American Towman Magazine - September 2022

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Don’t: • Get every insurance agent to shop your business. If an underwriter sees submissions from three or four different agents, that will show there is no loyalty. • If an underwriter sees you have been with three different carriers in three years, it will make them not want to give the best price they could.


Do: • Have monthly safety meetings • Make sure you have a company safety program. When you have new hires, go over the company safety program and document the training. • Have both on-the-job and outside training (such as from

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WreckMaster, Miller, AAA, JJ Keller). • Have the proper files on your drivers and trucks. • Invest in telematics for your truck, plus cameras and GPS. (They are the next best thing to a tow-company owner sitting next to the driver in the cab.) Don’t: • Forget to document training or meetings held with employees. • Neglect your safety program. This needs to be reviewed once every year with all employees. • Get aggravated with inspections by either DOT or the insurance carrier. They can affect you in two ways: by hurting your DOT rating or making the underwriter think you are hiding something. (They’re there to help, and make sure you operating safely.)