American Towman Magazine - January 2022

Page 21

size pickup truck—the more this lighting is blocked. And that also includes wreckers with vehicles loaded on wheel lifts. When purchasing or retrofitting tow trucks, I recommend that emergency lights extend farther left and right of the center mount to both sides. If arrow boards aren’t a consideration, “outriggers” (mounts) on the truck’s headache rack provide positions that extend lights beyond the width of towed or transported vehicles. This aspect is especially important for carriers.


In trying to minimize tow operator fatalities, I believe the industry needs better focus on operator safety, rather than highlighting big trucks, bling, wraps, murals, new equipment and tow items that don’t relate to operator survival. Much of on-scene survival comes down to the operator’s mindset. Yet many operators don’t feel a need for additional onscene safety and provide the following excuses: • “It takes too long to set cones and flares up!” • “It’s dangerous to set them up!” • “Flares start fires!” • “Signs and arrow bars cost too much!”

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