American Towman Magazine - September 2022

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Supplier Scoop Biofuels Emissions Solution for Trucks

According to Biodiesel Magazine, a new study that evaluates several approaches to reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) and other emissions from medium and heavy-duty vehicles from 2022 to 2032 finds considerable advantages with advanced diesel technology, particularly when using renewable biofuels, as compared to an electrification strategy. Medium and heavy-duty trucks operating in 10 Northeastern states that have adopted California’s low emission (LEV) and zero emission vehicle (ZEV) regulations were studied by Stillwater Associates for the Diesel Technology Forum. An analysis was undertaken to analyze the environmental benefits attainable from three strategies in the 2022 to 2032 period— electrification, accelerated fleet turnover and use of biodiesel and renewable diesel fuel. Allen Schaeffer, executive director of the Diesel Technology Forum pointed out that: “As we look for the best ways to reduce greenhouse gas and other emissions, this study demonstrates that accelerating fleet turnover and use of renewable and biodiesel fuels can deliver significantly more benefits (three times) that outweigh those possible from EVs in the region in the study period. Advanced diesel technology is more effective,

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