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locks damage can occur. One way tow truck operators protect this pin is by placing a 4X4 piece of lumber between the sub-frame of the car carrier deck and the frame of the trucks chassis to prevent the sideways movement of the deck during a side pull using a snatch block at the end of the deck. I have also seen tow truck operators use a ratchet and strap to prevent the twisting of the deck. This could also be done using a chain and chain binder. A chain may be even better than a synthetic strap since there will be some stretch in a synthetic strap. Multiple tie down locations with multiple slots at different angles increases the options for different angle pulls from the deck using snatch blocks. Equipment is available for car carriers to improve their ability to effectively, efficiently and safely perform recovery work. Side pullers are an excellent way to provide recovery capability on a car carrier. This equipment is designed and intended for use in recovery work. It is mounted directly to the frame of the truck chassis separate of the deck and it has its own winch. Side pullers are equipped with stabilizer legs and attachment points for snatch blocks or securing the winch rope hook. Most side pullers have a wide range of options for direction of pull. Elevated center The use of lumber, shown here, to prevent the twisting of the deck is a technique that is taught in WreckMaster classes to perform a single lane upright.

Ratchet strap to minimize twist in deck.

Work the non-traffic side - Stay Safe!

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