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will be aggressively pursued where careless activities, processes and lack of training determines fault and accountability. Accordingly, tow owners should

28 • April 2021 | Towman.com

know that “vicarious liability” goes full-circle when investigations are conducted. This narrative isn’t an attempt to practice law, but make aware to owners one simple

premise; to help lessen the impact of enforcement, liability and responsibility in event of a catastrophic workplace event. Training and documentation is hugely important. Because rollaway dangers, carrier safety and prevention demands ongoing emphasis, I recommend carrier training is repeated quarterly (and documented) for all operators, not just the newly hired. Accidents are a product of the unknown where more than a few “experienced” towers were killed because of inattentive or improper actions. And, if you’re working in-the-field and see another tow operator, firstresponder, or casual observer standing where he or she just shouldn’t be; a friendly reminder could help save their life.

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American Towman Magazine - April 2021