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SysTools Export Notes Convert Lotus Notes data into Outlook

MS Outlook • Microsoft Outlook is a software application that is part of the Microsoft Office software package. You can use Microsoft Outlook to send and receive emails as well as manage your daily schedule. You should consider and evaluate Microsoft Outlook to see if it fits your personal needs or company's requirements for an email and task management application.

Advantages Email • Microsoft Outlook is a powerful email application. In addition to supporting your basic  needs of sending and receiving emails, Outlook also has powerful search features where  you can quickly search your email. You can also change the settings of how you view  your email by sorting your email by the date it was sent, clustering emails together in  conversations, or by the sender. You can also add folders and sub folders to organize  your email further. Scheduling •  Microsoft Outlook has a calendar integrated with the email application. You can quickly  switch between viewing your emails to viewing your daily schedule. Microsoft Outlook  lets you set up meeting and appointments. You can add and remove people to meetings,  see when resources such as meeting rooms are available, and check the schedule of your  coworkers. In addition, Microsoft Outlook also can give you reminders to alert you a few  minutes or hours before a meeting. Tasks •  Microsoft Outlook has a "to­do" list that you can add tasks to with due dates. You can  also set the level of priority or importance for emails that you send and receive to help  you prioritize your tasks for the day. Your tasks can be easily integrated into your  personal calendar to help you manage your time. Your tasks also can come from other  Microsoft applications like Microsoft Project or One Note.

Lotus Notes: Is perfect? 1. High cost is spent on maintenance, which is hidden cost but calculated; bring out high investment, which is a useless cost. 2. Suppose, you set reminder and you use full stop for formatting like 10.30, then Lotus Notes at once hangs. If you use semi-colon like 10:30, then it works well. This is inconsistency in Lotus Notes, which leads to haphazard. 3. You cannot use Lotus Notes in small organizations because it is designed for only and only large organizations. 4. Entire functionality might be affected due to Server breakdown 5. Failure of email service, can hang large number of emails, which can affect important business emails. 6. Provide no effective emailing as well as calendaring facilities

Benefits of MS Exchange server over Lotus Domino • • • • • • • • • •

Continuous replication Virtualisation Cost savings on storage Larger mailboxes Voicemail transcription Help desk cost reduction High(er) Availability Native archiving Running on-premise or in the cloud Easier calendar sharing

Export Notes

Convert All Lotus Notes data into Outlook

Export Notes- NSF to PST 1. Convert All Lotus Notes data into Outlook 2. Convert Encrypted NSF Data to PST 3. Support Recurrence calendar 4. Convert all Email Attachment to PST 5. It automatically create 2 PST file if data more than 20 GB of Outlook 6. Support Internet Header As well Convert Lotus Domino to Exchange server

Runs on All Windows

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Lotus Notes Migration Freeware  

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