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Bakker Sliedrecht designs, assembles, installs and maintains complex electrical installations. With excellent service, Bakker Sliedrecht takes care of the desired performance of your assets during their entire lifetime. Our roots are in the dredging industry. In the marine sector we also focus on offshore applications. Onshore we provide drive systems and automation solutions in the heavy industries and infrastructural engineering works. Furthermore we supply complete solutions for critical power generation.

Bakker Sliedrecht is your partner for electrical solutions throughout the lifetime of your assets. From the new build stage, trough operations and performing renovations, you can rely on us for tailor made consulting, engineering, installation and maintenance services. Wherever your operations may take place, we are always able to support you 24/7 around the world.

It is with passion, know-how and craftsmanship that we ensure the performance and continuity of your operations. We take care of it


A: Need for Asset


Robust, modular, easy to service Design  electrical engineering  production assembly  installation commissioning commissioning

B: Operational


Maximum uptime, limit risks & cost Service & Maintenance





C: Extending the lifetime

t risks & costs,

Retrofits & Conversions Design  electrical engineering production assembly installation installation commisioning





Highly experienced in system integration Effective and efficient systems As a brand independent system integrator, Bakker Sliedrecht offers you freedom of choice and flexibility. We seamlessly integrate the components you prefer into your installation. We have over 90 years of experience in integrating systems from various best-known manufacturers in both new-building projects and refurbishments. Our understanding of the system yields you direct benefits in terms of effectiveness, efficiency and user convenience. Single point of contact for a successful project At Bakker Sliedrecht, you have a single point of contact for the project execution; you minimize costs and maximize the reliability and performance of your installation. Bakker Sliedrecht offers you partial or total system integration; from consultancy design, engineering and purchase to installation and commissioning.

Power generation & distribution Generators Bakker Sliedrecht offers generators to produce electric power in a wide range of designs to fit every application. Our engineers will translate your wishes and user situation to the choice of the most suitable generator. We can supply the generators to you separately or integrate them into your electrical installation. Drive systems Your installation environment calls for specific drive systems. As a brand independent electrical system integrator, Bakker Sliedrecht uses its knowledge to design, assemble and integrate custom-built drive systems. Our experienced and expert engineers can configure drive systems for your specific low- and high-voltage drives, enabling you to get the most out of your motors with efficient energy consumption. Low voltage Drives Power range:

1,5 kW – 5,600 kW

Output voltage:

380 V – 690 V

High voltage Drives Power range:

250 kW – 3,600 kW

Output voltage:

2,3 kV – 4,16 kV

Our services for electrical installations: Consultancy Engineering Delivery Installation Commissioning Maintenance Modifications


Switchboards Bakker Sliedrecht designs, assembles and integrates high-quality switchboards. We supply switchboards and match the system to your demands. Our experienced engineers design and build tailored switchboards at competitive prices. With their modular cabinets, the switchboards always fit within the dimensions of your installation environment, taking full account of the applicable standards. In addition, we offer you freedom of choice by integrating components from all the well-known manufacturers. With our experience as an electrical system integrator, we match the switchboards to the other systems within your electrical installation.

Propulsion Our electric propulsion and thruster systems are characterized by their optimum of control and availability, efficient power management and diesel engine load, balanced fuel-oil consumption and emissions, a low vibration and noise level, high redundancies and flexible installation possibilities. Bakker Sliedrecht offers low voltage and high voltage AC grid, DC bus, local DC bus and hybrid propulsion concepts that

can be modified to meet your

requirements such as a specific sailing profile or fuel saving.



Automation & Control Modular marine automation The Bakker Integrated Modular Monitoring and Control system (BIMAC) is specifically build for marine application and is the perfect automation solution for vessel management. A clear visualization enables operators to quickly analyze a situation, trace possible failures, and efficiently control the systems. The modular system can be configured to your needs with add-ons.

Simulation Bakker




possibilities for testing designs which


save time compared to traditional mock-

Power monitoring

up building. Testing a concept design

Exhaust gas monitoring

offers valuable insights on the behavior of

Watch responsibility

a ship during various circumstances. We

Tank level monitoring

also offer the possibility to test designs for

History logging/Trending


NIMEA interfacing Ballast control Remote diagnostics Alarm service


Service & Maintenance Corrective maintenance If your business process is threatened by a disruption in your electric installation, you want to be able to depend on a reliable partner. You can count on Bakker Sliedrecht’s 24/7 breakdown service for a fast response which limits the impact of the disruption. Our engineers can be on the scene quickly around the world. Our broad technical knowhow combined with specific product knowledge ensures our experienced service engineers are able to quickly assess and solve a disruption. Preventive maintenance Bakker Sliedrecht understands that downtime comes with high costs. With preventive maintenance, you avoid downtime and corrective maintenance of your automation, installations and drive systems. By planned inspections and condition-based monitoring, together we deliver the lowest possible life cycle costs. Preventive maintenance results in lower risks, lower costs and higher returns for your organization.

Lifetime extension Retrofit Eventually every installation becomes obsolete due to long and intensive use or changing circumstances. Bakker Sliedrecht has broad experience with retrofit projects to extend the economic life of your electrical installations. By only replacing components, which are obsolete, you continue to get the most out of your installation at the lowest possible cost. As a brand independent system integrator, we have extensive experience with retrofitting electrical installations.

Inspections & Measurements LV / HV insulation measurement Micro Ohm measurement Power Quality Analysis LV circuit breakers Thermographic inspection Protection relays inspection Visual inspections Equipment inspection


Specifications: Redundnant energy system 6x3,600kVA Water-cooled frequency drives 3x 2,950 kW Azimuth propellers 2x Rudder propellers 2,400 kW 1x Bowthruster 2,200 kW Kongsberg DP 2/3 system

Subsea 7 8 Pipe lay, flex lay and diving support vessels DP2/3

For Subsea 7, we executed the engineering, manufacturing and mounting of the complete electrical installation on turn-key bases. These electrical installations are both high and low voltage. The installation includes a redundant energy system 6x3,600 kVA with low and high voltage switchboard and a propulsion system consisting of 3x2,950 kW azimuth propellers, situated in the aft ship and two rudder propellers situated in the fore ship of 2,400 kW each, as well as a 2,200 kW bowthruster. These systems are fed and controlled by Bakker Sliedrecht’s direct water-cooled compact frequency drives. The vessels have a DP 2/3 Kongsberg installation, which will be supplied and implemented by Bakker Sliedrecht.

Do you have any questions? call us: +31(0)184 43 66 66 or mail us:

Seaway Heavy Lifting STANISLAV YUDIN heavy lifting vessel

The renovation of the STANISLAV YUDIN was carried out to ensure a lifetime extension of 10-15 years. Amongst other things, Bakker Sliedrecht took care of the replacement of 4 drive systems, the replacement of the accommodation systems and renewal of the crane operator’s cabin. We also took care of the replacement of the remote controls of the existing azimuth propulsion and bow thrusters. This turnkey project was delivered in just 5 months.

Two drive systems for propulsion drives 3,200 kW: Transformer 12-pulse supply of frequency converter Low voltage frequency converter New propulsion motor 3,200 kW

Modification of 660V and 380V main switchboards


Delivered turnkey in just 5 months.

Two drive systems for thruster drives 1,400 kW: Transformer 12-pulse supply of frequency converter Low voltage frequency converter New propulsion motor 1,400 kW


Specifications: Main, auxiliary and emergency switchboard Distribution transformers Water-cooled DC bus frequency drives (propulsion, winches and bow trhusters) BIMAC (Bakker Integrated Modular Alarm Monitoring) Kongsberg DP2 system


Boskalis NDEAVOR & NDURANCE multipupose vessel DP2

Boskalis planned to build two multipurpose vessels in China. Bakker Sliedrecht was requested to engineer, supervise installation works and commission all critical electrical installations. We also supplied the power distribution grid, main thrusters, retractable thrusters, bow thrusters and the vessel management system. What is special about this project is the fact that the application of both vessels was determined during the building process. This is why we engineered all electrical systems in such a way that the application of these vessels can be changed with relative ease. The NDEAVOR was equipped with a subsea rock installation and the Ndurance was equipped with a cable laying installation.

The great collaboration between Boskalis and Bakker Sliedrecht was vital to finishing this project successfully. Both parties showed their agility and willingness when challenges during the built presented itself.

Jan de Nul Group JDN 8069 Cutter suction dredger

Bakker Sliedrecht is working on the drive systems and auxiliary switchboards for the world’s largest cutter suction dredger, JDN 8069, that is being built for Jan De Nul Group. JDN 8069 is being equipped with very powerful drive systems of 8,500 kW. This makes the new vessel significantly stronger than existing cutter suction dredgers. The powerful drive system crushes rock faster, increasing production.

A high reliability of the inboard pump drive systems is very important to Jan De Nul Group. Therefore, Bakker Sliedrecht is installing redundant inboard pump drive systems. To ensure the reliability of the drive systems, Bakker Sliedrecht is delivering a spare part package of critical components.

Do you have any questions? call us: +31(0)184 43 66 66 or mail us:


Specifications: 2x inboard pump drive systems of 8,500 kW Submerged pump drive system of 8,500 kW Cutter/propulsion drive system of 8,500 kW 4x additional drive systems to power auxiliaries BIMAC vessel management system


BIMAC vessel management system: 4x Alternators 6,6kV 4x Main Switchboards 6,6 kV 2x High voltage propulsion systems 5,000 kW 3x Low voltage thruster drive systems 1,500 kW 4x Distribution transformers 1,500 kVA Harbour- and emergency generator set BIMAC vessel management system

Do you have any questions? call us: +31(0)184 43 66 66 or mail us:


BigRoll 4 MC Class Module Carrier vessels DP2 prepared

BigRoll developed a vessel that is specifically designed to deliver modules and equipment for large projects. It is also highly suited to travel to remote areas such as the Arctic regions. Bakker Sliedrecht participated in the design of the innovative propulsion configuration which ensures safe, reliable and fast transits with particular focus on low fuel consumption. Bakker Sliedrecht is, as an electrical system integrator, fully responsible for the complete electrical design of the module carrier vessels. In order to provide a solution that fits the needs of BigRoll, we started with fully understanding the specific requirements of the new vessel type. This resulted in translating the concept into a detailed design. BigRoll benefits from receiving one integrated system that is based on their requirements. The new vessels are being built in China and the power generation, power distribution and vessel automation are delivered by Bakker Sliedrecht. This includes main generators, HV switchboard, LV package, transformers, UPS, Propulsion VFD’s, Propulsion E-motors and vessel automation.

Damen Shipyards Group BIBBY WAVEMASTER 1 SOV DP

Damen Shipyards Group ordered Bakker Sliedrecht to supply and integrate all main electrical installations of the Damen Service Operations Vessel (SOV). It is the first vessel purpose-built for the transfer and accommodation of offshore personnel and aims to maximize working time and staff retention. The design guarantees fast, safe and comfortable access to turbines, at lower cost. Bakker Sliedrecht is responsible for the supply and integration of all main electrical installations of Damen’s SOV. Key elements of this project are the design, fabrication, installation and commissioning of the main switchboard, two auxiliary switchboards and three drive systems. All drive systems will be equipped with an active filter that saves space on board and creates a clean power supply by eliminating harmonic distortion.

The SOV will be equipped with Bakker Sliedrecht’s Vessel management system BIMAC. Bakker Sliedrecht developed BIMAC especially for marine applications. The user friendly vessel management system manages all main and auxiliary functions of the SOV.


Technical specifications Main switchboard 2x auxiliary switchboards 3x drive systems Control desks & panels BIMAC vessel management system


Specifications: 3x alternators 8,125 kVA HV and LV switchboards Water-cooled frequency drives BIMAC vessel management system

Van Oord ATHENA & ARTEMIS heavy cutterdredgers

The heavy cutterdredgers are equipped with the BIMAC vessel management system for alarm monitoring and control. These innovative diesel-electric cutterdredgers of which the dredging process, such as cutter, pumps, winches and propulsion, is electrically driven by direct water-cooled Bakker frequency drives and Indar electric motors. A special feature of this project is the use of one water-cooled frequency drive for both the pumps and the propellers instead of installing separate wdrives for these systems.

Innovative multiple use of the water-cooled frequency drive


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