American Towman Magazine - August 2022

Page 26

AKRON LENDS A HAND TO ART ARFONS The Arfons family has relied on Akron Coach for more than 20 years, transporting Art’s famous jet-powered land speed cars. The Arfons know that Akron could be relied on because of the company’s technical know-how in loading odd-sized equipment on a Jerr-Dan rollback. “We wouldn’t have trusted anyone to do this except for Akron coach,” says Art’s wife Shari. “ He has loaded jet dryers for the Akron Turbine Group to be shipped all over the country and to be shipped to Mexico.” Art’s first jet dragster, Cyclops, set many records. And his last jet car that he built went after the land speed record on 1989. It went 400 mph at Bonneville before crashing. Art survived, and the cars are now in a private collection in Akron, Ohio.

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