American Towman Magazine - June 2022 - Corrected

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to complete the recovery. “Our strategy is to dominate the scene,” noted his father Ron Myers, PT’s head honcho. “We try to respond with every piece of equipment, mobilize every truck, in order to have a quick clearance.” Chris also found out that the truck was heavily loaded with dog food, weighing approximately 42,000 pounds. Even so, PT was able to avoid “fingerprinting” the load (putting hands on every piece in the trailer) by using Matjack Hurricane lifting bags and Sava Landing Bags, which also facilitated a quick clearance in a hazardous situation. Ron points out that the Hurricane bags inflate so rapidly, that they are better handled by experienced operators.

RESPONDING EQUIPMENT Miller 1150, 1135, and 50-ton 5130 heavy-duty wreckers Freightliner 122SD for towing a transport trailer 6 Matjack Hurricane lifting bags Sava Landing Bags (from Zip’s)

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