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Risk Reduction Strategies Minimizing a Towman’s Work Hazards By Chase Clough

Regular exercise can help to avoid back pain issues.

E Chase Clough of Drive has a wide range of marketing experience, with writing, editing and content creation across all social media platforms. Her recent marketing positions include Florida State’s Career Center, and she is now a master’s candidate at Florida State University. Chase uses these skills in her position at Drive based in Monrovia, CA.

very experienced tower knows their job can be like going into battle. You’re the soldiers of America’s highways, always on duty, ready to rescue the next civilian stranded on the side of the road. It’s a 24/7 commitment with no “off” hours. You never know for sure when your next shower, meal, or sleep cycle will be. Adding to this stress is that fact that towing is one of the most dangerous jobs in America. In this industry, there are 42.9 fatal injuries per 100,000 workers, which is much higher compared to firefighters at 8.9, and police officers at 12.9 each year. One estimate indicates that a tow operator dies from a road-side strike once every six days. Aside from these tragic statistics, towers also deal with a number of other physical and mental challenges. All of which means how important it is to be at your best when heading out to a recovery. If you’re healthy and strong, you’re better able to assist motorists, and

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handle dangerous situations. So we’d like to share some practical tips from experienced towers that can be incorporated into your daily routine to make your job both easier and safer for you.


1. Start with a stretch Hours of sitting or standing, repetitive tasks, intense bursts of physical activity, moving heavy loads, and external stressors such as extreme weather and production deadlines all contribute to the risk of injuries. Warm-up motions to start your day can be simple, such as placing your hands on the steering wheel or the edge of your desk, and then pushing your hands until your feel a stretch. Take three deep breaths and repeat three to five times. Also, try twisting your shoulders and rotating your neck. Leaning side to side and touching toes can