American Towman Magazine - January 2022

Page 37

“I’ve always like Malibus,” he admits, pointing out that it’s what a muscle car should look like. His choice has proven out, after winning winning a slew of trophies over the years. So many, that he now has a new handle. “There’s people that can’t remember my name,” he laughs, “but they do remember that I’m ‘Mr. Malibu.’”

VTTR customized the Bedrock Freightliner’s tool boxes and subframe, color-matching them with the cab.

Dino the “dogasaurus” keeps Flintstone fans happy in the backseat when the family car is on the carrier.

The Jerr-Dan 21-foot Shark bed comes in handy when Bruce wants to transport his Malibu to a car show to win yet another trophy.

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