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Miller Industries Approach Plate Roller Guide Attachment is designed to work on 2018 and newer 10, 12 and 16 series steel car carriers. The guide is easily attached to the approach plate on the bed with a bolt and allows side pulls when the bed secured in the bed locks. Inset: Zip’s Side Puller Recovery Tool is designed to work on Miller 10, 12. and 16 series steel decks. It easily attaches to the steel deck, utilizing the standard key hole slot, a hitch pin and a hairpin cotter pin. It will also work on Miller aluminum decks but requires the drilling of a mounting hole.

deck. Many are equipped with a 50 foot long winch rope limiting the reach with the winch line. Of course, if you intend to use your car carrier for recoveries you can carry additional rigging including chains, straps and/or ropes to extend your reach. On most car carriers the winch is mounted at the front center of the deck and low to facilitate loading and unloading vehicles. When the line pull is parallel with the length of the deck the winch is stable even when the deck is not secured in the bed locks. Winching when the line pull is not parallel with the deck and the deck is not secured in the bed locks is more unstable. The deck sub-frame is only secured to the frame of the cab and chassis at the deck pivot points and at the hydraulic tilt rams. At the rear of the car carrier sub-frame are pivot pins that allow the deck to tilt. Care must be taken to avoid damaging these pivot pins when performing recovery work with a car carrier. When the deck is lowered and securely held by the bed locks this pin is not likely to be damaged. However, if the deck is not secured in the bed 20 • April 2021 | Towman.com

When equipment is used in a manner that is not consistent with its intended use it may cause stress in areas where stress was not anticipated and cause damage or a catastrophic failure of the equipment.

This is a custom made side puller designed and manufactured by Crockett Interstate Towing in Eugene Oregon. The unit utilizes synthetic rope.

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