American Towman Magazine - August 2022

Page 58

Supplier Scoop CONTINUE FROM PAGE 48 you now have to turn the ignition key on. And in some vehicles the engine has to be running while you push down the brake pedal and only then are able to move the gear selector from park. However, this safety feature can become a big problem in the event of a electrical or mechanical failure (dead battery, no key situation etc.) The good news is that most vehicles, but not all, have a way to bypass this safety mechanism, providing that a person would know exactly where and how that override may be for the specific year make and model vehicle. This quick reference manual explains how to do the override, not only saving time for the tow operator, but also avoiding a potential safety hazard in a constrained recovery. The manual can be a valuable tool to have when towing many autos between the years 1996 to 2011, and sells for $30.00 plus $10.00 shipping in the U.S. If you wish to buy, call Kevin at (301)863-2387, go to eBay (type in shift lock override manual), or email him at

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