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Side pullers

are an excellent way to provide

recovery capability

Jerr-Dan SRS (Side Recovery System) on a Somerset Hills Towing car carrier to enhance the recovery capability of their car carrier. This side puller features a boom on the mast that is capable of swiveling 180 degrees.

on a car carrier. This equipment is

designed and intended for use in recovery work.

pulls from the mast in a 180 degree arc to the rear and the ability to pull multiple angles to the front, side or rear of each side of the truck and at multiple heights including ground level for the stabilizer leg foot. Some car carrier manufacturers make an attachment with rope sheaves that is secured to the approach plate of the car carrier and allows the rope to make side pulls at the end of the deck. These are designed to be used with the deck secured in the bed locks. There are also after market attachments that attach to the side rails or are secured in the removable side rail stake pockets to facilitate side pulls. Some equipment manufacturers offer a car carrier that is capable of swiveling the deck to either side of the truck. This can significantly improve the recovery capability of the car carrier. A winch mounted at the front of the car carrier would allow light recovery work from the front of the truck. Some tow companies have mounted winches on the sides of the cab and chassis frame to perform side pulls. 22 • April 2021 | Towman.com

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