American Towman Magazine - June 2022 - Corrected

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Jerr-Dan Debuts

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JD60 Heavy-Duty Wrecker

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Jerr-Dan has released a new three-stage, 60-ton, heavyduty wrecker to the company’s products. It has an SAE boom rating of 120,000 lbs. when fully retracted, and 25,000 lbs. fully extended. The three-stage boom provides a maximum reach past the tailboard of 294 inches, and a maximum hook height of 432 inches. Dual 50,000lb. winches are standard, and there is an option for an additional 35,000lb. underlift drag winch. Also standard on this unit are boomangle indicators and load charts for increased operational awareness. A fully proportional wireless remote with a 330-foot range allows effortless operation of the recovery boom from multiple locations with precision. This device makes precision lifting and winching much easier. The proven and tested three-stage, independent, knee boom underlifts offer either 142 inches or 181 inches of reach past the tailboard. An optional four-stage underlift is also available with 179 inches of reach. Continuing in the Jerr-Dan tradition, the new JD60 IND has the custom JFB body available in multiple wheelbase configurations. The body is made of a polypropylene copolymer material that is both high-impact and corrosion resistant. When compared to most other body types, these features can substantially reduce the cost of ownership. | June 2022 • 13