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UNO Jan 2013

Pupils Exchange of New Cultural International Language Learning

a story writing & Illustration making project

This Ebook  is  filled  with  stories  and  illustrations by  students  from  Veluws  College  Mheenpark  in Apeldoorn  (the  Netherlands)  and  students  from 1RZ\6ąF] 3RODQG DQG&HOMH 6ORYHQLD 

I n t h i s   f i r s t   i s s u e   o f   PENCILL  magazine,  you   Pupils Exchange of New Cultural International Language Learning will  find  the  results  of  a   s h o r t   a n d   i n t e n s i v e   i n t e r n a t i o n a l   p r o j e c t .   D u r i n g   8   w e e k s ,   1 2 9   p u p i l s /   s t u d e n t s   f r o m   9   d i f f e r e n t   c o u n t r i e s   have  been  busy   writing  stories  (in   English).  Also  they   have  made  illustra-­ tions  with  not  only   their  own  stories,  but   also  with  stories   written  by  students   in  the  other  schools.

To make  the  interna-­ tional  aspect  of  this   project  even  more   productive,  students   have  contacted  other   students  from  differ-­ ent  schools  through   the  Twinspace.  Each  week  a  small  interac-­ tion  would  take  place.  This  way  all  partici-­ pating  students  could  get  to  know  youth   in  different  countries. We  all  hope  you  will  enjoy  looking  through   this  first  issue!  In  a  short  while,  we  will   publish  the  second  issue,  in  which  new   groups  can  present  their  work......


Stories from  Apeldoorn Some with original illustrations by the writers

Pupils Exchange of New Cultural International Language Learning

Centouwer Part 1 (By Daan Rietberg) This is the story about a centouwer that is a beast from the Greece mythelogic. It is was a side horse side man. This is the story of a centouwer with a different choice. Kronos, was wake up. he walk from he’s house and walk outside. He see some under centouwers playing. He’s think about the time when he was young but now he is 25. He was joining the horse army when he was 17. He is lord of the horses. And have fight some battles against the persians. After the battles is he wounded on he’s leg. He is going home. Home he is going thing. “what I’m doing I fight against humans but I’m one side human and I’m one side horse.” Now he heard a voice it is Zeus. King of the gods. “You are not a human or a horse. You don’t have to fight with the humans you have a high rank on the centouwers why you don’t gonna talk to Towtorres” “but he goanna say no” say Kornos “no I will help you, peace is important” ….. Part1 to be continued

THE DREAM OF MY LIFE one day I cycle if every day just at a given moment I come to school at a busy crossroads. and I don't even let on and then I walk against someone I see that it is a boy I watch him and say sorry to him he looks me deep into my eyes and when I knew I am his wife ..... we were both silent he said against me does not. and he walked further I thought after briefly and quickly cycled from further then I thought throughout the day and even the nights I dreamed about him. To so much I don't even know who he is and how he is but something in my gut says that I like him something in my belly says I should go off on him if I see him again the next day as I bike to school I look good around me or I see him but no I see him when I'm not printing crossroads then I him still not seen so I decide a shortcut to cycle at a given moment than I come upon a small square out but then I see someone lying in a corner I put my bike on the side and then I walk when I came closer to those but if I stood quiet there was blood on the ground and all those seemed on that one was beaten up. I knelt down beside him I saw that it was a boy he lay on his stomach I tried to turn him I was startled me rot it was him that boy at the stop light he did careful eyes a bit open he looked at me and said if I not survives you should know that I love you.

Astrid Pelgrum

The story about a monkey There was a girl named Renske, she are 12 years old. She has brown eye’s an brown hair. One day they went a family outing to the zoo. There walking they along the monkeys, she said to the monkey, You look like a sweet monkey with your brown hair and eyes. She smiling, to her surprise, said the monkey back: thank you, You look like a nice girl, my name is lortje, want you get help me out of this small cage? I want to go back to nature, running around. Suddenly she heard her name Renskeeeee, come you with me? She said, I gotta go, but I'll be back, and I'll get you out of that little cage. Then Renske was at home in her bed and she thought how she laughs lortje could save. The next day she woke up and worked with her mother or her mother wanted to help lortje back into nature to get. Her mother wanted her help, she devised an action, they went to the entrance of the zoo standing and went campaigning. More and more people special plates for lortje. When they were very busy Renske slipped inside to lortje to search. She told him everything will be fine. And so it all worked out, lortje returned to nature, and the rest of the animals were given a bigger cage. Fleur Schrader

PENCILL magazine Nr.1  
PENCILL magazine Nr.1  

Magazine with the outcome of a small international Etwinning project