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Let’s start in the cab. By now I am sure many of you have seen the press releases highlighting the redesigned Peterbilt dashboards for their 389 series chassis. Gone are the analog style instruments replaced with a digital display screen that can give the driver more data than ever. This trend has been spreading across all manufacturers and models and while some, myself included, love the style of the analog dashboards most understand the value of having all this data at our fingertips. Modern trucks have standardized communications built in that allow

for an amazing amount of data to be shared between body components, the driver and fleet management back at the office. Gone are the days of guessing what a driver is doing with the truck or hoping they are obeying the speed limit and wearing their seat belt, today all that data is just a keystroke away on a computer or smart phone. Managing this data allows the modern tow boss to coach their drivers into the extraordinary superstars they can be all while helping to keep claims costs (and insurance by default) lower than their less connected competition. Even more important are the

redundant safety features now built in as standard on most wrecker upfits such as PTO interlock that senses when the PTO is on and can require the parking brake to be set or automatically disable the PTO when the truck moves to prevent transmission damage. No more driving down the highway and burning up a transmission, or worse having a body come up in the air and strike an overpass or dump a load because the hydraulic pump was engaged and a control lever allowed something to move. Perhaps the most important part of the connected vehicle

Raptor® Remote Control system from Miller Industries

Raptor allows the operator to easily maneuver through operations at the unit control stations at the rear of the toolboxes, which can be extended away from the vehicle to enhance operator sightlines during use, or by using the wireless remote. Joystick controllers on the control station and wireless remote allow for smooth operation of the boom and winch functions. A display screen offers a variety of information including load sensing, winch free spool, and 2-speed operations. Raptor® Controls from Miller Industries are available with either a TD3200 wireless remote or the new, more compact TD3100 remote. The Raptor® Remote Control system is available as optional equipment on all rotator models from Miller Industries and is standard equipment on the Century 1150R and Century M100. * USPN 9440577, D751,963 S and D752,492 S

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