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Law enforcement may insist that an overturned vehicle be loaded on the car carrier on it’s roof to avoid the extra time it would take to up-right the vehicle first. Make sure that you know your companies policy on this so you will be prepared ahead of time when this happens. Some companies have a policy of notifying law enforcement that this should not be done and the vehicle should be up-righted before loading and if law enforcement still insists follow the instructions of law enforcement and notify your employer afterwards. Some have a strict policy of never loading vehicles on the deck on their roof. Tow truck operators often use the wheel lift to stabilize the truck for recovery winching. I do not recommend this unless the manufacturer approves this. Some manufacturers make scotch blocks that allow the wheel lift to be used to anchor a car carrier for recovery work. If you decide to use your car carrier for recovery work make sure you consult the original equipment manufacturer first and take all precautions to ensure a safe, efficient and effective recovery.

Using snatch block to minimize winch line fleet angle.

The SP 9000 Sidepuller from In The Ditch demonstrates recovering a car from the side of a carrier.

Work the non-traffic side - Stay Safe!

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