American Towman Magazine - September 2022

Page 27

IMPORTANT SAFETY FEATURES Look closely at how fire trucks and paramedic units are set up, where agencies typically mount and position equipment in the same locations to allow first responders to retrieve equipment from the same location. This process helps to builds “muscle memory,” an essential trait when time is of the essence. Especially true for rotation tow companies serving high-speed highways, the toolbox setup is directly related to stowing tow equipment on the tow truck’s non-traffic side. When equipment is tactically stowed, well-placed equipment and accessories lend extra safety to towers by keeping them off the white-line side. When spec’ing tow trucks, include the following equipment items (or options) to help ensure operator safety: • Double free-spool handles for carriers, designed to allow winch free-spool from white-line traffic • Wireless controls mean operator’s work in places of safety away from traffic or beyond lifted loads • Wireless extension lights keep towers off the white-line • Mount the extension-light plug on the truck’s non-traffic side so operators are away from traffic danger when simply plugging-in • Dolly bars mounted or stowed on the non-traffic side • On-highway equipment mounted away from traffic • Choose a safe mounting location for six traffic cones • Equipment used less frequently can be stowed in the driver-side boxes Work the non-traffic side - Stay Safe! | September 2022 • 27