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West End Service Earns My Business

“I bought an International 21 ft. bed from West End Service, Inc. The rollback does what it’s supposed to do, is strong running and has no problem loading up to 12,000 pounds. I had a couple of issues with the check engine light, but never had any problems taking it to West End for prompt service. They have been phenomenal and have earned my business.”

Paul Kope, 4 points Towing and Roadside Service; Camden, Delaware

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Wrecker Warehouse Proves Itself

“Texas Auto Towing has chosen the Dynamic 701 as our primary wrecker bed for repossession purposes. The unit is extremely durable and has never let us down in any application we have used it for. The negative tilt, under lift reach, and vertical oversized toolboxes have proven itself as an essential unit for our company!”

Joe Baker and Devon Lucza; Texas Auto Tow, Sanger, Texas

Work the non-traffic side - Stay Safe!

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Wrecker Warehouse Offers So Much

“Brent is the key guy at Wrecker Warehouse, who sold me a Dual-Tech that had issues. But he took on the problems, fixing a cracked bed and creating custom L arms for it. He sold me a Dynamic bed in 07’ and it has a million miles on it. I respect him so much for all of his advice. Wrecker Warehouse also offers straps, chains, lights – anything you can think of, they have. In this business, when you need it, you need it now.”

Glen Esken, Woods Towing & Recovery; Rockwall, Texas

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X-insurance with Exemplary Customer Service

“It has been our privilege to work with David Holmes. David has insured us since we opened our doors in early 2018. His customer service has been exemplary. We tend to have lots of questions and contact him frequently. We always get quick and helpful responses. He always assists us to ensure we have what we need. I would recommend David Holmes as an insurance agent to not only new startups but to anyone interested in being an owner in the repo industry.”

Paul Poenitsch, Run Recovery; Waukesha, Wisconsin

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