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Créditos de portada Idea Original: Crispo y Porfirio Aguilar Modelos: Daniel Zadardi y Ashanty Ramos Fotografía: Crispo Aguilar ( 01 312) 1393245 Edición de portada: Marco Ortega Heredia Maquillaje: Antonio Barajas (322) 2252686

It´s an honor to dos8, to present in our cover Daniel Zanardi and Ashanti Ramos, and in interview with them, we got to know some aspects of their personal and professional life. Dos8: How did you two meet? Daniel: we were introduced to each other by a mutual friend, she told me she had a very beautiful friend for me, in fact she said we would make a niece couple haha Dos8: How did you proposed? Daniel: when we started thinking about getting married, I was living in Cabo San Lucas and I realized it wasn’t easy to be apart from her, so in an opportunity I had to come to Vallarta, I took her to Bucerias and in the middle of the night I gave her the ring. It took me almost 3 hours to choose it!! Dos8: How long have you been married? Daniel: in February it will be 7 years, but we’ve been 9 years together and we never broke up! Not even a single day! Dos8: how long have you been living in Vallarta? Daniel: Ashanti is from Vallarta and I am from Mexico DF, and it’s been 14 years since I came to these

beaches,. We lived 2 years in Cabo San Lucas and one in Mazatlan, but we decided to stay in Vallarta. Dos8: what do you do for a living? Daniel: Ashanti runs a family restaurant in Bucerias and I am the general manager of La Patrona 93.5 FM Dos8: When we took the pictures for dos8, you were expecting your first daughter, the feeling of being parents for the first time is indescribable, but how was the moment? Daniel: Ashlyn was born at 11:20 am. Since 10.00 am I was already nervous, I came in the OR to record everything and the most unforgettable moment was when I saw her starting to come out, the baby cried and the doctor said: There is live! Unforgettable that moment! Dos8: your girl has just burn, what values are you going to teach her? Daniel: gratitude it’s the most important value a human being can have, in it converges the rest of them, to be thankful, friendship, loyalty, honesty, etc. but the one I consider essential is gratitude! Dos8: as new parents, what advice can you give to the young people of this generation? Daniel: to live their youth. Nowadays families are starting with very young parents, talking that there are couples between 15 and 16 years old joined by a child. All in good time! Youth is to be enjoyed to fill with knowledge so you can enjoy your family.

Dos8: as a family, how do you see the situation of this country? Daniel: well, as a family you always have a vision that with effort you can fulfill. Economically, the country has never been wealthy, but we Mexicans developed in each family ways to go through with that. Security concerns, specially the topic of addictions, but that’s why we have to make a huge effort to communicate with the family. Everyone aspires that Mexico will be a better country and a better society, but that happens with the work of every family. Dos8: Is Vallarta a paradisiac place to live in? Daniel: Vallarta is a paradisiac place, beautiful, it has the coast, mountain range, jungle, beaches but Vallarta its more than that: its people, tradition, hospitality, a place of opportunities that welcomes people from, other latitudes that come to work. Vallarta it’s a cosmopolitan paradise. Dos8: How is a family day for you? Daniel: the basic day to get together is Sunday. It could be by the pool or you know, eat and watch good movies. Dos8: what do you thing about dos8? Daniel: it is a magazine within reach to everyone, with information and coverage of events for all ages, which is the best, we have to give more attention to kids, they are the future of this country.

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Edicion de la revista dos8 vallarta que corresponde al mes de octubre de 2013

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