American Towman Magazine - June 2022 - Corrected

Page 23

a little psychology. Know your customer’s name and give them a formal salutation, respectfully referring to them as, “Mister, Miss, or Ma’am.” (Note: Where I come from, addressing females as “Ma’am” is a term of good manners and respect. But some women might prefer the politically correct “Ms.” instead.) Calling a stranger by their first name might be overly familiar and deemed less than professional if you’ve not yet been introduced. The same runs true calling a doctor, “Mister.” Strive to get the customer’s name and professional title if possible when accepting call details. If your customer owner has a “snooty” personality, provide a positive and impressive experience. Wear a clean uniform and be freshly showered and groomed. And make sure your rig looks good, too, with no clutter in the cab or toolboxes. Because owners like to brag about their vehicles, let them share their story as you’re preparing to load. Also, a little bit of praise and admiration for their specialty ride goes a long way. While some exotic car owners might seem “uppity” about their vehicles, don’t take it personally. Instead look at it as an opportunity to exceed their expectations. Gaining a customer’s trust comes down to the psychology of the total experience. While some towers might be annoyed by over-protective owners getting irritatingly close to the loading and off-load process, as long as it’s safe, let them watch while you explain about loading their vehicle.


Loading begins with a thorough walk-around inspection. Since virtually all towers now carry cellphone cameras, take photos of prior damages, especially the undersides, suspension, tire conditions, glass and paint. With customers on-scene, focus first on pre-load damages and have them sign your pre-inventory invoice. Note: While protecting your company’s best interests, this practice is a great way to gather pictures for your company’s photo binder. When it’s time to begin actual loading, whip out a clean pair of white, cloth gloves—and make sure they see you do it. With purpose, work at a slow confident pace taking a bit more time than needed. It might seem like overkill, but there’s a method to the madness, and leaves a lasting impression. In addition, even though flatbed carriers are deemed the “right truck for the job,” an experienced tower might determine that a wheel-lift and dollies are better suited to a specific situation. Your ultimate goal: damage-free towing.

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