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along with 60-yards of limestone. Once the mats were in place behind the trailer, it was again winched out of the ruts and now onto the mats. Once the large ruts were back-filled, a double layer of mats were placed under the trailer and in front of the tractor. Did that do the trick? “With all mats in place the truck was able to drive out to the state road and onto its final destination,” Tommy noted with pride. “We thrive on completing jobs that others can’t.” Veteran operators never know what they’re going to encounter. But experienced ones like Gass find a way to avoid getting bogged down.

This old Oshkosh M911 8x6 heavy haul tractor finally made it out to the state road and onto its final destination with its humongous load.

Work the non-traffic side - Stay Safe!

About Gass Automotive Inc. Tommy Gass is the owner/president of Gass Automotive Inc. Based in Santa Fe, Texas, he founded his firm in 2001. After starting out as a small, local automotive shop, it has expanded to become one of the most diversified solutions providers serving all of Galveston County, Greater Houston and the surrounding areas. With more than 30 pieces of equipment, including two 60-ton rotators and one 65-ton sliding rotator, Gass Automotive has one of the largest and most versatile fleets in the greater Houston area. Gass specializes in heavy-duty towing, heavy equipment transport, mobile repair, heavy-duty truck and fleet repair, fleet maintenance management, automotive repair, heavy/medium/lightduty truck repairs, light- and heavy-duty towing transportation and recovery. The firm’s WreckMaster-certified and trained operators can handle anything that comes their way, always ready to meet the Greater Houston area’s most challenging jobs. | November 2021 • 39