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batteries with fully charged spares in seconds so as not to slow down the progress on a complex job and even reengage the winch free spool from the remote instead of climbing back up to the truck. All options taken for granted only a few short years ago. Advanced load sensing technology has recently become affordable for the tow truck world and no longer is a crane industry exclusive. Incorporated into the fly by wire controls used by some manufacturers (Miller and NRC), this information can even be displayed on the remote control allowing the operator to know exactly what they

are lifting from anywhere around the scene. Maintaining great sightlines is very important to the safety of all involved and the success of the lift, something that required multiple people just a few short years ago. There are even remote controlled load cells that can be placed in line with the load and transmit actual force being applied in real time to the operator so they know exactly what is happening as they winch or lift a load. No more guessing or listening to the wire rope “sing” to know what is happening. Technology has made the job of a professional tower much safer

today than even just ten years ago. Technology is great but what about those times you want to “feel” what your truck is doing? Wreckers, rotators and carriers are still equipped with manual controls and will be for the foreseeable future. These manual controls range from primitive (simple is good, right) to very complex with more data than imaginable at the operator’s fingertips. Each design has it’s own merits. On wreckers I like the simple hydraulic valve body without remote cables or solenoids but understand that I sacrifice some pretty sweet advanced features by forgoing

The Radius Rotating Flatbed by Dynamic Tow Equip. and Mfg.

The Dynamic Radius Rotating Flatbed has a wireless proportional handheld remote. This gives the operator speed control of the unit. With the the amount of pressure press on the buttons on the remote, the speed of the unit can be controlled. This gives the operator better control of the unit when needed.

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