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Road Tools Hands-Free with RoadKing’s New CB Radio

RoadKing has introduced the first of its kind Bluetooth® CB radio that provides complete hands-free communication bringing the CB Radio into the 21st century. This is the first CB radio to provide a seamless transition between the CB radio, smartphone, and Bluetooth headset with one touch. Pushing the multi-function button on the Bluetooth headset allows the user to switch between a conversation on the CB radio to an incoming call and talk handsfree. Making for an effortless transition between a CB conversation and an incoming call. It is ready to go right out of the box. It includes the best in class RoadKing CB Radio, the RoadKing 940 noise-canceling Bluetooth headset, which is already paired to the radio, and a dynamic 4-pin handheld CB microphone, and an optional push-to-talk button. This industry-first CB radio system also features a 7-color display, NOAA weather alerts, PA function, and talkback. The new RoadKing voice-activated hands-free CB radio is available now at travel centers and truck stops throughout the US and Canada. RoadKing® is part of the RoadPro Family of Brands.


Keep It Shut

Southco’s M5 Magnetic Catch provides a robust and attractive solution for keeping doors and panels open or closed. The M5 is constructed of corrosion resistant stainless steel and combines a highly polished finish with the holding power of rare earth magnets. The product creates a reliable alternative to door stays, are well-suited for high vibration environments and can be configured to provide nominal holding powers from 50-118 N (11-26 lbs) to accommodate multiple door sizes and weights with a significant tolerance for misalignment.  The M5 Magnetic Catch holds entry doors, hatches, cabinet doors, and lids open or closed, while preventing damage caused by swinging into adjacent surfaces. The M5 Magnetic Catch replaces conventional door stays, straps and mechanical detents and is an ideal solution for RV, Bus and Boat doors or cabinet panels used in RV, Bus and Boat design, and access panels used in Off-highway, Truck and Industrial Machinery applications.


The Time-Tested STTR Light Gets a Modern ECCO Upgrade The stop-tail-turn light is one of the oldest safety devices still used on every vehicle on the road today. With modern LED technology and advancements in engineering, ECCO introduces the next generation of this tried and true warning light. The ED3040AW and ED3060AW combine stop-tail-turn, reverse and warning functionality into compact housings. ECCO’s newest lighting products are available in either a circular (ED3040AW) or oval shape (ED3060AW) and feature identical capabilities. Each are designed to easily install in standard taillight applications with grommet or flange mount options. Choose between PL3 or AMP connectors that simplify the install. Mount, connect and go without missing a job. When it is time to get back to work, ECCO has drivers’ backs with reliable LED lighting that is designed to flawlessly operate under the most extreme working conditions. The ultrasonically sealed housing and tough polycarbonate lens prevent moisture ingress while resisting wear and tear from prolonged vibration and heavy use. Beyond the ruggedized design, the integrated warning light provides an added layer of visibility to alert work crews and the public while on the job. The dual-color light heads produce 69 flash patterns, with white and amber colors, that are sure to grab their attention. The ED3040AW and ED3060AW are economical, all-in-one solutions for workers and fleet managers that require enhanced safety lighting and have limited vehicle surface area with which to work. Backed by a five-year, no-hassle warranty with unparalleled customer and technical services, customers can upfit with confidence and get back to work with minimal lead time.

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