American Towman Magazine - January 2022

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Versatile Genesis Zacklift’s innovative Genesis 30T tow system provides superior flexibility. This fifth-wheel, detachable, 30-ton integrated boom and underlift system gives operators the ability to “Build-A-Fifthwheeler” exactly as needed, without the expense and limitations that come with standard heavy-duty tow trucks. Thoughtfully designed to be compact and balanced, the Genesis 30T is an ideal choice for towing and recovery work in tight areas and where space is limited. Also, Zacklift’s reinforced secondary boom gives the Genesis 30T one of the highest extended ratings on the market, coming in at 22,000 pounds. The unit’s underlift is rated at a very capable 35,000 pounds of lift, and 80,000 pounds of towing capacity. Shipped ready to work, with minimal installation required, the Genesis 30T drops in place on recommended wheelbase tractors with no major modification or welding required. This unit has been engineered to hold up to strenuous demands required by heavy-duty towing professionals. The flexibility and attractive price point of the Genesis makes it a solid investment in today’s aggressive and unpredictable towing industry. The Genesis 30T is easily loaded or unloaded, and stows easily off a tractor when needed. Permanent units are also available. Optional accessories include a range of modular tool boxes, winches, fenders, wireless remote, pintle/ball/fifth-wheel hitch, and self-stabilizing stiff legs. All told, the GENESIS 30T is both a customizable and upgradeable heavy-duty towing system.

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