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Searching for the right rollback can still be challenging even when you have the right concept already in your head.

the dollies have a distance and speed limitation. Searching for the right rollback can still be challenging even when you have the right concept already in your head. I know that looking for the right carrier for me is always a bit of a search due to the spec our company has developed. We look for a certain deck length and load angle, extra key slots in the bed to accommodate multiple different tie down methods, removable rails, and a movable head board. To explain why we choose the way we do is related to being on the side of the highway. The spec allows operators to move quickly and freely to expedite removal and back to a somewhat safer environment. This spec is different than a lot of others so when choosing a rollback or carrier, be thinking of your specific needs. Will you need a 19.5 deck, or 21, 22, maybe even longer? The bed length will help with the length of vehicle being transported. Think about what your needs are with a carrier. If you are moving lower vehicles then the bed angle becomes a key factor, 14 • April 2021 | Towman.com

manufacturers are building several different units to accommodate the end user. Larger size bed capacity is available, with upgrades for the winch, lighting, and width. All these are great however, buying the right carrier, regardless of the model. It is important to buy off need so unless you are going to spec a truck, and have it built than you may want to research the used carrier before jumping forward. Is the angle right for you, will the width accommodate? These are questions you need to address and with today’s internet sales knowing the carrier deck model number will allow you to reference the manufacturers website. Size and capacity are a standard consideration but do not forget the convenience features that are available from the distributors as well, such as remote controls, air free spool winch releases, and many more. This brings us to a wheel lift set up, if you are doing work in tighter areas, such as parking lots, garages, shopping centers, or gas stations then you want something with

a substantially reduced turning radius, quick loading, and the ability to throw on some dollies then the standard wheel lift will suffice. The ability to have more recovery work helps as well. Being in this business for many years has taught me a few things about buying equipment. The basics are the foundation of the purchase. There are a lot of trucks out there and many might fit your application but defining that application based upon your current business plans or customer base will help build a solid foundation. I have purchased equipment in the past, acquiring equipment that was almost showroom new due to a past buyer not being happy or not really understanding their needs. This resulted in them looking to offload the piece quickly to be able to move forward to more suitable equipment they originally needed or that was not available at that time. Business decisions for a wheel lift or carrier purchase should be just that, buying for need and necessity, not the adage of I really want it. The biggest business decisions

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