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Social Media & Local Government What is it and how can it work for us?

What is “Social Media?” Bobby



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All about interactivity

What is “Social Media?” • Common characteristics: – It’s about Information and Participation – Community of users is as significant as the content itself – Information is administered not controlled • Also sometimes called: – collaborative communication – online participation – grassroots web

What is “Social Media?” •Blogs






•Photo/Video shares




•RSS Feeds


•Virtual Worlds

•Widgets •Wikis

What is “Social Media?”

Social Media in Government • Web advances in government often are promoted to: – Provide efficient, convenient, and secure service delivery to citizens – Empower citizens with anytime, anywhere government access – Increase citizen participation

Social Media in Government

• Government agencies are one of the largest

sources of public data, and yet most of it goes completely unutilized, when it could provide a platform for countless new public services. – Wikinomics: How Mass Collaboration Changes Everything

Social Media in Government Page Ratings – State of IN

Social Media in Government Flickr Photos - City of Seattle, WA

Social Media in Government YouTube Videos - Franchise Tax Board, CA

Social Media in Government YouTube Channel - Marin County, CA

Social Media in Government Blogs - Dept of Human Rights, MN

Social Media in Government Wikis – State Best Practices, CA

Social Media in Government Podcasts - Government on iTunes

Social Media in Government Mashups – EDF with EPA data

Social Media in Government Widgets – FBI

Social Media in Government Forums – UK Local Government

Social Media in Government Twitter – Ramsey County

Social Media in Government Mixing it Up – State of VA

How can it work for us? • Social software could provide tools for better communication with our residents: – Our constituency is changing as most citizens now have internet access – Our communication methods, tools and styles need to change as well

How can it work for us? • Benefits of utilizing social software: – We can reach a much broader audience using a variety of the new tools available – If we listen to our constituents and business partners we learn – Collaboration leads to ideation from a rich and diverse audience – Collective approach that captures the informal knowledge of many

How can it work for us? Does Social Software have a place in local government?

– Internally (wikis, forums) – Our Site (comments, chats, podcasts) – Other Sites (videos, photos, posts)

Social Media & Local Government What is it and how can it work for us?

Social Media & Local Government  

An intro to social media for cities and counties.

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