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Restore Vaginal Tightness - 3 Ways to Get Back Your Tight Vagina Middle-aged women face a lot of changes in their body -- a loose vagina is one of these. There can be a couple of reasons behind it, such as age, childbirth, etc. Becoming a mother is the most wonderful experience for us but it can also result in loose vagina. While giving birth, your vagina has to accommodate the size of your child. It causes extreme stretching and can even tear the vaginal tissue. A lot of women find that their vagina is never able to get back to its original shape and firmness. Looseness in your vagina can result in loss of libido too since intercourse doesn't seem to be as pleasurable. You might also find it difficult to please your man in bed and he might begin looking for other alternatives to satisfy himself sexually. Fortunately, there are ways to restore your vagina's tightness. It is possible through vaginoplasty (a surgical procedure), pelvic exercises (also called Kegel exercises) or using vaginal tightening creams/gels.

Vaginoplasty Surgery During the operation the stretched muscle at the back of the vagina is joined together and effectively shortened using dissolvable stitches. The surgeon will then remove any excess vaginal lining and tighten the surrounding soft tissues. The scarring occurs inside the vagina. Laser may be used for cutting to reduce bleeding in the area. The surgery itself takes no more than 1-2 hours but the recovery duration is at least 4-6 weeks. Following vaginoplasty, women can expect to have a smaller and tighter vagina, allowing more contraction strength during sexual intercourse. The average cost of vaginoplasty surgery is ÂŁ3,000 - ÂŁ5,000 in the UK and ranges $5,000 - $9,000 in the US. This fee usually includes the charge for anesthesia, surgery and all postoperative visits. Insurance does not usually cover the cost of vaginoplasty for aesthetic purposes. Vaginal surgery can result in complications though. Loss of sensation, nerve damage, and infection are just some of these complications. Not just these, some people have noticeable scarring that is discolored or raised, others have a urine stream that points in an unusual direction and asymmetrical outcomes are not uncommon.

Pelvic Floor Exercises You can feel your pelvic floor muscles if you try to stop the flow of urine when you go to the toilet. A lot of doctors suggest pelvic exercises to help restore vaginal tightness. These exercises are natural and quite effective. To strengthen your pelvic floor muscles, sit comfortably and squeeze the muscles 10-15 times in a row. Avoid holding your breath, or tightening your stomach, buttock, or thigh, muscles, at the same time. Kegel exercise is the most effective exercise to tighten the vagina. However, the drawback is that it has to be practiced on a daily basis and result takes time.

Vaginal Tightening Gels Vaginal rejuvenation gels are natural treatments produced from pure herbal remedies meant for tightening your vagina. Such creams, gels and sprays are made with all natural ingredients. Some of such ingredients include Mirofirm, oak gall extract, witch hazel, Aloe Vera, etc. One of the most potent and reliable vaginal tightening cream is IntiVar that improves lubrication and renews the vaginal tissues in the vaginal lining, resulting in firming and tightening of the vagina. Most women can feel the tightening sensation within minutes after the first application. IntiVar improves overall vaginal hygiene due to its antioxidant, antifungal, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects. It also stimulates blood flow to the vaginal area, enhancing your sensitivity and arousal. Since these rejuvenation gels are formulated with all natural ingredients, they do not have side effects.

Combine Kegel Exercises with Vaginal Tightening Gels Using natural methods such as Kegel exercises combined with tightening creams are a much better solution to improve the vaginal muscles than going for costly and often risky vaginal surgery. The tightening gels are available online and are shipped discreetly so there are no embarrassing doctor visits or explanations. It is far too easy to give up with the exercises because in some cases it may take weeks if not months to see any results. That's where tightening gels comes to the rescue delivering an instant tightening sensation to your vagina in a matter of minutes. IntiVar is running a special -- Claim your free supply now. Use IntiVar to get back your tight vagina. Head over to the complete IntiVar review on and take advantage of the fantastic bonus they offer.

Restore Vaginal Tightness