astringent:pucker spark:ignition ig noble adj n " honorable adj esteem n


contemptible despicable infamy ig nomin

lofty adj glory n

" respect n

honor n vt

ignoramus n

ignore vt


3785,"ignorant","[\0FQ:T:QC]adj 3786,"ignore","[0F\Q5:]v disregard

" subtle:ignore salient:observe

ambiguous:understand blatant:ignore : : " legislation n

scorn:reject adulate:flatter disparage:ignore : 3787,"illegality","[]0S0:\F3S0C0]n legitimate adj v " il leg

legal adj

illegal adj

illegitimate adj

3788,"illegible","[0\S<DN:BS]adj 3789,"illiberal","[0\S0B:T:S]adj 3790,"illicit","[0\S0K0C]adj

il leg ible intolerant bigoted

illegal adj il liberal adj i1 licit adj "

legend n "

dialect n lect leg "

unlawful improper prohibited


3791,"illiteracy","[0\S0C:T:K0]n illiteracy:education inequity:redistribution 3792,"ill-omened","[\0S\:7P<QD]adj 3793,"illuminate","[0\SU7:P0Q<0C]v educate:ignorance

il liter

literate n adj erudition n " ill omen n , "

illiterate n adj

inauspicious clarify "

enfranchise:vote illuminate:see


obfuscate vt

3794,"illuminati","[0]S7:P0\Q4:C0]n illuminati:instruct hodgepodge: " luminant adj

illuminate vt


3795,"illuminating","[i5lju:mi9neitiN]adj 3796,"illumination","[0]SU7:P0\Q<0M:Q]n stylus:mark lamp:illumination apron:protection 3797,"illusion","[0\S7:N:Q]n " 3798,"illusive","[0\S7:K0H]adj 3799,"illusory","[0\S7:K:T0]adj 3800,"illustrate","[\0S:KCT<0C]v illuminate vt

therapeutic:hospital illuminating:school


frieze:building illumination:manuscript squall:commotion flash:illumination "

illusion:perception gaffe:judgment

nicety:precision illusion:fantasy

deceptive illusory deceptive illusive

specious:genuineness illusory:reality maelstrom:turbulent mirage:illusory vt " illustration n

" " illustrious adj

luster n

illustrate:pictures particularize:details

3801,"imagination","[0]P3DN0\Q<0M:Q]n 3802,"imaginative","[0\P3DN0Q:C0H]adj 3803,"imbecile","[\0PB0K0:S]adj /n 3804,"imbibe","[0P\B>0B]v " 3805,"imbroglio","[0P\BT:7S0:7]n 3806,"imbue","[0P\BU7:]v with 3807,"imitation","[]0P0\C<0M:Q]n entanglement absorb

insipid:invention prosaic:imagination imaginary adj imbecility n im bibe reportorial adj

" pedestrian adj " "

im becility n im bec back ile ill pipe n pipe

thirsty:imbibe exhausted:rest


im broglio "

harmony n


be imbued with new ideas

exemplary:imitation culpable:blame reverent:deference 248

paragon[paradigm]:imitate reverence:regard 3808,"immaculate","[0\P3EU7S0C]adj squalor n " inherent

" unsoiled impeccable spotless macula n maculate adj

3809,"immanent","[\0P:Q:QC]adj extrinsic adj "


im man

explicit adj

3810,"immaterial","[]0P:\C0:T0:S]adj circuitous:directness peripheral:center 3811,"immature","[]0P:\CU7:]adj 3812,"immemorial","[]0P0\P5:T0:S]adj 3813,"immense","[0\P<QK]adj immensity n " submerge huge

incorporeal relevant adj mature adj

material adj corporeal adj "


immature:developed incipient:realized memorial n adj recent adj "


1imitless infinite enormous

im mense measure vt

3814,"immerse","[0\P::K]v 3815,"imminent","[\0P0Q:QC]adj


im merse merge

" prominent adj "


im minent mobilize v

eminent adj immobility n

3816,"immobilize","[0\P:7B0S>0L]v " 3817,"immoderate","[0\P5D:T0C]adj 3818,"immolate","[\0P:7S<0C]v 3819,"immorality","[]0P:\T3S0C0]n 3820,"immortal","[0\P5:CS]adj " 3821,"immovable","[0\P7:H:BS]adj 3822,"immune","[0\PU7:Q]adj resistance "

splint:immobilize duct:convey

extreme im mo late morality adj deathless everlasting

moderate adj " n moral adj


n " postmortem adj mortify v

im mort al

steadfast exempt

movable adj

" having no

overexposure:jaded vaccination:immune


exemption 249

soporific:sleep vaccinating:immunity

susceptibility n

liability n

" fertilize:grow immunize:resist im mur e mural adj n " demur v release n /v


3825,"immure","[0\PU7:]v imprison seclude liberate v "

3826,"immutable","[0\PU7:C:BS]adj immutable:altered implacable:propitiated " 3827,"imp","[0PA]n 3828,"impact","[\0PA3EC]n 3829,"impair","[0P\A2:]v 3830,"impale","[im5peil][SAT]v 3831,"impalpable","[0P\A3SA:BS]n 3832,"impart","[0P\A4:C]v im p


mutable adj

mutation n

commute v variable adj

transitory:endure immutable:change

imp I'm p collision damage reduce

insensitive:boor mischievous:imp im pact im pair ... " palpitate v part partial adj " passion n " " " "

" "

earplug:noise shield:impact impairment n repair n /v "

im pale adj intangible im part

palpable adj

reveal disclose

3833,"impartial","[0P\A4:M:S]adj 3834,"impasse","[\0PA3K]n 3835,"impassioned","[0P\A3M:QD]adj 3836,"impassive","[0P\A3K0H]adj fearless:daunt impassive:perturb dupe:duplicity overwrought adj

unprejudiced deadlock

im passe

passionate fiery ardent fervent stolid phlegmatic perfervid adj ebullience n patience n im pass ive

impassioned adj callous:impassive excitable adj "

impasse:perturb voracious:satisfy emotional adj lience forbearance n " "

3837,"impassiveness","[0P\A3K0Hnis]n 3838,"impatience","[0P\A<0M:QK]n 3839,"impeach","[0P\A0:CM]v " accuse


peach n vt peach

impeachment n



faultless flawless perfect : faulty adj penniless prosperous adj

im pecc "


peccadillo n

boundless:limit sterile:bacteria[germ] indolent:stir blemish:impeccable guile:artless : 3841,"impecunious","[]0PA0\EU7:Q0:K]adj peculate v experience:green 3842,"impede","[0P\A0:D]v obstacle " 3843,"impel","[0P\A<S]v restrain vt " imminent force compel urge drive encumber v pecuniary adj wealthy adj

impeccable:flaw ingenuous:guile restive:calmness

im pecu nious affluent adj centipede n assist v

im pe cu ni ous pelf:impecunious lavish adj "

foolish:discretion impecunious:money


im ped e cultivate vt

podiatry n

impediment[SAT] n nurture vt foment vt abet vt promote vt

blandishment:cajole obstacle:impede remove impediment

abet vt

facilitate v

impede decline decline vt

propel push

im pel

dispel vt

compel vt

3844,"impending","[0P\A<QD0R]adj 3845,"impenetrable","[0P\A<Q0CT:BS]adj pierce:impenetrable profane:inviolable juggernaut:unstoppable enigma:impenetrable 3846,"impenitent","[0P\A<Q0C:QC]adj 3847,"imperative","[0P\A<T:C0H]adj imperator n grotesque:fantasy emperor n imperial adj

impend vi


remote adj penetrable adj


unfathomable inscrutable incomprehensible change:immutable subdue:impenetrable porous adj unrepentant penitent adj " n pen I ten t 10 pen urgent imper

rueful adj


peremptory compelling question:interrogative order:imperative obedient adj " perceptible adj blemish " peril n per il ill perfect adj

imperial adj


3848,"imperceptible","[]0PA:\K<AC:BS]adj 3849,"imperfection","[]0PA:\G<EM:Q]n impeccable:fault unblemished:imperfection 3850,"imperil","[0P\A<T0S]v 3851,"imperious","[0P\A0:T0:K]adj swagger:self-depreciate humble adj deferential adj endanger

appreciable adj


purify:imperfection certify:doubtfulness

" imper ious " imperious:fawn elf:imperious

overbearing arrogant dictatorial servile adj obeisant adj

imperious:servile bellicose:peaceable rash:circumspective unassuming adj


fawn:imperiousness equivocate:directness elaborate:sketch 251


" temporary permanent adj per manent opportune:convenience

3853,"impermanent","[0P\A::P:Q:QC]adj impermanent:transience "

3854,"impermeability","[0P]A::P0:\B0S0C0]n impermeability:passage

permeable adj " "

me able


opacity:light impermeability:fluid im person n mimic al

3855,"impersonal","[0P\A::K:Q:S]adj 3856,"impersonate","[0P\A::K:Q<0C]v 3857,"impertinence","[0P\A::C0Q:QK]n 3858,"impertinent","[0P\A::C0Q:QC]adj


personate vt pertinence n

person n respect v /n irrelevant "

impersonator n relevance n pertinent adj "



saucy insolent impudent

impertinent:propriety keen:obtuseness perturb:serenity 3859,"imperturbable","[]0PA:\C::B:BS]adj restive adj ticklish adj impassive perturb v

obeisant adj

chary:caution imperturbable:composure "

testiness n

imperturbability volatility n vious :? :

3860,"impervious","[0P\A::H0:K]adj nonflammable:combustible " 3861,"impetuosity","[0P]A<CU7\5K0C0]n 3862,"impetuous","[im5petjuEs]adj bumptious:humbleness impertinent:propriety parsimonious:profligacy impetuous:hesitance unobtrusive adj "

pervious adj impervious:? precarious:stable

invincible:subdued impervious:damaged impervious:friable translucent adj impervious of light

impervious:penetrate ineluctable:avoid indefensible:excused

hesitance n impulsive [ ]

vacillation n


impetuous:vacillation[hesitation patience] impetuous:hesitate irrepressible:servile deliberate adj

restive:calmness impetuous:patience

3863,"impetus","[\0PA0C:K]n 3864,"impiety","[0P\A>0:C0]n 3865,"impinge","[0P\A0QDN]v pin n ge "

incentive impulse piety n on upon

stimulus devoutness n

im pet us "

competitor n


infringe encroach collide

Do not impinge on my privacy



placable adj 252

placid adj

placate v


indomitable:subdue implacable:conciliation

implacable:compromise honest:swindle immutable:altered implacable:propitiated inculcate im plant v "

recalcitrant:authority "

3867,"implant","[0P\AS4:QC]v 3868,"implausible","[0P\AS5:L:BS]adj 3869,"implement","[\0PAS0P:QC]n v replete adj foil vt " in

plausible adj

believable adj

verisimilar adj


fulfill accomplish enforce

im ple ment

deplete vt

3870,"implicate","[\0PAS0E<0C]v 3871,"implicit","[0P\AS0K0C]adj 3872,"implode","[0P\AS:7D]v


im plic ate im plic

implication n explicit adj "

complicate v


im plode

implosion n "

contract:implode descend:plummet

collapse:implode divide:sunder 3873,"implore","[0P\AS5:]v 3874,"imply","[0P\AS>0]v 3875,"impolitic","[0P\A5S0C0E]adj

rapid outward movement im plore " politic adj ponder v im port

beseech beg entreat implicate vt

deplore v


unwise injudicious

apolitical adj ponderous adj

" "

3876,"imponderable","[0P\A5QD:T:BS]adj 3877,"import","[0P\A5:C]v /n embezzler:appropriate " n

portable adj


3878,"importune","[0P\A5:CU7:Q]v importune:request pry:inquiry 3879,"impose","[0P\A:7L]v " im pose

im port

tune n

importunate[SAT] adj

dispose v

imposing adj "

modest adj


3880,"impossibility","[0P]A5K:\B0S0C0]n 3881,"impostor","[0P\A5KC:]n usurper:authorization barbarian:property 3882,"impotent","[\0PA:C:QC]adj weak

vagary:predict impossibility:execute im post or : " potent adj pot pot impostor:identity

clout n



3883,"impoverish","[0P\A5H:T0M]v " 3884,"imprecation","[]0PAT0\E<0M:Q]n 3885,"imprecise","[]0PAT0\K>0K]adj 3886,"imprecision","[]0PAT0\K0N:Q]n 3887,"impregnable","[0P\AT<FQ:BS]adj " 3888,"impresario","[]0PAT<\K4:T0:7]n impresario:entertainment broker:trade 3889,"impress","[0P\AT<K]v 3890,"impressed","adj 3891,"imprint","[0P\AT0QC]v 3892,"imprisonment","[0P\AT0LQP:QC]n 3893,"improbity","[0P\AT:7B0C0]n honesty n "

im pover


im pover power ish



poverty n

curse precise adj

im prec pray v n " pregnable adj nice adj

ation "

deprecate vt


exactitude n



pregnant adj

impresar " im press n /v

emprise io o

grandstand:impress equivocate:deceive apologize:contrite compliment:impressed "


impressionable adj


im print v imprison vt

" prison n " prob ity


probity n pro bity

3894,"impromptu","[0P\AT5PACU7:]adj prompt vt ad-lib:impromptu aside:divergent

offhand extemporaneous :

im promptu carefully rehearsed "

im promptu

impromptu:performance unheralded:announcement

impromptu:rehearsal caprice:deliberate honesty:duplicity 3895,"impropriety","[]0PAT:\AT>0:C0]n decorum n " 3896,"improvidence","[0P\AT5H0D:QK]n improvident adj provident adj thriftless propriety n

improper adj

proper adj

providence n

provide v "

fervor:zealot improvidence:spendthrift extemporize rite n indiscreet im pro vise improvised act prudent adj 254

3897,"improvise","[\0PAT:H>0L]v text:extemporize score:improvise 3898,"imprudent","[0P\AT7:D:QC]adj

im provise provide v " apathetic:emotion

pull dent out


judicious adj

" saucy insolent impertinent shameless impudent imprudent r deferential adj im pudency n respectful adj im pud obeisant adj

3899,"impudent","[\0PAU7D:QC]adj imprudent reverence[deference] n " 3900,"impugn","[0P\AU7:Q]v ... endorse v extol v uphold vt " deny impudent

impudence:brazen deadpan:impassive

impudence:brazenness recalcitrant:stubbornness

im pugn

pugnacious adj

champion vt

vindicate vt

3901,"impuissance","[0P\AU7:0KQK]n " 3902,"impulse","[\0PA8SK]n 3903,"impunity","[0P\AU7:Q0C0]n 3904,"impurity","[0P\AU7:T0C0]n 3905,"imputation","[]0PAU7\C<0M:Q]n impute to v attribute"


puissance n

power n


clout n

im pulse punity penalty n purity n

impulsive adj punitive adj

repulse n /v

" "

imputation n "

winnow:chaff filter:impurities impute vt

accusation attribution

im pute ...

imput input v


3906,"inadvertence","[]0Q:D\H::C:QK]n 3907,"inadvertent","[]0Q:D\H::C:QC]adj inattentive adj "

oversight slip heedless

advertence n

advert v n intentional adj

careful attention advertent adj


advertent adj

3908,"inalienable","[0Q\<0SU:Q:BS]adj inalienable:surrendered implacable:propitiated 3909,"inane","[0Q\<0Q]adj rash:adventurous inane:clumsy significant adj weighty adj " lifeless " empty void

alienable adj " I nan e

alien adj

in alien


inanity n pregnant adj

obsessed:attracted substantiated adj expressive adj

meaningful adj

3910,"inanimate","[0Q\3Q0P0C]adj ephemeral:enduring inanimate:living 3911,"inapparent","[]0Q:\A3T:QC]adj

animate v adj

animal n

unanimous adj

apparent adj appropriate adj 255

ostensible adj germane adj

" apt adj "


3913,"inaugurate","[0Q\5:FU7T<0C]v inaugural adj n


initiate commence

in augur v cease v "


inaugurate:president install:official crown:king

3914,"inauguration","[0Q]5:FU7\T<0M:Q]n 3915,"inborn","[\0Q\B5:Q]adj innate

inauguration:official matriculation:student in born ardent endemic:region inborn:individual in cand escent ...

" "

3916,"incandescent","[]0QE3Q\D<KQC]adj incandescence n dull adj "

candid adj

3917,"incantation","[9inkAn5teiFEn]n [SAT] talisman:object incantation:utterance 3918,"incapable","[0Q\E<0A:BS]adj 3919,"incarcerate","[0Q\E4:K:T<0C]v 3920,"incarnate","[0Q\E4:Q<0C]adj 3921,"incendiary","[0Q\K<QD0:T0]adj " 3922,"incense","[\0QK<QK]n " 3923,"incentive","[0Q\K<QC0H]n " 3924,"inception","[0Q\K<AM:Q]n accept v commencement motive adj v " incompetent

cant n

" " in cant ation

capable adj

incapacity n

" liberate v " "

imprison confine in carn ate

in carcer prison ate in car carnage n carnal adj

incorporeal adj

in cend cand iary

insurgent:rebel incendiary:agitate

in cense cand

incentive n adj

propitiate v

in cent cant


cant n

deterrent n

in cept ion " certitude n ant



concept n

inception:termination matriculation:graduation uncertainty doubt in cess cease v

3925,"incertitude","[0Q\K::C0CU7:D]n 3926,"incessant","[0Q\K<KQC]adj " 3927,"inch","[intF]v

certain adj

certify v


concession n

cessation n

interrupted adj

inch:move[advance] drawl:speak accrete:grow[growth] incipient 256

" in choate chocolate


inch n

o ate

immature:developed incipient [inchoate]:realized explicit adj " occurrence of

completely formed

fully formed


in cid ence in ciner ate

accident n cinerary adj

" singe:incinerate

3930,"incinerate","[0Q\K0Q:T<0C]v ... cremate erode:destruction "

3931,"incipient","[0Q\K0A0:QC]adj full-blown[full realized] 3932,"incision","[0Q\K0N:Q]n 3933,"incisive","[0Q\K>0K0H]adj 3934,"incisor","[0Q\K>0L:]n 3935,"incite","[0Q\K>0C]v bully:browbeat foment "

in cip ient

immature:developed incipient [inchoate]:realized : incipient:realized hypothetical:proven

incipient:realized tangible:indefinite moribund:dead

cut gash

incise vt

cise concise adj cise in "

suture n /v "

keen penetrating in cise in cite "

incite excite

excite vt pacify vt

recite v incitant adj clement adj mild adj decline v /n "

instigator:incite insensible adj "

exhortation:motivate persiflage:incite stormy

3936,"inclement","[0Q\ES<P:QC]adj draconian:inclemency fret:vexation 3937,"inclination","[]0QES0\Q<0M:Q]n disposed willing tending" 3938,"include","[0Q\ES7:D]v omit vt

rough severe unmerciful balmy adj cline

inclemency:evade preference incline n /v

inclined adj


" inconsiderate cogitate v G incogitant:thoughtful

3939,"incogitant","[0Q\E5DN:C:QC]adj restive:calm "

3940,"incognito","[0Q\E5FQ0C:7]adj /n 3941,"incoherent","[]0QE:7\O0:T:QC]adj


in cogn ito coherent adj

incognizant adj " mensurate vt "

recognize vt



3942,"incommensurate","[\0QE:\P<QM:T0C]adj 3943,"incommodious","[]0QE:\P:7D0:K]adj

commensurate adj commodious adj



3944,"incommunicative","[]0QE:\PU7:Q0E:C0H]adj 3945,"incompatible","[]0QE:P\A3C:BS]adj 3946,"incompetent","[0Q\E5PA0C:QC]adj 3947,"inconceivable","[]0QE:Q\K0:H:BS]adj 3948,"incongruent","[0Q\E5RFT7:QC]adj incongruous

reserved taciturn

communicative adj com pati "


compatible adj competent adj "

conceivable adj congruous adj " unimportant trivial crucial adj consider vt "

conceive v congruent adj


incongruent:conform recalcitrant:obey scatter:overlap 3949,"inconsequential","[0Q]E5QK0\EV<QM:S]adj apocalyptic:prophetic inconsequential:illogical 3950,"inconsiderable","[]0QE:Q\K0D:T:BS]adj " 3951,"inconsistency","[]0QE:Q\K0KC:QK0]n 3952,"inconsolable","[]0QE:Q\K:7S:BS]adj 3953,"inconsonant","[0Q\E5QK:Q:QC]adj 3954,"inconstancy","[0Q\E5QKC:QK0]n " 3955,"incontestable","[]0QE:Q\C<KC:BS]adj 3956,"incontinent","[0Q\E5QC0Q:QC]adj consistency n consolable adj discordant

consequential adj

inconsiderate adj

considerate adj

con sist console vt

" " in agreement "

consonant adj

con son ant

constancy n

con stant

persistence n

stability n

indisputable unquestionable unchaste continent n adj

contest n v "


3957,"incontrovertible","[]0QE5QCT:\H::C:BS]adj incontrovertible:disputed untenable:defended substantiate v " 3958,"incorporate","[0Q\E5:A:T<0C]v incorporeal adj "

incontestable unquestionable

controvert v controvert v

ravenous:satisfied intrepid:feared

corporate adj


corporal adj

corporeal adj

3959,"incorrigibility","[0Q]E5T0DN:\B0S0C0]n 3960,"incorrigible","[0Q\E5T0DN:BS]adj

tractability n ineradicable 258

" correct adj vt

corrigible adj

incorrigible:reformed inscrutable:understood tractable adj "

incorrigible:amend irradicable:remove

3961,"incorruptible","[]0QE:\T8AC:BS]adj 3962,"incredulous","[0Q\ET<DU7S:K]adj 3963,"increment","[\0QET0P:QC]n 3964,"incriminate","[0Q\ET0P0Q<0C]v 3965,"incrustation","[]0QET8K\C<0M:Q]n 3966,"incubation","[\0QEU7\B<0M:Q]n latency:response incubation:disease 3967,"incubator","[\0QEU7B<0C:]n 3968,"incubus","[\0REU7B:K]n [SAT] 3969,"inculcate","[\0QE8SE<0C]v " 3970,"inculpate","[\0QE8SA<0C]v exculpate v " 3971,"incumbent","[0Q\E8PB:QC]n 3972,"incur","[0Q\E::]v in cur adj in cu1p nightmare "

corrupt adj disbelieving increase v to involve


venal adj cred ulous incretion n "

" incredible adj " "

credulous adj accretion n

crime n crust n incubate v "

exonerate vt

in cub

incubus n

concubine n

greenhouse:plant incubator:infant burden in cub us in culc cult ate

" " cultivate vt

implant indoctrinate instill


culprit n

exonerate vt

absolve v

in cumb incur occur vi " " retreat n /v "

encumber v

recumbent adj


3973,"incurable","[0Q\EU7:T:BS]adj 3974,"incuriosity","[0Q\EU7:T0\5K0C0]n 3975,"incursion","[0Q\E::M:Q]n 3976,"indebted","[0Q\D<C0D]adj " 3977,"indecipherable","[]0QD0\K>0G:T:BS]adj

curable adj curious adj in cur sion

" in debt n

I am greatly indebted to you for your help

cipher n 259

indecipherable:decoded unmanageable:controlled

" 3978,"indecorous","[0Q\D<E:T:K]adj seemly adj " untiring tireless uncertain delete vt fatigue n v fat fatigue" " decorous adj d�cor n indecorous:propriety boorish:sensitivity

3979,"indefatigable","[]0QD0\G3C0F:BS]adj 3980,"indefinite","[0Q\D<G0Q0C]adj vague


definite adj

3981,"indelibility","[0Q]D<S0\B0S0C0]n erasability n "

indelibility:erasure impermeability:passage

3982,"indelible","[0Q\D<S0BS]adj erasable adj "

in del delete ible

indelible:forget astounding:expect

3983,"indemnity","[0Q\D<PQ0C0]n condemn vt indemnification n

in demn damn recompense reparation


indemnify v

reimburse v " n v"

mollification:soothe indemnity:secure n vi notch dent " " dentist n

3984,"indentation","[]0QD<Q\C<0M:Q]n 3985,"indenture","[0Q\D<QCM:]n 3986,"indescribable","[]0QD0\KET>0B:BS]adj 3987,"indicative","[0Q\D0E:C0H]adj of dictionary n " 3988,"indices","[\0QD0K0:L]n index 3989,"indict","[0Q\D>0C]v exculpate v " index n vt contract

indent n dent

describe vt

Is a high forehead indicative of great mental power?

in dic

" dictator n dictation n indict:accused :

accuse charge

in dict

3990,"indifferent","[0Q\D0G:T:QC]adj fervor n zealot n enraptured adj "

detached disinterested

different adj

avid adj

avi d

3991,"indigenous","[0Q\D0DN0Q:K]adj acquired adj foreign adj



in di gen ous "

in dig

exotic adj

nonnative adj



in dig ent affluent adj 260

indigenous ous "


indigent:wealth redundant:indispensability

3993,"indignant","[0Q\D0FQ:QC]adj 3994,"indiscernible","[]0QD0\K::Q:BS]adj 3995,"indiscretion","[]0QD0\KET<M:Q]n discrete adj e

in dign

dignity n

indign adj discern v

indignity n "



discernible adj

imprudence injudiciousness

indiscreet adj

discreet adj

overdose:prescription indiscretion:convention unselective discriminate v

judiciousness n " fastidious adj " unavoidable

3996,"indiscriminate","[]0QD0K\ET0P0Q0C]adj 3997,"indispensability","[0QD0KA<QK:\B0S0C0]n indigent:wealth redundant:indispensability 3998,"indisposed","[]0QD0\KA:7LD]adj dispose v "

dispensable adj

indispensable adj "

indispensable trivial adj

unwilling disinclined

He seems indisposed to help

disposed adj



refutable adj

" distinguish v

4000,"indistinguishable","[\0QD0K\C0RFV0M:BS]adj indistinguishable:confound equivalent:interchange 4001,"indite","[0Q\D>0C]v write compose

imperceptible vague " X indite easily fragment docile adj "

indict vt "

in dict"

4002,"indivisible","[9indi5vizEbl]adj 4003,"indocile","[0Q\D:7K>0S]adj 4004,"indoctrinate","[0Q\D5ECT0Q<0C]v pedagogue:indoctrinate " idle lazy "

in divisible adj recalcitrant imbue ...

in doctrine n


4005,"indolent","[\0QD:S:QC]adj indolent:shirk miserly:hoard

in dol ent

in do lent

condolence n

rectitude:transgression indolence:diligence keen:obtuse

impeccable:flaw indolent:stir

4006,"indomitable","[0Q\D5P0C:BS]adj indomitable:subdue "

unyielding unconquerable

dominate v


4007,"indubitable","[0Q\DU7:B0C:BS]adj questionable adj "


in dubit doubt n /v


dubitation n


4008,"inducement","[0Q\DU7:KP:QC]n deterrent n " install


induce vt




indict v

4009,"induct","[0Q\D8EC]v 4010,"indulge","[0Q\D8SDN]v indulge:mollycoddle indulge:adherent slovenly:dapper 4011,"indulgence","[0Q\D8SDN:QK]n 4012,"indulgent","[0Q\D8SDN:QC]adj Draconian adj spartan adj "

in duct

viaduct n ge "

" embarrass:mortify

...�in dull adj appetite:indulge eschew vt

indulge:ascetic restrain:libertine

abstemious:indulge austere:decorate

glutton:overindulgence ascetic:self-denial lenient martinet indulgent individual

asceticism n ascetic adj


4013,"indurate","[\0QDU7:T<0C]v 4014,"industriousness","[0Q\D8KCT0:K]n

in dur ate industrious adj

durable adj diligent industry n

soften v


industriousness:activity fastidiousness:selectivity 4015,"inebriate","[0Q\0:BT0<0C]v intoxicate inebriety n inebriant adj n " edible adj taboo " effable adj n drunkard

sedulity n in ebri ate

lack of industriousness ebri e bri bring


4016,"inedible","[0Q\<D0BS]adj 4017,"ineffable","[0Q\<G:BS]adj irradicable:obliterate "

fable n


4018,"ineffaceable","[]0Q0\G<0K:BS]adj 4019,"ineffective","[0Q0\G<EC0H]adj 4020,"inelastic","[]0Q0\S3KC0E]adj " 4021,"inelasticity","[]0Q0S3K\C0K0C0]n 4022,"ineligible","[0Q\<S0DN:BS]adj 4023,"ineluctable","[]0Q0\S8EC:BS]adj


efface v " effect n fect elastic adj inefficacious adj fic "

effective adj unyielding unadaptable

ephemeral:endure inelastic:stretch

resilience n eligible adj certain inevitable

" " elude v irrevocable:repeal

in eluctable

impervious:penetrate insufferable:tolerate ineluctable:avoid implacable:propitiate untenable:defend 262

: serendipitous:effort ineluctable:chance 4024,"ineptitude","[0Q\<AC0CU7:D]n judicious proficient adj masterful adj " inept adj

" ept adj bent n finesse n inept adj

4025,"inequity","[0Q\<EV0C0]n inequity:redistribution "

injustice unfairness

equity n

equal adj


4026,"inerrancy","[0Q\<T:QK0]n 4027,"inert","[0Q\::C]adj inert:react ineffectual:proceed 4028,"inertia","[0Q\::M0:]n tendency to change motion

infallibility lethargic active adj

errancy n in ert art dynamic adj

fallibility n


ephemeral:endure reactant n inert material " the

persistence:vacillate inertia:react activity n reactant n invaluable predictable " excuse vt n exhaust vt relentless " ora ex ble " expedient adj n ex ped oration n " " estimable adj estimate v /n "

4029,"inestimable","[0Q\<KC0P:BS]adj 4030,"inevitable","[0Q\<H0C:BS]adj

inevitable:chance absolute:variability

untenable:defended inevitable[ineluctable]:avoided 4031,"inexcusable","[]0Q0EK\EU7:L:BS]adj 4032,"inexhaustible","[\0Q0F\L5:KC:BS]adj 4033,"inexorable","[0Q\<EK:T:BS]adj

exorable adj relenting adj

inexorable:dissuasion indomitable:conquest 4034,"inexpedient","[]0Q0EK\A0:D0:QC]adj " 4035,"inexpiable","[0Q\<EKA0:BS]adj 4036,"inexplicable","[0Q\<EKAS0E:BS]adj 4037,"inexplicit","[]0Q0EK\AS0K0C]adj 4038,"inextricable","[0Q\<EKCT0E:BS]adj 4039,"infallible","[0Q\G3S:BS]adj dependable

inadvisable unwise

expiable adj explicable adj explicit adj

expiate vt vi ex pi ate explain v " extricate vt " ex tric "




implicit adj extricable adj


fallible adj 263

4040,"infamous","[\0QG:P:K]adj 4041,"infamy","[\0QG:P0]n 4042,"infantry","[\0QG:QCT0]n

notorious scandalous outrageous good repute " try infatuated adj "

famous adj

fame n

estimable adj


infant n

" fatuous adj fat sabbatical:leave

4043,"infatuation","[0Q]G3CU7\<0M:Q]n flattering:infatuation 4044,"infection","[0Q\G<EM:Q]n infection " odium n

antibiotic:infection coagulant:bleeding

septic adj

free of

4045,"infelicitous","[]0QG0\S0K0C:K]adj city city happy adj "


felicitous adj

felicity n

felic fe li

4046,"infelicity","[]0QG0\S0K0C0]n 4047,"infer","[0Q\G::]v conjecture of hell

appropriateness n " surmise in fer infem al no " infertility n " n " infiltrate:enter insinuate:say " tacit:infer encoded:decode inferior 911 " infer yes "

4048,"infernal","[0Q\G::Q:S]adj 4049,"inferno","[0Q\G::Q:7]n inferior adj infernal adj

hateful outrageous infer no

fire:inferno storm:hurricane sterile conger barren fertile adj

4050,"infertile","[0Q\G::C40S]adj 4051,"infest","[0Q\G<KC]v

in fest pest n

4052,"infidelity","[]0QG0\D<S0C0]n 4053,"infiltrate","[\0QG0SCT<0C]v conspire:plan stalk:follow 4054,"infinite","[\0QG0Q0C]adj discrete:overlap " in fin

in fid infidel[SAT] adj filtrate v filter n vt

infinitesimal adj " " infirmity n 264


finite adj


unique:precedent infinite:end bounded space firm n adj

4055,"infinity","[0Q\G0Q0C0]n 4056,"infirm","[0Q\G::P]adj

hale adj


4057,"inflame","[0Q\GS<0P]v subdue v " 4058,"inflammation","[]0QGS:\P<0M:Q]n 4059,"inflate","[0Q\GS<0C]v inflate:burst pull:tear 4060,"inflict","[0Q\GS0EC]v ... 4061,"influx","[\0QGS8EK]n 4062,"informality","[]0QG5:\P3S0C0]n 4063,"informer","[0Q\G5:P:]n 4064,"infraction","[0Q\GT3EM:Q]n 4065,"infringe","[0Q\GT0QDN]v 4066,"infuriate","[0Q\GU7:T0<0C]v nonplus:perplexity : :

flame n

inflamed adj

inflammable adj

assuage vt

mollification n " pompous bombasticdeflate vt " afflict vt " conflict n infliction n " conflate v con flate

inflated adj minimize vt ... afflict flux v

in flict exodus n formality n "

inform v

" fract in fringe n ate refractory adj " infuriate:rage commend:esteem fraction n "

violation infringement violate trespass enrage

in furi fury n

: scrounge:possession v :n " with instill impart in fuse inspire:infuse obliterate:remove

4067,"infuse","[0Q\GU7:L]v drain away refuse vt

extract v " original inventive in gen ious ingenuous adj U

4068,"ingenious","[0Q\DN0:QU:K]adj ingenious I IQ prosaic adj "

4069,"ing�nue","[AnVei5nju:]n " 4070,"ingenuity","[]0QDN0\QU7:0C0]n inventiveness "



ing�nue:sophistication cynic:trustfulness


diplomat:tact inventor:ingenuity

lack of

4071,"ingenuous","[0Q\DN<QU7:K]adj pernicious:injure [ ] engage:tedious



shiftless:ambition impeccable:flaw ingenuous:guile ingratiating:win favor disingenuous:deceive[mislead]

ingenuous:dissemble raffish:preen polite:snub disingenuous:sincere cunning adj hypocritical adj 265

discompose:pacific[placid] fabricate:authentic[ingenuous] sly adj "

4072,"ingest","[0Q\DN<KC]v excrete vt " 4073,"ingrained","[0Q\FT<0QD]adj 4074,"ingrate","[0Q\FT<0C]n

in gest

congestion n

digest v

expel v

disgorge v

in grain n in grate ingratitude n in grati " ate

easily to change thankful person "

extrinsic adj


4075,"ingratiate","[0Q\FT<0M0<0C]v ingratiating:win favor disingenuous:deceive 4076,"ingredient","[0Q\FT0:D0:QC]n 4077,"ingress","[\0QFT<K]n 4078,"inhabit","[0Q\O3B0C]v 4079,"inhale","[0Q\O<0S]v in gress inhabitant n in hale

camouflage:deception flattery:ingratiating


in gred greedy adj



digress v " " hale adj inherit vt " in here inheritor n

exhale v innate inborn

4080,"inherent","[0Q\O0:T:QC]adj extrinsic adj "

4081,"inhibit","[0Q\O0B0C]v prohibit vt foment vt

prohibit forbid catalyze vt


inhibit hibit inhibited adj

exhibit n /v

further vt " abandon:inhibition tranquility:agitation catalyst n brutal " humane adj " friendly adj amiable adj "

4082,"inhibition","[]0QO0\B0M:Q]n 4083,"inhibitor","[0Q\O0B0C:]n 4084,"inhumane","[]0QOU7:\P<0Q]adj 4085,"inimical","[0\Q0P0E:S]adj amicable adj amenable adj "

adverse hostile

enemy n adj

4086,"inimitable","[0\Q0P0C:BS]adj ordinary commonplace "


imitate vt

indubitable:question inimitable:copy

4087,"iniquity","[0\Q0EV0C0]n disinterestedness n "


in iquit equal

iniquitous adj

rectitude n


4088,"initiate","[0\Q0M0<0C]v doyen:uninitiated catalysis:initiate


initial adj inveterate adj inject vt

n uninitiated

initiative n youthful " "

eccentric:conventional : supervisor:oversight

initial:realized tangible:indefinite moribund:dead follow up

4089,"injection","[0Q\DN<EM:Q]n 4090,"injunction","[0Q\DN8REM:Q]n 4091,"inkling","[\0RES0R]n inkling:knowledge modicum:quantity 4092,"innate","[\0Q\<0C]adj natality n "

in ject

in junction n ink n " in nate ling

enjoin vt


inkling:indication lapse:error

inbred congenital hereditary inherent

inn n



4093,"innocence","[\0Q:KQK]n culpable innocent adj "

in noc nox

innocent adj

in no cent

guilt n



in noc nox noxious adj novel n adj ] [ ]"

obnoxious adj caustic adj injurious adj "

placebo:innocuous salve:unctuous venom:noxious 4095,"innovation","[]0Q:7\H<0M:Q]n novation n


reactionary [hidebound conservative]:change [innovation novelty] [ 4096,"innovative","[\0Q:7H<0C0H]adj 4097,"innuendo","[]0QU7\<QD:7]n insinuate v " in ocul ate derivative adj insinuation "

in nuendo nuance n


endogenous adj

4098,"inoculate","[0Q\5EU7S<0C]v I no cu late "

I no cul


cultivate vt

4099,"inoffensive","[]0Q:\G<QK0H]adj 4100,"inordinate","[0\Q5:D0Q0C]adj 4101,"inquietude","[0Q\EV>00CU7:D]n 4102,"inquiry","[0Q\EV>0:T0]n importune:request pry:inquiry garish:colorful


offensive adj

" ate " n vt prying prying:inquisitive "

immoderate excessive

in ordin order n quiet adj

restlessness uneasiness disquietude inquire v inquisition n "

inquisitive adj

confidence:arrogant inquiry:interrogatory

painful:agonizing inquisitive:curious 267


invasion ...

in road salubrity n

inroad salud sane adj satiable adj

MBA " sa lu brity san e satisfy vt describe vt healthfulness n insanity n insatiate:slake inscription n " " script n "

4104,"insalubrity","[]0QK:\S7:BT0C0]n 4105,"insane","[0Q\K<0Q]adj

deranged demented greedy

4106,"insatiable","[0Q\K<0M0:BS]adj 4107,"inscribe","[0Q\KET>0B]v conscription n " 4108,"inscrutable","[0Q\KET7:C:BS]adj tiny adj inscrutability n

in scribe

unfathomable impenetrable

in scrut able "

scrutiny n


incorrigible:reformed inscrutable:understood insect n I cide " insensate adj suicide n "

4109,"insecticide","[0Q\K<EC0K>0D]n 4110,"insecure","[]0QK0\EU7:]adj 4111,"insensibility","[0Q]K<QK:\B0S0C0]n

secure adj unconsciousness "

sensibility n

astringent:contraction anesthetic:insensibility 4112,"insensible","[0Q\K<QK:BS]adj 4113,"insensitive","[0Q\K<QK0C0H]adj " 4114,"insentient","[0Q\K<QM:QC]adj 4115,"insert","[0Q\K::C]v ... ... remove vt " inanimate numb

numb:insensible burnish:lustrous numb


credulous:dupe insensitive:boor mischievous:imp

in sent exsert vt

perceiving adj



in sert

superimpose:above insert:between

4116,"insertion","[0Q\K::M:Q]n 4117,"insider","[]0Q\K>0D:]n 4118,"insidious","[0Q\K0D0:K]adj preside v " 4119,"insight","[\0QK>0C]n

caret:insertion comma:pause inside er treacherous " in sid ious



assiduous adj


in sight n 268

insightful adj

discernment n

1ack of insight

" badges emblems sign n " skirmish:insignificance duel:formality


4121,"insignificance","[]0QK0F\Q0G0E:QK]n " 4122,"insinuate","[0Q\K0QU7<0C]n insinuate:say "

significant adj

in sinu ate

sinuous adj


4123,"insipid","[0Q\K0A0D]adj insipid:flavor

dull lifeless vapid flat banal

in sip v piquant adj

id " "


insipid:invention prosaic:imagination insist v in sol ate impudent arrogant "

4124,"insistence","[0Q\K0KC:QK]n 4125,"insolate","[\0QK:7S<0C]v 4126,"insolent","[\0QK:S:QC]adj insolence n

resistance n insolent impertinent

persist vi

insolate in sol

solarium n ent

solar adj in sole nt F4


polite respectful courteous adj

4127,"insolently","[\0QK:S:QCS0]adv 4128,"insoluble","[0Q\K5SU7BS]adj "

perfunctorily:inspiration insolently:veneration insolvable soluble adj solu


buoyant:sink insoluble:dissolve

4129,"insolvency","[0Q\K5SH:QK0]n bankruptcy ability to pay one's debts " in somn ia

solvency n

insolvent[SAT] adj

solve vt

4130,"insomnia","[0Q\K5PQ0:]n dyslexia:read "

somniferous adj

somnolent adj


4131,"insouciant","[0Q\K7:K0:QC]adj ant

unconcerned nonchalant " inspect vt " spect

in souci



in souci

tenacious:yield insouciant:worry

4132,"inspection","[0Q\KA<EM:Q]n tender:acceptance exhibit:inspection 4133,"inspiration","[]0QKA:\T<0M:Q]n aspiration n inspired adj "

retrospect n

introspect v

in spir inspire:infuse

expire v

perfunctorily:inspiration insolently:veneration



4134,"instability","[]0QKC:\B0S0C0]n 4135,"install","[0Q\KC5:S]v 4136,"installment","[0Q\KC5:SP:QC]n "

stability n windows

" setup In stall n installment v installation n [ ] " installation in stall v

install dos


4137,"instantaneous","[]0QKC:Q\C<0Q0:K]adj 4138,"instate","vt install in state oust vt

immediate "

instant adj


4139,"instigate","[\0QKC0F<0C]v quell v " 4140,"instigator","[\0QKC0F<0C:]n 4141,"instill","[0Q\KC0S]v " 4142,"instinct","[\0QKC0REC]n 4143,"institute","[\0QKC0CU7:C]v constitution n restitution n

foment incite goad

in stig sting v


in sti gate

instigator:incite bully:browbeat in still distill v

" drain away remove vt

... install v

in stinct n rescind v in stitute abrogate v

instinctive adj

learned response


institution n efface v "

institutionalize v

4144,"instruct","[0Q\KCT8EC]v 4145,"instruction","[0Q\KCT8EM:Q]n lecture:instruction "

in struct

didactic:instruct comic:amuse


tuition:instruction fare:transportation


4146,"instrument","[\0QKCT7P:QC]n 4147,"instrumental","[]0QKCT7\P<QCS]adj orchestra:instrumental choir:vocal 4148,"instrumentalist","[\0QKCT7P:QC:S0KC]n instrumentalist:symphony dancer:ballet 4149,"insubordinate","[]0QK:\B5:D0Q0C]adj "

allergy:reaction lancet:instrument implemental instrument n al


instrumentalist:orchestra actor:troupe conductor:instrumentalist director:actor disobedient subordinate adj n " tractable adj "


4150,"insufferable","[0Q\K8G:T:BS]adj 4151,"insufficient","[]0QK:\G0M:QC]adj 4152,"insular","[\0QKU7S:]adj 4153,"insularity","[\0QKU7\S3T0C0]n 4154,"insulate","[\0QKU7S<0C]v 4155,"insulin","[\0QKU7S0Q]n 4156,"insuperable","[0Q\KU7:A:T:BS]adj 4157,"insurance","[0Q\M7:T:QK]n 4158,"insurgent","[0Q\K::DN:QC]adj rebelliousness:insurgent

intolerable unbearable inadequate

suffer vt

" surfeit n v " "

sufficient adj


insular island

peninsular adj "

cosmopolitan adj

cosmopolitanism n expose vt "

insulin:pancreas bile:liver insurmountable insure vt ... rebellions n super adj

" supernatural adj " parsimony:miser "

raincoat:rain insurance:loss in surge n /v " in sur rect ion ent

insurgent:rebel incendiary:agitate rebellion revolt

4159,"insurrection","[]0QK:\T<EM:Q]n resurrect v " unimpaired

rectitude n


in tact palpability n incorporeal impalpable

contact n /v " tangible adj

tactile adj

riven adj


4161,"intangibility","[0Q]C3QDN:\B0S0C0]n 4162,"intangible","[0Q\C3QDN:BS]adj tangy adj corporeal adj tang " integrant


impracticable:effected intangible:known indestructible:restored

4163,"integral","[\0QC0FT:S]adj fragmental adj "

in tegr tang

integrate vt

superfluous redundant adj

4164,"integrity","[0Q\C<FT0C0]n genuine:authenticity 4165,"intellect","[\0QC0S<EC]n



ecumenical:generality entire:integrity

incompleteness n

taint v n " intelligible adj comprehensible

intel inter ... lect " teetotalism n 271

correct:accurate garble:unintelligible 4166,"intemperance","[0Q\C<PA:T:QK]n


4167,"intemperate","[0Q\C<PA:T0C]adj 4168,"intensify","[0Q\C<QK0G>0]n 4169,"intensity","[0Q\C<QK0C0]n alleviate:intensity abate:tax 4170,"intentional","[0Q\C<QM:Q:S]adj 4171,"inter","[0Q\C::]v bury

excessive assuage vt

temperate adj

equable adj abate v

constrained adj ab ate "


ass u age attenuate v

[abate]moderate:intensity extenuate:seriousness taper:width palliate v " intended intent n terrain n intend vt subterranean adj inadvertent adj "

in ter terr : "

submerge:water inter:earth

inter:burial obliterate:removal v n : 4172,"interaction","[]0QC:\T3EM:Q]n 4173,"intercept","[]0QC:\K<AC]v 4174,"intercessor","[]0QC:\K<K:]n augur:predict translator:interpret "

intel action inter cept intercede v

interplay" " inter cede intercessor:mediate


4175,"interchangeable","[]0QC:\CM<0QDN:BS]adj 4176,"interdependent","[]0QC:D0\A<QD:QC]adj 4177,"interdict","[]0QC:\D0EC]n inaugurate " 4178,"interdisciplinary","[]0QC::\D0K0AS0Q:T0]adj 4179,"interest","[\0QC:T0KC]v ... n adoration:fondness " 4180,"interference","[]0QC:\G0:T:QK]n 4181,"interim","[\0QC:T0P]n interim:concert mediate:confliction 4182,"interlace","[]0QC:\S<0K]v adj

synonymous:meaning interchangeable:function inter dependent adj " inter dict authorize v


discipline n

v " fascination:interest perfunctory interest ennui n

interest:inveigle plan:scheme obsession n

usury:interest gouging:price

inter fere temporary inter im in "

assistance n



permanent adj interweave intermix

inter lace n



4183,"interlocking","[9intE(:)5lCkiN]adj 4184,"interlocutor","[]0QC:\S5EU7C:]n 4185,"interloper","[\0QC:S:7A:]n 4186,"interlude","[\0QC:SU7:D]n 4187,"interminable","[0Q\C::P0Q:BS]adj boundless:extensive interminable:lengthy 4188,"intermingle","[]0QC:\P0RFS]v 4189,"intermission","[]0QC:\P0M:Q]n 4190,"intermittent","[]0QC:\P0C:QC]adj constant adj " detain n

interlock v

inter lock n /v locution n r

independent adj " elope vi


inter locut or intruder meddler inter wearisome " mingle v

inter lope v lude "

e lope "

terminable adj

terminate v

inter min able

countless [innumerable myriad untold]:number everlasting [interminable]:duration unsubstantiated:conclusion


" inter mission n intermit v " inter mit perpetual adj

interim interlude

periodic recurrent alternate

4191,"intern","[\0QC::Q]v "


inter n

internal adj

internship n

4192,"internecine","[]0QC:\Q0:K>0Q]adj Company ) ine NEC "

inter nec ine

inter NEC

(Nippon Electric

4193,"interpolate","[0Q\C::A:7S<0C]v interpose v pose posture n " construe

inter pol polish v


inter po late

4194,"interpret","[0Q\C::AT0C]v interpret correctly "

misjudge:assess misconstrue:interpret

misread v

4195,"interregnum","[]0QC:\T<FQ:P]n interregnum:government hibernation:activity 4196,"interrogate","[0Q\C<T:F<0C]v inquiry:interrogatory "

inter reg reign n /v " inter rog ate


arrogant adj


4197,"interrogative","[]0QC:\T5F:C0H]adj 4198,"interrupt","[]0QC:\T8AC]v

question:interrogative order:imperative inter rupt 273



4199,"intersect","[]0QC:\K<EC]v 4200,"intersperse","[]0QC:\KA::K]n 4201,"interstice","[0Q\C::KC0K]n 4202,"intertwine","[]0QC:\CV>0Q]v 4203,"intervene","[]0QC:\H0:Q]v 4204,"intestate","[0Q\C<KC<0C]adj 4205,"intestine","[0Q\C<KC0Q]n 4206,"intimate","[\0QC0P0C]adj flock:sheep allude:refer


inter sect inter sperse inter stice stance inter twine n v

dissect v "

section n

intersection n



inter st ice

" " interlace vt " "

interweave v interference n test ate "

inter vene testate adj adj n v " intimidate v in timid adj test v ate in test ine inti mate n vt vi

clique:intimates intimate:communicate

obsessed:attracted intimate:close engrossed:absorbed communicate directly

4207,"intimidation","[0QC0P0\D<0M:Q]n extortionist:intimidation intimidate:trepidation perplexed:obfuscate


sycophant:flattery bully:intimidate stupid:gullibility cowardice:intimidate

dauntless:intimidate irrepressible:restrain sabotage:subvertness bull:intimidation dupe:duplicity cowardice:intimidate choler:antagonize bigoted illiberal tone " adj intoxicate v inebriate "

4208,"intolerant","[0Q\C5S:T:QC]adj 4209,"intone","[in5tEun]v [SAT] 4210,"intoxicant","[0Q\C5EK0E:QC]n toxicity n toxic adj

tolerate vt


in tox icate " intractable:manage

anesthetic:numbness intoxicant:drunkenness unruly in tract able

4211,"intractable","[0Q\CT3EC:BS]adj phlegmatic:provoke "

4212,"intransigence","[0Q\CT3QK0DN:QK]n 4213,"intransigent","[0Q\CT3QK0DN:QC]adj transfer v to compromise tractable adj "

pliancy n uncompromising

" transigent adj trans gen t open

firm:intransigent concerned:obsessed

intransigent:acquiesce deferential:offend


4214,"intrepid","[0Q\CT<A0D]adj intrepid:deter rapt:distract 4215,"intricate","[\0QCT0E0C]adj filigree:delicacy tapestry:intricacy 4216,"intrigue","[0Q\CT0:F]v ... 4217,"intriguing","[in5tri:^iN]adj 4218,"intrinsic","[0Q\CT0QK0E]adj

dauntless bold timorous adj elaborate : plot n plot fascinating inherent

trepid adj apprehensive adj in tric ate "

genteel:vulgarity intrepid:fear

extricate vt "


tapestry:intricacy tapestry in trigue tric trigger vt n

pall v "


interesting:intriguing bootless:futile intr intro insic inside adv self-examination intro spect ion

extraneous adj


4219,"introspection","[]0QCT:7\KA<EM:Q]n " 4220,"introvert","[\0QCT:7]H::C]n 4221,"intrude","[0Q\CT7:D]v 4222,"intuitive","[in5tju(:)itiv]adj intro vert obtrude interlope

introspective adj

extrovert n in trude

introverted adj extrude v " escence "


intuition[SAT] n swelling

extraneous adj in tum tumid adj

4223,"intumescence","[]0QCU7:\P<K:QK]n tumulus n " 4224,"inundate","[\0Q8QD<0C]v 4225,"inured","adj

in tume

in und ate

undulate v inure[SAT] v in use

abundant adj in "

drain v


accustomed habituated

sensitization:allergic habituation:inured 4226,"invalidate","[0Q\H3S0D<0C]v 4227,"invariance","[0Q\H2:T0:QK]n 4228,"invasion","[0Q\H<0N:Q]n " 4229,"invective","[0Q\H<EC0H]n laudatory words flatter vt " nullify

inured:tolerance addicted:dependency invalid n adj various adj in vade valid adj " "

vary vt invade v

fluctuation n

rampart:invasion levee:flood

vituperation diatribe adj

in vect



10 9 laudatory speech

polemic:disputatious invective:abusive

exhortation:motivate invective:discredit


4230,"inveigh","[0Q\H<0]v 4231,"inveigle","[0Q\H0:FS]v request directly

in veigh vect in veigle veil n v " ingenuity n inventory [ ]" opposite in verse

verbally provide support


interest:inveigle plan:scheme

openly seek to persuade

4232,"inventiveness","[0Q\H<QC0HQ0K]n 4233,"inventory","[\0QH:QCT0]n inventory:merchandise [stock] 4234,"inverse","[\0Q\H::K]adj

lack of inventiveness invention n


census:population manifest:cargo

invert vt

" "

4235,"invertebrate","[0Q\H::C0BT0C]n /adj 4236,"investigate","[0Q\H<KC0F<0C]v probe:investigate "

vertebrate n /adj in vestig ate

vert ebrate elaborate adj invest v I gate cavil:criticize

4237,"investiture","[0Q\H<KC0CM:]n 4238,"inveterate","[0Q\H<C:T0C]adj casual adj one-time one-time chronic

in vest n

I ture

investment n " veteran n " beneficial adj vigilant adj " " one-time adj

in veter ate

casualuninitiated in vid ious in vigil ate animate sap v vigor n

youthful occasional provident adj in vigi late

4239,"invidious","[0Q\H0D0:K]adj 4240,"invigilate","[0Q\H0DN0S<0C]v 4241,"invigorate","[0Q\H0F:T<0C]v pine v enervate v enfeeble vt "

tonic:invigorate analgesic:deaden conducive:foment demoralize v invigorate ameliorate debilitate vt

become invigorated

emaciate vt


soporific adj

" emaciation n unconquerable ma e " vinc convince vt "

4243,"invigoration","[0Q]H0F:\T<0M:Q]n 4244,"invincible","[0Q\H0QK0BS]adj invincible:subdued impervious:damaged 4245,"inviolable","[0Q\H>0:S:BS]adj

vincible adj

invincible:conquer negligible:perceive sacred invincible violate vt profane adj inviolate adj impure adj "

pierce[penetrate]:impenetrable profane:inviolable


4246,"inviting","[0Q\H>0C0R]adj 4247,"invoice","\0QH50K]n 4248,"invoke","[0Q\H:7E]v suspend v "

tempting alluring enticing v implore entreat solicit

invite vt " consignment:invoice : " invocation n revoke vt

in voice n in voke

4249,"involuntary","[0Q\H5S:QC:T0]adj 4250,"involve","[0Q\H5SH]v grill:question " include

spontaneous embroil

voluntary adj

" entangle:involve

in volve

involved adj

4251,"invulnerable","[0Q\H8SQ:T:BS]adj euphemism:offend invulnerable:injure 4252,"iodine","[\>0:D>0:Q]n 4253,"iota","[>0\:7C:]n 10 " irritable affable adj " i "

vulnerable adj "

untenable:defended invulnerable:injured

There is not an iota of truth in his remarks

alpha beta iota

4254,"irascible","[0\T3K0BS]adj insensate:conscious 4255,"irate","[>0\T<0C]adj 4256,"ire","[\>0:]n wrath

i rasc ible

irritable irascible


wrathful incensed enraged I re mollify v Iris n "

gush:effusive rage:irate


4257,"iridescent","[\0T0\D<KQC]adj 4258,"irk","[::E]v ... annoy disgust irritate cause to /make someone pleased 4259,"irksome","[\::EK:P]adj 4260,"ironclad","[\>0:QES3D]adj full:jammed "

monochromatic adj smile v n

" irk:enrage suggest:urge

smirk smile irk "

gratify vt

tiresome tedious

pest:irksome expert:proficient 19

" firm:ironclad smart:brilliant

iron n clad vt

4261,"ironic","[>0\T5Q0E]adj 4262,"irradiate","[0\T<0D0<0C]v

irony[SAT] n illuminate radiate

" "

radiate vt 277

4263,"irradicable","[i5rAdikEbl]adj irradicable:remove "

ineffable:description irradicable:obliterate


4264,"irrational","[0\T3M:Q:S]adj 4265,"irreconcilable","[0\T<E:QK>0S:BS]adj 4266,"irredeemable","[]0T0\D0:P:BS]adj 4267,"irreducible","[]0T0\DU7:K:BS]adj 4268,"irrefutable","[0\T<GU7C:BS]adj 4269,"irrelevant","[0\T<S0H:QC]adj 4270,"irreparable","[0\T<A:T:BS]adj 4271,"irreproachable","[]0T0\AT:7CM:BS]adj 4272,"irresistible","[]0T0\L0KC:BS]adj 4273,"irresolute","[0\T<L:S7:C]adj pertinacious adj 4274,"irresoluteness","n

illogical absurd

rational adj

" "

incompatible conflicting redeem vt "

reconcilable adj

reduce vt incontrovertible relevant adj irredeemable refute vt

factorable adj "


apposite adj reparable adj reproach v

germane adj repair n /v "

apropos adj


opprobrious adj


resist vt

" resolute adj malleable:shape irresolute:opinion



irresolution determination n " demur:qualms waver:irresoluteness responsibility n " inexperience:neophyte

4275,"irresponsibility","[]0T0]KA5QK:\B0S0C0]n irresponsibility:wastrel " reverence n /v

4276,"irreverence","[0\T<H:T:QK]n awe v /n " 4277,"irrevocable","[0\T<H:E:BS]adj ineluctable:avoid "

castigation:disapproval blasphemy:irreverence


revoke vt

re voke


4278,"irrigate","[\0T0F<0C]v water " 4279,"irritant","[\0T0C:QC]n adj

stoke:fuel irrigate:water

galvanize:stimulate irrigate:flush

irritate v

exasperate provoke peeve nettleirritable adj 278

fretful irascible

cholericirritating adj

balm n

salve n " vexation " island n stanza:line volume:issue group v amalgamate v " antidote:poisoning balm:irritation

4280,"irritation","[]0T0\C<0M:Q]n haunt:familiar[similarity] harass:irritating 4281,"isolate","[\>0K:S<0C]v 4282,"issue","[\0MU7:]n bargain insulate v

debate:issue bargain:pricedebate withdraw vt " " iterate n "

repartee:retort debate:issue advisement:product

4283,"isthmus","[\0KP:K]n 4284,"iterate","[\0C:T<0C]v repeat adj iter again ate

isthmus:land strait:water iterant adj er in literate n adj itinerant adj


it in er ary it

itinerate v "

itinerary:trip syllabus:course agenda:meeting 4286,"ivory","[\>0H:T0]n 4287,"jabber","[5dVAbE(r)] v 4288,"jaded","[5dVeIdId] adj keen adj " jag n ged jade n v I "

agenda:minutes itinerary:log

speak slowly ja de

" overexposure:jaded vaccination:immune

4289,"jagged","[ `dVA^Id] adj 4290,"jam","[dVAm] v /n 4291,"jamb","[dVAm] n 4292,"jamboree","[dVAmbE5ri:] n 4293,"jape","[dVeIp] v 4294,"jar","[dVB:(r)]n n v jape

jag "


jammed:full ironclad:firm

" jam n /v revere v boree n jape at " " " melodious adj Jam bore v e "

puncture:deflated jar:unsettled dialect n

4295,"jargon","[5dVB:^En] n 4296,"jarring","[ `dVB:rIN] adj "

vernacular:place jargon:profession malodorous:smell cacophony[jarring]:sound


4297,"jaundiced","[5dVC:ndIst] adj candid adj "

ja und under ice d

dispose favorably

unprejudiced adj

4298,"jaunty","[5dVC:ntI] adj 4299,"jazz","[dVAz] n

jaunt n

joy aunt

joy "

staid adj


portrait:painting jazz:music

4300,"jealous","[5dVelEs] adj 4301,"jeer","[dVIE(r)] v taunt n

attentive:meddlesome envious:jealous jeer june " jeopardize v " ee

" "

jeer:derision reprimand:censure jun

4302,"jejune","[dVI5dVu:n] adj jejune:interest


thought-provoking adj peril jeo

4303,"jeopardy","[5dVepEdI] n

sequester:seclusion endanger:jeopardy

uninformative:fathom jeopardous:overcome 4304,"jerk","[dV\:k] v /n 4305,"jest","[dVest] v /n " jest joy est joy n jest jet n /v

jesting adj son n

solemnity n retain v " "

solemn utterance


4306,"jettison","[5dVetIs(E)n] v 4307,"jewelry","[5dVu:ElrI] n 4308,"jibe","[dVaIb ] v ... conflict n /v "

gadget:tools trinkets:jewelry His words and action don't jibe

cheer:encourage jibe:deride

4309,"jigsaw puzzle","[5dVI^sC:] n tile:mosaic " jingo dove n gter "

jigsaw n



piece:jigsaw puzzle

4310,"jingoist","[5dViN^EuIst] n jingoist:nationality 4311,"jitter","[5dVItE(r)] n 4312,"jockey","[ `dVCkI] n 4313,"jocular","[5dVRkjJlE(r)] adj pacifist n v





GRE TOEFL Jockey serious adj 280

resolve n /v " "


jockey joy key joc joke n v

4314,"jocund","[5dVRkEnd] adj dreary adj morose adj dour adj

joc joke und under serious adj dejected adj "

jolly adj

jollity n

killjoy n

4315,"jog","[dVR^] v /n 4316,"joint","[dVCInt] n 4317,"joke","[dVEJk] n v 4318,"jolt","[dVEJlt] v 4319,"jot","[dVRt] n v 4320,"jovial","[5dVEJvIEl] adj morose adj drab adj lugubrious adj join

jog:exercise barter:trade elbow:joint heart:organ "

" "

joke:punch line plot:denouement


jolt:move check:stop 9 Jupiter " ju bil bill ant prudent " indiscretion n " juggernaut judge n v t nip:eat jot:write jo joy "


iota n

mournful adj

saturnine adj

maudlin adj

4321,"jubilant","[5dVu:bIlEnt] adj 4322,"judicious","[dVu:5dIFEs] adj unwise adj daft adj

dolorous adj


judicial adj

miser:stingy sage:judicious

imprudent adj

4323,"judiciousness","[dVu:5dIFEsnIs] n 4324,"juggernaut","[5dVQ^EnC:t] n juggernaut:crash quisling:betray siren:unresist juggernaut:unstop 4325,"jumble","[`dVQmbl] v n

juggernaut:unstoppable enigma:impenetrable extemporization:spontaneous " mixture:jumble ? justifiable adj : ?"

jumb jump le just adj nile juxta next pose

4326,"justify","[5dVQstIfaI] v ... 4327,"juvenile","[5dVu:vEnaIl] adj /n 4328,"juxtapose","[dVQkstE5pEJz] v

argue against " "

rejuvenate v "


4329,"kaleidoscopic","[kElaIdE5skRpIk] adj 4330,"kangaroo","[kAN^E5ru:] n kang a roo

kaleido beautiful" kangaroo:marsupial squirrel:rodent "


4331,"keen","[ki:n] adj 4332,"ken","[ken] n 4333,"kernel","[5kE:n(E)l] n 4334,"kidnap","[5kIdnAp]vt 4335,"kidney","[5kIdnI] n 4336,"kin","[kIn] n 4337,"kindle","[ `kIndl ] v 4338,"kindness","[5kaIndnIs] n 4339,"kindred","[5kIndrId] n adj 4340,"kinetic","[kI5netIk] adj 4341,"kiosk","[5ki:Rsk] n 4342,"kitten","[5kIt(E)n] n king kin kid nap

ennui n earshot:hear ken:see

" " kennel n nn" "

kern corn n kidnap

kidnap:detainment extortion:retribution "

organ:kidney bone:rib kinship n candle n truculence n kind n kinet net red ki ic " rekindle v "

extinguish v


dissimilar adj

" "

kinematics n

newsstand booth " kitten kitty adult:child cat:kitten klepto kept mania n NIKE knocker n " " foolishness n " " "

4343,"kleptomania","[kleptE5meInIE] n 4344,"knack","[nAk] n 4345,"knave","[neIv] n 4346,"knead","[ni:d] v 4347,"knit","[nIt] v ravel v " knot n v knot n v knock k nave na?ve adj need

sage:judgement knave:deceive

need knead knot

knead:malleable penetrate:permeable needle:knit loom:weave

knoll n

knit:yarn plait:hair

4348,"knotty","[5nRtI] adj

easy adj know-how n

simple adj

" " "

4349,"knowledgeable","[5nRlIdVEb(E)l] adj 4350,"kudos","[5kju:dRs; (?@) 5ku:dRs] n

exercise:strong read:knowledgeable cool dos disparage v

ku do s 282

Ku cool dos

4351,"labile","[ `leIbaIl] adj 4352,"labored","[5leIbEd] adj 4353,"labyrinth","[5lAbErInW] n

LAB labor lab


stable adj glib adj "


yr in th " labyrinthine:simplicity[directness] jejune:interest ribald:seemly labyrinthine:direct "

labyrinth:tortuous ornament:decorative 4354,"labyrinthine","[ 9lAbE`rInWaIn]adj threadbare[timeworn]:novelty 4355,"lace","[leIs]n 4356,"lacerate","[5lAsEreIt]v [ ]

filigree:wire lace:thread lace n rate lace lachrym ose

" laceration n " la chry cry mose mouse n glad jovial adj lackey n lack lust n " lack key radiant adj "

4357,"lachrymose"," lacrimose[5lAkrImEJs]adj lachrymal adj lachrymator n

obdurate:budge lachrymose:cheer languid lack a dai sical

4358,"lackadaisical","[lAkE5deIzIk(E)l]adj 4359,"lackluster","[lAk5lQstE(r)]adj refulgent adj " dull

lack luster lustrous adj

4360,"laconic","[lE5kRnIk] adj austere:design voluble adj "

audacious:trepidation laconic:volubility garrulous adj verbose adj

laconic:speech loquacious adj

dexterous:inept voluble:laconic

4361,"laconism","[ `lAkEnIzEm ] n 4362,"lactic","[5lAktIk] adj 4363,"lag","[lA^] v 4364,"lagoon","[lE5^u:n] n 4365,"lair","[leE(r)] n 4366,"laity","[5leIItI] n 4367,"lambaste","[lAm5beIst] v lion lag

verbosity n " " laggard n goose n lair" layman n berate lam v lai baste v 283

lactic like tic leg


sluggard n

forge ahead


lagoon "

" extol v "

4368,"lament","[lE5ment] v /n eulogy:praise elegy:lament

mourn deplore wail "

lam v

upbraid:disapproval lament:grief

4369,"lamentable","[5lAmEntEb(E)l] adj celebration:lamenting slight:show respect 4370,"laminate","[5lAmIneIt] v 4371,"lampoon","[lAm5pu:n] n v la

la men table exultation n "

lamentable:pity responsible:censure lamentation n "

min mini ate

lamp n oon noon

panegyric:eulogize lampoon:satirize paean n "

limerick:poem lampoon:satire diligence:effort 4372,"lance","[ lAns ] n 4373,"lancet","[5lB:nsIt; (?@) 5lAnsIt] n 4374,"landfill","[ `lAndfIl ] n 4375,"landslide","[5lAndslaId] n 4376,"languid","[5lAN^wId] adj languid:energy landlocked adj land slide listless langui landmark n "

allergy:reaction lancet:instrument cistern:liquids landfill:refuse " " desultory:plan


deluge:droplet landslide:peddle languor n languorous adj

languid:stir arrogant:defer pine langui

energetic effervescent vivacious adj thrive v stalwart adj " " "

vehement adj


4377,"languish","[5lAN^wIF] v 4378,"lank","[lANk] adj 4379,"lapidary","[5lApIdErI] n 4380,"lapse","[lAps] n misbehavior:criminality 4381,"larder","[5lB:dE(r)] n vault:valuables " slip

lapid relapse v /n " larder

dilapidated adj

elapse v

inkling:indication misdemeanor:crime lapse:error

larder:food[provisions] armory:munitions wardrobe:clothes

4382,"largesse","[lB:5dVes] n 4383,"lariat","[5lArIEt] n v 4384,"lark","[lB:k] n /v

large lar iat lark n

parsimony n

penury n

" "

lariat:wrangler crook:shepherd lake " 284

4385,"larva","[5lB:ve] n " 4386,"lascivious","[lE5sIvIEs] adj 4387,"lash","[lAF] n /v 4388,"lassitude","[5lAsItju:d] n effervesce vi ebullience n


larva "



lecherous salacious unbind v listlessness lethargy "

las last civious civil


tude "

amorphousness:definition lassitude:energy vim vitality n animation n verve n

arrogance:defer lassitude:stir jocular adj " enduring lat late ch 4 5 manifest adj v

a feeling of vigor incisive adj

4389,"lasso","[lA5su:] n 4390,"lasting","[5lB:stIN] adj 4391,"latch","[lAtF] n v 4392,"latency","[`leItEnsI] n incubation:disease 4393,"lathe","[leIT] n

last adj " late "

evanescent adj


latent adj


lathe:shape clasp:fasten lati tude strict limitation

" tightly restrained

4394,"latitude","[5lAtItju:d; (?@) -tu:d] n constraint n " 4395,"lattice","[5lAtIs] n 4396,"laud","[lC:d] v /n diatribe n " ice laud loud "

recommend:laud sanction:foster

counsel:advice laud:homage

4397,"laudatory","[5lC:dEtErI; (?@) 5lC:dEtC:rI] adj pejorative adj n " dry lav lave v dry lavatory n lav

laudable adj

invective adj

execrable adj

4398,"laundry","[5lC:ndrI] n 4399,"lava","[5lB:vE] n

mail:mailbox laundry:hamper larva n lavish larva stint v lava mean adj praise lavishly

" "

volcano:lava geyser:water penurious adj "

4400,"lavish","[5lAvIF] adj /v impecunious adj economical adj

unstinting hoard v

austere adj

excoriate v


4401,"lax","[lAks] adj 4402,"layer","[5leIE(r)] n 4403,"leak","[li:k] v n

relax v

stringent adj Photoshop ok "


foolproof:fail airtight:leak leakproof adj l ease v /n v v " leave ... n lecher lect ern " ee teacher ous " "

" "

4404,"leakage","[5li:kIdV] n 4405,"lease","[li:s] n 4406,"leash","[li:F] n 4407,"leaven","[5lev(E)n] n 4408,"lecherous","[5letFErEs] adj 4409,"lectern","[5lekt(E)n] n 4410,"ledger","[5ledVE(r)] n 4411,"leer","[lIE(r)] v doubt " v

lubricate:abrasion seal:leakage


distill:purity leaven:volume Lec let her ous her

" lechery n "

stare:leer peruse:smattering

leery adj

showing no

4412,"leeward","[5li:wEd] adj 4413,"legacy","[5le^EsI] n 4414,"legend","[5ledVEnd] n legendary adj obscure adj



lee ward world legacy:predecessor gift:donor leg end

leeway n "


glossary:text legend:map

" legerde leg 3,000 6,000 v legible main ill leg " illegible leg ion mate legible:decipher ? lack in number " "

4415,"legerdemain","[ledVEdE5meIn] n 4416,"legible","[5ledVIb(E)l] adj 4417,"legion","[5li:dV(E)n] n

100 200

4418,"legitimate","[lI5dVItImEt] adj "

leg iti mate

claim:legitimated hypothesis:confirmed


4419,"leisureliness","[5leVE(r)lInIs] n 4420,"lenient","[5li:nIEnt] adj " 4421,"leonine","[5li:EnaIn] adj 4422,"leprosy","[5leprEsI] n 4423,"lesion","[5li:V(E)n] n 4424,"lethal","[5li:W(E)l] adj 4425,"lethargic","[le`WB:dVik]adj lethargic:energy ? animative adj " le th al all leon lion "

leisure n le ni ent

dispatch v t


" martinet:leniency dabbler:dedication

merciful clement


disagreeable:hateful harmful:lethal lethargic:stimulate skeptical:convince


let har hard gic "

4426,"lethargy","[5leWEdVI] n 4427,"lettering","[5letErIN] n 4428,"levee","[5levi, lI5vi:] n levee:flood cordon:crowd padding:damage 4429,"levelheaded","[`levEl`hedId] adj 4430,"leverage","[5levErIdV] n 4431,"levity","[5levItI] n 4432,"levy","[5levI] v /n frivolity lev y

antidote:poison tonic:lethargy letter n v lev " " stencil:lettering pattern:sewing lever n " foolish adj lever n v lev lev ity rescind v " " " v leverage n

vigor n " levitate v



leverage:advantage ? sullen:levity ? ?

?" gravity n "

seriousness n

4433,"lewd","[lju:d; (?@) lu:d] adj

lustful indecent

4434,"lexicographer","[leksI5kR^rEfE(r)] n

lex graph er "

lexical adj

dyslexia n

lexicon n

cartographer:map weaver:cloth lexicographer:dictionary 4435,"liability","[laIE5bIlItI] n immunity n " lia ison 287

obligation debt

lia bility

exempt:liability pardon:penalty

asset n

4436,"liaison","[lI5eIzRn; (?@) 5lIEzRn] n


4437,"liar","[5laIE(r)] n

lie v v

bigot:tolerance liar:honesty " lib lip bel bell liberal adj enfetterist n liber " liber tine " lib liberate v


4438,"libation","[laI5beIF(E)n] n 4439,"libel","[5laIb(E)l] v /n 4440,"liberality","[lIbE5rAlItI] n parsimonious adj liberalist n

slander n /v libertine n

label n

libellous adj



generous:liberality heretic:unconformity nefarious:wickedness

parsimonious:liberal obtuse:keen

4441,"liberate","[5lIbEreIt] v ... fetter v

emotion:effusive liberty:licentious

incarcerate v

management n unfettered liberty adj dissolute

4442,"libertine","[5lIbEti:n] n ascetic n adj "

indulge:ascetic restrain:libertine

libertine:dissolute[licentious] sycophant:obsequious buffoon:ludicrous wag:humorous caviler:carping

4443,"libido","[lI5bi:dEJ] n 4444,"libretto","[lI5bretEJ] n 4445,"license","[5laIsEns] n /v revoke:license "

" "

lib lip I do do lip " lib lip ett o " teacher:certification driver:license countermand:order

4446,"licentious","[laI5senFEs] adj

license ous

li cent ious moral restrain

caviler:carping libertine:licentious restraint person licentiousness"

voluble:speech licentious:dissoluteness 4447,"licit","[5lIsIt] adj 4448,"lien","[li:En] n 4449,"ligature","[5lI^EtFE(r)] n ligat legal lic license " lie n n "

lien:claim subpoena:command


" "

4450,"lighthearted","[`laIt`hB:tId] adj 4451,"ligneous","[5lI^nIEs] adj

carefree lign eous

light heart ed lig light ligneous light

morose adj

" "

ligneous:wood osseous:bone liken:similarity

4452,"liken","[5laIkEn] v ... discriminate:difference "

Life is often likened to a dream


4453,"limb","[lIm] n

limp v

twig:limb brook:river pliable limb er

" limber:flexibility spindly:frailty " "

4454,"limber","[5lImbE(r)] adj 4455,"limbo","[5lImbEJ] n 4456,"limerick","[5lImErIk] n

aabba "

5 " Will you come up to Limerick"

limerick:poem lampoon:satire farce:performance 4457,"limited","[5lImItId] adj 4458,"limn","[lIm] v " 4459,"limousine","[lImJ5zi:n] n " 4460,"limp","[lImp] v 4461,"limpid","[5lImpId] adj 4462,"linen","[5lInIn] n linen:fabric " ling long er lingu istics lino linen leum " adj adj limp:walk stutter:talk limpid li like mous mouse ine n slew v n pandemic adj lineal adj

versatile adj linear adj

" enunciate:words limn:lines

line limn

lineament n

mansion:residence limousine:automobile

firm adj turbid adj

" unclear adj "

pellucid serene

murky adj

linoleum n lino linen leum

clay:porcelain flax:linen


4463,"linger","[5lIN^E(r)] v 4464,"linguistics","[lIN5^wIstIks] n 4465,"linoleum","[lI5nEJlIEm] n " 4466,"lint","[lInt] n linen n

bilingual adj

lingual adj


petroleum n

varnish:wood wax:linoleum

lint:covering tarpaulin:garment lion ize liquid n lissom miss miss

" "

4467,"lionize","[5laIEnaIz] v ... 4468,"liquefy","[5lIkwIfaI] v 4469,"lissom","[5lIsEm] adj solid adj "

lionize:admire vituperate:despise liquor n lissom liquidate v liquidation n " : ?

lissome:lithe ?

ungainly adj


4470,"list","[lIst] v /n 4471,"listener","[5lIsEnE(r)] n 4472,"listless","[5lIstlIs] adj 4473,"literal","[5lItEr(E)l] adj melody:spoken "

list:discography tool:hoe listener:eavesdropper observer:spy lethargic list less " letter n

be upright " "

verbatim prosaic

literary adj


4474,"literate","[5lItErEt] adj 4475,"lithe","[laIT] adj inelastic adj "

literati n li like the " "

literate:erudite agitated:frenetic blithe adj lissome:lithe ?

" : ? awkward adj

4476,"litigant","[5lItI^Ent] n 4477,"litter","[5lItE(r)] n 4478,"littoral","[5lItEr(E)l] adj 4479,"liturgy","[5lItEdVI] n 4480,"livid","[5lIvId] adj 4481,"lizard","[5lIzEd] n 4482,"loaf","[lEJf] n 4483,"loam","[lEJm] n 4484,"loathing","[`lEJTIN]n reproof:castigation 4485,"lobby","[5lRbI] n 4486,"lobe","[lEJb] n v v

liti gan t litter n ritual litter litter vivid adj blizzard n " " " "

arbitrator:disputants judge:litigants


livid "

crust:loaf bark:tree loam roam v /n " loath adj loathsome adj by " lope n /v n " local motive " 290


l leave oath eager adj

ing /amusing adj

dislike:loathing pleasure:bliss /delectable adj "

4487,"locomotive","[5lEJkEmEJtIv] adj locust n

locate v ...

locale n

locus n

locomotive:flatcar tugboat:barge

4488,"locution","[lEkVju:F(E)n] n 4489,"lode","[lEJd] n 4490,"loft","[lCft,lR:ft] n 4491,"log","[lC^] n /v bouquet:flowers woodpile:logs 4492,"logic","[5lRdVIk] n argument:logic " loft


locu tion circumlocution n "


shale:lode well:aquifer lofty adj

ignominious adj

mean adj

cast down


agenda:minutes itinerary:log

log:ship diary:person

anachronism:chronology fallacy:logic " " "


logic:reasoning ethics:behavior logic log jam !" lull v lone adj er lounge n v

4493,"logistics","[lE5dVIstIks] n 4494,"logjam","[`lC^dVAm] n impasse 4495,"loiter","[5lCItE(r)] v 4496,"loll","[lRl] v 4497,"loner","[`lEJnE(r)] n

move vigorously " primeval adj


miser:stingy loner:solitary medieval adj "

4498,"longevity","[lCn`dVevEtI] n range adj long-standing adj

long ev ity

longitude n


long-term adj

long-winded adj long adj v

4499,"longing","[5lRNIN; (?@) 5lC:NIN] n 4500,"loom","[lu:m] n v loon n loop n hole n

exult:satisfaction crave:longing "


loop n

needle:knit loom:weave ?" taut adj

4501,"loophole","[5lu:phEJl] n 4502,"loose","[lu:s] v adj

airtight:loophole ?

loose:confinement disabuse:misconception tauten v " elope v e lope lope lope


4503,"loosen","[5lu:s(E)n] v 4504,"lope","[lEJp] v /n " 4505,"lopsided","[5lCp5saidid] adj

lobe n

lope:run drawl:speak

lop v v

sided 291

even handed "

4506,"loquacious","[lR5kweIFEs] adj loquacious:succinct adroit:ungainly taciturn adj laconic adj

talkative garrulous

loqu acious

eloquence n flatter:praise

extravagance:expenditure loquaciousness:talk reluctance/ disinclination to speak " lot lot "

loquacious:talkative rash:adventurous cloying:sweet reticent adj folklore n

loquacious:word profligate:money

4507,"lore","[lC:(r)] n 4508,"lottery","[5lRtErI] n " 4509,"lounge","[laJndV] v 4510,"loutish","[`laJtIF] adj genteel adj "

lottery:raffle ticket:admission

long boorish

" lout n v coltish:discipline loutish:grace

4511,"lowbred","[`lEJ`bred] adj 4512,"loyalty","[5lCIEltI] n 4513,"lubricant","[5lu:brIkEnt] n 4514,"lubricate","[5lu:brIkeIt] v antiseptic:disinfect 4515,"lucid","[5lu:sId] adj "

low bred breed loyal adj

" perfidy n "

exorbitant:moderation perfidious:loyalty splint:mobility lubricant:friction "

lubricious adj

lubricate:abrasion seal:leakage



limpid adj vague adj

manifest[lucid]:perceive transparent:understand murky adj ative bration obfuscate v " " "

prominent:notice lucid:understand 4516,"lucrative","[5lu:krEtIv] adj profitable

lucre n lucu

luc luck rat ive

4517,"lucubration","[9ljU:kjU:`breIFEn] n 4518,"ludicrous","[5lu:dIkrEs] adj humorous:wag 4519,"lug","[lQ^] v 4520,"luggage","[5lQ^IdV] n "

cursory consideration

lud lude ous

ludicrous:buffoon dissolute:libertine

lug:carry trudge:walk suitcase:luggage hat:millinery lugu brious 292

" " facetious adj jovial adj "

4521,"lugubrious","[lu:5^ju:brIEs] adj

4522,"lugubriousness","[lu:5^ju:brIEsnIs] n 4523,"lukewarm","[5lu:kwC:m] adj 4524,"lull","[lQl] n hectic period " v loll v

cheerfulness n luke warm

" " v startle v galvanize v revive v


increased activity

goad n

4525,"lullaby","[5lQlEbaI] n 4526,"lumber","[5lQmbE] v waver:resolution 4527,"lumen","[`ljU:mIn] n volt:electricity watt:power n

lull aby baby baby lumber timber n

lullaby:song diatribe:discourse lumberjack n lumber:grace


glide v /n " lumen " lumen master:experience luminary:eminence luminous adj decibel:sound lumen:light

4528,"luminary","[5lu:mInErI; (?@) 5lumInerI] n maven:experience 4529,"lump","[lQmp] n v 4530,"lunatic","[5lu:nEtIk] adj 4531,"lurch","[l\:tF] n /v 4532,"lure","[lJE(r)] n /v 4533,"lurid","[5ljJErId] adj 4534,"lurk","[l\:k] v /n lurk:concealment espouse:marriage 4535,"luscious","[5lQFEs] adj 4536,"lush","[lQF] adj 4537,"lust","[lQst] n 4538,"lustre","[`lQstE(r)] n last luster lustr lust" e seductive " lamp lump" luna

insane n

tic "

lunar adj "

progress smoothly allure v " lu rid red "

lurk:wait[conceal] abscond:depart hoard:save purloin:appropriate " lush adj sere adj " delicious adj lus lust n "

[ ]





4539,"lustrous","[5lQstrEs] adj lustrous:polish pure:refine 4540,"luxury","[5lQkFErI] n spartan n adj "

radiant "

lust n

r ous

numb:insensible burnish:lustrous

luxuriant adj

luxurious adj

ascetic:luxury teetotaler:alcohol

4541,"lynch","[lIntF] v 4542,"lyric","[5lIrIk] adj n


" pa neg yric lyric libretto:opera lyrics:song : "

panegyric n

: pleasurable:paradisiacal melodious:lyrical 4543,"macabre","[mE5kB:br(r)] adj hilarious:laugh 4544,"mace","[meIs] n 4545,"macerate","[5mAsEreIt] v " ma ce emaciate

ballad:song lyric:poem comedian:actor " " ma cab re macabre:shudder

cornucopia:abundance mace:authority ma cer ate 1469-1527 mackin " unspotted adj " harden by drying "


4546,"machiavellian","[mAkIE5velIEn] adj 4547,"mackintosh","[5mAkIntRF] n 4548,"maculate","[`mAkjJleIt] adj 4549,"madrigal","[5mAdrI^(E)l] n 4550,"maelstrom","[5meIlstrEm] n 4551,"maestro","[5maIstrEJ] n 4552,"magenta","[mE5dVentE] n 4553,"magisterial","[mAdVI5stIErIEl] adj 4554,"magnanimous","[mA^5nAnImEs] adj magnate n mael blotched

machination n "

ma cu l ate Madrid strom stream o mag "

immaculate adj


maelstrom:turbulent mirage:illusory


master n l598


magnify v ial

" " magnify v

magister master n unselfish

magistrate n equanimity n

magn anim ous " " base adj

taciturn:chatter magnanimous:begrudge magnet n

4555,"magnetic","[mA^5netIk] adj 4556,"magnificent","[mA^5nIfIsEnt] adj

mag nificent 294


4557,"magniloquent","[mA^5nIlEkwEnt] adj magnitude n " 4558,"magpie","[5mA^paI] n 4559,"maim","[meIm] v 4560,"maintain","[meIn5teIn] v 4561,"maize","[meIz] n "


magni loqu ent

eloquent adj

soliloquy n

mag pie n main adj swerve v "


maintain direction"

4562,"makeshift","[5meIkFIft] n /adj 4563,"maladroit","[mAlE5dVCIt] adj ]

make shift mal adroit

" maladroit:skill[deft] glib:profundity voluble:terse deft adj ma lai se " ism Malaprop dextrous adj " [

complaisance:intractable adeptness:maladroit mal aise ease

4564,"malaise","[mA5leIz] n 4565,"malapropism","[5mAlEprRpIz(E)m] n " "" "

mal aprop appropriate adj "

malapropism:verbal gaffe:social n " mal feasance fact fice

4566,"malcontent","[5mAlkEntent] adj malefactor n maleficent adj

mal content adj

malediction n

benediction n

beneficent adj

dilatory:procrastinate malcontent:complain sycophant:fawn

daredevil:audacity malcontent:dissatisfaction 4567,"malfeasance","[mAl5fi:z(E)ns] n volition n malfunction n " spiteful

malevolent adj

benevolent adj

4568,"malicious","[mE5lIFEs] adj exaggerating:hyperbole diligent:effort 4569,"malign","[mE5laIn] v adj 4570,"malinger","[mE5lIN^E(r)] v maltreat v malpractice n parsimonious:skimp malingering:shirk 4571,"mall","[mAl, mC:l] n

mal icious expansive adj

malice n " extol v malingerer n "



malicious:ill will

mal ign

benign adj

laud n /v " malnutrition n malodorous adj

mal linger v

malingerer:duty recluse:humanity camouflage[dissemble]:detection hoard:miser shirk:malinger ma all "


4572,"malleable","[5mAlIEb(E)l] adj irresolute:opinion hard to shape


mallet n


ductility:malleable toxicity:poisonous malleable:shape knead:malleable penetrate:permeable

malleable:shape malleable:alter friable:crumble combustible:ignite malleable:plasticity dormant:inactivity calcify v " mal odor cacophony:sound malodor:scent

4573,"malodor","[ mAl`EJdE(r) ] n cacophony[jarring]:sound "


4574,"mammal","[5mAm(E)l] n 4575,"mammoth","[ `mAmEW ] adj 4576,"manacle","[5mAnEk(E)l] n 4577,"mandatory","[5mAndEtErI] adj mandatory:comply forbidden:abstain 4578,"mangle","[5mAN^(E)l] v " 4579,"mania","[5meInIE] n doting:fondness paranoia:suspicion [ ] " v n



epidermis:mammal bark:conifer " " countermand v


Mam moth mouth man acle obligatory manageable adj command n /v "

maneuver v

discretionary adj man

mingle v

wangle v

tangle v

praise extravagantly

man ia

kleptomania n

bibliomania n


hidebound:conservative manic:interested[excited] peeved:annoyed

4580,"manifest","[5mAnIfest] adj transparent:understand agenda:meeting

manifesto n

manifest[lucid]:perceive brittle:break repertoire:performance manifest:cargo

palatable:savory discernible:manifest audible:stentorian latent adj occult adj " " dexterous:manipulate prescient:predict

census:population inventory:stock[merchandise] manifest:cargo

4581,"manifold","[5mAnIfEJld] adj 4582,"manipulative","[mE5nIpjJlEtIv] adj guileless adj "

mani many fold n manipulate v

4583,"mannequin","[5mAnIkIn] n 4584,"mannered","[5mAnEd] adj 4585,"mansion","[5mAnF(E)n] n

dummy manner n

manne manner quin queen mannerism n "

" natural adj "

mansion:residence limousine:automobile


4586,"mantle","[5mAnt(E)l] n 4587,"manumit","[9mAnjJ`mIt] v enslave v detain v "


man emancipate

" manu mit manual adj n manufacture n /v

4588,"manure","[mE5njJE(r)] n v ... 4589,"manuscript","[5mAnjJskrIpt] n frieze:building illumination:manuscript 4590,"maple","[5meIp(E)l] n 4591,"mar","[mB:(r)] v /n 4592,"marble","[5mB:b(E)l] n 4593,"mare","[meE(r)] n

manu re manu script

glue:seal manure:fertilize


archive:manuscript arsenal:weapon "

revise:manuscript retouch:picture ample adj maraud v /n "


burnish:dull mar:flawless "

enhance v


canvas:painter marble:sculptor nightmare night mare "

4594,"margarine","[mB:dVE5ri:n; (?@) 5mBrdVErIn] n butter:margarine sugar:saccharin 4595,"margin","[5mB:dVIn] n " 4596,"marine","[mE5ri:n] adj 4597,"marionette","[mArIE5net] n 4598,"marked","[mB:kt] adj 4599,"marrow","[5mArEJ] n 4600,"marsh","[mB:F] n 4601,"marsupial","[mB:5su:pIEl] n /adj squirrel:rodent " Mars n noticeable pith submarine n sub marine " marginal adj



outskirts:town shoulder:roadway margin:page

maritime adj Mary

" marital adj "

marion Mary ette mark marked " "

marrow narrow adj

marsh:sodden desert:arid mar supial super super

arid adj

marshy adj



4602,"martial","[`mB:FLl] adj

martial:military runic:mysterious Martinet 297

" net mar tinet

4603,"martinet","[mB:tI5net; (?@) mBrtn5et] n


martyr n

martinet:discipline pedant:learning gourmet:food indulgent individual pedestrian adj marsh n v "

: stickler:exacting martinet:discipline

martinet:leniency dabbler:dedication 4604,"marvel","[5mB:v(E)l] n v 4605,"mash","[mAF] v 4606,"mask","[mB:sk; (?@) mAsk] n pseudonym:name " ma son mean n / adj

marvelous adj

" " mask:face

awl:pierce pestle:mash masquerade n

v masquer mask ade

4607,"mason","[5meIs(E)n] n

masonry n v

" mask n v dissemble:information

4608,"masquerade","[mAskE5reId; (?@) mAskE5red] n masquerade:feeling " mass acre n adj

4609,"massacre","[5mAsEkE(r)] n /v

massive adj masterpiece n

massless adj


4610,"master","[5mB:stE(r); (?@) 5mAstEr] n " 4611,"mastery","[5mB:stErI] n 4612,"masticate","[5mAstIkeIt] v 4613,"mat","[mAt] n adj master

master:experience luminary:eminence

improvements:mastery savings:wealth lung:respire tooth:masticate "


mast ic ate "

4614,"matador","[5mAtEdC:(r)] n 4615,"matchless","[5mAtFlIs]adj 4616,"matriarchy","[5metrIB:kI] n " 4617,"matriculation","[mEtrIkjJ5leIF(E)n] n inauguration:official matriculation:student commencement n "

mat ador adore v match less

" "

incontrovertible:disputed matchless:equaled matri mother archy

matrimony n matri mony money

ma tri try culate

matriculate v

n :

inception:termination matriculation:graduation :

4618,"matrix","[5meItrIks] n "

matri mother x

ma tri try x


matrix:number crystal:atoms


4619,"mattress","[5mAtrIs] n

mat n

tablecloth:table sheet:mattress v nascent adj "


4620,"mature","[mE5tjJE(r); (?@) mE5tJEr] adj 4621,"maturity","[mE5tjJErEtI] n " 4622,"maudlin","[5mC:dlIn] adj

ripen:maturity harden:solidity

frank:secretiveness callow:maturity

magdalene n

mawkish[maudlin]:sentiment pedantic:scholarship : : : jovial adj "

maudlin:sentimental obsequious:deferential peeved:annoyed 4623,"maul","[mC:l] v l l" leum "

4624,"mausoleum","[9mR:sE`lIEm] n 4625,"maven","[`meIvIn] n " 4626,"maverick","[5mAvErIk] n extrovert:reserve follower n conform to tradition " expert

maven:experience luminary:eminence augur:prediction

� �




dogma:iconoclast convention:maverick

dissenter:orthodox maverick:group

4627,"mawkish","[5mC:kIF] adj pedantic:scholarship : : : unsentimental adj "

maggot n

ma w kish

mawkish[maudlin]:sentiment :

mawkish[maudlin]:sentimental obsequious:deferential peeved:annoyed gullible:trust

4628,"maxim","[5mAksIm] n 4629,"mayhem","[5meIhem] n 4630,"maze","[meIz] n v

max im maim v amaze v

maximize v may hem n maize n daze v

" " gaze v haze n v raze v " liberal adj lavish adj meager"

4631,"meagerness","[5mi:^E(r)nIs] n 4632,"mean","[mi:n] adj noble adj " wander me an

m me eager adj

amplitude n

mean:prodigality meek:arrogance

4633,"meander","[mI5AndE(r)] v waft:plummet meander:dash 4634,"measly","[5mi:zlI] adj

Maeander "

Me ander under

move purposively meager me

measly:contemptibly puny:weakly : 299

: adj adv

grand adj

" significant inappropriate adj automatic measure v " emotional adj " unfathomable adj "

4635,"measurable","[`meVLrEbl] adj 4636,"measured","[5meVEd] adj 4637,"mechanical","[mI5kAnIk(E)l] adj 4638,"medal","[5med(E)l] n athlete:trophy soldier:medal 4639,"meddle","[5med(E)l] v officious:meddle disaffected:rebel envious:jealous 4640,"media","[`mi:dIE] n 4641,"mediate","[5mi:dIeIt] v meditate v augur:prediction " " "

mechanism n

metal n

blandishment:coax medal:honor

mix v /n

middle n / adj

medley n

adj attentive:meddlesome

meddlesome:pry contentious:argue

plantation:tobacco media:bacteria med I ate

" medicate v medicine n medieval adj

faultfinder:criticize arbitrator:mediate

intercessor:mediate translator:interpret

4642,"mediation","[9mi:dI`eIFLn] n 4643,"mediocrity","[mi:dI5RkrEtI] n 4644,"meditate","[5medIteIt] v 4645,"medium","[5mi:dIEm] n 4646,"medley","[5medlI] n 4647,"meek","[mi:k] adj 4648,"meet","[mi:t] adj n v submissive inappropriate adj mediocre adj med it ate

mediation:compromise prosecution:conviction medi ocre " [ ] " truculent adj virtuosity n "


plant:soil organism[bacterium]:medium parasite:host meddle v montage:images medley:songs vaunting adj unsuitable adj megalo mania melan chol bile n 0 y " 300


unyielding adj " " AC


unfit adj

4649,"megalomania","[me^ElE5meInIE] n 4650,"melancholy","[5melEnkRlI] adj 4651,"meld","[meld] v

kleptomania n


separate divide v

4652,"meliorism","[`mi:lIErIzLm] n meliorism:progress egalitarian:equity 4653,"mellifluous","[me5lIflJEs] adj ambrosial:food savory:taste 4654,"melodrama","[5melEdrB:mE] n chimera:authenticity 4655,"melody","[5melEdI] n jarring adj " mel on " mel ody : "

meli orism

ameliorate v

a meli or ate

melli flu ous cacophonous adj

melli raspy adj "

flu ous


melod melody n

drama n


metaphor:literal melody:spoken cacophony:melody genteel:churl

melody:song ?


pleasurable:paradisiacal melodious:lyrical :

melodious adj

4656,"melon","[5melEn] n 4657,"membrane","[5membreIn] n pore:membrane door:room 4658,"memento","[mI5mentEJ] n

watermelon n

apple:skin melon:find member

" cell:membrane seed:hull

membr member brane brain n " remember v menace men face " n menial adj aci ous n memorial n


4659,"menace","[5menEs] v /n endanger odious:disgust[repugnance] menacing:fear 4660,"mend","[mend] n v

baleful:menace solicitous:concern

mendicant adj

rend v " ambiguous:clarity mendacious:truth

4661,"mendacious","[men5deIFEs] adj honest adj veracious adj "

mend v

4662,"mendacity","[men`dAsEtI] n 4663,"mentor","[5mentC:(r)] n mentor:guidance oracle:prophecy 4664,"mercantile","[5m\:kEntaIl] adj 4665,"mercenary","[5m\:sInErI] adj vindictive:revenge

truthfulness n ment or

candor n mentor

honesty n

veracity n mental adj


mentor:guide charlatan[prevaricater]:deceive merchant n n

[ ] " "

agrarian:farming mercantile:trade cenary cen cent n " " mercenary:money

mercenary:soldier hack:writer

4666,"merchandise","[5m\:tFEndaIz] n

census:population inventory:merchandise 301

4667,"merciless","[5m\:sIlIs] adj 4668,"mercurial","[m\:kjJErIEl] adj constant adj "

mercy n " mercury n mercurial:mood fickle:affection whimsical:behavior scurrilous:propriety mercurial:constancy

mercurial:committed profligate:solvent

4669,"meretricious","[merI5trIFEs] adj 4670,"merited","[`merItId] adj meritorious adj 4671,"mermaid","[5m\:meId] n 4672,"mesa","[5meIsE] n 4673,"mesh","[meF] n v merit n

mere merry tri try cious


castigation:reproof denunciation:denial glorification:merit gratuitous adj " " "

unsuitable adj mer maid n m

esa sea n

disengage v " enthrall me s me rize rise Mesmer exhaustive:careful

4674,"mesmerize","[5mezmEraIz] v ... mesmerized:interesting 4675,"messy","[5mesI] adj 4676,"metal","[5met(E)l] n wood:sawdust[shaving] granite:rock "

zeal:dedication mesmerism:interest

mess n v " metallurgy n mettle n dross:metal chaff:grain foil:metal veneer:wood " ose metabolism n meta bol metal:filing iron:metal

embroider:cloth chase:metal

mill:grain forge:metal

splice:rope weld:metal meta morph

4677,"metamorphose","[metE5mC:fEJz] v remain unaltered "

4678,"metamorphosis","[metE5mC:fEsIs] n 4679,"metaphor","[5metEfE(r)] n 4680,"metaphysics","[metE5fIzIks] n insect:butterfly philosophy:metaphysics 4681,"meteoric","[mi:tI5RrIk] adj archaic:currency gradual adj " meteor n plodding adj meta phor

continuation without change

" "

metaphor:literal melody:spoken meta physics n

fleeting:pass meteoric:rise " 302


4682,"meteorology","[mi:tIE5rRlEdVI] n pathology:disease demography:population 4683,"methodical","[mI5WRdIk(E)l] adj haphazard adj "

meteor n " method n


meter n


methodology n

desultory adj

4684,"meticulous","[mI5tIkjJlEs] adj careful:meticulous firm:obdurate 4685,"metrical","[5metrIk(E)l] adj parse:grammatical "



me ticu lous

interested:agog " scan:metrical

fluent:glib humorous:wry meticulous:finicky meter n me tri try cal call

4686,"metropolitan","[metrE5pRlIt(E)n] adj 4687,"mettle","[5met(E)l]n

metro mother politan " s ia


insight:discern mettle:endure m ia s ma

4688,"miasma","[mI5AzmE, maI5AzmE] n 4689,"microbe","[5maIkrEJb] n micro be bio

" "

enzyme:catalyst bacterium:microbe micro organism

4690,"microorganism","[maIkrEJ5C:^EnIz(E)m] n deforestation:flees " micro scope


4691,"microscope","[5maIkrEskEJp] n 4692,"microscopic","[maIkrE5skRpIk] adj 4693,"midget","[5mIdVIt] n 4694,"mien","[mi:n] n 4695,"miff","[mIf] n 4696,"mighty","[5maItI] adj 4697,"migratory","[5maI^rEtErI] adj " 4698,"mild","[maIld] adj v

microscope:small telescope:distant " gadget n " " "


elephantine adj mid get et

demean v mi me ff might n

He was a Vietnam veteran with a haunted mien please v y " immigrant v emigrant v compliment commend v

me rat ory

sedentary adj

mildew n v mil dew 303

Milestone n

mile stone

acute adj


4699,"mildness","[maIldnIs] n

asperity n

" mi lieu militia n mili " "

4700,"milieu","[5mi:lj\:; (?@) mi:5lj\:]n 4701,"military","[5mIlItErI]adj 4702,"milk","[mIlk]n v 4703,"mill","[mIl]n mili

martial:military runic:mysterious venom:toxin milk:nutrient " " 20

milk:extract exploit:utilize m ill

mill:grain forge:medal refinery:petroleum mill mile n " suitcase:luggage hat:millinery Mi me parody:style mime:gesture " " mimic adj n " enn ann ium

4704,"millennium","[mI5lenIEm]n 4705,"miller","[5mIlE(r)]n 4706,"millinery","[5mIlInErI]n 4707,"mime","[maIm]n v miller:grain tanner:hide Milan n



charade:word mime:stories 4708,"mimicry","[5mImIkrI]n 4709,"minaret","[5mInEret]n 4710,"minatory","[5mInEtErI]adj unthreatening adj turret n

mimicry:camouflage mutation:variation ret min min mini atory story

spire:church minaret:mosque reassuring adj


minacious "

nonthreatening adj min ce

4711,"mince","[5mIns]v quaff:sip stride:mince 4712,"mine","[maIn]n v pron

minute adj "

minutia n

mincing adj

miniature n


sip:drink mince:walk undermine v mine n mix v min sycophant mini on " 304

quarry:rock mine:ore

" "

4713,"mineral","[5mInEr(E)l]n 4714,"mingle","[5mIN^(E)l]v 4715,"minimize","[5mInImaIz]v 4716,"minion","[5mInjEn]n

calcium:mineral sugar:carbohydrate separate v sequester v "

exaggerate v

overestimate v winnow v

inflate v


minnow n

minority n

minion:dependent groveler:petitioner



mint money n min

strike:medal mint:coin" minuet n small:minuscule moist:saturated " " essential point

4718,"minuscule","[5mInEskju:l]adj minuscule:letter minnow:fish 4719,"minute","[`mInIt]adj n

gargantuan adj

lengthy document

agenda[meeting]:minutes itinerary:log sale:deed min crucial aspects minutia:details quibbles:objections " mir acle " mir age " mi re extricate v mirthless adj mis anthrope ( ) " miraculous adj mirror n

4720,"minutia","[maI5nju:FIE]n vital feature lengthy account

4721,"miracle","[5mIrEk(E)l]n ordinary adj miraculous adj

prodigy:person miracle:occurrence

4722,"mirage","[5mIrB:V]n maelstrom:turbulent mirage:illusory 4723,"mire","[5maIE(r)]n 4724,"mirth","[m\:W]n v... mir th

mirth:laughter approval:applause philanthropist n anthropoid n


4725,"misanthrope","[5mIsEnWrEJp]n misapprehension n " 4726,"misbehave","[mIsbI5heIv]v lapse:error misbehavior:criminality

misanthrope:people xenophobe:strangers

misanthrope:humane ascetic:voluptuary

behave v

castigation:disapproval crime:misbehave "

reprobate:misbehave sycophant:fawn mis calculate

4727,"miscalculation","[mIskAlkjJ5leIF(E)n]n " 4728,"miscellany","[mI5selEnI; (?@) 5mIsEleInI]n 4729,"mischievous","[5mIstFIvEs]adj mischievous:imp sluggard:lazy cavalier:arrogant "

miscalculation:judgment gaffe:decorum

mis cell any ous

" insensitive:boor

mis chiev chief n

mis chi evous

tightfisted:parsimonious brutish:mischievous


4730,"misconception","[mIskEn5sepF(E)n]n disabuse:misconception "

mis conception n

misconduct v




4731,"misconstrue","[mIskEn5stru:]v misconstrue:interpret "

... misinterpret

mis construe v


4732,"miscreant","[5mIskrIEnt]n law-abiding individual

mis creant create saint n " mis demeanor n

misdeed n

miscreant:criminal visionary:delusion

4733,"misdemeanor","[mIsdI5mi:nE(r)]n decision:commitment 4734,"miser","[5maIzE(r)]n zealot:blas� "

misdirect v

misdemeanor:crime lapse:error

mis miss er

miser:thrift chauvinist:patriotism miser:munificent spendthrift n "

miser:stingy[parsimonious] loner:solitary insurgent:rebellious spendthrift:prodigal miser:hoard dandy:preen sycophant:fawn pundit:opinion wretched miser n mis fortune n mis giving halcyon adj "

4735,"miserable","[5mIzErEb(E)l]adj 4736,"miserly","[`maIzElI]adj 4737,"misfortune","[mIs5fC:tFu:n]n 4738,"misgiving","[mIs5^IvIN]n absence of misgiving "

frugal:miserly confident:arrogant boon n " misguide v certainty n


compunction n


mis hap n mis miss hap happening n "

misinform v

misinterpret v

catastrophe:mishap humiliation:embarrassment oxymoron:contradictory mishap:catastrophic 4740,"misjudge","[mIs5dVQdV] v 4741,"mislead","[mIs5li:d] v epithet:disparage alias:mislead mis judge mis lead "

mishap:accident peccadillo:offence

misjudge:assess misconstrue:interpret pernicious:inure disingenuous:mislead



4742,"misleading","[9mIs`li:dIN] adj game " 4743,"misrepresent","[mIsreprI5zent] v ... misrepresent:communicate 4744,"missile","[5mIsaIl] n skiff:boat " " projectile misogynist n misperceive v

mismanagement n misplace v

misnomer n

nome namemisogamy n

mis gam

misread v

equivocation:misleading bromide:hackneyed

mis represent v

misshapen adj


miss ile

dismiss v

emissary n

missive n



4745,"mist","[mIst] n


" mistral mis understood " mit e mite I gate MIT mite:creature speck:amount mitigate:severe " " mistime v misuse v

4746,"mistral","[5mIstrB:l, mI5strB:l] n 4747,"misunderstood","[ 9mIsQndE`stJd ] adj misunderstood:clarify erroneous:retract 4748,"mite","[maIt] n 4749,"mitigate","[5mItI^eIt] v qualify:general 4750,"mitten","[5mIt(E)n] n 4751,"mnemonics","[ni:`mCnIks] n mnemonics:memory staff:walk 4752,"moat","[mEJt] n 4753,"mobility","[mEu5biliti] n purchase:slippery 4754,"mock","[mRk] v 4755,"mockery","[5mRkErI] n "

miti mite gate mit exacerbate v " MIT ten MIT memory n

ten ics


muffler:neck mitten:hand regimen:health


amnesia n

mo at mobile adj

" splint:mobility lubricant:friction ballast:instability " taunt "

splint:immobilize duct:convey lock mock

mock:imitate taunt:challengemock

monkey mockery [ ]

patronize:condescension deride:mockery tribute n " modest adj moiety n moderate:intensity

diatribe:abuse[anger] burlesque:mockery 4756,"moderate","[5mRdErEt] adj extenuate:seriousness " v

moderator n

4757,"moderation","[mRdE5reIF(E)n] n 4758,"modestly","[5mRdIstlI] adv 4759,"modicum","[5mRdIkEm] n 4760,"modish","[5mEJdIF] adj fashionableness "

exorbitant:moderation perfidious:loyalty speak modestly pontificate v "


mod modest stylish fashionable

icum mode n

large amount " modulate v mod lacking style and


4761,"mogul","[5mEu^l] n 4762,"moist","[mCIst] adj 4763,"moistness","[mCIstnIs] n 4764,"molar","[5mEJlE(r)] n 4765,"mold","[mEJld] n v


nonentity n

" "

small:minuscule moist:saturated sodden surprised:astonished baste:dryness caulk:moistness mol ar moldy adj mortar n " rib:bone molar:tooth " "

palpable:touch pliable:mold

4766,"molding","[5mEJldIN] adj 4767,"molecule","[5mRlIkju:l] n 4768,"molest","[mE5lest] v molecule:atoms tissue:cells moll est "

ruffle:shirt molding:cabinet hem:garment "


4769,"mollification","[9mClifi5keiFEn] n " 4770,"mollify","[5mRlIfaI] v vex v discomfit v bait v moll ify

mollification : soothe indemnity:secure

inflammation n

molest v ire n rouse v

mollusk n disaffect v

mollify:anger hearten:dejection antagonize v discommode v

mollification:soothe indemnity:secure

nettle rankle exasperate pique v " n molly coddle v embarrass:mortify treat harshly " fledge v

4771,"mollycoddle","[5mRlIkRd(E)l] v indulge:mollycoddle 4772,"molt","[mEJlt] v /n " 4773,"moment","[5mEJmEnt] n 4774,"momentous","[mEJ5mentEs] adj 4775,"momentum","[mEJ5mentEm] n momentum:scutter 4776,"money","[5mQnI] n tact:offensive money:poor 4777,"mongrel","[5mQN^r(E)l] n "

chide:pillory humor:mollycoddle molt:bird slough:snake

molt:feathers shed:hair

momentary adj moment n

insignificance n

" "

atrocious:bad momentous:important oscillation:swing momentum : scooter

movement n

sophism:reasoning counterfeit:money dally:time squander:money purebred adj 308

mercenary:money vindictive:revenge wallet:money suitcase:clothing "



4778,"monochromatic","[mRnEJ5krEJmAtIk] adj astery iridescent adj " mono cle : ?"

mono chrom atic

monarch n

monastery n


4779,"monocle","[5mRnEk(E)l] n monolithic adj lith

monogamy n

mono gamy game


monograph n

monocle:eye ?

4780,"monologue","[5mRnElR^] n opera:aria play:monologue 4781,"monotonous","[mE5nRtEnEs] adj stammer:halting 4782,"monstrous","[5mRnstrEs] adj

mono logue " mono ton ous

monomania n

mania n

monopolize v

mutter:indistinct drone:monotonous hiss:sibilant "

vociferous adj monster n

piebald adj "

4783,"montage","[mRn5tB:V; (?@) mRn5tB:V] n zigzag:turns 4784,"mood","[mu:d] n "


montage:images medley:songs

mercurial:mood fickle:affection whimsical:behavior moon moor " moral adj n Moor "

moody adj


4785,"moor","[5mJE(r), mC:(r)] n 4786,"mope","[mEJp] v /n 4787,"moralistic","[mRrE5lIstIk] adj " 4788,"morality","[mR5rAlItI] n 4789,"morass","[mE5rAs] n mores n mor more ass

moralistic:principled pedantic:learned

transgression:morality presumption:propriety mor ass assist mor atorium morass:irritating ? reprieve:punishment " wholesome adj hale adj

" : ?"

4790,"moratorium","[mRrE5tC:rIEm] n

moratorium:activity[act] fast:eat respite:labor tourniquet:bleeding 4791,"morbid","[5mC:bId] adj salubrious adj " mor dant n m ord order ant mor bid �

verdant adj

4792,"mordant","[5mC:dEnt] adj 4793,"moribund","[5mRrIbQnd] adj

genial adj increasingly vital

" nascent adj

mori bund bound 309

beginning n

currency n " 50-70 mo rose mor on " cheerful adj lighthearted adj sanguine adj jovial adj

4794,"moron","[5mC:rRn] n 4795,"morose","[mE5rEJs] adj jocund adj rejoice v "

4796,"morsel","[5mC:s(E)l] n 4797,"mortar","[5mC:tE(r)] n 4798,"mortgage","[5mC:^IdV] n /v " 4799,"mortify","[5mC:tIfaI] v " 4800,"mosaic","[mEJ5zeIIk] n mosaic:glass

mor sel sell v mor tar mortgage mort gage

mortality n

shard:pottery morsel:food "


hammer:anvil pestle:mortar

mort ify

mortuary n

embarrass:mortify indulge:mollycoddle

piece:jigsaw puzzle tile:mosaic stitch:sampler " "


mosaic:ceramic patchwork:cloth Moslem n quit "

4801,"mosque","[mRsk] n 4802,"mosquito","[mE5ski:tEJ] n mosquito:netting impurity:fire 4803,"moth","[mRW; (?@) mC:W] n 4804,"motility","[mEJ`tIlEtI] n

spire:church minaret:mosque quit Quit mos quito

mote n mot mos

moth mouth motif n motion n "

moth-eaten adj stasis n "

fresh and new"


4805,"motionless","[5mEJF(E)nlIs] adj 4806,"motivate","[5mEJtIveIt] v

vacillating adj motive n


exhortation:motivate invective:discredit " "


4807,"motivation","[9mEJtI`veIFLn] n

fungi:ecologist motivation:psychologist exculpatory:absolve motivational:stir " colorless adj

4808,"motivational","[9mEJtI`veIFLnEl] adj 4809,"motive","[5mEJtIv] n 4810,"motley","[5mRtlI] adj

motive:deed doubt:question mot mote ley medley n 310

unique adj

unvaried adj

homogeneous adj

" striated:groove mottled[dappled]:spot " epitaph:tombstone motto:shield moult molt " mounte bank mourn v jovial adj revelry n " mournfulness" " " homogenous adj

4811,"mottled","[5mRt(E)ld] adj solidary adj blanch v mottle v

4812,"motto","[5mRtEJ] n 4813,"moult","[mEJlt] v

4814,"mountebank","[5maJntIbANk] n 4815,"mournful","[5mC:nfJl] adj 4816,"movement","[5mu:vmEnt] n 4817,"muddle","[5mQd(E)l] n 4818,"muffle","[5mQf(E)l] v " 4819,"muffled","[5mQf(E)l] adj 4820,"muffler","[5mQflE(r)] n 4821,"muggy","[5mQ^I] adj 4822,"mulch","[mQltF] n /v 4823,"mulish","[5mju:lIF] adj flexible adj pliant adj " multi ply propagate v v

stanza:poem movement:symphony mud n clarity n "

muffle:sound assuage:grief

muted:color muffled:sound muffler:neck mitten:hand muggy mug n mulch recalcitrant obstinate " "

plangent adj

resonant adj


mulct n v


despicable:value mulish:flexibility

4824,"multiply","[5mQltIplaI] v multiply:divide enter:leave 4825,"mumble","[5mQmb(E)l] v /n clarify:confusing enunciate v

multifarious adj fail to multiply "

multiple adj

multitude n

" " " secular "

scribble:write mumble:talk


4826,"mundane","[5mQndeIn] adj extraordinary unusual adj spiritual adj

m und under ane

exotic adj

unearthly adj


4827,"municipality","[mju:nIsI5pAlItI] n 4828,"munificence","[mju:5nIfIsEns] n 4829,"munificent","[mju:5nIfIs(E)nt] adj miser:munificent zealot:blas� 4830,"munitions","[mju(:)5niFEns] n " 4831,"mural","[5mjuErEl] adj " 4832,"murky","[5mE:ki] adj 4833,"murmur","[5m\:mE(r)] v murmur:speak " hazy n mur al "





stinginess n " generous muni fic ent mu ni fi cent

muni tion

muniment n

larder:food armory:munitions

demur v

immure v

petrography:rock mural:wall

murk n


lucid adj

limpid adj

pellucid adj

clear adj


" "

glimmer:dazzle murmur:resound


4834,"muscular","[5mQskjulE] adj 4835,"muse","[mjU:z] v 4836,"musket","[5mQskIt] n mu se 16 18

muscle n " " musky adj " mutable adj remain the same root v " " musket musky musty adj must y

daguerreotype:photograph musket:firearm 4837,"mutate","[mju:5teit] v mut ate

4838,"mutation","[mju(:)5teiFEn] n 4839,"mute","[mju:t] v n mu te

mimicry:camouflage mutation:variation amplify v " muted:color muffled:sound mut i late mut muti mutton n maim v neer near beef n pork n " " mutinous adj venison n

4840,"muted","[mju:tId]adj 4841,"mutilate","[5mju:tileit]v 4842,"mutineer","[9mju:ti5niE]n 4843,"mutter","[5mQtE]v drone:monotonous



speak distinctly



4844,"muzzy","[5mQzi] adj 4845,"myopia","[maI5EJpIE]n 4846,"myopic","[maI5RpIk]adj 4847,"myriad","[5mIrIEd]adj /n


" my op ia " myriad[countless innumerable untold]:number scanty adj myth n " martial:military prescience n "

discerning adj my riad raid n /v few adj

everlasting[interminable]:duration 4848,"mysterious","[mI5stIErIEs]adj runic:mysterious scrutable adj "

scarce adj

mystery n

mythology n

4849,"mystery","[5mIstErI]n 4850,"nadir","[5neIdIE(r)]n 4851,"nag","[nA^]v 4852,"naive","[nB:5i:v] na?f adj naive:sophistication r

magazine:periodical mystery:fiction topmost point nagging adj tonic adj zenith n " acme n

" summit n "

artless ingenuous

native adj "


guile:na?f tardy:prompt

worldly adj Narcissus

4853,"narcissism","[5nB:sIsIz(E)m]n hedonistic:pleasure narcissistic:self 4854,"narcotic","[nB:5kRtIk]n 4855,"nascent","[5nAsEnt]adj mature adj moribund adj " nat neat nat neat " emerging cent n

narcissism:love guilt:blame " " fully established

narcissist:self-absorbed sycophant:obsequious nar nas renascent adj nasal adj nascency n

" "

4856,"natation","[ nE`teIFEn]n 4857,"natty","[ `nAtI ]adj dapper

sloppy adj

slovenly adj ate

" sea ate vertigo:nauseate ? :

4858,"nauseate","[5nC:sIeIt]v ?" 4859,"nautical","[5nC:tIk(E)l]adj " 4860,"navigate","[5nAvI^eIt]v

nausia naus naut ia

naut ical



astrolabe:nautical colander:culinary


navigation n 313

abacus:calculate sextant:navigate


4861,"naysay","[ `neIseI ]n /v 4862,"nebulous","[5nebjJlEs]adj cut adj "

nay no say say no nebula n

concur v bull ous

" distinct limpid pellucid adj clear-

4863,"necessitate","[nI5sesIteIt]v ... necessary n adj necessitous adj

The increase in population necessitates a greater food supply " necro polis " metropolis n "

4864,"necropolis","[ne5krRplIs]n 4865,"nectar","[5nektE(r)]n 4866,"needle","[ni:d(E)l]n " 4867,"needy","[5ni:dI]adj 4868,"nefarious","[nI5feErIEs]adj above reproach virtuous adj neg

needlework n

needle:knit loom:weave

leaf:oak needle:pine frond:fern



needy far

affluent adj


far nefarious exemplary adj ate negation n neglect v got ia tion negotiable adj Nemesisne me sis neo new phyte " "

nefarious:wickedness generous:liberality


abnegation neg lect lig

neglect " negative n adj "

4870,"negligent","[5ne^lIdVEnt]adj 4871,"negotiation","[nI^EJFI5eIF(E)n]n negotiator:agreement ? : ? tenacious adj

clog:drainage stalemate:negotiations " " neolithic adj neologism n neonate n

4872,"nemesis","[5nemEsIs]n 4873,"neophyte","[5ni:EJfaIt]n

inexperience:neophyte irresponsibility:wastrel 4874,"nepotism","[5nepEtIz(E)m]n " 4875,"nerve","[n\:v]n v neurology n snuggle neurosis n

nepot nephew ism

nepotism:relative cronyism:friend

appall v nestling n

diffidence n "



nest le nest


4877,"nethermost","[5neTEmEJst]adj 4878,"nettle","[5net(E)l]n 4879,"neutralize","[5nju:trElaIz]v neutralize:acid[effectiveness] 4880,"nexus","[5neksEs]n 4881,"nibble","[5nIb(E)l]v gobble:nibble " [ ]" nex next nib n v vex



net her most her conciliate v neutron n

net nethermost " mollify v " soothe:anger

net tle adj

neutral n

us ble

" ni bb le nipple n quaff[swill]:sip


4882,"nicety","[5naIsItI]n 4883,"niche","[nItF, ni:F]n 4884,"nick","[nIk]n 4885,"nicotine","[5nIkEti:n]n 4886,"niggard","[`nI^Ed]n miser

nice adj niche nick "

nicety:precision illusion:fantasy "


" nig gard sluggard n " nihil ism nil deft p nit pick nihil annihilate v " nihil n nil n " niggling n "

4887,"nightmare","[5naItmeE(r)]n 4888,"nihilism","[5naIIlIz(E)m]n 4889,"nil","[nIl]n ni l l

night mare n

nil:quantity vacuum:matter nimble "

4890,"nimble","[5nImb(E)l]adj 4891,"nip","[nIp]v 4892,"nitpick","v meticulous:nitpick[finicky] 4893,"nocturnal","[nRk5t\:n(E)l]adj 4894,"noisome","[5nCIsEm]adj healthy adj " ni p

ni m ble ball nipper n

nipping adj

nip:eat jot:write fluent:glib "


nitpick:criticize cavil:object

nitpicker:criticize preacher:sermon quibbler:cavil noct urnal noi annoy some diurnal adj appealing adj diurnal adj

happen during daytime pleasant adj


beneficial adj


4895,"nomad","[5nEJmAd]n 4896,"nominal","[5nRmIn(E)l]adj nominal:significance disjunctive:unity 4897,"nonchalant","[5nRnFElEnt]adj nonconformity n noncontemporaneous adj

no mad nomin name al

nomad:domicile freelancer:employer nomenclature n nominate v " noncommittal adj "


figurehead:nominal dictator:absolute non chalant challenge n /v

anonymous:identify nonchalant:excite non deseript conspicuous adj

4898,"nondescript","[5nRndIskrIpt]adj " 4899,"nonentity","[nR5nentItI]n nonentity:consequence "

remarkable adj

striking adj

non entity

nonesuch n


4900,"nonflammable","[5nCn5flAmEbl]adj n non parallel adj

non flame n


nonobservance n " nonradioactive adj

nonpareil adj

impervious:friable nonflammable:combustible bewilder " non sense n cal " non plus nonporous adj


infuriate:rage nonplus:perplexity 4902,"nonsensical","[nRn5sensIk(E)l]adj nonviable adj via

nonthreatening adj

nonverbal adj

nonsensical:drivel pompous:bombast noon se " nost alg ia notable adj V infamous serrated adj

4903,"noose","[nu:z]n 4904,"nostalgia","[nE5stAldVE]n 4905,"notability","[nEJtE5bIlEtI]n 4906,"notch","[nRtF]n V no

nostrum n noble n

" noticeable adj "

noteworthy adj "

without notches "

4907,"notorious","[nEJ5tC:rIEs]adj 4908,"novelty","[5nRvEltI]n labyrinthine:directness 4909,"novice","[5nRvIs]n

not note ori ous nova n

novel n adj ballad:stanza novel:chapter beginner neophyte nox ious

threadbare[timeworn]:novelty banal adj timeworn adj " beneficial alubrious adj harmless adj "

no vice n nocuous adj

4910,"noxious","[5nRkFEs]adj "


4911,"nuance","[nju:5B:ns]n patent difference lack of subtlety

nu ance sharp distinction nubile " bi

nuance:distinction hint:suggestion

4912,"nubile","[5nju:baIl; (?@) 5nu:bl]adj " 4913,"nucleate","[5nju:klIet]v 4914,"nudge","[nQdV]v butt:head nudge:elbow " nucleus n nudge

nub nup

nuptial adj

nubilous adj

nuclear adj Nudge

disseminate v " nude n doze:sleep nudge:prod[push]

4915,"nugatory","[5nju:^EtErI; (?@) 5nu:^EtC:rI]adj 4916,"nullify","[5nQlIfaI]v 4917,"numb","[nQm]adj v null adj numb n " mb


nu gat get tory



numb:insensible burnish:lustrous sensible adj " numerology n "

numb:sensation stiff:suppleness 4918,"numinous","[`njU:mInEs]adj 4919,"numismatist","[njU:`mIzmEtIst]n numerous adj

abandon:inhibition conscious:numbness supernatural nu min ous is ma tist "

num number

philatelist:stamps numismatist:coins nun n nup nub cultivate " nubile adj

4920,"nunnery","[5nQnErI]n 4921,"nuptial","[5nQpF(E)l]adj 4922,"nurture","[5n\:tFE(r)]v stunt v ... disregard ignore v 4923,"nymph","[nImf]n 4924,"oafish","[`EJfIF]adj 4925,"oasis","[EJ5eIsIs]n "

" withhold sustenance from " impede v

nurture:child cultivate:crop fail to support "

neglect overlook v

o a fish o as is

oak n

oar n

oatmeal oat n

urbanity n


" "

glade:wood oasis:desert archipelago:ocean

4926,"obdurate","[5RbdjJrIt; (?@) 5BbdErIt]adj firmness:obdurate carefulness:meticulous

hardhearted intractable

ob dur endure ate

energetic:frenetic firm:obdurate frugal:penurious 317

penitent:obdurate skeptic:credulous 4927,"obedient","[EJ5bi:dIEnt]adj impudent adj imperial adj "

obdurate:move ? obey v


toward adj

" impertinent adj imperious adj

contumacious adj

4928,"obeisance","[EJ5beIsEns]n 4929,"obese","[EJ5bi:s]adj 4930,"obfuscate","[5RbfQskeIt]v : " 4931,"obfuscation","n !!!"

obeisance:reverence embrace:affection


ob fusc fuse


headstrong:willfulness obfuscate:confusing : elucidate v illuminate v explain clearly clarify v

cowardice:intimidate perplexed:obfuscate

equivocation:truth euphemism:offense obfuscation:clarity lucidity n " ob it uary " oblige v elective adj accommodating obligation n elected:obliged ? "


obfuscation:indiscernible equivocation:definite 4932,"obituary","[E5bItjJErI; (?@) E5bItFJerI]n 4933,"oblation","[E5bleIF(E)n]n 4934,"obligatory","[E5blI^EtErI]adj discretionary adj selective adj

roster:staff obituary:death


: ?

oblige v oblige v

discommode v

4935,"obliging","[E5blaIdVIN]adj : "

visionary:idealistic officious:obliging :

4936,"oblique","[E5bli:k]adj 4937,"obliterate","[E5blItEreIt]v convey:conduct inexpurgate v "


direct adj ob liter ate

" inspire:infuse obliterate:remove accomodate:supply ineffable:description irradicable:obliterate

inter:burial obliterate:removal saturated:wet

4938,"oblivious","[E5blIvIEs]adj ? : ? vigilant adj cognizant adj

vious mindful adj "

erudite:fathom oblivious:neglect


4939,"obloquy","[5RblEkwI]n calumny 4940,"obscure","[Eb5skjJE]adj legendary adj "

ob loqu y v

obnoxious adj : ?


adulation n " elucidate v

comprehend:obscure ?

explicit adj


4941,"obscurity","[Eb`skjJErEtI]n 4942,"obsequious","[Eb5si:kwIEs]adj sycophant:obsequious obsequious:deferential parsimonious:frugality : :

celebrity n

certitude n " obsequies n : : ob sequ ious maudlin:sentimental obsequious:attentiveness

ob sequ ious

obsequious:fawn compliant:yield condescending:patronize

libertine:dissolute narcissist:self-absorbed

obsequious:servile belligerent:assertive : sycophantic:obsequious rebellious:resurgent : supercilious adj imperious adj " tory

4943,"observatory","[Eb5z\:vEtErI; (?@) Eb5zervEtC:rI]n seminary:theology observatory:astronomy 4944,"obsessed","[Eb5ses]adj concerned:obsessed beset v "

observe v


agonized:distress obsessed:concern "


obsessed:attracted rash:adventurous intimate:close ob solete ob sta stand cle obdurate refractory " "

4945,"obsolete","[5RbsEli:t]adj 4946,"obstacle","[5RbstEk(E)l]n 4947,"obstinate","[5RbstInEt]adj tactless[insensitive]:offend thin:emaciated

blandishment:cajole obstacle:impede ob stin ate obstinate:persevere


unflappable:upset obstinate:persuade tractable adj

firmness:obstinacy supple:spineless

4948,"obstreperous","[Eb5strepErEs] adj disciplined n " ob struct " trude

resolute:dissuade obstreperous:control

4949,"obstruct","[Eb5strQkt] v obstruction n obstructionist n

facilitate v

abet v unocclude adj

obstructed adj

4950,"obtrude","[Eb5tru:d] v 4951,"obtuse","[Eb5tju:s; (?@) Eb5tu:s] adj

obtrusive adj


rectitude:transgress calmness:restive restiveness:calmness keenness:obtuseness

keenness:obtuseliberal:parsimonious propriety:impertinent insightful adj obtuseness acumen n " ob verse ob via te reverse n " viable adj

4952,"obverse","[5Rbv\:s] n adj 4953,"obviate","[5RbvIeIt] v obviate:unnecessary "

viaduct n


4954,"occidental","[RksI5dEntEl] n


oc cid ental 319

oriental n / adj


4955,"occlude","[E5klu:d] v 4956,"occult","[C`kQlt] adj manifest adj "

clude close inscrutable

unobstructed adj kao

occluded adj

" fathomable adj

bare adj

patent adj

4957,"occurrence","[E`kQrEns] n "

occur v


occupation n

prodigy:person miracle:occurrence

4958,"octogenarian","[RktEJdVI5neErIEn] n 80 4959,"ocular","[5RkjJlE(r)] adj 4960,"oddments","[5RdmEnt] n 4961,"ode","[EJd] n 4962,"odious","[5EJdIEs] adj blatant:arresting odious:disgusting 4963,"odium","[5EJdIEm] n " hankering n ocu odd add old odi

octo 8 gen ten arian 80 oculist n " ocu "

octopus n


chord:tone ode:poem[poetry] spoof:parody ous odious:disgust[repugnance] menacing:fear


infatuation n odo

esteem n "


4964,"odometer","[EJ5dRmItE(r)] n 4965,"odoriferous","[EJdE5rIfErEs] adj 4966,"odyssey","[5Cdisi] n 4967,"offbeat","[Rf5bi:t] adj hackneyed adj "

meter "

odor ifer ous " off beat

conventional adj

bathetic adj

4968,"offend","[E5fend] v tactless[insensitive]:offend

deferential:offend intransigent:acquiesce scornful:respect pliant:influence ticklish:offend


euphemism[euphemistic]:offense obfuscation:clarity invulnerable:injure remonstrance:offend syllogism:disprove 4969,"offense","[E5fens] n " 4970,"offensive","[E5fensIv] adj euphemism:offensive aphorism:diffuse 320

obstinate:persevere politic:offend aloof:associate "

euphemism:offense ambiguity:comprehension

peccadillo:offense[error sin] cameo:sculpture glitch:flaw mishap:accident


4971,"offhand","[Rf5hAnd; (?@) C:f-] adv /adj 4972,"officious","[E5fIFEs] adj officer n ious

off hand

premeditated adj


attentive:officious refined:snobbish frugal:parsimony visionary:idealistic officious:obliging : : "

officious:meddle disaffected:rebel 4973,"offish","[5RfIF; (?@) 5C:fIF] adj sociable adj " " ol oil factory omin miss aloof

off ish

off adj

offset v

offstage n

4974,"ogle","[5EJ^(E)l] v /n 4975,"olfactory","[Rl5fAktErI] adj 4976,"ominous","[5RmInEs] adj 4977,"omission","[E5mIF(E)n] n 4978,"omnipotent","[Rm5nIpEtEnt] adj " 4979,"omniscient","[Cm`nIsIEnt] adj 4980,"oncologist","[RN5kRlEdVIst] n 4981,"onerous","[5RnErEs, 5EJnErEs] adj 4982,"ooze","[u:z] v 4983,"opacity","[E5pAsItI] n translucence n " OPEC n " n

ointment n

oint oiloligarchy n "

oli oil arch


abominate v omit v "

auspicious adj

omni potent adj


omnivorous adj

omni scient on co logish

prescient adj onset n oner on er ous

conscience n onslaught n exonerate v

vacuous adj


slaughter n /v " onus n "

burdensome "

opacity:light impermeability:fluid

transparency clarity n

4984,"opaque","[EJ5peIk] adj diaphanous adj 4985,"open-minded","adj 4986,"opera","[5RpErE] n

opalescence n

slack:tension opaque:translucence

open mind ed a o oph

" libretto:opera lyrics:song " "

operetta n photo n

4987,"ophthalmology","[RfWAl5mRlEdVI] n


4988,"opiate","[`EJpIEt] n 4989,"opine","[EJ5paIn] v " 4990,"opponent","[E5pEJnEnt] n 4991,"opportune","[5RpEtju:n] adj impermanent:transience 4992,"oppose","[E5pEJz] v 4993,"oppress","[E5pres] v

opi option ate opinion n

" augur:predict pundit:opine recidivism:relapse

opinionated adj


oppose v op port une

op pose

component adj

proponent n


opportune:convenience " capitulate v " ? disagreement n ? " "

inconvenient adj op pose op press

untimely adj

oppose:thwart treat:cure depress press n /v impressive

4994,"oppression","[E5preF(E)n] n 4995,"opprobrious","[E5prEJbrIEs] adj irreproachable adj "

oppression:disagreement ?

op prob probe rious

opprobrious:blameless ?

4996,"opprobrium","[E5prEJbrIEm] n 4997,"optimization","[9CptImaI`zeIFLn] n optimization:improve ? : ?"

approbation n opti option

" optimism n optional adj

4998,"optometrist","[Cp`tCmItrIst] n 4999,"opulent","[5RpjJlEnt] adj luxuriant opu

opto lent


metr ist " " ore n roe n " orchid n child like orchid stanza:poem movement:orchestra " ORACLE

opus n

5000,"oracle","[5RrEk(E)l; (?@) 5C:rEkl] n oral adj oration n oratorio n

ora acle

mentor:guidance oracle:prophecy orchard n pilot:ship conductor:orchestra ord order ain or deal ord order ordnance" orderly adj "

5001,"orchestra","[5C:kIstrE] n orchestra:musician pack:wolf 5002,"ordain","[C:5deIn] v 5003,"ordeal","[C:5di:l] n 5004,"ordnance","[`R:dnEns] n

ordinance n "


5005,"orgy","[5C:dVI] n 5006,"orient","[5C:rIEnt] adj 5007,"orifice","[5RrIfIs] n 5008,"original","[E5rIdVIn(E)l] adj commonplace adj trite adj pastiche n v

or gy gay ori rise ent ori ora fice face " "


origin n

hodgepodge:uniform clich�:original

original work " banality n " "

5009,"originality","[ErIdVI5nElItI] n 5010,"ornate","[C:5neIt] adj 5011,"ornithology","[C:nI5WRlEdVI] n " 5012,"orotund","[5RrEJtQnd] adj 5013,"orthodox","[5C:WEdRks] adj orthopedics n

babble:sense parrot:originality orn ate or ni th ology suborn v sub orn

ornithology:eagle astronomy:planet

oro ora

tund round

" heterodox adj paradox n orthodontics n

ortho dox

dissenter:orthodox maverick:group

" " oscillation:swing momentum:scooter

5014,"orthodoxy","[5C:WEdRksI] n 5015,"oscillate","[5RsIleIt] v " 5016,"osmosis","[Cz`mEJsIs] n 5017,"ossify","[5RsIfaI] v conventions " oss

religion:devoutness canon:orthodoxy osc ill ate vacillate v

os m

os is

" transcend

depreciation:value ossification:flexibility

5018,"ostentatious","[Rsten5teIFEs] adj ostensible adj ostentation n

pretentious artlessness n

os ten10 tatious


osten tatious

/ modesty n " os trac track n ize ostracism n embrace n /v ostrich n "

5019,"ostracize","[5RstrEsaIz] v ... pariah:ostracize prisoner:confine 5020,"other-directed","[ `QTEdI`rektId] adj 5021,"otter","[5RtE(r)] n " take in

welcome v

include v "

invite to join

other direct ed


5022,"oust","[aJst] v


instate v " out going outlaw n outlet n outbid v outline n outcast adj v outdated adj outfit v

5023,"outgoing","[5aJt^EJIN] adj outfox v outgrowth n outlandish adj " perfectionist:exacting


5024,"outmaneuver","[aJtmE5nu:vE(r)] v 5025,"outmoded","[aJt5mEJdId] adj phase adj out-of-shape adj unfashionable

out man eu obsolete " " out mode d

yield v

" outnumber v out-of-

outrage n from the outset

original adj set out

5026,"outset","[`aJtset] n 5027,"outskirts","[5aJtsk\:ts] n " 5028,"outwit","[aJt5wIt] v 5029,"ovation","[E5veIF(E)n] n

out skirt s

outspoken adj

outstrip v

page:margin city:outskirts

out wit oration n arrogant

taunt:provoke plot:outwit ovation over bearing

" triumph " overact v overall adj

5030,"overbearing","[EJvE5beErIN] adj unassuming adj meek adj " v

5031,"overdose","[5EJvEdEJs] n

over dose "

overdue adj

overemphasize v

overestimate v

overdose:prescription indiscretion:convention 5032,"overexposure","[5EuvEriks5pEuVE] n /v over overexposure:jaded vaccination:immune over ... lap n overrule v oversee v

over expose v "

ex pose

overhaul v

haul v

5033,"overlap","[EJvE5lAp] v override v overriding adj discrete:overlap

overlook v overshadow v " overtake v

overpower v

overreach v

overstate v


inconsonant:concord scatter:overlap over t covert adj

5034,"overt","[EJ5v\:t] adj shadowy adj "

clandestine:secretly overt:openly

5035,"overture","[5EJvEtjJE(r)] n coda n "

overt adj


overturn n /v [ ]


caveat:warning[cautionary] overture[preamble]:introductory

overture:symphony preface:book


5036,"overweening","[EJvE5wi:nIN] adj overwhelming adj "


over ween v


overwhelm v

5037,"overwrought","[EJvE5rC:t] adj 5038,"ovoid","[5EJvCId] adj /n 5039,"owl","[aJl] n 5040,"oxidize","[5RksIdaIz] v 5041,"oxymoron","[RksI5mC:rRn] n oxymoron:paradox mishap:catastrophic " o

over wrought work void adj owl oxygen n " o x x y y moron xy " awl n O "


apophasis:claim oxymoron:contradictory

equivocation:ambiguous oxymoron:incongruous

5042,"pachyderm","[5pAkId\:m] n 5043,"pacify","[5pAsIfaI] v rankle v tantrum n peace n

pachy derm pacifier n incite v

pachyderm:animal ant:insect solace:grief pacification:anger truculent adj pacific adj "



discommode v v

discompose v pack n

vex v

5044,"pack","[pAk] n " 5045,"pact","[pAkt] n

pack v

packed adj

orchestra:musician pack:wolf

p act add ing

" padding:damage disguise:recognition levee:flooding peace n peace paean hymn n paean:song elegy:poem "

5046,"padding","[5pAdIN] n 5047,"paean","[5pi:En] n harshly lampoon "

5048,"pagan","[pE`^B:n] n 5049,"pageant","[5pAdVEnt] n 5050,"pain","[peIn] n /v

pa gan page ant "


painkiller n

pain:analgesic sensation:anesthetic pains taking cursory adj

" slipshod adj "

5051,"painstaking","[5peInzteIkIN] adj 5052,"pal","[pAl] n : v "


5053,"palatable","[5pAlEtEb(E)l] adj palatable palate n

plate n

table table plate "

palatable pal n

pal a table

palatable:savory discernible:manifest palace n " paleo lith ic palaver v

5054,"palatial","[pE5leIF(E)l] adj hovel:palatial city:bucolic 5055,"paleolithic","[AplIE5lIWIk] adj " 5056,"palette","[5pAlIt] n 5057,"paling","[5peIlIN] n 5058,"pall","[pC:l] n v



palatable adj

plate n

neolithic adj

paleography n

paleontologist n

pale adj bowling n pa all pall n v " bowling pall

tte paling " interest v

palette:color repertoire:play


intrigue v ... " palliative n exacerbate v worsen v

5059,"palliate","[5pAlIeIt] v pain:analgesic symptom:palliative increase intensity caustic adj


pa lli ill ate

palliate:anger enfeeble:vigor palliating adj pall pale adj flourishing tangible palp itate

5060,"pallid","[5pAlId] adj 5061,"palmy","[`pB:mI,`pB:lmI] adj 5062,"palpable","[5pAlpEb(E)l] adj 5063,"palpitate","[5pAlpIteIt] v 5064,"palter","[`pR:ltE(r)] v candor n "

rubicund adj palm n palp able -- "

" palmy:prosperity draconian:severity subtle adj " "


I Love You

palter:candor diehard:budge

5065,"paltry","[5pC:ltrI] adj 5066,"pamper","[5pAmpE(r)] v 5067,"pamphlet","[`pAmflIt] n 5068,"pan","[pAn] v n

pal pale adj


significant adj tamper v leaflet n

important adj camper n " rave v "


pamper hamper v n pam palm n ph let

barb:caustic pan:harshbarb flair flamboyance 326

pan ache n

eulogize v "

5069,"panache","[pE5nAF] n


panacea n

pancreas n

panoply n

humility n pan dem ic

unremarkable behavior epidemic adj

dullness n endemic adj serenity n "

" "

5070,"pandemic","[pAn5demIk] adj 5071,"Pandemonium","[pAndI5mEJnIEm] n 5072,"pander","[5pAndE(r)] v 5073,"panegyric","[pAnI5dVIrIk] n denunciation n condemnation n " pane n pang

pan dem on ium p ander encomium � "

pa neg yric lyric anathema n

panegyric:eulogize[praise] lampoon:satirize valediction:farewell aspersion:discredit

5074,"panel","[5pAn(E)l] n 5075,"pang","[pAN] n 5076,"panic","[`pAnIk] n 5077,"panorama","[pAnE5rB:mE] n "

" " pa ni c " pantheon n pantomime n narrow n adj

pan ora ma

5078,"pantechnicon","[pAn5teknIk(E)n] n 5079,"pantry","[5pAntrI] n pan try

pan tech nicon panther n " paper papyrology n " pastry n

pantechnicon:furniture ? paltry adj patrol v /n


: "


closet[wardrobe]:clothes armory:weapons 5080,"papyrus","[pE5paIrEs] n 5081,"parable","[5pArEb(E)l] n " 5082,"paradigm","[5pArEdaIm] n reverence:regard

para ble ball

parabola n

parable:story homily:lecture

para dig m

paradigmatic adj "


corrective:amends paradigm[paragon]:exemplify paradise n : " para di se

5083,"paradisiacal","[9pArEdI`saIEkEl] adj pleasurable:paradisiacal melodious:lyrical : 5084,"paradox","[5pArEdRks] n paradox:contradictory epigram:wise

para dox

orthodox adj

heterodox adj "

apophasis:claim oxymoron:paradox


5085,"paradoxical","[9pArE`dCksIkEl] adj

common adj

" para gon gan paragon:admire pariah:contempt travesty n "

5086,"paragon","[5pArE^En; (?@) 5pArEgRn] n paragon[paradigm]:imitate reverence:regard hoax:fraudulent paragon:excellent 5087,"parallel","[5pArElel] adj 5088,"paramount","[5pArEmaJnt] adj important:paramount 5089,"paranoia","[pArE5nCIE] n 5090,"paraphrase","[5pArEfreIz] n /v approximate:precise " lowliest " para no ia

corrective:amends paradigm[paragon]:exemplify

paragon:admirable miscreant:despicable para llel paralyze v para mount "


enthusiasm:mania suspicion:paranoia paraphrase:verbatim


para phrase

5091,"parasite","[5pArEsaIt] n 5092,"parch","[pB:tF] v 5093,"pare","[peE(r)] v 5094,"parenthesis","[pE5renWEsIs] n thesis n " par ia h " par parchment n "

para site perch v

bacteria:medium parasite:host porch n steep v "


paren para thes is

parent n

thesis n


5095,"pariah","[5pArIE] n prisoner:confine traitor:execute 5096,"parity","[5pArItI] n 5097,"parlance","[5pB:lEns] n 5098,"parley","[5pB:lI] n 5099,"parlous","[5pB:lEs] adj 5100,"parochial","[pE5rEJkIEl] adj 5101,"parody","[5pArEdI] n mime:gesture v

paragon:admire pariah:contempt


inequality n

incommensurateness n "


parlance:speak gait:walk parley party parley" " "

perilous adj pa ro chi al

par ody ode "


ode:poetry spoof:parody nicety:distinction 328

5102,"paroxysm","[5pArEksIz(E)m] n 5103,"parquetry","[5pB:kItrI] n 5104,"parrot","[5pArEt] n v 5105,"parry","[`pArI] v par rot par

pa ro oxysm par que try

paroxysm:sudden ruse:deceived fresco:wall parquetry:floor "

" "

babble:sense parrot:originality shirk:duty parry:question "

5106,"parse","[pB:z; (?@) pB:rs] v ... parse specimen:dissect sentence:parse " money ious

scan:metrical parse:grammaticalscan

5107,"parsimonious","[pB:sI5mEJnIEs] adj curt:words parsimonious:resource prodigal:spend

craven:hero parsimonious:spendthrift parsimonious:save tightfisted:parsimonious brattish:mischievous profligate adj prodigal adj

miser:parsimonious spendthrift:prodigal parsimonious:liberal obtuse:keen liberal wasteful lavish adj

parsimonious:skimp malingering:shirk

parsimonious:profligacy impetuous:hesitance obsequious:attentiveness parsimonious:frugality generous adj munificent adj " money

5108,"parsimony","[5pB:sImEnI] n hubris:pride largesse n "

parsimony:miser rebelliousness:insurgent


5109,"partial","[5pB:F(E)l] adj 5110,"participant","[pB:5tIsIpEnt] n 5111,"particularize","[pE5tIkjJlEraIz] v particularize "

part parti cip ant

dispassionate adj partition n v

" parturition n "

particular n

illustrate:pictures particularize:detailsillustrate

5112,"partisan","[pB:tI5zAn] n patriot:country partisan:course

party san partisan:bias ?

authoritativeness:pundits allegiance:partisans : ?" par ven u ate paste n passive adj l l " toothpaste n pastime n pastiche n " "

5113,"parvenu","[5pB:vEnju:; (?@) 5pB:vEnu:] n 5114,"passionate","[5pAFEnEt] adj 5115,"pastel","[5pAst(E)l; (?@) pA5stel] n 5116,"pastiche","[pA5sti:F] n passion n

past I che

original work "


5117,"pastor","[5pB:stE(r)] n 5118,"pastry","[5peIstrI] n 5119,"patchwork","[5pAtFw\:k] n

pasture n past paste n try

pastoral n " work n



patch n n

wood:parquet cloth:patchwork pat not evident

" abstruse adj

5120,"patent","[5peIt(E)nt; (?@) 5pAtnt] adj nuance n patent difference occult adj

pa tent n "

recondite adj patho gen path

5121,"pathogen","[5pAWEdV(E)n]n 5122,"pathology","[pE5WRlEdVI] n pathological adj "

stimulation:arousal pathogen:diseasing ology pathetic adj pathos n

" normal adj

5123,"patina","[5pAtInE] n 5124,"patio","[5pAtIEJ] n 5125,"patrician","[pE5trIF(E)n] n base n " 5126,"patriot","[5pAtrIEt] n 5127,"patron","[5peItrEn] n 5128,"patronize","[5pAtrEnaIz] v condescending:patronize obsequious:fawn 5129,"paucity","[5pC:sItI] n 5130,"paunchy","[`pR:ntFI] adj 5131,"pauper","[5pC:pE(r)] adj 5132,"pawnbroker","[5pC:nbrEJkE(r)] n 5133,"peak","[pi:k] v n peak pe bb le city patri ot patri pat io patric ian "

essential quality


patriarchy n

patricide n

patrimony n

patriotism n

patriot:country partisan:course

" " deride "

patron:support apologist:defend

patronize:condescension deride:mockerypatronize patronizing:condescending peeved:annoyed slew n svelte adj " pawn n /v pecan n pebble broker n " profusion n " plethora n "

peak " droplet:deluge pebble:landslide "

5134,"pebble","[5peb(E)l] n


5135,"peccadillo","[pekE5dIlEJ] n

pecca pecc dillo

peccable adj

impeccable adj "

peccadillo:sin[error offense] glitch:flaw mishap:accident admonishment:castigation cameo:sculpture 5136,"peck","[pek] n /v 5137,"peculate","[5pekjJleIt] v 5138,"pedagogue","[5pedE^R^] n peck:kiss glance:look pecu late pecu ue " pecuniary adj " demagogue n

ped agog ... [ ]"

pedagogy n

stickler:exact pedagogue:indoctrinate[instruct] 5139,"pedant","[5pedEnt] n insightful:pedant ped ant pedant:learning hack:writing

martinet:discipline pedant:learning " pedal n [] peddle v " peddler n

5140,"pedantic","[pI5dEntIk] adj moralistic:principled pedantic:learned 5141,"pedestal","[5pedIst(E)l] n 5142,"pedestrian","[pI5destrIEn] adj imaginative adj marvelous adj ped

ped ant ic []

mawkish[maudlin]:sentiment pedantic:scholarship

scholarly:pedantic modest:prudish

pedantic:scholar histrionic:actor estal " ped es trian " "

unimaginative n inspired adj ped iatrics ped ee " peck:kiss peep:sound ee incomparable " peer less " heed n /v

uncommon adj

rarefied adj

5143,"pediatrics","[pi:dI5AtrIks] n 5144,"pedigree","[5pedI^ri:] n lineage 5145,"peek","[pi:k] v 5146,"peel","[pi:l] v ... n 5147,"peep","[pIp] n /v 5148,"peer","[pIE(r)] v 5149,"peerless","[5pIElIs] adj 5150,"peeve","[pi:v] v /n saturated:wet peeved:annoy n

psychiatric adj

glance peep peel ee

leer v



equal adj



peevish " "

mawkish:sentimental peeve:annoy

hidebound:conservative peeved:annoyed

maudlin:sentimental patronizing:condescending placate v "


5151,"peevish","[5pi:viF] adj

querulous fretful fractious

mawkish:sentimental peevish:annoyed pejor pe j ora tive


5152,"pejorative","[pI5dVRrEtIv] adj laudatory adj " pe lf half

belittling depreciatory

5153,"pelf","[pelf] n 5154,"pellucid","[pI5lju:sId] adj pellucid:understand 5155,"pelt","[pelt] n 5156,"pen","[pen] n [] [] v pen

pelf:impecunious experience:green : lucid adj pel lucid


" venial:excuse

transparent clear murky adj down " pel "

sheep:ewe swan:pen pen penal adj

" v... exempt:liability pardon:penalty pen chant "

5157,"penalty","[5penEltI] n

penance n

5158,"penchant","[5pRNFRN; (?@) 5pentFEnt] n for aversion n dislike n " [] pend ent pendent

pench pend ant

5159,"pendent","[5pendEnt]adj 5160,"pending","[5pendIN]adj 5161,"pendulum","[5pendjJlEm]n

" pend ing " pen etr enter ate knead:malleable " "

imminent [ ]

pend ulum

5162,"penetrate","[5penItreIt]v pierce understand penetrating adj penetrate:permeable

pen etr enter ate

impervious : penetrate ineluctable:avoid immutable:change penetrate:impermeable profane:inviolable " pen repentant n insula pen insula "

5163,"penicillin","[penI5sIlIn]n 5164,"peninsula","[pI`nInsjJlE]n 5165,"penitent","[5penItEnt]adj penitent:contrition 5166,"pennant","[5penEnt]n 5167,"pension","[pCN`sjJN]n

pen it ent

penitentiary n adj impenitent adj

ary contrite adj "

: penitent:obdurate skeptic:credulous pendant n pen " "



reflective meditative " pen


pen sive

pen pend sive

museful:ruminative lamentable:pensive 5169,"penultimate","[pI5nQltImEt]adj 5170,"penumbra","[pI5nQmbrE]n umbrella n " n


peninsula n pen umbra

" adumbrate v

5171,"penurious","[pI5njJErIEs; (?@) pI5nJrIEs]adj compliant:obsequious firm:obdurate 5172,"penury","[5penjJrI]n affluence n largesse n " pe on pungent pepsi n traverse " per ceive destitution

stingy lavish adj

pen ruious largesse n rarity n

frugal:penurious impecunious adj "

incognizance:knowledgeable penury:wealthy

prodigality n

5173,"peon","[5pi:En, pju:n]n 5174,"peppery","[5pepErI]adj 5175,"pepsin","[5pepsIn]n 5176,"perambulate","[pE5rAmbjJleIt]v foot:perambulate eye:observe 5177,"perceive","[pE5si:v]v brittle:break "

" pepper n " dyspepsia n [ ] " amble v

peptic adj per ambul ate

ambulance n

conceive v

receive v


5178,"perceiving","[pE5septIb(E)l] adj 5179,"perceptible","[pE5septIb(E)l] adj precept n imperceptible adj "

insentient adj

" per cept ible appreciable adj concept n

palpable tangible appreciable

relevant:crucial perceptible:obvious

subliminal adj

5180,"perception","[pE5sepF(E)n] n

illusion:perception gaffe:judgment " parch v per colate "


hallucination:perception mirage:imagination 5181,"perch","[p\:tF] v perch

5182,"percolate","[5p\:kEleIt] v filter 5183,"percussion","[pE5kQF(E)n] n

colander n col ander under discussion n 333

" percussionist n "

per cuss ion

repercussion n

5184,"perdition","[pE5dIF(E)n] n


per di tion "


5185,"peregrination","[perI^rI5neIF(E)n] n 5186,"peremptory","[pE5remptErI] adj prohibitive:purchase peremptory:dispute challenge " enduring

per egri agri nation per

emptory empty adj

preempt v

exemption n open to

parsimonious:spent peremptory:fawn

5187,"perennial","[pE5renIEl] adj

per enn ial perfect adj "

pe ren nial

fleeting adj


5188,"perfectionist","[pE5fekFEnIst] n 5189,"perfervid","[p\:`f\:vId] adj 5190,"perfidious","[pE5fIdIEs] adj loyal adj trustworthy adj " treachery per fervid adj

impassive adj per fid ious

" perjury n faithful adj

treacherous faithless

5191,"perfidy","[5p\:fIdI] n 5192,"perforate","[5p\:fEreIt] v hole:perforating

exorbitant:moderation perfidious:loyalty per forate pierce " per for ate

loyalty n




perforate:hole pleat:fold perform v

5193,"performance","[pE5fC:mEns] n bravura:performance resplendent:appearance 5194,"perfume","[pE5fju:m] n 5195,"perfunctorily","adv

theater:performance market:commerce " " perfunctorily:inspiration insolently:veneration [ ] per funct ory obsession n apogee n hazardous" " " [ ] "

debut v /n per fume

per funct orily

5196,"perfunctory","[pE5fQNktErI] adj 5197,"perigee","[5perIdVi:] n 5198,"peril","[5perIl] n danger per il ill peri meter

peri gee geo perilous adj

5199,"perimeter","[pE5rImItE(r)] n border:country "

circumference:circle perimeter:rectangle[circle]

5200,"periodical","[pIErI5RdIk(E)l] n

periodic adj 334

period n



" itinerant peri patet ic stationary adj

5201,"peripatetic","[perIpE5tetIk] adj rooted adj sedentary adj "

5202,"peripheral","[pE5rIfEr(E)l] adj crux n peripheral element

auxiliary supplementary crucial adj center n " core n


immaterial:relevance peripheral:center

5203,"periphery","[pE5rIfErI] n 5204,"periphrastic","[9perI`frAstIk] adj 5205,"periscope","[5perIskEJp] n 5206,"perish","[5perIF] v " 5207,"perjure","[5p\:dVE(r)] v 5208,"perjury","[5p\:dVErI] n perjury:deposition[testimony] 5209,"perky","[5p\:kI] adj

essence n

important part tic "

central area


peri phras phrase n "

peri scope pe rish

perishable adj

perishing adj

survive v

per jure jury n

depose v


calumny:assertion[representation] false swearing:oath truthful deposition " GRE " evanescent:permanence

jaunty lively sprightly

per ky key

5210,"permanence","[ `p\:mEnEns ] n permanency archaic:currency

per man maintain v

achromatic:hue transitory:permanence

transience n " opportune:convenience " knead:malleable diaphanous adj

5211,"permanent","[5p\:mEnEnt] adj impermanent:transience [ ] [ ]

heroic:craven erratic:permanent evanescent adj penetrable interim adj per me able " permission n " per nic ious ephemeral adj

5212,"permeable","[5p\:mIEb(E)l] adj penetrate:permeable impermeable of light impermeable adj

permeate v waterproof adj

opacity:light impermeability:fluid easily penetrated indulgent

5213,"permissive","[pE5mIsIv] adj 5214,"permutation","[p\:mju:5teIF(E)n] n 5215,"pernicious","[pE5nIFEs] adj disingenuous:mislead "

permiss ive


per mut ation

noxious deleterious detrimental



5216,"peroration","[perE5reIF(E)n] n 5217,"perpendicular","[p\:pEn5dIkjJlE(r)] adj 5218,"perpetrate","[5p\:pItreIt] v 5219,"perpetual","[pE5petjJEl] adj ephemeral adj transitory adj " commit

per oration upright vertical per pet r ate per pet ual

peroration:speech coda:sonata per pend icular per pet rate evanescent adj petrify v " intermittent adj "


5220,"perpetuate","[pE5petjJeIt] v debunk v perpetuate to sham "

per pet uate

transient:vanish constant:perpetuate


extinction n puzzled

" involved per plex plic ed anxious:reassurance

5222,"perplexed","[pE5plekst] adj perplexed:clarification "

5223,"perquisite","[5p\:kwIzIt] n 5224,"persecute","[5p\:sIkju:t] v haunt:remember "

privilege bother

per qu I site per secu sequ te

" badger:bother persecute:injure

5225,"perseverance","[ 9p\:sI`vIErEns ] n 5226,"persevere","[p\:sI5vIE(r)] v [ ] give up " raillery

cessation of effort per severe

" obstinate:preserve [tactless]insensitive:offend

5227,"persiflage","[p\:sIflB:V] n persiflage:incite "


per si flag e


5228,"persist","[pE5sIst] v 5229,"persnickety","[ pE`snIkEtI ] adj 5230,"personable","[5p\:sEnEb(E)l] adj personnel n unattractive adj "

per sist fussy fastidious attractive

persistent adj

" " personification n

persn person ick pick ety person personage n

5231,"perspicacious","[p\:spI5keIFEs] adj suspicious adj perspective n


per spic acious

conspicuous adj obtuse adj

ravishing:attractive perspicacious:discerning 336

undiscerned/ lack of discernment adj 5232,"perspicacity","[9p\:spI`kAsEtI] n 5233,"perspicuity","[9p\:spI`kjU:EtI] n 5234,"perspiration","[p\:spI5reIF(E)n] n

dull adj

awkward adj

" indiscernment "

perspicacity:acute caprice:whimsical opacity n sweat suade " per spir arian dissuasion n inspiration n

expire v


5235,"persuade","[pE5sweId] v convince persuade:convince 5236,"pert","[p\:t] adj 5237,"pertain","[pE5teIn] v irrelevant " 5238,"pertinacious","[p\:tI5neIFEs] adj : jaunty to

admonish:denounce punish:pillory

inveigle v " expert n ex pert " per tain be

Your remark did not pertain to the question

obstinate : vacillating adj

per tin acious tractable adj pliable adj

pertinent adj irresolute adj capricious adj

inexperience:green pertinacity:refractory : recapitulation:lengthy " 5239,"pertinent","[5p\:tInEnt] adj immaterial adj irrelevant adj turb : : : :

encyclopedia:compendious abstract:concise pertinacity:changeable

per tin tain ent lack of relevance "

pertinent:relevance redundant:superfluity

5240,"perturb","[pE5t\:b] v

perturb:serenity reassure:doubt impertinent:propriety stoic:perturb avaricious:satisfy disturb v scrutiny n turbulence n equanimity n " "

fearless:daunt impassive:perturb voracious:satisfy 5241,"perturbation","[ 9p\:tE`beIFEn ] n 5242,"peruse","[pE5ru:z] v glance at " 5243,"pervasive","[pE5veIsIv] adj 5244,"perverse","[pE5v\:s] adj 5245,"pesky","[5peskI] adj pervade v per per verse troublesome vexatious pest agitation

per use

stare:leer peruse:smattering


limited distribution adversary n " opt pessimism pervert v

avoid vt "


5246,"pessimism","[5pesImIz(E)m] n

optimism n




5247,"pest","[pest] n

pester v pest cide

pest:irksome expert:proficient pestilent adj

" insect:pesticide

5248,"pesticide","[5pestIsaId] n plant:herbicide "

pest il ill ent end

5249,"pestle","[5pes(E)l] n

awl:pierce pestle:mash

hammer:anvil pestle:mortar : : : : "

pestle:grind spoon:stirring spice:flavor flint stone:sharpen scissor:cutting pencil: recording 5250,"petal","[5pet(E)l] n pet al all pet ition er petr ify... " minion:dependent groveler:petitioner evaporate:vapor petrify:stone petroglyph:rock mural:wall petrology n "

5251,"petitioner","[ pI`tIFEnE(r) ] n 5252,"petrify","[5petrIfaI] v 5253,"petroglyph","[ `petrEJ^lIf ] n 5254,"petroleum","[pI5trEJlIEm]n " 5255,"pettish","[5petiF]adj 5256,"petty","[5petI]adj


petr iglyph petr oleum


linoleum n

refinery:petroleum mill:grain

fretful peevish trivial pet ty

pet v ky : "


pet tish kitty n

" petty:notice

mysterious:explain contemptible:respect 5257,"petulant","[5petjJlEnt] adj pet n " illusion

insolent peevish

pet v


pet ul ant



5258,"phantom","[5fAntEm] n 5259,"pharisaic","[9fAri5seiik] adj 5260,"pharmacist","[5fB:mEsIst] n

phan tom

" "


farmer cist

" ordinary adj commonplace n adj

5261,"phenomenal","[fI5nRmInEl] adj " 5262,"phial","[5faIEl] n phi al


phenomenology n

" phil ander phil ander "

5263,"philander","[fI5lAndE(r)] v


5264,"philanthropic","[fIlEn5WrRpIk] adj

humanitarian benevolent "

phil anthrop ic

phil ant hropic

resourceful:inventiveness philanthropic:geniality 5265,"philanthropist","[fI5lAnWrEpIst] n philanthropist:endow prevaricator:mislead philanthropist:eleemosynary : "

sage:wisdom philanthropist:benevolence comedian:humor coward:brave philanthropist:selfish

5266,"philatelist","[fI5lAtElIst] n 5267,"philately","[fI5lAtElI] n 5268,"philistine","[`fIlIstaIn,fI`lIstIn] n 5269,"philosopher","[fI5lRsEfE(r)] n iconoclast:attack "

philatelist:stamps numismatist:coins phil ately phil lately 1 aesthete n phil osoph er philology n G"


" philosopher:cogitate

5270,"phlegmatic","[fle^5mAtIk] adj lively adj " phob ia

impassive unemotional [ ]


leg mat ic spirited adj sprightly adj

intractable:manage phlegmatic:provoke[arouse]

vivacious adj

5271,"phobia","[5fEJbIE] n 5272,"phoenix","[5fi:nIks] n 5273,"phonetic","[fE5netIk] adj 5274,"phony","[5fEuni] adj

xenophobe paragon

acrophobia n "


phon " counterfeit spurious specious photo graph " photosynthesis n photo synthesis photics n daguerreotype:photograph

5275,"photograph","[5fEJtE^rB:f] n listen:recording view:photograph musket:firearm 5276,"phrase","[freIz] n " " ""

photograph:light recording:sound

5277,"phylogeny","[faI`lCdVInI] n 5278,"physiognomy","[fIzI5RnEmI] n 5279,"piano","[pI`AnEJ] n adj


geny gene physi physical adj

phylum n ognomy

" "

forte adj



5280,"piazza","[pI5AtsE; (?@) pi:5B:zE] n veranda 5281,"pictorial","[pIk5tC:rIEl] adj 5282,"piddling","[5pidliN] adj 5283,"piebald","[5paIbC:ld] adj 5284,"piecemeal","[5pi:smi:l] adj 5285,"pied","[paId] adj 5286,"pier","[pIE(r)] n 5287,"pierce","[ pIEs ] v with splotched piebald trivial pie

porch colonnade

pizza n


picture n " padding n bald piece n meal n pie buttress restive:calm piddling:considerable monotonous adj " " " awl:pierce pestle:mash impious adj pig ment meat " pelf pil pill n pil g rim plunder ravage pill age " fer abscond:depart pilfer:take " " pie ty " " " "

solid-colored pi er

stab penetrate perforate pious adj

5288,"piety","[5paIEtI] n devoutness 5289,"pigment","[5pI^mEnt] n albino:pigment prairie:tree 5290,"pilfer","[5pIlfE(r)] v 5291,"pilgrim","[5pIl^rIm] n 5292,"pillage","[5pIlIdV] n /v 5293,"pillar","[5pIlE(r)] n column colonnade:pillar queue:person 5294,"pillory","[5pIlErI] n

pigment:color spice:flavor

shrine:pilgrim peak:climber

frieze:ornament pillar:support stockade:enclosure derelict n pillar of society "

pillory:ridicule guillotine:execute : chide:pillory humor:mollycoddle " pi lot pinch v pin ch sedentary " pin ch abundant amount " pilot:ship conductor:orchestra "

admonish:denounce punish:pillory persuade:convince exalt v praise publicly

5295,"pilot","[5paIlEt] n 5296,"pincers","[5pInsEz] n 5297,"pinch","[pIntF] v squeeze n

a pinch of salt


5298,"pine","[paIn] n longing:pine remorse:rue 5299,"pinnacle","[5pInEk(E)l] n 5300,"pinpoint","[5pin9pCint]v 5301,"pipeline","[5paIplaIn] n 5302,"piquancy","[`pi:kEnsI] n 5303,"piquant","[5pi:kEnt] adj piquant:taste vapid adj


pin become invigorated spire peak summit pin point

e " pin nacle

leaf:oak needle:pine frond:fern

pinpoint v " "

low point "

exam cursorily

pipe line piqu ancy spicy pungent flat adj piqu v

vessel:blood pipeline:gas blandness n "

piqu ant insipid adj pi que pir ate "

piq pig u ant " "


pallid adj

5304,"pique","[pi:k] n /v


mollify v

5305,"pirate","[5paIErEt] n plunderer 5306,"pirouette","[pIru:5et] v 5307,"piscatorial","[pIskE5tC:rIEl] adj 5308,"pistol","[5pIst(E)l] n handgun 5309,"pitch","[pItF] n pitch:sound color:light 5310,"pitcher","[5pItFE(r)] n 5311,"pitfall","[5pItfC:l] n trap 5312,"pith","[pIW] n essence core

pirate:take forge:copy


pir ou ette pis cat orial

" "

dagger:scabbard pistol:holster pit ch

frequency:pitch wavelength:color "

off-key pit ch er

at the proper pitch " "

pit fall pith pithy adj cogent concise circumlocution n merciless pity v

superficial element

insignificant part

" "

5313,"pithiness","[`pIWInIs] n 5314,"pithy","[5pIWI] adj insubstantial adj wordy adj

pithiness:aphorism exaggeration:caricature pith n pithy utters pitiful adj prolix adj " clement adj " verbose adj diffuse adj

5315,"pitiless","[5pItIlIs] adj


5316,"pittance","[5pItEns] n rivulet:stream : :

remuneration crop n " pivot n


tan ce


cornucopia n

5317,"pivotal","[`pIvEtEl] adj 5318,"pixel","[5pIks(E)l] n

central crucial

piv pir " " plac ate antagonize v implacable adj peeve v gall v

mosaic:tile image:pixel

5319,"placate","[plE5keIt; (?@) 5pleIkeIt] v complacent adj rile v foment v placid adj surprise v " place implacable:propitiated

soothe mollify appease

stratagem:deceive concession:placate irascible:placable insensate:conscious


5320,"placebo","[plE5si:bEJ] n

bo "

placebo:painkiller backdrop:vista

placebo:innocuous salve:unctuous venom:noxious 5321,"plagiarism","[`pleIdVIErIzEm] n rustling:cattle forgery:documents 5322,"plague","[pleI^] n 5323,"plaintiff","[5pleIntIf] n [ ] 5324,"plait","[plAt] n /v 5325,"plane","[pleIn] n 5326,"plangent","[5plAndVEnt] adj 5327,"plankton","[5plANkt(E)n] n 5328,"plant","[plB:nt; (?@) 5plAnt] n v insect:pesticide plant:herbicide 5329,"plantation","[plB:n5teIF(E)n] n 5330,"plaque","[plB:k; (?@) 5plAk] n channel:silt " plast icity rigidity n " braid plaque n " play que

pla play gia jia ris rise m



Plague "


plaintive adj polite adj " plan gent

plaint n plaint iff

knit:yarn plait:hair


muffled adj plank n "


plan plant

greenhouse:plant incubator:infant deracinate v "

plant:soil organism:medium

plantation:tobacco media:bacteria plaque play que Plague

" artery:plaque

5331,"plasticity","[plA`stIsEtI] n malleable:plasticity

plaster n

plastic n adj



5332,"plateau","[5plAtEJ; (?@) plA5tEJ] n respite:activity plateau:slope :

tableland slope n " plat itude "

plat eau

platform n


5333,"platitude","[5plAtItju:d] n postulate:presumptive 5334,"plaudit","[5plC:dIt] v


equivocation:ambiguous platitude:banal

original observation praise approval plaud it

applaud v

disapprove v


5335,"plausible","[5plC:zIb(E)l] adj equivocation:definite obfuscation:indiscernible 5336,"play","[pleI] n anecdote:story skit:play 5337,"playful","[5pleIfJl] adj playwright n "

plaus ible : "


doggerel:verse burlesque:play

screen:movie stage:play

frolicsome sportive square plea n

playful:banter exaggerated:hyperbole place n " please !"


: "

5338,"plaza","[5plB:zE; (?@) 5plAzE] n 5339,"plead","[pli:d] v beg [ ] ... appeal

5340,"pleasure","[5pleVE(r)] n

hedonist:pleasure recluse:privacy

blush:embarrassment smile:pleasure " " " "

pleasure:ecstasy surprise:astonishment 5341,"pleat","[pli:t] n fold v plea n t

dislike:loathing pleasure:bliss perforate:hole pleat:fold ple please bei an

5342,"plebeian","[plI5bi:En] n / adj 5343,"pledge","[pledV] n /v 5344,"plenary","[5pli:nErI] adj 5345,"plenitude","[5plenItju:d] n pleonastic adj vacuity n swear

renounce:pledge rescind:order plen plete ary " plen itude

completeness sufficiency abundance dearth n " excess superfluity pleth ora

plenteous adj

5346,"plethora","[5pleWErE]n scantiness shortage scarcity n " 5347,"pliable","[5plaIEb(E)l] adj labile adj lab

deplete vt

de plete



adaptable tractable

pliant pliable pli ply

liable adj


palpable:touch pliable:mold 343

static:movable pliable:inflexible

pliable:influenced censorious:condemn 5348,"pliant","[planIt] adj model:differentiated ossify vt make pliant ductile



rigid adj

pertinacious obdurate adj pliant pliable pli ply plant intractable adj

difficult to crumble pliant incorrigible adj


adaptable tractable

evanescent:disappear pliant:yield rigid adj "

pliant:influence ticklish:offend


mulish intransigent unbending obdurate adj

5349,"pliers","[5plaIEz] n pincers 5350,"plight","[plaIt] n 5351,"plinth","[plinW] n 5352,"plod","[plRd] v /n trudge

pli ply ers p light p lin th drudge padding n

" favorable condition " plinth p loud adj piddling adj ploy n pedestal flit n /v column or statue" gambol n /v " "

5353,"plodding","[`plCdIN] adj 5354,"plot","[plRt] n /v joke:punch line plot:denouement cabal:association plot:plan 5355,"pluck","[plQk] v ... pluck:quit pride:grovel craven n adj " finery n

meteoric adj

intrigue scheme

choreography:dance plot:story inveigle:interest plot:plan taunt:provoke plot:outwit plu plum cowardice n "

cohabit:reside conspire:plot follow:shadow scheme:plot fortitude p luck

plucky adj coward n

horn:blow harp:pluck

spinelessness n

5356,"plumage","[5plu:mIdV] n 5357,"plumb","[plQm] adj horizontal adj v

plum age plu plus m age plumb plumber n "

plume n v plumbing n



measure:dimensions calibrate:diameter gauge:pressure plumb:depth assess:value verify:accuracy examine superficially plunge [ ] plumb adj v examine curiously plumb

5358,"plummet","[5plQmIt] v

plummet:fall[waft descend fall descend] swerve:turn plummet:ascend : rise sharply " "

clash:meander implode:contract dart:move 5359,"plump","[plQmp] adj 5360,"plunder","[5plQndE(r)] v 5361,"plunge","[plQndV] v chubby

plu plus m p " "

svelte adj

pillage plumb

pl place under

hover:plunge crouch:spring


5362,"plush","[plQF] adj 5363,"plutocracy","[plu:5tRkrEsI] n plutocracy:wealth gerontocracy:age 5364,"pneumonia","[nju:5mEJnIE] n 5365,"pod","[pRd] n v

blush pluto cracy " pneumon " ia

lush Plutus

" plu plus to cracy


mon ia


pod ped

5366,"podiatrist","[pEJ`di:EtrIst] n 5367,"podium","[5pEJdIEm] n lectern 5368,"poem","[5pEJIm] n elegy:poem

pod ia trist pod ium poet aster

dermatologist:skin podiatrist:feet " stanza:poem act:opera statue:sculpture ode:poem "


poetaster n


limerick:poem lampoon:satire dirge:music elegy:poetry piquant senseless meaningless composure v

5369,"poetry","[5pEJItrI] n 5370,"poignant","[5pCInjEnt] adj 5371,"pointless","[5pCIntlIs] adj 5372,"poise","[pCIz] v

prose:paragraph poetry:stanza poign ant useless I po ig n ant point less tacit adj tact pointer n I

" " " "

balance n


5373,"poison","[5pCIz(E)n] n

detoxify:poison dehydrate:water "

antidote:poison tonic:lethargy

detoxification:poison neutralization:acid 5374,"poisonous","[5pCIzEnEs] adj 5375,"poke","[pEJk] v

toxic venomous po ke

ductility:malleable toxicity:poisonous [ ] " ize coalesce v

[ ] "

prod stab thrust

5376,"polarize","[5pEJlEraIz] v unity n " adj

polar adj [ ]

make compatible

polarization n

5377,"polemic","[pE5lemIk] n invective:abusive "

pole n






5378,"polemical","[pE5lemikEl] polemic adj 5379,"polish","[5pEJlIF] v ... n

controversial polish adj 345

conciliatory adj

compromising adj


circumspect:prudence urbane:polish

lustrous:polish pure:refine 5380,"polished","[ `pClIFt ] adj 5381,"politeness","[pE5laitnIs] n 5382,"politic","[5pRlItIk] adj unsophisticated adj 5383,"pollinate","[5pRlIneIt] v ... 5384,"pollster","[5pEulstE] n

gaucheness n polite cultured polite adj

" flawless rustic adj untutored adj " " politic:offend aloof:associate

dissemble:honesty snub:politeness political adj " politic

judicious cunning injudicious adj pol poll n ster polt colt poly math

officious adj " pol

exponent:advocate pollster:canvass "


5385,"poltroon","[pCl5tru:n] n coward 5386,"polymath","[5pRlImAW] n polyglot adj poly glot "

polt plot roon room polygamy n

polyandry poly gamy andry

5387,"pompous","[5pRmpEs] adj

arrogant pretentious bombastic " " ponder v

pomp n [ ]

bombast[pontificate]:pompous tirade:critical drivel:nonsensical hyperbole:exaggerated scoff:derisive drawl:slow bluster:loud prate:aimless 5388,"poncho","[5pRntFEJ] n 5389,"ponderable","[5pCndErEbl] adj 5390,"ponderous","[5pRndErEs] adj slight adj vibrant adj brisk adj " " raincoat appreciable


inappreciable adj lively adj

" ethereal adj

pond er ous

gossamer adj

5391,"poniard","[5pRnjEd] n

poni point ard

5392,"pontificate","[pRn5tIfIkEt] n v

pon tifi cat e

pontificate:speak strut[swagger]:walk [ ] comment tentatively speak speak modestly

bombast[pontificate]:pompous tirade:critical drivel:nonsensical hyperbole:exaggerated scoff:derisive drawl:slow bluster:loud prate:aimless diffidently " " populace n popular adj populous adj

5393,"pony","[5pEJnI] n 5394,"population","[pRpjJ5leIF(E)n] n inventory:merchandise[stock]

census:population "

demography:population meteorology:weather 346

5395,"porcelain","[5pC:slIn] n glaze:porcelain varnish:wood veneer:furniture 5396,"porcupine","[`pR:kjJpaIn] n 5397,"pore","[pC:(r)] n v ponder

china " porcu pine

clay:porcelain flax:linen

por pore cu pine "

pork n "

pore:membrane door:room

5398,"porous","[5pC:rEs] adj porous:penetrate

por ous impermeable adj

porous:liquid transparent:light impenetrable adj " " transport v /n "


5399,"porridge","[5pRrIdV; (?@) 5pC:rIdV] n 5400,"portable","[5pC:tEb(E)l] adj 5401,"portentous","[pR:`tentEs] adj portentous:amaze : port able

po rri dge portage n portent n

foreboding " port folio

portend v por pro


regular adj

5402,"portfolio","[pC:t5fEJlIEJ] n dossier:reports 5403,"portrait","[5pC:trIt] n jazz:music "

port report n


por trait "

portray v

portrait:painting biography:history

portrait:person seascape:ocean

5404,"poseur","[pEJ5z\:(r)] poser posturer /n poseur:sincerity recluse:gregariousness poseur:unaffected 5405,"posit","[5pRzIt] v 5406,"posse","[5pRsI] n 5407,"possession","[pE5zeF(E)n] n acquire:possession " post n v er



pose n v sincere person positive adj

poise v /n stickler:derelict " deny as false "

poser:sincere recluse:gregarious

posturer:unaffected bigot:tolerant ... postulate presume " possess v possessed adj pos pose it


5408,"poster","[5pEJstE(r)] n 5409,"posterior","[pE5stIErIE(r)] adj posthumous adj post hum ous

" post terior posterity n postmodern adj

following subsequent postpone v "


5410,"postscript","[5pEJstskrIpt] n

post script


" deny as false

5411,"postulate","[5pRstjJlEt] v ... presume posit ... demand " 5412,"posture","[5pRstFE(r)] n 5413,"pot","[pRt] n 5414,"potable","[5pEJtEb(E)l] adj edible:meat v pot pot able " pot boiler n potboiler pose behave naturally : " "

expostulate v

lobster:pot potation n

potable:beverage[water] habitable:dwelling

undrinkable adj

5415,"potboiler","[5pRtbCIlE(r)]n " 5416,"potentate","[5pEJtEnteIt] n potential adj

doggerel:verse potboiler:article

ruler sovereign monarch

pot entate

potency n "

potent adj

virtuoso:skill potentate:power deactivate v medley

subject n "

powerless person

5417,"potentiate","[pEJ`tenFIeIt] v

5418,"potpourri","[pEJ5pJrI; (?@) pEJpE5ri:] n 5419,"potshot","[5pRtFRt] n 5420,"pottery","[5pRtErI] n 5421,"poultice","[5pEJltIs] n 5422,"pout","[paJt] n /v grin v /n " sulk v pot shot " pot

pot pour ri


pottery:shard bread:crumb ice "


wince:pain smile:pleasure pout:displeasure sneer:contempt

5423,"practice","[5prAktIs] v /n 5424,"practitioner","[prAk5tIFEnE(r)] n 5425,"pragmatic","[prA^5mAtIk] adj 5426,"prairie","[5preErI] n 5427,"praise","[preIz] v /n

practicing:expertise exercising:strength practice v /n practical air practical adj fledgling n

" quack n " "

p rag mat ic "

albino:pigment prairie:tree

compliment glorify

panegyric[eulogy hymn paean]:praise valediction:farewell 348

elegy:lament dirge:grief autobiography:reminisce praise:admiration[approbation] demur:objection 5428,"prance","[prB:ns; (?@) prAns] v 5429,"prank","[prANk] n 5430,"prate","[preIt] v chatter strut plank n prattle n /v

hubris:pride flattery:praise fulmination n vituperate v


excoriate v "

zhangqunbzsd@sina com" prankster n "

p rank p rate

prate:speak saunter:walk [ ] "

bombast[pontificate]:pompous tirade:critical drivel:nonsensical hyperbole:exaggerated scoff:derisive drawl:slow bluster:loud prate:aimless 5431,"preacher","[`pri:tFE(r)] n quibbler:cavil orator:lecture[address] 5432,"preamble","[pri:5Amb(E)l] n " 5433,"precarious","[prI5keErIEs] adj precarious:stability spent:efficacy safe secure adj stable adj " priority pre cede nce unsafe uncertain preach v " pre amble

p priest reach

nitpicker:criticize preacher:sermon

overture:opera prologue:novel preamble:statute

pre car care ious

pre car ious

immutable:vary precarious:stabilize

firmly grounded

5434,"precedence","[5presIdEns] n acquire:possession "

precede v



5435,"precedent","[5presIdEnt] n turncoat:constancy simpleton:precedent 5436,"precept","[5pri:sept] n doctrine 5437,"precipice","[5presIpIs] n cliff bluff level adj " rash "

unexceptionable:oppose infinite:end unique:precedent

pre cept pre cip ice

percept n


precipice:steepness defile:narrowness

5438,"precipitant","[prI`sIpItEnt] adj 5439,"precipitate","[prI5sIpItEt] v deliberate adj forestall v "

cip adj n

solvent n adj

" retard v dilatory adj

pre cip itate

5440,"precipitation","[prIsIpI5teIF(E)n] n 5441,"precipitous","[prI5sIpItEs] adj pre

snow:precipitation hurricane:cyclone c oas 349

" level adj slope slowly "

gradually sloping

5442,"precis","[5preIsi:; (?@) preI5si:] n 5443,"preclude","[prI5klu:d] v enclose vt "

pre cis pre clude close

precise adj occlude v

" exclude v to make possible

5444,"precocious","[prI5kEJFEs] adj 5445,"precursor","[pri:5k\:sE(r)] n 5446,"precursory","[9pri:`k\:sErI] adj 5447,"predator","[5predEtE(r)] n

pre coc cook ious pre curs or sequela n "

precognition n "

preconception n


derivative adj pre dat or "

5448,"predecessor","[5pri:dIsesE(r); (?@) 5predEsesEr] n gift:donor " pre destine v

pre de cess or


5449,"predestine","[pri:5destIn] v 5450,"predicament","[prI5dIkEmEnt] n

predetermine v

leave to chance predication n

" prediction n "

pre dic dict ament

5451,"predilection","[pri:dI5lekF(E)n; (?@) predl5ekFEn] n delectable adj predisposition n predominant adj

pre dilect ion pre di lect ion predominate v propensity to dislike " efface v "

5452,"preeminence","[9pri:`emInEns] n 5453,"preeminent","[pri:5emInEnt] adj bring to preeminent "

preeminence:importance preponderance:weight pre eminent adj min

negligible adj

5454,"preempt","[pri:5empt] v acquire:possession 5455,"preen","[pri:n] v rumple v raffle n " " ee

pre empt

preemption n

peremptory adj


plume v

preen:self-satisfaction fume:anger miser:hoard dandy:preen sycophant:fawn pundit:opinion

ingenuous:dissemble raffish:preen polite:snub

5456,"preface","[5prefEs] n epilogue n 5457,"prefatory","adj " preface n

pre face

prefigure v

figure v

overture:symphony preface:book

conclusive adj 350


5458,"pregnant","[5pre^nEnt] adj preliterate adj inane adj "

pregn ant

pregnable adj

prehensible adj

prehistoric adj

5459,"prejudiced","[5predVJdIst] adj 5460,"prelate","[5prelEt] adj 5461,"prelude","[5prelju:d] n 5462,"premeditated","[9pri:`medIteItId] adj " pre late

prejudice n pre judice " premature adj pre meditate v d

disinterested adj


pre lude

coda n

" spontaneous adj

offhand adj

5463,"premiere","[5premIeE(r); (?@) prI5mIEr] n 5464,"premium","[5pri:mIEm] n pre emium empt

premier adj " "

premise n


5465,"premonition","[pri:mE5nIF(E)n] n 5466,"preoccupation","[prI:RkjJ5peIF(E)n] n 5467,"preponderance","[prI`pCndErLns] n preponderance:weight "

pre mon ition

pre occupation n pre ponder ance

unconcerned adj



5468,"preponderant","[prI5pRndErEnt] adj 5469,"prepossessing","[pri:pE5zesIN] adj 5470,"preposterous","[prI5pRstErEs]adj 5471,"prerequisite","[pri:5rekwIzIt]n 5472,"prerogative","[prI5rR^EtIv] n 5473,"presage","[5presIdV] n v pre sage n

commensurate adj pre possess v pre poster n pre requisite " ing ous

secondary adj

subsidiary adj "


preposition n

commonsensical adj


pre rog ative

pre ro gat get ive

" "

harbinger:presage archetype:exemplify omniscient adj n

5474,"prescience","[`presIEns] n foresight erudition:esoteric

pre science n


myopia n " prescribe v 351

5475,"prescription","[prI5skrIpF(E)n] n

pre scribe v



" pre sent ation present v presenter n

5476,"presentation","[prezEn5teIF(E)n; (?@) pri:zen5teFn] n " 5477,"presentiment","[prI5zentImEnt] n premonition 5478,"preservative","[prI5z\:vEtIv] n adj

pre sent timent reserve v /n

" conserve v "

preserve v

censorship:communication preservative:decay anchor:drifting seal:leakage 5479,"preside","[prI5zaId] v 5480,"press","[pres] v ... pre side pressing adj president adj withdraw v " ation " "

5481,"prestidigitation","[`prestI9dIdVI`teIFLn] n 5482,"prestige","[pre5sti:V] n pre sti stand ge

pre sti digit n

eclipse:prestige [enervation]enfeeble:vigor " presume pre sume sum "

[ ]

abase[abate]:prestige damp:ardor abridge:length 5483,"presumption","[prI5zQmpF(E)n] adj 5484,"presumption","[prI5zQmpF(E)n] n presumption:propriety "

presume v

presupposition n


5485,"presumptuous","[prI5zQmptjJEs] adj 5486,"pretence","[pri5tens] pretense n pretence:deceive admonition:reprove 5487,"preternatural","[pri:tE5nAtFEr(E)l] adj 5488,"pretext","[5pri:tekst] n 5489,"prevail","[prI5veIl] v 5490,"prevalent","[5prevElEnt] adj 5491,"prevaricate","[prI5vArIkeIt] v pre text n

presumptuous:unruly pre tence tend pretentious adj extraordinary " yield v " unusual adj


humble adj pretend v


pretension n " ordinary adj "

unaffected adj preter natural adj

pre vail val prevail v

absent adj prevision n ?"

" vision n preview n /v,

pre varic vary ate prevaricate:candid ?

philanthropist:endow prevaricator:mislead


5492,"prevarication","n veracity n "

euphemism:offense prevarication:truth

blandishment:coax prevarication:deceive

5493,"prickly","[5prIklI] adj 5494,"prig","[prI^] n 5495,"prime","[praIm] adj uninitial adj " n

prick v ly prim adj prim adj

" " primate n primer n primeval adj

5496,"primordial","[praI5mC:dIEl] adj 5497,"primp","[primp] v 5498,"principal","[5prInsIp(E)l] n 5499,"principled","[5prInsIp(E)ld] adj 5500,"prissy","[5prIsI] adj

prim adj prim adj p

ord order ial

most recent

" " subordinate adj " "

primp:vain gloat:smug prim adj principle n


principle n "

moralistic:principled pedantic:learned

p ris rise sy

5501,"pristine","[5prIsti:n, 5prIstaIn] adj stable:fluctuation still:movement adulterate:pristine taint v n " 5502,"privacy","[5praIvEsI]n 5503,"privation","[praI5veIF(E)n]n 5504,"privilege","[5prIvIlIdV]n v ... 5505,"probe","[prEJb]v probe:investigate " prob probe ity pristine:blemish ? : ?

prist prim adj

p ris tine time squalid adj

pristine:decay dismantle:unity contaminated v

demanding:satisfactory adulterate:pristine corrupted by civilization

hedonist:pleasure recluse:privacy deprive v pri private adj deprive

" privation " approbation n cavil:criticize repletion n "

vilege village n probation n

problem probe

5506,"probity","[5prEJbItI]n venal:probity turpitude n

proboscis n shiftness n " procession n


unscrupulousness n pro ceed s predisposition

5507,"proceeds","[5prEJsi:dz]n 5508,"proclivity","[prE5klIvItI]n

proclaim v

pro claim " aversion n

pro cliv ity 353

acclivity n

declivity n

antipathy n

disinclination n " pro crastin ate " procrustean adj Procrustes pro crast crust in ate

5509,"procrastinate","[prEJ5krAstIneIt]v equivocate:commitment procrastinate:action husbandry:dissipate alacrity:procrastinate 5510,"procrastination","[ prEJ9krAstI`neIFEn ]n ; diligence n " pro create "

dilatory:procrastinate malcontent:complain

5511,"procreate","[5prEJkrIeIt]v 5512,"proctor","[5prRktE(r)]n 5513,"procure","[prE5kjJE(r)] v 5514,"prod","[ prCd ] v ...

pro c tor pro cure pro d n "

proctor:supervise prodigal:squander relinquish v " rein v "


doze:sleep nudge:prod pro dig al

5515,"prodigal","[5prRdI^(E)l] adj parsimonious adj frugal adj

proctor:supervise prodigal:squander miser:parsimonious spendthrift:prodigal

querulous:complain prodigal:spend parsimonious:save

5516,"prodigality","[ 9prCdI`^AlEtI ] n meek:arrogance

prodigality:spending gluttony:eating penury n

mean:prodigality husbandry n " : ? slight adj " envelope:letter "

courage:rashness generosity:prodigality pro dig ious pro dig y v pro duce

5517,"prodigious","[prE5dIdVEs] adj 5518,"prodigy","[5prRdIdVI] n 5519,"produce","[5prRdju:s] n crate:produce " adj

prodigious:amaze ?

prodigy:person miracle:occurrence productive adj productivity n

5520,"profane","[prE5feIn] v profaned unviolated adj "

pro fane n

pro fan e revere v treat reverently inviolable adj

pierce[penetrate]:impenetrable profane:inviolable

5521,"professional","[prE5feFEn(E)l] adj 5522,"proffer","[5prRfE(r)] n /v 5523,"proficient","[prE5fIFEnt] adj


professional:rookie soldier:recruit retain v profit n 354


pro offer v n

withhold vt profit

" sufficient adj deficient adj


pest:irksome expert:proficient 5524,"profile","[5prEJfaIl] n 5525,"profiteer","[prRfI5tIE(r)] n 5526,"profligacy","[ `prCflI^EsI ] n thrift n frugality n " n

inept adj pro file fili profit n " profligate

incompetent adj pro file "


parsimonious:profligacy impetuous:hesitance

5527,"profligate","[5prRflI^Et] adj " 5528,"profound","[prE5faJnd] adj " 5529,"profundity","[prE5fQnditi] n superficiality n "

pro fli fly gate

profligate:solvent mercurial:committed parsimonious adj provident adj economical adj

querulous[loquacious]:words profligate:money

pro found

glacial:cold profound:deep

shallow adj

unfounded adj

maladroit:skill glib:profundity

5530,"profuse","[prE5fju:s] adj

extravagant copious paucity n

pro fuse "

scant adj

scanty adj


5531,"profusion","[prE5fju:V(E)n] n 5532,"progenitor","[prE5dVenItE(r)] n 5533,"progeny","[5prRdVEnI] n

pro gen itor pro gen y "

progenitor n


5534,"prognosticate","[prR^5nRstIkeIt] v 5535,"prohibitive","[prE5hIbItIv] adj " 5536,"projectile","[prE5dVektaIl] n fusillade:projectiles "

pro gnostic ate prohibit v

diagnostic adj

agnostic n


prohibitive:purchase peremptory:dispute

pro ject ile

projector n


5537,"proliferate","[prE5lIfEreIt] v dwindle v decrease in mount " barren adj

pro lifer ate

expend:volume proliferate:number

5538,"prolific","[prE5lIfIk] adj



5539,"prolix","[5prElIks] adj taciturn adj "

pro lix lex

pro lix

pithy terse succinct adj

5540,"prolixity","[prEJ`lIksEtI] n

extreme brevity

conciseness succinctness n pro logue

rareness n "

5541,"prologue","[5prEJlR^; (?@) prEJlC:^] n epilogue n "

prologue:novel preamble:statute

5542,"prolong","[prE5lRN; (?@) prEJ5lC:N] v curtail v truncate v "

pro long

accelerate:speed prolong:duration

5543,"promenade","[prRmE5nB:d] v 5544,"prominent","[5prRmInEnt] adj lucid:understand eclipse v

pro men ade

" pro min ent " prominent:notice

protuberant conspicuous eminent make more prominent

inconspicuous adj

5545,"promiscuous","[prE5mIskjJEs] adj 5546,"promote","[prE5mEJt] v ... 5547,"prompt","[prRmpt] v adj 5548,"promulgate","[5prRmEl^eIt] v 5549,"prone","[prEJn] adj ... pro ne "

pro mis mix cuity " pro mote abate v subside v " check v "

alacrity:prompt acumen:shrewd pro mulg ate pro mu l gate

keep secret "

5550,"pronounced","[prE5naJnst] adj 5551,"prop","[prRp] n 5552,"propagate","[5prRpE^eIt] v multiply check v " v pro p

pronounce v "



pro pa gate

propel v

propeller n

fail to

5553,"propagation","[prRpE5^eIF(E)n] n 5554,"propensity","[prE5pensItI] n 5555,"prophecy","[5prRfIsI] n "

extirpation n pro pens ity

" aversion n "

pro phecy

prophylactic adj


mentor:guidance oracle:prophecy


5556,"prophetic","[prE5fetIk] adj 5557,"propinquity","[prE5pINkwItI] n 5558,"propitiate","[prE5pIFIeIt] v

apocalyptic:prophetic inconsequential:illogical pro pin quity pro pit pet iate " pro pit I ate arouse hostility inauspicious adj opponent n


immutable:altered antagonize v incense v " " "

inalienable:surrendered implacable:propitiated 5559,"propitious","[prE5pIFEs] adj 5560,"proponent","[prE5pEJnEnt] n 5561,"propound","[prE5paJnd] v ... 5562,"proprietary","[prE5praIEtErI] adj 5563,"propriety","[prE5praIItI] n prudish:propriety finicky:quality 5564,"propulsion","[prE5pQlF(E)n] n 5565,"prorogue","[prE5rEJ^] v 5566,"prosaic","[prEJ5zeIIk] adj prosaic:imagination preternatural adj " pro scribe prosaic adj pro rogue prose n extraordinary adj aic pro pit pet ious prone adj propose v "

unfavorable adj detractor n

property n " proper adj transgression:morality presumption:propriety " impulsive adj "

indecorous:propriety boorish:sensitivity pro pul sion " pro sai c imaginary adj repulse v

insipid:invention exciting adj ingenious adj

exceptional adj

5567,"proscribe","[prEJ5skraIb] v 5568,"prose","[prEJz] n

prescribe v

circumscribe v

permit v "

sanction v "

prose:paragraph poetry:stanza persecute v

5569,"prosecution","[prRsI5kju:F(E)n] n prosecution:conviction "

pro secu tion


5570,"proselytizer","[5prRsIlItaIz] n proselytizer:convert salesperson:buy 5571,"prospect","[prE5spekt; (?@) 5prRspekt]n investigate:information " prosper v

pro se lytizer

hunter:quarry " prospect:mineral

proselytize:convert grandstand:impress v pro spect prospective adj


palmy:prosperity draconian:severity 357


5573,"prosperous","[5prRspErEs]adj 5574,"prostrate","[5prRstreIt]adj 5575,"protean","[5prEJtIen, 5prEJti:n]adj static adj "

depressed adj

impecunious adj

" erect adj upright adj "

pro strate state n Proteus

circular:asymmetrical protean:rigid

5576,"protect","[prE5tekt]v 5577,"protest","[5prEtest] v /n 5578,"protocol","[5prEJtEkRl] n protocol:blunder bumper:damage 5579,"protract","[prE5trAkt] v short abridge abbreviate v "

food:nourish antibodies:protect pro test pro to col coll

" "

protest:dissuade supplicate:entreat proto col prototype n "

grammar:language protocol:conduct pro tract protract:length throng:number

curtail v


5580,"protracted","[prEJ`trAktId] adj 5581,"protrude","[prE5tru:d] v " 5582,"protuberant","[prE5tju:bErEnt] adj protuberance n concavity n "

summary adj pro trude

transient adj intrude v

" prominent adj protuberant adj

extrude v

pro tuber ant

depressed adj

concave adj

5583,"provenance","[5prRvEnEns] n 5584,"provender","[`prCvIndE(r)] n 5585,"proverbially","[prE5vE:biElI] adv 5586,"provident","[5prRvIdEnt] adj profligate adj "

pro ven vent ance provide v " proverb n pro vid ent pro verb


" improvidence n

provision n

5587,"providential","[prRvI5denF(E)l] adj 5588,"provincial","[prE5vInF(E)l] adj servile:domination "

pro vid ential province n

unfortunate adj

mishap n "

bigoted:tolerant provincial:cosmopolitan


5589,"provisional","[prE5vIVEn(E)l] adj 5590,"provisory","[prEJ`vaIzErI] adj 5591,"provoke","[prE5vEJk] v choleric adj difficult to provoke

pro vision n conditional pro voke jejune adj


definitive adj

" "

pro vis ory story invoke v revoke v " "

unconditional adj

taunt:provoke plot:outwit


5592,"provoked","[prE5vEJk] adj 5593,"prowess","[5praJIs] n 5594,"prowl","[praJl] v : " 5595,"proximal","[5prRksIm(E)l]adj 5596,"prude","[pru:d] n prude:proper "

attack:vanquished goad:provoked power n pro owl n timidity n "

reconnoiter:information prowl:prey canvass: vote

proximate adj prud e

distant adj " rude adj prudent adj fanatic:devoted

5597,"prudence","[5pru:dEns] n prudence:daredevil sagacity:simpleton 5598,"prudish","[`prU:dIF] adj modest:prudish 5599,"prune","[pru:n] n " 5600,"pry","[praI] v " v

prud ence

rude adj


circumspect:prudence urbane:polish

prudent adj

fool adj " scholarly:pedantic


prudish:propriety finicky:quality


prune:hedge trim:hair

prune:plum raisin:grape

spy n


importune:request pry:inquiry " ps PS " " pseudoscience n

connive:cooperate pry:watch

prying:inquisitive garish:colorful 5601,"psalmody","[5sB:mEdI, 5sAlmEdI] n 5602,"psephology","[pse5fRlEdVI] n 5603,"pseudonym","[5sju:dEnIm] n " 5604,"psychologist","[psaI`kClEdVIst] n motivation:psychologist "

pseph ology pseudo nym name

mask:face pseudonym:name

psyche n

psychoanalysis n



5605,"puberty","[5pju:bEtI] n 5606,"publicize","[5pQblIsaIz] v ... 5607,"pucker","[5pQkE(r)] v pucker:mouth " n



liberty n puberty adj "


public n kiss

astringent:pucker spark ignition


5608,"puckish","[5pQkIF] adj 5609,"puddle","[5pQd(E)l] n 5610,"puerile","[5pjJEraIl] adj

pucker v peddle v

sober adj pebble n " puer pure adj pu is san ce " tude

grave adj

staid adj


puer boy ile

ile power n

sagacious adj

mature adj


5611,"puissance","[5pwi:sB:ns, 5pju:Is(E)ns] n pugilism n pugnacious adj

puiss pug ance

powerlessness n pulchri

5612,"pulchritude","[5pQlkrItju:d] n pulchritudinous adj " pull v et

ugliness n homeliness n

hideous adj

5613,"pullet","[`pJlIt ] n 5614,"pulley","[`pJlI] n 5615,"pullulate","[`pQljJleIt] v 5616,"pulp","[pQlp] n 5617,"pulpit","[5pJlpIt] n

filly:horse pullet:chicken "



ul ate "

pull ul ate

pullet n


pulp it

" pulse n " power n " Seven days without water make one weak/week " pun:joke ize solidify v "

5618,"pulsate","[pQl5seIt; (?@) 5pQlseIt] v 5619,"pulverize","[5pQlvEraIz] v 5620,"pummel","[5pQm(E)l] v 5621,"pun","[pQn] n termite:insect supernova:star 5622,"punch line","[pQntF] n



punch 360

punch punct

joke:punch line


" punct remiss adj pedant n " p und under it authoritativeness:pundits ilious ctiliouis punctual adj punctuate v

5623,"punctilious","[pQNk5tIlIEs] adj puncture n v slipshod adj

5624,"pundit","[5pQndIt] n allegiance:partisans

augur:predict pundit:opine miser:hoard dandy:preen sycophant:fawn recidivism:relapse

pundit:? autocracy:power :? : " 5625,"pungency","[`pQndVLnsI] n 5626,"pungent","[5pQndVEnt] adj 5627,"puny","[`pjU:nI] adj enormous adj " pur pure adj v blind " prohibitive:purchase pung ency pung ent pony pu ny blandness n " pungent:odor caustic:comment "

measly:contemptibly puny:weakly

5628,"purblind","[5p\:blaInd] adj 5629,"purchase","[5p\:tFEs] n peremptory:dispute "

ballast:instability purchase:slippage

5630,"purebred","[`pjJE`bred] adj 5631,"purgatory","[5p\:^EtErI] n 5632,"purification","[9pjJErIfI`keIFLn] n refine:purification attenuate:rarefaction 5633,"purify","[5pjJErIfaI] v purify:water 5634,"purist","[5pjJErIst] n

pure bred breed v

mongrel adj

" purge n v "

pur pure gatory pur pure

purification:dross desalinization:salt

adulteration n " pur pure purify:imperfection verify:doubtfulness winnow:grain

contaminate v " stickler:approximation[imprecision] purist:adulteration puritan n ical " distill:purity leaven:volume dismantle:unity[whole] ?:purity : ?: [ ] "

5635,"puritanical","[pjJErI5tAnIk(E)l] adj 5636,"purity","[5pjJErItI] n alloy:purity thin:density refine v reduce purity " pur lie u ;

adulterate:purity enervate:vigor synopsis:conciseness distillate:purity

5637,"purlieu","[5p\:lju:] n

taut:commodious extraordinary:purlieu 361

infrequently visited place 5638,"purloin","[p\:5lCIn] v " 5639,"purport","[pE5pC:t] n

an unfrequent place pur pure loin lion

" lurk:wait purloin:appropriate abscond:depart

purpose n

" purpose n meander v " move purposively "

5640,"purposively","[5pE:pEsivlI] adv 5641,"purse","[p\:s] v 5642,"pursue","[pE5sju:] v 5643,"purvey","[pE5veI] v n

pur pure se purpose provide v pursue" convey v cowardly pusillanimity n put ative put

vendor:purvey censor:expurgate pus put ill anim animal ous " " put re

" dauntless adj

5644,"pusillanimous","[pju:sI5lAnImEs] adj stouthearted adj temerity n /valiancy n

5645,"putative","[5pju:tEtIv] adj 5646,"putrefaction","[pju:trI5fAkF(E)n] n putrefaction:rotten "

put re faction


5647,"putrid","[5pju:trId] adj 5648,"pygmy","[`pI^mI`] n adj 5649,"pylon","[5paIlEn; (?@) 5paIlRn] n 5650,"pyromania","[paIrEJ5meInIE] n 5651,"quack","[kwAk] n 5652,"quadrangle","[5kwRdrAN^(E)l] n

put rid red Pygmy 127

" PYG P&G pigmy 127 " "

strut:wing guy:pylon pyro mania quick adj quadr angle qu aff pyre n pyrexia n " "

honest practitioner quadruped n aff

quadru ped " quaff:sip stride:mince

5653,"quaff","[kwRf, kwB:f; (?@) kwAf] v delve:skim "

5654,"quagmire","[5kwR^maIE(r)] n


quag n

mire n

mi re



5655,"quail","[kweIl] v 5656,"quaint","[kweInt] adj

qu ail n

" "

become resolute NT " "

give bold


quai kuai nt NT NT qualify qualify v

5657,"qualification","[kwRlIfI5keIF(E)n] n 5658,"qualified","[5kwRlIfaId] v unreserved adj "

absolute adj

categorical adj

5659,"qualify","[5kwRlIfaI] v 5660,"qualm","[kwB:m] n 5661,"quandary","[5kwRndErI] n certain "

mitigate:severe qualify:general

" " : ? state of complete

demur:qualms waver:irresoluteness quan dary quandary:perplex ?

5662,"quantum","[5kwRntEm] n 5663,"quarantine","[5kwRrEnti:n] n

the quantum of rainfall

quant um 40

quantity n quartet n


quaran tine time

quarantine:contagion[contact contamination]hedge:loss embargo:commerce safeguard:accident 5664,"quarry","[5kwRrI; (?@) 5kwC:rI]n mine:ore[coal] [ ] [ ]quarry:stone fell:timber qu ash qua train n qu a y quiver n " que easy que er que ll " Qu squ obdurate:move irrepressible:quell " v quarry quarrel n /v




quarry:rock[marble] "

hunter:quarry proselytizer:convert engender v foment v "

5665,"quash","[kwRF] v 5666,"quatrain","[5kwRtreIn]n 5667,"quaver","[5kweIvE(r)] v 5668,"quay","[ki:] n 5669,"queasy","[ `kwi:zI ] adj 5670,"queer","[kwIE(r)] adj 5671,"quell","[kwel] v

eulogy:speech quatrain:stanza voice:quaver hand:tremble "



instigate incite rouse stir up v " 5672,"quench","[kwentF] v ch tint:suffuse damp:quench 363


5673,"querulous","[5kwerJlEs] adj " 5674,"question","[5kwestF(E)n] v parry:question shirk:duty " 5675,"queue","[kju:] v /n chord:note 5676,"quibble","[5kwIb(E)l] n quibble:cavil 5677,"quiescence","n " quiet adj " n

querul question ous

que rul rule ous

query v /n

quest n /v

querulous:complain prodigal:spend sycophant:flattery voluble:talk

querulous:wods profligate:money

questionnaire n

involve:entangle observe:scrutinize question:grill unimpeachable adj Open to question

motive:deed doubt:question

queue eueue

queue people chain:link colonnade:pillar constellation:star


minutiae:details foible:flaw[fails] quibbles:objections faultfinding:criticize

encomiast:eulogize nitpicker:criticize preacher:sermon quibbler:cavil

restless activity quietus n " quill

action n

tumult n "


5678,"quiescent","[kwaI5esEnt] adj 5679,"quiet","[5kwaIEt] adj 5680,"quill","[kwIl] n

rambunctious adj

boisterous adj qu ill quill

quell v " "

5681,"quintessence","[kwIn5tesEns] n 5682,"quip","[kwIp] adj 5683,"quirk","[kw\:k] n qu irk v qu ip IP IP "

quint essence IP "

5684,"quisling","[5kwIzlIN] n 5685,"quiver","[5kwIvE(r)] v 5686,"quixotic","[kwIk5sRtIk] adj touchy:sensitive 5687,"quota","[5kwEJtE] n 5688,"quote","[kwEJt] v " n

Quisling quaver v n "

Juggernaut:crush quisling:betray


Don Quixote � � "


displaying consistently practical behavior quantity n quorum n

unlimited number



5689,"quotidian","[kwR5tIdIEn] adj unusual adj remarkable adj

commonplace "


dian tian

extraordinary adj

striking adj

5690,"rabble","[5rAb(E)l] n 5691,"rabid","[5rAbId; (?@) 5reIbId] adj 5692,"racketeer","[rAkI5tIE(r)] n 5693,"raconteur","[rAkRn5tE:(r)] n " 5694,"racy","[5reIsI] adj 5695,"radiant","[5reIdIEnt] adj 5696,"radiate","[5reIdIeIt] v 5697,"radius","[5reIdIEs] n 5698,"raffish","[5rAfIF] adj raffish:decorum merciless:leniency 5699,"raffle","[5rAf(E)l] n race n

rab rob b le ra re bid racket n eer

items:hodgepodge people:rabble logical adj " eur detached adj

" "

racont recount v

raconteur:storytelling wordsmith:writing

tame adj radiate v

" "

lackluster n absorb v " radius

radium n radiate v ra " rifle n

spoke:hub radius:center


ingenuous:dissemble raffish:preen polite:snub

raffle raft n er

rifle rafter

lottery:raffle ticket:admission roof:rafter umbrella:rib table:leg

" "

5700,"rafter","[5rB:ftE(r); (?@) rAfter] n 5701,"rage","[reIdV] n /v

gush:effusive rage:irate :

bigotry:dedication rage:anger : : " "


commend:esteem nonplus:perplexity scrounge:possession : 5702,"ragged","[5rA^Id] adj 5703,"ragtime","[5rA^taIm] n 5704,"raid","[reId] n /v 5705,"rail","[reIl] n v 5706,"raillery","[5reIlErI] n banter rag n

cloth:ragged furniture:rickety : ?"

music:ragtime ? ride v /n rail rail v rail "

rail:vehemence entreat:urgency "


le ry rail 365

5707,"raiment","[5reImEnt] n 5708,"rain","[reIn] v n 5709,"raisin","[5reIz(E)n] n 5710,"rakish","[5reIkIF] adj 5711,"rally","[5rAlI] v n

raim rain ent

" " in prune:plum raisin:grape rakish:restraint slothful:assiduity " "

rain:deluge wind:hurricane rais raise v ra re kish ally v " amble v

5712,"ramble","[5rAmb(E)l] n /v 5713,"rambunctious","[rAm5bQNkFEs] adj 5714,"ramify","[5rAmIfaI] v 5715,"ramp","[rAmp] n ram ify ram p

draw:doodle travel:ramble ram bunctious bumptious adj

" quiescent adj "

ramification n " ram page ram pant " "


5716,"rampage","[5rAmpeIdV] v 5717,"rampant","[5rAmpEnt] adj 5718,"rampart","[5rAmpB:t]n rampart:barrier "

ram part

rampart:invasion levee:flood


5719,"ramshackle","[5rAmFAk(E)l]adj " 5720,"rancid","[5rAnsId]adj 5721,"rancor","[5rANkE(r)]n 5722,"randomize","[ `rAndEmaIz ]v 5723,"range","[reIndV] n 5724,"ranger","[5reIndVE(r)] n 5725,"rank","[rANk] n ran run cid ran cor

ram shackle shake v /n

ramshackle:soundness garbled:clarity

ran cor goodwill n

" charitableness n " systematize v " " "

random n adj

range:mountain chain:link archipelago:island range r ranger:forest curator:museum "

coin:denomination officer:rank 366

5726,"rankle","[5rANk(E)l] v mollify v " 5727,"ransom","[5rAnsEm] n v 5728,"rant","[rAnt] v 5729,"rapacious","[rE5peIFEs] adj 5730,"rapid","[`rApId] n adj


ankle rankle rank adj



pacify v

calm v

ran som some some

ran" " troubled:distraught covetous:rapacious "

fear:cower anger:rant rape v /n " acious

" "

5731,"rapport","[rA5pC:(r); (?@) rA5pC:rt] n 5732,"rapprochement","[rA5prRFmRN; (?@) rAprEJF5mRN] n estrangement n " 5733,"rapprochement","[rA5prRFmRN; (?@) rAprEJF5mRN] n 5734,"rapscallion","[rAp5skAljEn] n sluggard:lazy cavalier:arrogant 5735,"rapt","[rAp] adj rapt:distract " enraptured distracted adj " rare adj rape v /n rap rape v scallion

report report rapport r re approach v /n

discord n ment


re approach v


estrangement n "




rapture n


5736,"rarefaction","[9reErI`fAkFEn] n condensation n " 5737,"rarefy","[`reErIfaI] v affluent adj "

refine:purification attenuate:rarefaction

rare adj

make more dense

condense concentrate v

rare adj

5738,"rarity","[5reErItI] n 5739,"rash","[rAF] adj rash:adventurous 5740,"rashness","[rAFnIs] n 5741,"raspy","[`rB:spI] adj

frequency n brash adj

" r run ash obsessed:attracted loquacious:talkative circumspective adj " " "

rash:circumspective imperious:servile courage:rashness generosity:prodigality rasp n v ras py mellifluous adj


5742,"ratification","[9rAtifi5keiFEn] n 5743,"ratiocination","[9rAtICsI`neIFEn] n articulation:talking ratiocination

ratify v

repatriate:emigration repeal:ratification ratio n ci nation



articulation" ratio n rational adj dose:medicine ration:food rationale n "

5744,"ration","[5rAF(E)n] n /v 5745,"rationalization","[9rAFEnElaI`zeIFEn] n equivocation:definite 5746,"rattle","[`rAtl] v 5747,"raucous","[5rC:kEs] adj 5748,"ravage","[5rAvIdV] v 5749,"rave","[reIv] n /v 5750,"ravel","[5rAvEl] v 5751,"ravenous","[5rAvEnEs] adj ravenous:satisfied 5752,"ravine","[rE`vi:n] n 5753,"ravishing","[5rAvIFIN] adj " river rage n " rat


rattlesnake n melodious adj "


ravage " river rave rave raven n /v pan n /v ravel ous knit v " " incontrovertible:disputed untenable:defended

ravine" ravish v " ravish rave raven v /n


ravishing:attractive perspicacious:discerning 5754,"rawhide","[5rC:haId] n 5755,"raze","[reIz] v raw adj hide n v "


build construct v " or react v re action n bit:drill blade:razor inert material " " "

5756,"razor","[5reIzE(r)] n 5757,"reactant","[rI`AktEnt] n 5758,"reaction","[ri:5AkF(E)n] n

raze v

allergy:reaction lancet:instrument re action ary reactivate v

5759,"reactionary","[ri:5AkFEnErI] adj

contumacious[refractory recalcitrant]:authority reactionary[hidebound conservative]:change[innovation novelty] 368

reactionary:convention ? 5760,"ready","[5redI] adj 5761,"reaffirm","[ri:E5f\:m] v 5762,"reagent","[ri:5eIdVEnt] n 5763,"realign","[9ri:E`laIn] v 5764,"realized","[5rIElaIz] adj " 5765,"realm","[relm] n 5766,"ream","[ri:m] n 5767,"reaper","[5ri:pE(r)] n 5768,"reasoning","[5ri:z(E)nIN] n logic:reasoning ethics:behavior 5769,"reassess","[ri:E5ses] v

: ?

votary n ready adj

" ready adj volatile:temper ready:wit " "

re affirm v re agent n re align v realize v "

abnegate v

lign line v

" inchoate adj

immature:developed incipient:realized

real m team ream

" ream:paper cord:wood acre:land scythe:reaper axe:woodcutter v " plant n v "

reap v

reason n fallacy n re assess v "

sophism:reasoning counterfeit:money "

valid reasoning

5770,"reassurance","[9ri:E`FJErEns] n " 5771,"reassure","[ri:E5FJE(r)] v " 5772,"reassuring","[9ri:E`FJErIN] adj 5773,"rebarbative","[rI`bB:bEtIv] adj 5774,"rebate","[5rAbIt, rI5beIt] n v

re assure v


anxious:reassurance perplexed:clarification


perturb:serenity reassure:doubt

feed:hunger reassure:uneasiness

minatory adj repellent re bate

formidable adj ative "


re barb n

abate v " parsimony:miser rebelliousness:insurgent

5775,"rebelliousness","[ri5beljEsnIs] n " 5776,"rebuff","[rI`bQf] v re buff puff v

re bell n iousness

welcome v 369

approve v "

5777,"rebuke","[rI5bju:k] v 5778,"rebus","[5ri:bEs] n notes:score

re buke beat

re buke book

" re bus " T" symbols:rebus

`R U 18' is a rebus for `Are you 18?' : ?" re but butt v re calc itrant submissive adj " re cant re cant re but tal

rebus:dissimulation ?

5779,"rebuttal","[rI`bQtEl] n

rebut v

but "

5780,"recalcitrant","[rI5kAlsItrEnt] adj implacable:conciliation reactionary:change fastidious:outshine recalcitrant:resist 5781,"recall","[rI5kC:l] v /n 5782,"recant","[rI5kAnt] v reaffirm v " 5783,"recantation","[ri5kAnt] n " 5784,"recapitulate","[ri:kE5pItjJleIt] v capitulate v recast v " re cede " re call

recalcitrant[refractory]:authority "

incongruent:conform recalcitrant:obey amenable adj

recant:declare ?

: ?

affirm v

apostasy:faith recantation:heresy

recantation:error confession:crime

re capit ulate

rec REC n


5785,"recede","[rI5si:d] v

5786,"receptacle","[rI5septEk(E)l] n 5787,"receptive","[rI5septIv] adj receptive:gullible "

recept acle recept ive

bowl:receptacle bicycle:vehicle recipient adj n patriotic:chauvinistic


5788,"recess","[rI5ses; (?@) 5ri:ses] n 5789,"recessive","[rI5sesIv] adj 5790,"recidivism","[ rI`sIdIvIzEm ] n pundit:opine " re cip e

re cess

recession n

alcove:recess dome:roof "


re cess ive re cid ivism

dominant adj

recidivism:relapse rehabilitation:convalesce

5791,"recipe","[5resIpI] n

" re cip ro ate 370

5792,"reciprocate","[rI5sIprEkeIt] v

reciprocating moving unidirectionally


5793,"recital","[rI5saIt(E)l] n 5794,"reckless","[5reklIs] adj " 5795,"reckon","[5rekEn] v 5796,"reclaim","[rI5kleIm] v 5797,"recline","[rI5klaIn] v ... 5798,"recluse","[rI5klu:s] n adj recluse:privacy recluse:humanity [ ]

recite v reck v

re cite less

incite v feckless adj

recitalist n

" measured adj

circumspect adj

I reckon him as a friend re claim re cline re cluse close " "



recognition n

recognize v

hedonist:pleasure : ?

recluse:withdraw bigot:biased roisterer:carouse poseur:sincerity recluse:gregariousness social adj " "

malingerer[shirk]:duty recluse:communicate ?

turncoat:consistency recluse:compassion recluse:solitude toady:favor re coil v

recluse:crowd[society] claustrophobia:enclosure reactionary:change

5799,"recoil","[rI5kCIl] v

advance n /v re collection n commend v

5800,"recollection","[rekE5lekF(E)n] n 5801,"recommend","[rekE5mend] v 5802,"recompense","[5rekEmpens] v /n 5803,"reconciliation","[rekEnsIlI5eIF(E)n] n " 5804,"recondite","[5rekEndaIt] adj self-evident adj abstruse "

recombine v

" "

recommend:laud sanction:foster " estrangement n

re compense compensate v reconcile v

re conciliate v

rift n

re con dite

re cond ite widely understood

pierce:impenetrate patent adj self-explain

understand[fathom]:recondite eradicate:tenacious easy comprehension

5805,"reconnaissance","[rI5kRnIsEns] n 5806,"reconnoiter","[rekE5nCItE(r)] v vote : "

recognize v recognize v

" reconnoiter:information prowl:prey canvass:

5807,"reconstitute","[ri:5kRnstItju:t] v

re constitute v

reconstruct v

dehydrate v



5808,"reconvene","[ri:kEn5vi:n] v 5809,"recording","[rI5kC:dIN] n recording:sound "

convene v record v

con vene vent

recount v

" photograph:light

listen:recording view:photograph

5810,"recourse","[rI5kC:s] n 5811,"recreant","[5rekrIEnt] n

His only recourse was the police adj re creant create v re criminate v re cruit create rect angle n " ify rect : : itude "

re cour cur se miscreant adj discriminate v n

re course n recreation n "


5812,"recriminate","[rI5krImIneIt] v 5813,"recruit","[rI5kru:t] n v

incriminate v

crime n " "

professional:rookie soldier:recruit diameter:circle diagonal:rectangle

5814,"rectangle","[5rektAN^(E)l] n circumference:circle perimeter:rectangle 5815,"rectify","[5rektIfaI] v 5816,"rectitude","[5rektItju:d] n impeccable:flaw indolent:stir rect

rectify:treaty confirm:hypothesis :

: "

rectitude:transgress indolence:study keen:obtuse

inequity n

5817,"recumbent","[rI5kQmbEnt] adj 5818,"recuperate","[rI5ku:pEreIt] v 5819,"recurrence","[rI5kQrEns] n 5820,"recycle","[ri:5saIk(E)l] v 5821,"redeem","[rI5di:m] v 5822,"redirect","[ri:daI5rekt] v

re cumb end re cup er ate re cur rence re cycle re deem v re direct v " cup

incumbent n

standing up

" "

debilitating adj "

recuperative adj

happening one time

recycle:disposal rehabilitate:demolition redemption n preempt v "


5823,"redistribution","[5ri:distri5bju:FEn] n inequity:redistribution " aromatic "

re distribution n


5824,"redolent","[5redElEnt] adj piquant:taste unscented adj

re dol olfaction n


red o lent


5825,"redoubtable","[rI5daJtEb(E)l] adj

re doubt able 372


despicable:contempt[scorn disregard] creditable:belief[trust] 5826,"redress","[rI5dres] n /v 5827,"redundant","[rI5dQndEnt] adj redundant:superfluity economical adj 5828,"reel","[ri:l] n 5829,"reenact","[rII5nAkt] v 5830,"refectory","[rI5fektErI, 5rIfIktErI] n 5831,"referee","[refE5ri:] n judge:gavel referee:whistle 5832,"refine","[rI5faIn] v attenuate:rarefaction 5833,"refined","[rI5faInd] adj 5834,"refinery","[rI5faInErI] n 5835,"reflect","[rI5flekt] v re flect refer v " " l

exemplary:imitation culpable:blame unimpressive adj " red und under ant "


not formidable

re dress

superfluous verbose


digress:excursive reiterate:redundant

indigent:wealth redundant:indispensability

reed n enact v


reek n v v " refect v ory


reel:winging die:shaping


" referee:field judge:courtroom


reference n

fine adj lustrous:polish pure:refine

winnow:wheat refine:oil reduce purity "


attentive:officious refined:snobbish refinery:petroleum mill:grain "

crass adj


reflection:light echo:sound re formulate v re fract to ry " " " fuge " " formula n " refraction n

absorb v


5836,"reformulate","[ri:5fC:mjJleIt] v 5837,"refractory","[rI5frAktErI] adj refractory:control pertinacity:refractory 5838,"refrain","[rI5freIn] v 5839,"refresh","[rI5freF] v responsive adj ...n

adamant:flexibility inexperience:green

refractory[recalcitrant unruly]:authority reactionary:change

" "

" "


re fresh

disgruntle v

5840,"refugee","[refjJ:5dVi:; (?@) 5refjJdVi:] n ?"

refuge n

refugee:asylum ?



5841,"refulgent","[rI5fQldVEnt] adj 5842,"refurbish","[ri:5f\:bIF] v 5843,"refutable","[5refju:tEb(E)l] adj 5844,"refutation","[refju:5teIF(E)n] n 5845,"refute","[rI5fju:t] v 5846,"regal","[5ri:^(E)l] adj 5847,"regale","[rI5^eIl] v 5848,"regard","[rI5^B:d] v


re fulg ent

re ful full gent


fulgurate v "

re furbish v " refute v verification n " prove verify v reg al regime n affirm v " " exemplary:imitation redoubtable:regard[awe] redoubtable:regard[respect] creditable:belief[trust] " re generate v truculent:gentleness unregenerate:remorse " indisputable adj "

re fute splendid

reg a le I regard him as a fool

regality n

" "

" "

culpable:blame despicable:scorn[contempt disregard] paragon[paradigm]:imitate reverence:regard 5849,"regenerate","[rI5dVenEreIt] adj " 5850,"regime","[reI5Vi:m] n 5851,"regimen","[5redVImEn] n mnemonics:memory " v reg iment reg ime regent n regi men " v

regimen:health budget:solvency

5852,"regiment","[5redVImEnt] n 5853,"regressive","[ rI`^resIv ] adj 5854,"regulate","[5re^jJleIt] v 5855,"rehabilitate","[ri:hE5bIlIteIt] v rehabilitate:addiction

" " " debilitate v " " disabuse:error

re gress ive reg ulate

forward adj regularity n

reh re abilitate

recycle:disposal rehabilitate:demolition

5856,"rehabilitation","[ri:hEbIlI5teIF(E)n] n 5857,"rehearsal","[ rI`h\:sEl ] n impromptu adj carefully rehearsed

recidivism:relapse rehabilitation:convalescence re hear sal "

impromptu:rehearsal caprice:deliberate


5858,"reign","[reIn] n


reig reg

coronation:reign wedding:marriage re im burse prod v " adj carn " " "


5859,"reimburse","[ri:Im5b\:s] v 5860,"rein","[reIn] n v rei reg

5861,"reincarnate","[ri:In5kB:nIt] v 5862,"reinforce","[ri:In5fC:s] v 5863,"reinstate","[ri:In5steIt] v 5864,"reiterate","[ri:5ItEreIt] v " 5865,"reject","[5ri:dVekt] v 5866,"rejoice","[rI5dVCIs] v 5867,"rejoicing","[ rI`dVRIsIN ] n 5868,"rejoin","[rI5dVCIn] v n re ject

re incarnate v re in force n re in state n re iterate v

carnival n subvert v "


undermine v "

literate n adj

digress:excursive reiterate:redundant

scorn:reject adulate:flatter ice joy rejoice " " " grouse v

" "

re jo joy ice

moroseness n re join

sulkiness n "

enjoin re join der juven

5869,"rejoinder","[rI5dVCIndE(r)] n 5870,"rejuvenate","[rI5dVu:vEneIt] v 5871,"rekindle","[ri:5kInd(E)l] v 5872,"relapse","[rI5lAps] n /v rehabilitation:convalescence pundit:opine 5873,"release","[rI5li:s] v " 5874,"relegate","[5relI^eIt] v ... 5875,"relenting","[rI5lent] adj 5876,"relevance","[5relIvEns] n banish

rejoin v

" juvenile adj "

re ju ven wen ate

re kindle v " backslide re lapse n v relapse:error ? Four prisoners were released ?" relax v constrain v immure v recidivism:relapse

re leg ate re lent

aggrandize v money

" relentless adj inexorable adj "

relent v

pertinent:relevance redundant:superfluity 375


peripheral:center circuitous:directness 5877,"relevant","[5relIvEnt] adj " 5878,"relict","[5relIk] adj 5879,"religion","[rI5lIdVEn] n 5880,"relinquish","[rI5lINkwIF] v cooperate v reward v " n relic n

" relevant:crucial perceptible:obvious immaterial adj extraneous adj

relinquish v rely v

" religion:devoutness canon:orthodoxy re procure v " cling to

re linquish leave

5881,"relish","[5relIF] n /v 5882,"reluctance","[rI5lQktEns] n alacrity n "

re lish

relocate v

despise v " cajole:reluctant ? ?

hesitation:reluctance hubris:pride

5883,"remainder","[rI`meIndE(r)] n residue:evaporation

remain v "

remains n


vestige:remainder figurine:statue re mark able remediable adj remin remind v " isce

5884,"remarkable","[rI5mB:kEb(E)l] adj 5885,"remedy","[5remIdI] n 5886,"reminisce","[remI5nIs] v

" "

alchemy:science nostrum:remedy reminiscence n reminder n

autobiography:reminisce eulogy:praise 5887,"remiss","[rI5mIs] adj assiduous adj punctilious adj re miss

remission n wary adj

remissible adj

remit v

mit miss "

scrupulous adj

conscientious adj

painstaking adj

5888,"remittance","[rI5mIt(E)ns] n 5889,"remittent","[rI5mIt(E)nt] adj 5890,"remnant","[5remnEnt] n 5891,"remodel","[ri:5mRd(E)l] v

re mit tance re mit tent remain v re model n

money " " ?" " remonstrance n "

shred:remnant ?

construct:remodel compose:edit monster n

5892,"remonstrate","[5remEnstreIt; (?@) rI5mRnstreIt] v expostulate remonstrance:offend[dissuade] syllogism:disprove

remonstrator:dissuade applicant:appeal 376

5893,"remorse","[rI5mC:s] n morsel n

re mor se

re mo rse rose


re morse " "

truculent:gentleness unregenerate:remorse re move n /v aerate v

longing:pine remorse:rue remove air from ate insert v

5894,"remove","[rI5mu:v] v 5895,"remunerate","[rI5mju:nEreIt] v retaliation:injury "

re muner number


5896,"remunerative","[rI5mju:nErEtIv] adj

unrequited adj

" renascent adj unite v " mend

5897,"renaissance","[rI5neIs(E)ns; (?@) 5renEsB:ns] n 5898,"rend","[rend] v repair v " 5899,"rendering","[5rendErIN] n 5900,"rendezvous","[5rRndIvu:] n 5901,"renegade","[5renI^eId] n " 5902,"renounce","[rI5naJns] v rescind:order claim v re nounce embrace v " re nov new ate render v r end end Rend mend

re nai ssance rend:tear rush:hurry

rendition n rendez render

" " renegade:allegiance apostate:faith

vous you negative n

re neg ade

denounce v

enounce v


5903,"renovate","[5renEveIt] v 5904,"renowned","[rI5naJnd] adj 5905,"rent","[rent] n rift v


cause to decay "


renown n re nown name rent " " re part n ee re patri "

5906,"repartee","[repB:5ti:] n 5907,"repatriate","[ri:`pAtrIeIt] v ... repeal:ratification "

repartee:retort debate:issue ate patriot n



5908,"repeal","[rI5pi:l] v appeal v repatriate:emigration repeal:ratification

re peal appeal n " 377

re pe al all

appealing adj

peal n

irrevocable:repeal ineluctable:avoid

retract:statement repeal:legislation

5909,"repel","[rI5pel] v ... intentionally "

re pel

cogent:convince repugnant:repel

court v ...


5910,"repellent","[rI5pelEnt] adj winsome adj "


repellent:attract ephemeral:endure

entrancing adj



repent v re pen re percussion n repertory n

" percuss v cuss "

5912,"repercussion","[ri:pE5kQF(E)n]n 5913,"repertoire","[5repEtwB:(r)]n agenda:meeting 5914,"repine","[rI5paIn]v 5915,"repletion","[rI5pli:F(E)n]n privation n " 5916,"reportage","[9repR:`tB:V,rI`pR:tIdV]n ridicule:satirist choreography:dancer 5917,"reportorial","[9repE`tR:rIEl]adj 5918,"repose","[rI5pEJz]v fatigue:repose[rest] re pose "

" "

repertoire:performance manifest:cargo " express joy plete " " " replenish v want n emptiness n

palette:color repertoire:play re pine n v replete adj

report n /v


report n /v


imaginative adj

" dehydrate:water

guilt:expiation fatigue:repose " "

breach:continuity disturb:repose warehouse re pos itory

5919,"repository","[rI5pRzItErI]n 5920,"repossess","[ri:pE5zes]v


re possess v " blameworthy re pre hens hand ible comprehend v censure:blameless

5921,"reprehensible","[reprI5hensEb(E)l]adj apprehend v approbation:reprehensible 5922,"repress","[rI5prZs]v 5923,"reprieve","[rI5pri:v]v n 5924,"reprimand","[5reprImB:nd]n /v " press v /n

lamentable:pity reprehensible:censure despicable:contempt

foster v re prieve

" reprieve:punishment moratorium:activity reprove:reprimand jeer:derision "

re primand 378

reprimand[blame]:censure 5925,"reprisal","[rI5praIz(E)l] n

" re prise price al re proach reprise n "

5926,"reproach","[rI5prEJtF] n /v upbraid:reproach dote:like

approach n /v

irreproachable adj above reproach " approbate v righteous

scurvy[nefarious] adj re prob ate tribute n "

/ culpable adj

5927,"reprobate","[5reprEJbeIt] v adj /n objectivity:partisan temperance:reprobate individual accolade n /v acclaim v

re prob probe ate

reprobate: misbehave sycophant:fawn

5928,"reproof","[rI5pru:f] n soaking:damp glorification:merit

re proof n : re prove v

castigation:reproof denunciation:denial loathing:dislike accolade n /v " reprove:reprimand blame:censure pretense:deceive

5929,"reprove","[rI5pru:v] v rebuke admonition:reprove "

5930,"reptile","[5reptaIl; (?@) 5reptl] n orange:fruit finch:bird aspen:tree eagle:bird 5931,"repudiate","[rI5pju:dIeIt] v ... 5932,"repugnance","[rI5pQ^nEns] n affinity n "


rept creep v ile " re pudi put ate

surreptitious adj



espouse v repugn v

uphold v " odious:repugnance menacing:fear

re pug put nance

5933,"repugnant","[rI5pQ^nEnt] adj cogent:convince repugnant:repel 5934,"repulse","[rI5pQls] v /n " 5935,"repulsion","[rI5pQlF(E)n] n 5936,"repute","[rI5pju:t] n " 5937,"request","[rI5kwest] n /v importune:request pry:inquiry 5938,"requiem","[`rekwIEm] n

offensive repulsive " re pulse

re pugn ant

pugnacious adj


captivate v

entrance v

court v

repulse intentionally

attraction n

" reputed adj opprobrium n lack of distinction

reputable adj

reputation n

require v inveigle v

request:command propose:stipulate invite:summon request directly " unnecessary adj requisite adj n "

re quie quiet m 379

5939,"requite","[rI5kwaIt] v 5940,"rescind","[rI5sInd] v rescind:order

re quit e re sci nd : ?

requital n

leave unrepaid

" renounce:pledge

rescind:law withdraw:candidacy levy v " " " resentment n assent n /v institute v "

irrevocable:rescind ?

5941,"rescission","[rI`sIVEn] n 5942,"rescript","[5ri:skrIpt] n 5943,"rescue","[5reskju:] n /v 5944,"resent","[rI5zent] v 5945,"reserve","[rI5z\:v] n /v 5946,"reserved","[rI5z\:vd] adj expansive adj "

enactment n re script

re s cu e re sent

resentful adj

sentiment n " " ?

" "

maverick:conformity extrovert:reserve

furtive:openness flamboyant:reserved

gregarious:reserved ?

5947,"reshuffle","[ri:5FQf(E)l] v 5948,"reside","[rI5zaId] v 5949,"residence","[5rezIdEns] n 5950,"residue","[5rezIdju:] n residue:evaporation 5951,"resign","[rI5zaIn] v " 5952,"resigned","[rI5zaInd] adj 5953,"resilience","[rI5zIlIEns] n elasticity n lack of resilience "

re shuffle v

" " "

cohabit:reside conspire:plot re side nce reside v

mansion:residence limousine:automobile residual adj


re sign

designate v

consign v

abdicate:throne resign:office


re sign ed re sili ence

stickler:exacting defeatist:resigned re si lience / " " resilience:recover ?

" : ?

inelasticity n

unable to recover/adjust re sin n

5954,"resin","[`rezIn] n 5955,"resist","[rI5zIst] v acquiesce v re sist "

resin:tree gum:rubber plant


default:pay yield:resist

fertilize:grow immunize:resist

capitulate v


5956,"resistance","[rI`zIstLns] n having no resistance "

humility:supplicant resistance:adversary

capitulation n

immune adj

5957,"resolute","[5rezElu:t] adj resoluteness:will zeal:conviction

unwavering daunt v

resolve n v make resolute

indubitable:questioned resolute:sway jittery adj " " " supersonic adj

5958,"resolution","[rezE5lu:F(E)n] n 5959,"resolve","[rI5zRlv] v 5960,"resonant","[5rezEnEnt] adj full-bodied:flavor resonant:sound 5961,"resort","[rI5zC:t] n 5962,"resound","[rI5zaJnd] v 5963,"resourceful","[rI5sC:sfJl] adj philanthropic:geniality 5964,"respect","[rI5spekt] n /v " re spect v solve

lumber:grace flag:vigor waver:resolution vacillate v re son ant " " glimmer:dazzle murmur:resound resource n " resolve firmly

" "" "

resounding muffled re sort out re sound

dissonant adj


respective adj deride v "

flip:respect nonchalant:concern

reverence:respect avidity:enthusiasm 5965,"respire","[rI5spaIE(r)] v 5966,"respite","[5respaIt] n re spir e v

lung:respire tooth:masticate eye:envision ear:resonate plateau:change respite:activity interim:concert " re splend ent dull adj respons ive


: "

re spite bite

fast:eat respite:labor moratorium:activity 5967,"resplendent","[rI5splendEnt] adj bootless:futility effulgent:resplendence 5968,"responsive","[rI5spRnsIv] adj refractory adj dispassionate adj " "

bravura:performance resplendent:appearance lack luster " respondent n plaintiff n

5969,"restate","[ri:5steIt] v

re state v

5970,"restitution","[restI5tju:F(E)n] n 5971,"restive","[5restIv] adj rest ive

re stitut ion G 381

institution n restless adj

" restive:calm

piddling:considerable keen:obtuse incogitant:thoughtful impetuous:patience 5972,"restiveness","[5restivnIs] n 5973,"restless","[5restlIs] adj 5974,"restored","[rI5stC:(r)d] adj 5975,"restrain","[rI5streIn] v tenacious:persist impel v calm adj imperturbable adj "

restive:calmness impeccable:flaw

contentment n " restless:serene ? restore v restrict v release vt fervid adj " unrepressed adj theatrical adj " bridled adj without : quiescence n n restless activity " temperate:restrain "

restorative adj

dilapidated adj

indulge:ascetic restrain:libertine

5976,"restrained","[rI5streInd] adj 5977,"restraint","[rI5streInt] n restraint "

rakish:restraint slothful:assiduity

ebullience n

5978,"resumed","[rI5zju:md] adj 5979,"resurgent","[rI5s\:dVEnt] adj in decline waning vitally "

resume n v re surge nt

resumption n

truce n

resumed fighting


sycophantic:obsequious rebellious:resurgent

5980,"resurrect","[rezE5rekt] v 5981,"resuscitate","[rI5sQsIteIt] v resuscitated adj resuscitation n

re sur rect

" re su scit ate extinct adj

re sus cit ate enervation n " retention n retain v : " re tail ate er

5982,"retain","[rI5teIn] v 5983,"retainer","[rI5teInE(r)] n officer:staff room:suite 5984,"retaliate","[rI5tAlIeIt] v retaliatory adj

re tain

retentive adj

discard v "

retainer[attendant]:retinue witch:coven

re tali tall ate " retarded adj

Re tali ate

talisman n

remuneration:service retaliation:injury re tard catalyze v tardy adj

5985,"retard","[rI5tB:d] v up accelerate v expedite v

divert:shunt retard:brake


precipitate v " re ti cent Re ticent loquacious adj reticent vociferous adj

5986,"reticent","[5retIsEnt] adj

reticent:talk[speak] abstemious:gorge parsimonious:spend 382

voluble adj

effusive adj

" re ti cu lation re tin ue " re ti nu e : "

5987,"reticulation","[rItIkjJ5leIF(E)n] n 5988,"retinue","[5retInju:; (?@) 5retEnu:] n

retainer[attendant]:retinue witch:coven officer:staff room:suite 5989,"retiring","[rI5taIErIN] adj 5990,"retort","[rI`tR:t,`ri:tR:t] v retort:response ? : " re touch re trace re tract " retractability n foster v re treat tract re trench n expand v " retire v re tort " distort v

tortuous adj

repartee:retort debate:issue

5991,"retouch","[9ri:`tQtF] v 5992,"retrace","[rI`treIs] v 5993,"retract","[rI5trAkt] v

revise:manuscript retouch:picture


retract:statement repeal:legislation

misunderstood:clarify erroneous:retract 5994,"retreat","[rI`tri:t] n /v 5995,"retrench","[rI5trentF] v attenuate:force : enlarge v

tender v " incursion n "

retrench:expense[money] decelerate:speed

5996,"retribution","[retrI5bju:F(E)n] n 5997,"retrieve","[rI5tri:v] v 5998,"retrograde","[5retrE^reIt] adj 5999,"retrogress","[retrE5^res] v 6000,"retrospective","[retrE5spektIv] adj 6001,"revelation","[revE5leIF(E)n] n 6002,"revelry","[5revElrI] n 6003,"revenge","[rI5vendV] n /v vindictive:revenge "

re tribut ion re trieve "

contribution n

attribute v ... n "

retro grade retro gress "

progressive n



retro spect ive reveal v

anticipatory adj revealing adj "


revel rebel ry

mournfulness n " re ven ge avenge v mercenary:money

re venge v ...


6004,"revenue","[5revEnju:; (?@) 5revEnu:] n 6005,"reverberate","[rI5v\:bEreIt] v 6006,"revere","[rI`vIE(r)] v at jeer v jibe v taunt v profane v reecho Revere

re ven vent ue re verber ate 1735-1818 despise v " reverend adj n

revenant n adj ate

" " jape

re verber verbal adj 1775 4 18

disparage v veneration "

6007,"reverence","[5revErEns] n /v despicable:scorn paragon[paradigm]:imitate reverence:regard 6008,"reverent","[5revErEnt] adj reverent:deference


elegiac:sorrow devotional:reverence

reverence:respect avidity:enthusiasm

reverent:idolater trusting:dupe scornful adj despicable adj " "


impudent adj

6009,"reverently","[5revErEnt] adv 6010,"reverie","[5revErI] n 6011,"reversal","[rI5v\:s(E)l] n 6012,"revile","[rI`vaIl] v vituperate 6013,"revise","[rI5vaIz] n /v 6014,"revive","[rI5vaIv] v revive:conscious ripen: immature 6015,"revoke","[rI5vEJk] v empower v

profane v revelry n

treat reverently " v

reverse n adj re vile adj "

re verse

revert v "

re vis e

revise:manuscript retouch:picture vital adj lull v " re vive live

" revert:prior

revitalize v : re voke " re volt review v recompense revue

wither v

revocable adj

countermand:order revoke:license

revoke the authority

6016,"revolt","[rI5vEJlt] v 6017,"revue","[rI5vju:] n 6018,"reward","[rI5wC:d] n v

revolve v "

revulsion n


relinquish v " reward v sody 384

6019,"rewarding","[rI5wC:dIN] adj 6020,"rhapsody","[5rApsEdI] n

remunerative r hap n

drudgery n

rewarding work "


rhapso ody ode n

6021,"rhetoric","[5retErIk] adj 6022,"rhinestone","[5raInstEJn] n 6023,"rhubarb","[5ru:bB:b] n 6024,"rib","[rIb] n

rhetor n rhine n Rha " ribaldry n

" stone " "

organ:kidney bone:rib rib bald " shaky ric mic

6025,"ribald","[5rIbEld] adj seemly adj proper adj

ribald:seemly labyrinthine:direct

6026,"rickety","[5rIkItI] adj 6027,"rider","[5raIdE(r)] n 6028,"ridicule","[5rIdIkju:l] n /v elegy:sorrow

kety kitty ridge n



cloth:ragged furniture:rickety "


ride r rid red icule

rider:bill endorsement:policy

pillory:ridicule guillotine:execute ridicule:derision ? : ?"


reportage:journalist ridicule:satirist sublime adj sparse adj " rifle rig right rift " "

6029,"ridiculous","[rI5dIkjJlEs] adj 6030,"rife","[raIf] adj 6031,"rifle","[5raIf(E)l] n v 6032,"rift","[rIft] n 6033,"rig","[rI^] v life rife

faultfinding:criticize rift:breach " "

reconciliation n


rig:contest gerrymander:district right n adj stiff adj reprobate n

6034,"righteous","[5raItFEs] adj 6035,"rigid","[5rIdVId] adj 6036,"rile","[raIl] v ... calm " ri le

righteous individual

circular:asymmetrical protean:rigid rile:volatile ? : ? appease v conciliate v

pliable adj placate v

" make

6037,"rind","[raInd] n 6038,"ringlet","[5rINlEt] n

rinse rind ring let "

apple:skin melon:rind



6039,"rinse","[rIns] v 6040,"riot","[5raIEt] n 6041,"rip","[rIp] v 6042,"ripen","[5raIpEn] v 6043,"ripple","[5rIp(E)l] v n v ripe adj

rinse rind" ri o t rip" ripen:maturity harden:solidity " ris rise ible ball adj derisive adj improvised act " unite v " ris """ " roar v / n riotous adj sedate adj v "

ripe adj ri pp le ludicrous rite right v...

6044,"risible","[5rIzIb(E)l] adj 6045,"rite","[raIt] n 6046,"rival","[5raIv(E)l] n

ritual n rive v rive

rival:competition sycophant:flattery sardinian plant ial rial "

6047,"sardonic","[sB:5dRnIk] adj 6048,"sartorial","[sB:5tC:rIEl] adj 6049,"sash","[sAF] n 6050,"satanic","[sE5tAnIk] adj 6051,"sate","[seIt] v 6052,"satiate","[5seIFIeIt] v 6053,"satiated","[5seIFIeItId] adj 6054,"satiny","[5sAtInI] adj 6055,"satire","[5sAtaIE(r)] n satire:ridicule elegy:sorrow 6056,"satirize","[5sAtIraIz] v " 6057,"saturate","[5sAtFEreIt] v

sarcastic adj sartor tailor n s ash Satan satiety n

tonsorial:hair sartorial:apparel


sash " " satisfy v " " starve v "

slake:thirst satiate:hunger

satiated:food saturated:moisture sat sate in y sa tire satire:lampoon diligence:effort : "

limerick:poem lampoon:satire : " reportage:journalist ridicule:satirist

panegyric:eulogize lampoon:satirize

satur sate ate

dehydrate v

saturate with water



6058,"saturated","[`sAtFEreItId] adj saturated:moisture


small:minuscule moist:saturated :

satiated:food "

obliterate:remove saturated:wet : Saturn n

saturated:wet peeved:annoy Satur sate nine genial adj jovial adj "

6059,"saturnine","[5sAtEnaIn] adj


despondent:depressed saturnine:gloomy masterful:skilled 6060,"saunter","[5sC:ntE(r)] v /n " 6061,"savage","[5sAvIdV] adj 6062,"savanna","[sE`vAnE] n sav save age sa van wan na sav sap ant " " s see aunt er ter

prate:speak saunter:walk drawl:speak lug:carry



slope n " unlearned person "

6063,"savant","[5sAvEnt; (?@) sA5vB:nt] n 6064,"save","[seIv] v 6065,"savory","[5seIvErI] adj acrid adj " n wait:lurk save:hoard savor n

sav save ant

mellifluous:sound savory:taste

noisome adj

6066,"savvy","[5sAvI] adj 6067,"saw","[sC:] n 6068,"sawdust","[5sC:dQst] n sawdust:woodcutting "

savv saw y sa w w www saw dust

tactless adj

simplicity n

" " soot:combustion

saw:carpenter scissors:tailor wood:sawdust metal:filings

6069,"scabbard","[5skAbEd] n dagger:scabbard pistol:holster 6070,"scad","[ skAd ] n [ ] 6071,"scaffold","[5skAfEld] n 6072,"scald","[skC:ld, skRld] n /v 6073,"scale","[skeIl] n color:spectrum tone:scale 6074,"scalpel","[5skAlp(E)l] n v

scab n " scab n

bard n

scab bard

S cab

bard bird

scabrous adj

b scar n d scads sacf fold v

paucity n "


scald cold


scold v " gauge:pressure scale:weight yardstick:length

bird:feathers fish:scales " scalp n el

scalp sculp el 387

scalpel:surgeon telescope:astronomer

tackiness:adhesive sharpness:scalpel 6075,"scamper","[5skAmpE(r)] v 6076,"scan","[skAn] v 6077,"scandalous","[5skAndElEs] adj 6078,"scanty"," scant[5skAntI] adj considerable plentiful adj scamp n

" v er s camp er " "

scan:metrical parse:grammatical defamatory meager scan scandal n ty " "

scant:considerable ?



profuse abundant

voluminous adj escape goat scarce adj s care scar f scar scare

myriad adj

6079,"scapegoat","[5skeIp^EJt] n 6080,"scarcity","[5skeEsItI] n 6081,"scare","[skeE(r)] v 6082,"scarf","[skB:f] n 6083,"scarp","[skB:p] n adj

" scar ce plethora n superfluity n : ?" myriad n / adj "

scare:terrified ? "

: ?bully:scare ?

p place " scathe v " nucleate v revenge scen scene n " scavenger n scenery n " " " " " sca scar the s cat he sca thing

6084,"scathing","[5skeITIN] adj calmly complimentary 6085,"scatter","[5skAtE(r)] v 6086,"scavenge","[5skAvIndV] v 6087,"scenario","[sI5nB:rIEJ] n 6088,"scepter","[5septE(r)] n 6089,"schematize","[5ski:mEtaIz] v 6090,"scheme","[ski:m] n 6091,"schism","[5sIz(E)m] n interruption:continuity 6092,"school","[sku:l] n

politely cooperative collect v

scavenger ari o sceptical adj v



scheme n schema sch school ism

schematic adj

" "

interest:inveigle plan:scheme schismatic adj n


accord n

" school:fish flock:birds crowd:people "

deport:nation expel:school 388

6093,"scintillating","[5sIntIleIt] adj " 6094,"scion","[5saIEn] n sci on

scintillate v

scint scant

ill ate

fool adj

dull adj

ancestor n " sci scissors n unification n " pestle:grind spoon:stirring spice:flavor flint : "

6095,"scission","[5siVEn, 5siFEn]n 6096,"scissors","[5sIzEz] n sci

saw:carpenter scissors:tailor : : :

stone:sharpen scissor:cutting pencil: recording 6097,"scoff","[skRf; (?@) skC:f] v /n bluster:loud prate:aimless thankful:gratitude : 6098,"scoop","[sku:p] n 6099,"scooter","[5sku:tE(r)] n 6100,"scorch","[skC:tF] v 6101,"score","[skC:(r)] n score:improvise score " " v OO : :

pontificate:pompous scoff:derisive[contempt] drawl:slow : : : " " "

scoop:concave spatula:flat

oscillation:swing momentum:scooter dampen v "

" "

symbols:rebus notes:score director:script conductor:score scorn

text:extemporize "

script:drama score:music scold v adulate v venerate v "

6102,"scorn","[skC:n] n /v despicable:scorn[contempt disregard] scornful:respect

venerable:reverence redoubtable:regard[awe] deferential:offend

scorn:reject adulate:flatter disparage:ignore

6103,"scorpion","[5skC:pIEn] n 6104,"scotch","[skRtF] v Scotch n rogue

" encourage v " scound scold rel scour scourge v /n " courage scour:wash ? : ?" urge v scour

6105,"scoundrel","[5skaJndr(E)l] n 6106,"scour","[5skaJE(r)] v 6107,"scourge","[sk\:dV] n /v scourge " 6108,"scowl","[skaJl] n /v

s courge courage n


courage s scour v

s cow l


scowl:displeasure kiss:affection hurl:disgust



6109,"scramble","[5skrAmb(E)l] v 6110,"scrap","[skrAp]n vt 6111,"scrappy","[5skrApI] adj 6112,"scrawl","[skrC:l] v 6113,"screech","[skri:tF] v 6114,"screed","[skri:d] n 6115,"screen","[skri:n] n 6116,"screw","[skru:] n v adj crap n scrap n s crawl v scream v s creed n " v

scr crawl v retrieve v

amble v "


scrape n /v sprawl n /v

timorous adj write carefully

" "

" " " calligraphy:scribble sonnet:doggerel

screen:movie stage:play

screwdriver n

gear:tooth screw:thread scribb scribe v le " script:drama score:music

6117,"scribble","[5skrIb(E)l] v

babble[mumble]:talk scribble:write tinker:adjust 6118,"script","[skrIpt] n " 6119,"scripture","[skrIptFE(r)] n " 6120,"scroll","[skrEJl] n 6121,"scrub","[skrQb] n sc scene n roll n " " script use manuscript n

director:script conductor:score

scripted adj

diary:biographer scripture:theologian

shrub n

6122,"scrumptious","[5skrQmpFEs] adj 6123,"scrupulous","[5skru:pjJlEs] adj 6124,"scrutinize","[5skru:tInaIz] v scrutinize:g1oss delve:skim

delectable painstaking nize

sumptuous adj scruple n /v

sum n "

ptu ous "

observe[look]:scrutinize question:grill scrutab1e adj " "


mysterious adj casual glance

6125,"scrutiny","[5skru:tInI; (?@) 5skru:tEnI] n 6126,"scud","[skQd] v "


6127,"scuff","[skQf] n /v 6128,"sculptor","[`skQlptE(r)] n "

scu scar ff sculp v

scuff scar

scuff:abrasion heat:vaporization


canvas:painter marble:sculptor novel:author banquet:chef

6129,"sculpture","[5skQlptFE(r)] n 6130,"scurrilous","[5skQrIlEs] adj " 6131,"scurry","[5skQrI] v 6132,"scurvy","[5sk\:vI] adj 6133,"scutter","[5skQtE] v /n momentum:scutter 6134,"scythe","[saIT] n 6135,"seafaring","[5si:feErIN] adj 6136,"seal","[si:l] n v absorb:sponge seal:caulk 6137,"seamstress","[5semstrIs] n 6138,"seamy","[5si:mI] adj 6139,"sear","[sIE(r)] v 6140,"seasoned","[`si:zEnd] adj 6141,"seasoning","[5si:zEnIN] n 6142,"secede","[sI5si:d] v 6143,"secluded","[sI5klu:dId] adj " 6144,"seclusion","[sI5klu:F(E)n] n seam v /n " "

brush:painting chisel:sculpture scur scar ril ous

statue:sculpture ode:poem


scurrilous:propriety mercurial:constancy

scurvy scurvy

scurry scurry scuttle n

cur " above reproach v scurry v /n " s cut ter cut vacillation:swing

scy sci the sea

scythe:reaper axe:woodcutter seafarer n seascape n "


glue:seal manure:fertilize

lubricate:abrasion seal:leakage

seam n /v stress seam y s ear

" " "

decent and respectable trickle:gush warm:sear

season ed season se cede

" seasoning "

secession n " se clude hermitage:secluded landmark:conspicuous

seclude v

sequester:seclusion endanger:jeopardy 391


6145,"secret","[5si:krIt] adj 6146,"secrete","[sI5kri:t] v


bruit v secret adj

divulge v e

promulgate v

keep secret

" absorb v "

" "

depart:abscond store:secrete "

6147,"secretive","[5si:krEtIv] adj 6148,"secretiveness","[si5kri:tivnIs] n 6149,"sectarian","[sek5teErIEn] adj 6150,"secular","[5sekjJlE(r)] adj 6151,"secure","[sI5kjJE(r)] adj 6152,"securities","[sI5kjJErItIs] n 6153,"sedate","[sI5deIt] adj v v

grandiloquent adj

frank:secretiveness callow:maturity honest:theft sect n " se cular unfasten v " portfolio:securities dossier:reports flighty adj " "


securities security n sed ate n riot v roil v


6154,"sedative","[5sedEtIv] adj antiseptic:sterilize "

sedative:drowsiness anesthetic:numbness


6155,"sedentary","[5sedEntErI; (?@) 5sedEnterI] adj 6156,"sediment","[5sedImEnt] n 6157,"sedition","[sI5dIF(E)n] n sedi ment sed it ion se duce

sed entary " seditious adj

migratory adj

peripatetic adj


" discourage v " careless adj lazy adj " "

6158,"seduce","[sI5dju:s; (?@) sI5du:s] v 6159,"sedulity","[sI`djU:lEtI] n sed ulity

seductive adj lack of industriousness sed ul ous

6160,"sedulous","[5sedjJlEs; (?@) 5sedVJlEs] adj 6161,"seedling","[5si:dlIN] n 6162,"seemly","[5si:mlI] adj ribald adj " see p seep peep v /n seed ling

seedy adj

" indecorous adj uncouth adj

ribald:seemly labyrinthine:direct

6163,"seep","[si:p] v

inch:advance seep:flow 392


6164,"seethe","[si:T] v 6165,"segment","[5se^mEnt] n 6166,"segregate","[5se^rI^eIt] v 6167,"seine","[seIn] n 6168,"seismic","[5saIzmIk] adj

see sea the

" segmentable adj aggregate v sect n " " make whole "

seg sect ment se greg ate Seine Seine se is mic

bird:snare fish:seine mic "

6169,"selectivity","[9sIlek`tIvEtI] n 6170,"self-assertion","[selfE5s\:F(E)n] n assurance n self-centered adj "

industriousness:activity fastidiousness:selectivity self-consuming adj self-contained adj

" self-content adj self-

6171,"self-confident","[self5kRnfIdEnt] adj effacing adj self-evident adj

confident adj

self-control n "

self-deprecating adj


self-confident:timid open:shy explanatory adj "

6172,"self-explanatory","[selfIk5splAnEtErI] adj self-reliant adj self-righteous adj cryptic adj

self-interest n

self-possession n

6173,"self-satisfaction","[selfsAtIs5fAkF(E)n] n 6174,"semblance","[5semblEns] n 6175,"seminal","[`semInEl] adj derivative adj " resemble v

satisfaction n dissemble v

preen:self-satisfaction fume:anger "


semin al

disseminate v

hampering further development

6176,"seminary","[5semInErI] n conservatory:artist 6177,"senile","[5si:naIl] adj

semin ary

seminar n

seminary:theologian "

conservatory:music seminary:theology observatory:astronomy se ni le " sans ation sensible adj sensitive adj

6178,"sensation","[sen5seIF(E)n] n anesthetic:sensation

analgesic:pain "

numb:sensation stiff:suppleness numb adj v "

unnoticed event

anaesthesia n

6179,"sensational","[sen`seIFLnEl] adj 6180,"sensibleness","[5sensIb(E)lnIs] n

sens ibleness 393

fatuousness n "

6181,"sensitive","[5sensItIv] adj sensitive:boor sagacious:simpleton 6182,"sensitivity","[sensI5tIvItI] n boorish:sensitivity

sens itive numb adj "

quixotic:idealistic touchy:sensitive

neophyte:experience boor:sensitivity sensitivity to pain sensual adj sentence n " sent ient sentimental adj "


analgesia n

6183,"sensitization","[9sensItaI`zeIFLn] n 6184,"sententious","[sen5tenFEs] adj 6185,"sentient","[5senFEnt] adj unconscious adj " sent inel

sensitization:allergic habituation:inured


tactile:touch sentient:emotion :


6186,"sentinel","[`sentInLl] n " 6187,"separate","[5sepErEt] v amalgamate v adj

sentry n

sentinel:watchful epicure:discriminating

enclose:parentheses separate:comma meld v concoct v serried adj

centrifuge:separate colander:drain " free of infection " sequence n " "

compound v

integrate vt n

6188,"septic","[5septIk] adj


sept ic sepulcher n sequ aci ous

antiseptic adj merry adj

6189,"sepulchral","[sI5pQlkr(E)l] adj 6190,"sequacious","[sI`kweIFEs] adj 6191,"sequela","[sI`kwi:lE] n 6192,"sequester","[sI5kwestE(r)] v sequester:seclusion endanger:jeopardy 6193,"sequestrate","[sI5kwestreIt] v 6194,"seraphic","[se`rAfIk] adj 6195,"sere","[sIE(r)] adj se que la

sequential adj

precursor n " sequ ester east " " " verdant adj lush adj Serendip damp adj " sequestrate v


permit to mingle sequester sequester v

Seraph sear v sere Se re � Se ren dip it ous

diabolical adj sere serendipity n

6196,"serendipitous","[9serEn`dIpItEs] adj Princes of Serendip "

The Three

serendipitous:effort inevitable:chance


6197,"serenity","[sI`renEtI] n equanimity deferential:insolent Vociferous adj havoc n

serene adj furor n " serve v serious adj

se ren e

serenade n restless:serenity tumult n Bedlam n riot n

perturb[disturb]:serenity reassure:doubt console:grief intrude:privacy Pandemonium n /tumultuous adj serene adj serf n

6198,"serfdom","[`s\:fdEm] n 6199,"seriousness","[`sIErIEsnIs] n levity n flippancy adj "

lord n


moderate:intensity extenuate:seriousness

6200,"sermon","[5s\:mEn] n sermon:homiletics argument:logic 6201,"serpentine","[5s\:pEntaIn] adj serpentine:directness : "

ser serve mon

ser sir mon man

sermonize v "

nitpicker:criticize preacher:sermon quibbler:cavil sinuous serpent n ineser pen tine

ser serve pent ine

6202,"serrated","[sE5reItId; (?@) 5sereItId] adj notches smooth adj " series n

saw-toothed serrate

serr saw ated

serried adj


6203,"serried","[`serId] adj

widely separated serv serve ile ill

" serviceable adj servitude n imperious:servile "

6204,"servile","[5s\:vaIl; (?@) 5servl] adj compliant:servile trusting:gullible bellicose:peaceable impetuous:hesitating irrepressible:servile 6205,"setback","[5setbAk] n 6206,"settle","[5set(E)l] v 6207,"settled","[5set(E)ld] adj 6208,"sever","[5sevE(r)] v 6209,"severe","[sI5vIE(r)] adj 6210,"severity","[sI`verEtI] n 6211,"sewer","[`sjJE(r),`sU:E(r)] n set back v roil v "

gullible:chicanery servile:domination obsequious:servile belligerent:assertive "

bigoted:tolerant provincial:cosmopolitan servile:domination

nomadic adj separate adj severe v sever

" seven severance n " "

mitigate:severe quality:general " "

palmy:prosperity draconian:severity sew er 395

6212,"sextant","[5sekstEnt] n 6213,"shabby","[5FAbI] adj 6214,"shack","[FAk] n 6215,"shackle","[5FAk(E)l] n 6216,"shade","[FeId] n 6217,"shadow","[5FAdEJ] n overt adj " v

sex six tant bby shack shake v v shackle shade "

abacus:calculate sextant:navigate


shackle n " shake v " emancipate v loose v "

follow:shadow leave:abscond scheme:plot hear:eavesdrop

6218,"shaft","[FB:ft; (?@) FAft] n 6219,"shale","[FeIl] n 6220,"shallow","[5FAlEJ] adj 6221,"sham","[FAm] n v sha m shell n

" "

" shale:lode well:aquifer profound adj e amble s shack n " shard:pottery fragment:bone crumb:bread " debunk v " " perpetuate to sham genuine adj " "

shal low Shame sh shanty

6222,"shambles","[5FAmb(E)ls] n 6223,"shanty","[5FAntI] n 6224,"shard","[FB:d] n 6225,"shavings","[5FeIvINs] n 6226,"sheaf","[Fi:f] n 6227,"shear","[FIE(r)] v 6228,"sheathe","[Fi:T] n 6229,"shed","[Fed] v n sh eaf leaf sh ear shan ty potsherd shave v "

ings "

shears n

" shear " "

sheath n shea shear th she d


molt:feathers shed:hair

6230,"sheen","[Fi:n] n luster

sheen green sheet "


6231,"sheet","[Fi:t] n 6232,"shell","[Fel] n

tablecloth:table sheet:mattress v ... v chaff:wheat shell:pecan shelter shell

" " ?arbor:shelter hedgerow:fence

6233,"shelter","[5FeltE(r)] n " 6234,"shelve","[Felv] v 6235,"sheriff","[5FerIf] n 6236,"shibboleth","[5FIbEleW] n 6237,"shield","[Fi:ld] n v 6238,"shiftless","[5FIftlIs] adj 6239,"shimmer","[5FImE(r)] v /n 6240,"shingle","[5FIN^(E)l] n

conspicuous:sheltered ?

shelf n

" understudy:star deputy:sheriff Gileadite sh " shibboleth " " "

sheriff stiff adj

epitaph:tombstone motto:shield shift n /v less

earplug:noise shield:impact shiftless:ambition ingenuous:guile

shim shine mer glimmer n /v " shin shine gle ship shape / shine " shipwright n wright n shipshape:disarray

6241,"shipshape","[5FIpFeIp] adj squalid:cleanliness 6242,"shirk","[F\:k] v malingering:shirk 6243,"shoal","[FEJl] n 6244,"shoddy","[5FRdI] n 6245,"shoot","[Fu:t] n 6246,"shoplift","[5FRplIft] v 6247,"shopworn","[5FRpwC:n] adj 6248,"shoulder","[5FEJldE(r)] n 6249,"shove","[FQv] v v show adj " " " " sh irk v

parry:question shirk:duty recluse:crowd " deep adj " n "


hoard:miser shirk:malinger shallow adj

" "

shoplifter n

" shoplift v new adj " "

shop worn adj epaulet:shoulder ring:finger shove shovel n 397

shoulder:roadway margin:page


shove "

6250,"showpiece","[5FEJpi:s] n 6251,"shrewd","[Fru:d] adj 6252,"shriek","[Fri:k] v 6253,"shrine","[FraIn] n 6254,"shrink","[FrINk] v 6255,"shrivel","[5FrIv(E)l] v 6256,"shroud","[FraJd] n 6257,"shrug","[FrQ^] v v

show piece shrew n

showy adj foolish adj "

" na?ve adj humiliating adj "

shriek shrill adj

shrine shine v recoil shrivel v

shrine:pilgrim peak:climber " " shroud " embrace:affection shrug:indifference "


sh rivel river sh river sh sh rug roud round sh

blush:embarrassment nod:agreement bow:respect shrug:indifference 6258,"shuck","[FQk] v ... n quiver n equivocation seek actively divert:shunt retard:brake hiss:sibilant drone:monotonous sib n ling duckling n " side real " "


6259,"shudder","[5FQdE(r)] v 6260,"shuffle","[5FQf(E)l] v 6261,"shun","[FQn] v 6262,"shunt","[FQnt] n

macabre:shudder hilarious:laugh " haunt v " " frequent v


To avoid deliberately v

shun avoid


6263,"sibilant","[5sIbIlEnt] adj 6264,"sibling","[5sIblIN] n 6265,"sibyl","[5sIbIl] n 6266,"sidereal","[saI5dIErIEl] adj affective:emotion 6267,"sideshow","[5saIdFEJ] n 6268,"sidestep","[5saIdstep] v avoid "

see ball stellar astral

arboreal:trees sidereal:stars fluvial:river

side show side step 398

sidesplitting adj sidle v


split " "

confront directly

6269,"siege","[si:dV] n /v 6270,"sieve","[sIv] n /v 6271,"signal","[5sI^n(E)l] adj sift

besiege v seven

" sieve signatory n sift v sifter n " unremarkable adj "

n v din v /n " silly

signify v

6272,"silence","[5saIlEns] n stillness 6273,"sill","[sIl] n threshold 6274,"silt","[sIlt] n 6275,"similarity","[sImI5lArItI] n simile n sill

s ill " " similar adj " simper:smile babble:talk " simi simian n simi mian man

artery:plaque channel:silt resemblance equivalence

liken:similarity discriminate:difference simple adj

6276,"simper","[5sImpE(r)] v /n 6277,"simpleton","[5sImp(E)lt(E)n] n boor:sensitive "

prudence:daredevil sagacity:simpleton constancy:turncoat

6278,"simplicity","[sIm5plIsItI] n 6279,"simplify","[5sImplIfaI] v ...


labyrinthine:simplicity jejune:interest " simul authentic article "


elaborate v sham imitation

6280,"simulation","[sImjJ5leIF(E)n] n

6281,"simultaneous","[sImEl5teInIEs] adj " 6282,"sin","[sIn] n v



contiguous:abut simultaneous:coincide

peccadillo:sin admonishment:castigation genuine " poseur:sincerity recluse:gregariousness disingenuous:sincere :

" poseur n sincere person

6283,"sincere","[sIn5sIE(r)] adj badinage v /n sincere conversation

6284,"sincerity","[sIn5serItI] n sincerity:hypocritical "


6285,"sinecure","[5saInIkjJE(r)] n

sine sin e cure

arduous employment



6286,"sinew","[5sInju:] n


si new weak adj sin ge unique "

si new

weakness frailty n


6287,"sinewy","[5sInjEwI] adj 6288,"singe","[sIndV] v scorch

singe:incinerate erode:destruct worldly adj " sin ister sister singe v


6289,"singular","[5sIN^jJlE(r)] adj 6290,"sinister","[5sInIstE(r)] adj 6291,"sinkhole","[ `sInkhEJl] n 6292,"sinuous","[5sInjJEs] adj 6293,"sip","[sIp] v swill v " 6294,"siren","[5saIErEn] n siren:heard light:seen 6295,"sizzler","[`sIzlE(r)] n 6296,"skein","[skeIn] n 6297,"skeleton","[5skelIt(E)n] n 6298,"skeptic","[5skeptIk] n votary n credence n "

remarkable sinister hole n "

ominous sink n


winding devious sip sap

sinu ous

insinuate v

direct adj


insipid adj

quaff[swill drink]:sip stride:mince gobble:nibble

siren:unresist juggernaut:unstop " scorcher skin adj " e "

siren:sound beacon:light

skeleton:animal framing:building


fervor:zealot doubt:skeptic

penitent:obdurate skeptic:credulous

6299,"skeptical","[5skeptIk(E)l] adj


lethargic:stimulate skeptical:convince credulity n " doggerel:poem sketch:draw


6300,"skepticism","[5skeptIsIz(E)m] n 6301,"sketch","[sketF] n 6302,"sketchy","[5sketFI] adj 6303,"skew","[skju:] adj 6304,"skiff","[skIf] n

conviction n

sketch:painting outline:essay

" "

articulate:unclear fawn:imperious elaborate:sketchy asymmetrical skill skiff skewer n skillet n 400

" skillet et skill dart:missile skiff:boat "

6305,"skim","[skIm] v 6306,"skimp","[skImp] v 6307,"skin","[skIn] n dermatologist:skin v "

skim scrimp v

skin " p parsimonious:skimp malingering:shirk " podiatrist:feet

skim p

apple:skin melon:rind

pediatrics:children dermatology skin

6308,"skinflint","[5skInflInt] n 6309,"skirmish","[5sk\:mIF] n 6310,"skirt","[sk\:t] n v 6311,"skit","[skIt] n skit:play[drama] "

miser niggard

skin flint

gourmand:appetite skinflint:thrift skirmish:insignificance duel:formality

" "

skir skirt mish skirt skirt seek v

face v

" anecdote:story vignette:scene

skirt skit skirmish

skittish adj

6312,"skulduggery","[skQl5dQ^ErI] skullduggery n 6313,"skunk","[skQNk] n 6314,"skyscraper","[5skaIskreIpE(r)] n girder:skyscraper 6315,"slab","[slAb] n 6316,"slack","[slAk] adj " s lab sluggish inactive loosen ease v

skull n


gery " sky-rocket v


s kun k skunk sky scrape n /v r


stab v /n slag n s lack

lag leg s taut adj "

sliver n "

6317,"slacken","[5slAk(E)n] v dilute:strength 6318,"slake","[sleIk] v slake:thirsty " tauten v " quench

slacken:tension blunt:sharpness



s lake

slake:thirst satiate:hunger


6319,"slanderous","[5slB:ndErEs] adj

slander n /v


slander scandal n slope v /n "

" slant assert without bias "

6320,"slant","[slB:nt; (?@) slAnt] n bias slope v slope 6321,"slapdash","[5slApdAF] adv /adj slipshod

slap dash


6322,"slate","[sleIt] n 6323,"slaver","[5slAvE(r)] v 6324,"slay","[sleI] v 6325,"sleazy","[5sli:zI] adj

slat n

e slave n

roster:personnel slate:candidate r slobber v n "


drool fawn n s lay "

s leazy lazy adj sledge n

" hammer n eight limited quantity " Slice slick viscid adj " show sledge n " paucity n " sleigh n "

6326,"sledgehammer","[5sledVhAmE(r)] n 6327,"sleight","[slaIt] n 6328,"slew","[slu:] n v 6329,"slice","[slaIs] v 6330,"slick","[slIk] adj 6331,"slight","[slaIt] n respect to ponderous adj n s link n dexterity artifice stratagem slew slow

sl sly adj

slue v slew n

carve:turkey slice:cake wily s lick v

glossy slippery trifling n /v grievous adj

scant snub prodigious adj

celebration:lamenting slight:respectful massive adj cosset n v "

6332,"sling","[slIN] v 6333,"slink","[slINk] v

fling v /n " walk openly slip v /n page " ballast:instability purchase:slippage "

6334,"slippage","[5slipidV] adj 6335,"slippery","[5slIpErI] adj " 6336,"slipshod","[5slIpFRd] adj 6337,"slit","[slIt] v sever split n 6338,"slither","[5slITE(r)] v

slippery:elude alluring:entice

dingy:glisten slippery:adhere


slip shod shoe slice v /n "

punctilious adj

assiduous adj


split v /n slit her

her slit slither slab n "

slither:snake waddle:duck


6339,"sliver","[5slIvE(r)] n splinter 6340,"slobber","[5slRbE(r)] n drool v

silver sliver drool

slo slow bber ber

ber ber


slaver n v "


6341,"sloppy","[5slRpI] adj 6342,"sloth","[slEJW] n industry n "

slovenly indolence

careless slipshod

slop v n Slo slow th


snoppy sloppy

natty adj


rakish:restraint slothful:assiduity

6343,"slouch","[slaJtF] n


sloth n

slou slow ch

stand erect " tidy adj

6344,"slovenly","[5slQvEnlI] adj dapper adj natty adj "

untidy slipshod

indulgent:adherent slovenly:dapper

6345,"slue","[slu:] v

slew n slew

slew n v slug n cavalier "

" gard rapscallion:mischievous

6346,"sluggard","[5slQ^Ed] n idler sluggard:lazy cavalier:arrogant 6347,"sluggish","[5slQ^IF]adj 6348,"sluice","[slu:s]n 6349,"slumber","[5slQmbE(r)]n /v 6350,"slump","[slQmp]v 6351,"slur","[sl\:(r)]v /n 6352,"slurp","[sl\:p]v 6353,"sly","[slaI]adj 6354,"smarmy","[5smB:mI]adj 6355,"smart","[smB:t]n /v adj lur

alacritous adj floodgate v sleep s

" s lu ice ice " slumberous adj " slur:speech smudge:writing pronounce clearly " "


s lump n blur v slur "


artless adj unctuous

ingenuous adj

" " firm:ironclad smart:brilliant

earnest adj

stylish fashionable elegant tatty adj

bright intelligent witty " erudite adj

smart:pain grieve:sorrow 6356,"smattering","[5smAtErIN]n " 6357,"smear","[smIE(r)]n 6358,"smelt","[smelt]v v refine

soothe v

smart s mat tering

smattering of knowledge

vilify melt v

smile ear " 403


6359,"smirch","[sm\:tF]v 6360,"smirk","[sm\:k]v /n

defame n simper

smirch smirk v smile irk irk v

" smirk:smugness sneer:derision smo smoke older "

6361,"smolder","[5smEJldE(r)]v " 6362,"smooth","[smu:T]adj spiny adj " v

Revolution smoldered in the masses

varnish:glossy sand:smooth

corrugated adj

serrated adj

6363,"smother","[5smQTE(r)]v 6364,"smudge","[smQdV]n v 6365,"smug","[smQ^]adj smirk:smugness sneer:derision 6366,"smuggle","[5smQ^(E)l]v /n openly " "

s mother s mud ge highly-satisfied


: " "

slur:speech smudge:writing s mug

primp:vain gloat:smug


collude:cooperate smuggle:convey


6367,"smuggler","[`smQ^lE(r)]n " 6368,"snappish","[5snApIF]adj 6369,"snare","[sneE(r)]n 6370,"snarl","[snB:l]v disentangle v "

smuggler:tariff stowaway:fare

smuggler:import embezzler:appropriate

snap v trap gin ensnare v snare


snappy adj "


bird:snare fish:seine

intertwine tangle

exoneration:blame disentangle:snarl

6371,"snatch","[snAtF]v " 6372,"sneaking","[5sni:kIN]adj 6373,"sneer","[snIE(r)]v sneer:derision 6374,"snide","[snaId]adj

snap v


snitch n


supplant:replace snatch:take

furtive underhanded sneak sneer

sneak v

creep v

sneaker n

snicker n /v " smirk:smugness

discomfited:blush contemptuous:sneer "

wince:pain smile:pleasure sneer:contempt pout:displeasure 19 " 404

6375,"snigger","[`snI^E(r)]n /v 6376,"snitch","[snItF]v 6377,"snobbish","[snRbIF]adj absorbed:engrossed 6378,"snowdrift","[5snEJdrIft] n 6379,"snub","[snQb] v snub:politeness slight " pilfer n

snicker n /v snatch snob n

sneaker n snitch" nob n


attentive:officious refined:snobbish

snow drift n B B

" snub:disdain double-cross:disloyalty court v ... " " dissemble:honesty

ingenuous:dissemble raffish:preen polite:snub cozy snuggle v

6380,"snug","[snQ^] adj

" "

6381,"soaking","[5sEukiN] adj castigation:reproof soaking:damp 6382,"sober","[5sEJbE(r)] adj 6383,"sobriety","[sE5braIEtI] n 6384,"sobriquet","[5sEJbrIkeI] n 6385,"sock","[sRk] n v punch

soak n /v " temperate

soaking:wet[damp] exuberant:happy frigid:cool

puckish adj flippancy adj hooker"

frivolous adj


sumptuousness n nickname sock saturated sobri que t

trepidation n "

sock " sod n den n soggy adj desiccated adj " gy moist:sodden

6386,"sodden","[5sRd(E)n] adj surprised:astonished 6387,"soil","[sCIl] n v "

marsh:sodden desert:arid

6388,"sojourn","[5sRdV\:n; (?@) sEJ5dV\:rn] v /n 6389,"solace","[5sRlEs] n /v pacification:anger " consolation sol ace

so journ journey n /v " so lace n console v solace:grief

6390,"solder","[5sEJldE(r); (?@) 5sRdEr] v 6391,"solecism","[5sRlIsIz(E)m] n sole adj

solid n adj cism

solder Soldier n solder "

breach n /v



6392,"solemnity","[sE5lemnItI] n 6393,"solicitous","[sE5lIsItEs] adj baleful:menace solicitous:concern 6394,"solicitude","[sE5lIsItju:d] n 6395,"solidify","[sE5lIdIfaI] v 6396,"soliloquy","[sE5lIlEkwI] n 6397,"solitary","[5sRlItErI] adj 6398,"solitude","[5sRlItju:d] n 6399,"solo","[`sEJlEJ ] n /v 6400,"soluble","[5sRljJb(E)l] adj 6401,"solvency","[ `sClvEnsI] n 6402,"solvent","[5sRlvEnt] adj solvent:dissolve n

solemn adj

jest n v

" sol lic solicitor n

thoughtful eager unconcerned adj indifference n solid n adj " "

solicit v

solid color n soli loquy

pulverize v

" " "

soliloquy:play aria:opera miser:stingy loner:solitary "

secluded n recluse sol sole itude ensemble n " solu solv

soli tary

recluse:solitude toady:favor

volatile:evaporate soluble:dissolve bankruptcy n "


regimen:health budget:solvency profligate:solvent mercurial:committed " som some nonphysical "


precipitant n bodily

6403,"somatic","[sE5mAtIk] adj 6404,"somber","[5sRmbE(r)] adj

melancholy somn insomnia n

cherubic adj som no lence

droll adj


6405,"somnolence","[ `sCmnElEns ] n somnolence:alert "


6406,"sonata","[sE5nB:tE] n coda:sonata 6407,"sonnet","[5sRnIt] n sonnet:doggerel 6408,"soot","[sJt] n 6409,"soothe","[su:T] v " son net

son ata a

dessert:meal epilogue:play peroration:speech

7 7


sonorous adj "


sonnet:poet symphony:composer he soot soothe soothe 406

soot:combustion sawdust:woodcutting emollient:soothe dynamo:generate


agitate v

grate v

vex v

smart v v "

ruffle v " sopping adj sop:conciliatory subsidy:supportive

6410,"sop","[sRp] n sopping:dampen frigid:cool 6411,"sophism","[5sRfIz(E)m] n

sip v

soph "

sophomore n

sopho more sophisticate n

v v

sophism:reasoning counterfeit:money 6412,"sophistication","[ sE9fIstI`keIFEn ] n sophistication unsophisticated adj 6413,"soporific","[sRpE5rIfIk] adj soporific:sleep vaccine:immunity stimulant n provocative adj n politic adj n

fickle:constancy native:sophistication callow adj behaving with adult bucolic adj sop bracing adj " sopor n so por poor ific invigorating adj " o " ex orc ise" " decrepit adj tenable adj

yokel[ing�nue]:sophistication coward:courage cynic:trustfulness [ ]


soporific:alertness anesthetic:pain exhilarating adj

6414,"soprano","[sE5prB:nEJ; (?@) sE5prAnEJ] n 6415,"sorcery","[5sC:sErI] n 6416,"sordid","[5sC:dId] adj 6417,"sound","[ saJnd ] adj unsound adj " immerse drench saturate filthy witchcraft did

super super s orc ery

exorcise v wholesome adj

ramshackle:soundness garbled:clarity

6418,"souse","[saJs] v

souse sauce n memento

" "

6419,"souvenir","[su:vE5nIE(r); (?@) 5su:vEnIEr] n 6420,"sovereignty","[5sRvrIntI] n 6421,"sow","[ saJ ] v n sow

sou south ven ir "

s over reign v /n sow " Pack v v span n v spare adj

ty over

6422,"spackle","[ `spAkl ] n 6423,"spangle","[5spAN^(E)l] n 6424,"spank","[spANk] v 6425,"sparing","[5speErIN] adj

" s pang le span k sparring " spar v sparse adj " "

glitter sparkle span v 407

6426,"spark","[spB:k] n 6427,"sparse","[spB:s] adj

sparkle v


sparkling adj se

astringent:pucker spark:ignition rife adj Sparta copious adj "


spar v laconic : : :

6428,"spartan","[5spB:t(E)n] adj spartan:austere grotesque:fascinate luxurious adj luxuriant adj

imperial:significant indulgent adj opulent adj voluptuous adj

sybaritic adj " pass

sumptuous adj

6429,"spasm","[5spAz(E)m] n 6430,"spat","[spAt] n 6431,"spate","[speIt] n 6432,"spatula","[5spAtjJlE] n 6433,"spawn","[spC:n] n 6434,"specialize","[5speFElaIz] v 6435,"specifics","[spI5sIfIk] n 6436,"specimen","[5spesImEn] n 6437,"specious","[5spi:FEs] adj valid adj 6438,"speck","[spek] n peccadillo n veritable adj " v spat

s pas pass m

spasmodic adj "


cabal:association spat:quarrel e spat " special n particulars adj specific n adj species n spec ious men " dabble v ula trickling flow

dearth n " "

scoop:concave spatula:flat

dabbler n "

specialist n "

specify v

specious:genuineness[authenticity] illusory:reality

a speck in a vast ocean mite:creature speck:amount "

peck n /v


peccadillo n

6439,"spectator","[spek5teItE(r); (?@) 5spekteItEr] n specter n

spect ator " spectral adj

spectacular adj

spectacle n

epicure:discriminating spectator:watching spect rum

6440,"spectrum","[5spektrEm] n " 6441,"speculation","[spekjJ5leIF(E)n] n 6442,"speleology","[9spelI`ClEdVI] n

color:spectrum tone:scale

conjecture n /v spele ology s pe le 408

restrain from the speculation spelunker n "


6443,"spell","[spel] v n

rest for a spell

" cavern:spelunker ocean:diver

6444,"spelunker","[spI`lQNkE(r)] n " 6445,"spendthrift","[5spendWrIft] n improvidence:spendthrift miser n " adj

spel spele unker


spend thrift

fervor:zealot miser:parsimonious spendthrift:prodigal

craven:hero parsimonious:spendthrift

6446,"spent","[spent] adj " 6447,"spice","[spaIs] n scissor:cutting pencil: recording 6448,"spider","[5spaIdE(r)] n 6449,"spike","[spaIk] n v

spent spend

spend spent

precarious:stability spent:efficacy

species n : : :

spice : "

pestle:grind spoon:stirring spice:flavor flint stone:sharpen

web:spider nest:bird pike n spin v Pike � � n spinster n

" " spin ster limber:flexibility

6450,"spindly","[5spIndlI] adj spindly:frailty "

6451,"spiny","[5spaInI] adj 6452,"spire","[5spaIE(r)] n pinnacle

spine n spine n

spineless adj

spinous adj

smooth adj "


spire:church minaret:mosque spirit n spite" splash v " spleenish spleenful adj corporeal adj "

6453,"spiritual","[5spIrItFJEl] adj 6454,"spite","[spaIt] n v 6455,"splashy","[`splAFI] adj 6456,"spleen","[spli:n] n 6457,"splendor","[5splendE(r)] n 6458,"splice","[splaIs] v 6459,"splint","[splInt] n

deific sacred spite bite Spit v ostentatious

goodwill n "


brilliance grandeur split v splinter

splendiferous adj "

squalor n

splice:rope weld:metal split splint splinter 409

splint:mobility lubricant:friction

ballast:instability purchase:slippery crumb:bread splint[splinter]:wood 6460,"splurge","[splE:dV] n /v 6461,"spoil","[spCIl] v 6462,"spoke","[spEJk] n "

splint:immobilize duct:convey

buttress:edifice splint:limb

spl splash v surge n cosseted adj spoke poke v

" " " " juggernaut:unstoppable " spoon n spoor n v


unspoiled adj

spoke:hub radius:center

6463,"spontaneity","[9spCntE`neIEtI] n 6464,"spontaneous","[spRn5teInIEs] adj

terseness:superfluous spontaneity:studied sponge n spongy adj premeditated adj Spoof Spoof

extemporization:spontaneous boast:dishonest : 6465,"spoof","[spu:f] n ode:poetry spoof:parody 6466,"sporadic","[spE5rAdIk] adj 6467,"spore","[spC:(r)] n 6468,"sport","[spC:t] n v 6469,"spout","[spaJt] v 6470,"sprain","[spreIn] v /n 6471,"sprawl","[sprC:l] v /n 6472,"sprig","[sprI^] n twig spring brisk sport " sp spill v rain out " parody

spool n v " regular adj

nicety:distinction spoof:parody spor sper adic spore" chronic adj

frequent adj



sprain:injure cold:contagion crawl n /v sprig scrawl v sprout v n spring out"

" sprawling adj "

6473,"sprightly","[5spraItlI] adj hangdog adj "

spring brightly

dodder:unsteady cavort:sprightly

6474,"sprinkling","[5sprINklIN] n 6475,"sprint","[sprInt] n 6476,"sprocket","[5sprRkIt] n print

sprinkle v sprinkler n sprint" rocket sprocket "




n pluck n v " n false spur v n



6478,"spunk","[spQNk] n pluck 6479,"spur","[sp\:(r)] v 6480,"spurious","[5spjJErIEs] adj 6481,"spurn","[sp\:n] v guard v " 6482,"squabble","[5skwRb(E)l] v /n squabble:tiff " scorn

spurn v spur ious

deter v " genuine authentic adj court v crave v " embrace v

welcome willingly

tiff quarrel dispute

dispute[quarrel]:squabble failing:foible

6483,"squalid","[5skwRlId] adj pristine adj " squ all

squalor n

shipshape:disarray squalid:cleanliness

6484,"squall","[skwC:l] n 6485,"squalor","[5skwRlE(r)] n 6486,"squander","[5skwRndE(r)] v /n proctor:supervise prodigal:squander 6487,"squat","[skwRt] v crouch adj 6488,"squeamish","[5skwi:mIF] adj 6489,"squelch","[skweltF] v squash 6490,"squint","[skwInt] v 6491,"stab","[stAb] v 6492,"stability","[stE5bIlItI] n 6493,"stabilize","[5steIbIlaIz] v 6494,"stable","[5steIb(E)l] adj labile adj "

squall:commotion flash:illumination splendor n " slot squash n v



squ ander

squeeze n /v hoard v "

dally:time squander:money squ at " quell quench squ in t squ elch tall and thin "

husband conserve v

foment v

kindle vt "


squint:eye pucker:mouth " ballast:stability girder:support " pristine:decay stable:fluctuation

s tab TAB steadfastness

inconstancy n


fluctuate v steadfast enduring

volatile adj


6495,"staccato","[stE5kB:tEJ] adj 6496,"stagnant","[5stA^nEnt] adj " 6497,"stagy","[5steIdVI] adj 6498,"staid","[steId] adj 6499,"stake","[steIk] n 6500,"stalemate","[5steIlmeIt]n clog:drainage stalemate:negotiations 6501,"stalk","[stC:k]n infiltrate:enter stem v dramatic sober sta id s

disconnected stagn stand ant


stac cato


" flowing adj

stagger v

staggering adj

stage y

" jaunty adj puckish adj " "

take stake

invest:capital gamble:stake stale adj mate n

deadlock "

stem n v "

collude:cooperate stalk:follow

grazing:foragers stalking:hunters stout sta l war t lank adj endurance stam stan ch stan za [ ] staple n stam


stance n timorous timid adj "

standstill n

constant:stalwart judiciousness:sage 6503,"stamina","[5stAmInE]n 6504,"stammer","[5stAmE(r)]v /n 6505,"stanch","[stB:tF; (?@) stAntF]v 6506,"stanza","[5stAnzE]n chapter:novel movement:orchestra 6507,"stapler","[5steIplE(r)]n 6508,"starchy","[5stB:tFI]adj 6509,"startle","[5stB:t(E)l]adj 6510,"starve","[stB:v]v 6511,"stash","[stAF]v star

frailty n " falter:act stammer:speak damp:vibration stanch:flow " "

stanza:poem[poetry ballad] act:opera paragraph:prose stanza:line volume:issue "

sta aple apple staple apple " star starch lull v " sate v surfeit v " star-crossed adj Stark adj starchy"

starch n tle star

suffocate:oxygen starve:nutrients st stay ash "


6512,"stasis","[5steIsIs, 5stAsIs]n 6513,"static","[5stAtIk]adj

sta stand sis n

motility activity n

period of change

" oscillatory adj "

stationary quiescent immobile status

static:move pliable:inflexible peripatetic adj statuette n tte "

6514,"stationary","[5steIFEnErI]adj 6515,"stature","[5stAtjE(r)]n " 6516,"status","[5steItEs]n 6517,"statute","[5stAtju:t]n preamble:statute "

stationery n stat ure

statuary n

stature:tall sound:loud

standing situation statue n

stat us

abase:status shorten:length


t statute

statutory adj

overture:opera prologue:novel

6518,"steadfast","[5stedfB:st]adj 6519,"stealth","[stelW]n 6520,"steep","[sti:p]adj 6521,"steer","[stIE(r)]v


stead stand fast adj

capricious adj "


furtive:stealth whimsical:caprice unsatisfied:discontent precipitous v ... n saturate steer steer steep steep steep steep " " steeple n

parch v "

6522,"stellar","[5stelE(r)]adj 6523,"stench","[stentF]n 6524,"stencil","[5stens(E)l]n 6525,"stenography","[ste5nR^rEfI]n 6526,"stentorian","[sten5tC:rIEn]adj comprehensible:lucid[pellucid] : : stink

stell ar constellation n s ten ch pencil n steno n graphy Stentor : faint adj " "

stench:nose din:ear glimmer:eye stencil:lettering pattern:sewing

: " "

audible:stentorian discernible:manifest[obvious]

6527,"sterile","[5steraIl; (?@) s5terEl]adj verdant adj "

plain:austere clean:sterile

sterile:bacteria impeccable:flaws

6528,"sterilize","[5sterIlaIz]v deforestation:trees 6529,"stern","[st\:n]n adj

sedative:pacify antiseptic:sterilize contaminate v " bow n " 413


6530,"stethoscope","[5steWEskEJp]n 6531,"stew","[stju:; (?@) stu:]v 6532,"stickler","[5stIklE(r)]n n

stetho scope steal v stickle v steal stew

" " sticky adj [ ] stickler:exacting defeatist:resigned "

stick n v

stickler:approximation[imprecision] purist:adulteration martinet:discipline pedagogue:indoctrinate 6533,"stiff","[stIf]adj 6534,"stifle","[5staIf(E)l]v 6535,"stigma","[5stI^mE] n 6536,"stiletto","[stI5letEJ] n 6537,"stilted","[5stIltId] adj 6538,"stimulant","[5stImjJlEnt] n 6539,"stimulate","[5stImjJleIt] v analgesic:deaden stiff

stickler:derelict poseur:unaffected suppleness n foment v stigmatize v still foster v stiffness n " " "

numb:sensation stiff:suppleness stiff adj le stig ma stil etto pompous lofty

mark of esteem " "

stiletto still

stil stilt stilted n "

soporific adj

lethargic:stimulate skeptical:convince " stint v " stink" lavish v adj v v s tip n spend v " " " munificence n


galvanize:stimulate irrigate:flush sting n /v miser:stingy loner:solitary stench n v sink n

6540,"stinginess","[5stIndVInIs] n 6541,"stingy","[5stIndVI] adj 6542,"stink","[stINk] v 6543,"stint","[stInt] v adj

generosity n


n stench

stingy adj tip n tip n

6544,"stipend","[5staIpend] n 6545,"stipple","[5stIp(E)l] n /v 6546,"stipulate","[5stIpjJleIt] v " 6547,"stipulation","[9stipju5leiFEn] n

stipple:dot striate:band u late

request:command propose:stipulate

tacit requirement 414


6548,"stir","[st\:(r)] v 6549,"stitch","[stItF] n 6550,"stock","[stRk] n unique adj "


n ferment sting n /v

exculpatory:absolve motivational:stir tile:mosaic stitch:sample routine "





inventory:stock census:population

6551,"stockade","[stR5keId] n pillar:support "

stock n


stocky adj


6552,"stodgy","[5stRdVI] adj mawkish:sentimental : 6553,"stoic","[5stEJIk] n " 6554,"stoke","[stEJk] v 6555,"stolid","[5stRlId] adj 6556,"stomach","[5stQmEk] n v 6557,"stonewall","[stEunwC:l] v 6558,"stoop","[stu:p] v :

dull commonplace exciting adj "

stodge n

s todgy today


stoic:perturb[flinch] avaricious:satisfy

[ ]

Stoker unemotional impassive tolerate ... ... rebuff condescend humble courageous stow v stoic n S to ma ch stone wall stupid stout adj away adv tortuous adj equivocate v stoop

stoke:fuel irrigate:water excitable adj " "


refuse to tolerate cooperate fully stupid " "

6559,"stouthearted","[staJt`hB:tId] adj 6560,"stowaway","[ `stEJE9weI ] n

heart ed

pusillanimous adj

" " "

smuggler:tariff stowaway:fare convoluted adj byzantine adj

6561,"straightforward","[streIt5fC:wEd] adj 6562,"straightforwardly","[streit5fC:wEdlI] adv straightforwardness n 6563,"strait","[streIt] n 6564,"stranded","[5strAndId] adj circuity n " straits adj strand n narrow v

communicate straightforwardly

isthmus:land strait:water "



6565,"strangulation","[strA^jJ5leIF(E)n] n 6566,"stratagem","[5strAtEdVEm] n concession:placate " strat ify street n v v stream n

strangle v strat agem

stranger n

" stratagem:deceive

strategist n

6567,"stratify","[ `strAtIfaI ] v 6568,"stray","[streI] v 6569,"streak","[stri:k] n 6570,"stream","[stri:m] n 6571,"strength","[streNW] n debilitate:strength adj


stratosphere n

stratum n "

homogenize v


stray:group digress:subject[topic] streak "

stream:eddy anomaly:trend

confluence:streams junction:roads attenuate:thickness


practicing:expertise exercising:strength " strenuous adj

slacken:tautness dilute:strength stre ngthen

6572,"strengthen","[5streNW(E)n] v attenuate v " 6573,"stretch","[stretF] v 6574,"strew","[stru:] v


stressful adj

enervate v

ephemeral:endure inelastic:stretch scatter disseminate stew v striate Strew striate adj v

" " stria n " streeted

6575,"striated","[straI5eItId; (?@) 5straIeItId] adj striated:groove braided:strand dappled:spot 6576,"stricture","[5strIktFE(r)] n censure 6577,"stride","[straId] n /v 6578,"stridence","[ `straIdEns ] n garishness:appearance acridity:odor 6579,"strife","[straIf] n 6580,"strike","[straIk] v 6581,"stringent","[5strIndVEnt] adj " strive v "

stipple:dot striate:band strict adj eulogy n "

street ride stri "

street ride v den n

quaff:sip stride:mince stride stridence



striking adj string n

strike string stri

strike:medal mint:coin astringent n adj

" lax adj


6582,"strip","[strIp] v bedeck v "

divest n


trip n


stripling n

striped adj

6583,"stroke","[strEJk] n stroke strike v " ramble



back stroke

breast stroke

over arm stroke


6584,"stroll","[strEJl] v 6585,"strut","[strQt] n /v strut:walk

street roll v swagger " contrived studious adj

scroll n " strut strut pontificate:speak

strut:wing buttress:wall

6586,"studied","[5stQdId] adj " 6587,"studio","[5stju:dIEJ] n 6588,"stuffy","[5stQfI] adj 6589,"stultify","[5stQltIfaI] v /stirring adj "

terseness:superfluous spontaneity:studied

stud study io stuff n v y "

studio:artist laboratory:scientist"

stult stupid adj


stir excite animate v


exciting adj

6590,"stumble","[5stQmb(E)l] v 6591,"stun","[stQn] v 6592,"stunt","[stQnt] v /n ... 6593,"stupefy","[5stju:pIfaI] v 6594,"stupendous","[stjU:`pendEs] adj 6595,"stupor","[5stju:pE(r)] n 6596,"sturdy","[5st\:dI] adj 6597,"stutter","[5stQtE(r)] v /n 6598,"stygian","[5stIdVIEn] adj abysmal:low " lethargy stun

s tumble v /n stand stunt stunning adj stand

" " nurture v /n "

obstruct:progress stunt:growth stupor n " stupend stupid ous "

stupe stupid fy marvelous stup stupid or sturdy

stupor:alert despair:hopeful decrepit adj " " gian jian


stubborn adj stunt v ... sty Styx n

lump:walk stutter:talk gian sty style n



6599,"stylus","[5staIlEs] n stylus:engraving shield:protecting 6600,"stymie","[5staImI] v 6601,"subdue","[sEb5dju:] v inflame v burgeon v "

styl style us " sty style mie sub due duce foster v

stylus:mark lamp:illumination

promote v

abet v


implacable:appease indomitable[impenetrable]:subdue

6602,"subdued","[sQb5djJd] adj unruly adj indominatable

impervious:damaged indomitable:subdued " subjection n potentate n "

flamboyant adj

easily subdued

6603,"subject","[sEb5dVekt] n 6604,"subjugate","[5sQbdVJ^eIt] v liberate v enfranchise v "

sub ject enslave

sub ju gate

blur:definition subjugate:independence

6605,"sublime","[sE5blaIm] adj despicable adj ridiculous adj

sub lime limit common adj furtive adj

sublimate v worthless " emerge v " submit v


subliminal adj


6606,"submerge","[sEb5m\:dV] v inter:earth

sub merge v

emergency n


bend:rigid submerge:buoyant dissolve:insoluble sub miss ion

6607,"submission","[sEb5mIF(E)n] n affection:embrace "


6608,"submissive","[sEb5mIsIv] adj recalcitrant adj " n


insubordinate:submissive capricious:deliberate

6609,"subordinate","[sE5bC:dInEt] adj peer n principal n "

sub ord order inate


subordinacy n

subordination n

6610,"suborn","[sE5bC:n] v 6611,"subpoena","[sEb5pi:nE] n royalty:payment subpoena:writ 6612,"subscribe","[sEb5skraIb] v 6613,"subservience","[sEb`s\:vIEns] n

sub orn

" subpoena:witness conscript:soldier "

sub poena penalty n lien:claim subpoena:command sub scribe "

sub servience serve

subservient adj "

compliment:flattery deference:subservience

willfulness:headstrong subservience:fawning 418

6614,"subside","[sEb5saId] v 6615,"subsidiary","[sEb`sIdIErI] adj 6616,"subsidy","[5sQbsIdI] n subsidy:supportive 6617,"subsist","[sEb5sIst] v

sub side sub sid iary subsidiary adj

promote v

withhold pressure "


preponderant adj subsidize v " subsistence n tenuous adj disapprove v subvention n


subsidy:support debt:obligation sub sist insist substance n controvert v

livelihood " vaporous adj diaphanous adj "

6618,"substantial","[sEb5stAnF(E)l] adj 6619,"substantiate","[sEb5stAnFIeIt] v substantiated "

disproof n

substantiation n

inane adj

6620,"substantive","[5sQbstEntIv] adj 6621,"substratum","[5sQbstrB:tEm] n 6622,"subsume","[sEb5sju:m] v ... 6623,"subterfuge","[5sQbtEfju:dV] n candor:subterfuge brash:deliberate 6624,"subtle","[5sQt(E)l] adj palpable adj blatant adj " subtle adj

trivial adj

" subterranean adj assume v terrain n " terrace n "

sub stratum n sub sume sub ter fuge "

resume v

subterfuge:deceive eulogy:praise decanter:pour

subtle:ignore salient:observe

subtle:overlook tractable:lead

6625,"subtlety","[5sQtltI] n

melodrama:subtlety chimera:authenticity


6626,"subtraction","[sEb5trRkF(E)n] n " 6627,"subvert","[sEb5v\:t] v : reinforce v "

subtract v sub tract

remainder:subtraction residue:evaporation

sub vert

sabotage:subvertness bully:intimidation dupe:duplicity

6628,"succinct","[sEk5sINkt] adj voluble adj verbose adj babble v

suc cinct express succinctly circumlocution n "

loquacious:succinct adroit ungainly

6629,"succinctness","[sEk5sINktnIs] n

prolixity n

verbosity n "


6630,"succor","[5sQkE(r)] n /v deny aid " juicy

succor success

succor:relief caution:warning

aggravate v

6631,"succulent","[5sQkjJlEnt] adj 6632,"succumb","[sE5kQm] v 6633,"suede","[sweId] n 6634,"suffice","[sE5faIs] v 6635,"suffocate","[5sQfEkeIt] v 6636,"suffrage","[5sQfrIdV] n 6637,"suffuse","[sE5fju:z] v " 6638,"suitcase","[`sjU:tkeIs] n suitcase:clothing 6639,"suite","[swi:t] n 6640,"sulky","[5sQlkI] adj 6641,"sullen","[5sQlEn] adj 6642,"sully","[5sQlI] v 6643,"sultry","[5sQltrI] adj "

succ suck v

ulent recumbent adj

suckle v


suc cumb Sweden n face " suf foc ate franchise "

encumber v "


suffocate:oxygen starve:nutrients "


suff rage n

suf fuse

effusive adj

tint:suffuse amble:wander damp:quench



suitcase:luggage hat:millinery


suit n sulk n /v

e y

" key sullen:levity ? " rejoice v : ?" "

sul sol len

voluptuous summary adj

" ly after long deliberation " aside:digression

6644,"summarily","[`sQmErElI] adv 6645,"summary","[5sQmErI] n summary:excerpt " adj

compendium:summary anthology:collection

6646,"summit","[5sQmIt] n 6647,"summon","[5sQmEn] v "

crest:wave roof:room summit[peak]:mountain command:request summon:invite summons:citation ?

nadir n ; " : ? dismiss v


6648,"sumptuous","[5sQmptJEs] adj ascetic adj frugal adj "

sum ptuous

sober adj

sobriety n

spartan adj

6649,"sunder","[5sQndE(r)] v divide:sunder link v

s split v


s under yoke v " ous

asunder adv bond v


connect conjoin v miscellaneous

combine v sun dry

merge v "

6650,"sundry","[5sQndrI] adj

6651,"supercilious","[9sjU:pE`sIlIEs] adj obsequious adj humble adj "

super cili

superannuated adj

annu " "

superb adj

6652,"superciliousness","[9sjU:pE`sIlIEsnIs] n 6653,"superficial","[sju:pE5fIF(E)l] adj " 6654,"superficiality","[`sjU:pE9fIFI`AlEtI] n 6655,"superficially","[sju:pE5fiFElI] adv 6656,"superfluity","[sju:pE5flu:ItI] n scarcity n " 6657,"superfluous","[sju:5p\:flJEs] adj 6658,"superimpose","[5sju:pErIm5pEJz] v supernal adj supernatural adj

humility n " super fic ial pith n superficial element central adj

dilettante:superficiality partisan:bias plumb v examine superficially "

profundity n


super flu ity

pertinent:relevance redundant:superfluity :


terseness:superfluous spontaneity:studied super impose v superintend v "

integral adj superlative adj


superimpose:above insert:between super nova n super sede " novice n "

6659,"supernova","[sju:pE5nEJvE] n 6660,"supersede","[sju:pE5si:d] v 6661,"superstition","[sju:pE5stIF(E)n] n 6662,"supine","[`sjU:paIn] adj 6663,"supplant","[sE5plB:nt] v

super stition su pine n v sup plant supply v /n 421

superstructure n vigilant adj "

supervise v

vis " " "


supplant:replace snatch:take


6664,"supplementary","[sQplI5mentErI] adj

synopsis:condensed appendix:supplementary

" 6665,"suppleness","[5sQplnIs] n desiccant:dryness supplicate v supple adj v s upple apple rigidness n " emollient:suppleness

numb:sensation stiff:suppleness supply v "

stiffness n supplicant

6666,"supplicant","[`sQplIkEnt] n supplicant:beseeching coquette:flirtatious 6667,"supplicate","[5sQplIkeIt] v supplicate:entreat

humility:supplicant resistance:adversary

sup plic ate

supplic supply ate



demand v " suppose v n sur charge v certainty n " mount v surpass v

6668,"supposition","[sQpE5zIF(E)n] n 6669,"surcharge","[5s\:tFB:dV] v ... discount v n " sur feit

surmount v

6670,"surfeit","[5s\:fIt] n /v supply deficiency n "


famish v

starve v

deprivation n


6671,"surge","[s\:dV] v /n 6672,"surgeon","[5s\:dV(E)n] n " 6673,"surly","[5s\:lI] adj

insurgent adj

in surge " surgeon:dexterity acrobat:agility

scalpel:surgeon telescope:astronomer

gruff domineering

sur sir ly sur mise surrealism n sur render

" " realism n nonplus v "

6674,"surmise","[sE5maIz] n /v 6675,"surplus","[5s\:plEs] adj n

conjecture sur plus

6676,"surrender","[sE5rendE(r)] v appropriate v "

inalienable:surrendered implacable:propitiated

6677,"surreptitious","[9sQrEp`tIFEs] adj " 6678,"surrogate","[5sQrE^Et] n substitute n v " adj


sur rept creep itious

barefaced adj

aboveboard adj

sur rog ate


surrogate:indirect ?


6679,"surveillance","[s\:5veIlEns] n

sur veillance vigilance n 422

sur veil n



6680,"surveyor","[sE5veIE(r)] n 6681,"survive","[sE5vaIv] v

survey v sur vive live

or Sur vey survival n

" perish v " suspense n

6682,"susceptibility","[sEseptI5bIlItI] n suspicion n immunity n "


susceptible adj

sus cept ible

6683,"suspend","[sE5spend] v 6684,"suspicious","[sE5spIFEs] adj admiring:idolatrous


sus pend suspect n adj

let fall v "

erect v suspicion n

invoke v




enthusiasm:mania suspicion:paranoia livelihood v slim svel swell v te sustain v incision n

6685,"sustenance","[5sQstInEns] n 6686,"suture","[5su:tFE(r)] n 6687,"svelte","[svelt] adj

sustained adj avulse v ... "


plump adj waddle n /v

paunchy and awkward swag n /v

" sway v

6688,"swagger","[5swA^E(r)] v /n swagger:bravado caress:affection

strut braggadocio "

wag n /v

blustering[pontificate]:speak swaggering:walk

fawn:hauteur[imperiousness] self-depreciate:swagger 6689,"swallow","[`swClEJ] v n 6690,"swamp","[swRmp] n v overwhelm Sw all low

disgorge v " " k s wan k swarm up v " "

s wa water mp water pretentious swan n

6691,"swank","[swANk] v swagger strut adj 6692,"swarm","[swC:m] n 6693,"swarthy","[5swC:TI] adj 6694,"sway","[sweI] v /n 6695,"swearword","[5sweEw\:d] n 6696,"swell","[swel] v /n 6697,"sweltering","[5sweltErIN] adj v

a swarm of worms "

s war thy swagger n /v swear v s well n sultry swelter v 423

indubitable:questioned resolute:sway word " sweat n ing frigid adj " accolade n "


6698,"swerve","[sw\:v] v /n 6699,"swill","[swIl] v swill

plummet:fall swerve:turn swell v swill:sip gobble:nibble

maintain direction sip v "


6700,"swindle","[5swInd(E)l] v /n implacable:compromise honest:swindle 6701,"swine","[swaIn] n 6702,"swing","[swIN] v n 6703,"swipe","[swaIp] n /v 6704,"swirl","[sw\:l] v n eddy 6705,"switch","[swItF] n v s wine n sway v

swindle money dwindle v " "

S wind le

oscillation:swing momentum:scooter " whirl n /v " "


s wipe v s wirl

liquid:valve electric current:switch Sybaris t Sy see bar rite n

6706,"sybarite","[`sIbEraIt] n 6707,"sycophant","[5sIkEfAnt] n

spartan n

ascetic n


libertine:dissolute rival:competition

sycophant:flattery[fawn obsequious] miser:hoard dandy:preen extortionist:intimidation pundit:opinion narcissist:selfabsorbed reprobate:misbehave malcontent:complaint querulous:complain rebellious:resurgent recidivist:relapse frugal:penurious deferent:sycophantic 6708,"syllabus","[5sIlEbEs] n " 6709,"syllogism","[5sIlEdVIz(E)m] n remonstrance:offend syllogism:disprove 6710,"symbiosis","[simbai5Eusis]n 6711,"symmetry","[5sImItrI] n " sym same bio sis sym same me try parity:equal symbiosis:interdependent disproportion n " " " syl sym syn log ism symbiosis n bio bus bus " itinerary:trip syllabus:course agenda:meeting

6712,"sympathetic","[sImpE5WetIk] adj 6713,"symphony","[5sImfEnI] n script:play score:symphony instrumentalist:symphony dancer:ballet

sym same path etic sym same pho ny

callous adj

epilogue:novel coda:symphony symphony:conductor film:director stanza:poem

exhibition:painting concert:symphony

sonnet:poet symphony:composer 424


" sym same pos ium " out-of-phase occurring at different "

6714,"symposium","[sIm5pEJzIEm] n 6715,"symptom","[5sImptEm] n

pain:analgesic symptom:palliative syn same chron ous

6716,"synchronous","[5sINkrEnEs] adj times noncontemporaneous adj " never

6717,"syncopate","[5sINkEpeIt] v 6718,"syndrome","[`sIndrEJm] n 6719,"synergic","[sI`n\:dVIk] adj 6720,"synonymous","[sI`nCnImEs] adj interchangeable:function 6721,"synopsis","[sI`nCpsIs] n synopsis:conciseness distillate:purity protraction n " "


syn same cop chop ate

" "

syn same drome syn same erg ic

syn same drome drone n v antagonistic adj "

syno same nym name ous


syn same opsis

synopsis:condensed appendix:supplementary syntax n

abbreviation:sentence synopsis:narrative

6722,"synthesis","[5sInWIsIs] n analysis n take apart " sy see ring e

syn same thes is

antithetic adj

anti thet ic

6723,"syringe","[5sIrINdV] n

sy see ringe range system n atic

" "

6724,"systematic","[sIstE5mAtIk] adj 6725,"systematize","[5sIstEmEtaIz] v 6726,"table","[5teIb(E)l] v

haphazard adj

randomize v

" " tablecloth:table sheet:mattress "



consider v table cloth

6727,"tablecloth","[5teIb(E)lklRW] n 6728,"taboo","[tE5bu:] adj n

tableland n

" tacho meter " tact n I 425

6729,"tachometer","[tA5kRmItE(r)] n 6730,"tacit","[5tAsIt] adj

tacit:infer encoded:decode

explicit adj

expressly stated

directly expressed

stipulation n

tacit requirement

" loquacious adj

6731,"taciturn","[5tAsItE:n] adj prolix adj glib adj ;voluble adj garrulity n tackle n tack n n

taciturn:chatter magnanimous:begrudge expansive adj volubility n v tack " windbag n "

6732,"taciturnity","n 6733,"tack","[tAk] n

tackle tackle" tackiness:adhesive sharpness:scalpel tackle tactic tact bolster:support tackle:hoist tact:offensive money:poor " diplomat:tact "

6734,"tackiness","[5tAknIs] n 6735,"tackle","[5tAk(E)l] v 6736,"tact","[tAkt] n inventor:ingenuity "

tackiness tack n tactic n

6737,"tactile","[5tAktaIl] adj affective[sentient]:emotion :

tangible : "

tact n


contact n /v


6738,"tactlessness","[5tAktlIsnIs] n obstinate:preserve tactless[insensitive]:offend 6739,"tadpole","[5tAdpEJl] n 6740,"tag","[tA^] n 6741,"tailor","[5teIlE(r)] n v 6742,"taint","[teInt] v 6743,"tainted","adj " 6744,"taking","[5teIkIN] adj 6745,"talisman","[`tAlIzmEn] n incantation:utterance " talk ative fetching n n tad toad n [ pole n

tact n

chicanery:clever tactlessness:truthful : ? savvy v n " "

] gaffe:tactless ?

tadpole:frog caterpillar:butterfly "

canopy:cover tag:identify saw:carpenter scissors:tailor stain n /v integrity n unspoiled adj " pristine adj

cartographer:map tailor:clothing


wholesome adj

unadulterated adj

unblemished adj

take talis man

taking" retaliate v re tali ate talisman:object

6746,"talkative","[5tC:kEtIv] adj

garrulous:talkative cloying:sweet



6747,"tally","[5tAlI] v 6748,"talon","[5tAlEn] n


tall y

"" " " ine trumpet:horn

talon:eagle claw:panther

6749,"tambourine","[tAmbE5ri:n] n tambourine:drum 6750,"tame","[teIm] adj 6751,"tamp","[tAmp] v " tame:tractable ? tap n /v " temper v : ?

tambour timbre n

racy adj



6752,"tamper","[5tAmpE(r)] v ... " 6753,"tan","[tAn] v tan


tamper:adjust misrepresent:communicate


tanner n

" essential adj " "

6754,"tangent","[5tAndVEnt] adj 6755,"tangential","[tAn5dVenF(E)l] adj 6756,"tangible","[5tAndVIb(E)l] adj : unable to perceive "

tang tag ent gist n palpable tangential point

initial[incipient]:realized tangible:indefinite moribund:dead

6757,"tangle","[5tAN^(E)l] v /n 6758,"tango","[5tAN^EJ] n 6759,"tangy","[5tANi] adj 6760,"tantalize","[5tAntElaIz]v tease:tantalize ? satiate v " : ?



conundrum:solve tangle:unravel "


tango:dance elegy:poem bland adj "

Tantalus assuage v ease v relieve v comfort v

Tan tali tall ze console v solace v

alleviate v

6761,"tantamount","[5tAntEmaJnt] adj 6762,"tantrum","[5tAntrEm] n 6763,"taper","[5teIpE(r)] n 6764,"tapestry","[5tApIstrI] n v


tant amount pacify v paper

incommensurate adj "


tant rum room

paper Taper tapes try 427

abate:intensity taper:width



filigree:delicacy tapestry:intricacy 6765,"tardy","[5tB:dI] adj 6766,"tare","[teE(r)] n 6767,"tariff","[5tArIf] n 6768,"tarnish","[5tB:nIF] v /n ... iron:rust " ta re

" sluggish " smuggler:tariff stowaway:fare tarnish:dull vitrify:smooth " silver:tarnish retard v guile:na?f tardy:prompt "

6769,"tarpaulin","[tB:5pC:lIn] n tarpaulin:covering raincoat:garment 6770,"tarry","[5tArI] v 6771,"tart","[tB:t] adj 6772,"tassel","[5tAs(E)l] n 6773,"tasty","[5teIstI] adj 6774,"tatty","[5tAtI] adj 6775,"taunt","[tC:nt] v taunt:challenge 6776,"taut","[tC:t] adj extraordinary:purlieu 6777,"tauten","[`tR:tEn ] v t aunt tart tardy adj tear " " "" taste v n " "

lint[linoleum]:covering tarpaulin:garment [ ]

uninteresting adj tatter n

" smart adj " flout:disregard mock:imitate

tattered adj

daunt v : "

gaunt adj

taunt:provoke plot:outwit :

slacken:tautness dilute:strength loosen unfirm loosen v slack adj " tauto log ical ry light adj "


slacken v

6778,"tautological","[9tC:tE5lCdVikEl] adj 6779,"tawdry","[5tC:drI] adj 6780,"taxing","[`tAksIN ] adj tax tawd toad n taxing

" "

exquisite adj easy adj " taxonomy n

6781,"taxonomist","[tAk`sCnEmIst ] n carpenter:build "

taxo nom name ist



6782,"teammate","[5ti:meIt] n 6783,"tear","[tIE(r)] v 6784,"tease","[ti:z] v 6785,"technocrat","[5teknEkrAt] n 6786,"tedious","[5ti:dIEs] adj stimulating adj absorbing adj rend

team mate

roommate n

ally:war teammate:game tether v : ?"

" stabilize v "

" "

" "

inflate:burst pull:tear tease ease

tea se

tease:tantalize ?

techno crat " tedium n " " stabilize v " ascetic:luxury teetotaler:alcohol " tedious:energy disturbing:composure [ ] engage:tedious entertaining adj

discompose:pacific[placid] fabricate:authentic[ingenuous]

6787,"teem","[ti:m] v

team teem

6788,"teeter","[5ti:tE(r)] v vacillate totter 6789,"teetotaler","[ti:`tEJtElE(r) ] n 6790,"teetotalism","n 6791,"telling","[5telIN] adj 6792,"temerity","[tI5merItI] n circumspection n tee tea total er

intemperance n " tell ing recklessness not effective marry ty " v volatile:temper ready:wit " alacrity:apathetic temerity:timid

pusillanimity n

cautious approach

6793,"temper","[5tempE(r)] n asperity n mildness of temper

temperamental adj " temper n v temper v " n

tempest n

6794,"temperance","[5tempErEns] n 6795,"temperate","[5tempErEt] adj extreme adj frivolous adj

ance ate

objectivity:partisan temperance:reprobate temperate:restrain tenacious:persist


6796,"temperately","[5tempErEtlI] adv 6797,"temperature","[5temprItFE(r)] n cool:temperature "

harangue n /v

speak temperately

" attenuate:thickness

thermometer:temperature compass:direction

6798,"tempestuous","[tem5pestjJEs] adj

temp temper est uous 429

halcyon adj


6799,"tempo","[5tempEJ] n acceleration:tempo "

tem time po

temporal adj

temporary adj


6800,"temporize","[5tempEraIz] v 6801,"tenable","[5tenEb(E)l] adj unjustified adj unsound adj

tempor ize ten able specious adj ten acious

" ineluctable[inevitable]:avoid untenable:defend

indefensible adj

fallacious adj


6802,"tenacious","[tI5neIFEs] adj temperate:restrain tenacious:persist 6803,"tenacity","[tI`nAsEtI] adj 6804,"tenant","[5tenEnt] n 6805,"tend","[tend] v

beneficent:harm tenacious:yield insouciant:worry "

negotiable adj yield v "

vacillation n rent v tenant"

attend v

assert:belabor tend:fuss tendence n " adj tender " " tend entious

" tendentious:objective ? ?

6806,"tendentious","[ten5denFEs] adj unbiased adj unprejudiced adj

6807,"tender","[5tendE(r)] v exhibit:inspection

tenderize v


withdraw vt " tend inous ten et ten or " ten or " tensile adj idyll n provisional slender tenu ten ure halfhearted torque:rotation tension:elongation " tendinous:sinewy ? : ?"

6808,"tendinous","[`tendInEs ] adj 6809,"tenet","[5tenIt] n 6810,"tenor","[5tenE(r)] n 6811,"tension","[5tenF(E)n] n /v slacken[slacken]:tension blunt:sharpness 6812,"tentative","[5tentEtIv] adj 6813,"tenuous","[5tenjJEs] adj 6814,"tenure","[5tenjE(r)] n 6815,"tepid","[5tepId] adj

tens ion

experience fraught with tension tent n ative attenuate v " extenuate v

ous " tepid 430

substantial adj


lukewarm adj

fevered adj

ardent adj

ebullient adj

" conclusion term ination terminable adj terminus n terminus:trip[stop]

6816,"termination","[t\:mI5neIF(E)n] n voting:roll call termination:cloture epilogue:story "

inception:termination matriculation:graduation

6817,"terminology","[t\:mI5nRlEdVI] n " 6818,"termite","[5t\:maIt] n 6819,"terpsichorean","[9t\:psIkE`ri:En] adj choreography n " ter terrain n terrain ace P

term n


terminology:language uniform:clothing

pun:joke termite:insect muse Terpsichore


Terpsi cho re an

6820,"terrace","[5terEs] n 6821,"terrapin","[5terEpIn] n 6822,"terror","[5terE(r)] n craving:desire 6823,"terse","[t\:s] adj voluble:terse "

" terrestrial adj territoriality n territory n "

apprehension:terror affection:adoration


aphoristic:terse hyperbolic:exaggerated terse:superfluity parsimonious:expenditure " "


6824,"terseness","[tE:snIs] n 6825,"tertiary","[5t\:FErI] adj 6826,"testator","[te5steItE(r)] n " 6827,"testimony","[5testImEnI] n perjury:testimony "

terseness:superfluous spontaneity:studied ter tiary testify v " testament n

heirloom:ancestor bequest:testator

testi testify v


testimonial n


6828,"testiness","[`testInIs] n 6829,"testy","[5testI] adj [ ] affable adj

test iness test y

patience n

imperturbability n


testy:annoy[offend] tractable:control hesitate:balk pliable:influence good humor/humorous " loose v tear v "

open-minded adj detach v 431

6830,"tether","[5teTE(r)] v

6831,"text","[tekst] n

texture n " that "

textile n

pretext v /n

glossary:test legend:map

text:extemporize score:improvise 6832,"thatch","[WAtF] n 6833,"thaw","[WC:] v 6834,"theatrical","[WI5AtrIk(E)l] adj 6835,"theocracy","[WI5RkrEsI] n


theatr theater n theo cracy theocracy " The

ical theism n

natural adj atheism n

restrained adj autocracy n


anathema:curse theocracy:stateanathema 6836,"theologian","[WIE5lEJdVIEn] n scripture::theologian "

seminary:theologian conservatory:artist


6837,"theology","[WI5RlEdVI] n observatory:astronomy "

theo ology

conservatory:music seminary:theology

6838,"therapeutic","[WerE5pju:tIk] adj illuminating:school "

therap therapy n


therapist n


6839,"thermometer","[WE5mRmItE(r)] n compass:direction "

thermo meter

thermal adj


6840,"thespian","[5WespIEn] adj 6841,"thickness","[5WIknIs] n attenuate:thickness 6842,"thorny","[5WC:nI] adj 6843,"thrall","[WrC:l] n 6844,"thrash","[WrAF] v " vexatious th r all th rash adj thicket n


the s pian


collapse:volume cool:temperature debilitate:strength

thorn n

th orn " "

smooth adj


enthrall v

thresh v thread bare v

6845,"threadbare","[5WredbeE(r)] adj labyrinthine:directness "


6846,"threnody","[5WrenEdI] n

thren ody th ren ody 432

threnetical adj


6847,"thresh","[WreF] v 6848,"thrive","[WraIv] v 6849,"throes","[WrEJ] n 6850,"throng","[WrRN] n v n thrift n

thrash v

" wizen v " protract:length throng:number " fail v "

languish v s th roe s throne n

th rong

6851,"throttle","[5WrRt(E)l] v

throt throat n tle " throw back " th rust rust thrust " thunder n bolt n th war t " facilitate v abet v

6852,"throwback","[ `WrEJbAk ] n 6853,"thrust","[WrQst] v

6854,"thunderbolt","[5WQndEbEJlt] n 6855,"thwart","[WwC:t] v support v aid v

... foster v

oppose:thwart treat:cure

foment v

bolster n v " tick stick n " " " le tickler n pliant:influence

6856,"ticklish","[5tIklIF] adj ticklish:offend 6857,"tidy","[5taIdI] adj 6858,"tiff","[tIf] n ti ff

tickle v

imperturbable adj

slovenly adj

offense:peccadillo quarrel[squabble]:tiff failing:foible stingy tight adj " " " fist n /v ed tightwad n

6859,"tightfisted","[5taItfIstId] adj

tightfisted:parsimonious brattish:mischievous 6860,"tile","[taIl] n 6861,"timber","[5tImbE] n 6862,"timeworn","[`taImwR:n] adj

piece:jigsaw puzzle stitch:sampler tile:mosaic lumber n trite timbre n time worn adj quarry:stone fell:timber timely adj "

threadbare[timeworn]:novelty labyrinthine:directness 6863,"timid","[5tImId] adj confident:timid open:shy tim id audacious adj timorous adj "

novel n adj

alacrity:apathetic temerity:timid



6864,"timidity","[tI`mIdEtI] n 6865,"timorous","[5tImErEs] adj " 6866,"tinder","[5tIndE(r)] n 6867,"tinge","[tIndV] v ... 6868,"tinker","[5tINkE(r)] v 6869,"tint","[tInt] n v ... 6870,"tipple","[5tIp(E)l] v

effrontery n

" intimidate v intrepid adj scrappy adj stalwart adj

tim orous

timber n tint n v ... n stain n v n tip n tin n tilt v v ple

tinder " colorless adj ker tinged adj " " "

tinker:adjust scribble:write tint:suffuse amble:wander damp:quench ti pple apple "

6871,"tirade","[taI5reId; (?@) 5taIreId] n anger:tirade exaggeration:hyperbole 6872,"tire","[5taIE(r)] n v 6873,"tissue","[5tIFu:, 5tIsju:] n 6874,"titanic","[taI5tAnIk] adj 6875,"titillate","[5tItIleIt] v 6876,"titular","[5tItjJlE(r)] adj 6877,"toady","[5tEJdI] n toady:obsequious[flatter] 6878,"tobacco","[tE5bAkEJ] n 6879,"toil","[tCIl] v /n 6880,"tolerance","[5tRlErEns] n inured:tolerance addicted:dependency 6881,"tolerant","[5tRlErEnt] adj forbearing oil nominal sycophant v

tir tire ade dispassionate speech "

bombast:pompous tirade:critical

candle:wax candy:sugar tire:rubber molecule:atoms tissue:cells TITANIC " ate ti till ate ular " y toad "

" "

titill tickle v tit title n


toad n


recluse:solitude toady:favor tobacco toil foil n

nicotine:tobacco caffeine:coffee v coil v roil v "


bigot:tolerance liar:honesty turncoat:constancy " posturer:unaffected bigot:tolerant " 434

provincial:cosmopolitan servile:domination

6882,"tolerate","[5tRlEreIt] v 6883,"toleration","[tRlE5reIF(E)n] n 6884,"tombstone","[5tu:mstEJn] n 6885,"tongs","[tRNz] n 6886,"tonic","[5tRnIk] n draining adj "

brook v / stomach v

refuse to tolerate

" " "

countenance:toleration demur:objection tomb stone epitaph:tombstone motto:shield "

tongs:grasping reel:winding adj

antidote:poison tonic:lethargy conducive:foment tonic:invigorate enfeebling adj

tonic:stimulate[invigorate] analgesic:deaden

6887,"tonsorial","[tRn5sC:rIEl] adj 6888,"tooth","[tu:W] n

to nsorial "

tonsorial:hair sartorial:apparel


tooth:enamel tree:bark top n topo top ple most graphy ..."

6889,"topmost","[5tRpmEJst] adj 6890,"topography","[tE5pR^rEfI] n 6891,"topple","[5tRp(E)l] v 6892,"topsoil","[5tRpsCIl] n

nadir n "

topmost point"


top soil

topsoil:erode paint:peel topsy top turvy turn

" tranquil adj "

6893,"topsy-turvy","[tRpsI5t\:vI] adj 6894,"torment","[tC:5ment] n /v 6895,"tornado","[tC:5neIdEJ] n 6896,"torpedo","[tC:5pi:dEJ] n 6897,"torpid","[5tC:pId] adj 6898,"torpor","[5tC:pE(r)] n alertness n animation n ebullience n tor que

tor ment tor nado

" tornado:air whirlpool:water " responsive adj ebullient adj : ? ardent adj " zeal n "

tor pedo

torpid adj ardor n "

torpor:iciness ?

extreme excitability

6899,"torque","[tC:k] n

torque:rotation tension:elongation



6900,"torrential","[tE5rEnF(E)l] adj 6901,"torrid","[5tRrId] adj 6902,"torridness","[5tRrIdnIs] n 6903,"torso","[5tC:sEJ] n 6904,"tortuous","[5tC:tjJEs] adj straightforward adj winding "

torrent n arctic adj frigidity n "

ial "

tor ren tial



" tort uous labyrinth:tortuous ornament:decorative

direct adj

6905,"torture","[5tC:tFE(r)] n /v 6906,"toss","[tRs; (?@) tC:s] v 6907,"totalitarian","[tEJtAlI5teErIEn] adj 6908,"totter","[5tRtE(r)] v 6909,"touchy","[5tQtFI] adj quixotic:idealistic touchy:sensitive 6910,"toupee","[`tU:peI,tU:`peI] n 6911,"tournament","[5tJEnEmEnt] n stagger

tort ure "


n "

total itarian


oversensitive "

touch n /v


touching adj

touchstone n

denture:teeth toupee:hair tour nament tour ni que t " " cast aspersions on tower n ing tox ic detoxify v " beneficial adj " " "


6912,"tourniquet","[5tJEnIket; (?@) 5t\:rnIkEt] n tourniquet:bleeding brake:motion moratorium:activity 6913,"tousle","[5taJz(E)l] v 6914,"tout","[taJt] v 6915,"towering","[5taJErIN] adj 6916,"toxic","[5tRksIk] adj 6917,"toxicity","[tCk`sIsEtI] n 6918,"toxin","[5tRksIn] n dishevel touse n v

tourniquet:blood dam:water

denounce v


ductility:malleable toxicity:poisonous tox in

venom:toxin milk:nutrient 436


6919,"toy","[tCI] v

think over seriously trace n v

" able track n v " tractor n traction n incorrigibility n

6920,"traceable","[`treIsEbl] adj 6921,"tractability","n obstinacy n " 6922,"tractable","[5trAktEb(E)l] adj adeptness:maladroit ? ? recalcitrant adj " commerce v

tractable adj

tract able


tract able incorrigible adj

complaisance:intractable tame:tractable insubordinate intransigent

subtle:overlook tractable:lead

testy:annoy tractable:control

headstrong obstinate balky pertinacious adj

6923,"trade","[treId] n

impresario:entertainment broker:trade " trade mark tra trans duce traged tragedy n ian " tragedienne n

jog:exercise barter:trade

agrarian:farming mercantile:trade 6924,"trademark","[5treIdmB:k] n 6925,"traduce","[trE5dju:s] v 6926,"tragedian","[trE5dVi:dIEn] n tragedian:actor " trait n

flag:country trademark:company



6927,"traitor","[5treItE(r)] n 6928,"trajectory","[5trAdVIktErI] n 6929,"trammel","[5trAm(E)l] v /n 6930,"trample","[5trAmp(E)l] v

or tra ject ory " tramp v le v Tramp "

traditor n


" entrance n v tranquilizer n pandemonium n " abandon:inhibition "

6931,"trance","[trB:ns; (?@) trAns] n 6932,"tranquility","n tranquility:agitation tranquil adj


tran trans quil quiet adj ferment n trans action tran scend " 437

commotion n

turbulence n "

6933,"transaction","[trAn5zAkF(E)n] n 6934,"transcend","[trAn5send] v ... ossify v transcend conventions

transcendent adj

transcendental adj

6935,"transcribe","[trAn5skraIb] v 6936,"transfigure","[rAns5fI^E(r)] v

trans scribe trans figure

transcription n transform v

" transfuse v

transfigure:aspect[appearance] transfer:location transfix:attention 6937,"transgress","[trAns5^res] v transgress:rule obey v " trans gress

: " trespass:boundary

rectitude:transgress keen:obtuse

6938,"transgression","[trAns`^reFEn] n 6939,"transience","[`trAnzIEns] n permanence n "

transgression:morality presumption:propriety trans ience transition n


transitional adj

opportune:convenience impermanent:transience

convoluted:complexity ephemeral:transience

6940,"transient","[5trAnsIEnt; (?@) trAnFnt] adj convoluted:complexity transient:evanescence endurance perpetuity n transitoriness" transient

transient:vanish constant:perpetuate lasting persistent adj protracted adj rooted adj duration

6941,"transitory","[5trAnsItErI] adj achromatic:hue transitory:permanence

trans itory enduring adj

transitory:endure immutable:change protracted adj perpetual persistent adj ent "

6942,"translucent","[trAns5lu:sEnt] adj transmit v transmute v mute" "

trans luc lucid adj slack:tension opaque:translucence trans mogr ) ify "

translucence n impervious of light "

6943,"transmogrify","[trAns5mR^rIfaI] v 6944,"transparent","[trAns5pArEnt] adj ( delusive adj "

trans parent

porous:liquid transparent:light opaque adj deceitful adj

conspicuous:see manifest[lucid]:perceive transparent:understand

6945,"transpire","[trAns5paIE(r)] v 6946,"transportation","[trAnspC:5teIF(E)n] n fare:transportation "

trans spire transport n /v

transplantation n trans port

transpose v

pose" " "


6947,"trapeze","[trE5pi:z] n 6948,"trappings","[5trApINz] n

tr tran ape ze trap n ping s

" "


6949,"trauma","[5trC:mE; (?@) 5traJmE] n 6950,"travail","[5trAveIl; (?@) trE5veIl] n /v 6951,"travelogue","[5trAvElR^] n 6952,"traverse","[5trAv\:s] v 6953,"travesty","[5trAvIstI] n /v 6954,"trawl","[trC:l] n v traw draw l travel logue tra verse toil "

traumatic adj trav tran ail v

" ail laze v /n "

diverge:apart traverse:across tra vest y " treacher teacher ous ness paragon n "


6955,"treacherousness","[5tretFErEnIs] n faithfulness n " n

treachery n

treason n

6956,"tread","[tred] v

" treasure n r treasurer:funds secretary:records " rectify:treaty confirm:hypothesis " "

6957,"treasurer","[5treVErE(r)] n 6958,"treatise","[5tri:tIs, 5tri:tIz] n 6959,"treaty","[5tri:tI] n 6960,"trek","[trek] v treat v trek tract

treat ise y " tremulous adj trench n tend v ant

6961,"tremble","[5tremb(E)l] v 6962,"trenchant","[5trentFEnt] adj 6963,"trend","[trend] v /n

tremor n /v entrenched adj

voice:quaver hand:tremble vague adj " intrepid adj dull adj

" "

stream:eddy trend:anomaly dation aplomb n

6964,"trepidation","[trepI5deIF(E)n] n apprehension laconic:volubility footloose:attachment 6965,"trespass","[5trespEs] v tres pass : sss trial n ee "

audacious:trepidation trepid adj "

dauntless adj

/sober adj

eavesdrop:conversation trespass:property without intruding " obey v undo v "

usurp:take trespass:enter overwhelm:defeat 6966,"tress","[tres] n tresses

6967,"tribunal","[traI5bju:n(E)l] n


6968,"tribute","[5trIbju:t] n denunciation n aspersion n

trib tribe n reprobation n " trick n v n tri dent v tri logy


tribulation n

tributary adj


6969,"trickery","[5trIkErI] n 6970,"trickle","[5trIk(E)l] v 6971,"trident","[5traIdEnt] n 6972,"trigger","[5trI^E(r)] n 6973,"trilogy","[5trIlEdVI] n 6974,"trim","[trIm] v adj

trickster n

" spate n " "

trickle:gush warm:sear whiff:blast trifle n " trio n trivia n " " trifling adj

prune:hedge trim:hair tri nk et tri pod ped hackneyed

6975,"trinket","[5trINkIt] n 6976,"tripod","[5traIpRd] n 6977,"trite","[traIt] adj unhackneyed adj "

gadget:tools trinkets:jewelry tripod:camera easel:canvas tri te "


original adj

unbanal adj

fresh adj

6978,"trivial","[5trIvIEl] adj grandiose adj indispensable adj

tri vial " triumph n /v "

gist n

trivial point

substantive adj

massive adj

6979,"trophy","[5trEJfI] n trophy:contestant honors:student 6980,"troth","[trEJW; (?@) trC:W] n 6981,"troubled","[ `trQbld ] adj 6982,"troupe","[tru:p] n

atrophy n

a trophy

athlete:trophy soldier:medal

" troubled:distraught covetous:rapacious orchestra:music troupe:drama " "

trouble n /v troop n group n

instrumentalist:orchestra actor:troupe 6983,"trowel","[5traJEl] n 6984,"truant","[5tru:Ent] n trowel

troupe:perform chorus:sing towel n "

tru truth ant

truant:dutiful ?



6985,"truce","[tru:s] n


tru ce

resumed fighting

" kindness n " gentle adj

6986,"truculence","[ `trQkjJlEns]n

tru cu lence

benevolence n

6987,"truculent","[5trukjElEnt, 5trQkjJlEnt]adj pacific adj placid adj genial adj "

truculent: gentleness unregenerate:remorse

6988,"trudge","[trQdV]v 6989,"truism","[5tru:Iz(E)m]n 6990,"trumpery","[5trQmpErI]adj 6991,"trumpet","[5trQmpIt]n

t rudge bridge tru truth ism "

lug:carry trudge:walk


trumpe trumpet n


" " truncate:extent

trumpet:horn tambourine:dram trunc trunk n prolong v baton trust v trunc trunk n truss trust " teon ate

6992,"truncate","[trQN5keIt; (?@) 5trQNkeIt]v simplify:complexity minimize:component 6993,"truncheon","[5trQntF(E)n]n 6994,"truss","[trQs]n 6995,"trusting","[5trQstiN]adj 6996,"truthful","[5tru:WfJl]adj 6997,"truthfulness","[5tru:WfulnIs]n 6998,"tryst","[trIst, traIst]n 6999,"tuber","[5tju:bE(r)]n 7000,"tugboat","[5tQ^bEJt]n 7001,"tumble","[5tQmb(E)l]n /v 7002,"tumid","[5tju:mId]adj 7003,"tumult","[ `tjU:mQlt ]n

" " " "

ballast:stability truss:support

trustworthy adj truth n ful

compliant:servile trusting:gullible chicanery:clever tactlessness:truthful "

mendacity n "

try st est protuberant adj tug boat stumble v tuber n

tuber " locomotive:flatcar tugboat:barge " "

tumor " quietude n quiescence n tranquility n serenity n "

tumu lt


7004,"tumultuous","[tju5mQltjJEs]adj 7005,"turbid","[5t\:bId]adj 7006,"turbulence","[5t\:bjJlEns]n 7007,"turbulent","[5t\:bjJlEnt]adj 7008,"turgid","[5t\:dVId]adj 7009,"turkey","[5t\:kI]n 7010,"turmoil","[5t\:mCIl]n 7011,"turncoat","[5t\:nkEJt]n turncoat:constancy[consistency] 7012,"turpitude","[5t\:pItju:d]n 7013,"turquoise","[5t\:kwCIz]n 7014,"turret","[5turIt, 5tQrIt]n 7015,"turtle","[5t\:t(E)l]n 7016,"tussle","[5tQs(E)l]v 7017,"tutor","[5tju:tE(r)]v n 7018,"tuxedo","[tQk5si:dEJ]n 7019,"twaddle","[5twRd(E)l]v /n 7020,"twig","[twI^]n 7021,"twinge","[twIndV]n /v 7022,"tycoon","[taI5ku:n]n 7023,"typo","[5taIpEJ]n prate scuffle tut or traitor turb id

tumultuous:bedlam active:hive disturb v imperturbable adj tranquility n "

serene adj limpid adj "


turb ulence

maelstrom:turbulent mirage:illusory grandiloquent Turkey tur turbulent adj turn coat simple adj carve:turkey slice:cake moil n tumult n " "

pacific adj


tranquility n "

bigot:tolerance simpleton:sagacity recluse:compassion " probity n oise saintly behavior " "

constancy n turp turb itude adj ret et turqu Turkish

gem:turquoise flower:violet "


castle:turret sea:beacon "

carapace:turtle hull:seed " tutelage n Tuxedo Park t talk waddle v " " " tutelary n

" tuxedo "

Tuxedo coat tattle v "

twig:limb brook:river twi twist wing e typhoon n

" "

type typo

typographical adj 442

typo:text bug:software


7024,"tyranny","[5tIrEnI] n generous:liberality "


anny annoy

tyrannical adj

tyrant n


7025,"tyro","[5taiErEu] n 7026,"ubiquitous","[ju:5bIkwItEs] adj unique adj 7027,"ugliness","[`Q^lInIs] n 7028,"ulcerate","[5QlsEreIt] v /n 7029,"ulterior","[Ql5tIErIE(r)] adj ultimatum n " "

expert n " omnipresent ubi ubisoft quitous ubisoft ubi conj quit v ous

ugly adj ulcer n

pulchritude n " ate u un lcer clean ate ult erior " inferior adj ultimate adj

superior adj

7030,"ultramundane","[9QltrE`mQndeIn] adj 7031,"umbrage","[5QmbrIdV] n 7032,"umpire","[5QmpaIE(r)] n 7033,"unabashed","[9QnE`bAFt] adj unheralded:announcement " resentment

ultra mundane adj umbr age empire n abash v

" umbrose adj "

adumbrate v "

arbitrator v ... poised


7034,"unadvised","[QnEd5vaIzd] adj 7035,"unaffected","[QnE5fektId] adj 7036,"unalloyed","[QnE5lCId] adj 7037,"unanimous","[ju:5nAnImEs] adj 7038,"unarticulated","[QnE 5tikjulitid] adj

un advised adj un affected adj un alloy v un uni anim d

un advise v


" "

posturer:unaffected bigot:tolerant adulterated adj ous v " "

unanimity n d"

un articulate adj

7039,"unassuming","[QnE5sju:mIN; (?@) QnE5su:mIN] adj 7040,"unavailing","[QnE5veIlIN] adj 7041,"unbecoming","[QnbI5kQmIN] adj un avail v ing

un assuming adj unavailable adj " "

assume v


un becoming adj 443

7042,"unbiased","[Qn`baIEst] adj 7043,"unbidden","[Qn5bId(E)n] adj


un biased adj den " ed

tendentious adj


un bid v

7044,"unblemished","[Qn5blemIFt] adj " 7045,"unbridled","[Qn5braIdld] adj 7046,"uncanny","[Qn5kAnI] adj

un blemish v n

impeccable:fault unblemished:imperfection

un bridle bride n un can ny immutable


un bridle n ordinary adj "




7047,"unchangeable","[Qn5tFeIndVEb(E)l] adj 7048,"uncharitable","[9Qn`tFArItEbl] adj 7049,"uncharted","[Qn5tFB:tId] adj 7050,"uncommitted","[QnkE5mItId] adj 7051,"uncommon","[Qn5kRmEn] adj 7052,"unconcern","[QnkEn5s\:n] n

un changeable adj "

versatile adj


un charitable adj un chart n ed "

un committed adj un common adj un concern v

" pedestrian n adj "

preoccupation n un conscionable adj

" " " "

7053,"unconscionable","[Qn5kRnFEnEb(E)l] adj 7054,"unconscious","[Qn5kRnFEs] adj 7055,"unconsciousness","[Qn5kRnFEsnIs] n 7056,"unconventional","[QnkEn5venFEn(E)l] adj eccentric:unconventional "

un conscious adj

sentient adj

coma:unconsciousness delirium:confusion un conventional adj


7057,"unconventionality","[5QnkEn9venFE5nAliti] n 7058,"uncouth","[Qn5ku:W] adj seemly adj " un couth adj

fidelity to custom un


uncouth:churl conspiratorial:conniver

7059,"unctuous","[5QNktjJEs] adj salve:unctuous

unctu unction n

ous "

unguent n


sanctimonious:devoted unctuous:earnest 444

7060,"undaunted","[Qn5dC:ntId] adj 7061,"undemanding","[QndI5mB:ndIN] adj 7062,"underbid","[QndE5bId] v ... 7063,"underdog","[5QndEdR^ ]n bully n v "

un daunt v


cowed adj

" " " underhanded adj underrate v

un demanding adj undercut v

under bid v under dog

underestimate v

7064,"undergird","[ 9QndE`^\:d ] v

under gird girder n under ling under lying adj under mine v under play " v " "

under gird girl

undermine v


7065,"underling","[5QndElIN] n subordinate 7066,"underlying","[QndE5laIIN] adj 7067,"undermine","[QndE5maIn] v 7068,"underplay","[QndE5pleI] v ... 7069,"underscore","[ 9QndE`skR:(r) ] v ... de-emphasize v downplay v "


reinforce v

bolster v

undergird v ... "


under score n

underscore:emphasis brand:ownership

7070,"understate","[QndE5steIt] v understated" 7071,"understatement","[QndE5steItmEnt] n 7072,"understudy","[5QndEstQdI] n 7073,"underwrite","[QndE5raIt] v ... ... 7074,"undesirable","[QndI5zaIErEb(E)l] adj

under state v


understock n

underutilize v

bombastic adj

hyperbole n under study under write

" understudy:star deputy:sheriff undeserved adj " " n " undeserving adj " "


un desirable adj

7075,"undistinguished","[QndI5stIN^wIFt] adj 7076,"undrinkable","[Qn5drINkEb(E)l] adj 7077,"undulate","[5QndjJleIt] v

un distinguished adj un drinkable adj abundant adj

potable adj und "

und ulate


7078,"unearth","[Qn5\:W] v 7079,"unearthly","[Qn5\:WlI] adj 7080,"uneasiness","[Qn5i:zInIs] n

un earth un earthly adj un easy adj

conceal v " mundane adj ness " " " "

feed:hunger reassure:uneasiness ed en cumb er waffle v d " un exceptionable adj "

7081,"unencumbered","[QnIn5kQmbEd] adj 7082,"unequivocal","[QnI5kwIvEk(E)l] adj 7083,"unexampled","[QnI^5zB:mp(E)ld] adj


un encumber v un equivocal adj un example n irreproachable

--speak unequivocally

7084,"unexceptionable","[QnIk5sepFEnEb(E)l] adj unexceptional adj

unexceptionable:oppose unique:precedent un fail ing un falter v un fasten v " ing " " "

7085,"unfailing","[Qn5feIlIN] adj 7086,"unfaltering","[Qn5fC:ltErIN] adj 7087,"unfasten","[Qn5fB:s(E)n] v 7088,"unfathomed","[Qn5fATEmd] adj 7089,"unfeigned","[Qn5feInd] adj 7090,"unfettered","[Qn5fetEd] adj 7091,"unflappable","[ 9Qn`flApEbl ] adj obstinate::persuade

secure v ed

un fathom v un feigned adj un fetter v n " ed

" unflappable:upset

un flappable adj " ed "

disturbed adj

7092,"unfounded","[Qn5faJndId] adj 7093,"ungainly","[Qn5geInlI] adj lissome adj adroit adj

un found v un gainly adj " un glazed adj

loquacious:succinct adroit:ungainly

dexterous adj

7094,"unglazed","[ 9Qn`^leIzd ] adj 7095,"ungrudging","[Qn5^rQdVIN] adj 7096,"unguent","[5QN^wEnt] n

" " unction n salubrious adj salutary adj "

un grudging adj unge unct ent 446

7097,"unicorn","[5ju:nIkC:n] n

uni corn

" uni dimensional adj "

7098,"unidimensional","[5ju:nidi5menFEnl] adj 7099,"unification","[ju:nIfI5keIF(E)n] n 7100,"uniform","[ `jU:nIfR:m ] n adj variegation n " variation n " uni lateral unify v uni form n

divergence n " homogenization:uniform putrefaction:rotten

7101,"uniformity","[ 9jU:nI`fR:mEtI ] n 7102,"unify","[5ju:nIfaI] v partition v

diversity n


7103,"unilateral","[ju:nI5lAtEr(E)l] adj

bilateral adj un impeachable adj

" open to question redoubtable adj " "

7104,"unimpeachable","[QnIm5pi:tFEb(E)l] adj 7105,"unimpressive","[QnIm5presIv] adj 7106,"uninitiated","[QnI5nIFIeItId] adj 7107,"unintelligible","[QnIn5telIdVIb(E)l] adj 7108,"unique","[jJ5ni:k] adj 7109,"unison","[5ju:nIs(E)n] n uni que uni son

un impressive adj un initiate v d " "

un intelligible adj ubiquitous adj unitary adj

stock adj " "


7110,"univocal","[ 9jU:nI`vEJkEl, jU:`nIvEkEl ] adj 7111,"unjustifiable","[Qn5dVQstIfaIEb(E)l] adj 7112,"unkempt","[Qn5kempt] adj 7113,"unleash","[Qn5li:F] v 7114,"unlettered","[Qn5letEd] adj 7115,"unmanageable","[Qn5mAnIdVEb(E)l] adj unmanageable:controlled "

uni voc al un justifiable adj

unjustified adj dapper adj

" "

un kempt adj un leash n v "

un kempt kept

un lettered adj

erudite adj

" indecipherable:decoded

un manageable adj


7116,"unnoticed","[Qn5nEJtIst] adj 7117,"unobtrusive","[QnEb5tru:sIv] adj 7118,"unorthodox","[Qn5C:WEdRks] adj 7119,"unpalatable","[Qn5pAlEtEb(E)l] adj

un notice v


sensation n

unnoticed event blatant adj "


un obtrusive adj un orthodox adj un palatable adj un precedent n ed " " "

7120,"unprecedented","[Qn5presIdentId] adj 7121,"unpredictable","[QnprI5dIktEb(E)l] adj 7122,"unpremeditated","[QnprI5medIteItId] adj 7123,"unprepossessing","[Qnpri:pE5zesIN] adj " 7124,"unpretentious","[QnprI5tenFEs] adj 7125,"unprovoked","[QnprE5vEJkt] adj 7126,"unravel","[Qn5rAv(E)l] v ... 7127,"unregenerate","[QnrI5dVenErEt] adj unregenerate:remorse "

un predictable adj un premeditated adj un prepossessing adj

dependable adj " entrancing adj


winsome adj

un pretentious adj un provoke v un ravel v d "

bombastic adj


conundrum:solve tangle:unravel un regenerate v adj



7128,"unremitting","[QnrI5mItIN] adj 7129,"unremunerative","adj

un remit v


" gainful adj " restrained adj " " "

un re muner number ative un repentant adj un repress v ed d

7130,"unrepentant","[QnrI5pent(E)nt] adj 7131,"unrepressed","[9QnrI`prest] adj 7132,"unrequited","[QnrI5kwaItId] adj 7133,"unreserved","[QnrI5z\:vd] adj 7134,"unruly","[Qn5ru:lI] adj

un requite v un reserved adj un ruly rule v

remunerative adj "

unruly:authority refractory:change 448

subdued adj

disciplined adj

" un scathe v d " redolent adj " ness " ensconce v " probity n "

7135,"unscathed","[Qn5skeITd] adj 7136,"unscented","[ 9Qn`sentId ] adj

un scented adj

7137,"unscrupulousness","[Qn5skru:pjulEsnIs] n 7138,"unseemly","[Qn5si:mlI] adj 7139,"unsettle","[Qn5set(E)l] v 7140,"unsound","[Qn5saJnd] adj 7141,"unspoiled","[Qn5spCIld] adj 7142,"unspotted","[9Qn`spCtId ] adj 7143,"unstudied","[Qn5stQdId] adj 7144,"unsubstantiated","[QnsEb5stAnFIeItId] adj 7145,"untapped","[Qn5tApt] adj 7146,"untenable","[Qn5tenEb(E)l] adj invulnerable:injured incontrovertible:disputed 7147,"unthreatening","[Qn`WretEnIN ] adj 7148,"untimely","[Qn5taImlI] adj 7149,"untold","[5Qn5tEJld] adj everlasting[interminable]:duration un tap v n

un scrupulous adj un seemly adj

decorous adj unsettled adj " cosseted " "


un settle v un sound adj un spoil v ed ted

un spot n v un studied

maculate adj " d

un substantiate v ped "

verified adj


un tenable adj

untenable:defended inevitable:avoided defensible adj " "

un threatening adj "

minatory adj

un timely adj un told

untold[countless innumerable myriad]:number calculable adj able to quantify "

quantifiable adj

7150,"untoward","[QntE5wC:d; (?@) Qn5tC:rd] adj favorable and anticipated fortunate adj

unpropitious "

un toward adj

favorable adj

auspicious adj ed " 449

7151,"untutored","[5Qn5tju:tEd]adj 7152,"unversed","[Qn5v\:st]adj

un tutor n un versed adj

polished adj


7153,"unwarranted","[9Qn`wCrEntId]adj 7154,"unwieldy","[Qn5wi:ldI]adj 7155,"unwind","[Qn5waInd]v ... 7156,"unwise","[Qn5waIz]adj 7157,"unwitting","[Qn5wItIN]adj 7158,"unwonted","[Qn5wEJntId]adj 7159,"upbraid","[Qp5breId]v dote:like 7160,"up-front","adj

un warrant n un wieldy adj un wind v "

v "


un wise adj un witting adj

judicious adj

" " unwonted behavior usual adj "

conscious adj habit n

un wonted adj up braid n

up braid bride n

upbraid:disapproval lament:grief

laud extol praise v " up front " upheav upheave v abrogate v al heave n /v "

7161,"upheaval","[Qp5hi:v(E)l] n 7162,"uphold","[Qp5hEJld] v 7163,"upholstery","[Qp5hEJlstErI] n 7164,"upright","[5QpraIt] adj 7165,"uproar","[`QprR:(r)] n 7166,"upset","[5Qpset] v 7167,"upshot","[5QpFRt] n 7168,"upstage","[Qp5steIdV] adj 7169,"upstart","[5QpstB:t] n 7170,"upsurge","[5Qps\:dV] n 7171,"upswing","[5QpswIN] n adj n tumult up set up shot

impugn v " y "

up holster n list n " up roar n /v "

unflappable:upset obstinate:persuade " " " " "


up stage n up start up surge n up swing v


7172,"uptight","[5QptaIt, Qp5taIt] adj 7173,"urban","[5\:bEn] adj 7174,"urbane","[\:5beIn] adj circumspect:prudence urbane:polish 7175,"urchin","[5\:tFIn] n 7176,"urge","[\:dV] v " 7177,"urgency","[5\:dVEsI] n 7178,"usher","[5QFE(r)] n 7179,"usurp","[5jJzEp] v abdicate v v bucolic adj

up tight " e rude adj


urban adj

urbane:gaucherie guileless:chicanery rustic adj urbanity n artlessness n "

ur chin child " surge n urge irk:enrage suggest:urge didactic:teach hortatory:urge

urge v us her

ncy "

rail:vehemence entreat:urgency


usu use rp up " " "

embezzle:funds usurp:power

usurp:take trespass:enter

assume rightfully

7180,"usury","[`jU:VjrI] n 7181,"utensil","[ju:5tens(E)l] n 7182,"utilize","[ju:5tIlaIz] v ... 7183,"utopian","[ju:5tEJpIEn] adj 7184,"utter","[5QtE(r)] adj circumlocution n v

usu use ry ut use ensil ut use ilize Utopia n outer

utilitarian adj "

milk:extract exploit:utilize


flit:move blurt:utter /utter concisely uxor ious

partial adj "

jest n

solemn utterance

pithy utterance

/straightforward utter XO "

7185,"uxorious","[Qk5sC:rIEs] adj 7186,"vaccinate","[5vAksIneIt] v ... 7187,"vaccination","[9vAksI`neIFLn] n 7188,"vacillate","[`vAsIleIt] v condemn:warning : vacillate:swing momentum:scutter oscillate

u un xo rious

vaccine n

soporific:sleep vaccinating:immunity "


overexposure:jaded vaccination:immune vac ill ate resolve firmly

bristle:anger vacillate:irresolution condone:mercy vacillate:uncertainty apologize:contrite adamant adj vacillatory adj " stand firm

: persistence:vacillate inertia:react


7189,"vacillation","[9vAsI`leIFLn] n balance tenacity n pertinacity n

impetuous:vacillation[hesitation] bumptious:humbleness equipoise n vac uous vac uum vag ary impetuosity n intelligent adj " omniscient adj " vagary:predict " trenchant adj vanity n express adj " "


7190,"vacuous","[5vAkjJEs] adj 7191,"vacuum","[5vAkjJEm] n 7192,"vagary","[5veI^ErI] n

nil:quantity vacuum:matter vagabond adj n vagrant n

impossibility:execute indemonstrable:prove acme:surpass diehard:budge 7193,"vague","[veI^] adj 7194,"vain","[veIn] adj lucid adj va vac in well-defined adj vainglorious adj vale farewell n

primp:vain gloat:smug panegyric:praise valediction:farewell


7195,"valediction","[vAlI5dIkF(E)n] n greeting n "

diction n

7196,"valetudinarian","[vAlItju:dI5neErIEn] n 7197,"valiant","[5vAljEnt] adj demanding[exacting]:satisfied [ ] 7198,"valid","[5vAlId] adj 7199,"valorous","[`vAlErEs] adj 7200,"valve","[vAlv] n 7201,"vampire","[5vAmpaIE(r)] n 7202,"vandalize","[5vAndElaIz] v 7203,"vanguard","[5vAn^B:d] n 7204,"vanilla","[vE5nIlE] n validate v val orous val ve v val iant

vale tudinarian valor n


valiant[vigilant]:entrapped " fallacy n valid argument "

pusillanimous craven adj fallacious adj

specious adj "

craven adj

liquid:valve electric current:switch ampire empire n 45 " lize


Vandal n van guard n "

vandalism n


van ill a

" vanquish v attack:vanquished goad:provoked

7205,"vanquished","[5vANkwIF] adj dominate:vanquished ? 7206,"vapid","[5vApId] adj "

vap vapor n

id 452


bracing adj

zealous adj

pleasant adj

piquant adj

riveting adj

stylish adj

inventive adj

zesty adj vaporous adj

" vaporous adj

7207,"vapor","[5veIpE(r)] n substantial adj "

evaporate:vapor petrify:stone

7208,"vaporization","[9veIpEraI`zeIFEn] n 7209,"vaporized","[5veIpEraIzd] adj 7210,"variability","[veErIE5bIlItI] n absolute:variability "

scuff:abrasion heat:vaporization "

solidification n "

abraded:friction vaporized:heat vari vary v ability

variegated adj


7211,"variable","[5veErIEb(E)l] adj 7212,"variance","[5veErIEns] n 7213,"variation","[veErI5eIF(E)n] n variation uniformity n "

immutable adj congruity n "


mimicry:camouflage mutation:variation

oscillation n

absence of

7214,"variegation","[9veErIE`^eIFEn] n 7215,"varnish","[5vB:nIF] n v

vari egation varnish " vascul vessel n " vaud laud devil n vault vaunt ar "

uniform coloration n " tarnish v varnish:glossy sand:smooth

varnish:wood wax:linoleum glaze:porcelain 7216,"vascular","[5vAskjJlE(r)] adj 7217,"vat","[vAt]n

mortar:grind vat:dye

7218,"vaudeville","[5vC:dEvIl] n 7219,"vault","[vR:lt] n 7220,"vaunt","[vC:nt] v downplay v " meek adj swerve ve v


" " understate v

larder:provisions vault:valuables deprecate v self-deprecating adj


7221,"vaunting","[`vR:ntIN] adj 7222,"veer","[vIE(r)] v constant "

humble adj er

" veer:direction convert:belief maintain


7223,"vegetate","[5vedVIteIt] v 7224,"vehemence","[`vi:ImEns] n " 7225,"vehement","[5vi:EmEnt] adj languid adj ve

vegetable n he men ce

" rail:vehemence entreat:urgency

apathetic adj veh icle

" armada:vehicles fusillade:projectiles

7226,"vehicle","[5vi:Ik(E)l; (?@) 5vi:hIkl] n bowl:receptacle bicycle:vehicle 7227,"veil","[veIl] n v inveigle v

conveyance " in veigl veil e ven wen al all "

curtain:stage veil:face


7228,"venal","[5vi:n(E)l] adj incorruptible adj

disinterested:partisanship venal:probity

unsusceptible of bribery

7229,"vendetta","[ven5detE] n " 7230,"vendor","[5vendE(r)] n 7231,"veneer","[vI5nIE(r)] n v v end or

vindictive adj


end etta

vengeance n

revenge n

vendor:purvey censor:expurgate ven eer "


foil:metal veneer:wood

veneer:furniture baseboard:wall glaze:porcelain 7232,"venerate","[5venEreIt] v scorn v /n " 7233,"veneration","[9venE`reIFEn] n derision n contempt n disdain n " ven wen ial ven wen ni son ven wen om room " vent abdominal

venerable:reverence despicable:scorn

dishonor n /v

despise v

perfunctorily:inspiration insolently:veneration

defiance n

7234,"venial","[5vi:nIEl] adj 7235,"venison","[5venIs(E)n] n 7236,"venom","[5venEm] n

venial:excuse pellucid:understand venery n "


venom:toxin milk:nutrient

placebo:innocuous venom:noxious[toxic] 7237,"ventilate","[5ventIleIt] v ... 7238,"ventral","[5ventr(E)l] adj


vent n venture n /v


" venturesome adj "


7239,"veracious","[vE5reIFEs] adj 7240,"veracity","[vE`rAsEtI] n 7241,"verbatim","[v\:5beItIm] adj approximate:precise 7242,"verbose","[v\:5bEJs] adj 7243,"verbosity","[vE:5bCsiti] n succinctness n " 7244,"verdant","[5v\:dEnt] adj 7245,"verdict","[5v\:dIkt] n argot n

ver acious ver acity verb atim

mendacious adj prevarication n verbal adj "

" " verbiage n paraphrase:verbatim

common verbalism

verb bose box

laconic succinct concise adj

taciturn adj laconism n


verbosity:words floridness:embellishments

ver dan t ver dict "

verdigris n

sere adj

sterile adj


7246,"verdigris","[5v\:dI^rIs, 5v\:dI^ri:s] n 7247,"verge","[v\:dV] n edge n " refutation n

verd verdant adj

igris ver dig ris


7248,"verification","[ 9verIfI`keIFEn ] n 7249,"verified","[5verIfaId] adj 7250,"verify","[5verIfaI] v verify:accuracy "

verifiable adj "

fallacious adj


unsubstantiated adj ver ify ...


purify:imperfection verify:doubtfulness


7251,"verisimilar","[ 9verI`sImIlE( r) ] adj 7252,"veritable","[5verItEb(E)l] adj 7253,"vermin","[5v\:mIn] n 7254,"vernacular","[vE5nAkjJlE(r)] n jargon:profession "

veri similar adj veri table

verisimilitude n " "

implausible adj


specious adj vermicide n

verm worm n in

ver nacular native adj


7255,"vernal","[5v\:n(E)l] adj 7256,"versatile","[5v\:sEtaIl] adj applications "

verdant adj vers atile

" versed adj unchangeable adj having limited


7257,"verse","[v\:s] n

doggerel:verse burlesque:play verse monger vert ebr ate vertical adj verti go ?" v er ve listlessness n "

" sonnet:versemonger ? " : ?"

7258,"versemonger","[`v\:s9mQN^E(r)] n 7259,"vertebrate","[5v\:tIbreIt] n 7260,"vertex","[5v\:teks] n 7261,"vertigo","[5v\:tI^EJ] n vertigo:nauseate ? 7262,"verve","[veEv] n 7263,"vessel","[5ves(E)l] n 7264,"vestige","[5vestIdV] n 7265,"vestigial","[ ve`stIdVIEl ] adj 7266,"vestment","[5vestmEnt] n 7267,"veteran","[5vetErEn] n tadpole:frog 7268,"veto","[5vi:tEJ] n 7269,"vex","[veks] v " vote n /v conciliate v adj

vertiginous adj

hemorrhage:bleeding vertigo:dizziness

lassitude n " " -- "

vessel:blood pipeline:gas aqueduct:water vestige:remainder figurine:statue vestige n vest n ran ren ment fully developed vesture n "

vestiture n

" cadet:veteran

veterinary n adj

veto:prohibitive overture:introductory appease v soothe v conciliate v : "

consent v /n " mollify v "

pacify v

7270,"vexation","[vek5seIF(E)n] n 7271,"vexed","[vekst] adj 7272,"viability","[9vaiE5biliti] n 7273,"viable","[5vaIEb(E)l] adj elastic:expand viable:live 7274,"viand","[5vaIEnd] n "

draconian:inclemency fretful:vexation : pleasing adj " " viaduct n

gratifying adj

viable adj via ble

inability to live via ble

via duct Aqueduct n

via nds



7275,"vibrant","[5vaIbrEnt] adj 7276,"vibration","[vaI5breIF(E)n] n 7277,"vicarious","[vI5keErIEs] adj 7278,"vicinity","[vI5sInItI] n 7279,"vicious","[5vIFEs] adj

vibr ant vibrate v vicar n vic vice n in ity ious

vib via rant

ponderous adj "


damp:vibration stanch:flow ious vi car ious " "

firsthand adj


vicinage n benignant adj

vic vice n

7280,"vicissitudinous","[ vI9sIsI`tjU:dInEs ] adj unchanging adj immutable adj "

vic vice n

is situd inous

vicissitudes n

7281,"victimize","[5vIktImaIz] v 7282,"victor","[5vIktE(r)] n 7283,"victual","[5vIt(E)l] n 7284,"vie","[vaI] v

vic vice n

timize loser n "

treat fairly


victory n victuals actual adj V IE IE V vigil n ant

victual victory " vying adj lant supine adj vie " wary:gulled[duped] exacting:satisfied oblivious adj tte unalert adj negligible adj " "

7285,"vigilant","[5vIdVIlEnt] adj vigilant:ambushed[entrapped waylaid] 7286,"vignette","[vi:n5jet] n 7287,"vigor","[5vI^E(r)] n lassitude n torpor n lethargy n

vigne vine n

vignette:scene skit:drama flag:vigor waver:resolution

adulterate:purity enervate:vigor " vigorous adj loll v

7288,"vigorously","[5vi^ErEs] adv decrepit adj " vice n "

move vigorously

vigorous adj

7289,"vile","[vaIl] adj 7290,"vilify","[5vIlIfaI] v ... vilification n beautification n "

vil vile adj



villainous adj

villain n

extol v

7291,"vim","[vIm] n

vigor n

lassitude n " vin vim n 457

7292,"vindicate","[5vIndIkeIt] n ...


dic ate

vin dic ate

vindictive adj

calumniate v

impugn v

" spiteful vindicate v vine " " " mercenary:money vindictive:revenge vintner n vint vine vintage n " "

7293,"vindictive","[vIn5dIktIv] adj 7294,"vinegared","[5vInI^E(r)] adj 7295,"vinyl","[5vaInIl] n 7296,"viola","[5vaIElE] n 7297,"violet","[5vaIElEt] n 7298,"viper","[5vaIpE(r)] n 7299,"viral","[5vaIEr(E)l] adj 7300,"virile","[5vIraIl] adj 7301,"virtue","[5v\:tju:] n adj

vinegar n why no violin n

gem:turquoise flower:violet VIP er virus n " virility n virtues n " VIP "

doldrums:energy depravity:virtue virtu virtue n osity oso mediocrity n "


7302,"virtuosity","[ 9v\:tjJ`CsEtI] n 7303,"virtuoso","[vEtjJ5EJsEJ] n beginner n "

virtu virtue n

virtuoso:skill potentate:power

7304,"virtuous","[5v\:tjJEs] adj 7305,"virulent","[5vIrJlEnt] adj 7306,"visage","[5vIzIdV] n 7307,"viscid","[5vIsId] adj 7308,"viscous","[5vIskEs] adj

virtue n

nefarious adj lent

base adj

" "

viru virus n vis vision n viscous adj age "

salubrious adj

viscosity n non viscous vision n

slick adj " v "


glutinous adj

7309,"visionary","[5vIVEnErI; (?@) 5vIVEnerI] adj officious:obliging 7310,"vista","[ `vIstE ] n



miscreant:criminal visionary:delusion vis ta

placebo:painkiller backdrop:vista



7311,"vital","[5vaIt(E)l] adj 7312,"vitality","[vaI5tAlItI] n

vit al vital adj

moribund adj ity


decelerate:speed attenuate:thickness enervation n ize arrest v " fortify v strengthen v soporific adj n "

enervate[wither]:vitality dehydrate:water debase:value 7313,"vitalize","[5vaItElaIz] v 7314,"vitiate","[5vIFIeIt] v " 7315,"vitrify","[5vItrIfaI] v 7316,"vitriolic","[vItrI5RlIk] adj 7317,"vituperate","[vI5tju:pEreIt] v praise v admire v " complimentary adj viv vivid adj " vivid:intensify ? voc al : ?" acious fy vitri olic berate invigorate viti vice n vital adj ate

vit wit I ate

vitiable adj

tarnish:dull vitrify:smooth soothing adj vit wit uper ate "


lionize:admire vituperate:despise

7318,"vituperative","[ vI`tjU:pErEtIv] adj 7319,"vivacious","[vI5veIFEs] adj phlegmatic adj languid adj

adulatory adj vivarium n

" vivisection n

7320,"vivid","[5vIvId] adj 7321,"vocal","[5vEJk(E)l] adj 7322,"vocation","[vE5keIF(E)n] n

vocalist n vacation n "

orchestra:instrumental choir:vocal


7323,"vociferous","[vE5sIfErEs] adj 7324,"volatile","[5vRlEtaIl] adj volatile:constant imperturbable adj "

voci fer ous vola volcano n tile

reticent adj

monotone adj

serene adj


volatile:temper ready:wit rile:volatile ? ? stable adj

craven:heroic constant adj

volatile:evaporate soluble:dissolve

7325,"volcano","[vRl5keInEJ] n 7326,"volition","[vE5lIF(E)n] n choose "

volcano:lava geyser:water vol will n ition

" benevolent adj malevolent adj inability to

7327,"volt","[vEJlt] n

decibel:sound volt:electricity 459


7328,"volubility","n taciturnity n "

voluble adj

volu ble

audacious:trepidation laconic:volubility

7329,"voluble","[5vRljJb(E)l] adj laconic adj taciturn adj

voluble:speech licentious:dissoluteness succinct adj reticent adj " inous

maladroit:deft voluble:terse

7330,"voluminous","[vE5lju:mInEs] adj 7331,"voluptuous","[vE5lQptJEs] adj self-contained self-denying adj " vomit:disgorge ? ravenous "

volum volume n vo lu p tuous

scanty adj ascetic adj

scarce adj spartan adj


voluptuary n

7332,"vomit","[5vRmIt] n /v 7333,"voracious","[vE5reIFEs] adj voracious:satisfy 7334,"vortex","[5vC:teks] n 7335,"votary","[5vEJtErI] n 7336,"voting","[ `vEJtIN ] adj 7337,"vouch","[vaJtF] v 7338,"voyeur","[vwB:5j\:(r)] n 7339,"vulgarity","[vQl5^ArItI] n n

: ?" acious impassive:perturb

vor devour v

lack of appetite

vort vert ex vot vote v vot vote v ch ary ing

vertex n " votive adj skeptic n reactionary n " "

voting:roll call termination:cloture refuse to guarantee " vulgarian n "

vou vow n v

voy eur vulgar adj ity

genteel:vulgarity intrepid:fear able safe adj "


7340,"vulnerable","[5vQlnErEb(E)l] adj 7341,"vulpine","[5vQlpaIn] adj 7342,"vulture","[5vQltFE(r)] n 7343,"waddle","[5wRd(E)l] v 7344,"wade","[weId] v 7345,"waffle","[ `wCfl ] v n vade invade v " vul pine n v

vulner wound n "

vulture culture n

" "

slither:snake waddle:duck

wa ff le

waffle:enunciate embed:disinter 460



" raft n waggish adj waft:plummet meander:dash "

7346,"waft","[ wB:ft, wCft, wAft ] v 7347,"wag","[wA^] n " 7348,"wage","[weIdV] v 7349,"wail","[weIl] v 7350,"waive","[weIv] v 7351,"wallop","[5wRlEp] v /n 7352,"wallow","[5wRlEJ] v /n 7353,"walrus","[5wC:lrEs] n 7354,"wan","[wRn] adj 7355,"wanderlust","[5wRndElQst] n 7356,"wane","[weIn]vi 7357,"wangle","[5wAN^(E)l]v 7358,"waning","[5weiniN] adj " 7359,"want","[wRnt; (?@) wC:nt] n /v wan ing melancholy w weep ail v " "

wag:humorous dolt:stupid libertine:dissolute buffoon:ludicrous

wife waive " wallop gallop v /n " wallow wallop " " hale adj lust n rubicund adj " "

wall n low walrus wan wander v intensify vt " " wane v n

curiosity:know wanderlust:travel

resurgence n

waning vitally


want want lewd le en " robe n

repletion n " want on " "

7360,"wanton","[5wRnt(E)n; (?@) wC:ntEn] adj 7361,"warble","[5wC:b(E)l] v 7362,"warden","[5wC:d(E)n] n 7363,"wardrobe","[5wC:drEJb] n bookcase:books larder:food " warb ward n ward n

ward n

warehouse n



7364,"warmonger","[5wC:mQN^E(r)] n 7365,"warped","[wC:pId] adj 7366,"warranted","[5wRrEntId] adj 7367,"wary","[5wArI, 5weErI] adj vigilant:ambushed[entrapped waylaid] 7368,"waspish","[5wRspIF] adj 7369,"wastrel","[5weIstr(E)l] n irresponsibility:wastrel " v n warp n /v warrant n war y

war monger n war p v ed

pacifist n aligned " "

dove n


gratuitous adj

wary:gulled[duped] exacting:satisfied remiss adj "

peevish adj profligate

" wasteland n inexperience:neophyte

wastre waste l

7370,"waterproof","[5wC:tEpru:f] adj 7371,"watershed","[5wC:tEFed] n 7372,"wavelength","[5weIvleNW] n " 7373,"waver","[5weIvE(r)] v /n waver:irresoluteness 7374,"wax","[wAks] n flag v decrease v " v... waste away

water proof ... water shed v n

permeable adj ambiguity n

" routine n "

wave length

frequency:pitch wavelength:color

flag:vigor lumber:grace waver:resolution


varnish:wood wax:linoleum wane v n " way lay Waylaid waylay " weak " l " " " " 462

candle:wax tire:robber

7375,"waylay","[weI5leI] v

wary:gulled[duped] exacting:satisfied

vigilant:ambushed[entrapped waylaid] 7376,"wean","[wi:n] v 7377,"weasel","[5wi:z(E)l] n 7378,"weather","[5weTE(r)] v 7379,"weave","[wi:v] v 7380,"weird","[wIEd] adj wean

we ease l survive

needle:knit loom:weave we ird bird

7381,"welcome","[5welkEm] v 7382,"weld","[weld] v /n

rebuff n /v

ostracize v

" "

solder n /v

splice:rope weld:metal sew:fabric[cloth] well established adj neologism n

7383,"well-established","[welIn5tenFEnd] adj expression " well groom n arcane adj Welsh


7384,"well-groomed","adj 7385,"well-known","[welnEJn] adj 7386,"welsh","[welF] v 7387,"welter","[5weltE(r)] n /v 7388,"wheat","[wi:t; (?@) hwi:t] n

v "


well-informed adj


" wallow v /n orderly arrangement " "

winnow:wheat refine:oil w heed v le

chaff:wheat shell:pecan we

7389,"wheedle","[5wi:d(E)l; (?@) 5hwi:dl] v extort:coercion "


7390,"whelm","[welm; (?@) hwelm] v 7391,"whelp","[welp; (?@) hwelp] n 7392,"whet","[wet; (?@) hwet] v 7393,"whetstone","[5wetstEJn] n scissor:cutting pencil: recording 7394,"whiff","[wIf; (?@) hwIf] n /v 7395,"whim","[wIm; (?@) hwIm] n 7396,"whimsical","[5wImzIk(E)l] adj discerning:insight

overwhelm v whelp help " whet



whetstone wet What whet

blunt v

dull vt


whet v stone : : : : "

pestle:grind spoon:stirring spice:flavor flint stone:sharpen

blast:whiff gush:trickle w hi m w mw m

" capricious:whim objective:fact "

furtive:stealth whimsical:caprice acute:perspicacity unsatisfied:discontent " 240 " "

mercurial:mood whimsical:behavior why whirl v /n pool n 463

7397,"whine","[waIn; (?@) hwaIn] v 7398,"whirlpool","[5w\:lpu:l] n


tornado:air whirlpool:water

7399,"whisper","[5wIspE(r)] v

chuckle:laughing whisper:speaking

" "

7400,"whistle","[5wIs(E)l; (?@) 5hwIsl] n v 7401,"whit","[wIt; (?@) hwIt] n what whit

judge:gavel referee:whistle whet v " whit n whole adj " taint v n " " tle some " tainted adj

7402,"whittle","[5wIt(E)l; (?@) 5hwItl] v 7403,"wholesome","[5hEJlsEm] adj insalubrious adj morbid adj salutary

deleterious adj

noxious adj

sordid adj

7404,"wholesomeness","[5hEJlsEmnIs] n 7405,"wick","[wIk] n 7406,"wicked","[5wIkId] adj 7407,"wield","[wi:ld] v 7408,"wig","[wI^] n wag n " wick wic vice n

decadence n weak wick ked witch n

nefarious:wickedness generous:liberality "


unwieldy adj

un wield y

7409,"wiggle","[5wI^(E)l] v 7410,"willfulness","[5wIlfJlnIs] n 7411,"willingly","[5wiliNlI] adv 7412,"willowy","[5wIlEJI] adj 7413,"wilt","[wIlt] v ... 7414,"wily","[5waIlI] adj 7415,"wince","[wIns] v " 7416,"windbag","[5wIndbA^] n taciturnity n " flinch

wiggle " will ful ness willing adj willow n wither v " wile n /v win ce " wince:pain smile:pleasure pout:displeasure sneer:contempt y ly willfulness:headstrong subservience:fawning balk v move ahead willingly " "

wallow v /n "

wind bag

windfall n

winding adj


7417,"windy","[5wIndI] adj 7418,"winnow","[5wInEJ] v purify:water

windy:concise hackneyed:original win wind now " chromosome n minnow n

" winnow:wheat[grain] refine:oil

winnow:chaff filter:impurities win some

7419,"winsome","[5wInsEm] adj " 7420,"wispy","[ `wIspI ] adj 7421,"wistful","[5wIstfEl] adj 7422,"wit","[wIt] n 7423,"witch","[wItF] n 7424,"withdraw","[wIT5drC:] v recluse:withdraw "

unprepossessing adj


wisp n


y "


w want ist ful want

volatile:temper ready:wit

dullard n " : "

retainer[attendant]:retinue witch:coven officer:staff room:suite with draw rescind:law withdraw:candidacy roisterer:carouse

7425,"withdrawal","[wIT5drC:El] n 7426,"withdrawn","[wiT5drC:n] adj 7427,"wither","[5wITE(r)] v revive v " 7428,"withhold","[wIT5hEJld] v 7429,"witness","[5wItnIs] n v

press n " recluse:withdrawn bigot:biased weather wither " burgeon n /v

dehydrate:water wither:vitality

withstand v wit ness

apprise v

withhold information "

grant v


subpoena:witness conscript:soldier cism " ry n n wizard wizen lizard n " thrive v

7430,"witticism","[5wItIsIz(E)m] n 7431,"wizardry","[ `wIzEdrI ] n 7432,"wizen","[ `wIzLn] adj /v 7433,"wobble","[5wRb(E)l] n /v 7434,"woe","[wEJ] n wo e

witti witty adj wizard n wize wise adj wo bb le woeful adj "

blooming adj


stabilize v "


7435,"wont","[wEJnt; (?@) wC:nt] n 7436,"woo","[wu:] v

want woowoo


unwonted adj

" : " " " "


adulate:fawn woo:adore :

7437,"woodcutter","[wud5kQtE(r)] n 7438,"woodpile","[wJdpaIl] n 7439,"wordsmith","[`w\:dsmIW] n 7440,"worldly","[5w\:ldlI] adj 7441,"worship","[5w\:FIp] v /n 7442,"wraith","[reIW] n 7443,"wrangler","[5rAN^lE(r)] n crook:shepherd "

woodcut n wood pile word smith singular adj

scythe:reaper axe:woodcutter bouquet:flowers woodpile:logs

raconteur:storytelling wordsmith:writing " "

naive adj

worship:sacrifice prediction:augury faith n wraith " r wrang wrong angle angel

wrangle v


7444,"wrath","[rRW; (?@) rAW] n 7445,"wreak","[ri:k] v 7446,"wreathe","[ri:T] v 7447,"wreckage","[5rekIdV] n 7448,"wrench","[rentF] v 7449,"wrest","[rest] v 7450,"wring","[rIN] v 7451,"wrinkle","[5rINk(E)l] n 7452,"wrist","[rIst] n 7453,"writ","[rIt] n wry v n

wra wry v



wrath wreak v


weak wreak wreck n wreath n

wreak " "

e w we rea ready the age ench" est " "

wreck n wr wry v wr wry v wr wry v v

ing " wr wry v nkle ankle n "

wrist "

write e writ" wrongdoing n 466

7454,"wrongheaded","[rRN`hedId] adj


7455,"wry","[raI] adj undeviating adj even adj

fluent:glib humorous:wry meticulous:finicky : true adj direct adj " phobe xenomania n



straight adj

7456,"xenophobe","[`zenEfEJb] n xenophobe:strangers "



7457,"xerophyte","[`zIErEJfaIt] n 7458,"yacht","[jRt] n 7459,"yarn","[jB:n] n 7460,"yaw","[jC:] v 7461,"yawn","[jC:n] v 7462,"yearn","[j\:n] v 7463,"yeast","[ji:st] n 7464,"yen","[jen] n 7465,"yeoman","[5jEJmEn] n 7466,"yield","[ji:ld] v obsequious:fawn compliant:yield outmaneuver v 7467,"yielding","[5ji:ldIN] adj 7468,"yoke","[jEJk] v 7469,"yokel","[5jEJk(E)l] n 7470,"zeal","[zi:l] n torpor n indifference n " zeal n " yawn v

xero phyte " " knit:yarn plait:hair yaw " yawn:sleepiness blush:embarrassment " "

yawn v

yawn yaw v 1year1year yearn" y east adj

bacteria:decomposition yeast:fermentation


ye o man

" evanescent:disappear pliant:yield

default:pay yield:resist prevail v " "

beneficent:harm tenacious[adamant]:yield cautious:gamble insouciant:worry

dogged adj

sunder v " yoke n l yokel:sophistication coward:courage "

resoluteness:will zeal:conviction

zeal:dedication mesmerism:interest

7471,"zealot","[5zelEt] n fanatic:admirer zealot:adherent


fervor:zealot doubt:skeptic improvidence:spendthrift "

miser:munificent zealot:blas� 467

7472,"zealotry","[`zelEtrI] n 7473,"zealous","[5zelEs] adj careful:fastidious 7474,"zenith","[5zenIW] n 7475,"zephyr","[5zefE(r)] n 7476,"zest","[zest] n

lack of fervor fervent vapid adj ze

" devoted:zealous

zealous:enthusiastic idolatrous:devoted " zenith Zephyrus nadir n " bland adj " lowest point "

z zeal est adj

zesty adj Z ig Z ag Z Z ing

7477,"zigzag","[5zI^zA^] n Z 7478,"zoning","[`zEJnIN] n

zigzag:turns montage:imagesZ land:zoning ? : ? "


zon zone n



1,"abacus","[\3B:E:K]n abaq“ ” ab Ab acus...


1,"abacus","[\3B:E:K]n abaq“ ” ab Ab acus...