American Towman Magazine - September 2022

Page 72

19-inchers, since Gary notes they can handle heavier weight than larger rims. Plus he prefers a certain look, dressing up the truck with custom lettering from the Robinson Design Company. “I like to keep it clean and classy,” he says. Which helps to explain how he won a couple first-place trophies at the recent Empire State Towing Association’s show in Lake George, New York. Also, his B&B was one of the biggest draws at the event, since it was the only one there. Youngsters attending are especially drawn to the toy octopus in the cab. As a result, after getting the truck in May, Gary decided to call it the “OctoRam.” A fitting name since his rig recently had to wrap its arms around a camper top that had separated from a pickup truck. “My kids love that name,” Gary laughs. Charlotte (11) and Nolan (7) enjoy riding with their dad to handle tow jobs, as the four-door interior is large and comfortable, and useful for customers who need a ride. While he had to be patient in getting to take delivery of his B&B, —as supply-chain issues have been affecting the entire towing industry—he kept his cool, realizing that, “It was worth the wait when you get it.”

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