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vehicle pushing down on the victim. The rigging was done so that we could lift the black pick up in the van simultaneously without it dropping and damaging the victim any further. If we had moved one of the vehicles at a time it would have dragged the victim.” In total they cleared 135 vehicles and recovered six victims in 16 hours. James Jr. and his crew were first on scene and were there for the duration. He stated, “We were out there the whole time. We were the last to leave.” All of the vehicles were transported back to the individual towing companies’ yards with the exception of the fatality vehicles, which went to police impound. James Jr. stated, “On behalf of Beards Towing we would like to take the time to thank all of our team members for all the hard work and first class professionalism they performed awesome under the pressure of yesterday‘s tragedy of the 135 car pile up. To the wrecker operators with boots on the ground to our amazing office girls/dispatchers. All of you were nothing less than magnificent. From the Beards Towing family our hearts go out to all of the families who suffered a loss in these catastrophic accidents. You have our deepest condolences as we continue to pray for your families.”

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