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A Genie GTH-844 telehandler unloaded steel road plates on day two.

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on completing jobs that others can’t. a NRC 5065 CSR 65-ton sliding rotator, a Kubota SVL95 skid steer, Genie GTH-844 telehandler, three tractors with 53’ Landolls, a 2019 Kenworth T-370 equipped with a 28-foot NRC 40 TB, a 2018 Kenworth T-270 equipped with a 22-foot 6-ton Jerr-Dan rollback bed and two light plants.

After assessment of the scene the two rotators were rigged up to the trailer. With all rigging in place, approximately 275,000 pounds were winched back onto solid ground. The extreme weight of the huge bow thruster being on a 4-axle trailer placed an enormous load in a small footprint. Once the recovery began and the back of the trailer was back onto hard ground, the tractor was then lifted and set out of t h e ruts. The customer

The weight of the massive bow thruster pushed the trailer down into the mud.

38 • November 2021 |

This rear view of the bow thruster on trailer shows it finally being towed out on the road bed’s steel plates.

then wanted to move the tractor and trailer to the other side of the roadway where it became stuck once again. “After talking with the customer it was decided that the following day we would bring in materials to repair the roadway,” Tommy related. “And then place two layers of ground protection mats on the roadway to complete the removal of the truck, trailer and load.”


The following morning there were five loads of steel road plate and plastic ground protection mats hauled to the scene,