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An acknowledgment could look like this: EMPLOYEE ACKNOWLEDGMENT I acknowledge that on ___________________, 20___, I was provided training regarding compliance with the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act and copies of my employer’s SCRA Policies and Procedures applicable to my duties. I have read and understand these documents and have had my questions about these documents and the SCRA answered. I understand my legal responsibilities and shall comply with these responsibilities. ________________________________ Print name ________________________________ Signature ________________________________ Date ________________________________ Title

Once a year, there should be a refresher course, or a bulletin circulated with a similar Employee Acknowledgment to be signed. These acknowledgments have great value if you are ever investigated. 3) Checklist – An electronic or paper folder should be kept with a checklist. The compliance officer’s signature should be required before a sale. a. Is the owner of the vehicle protected by the SCRA? Being protected by the SCRA and being employed as military personnel are not the same. For example, a person could have retired from the military, but they may continue to have some SCRA benefits after termination. If you receive information that the person may be on active duty, stop and listen. b. Determine SCRA protection eligibility. Find the owner’s name, possibly by checking the VIN or tag number. Carefully note the spelling of the name. Use an online verification tool and be sure to spell the owner’s name correctly. If you are aware of any variations in the last name or aliases (e.g. maiden names, hyphenated or composite surnames, various spellings, etc.) used by the owner, run a separate search for each name variation or alias. The most comprehensive resource for the towing industry is the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act Centralized Verification Service (www. ServicemembersCivilReliefAct.com) (known as the SCRACVS), a private contractor used by many in the industry. It is cost-effective, streamlined and no Social Security number is required. You can save the email response verification or order a notarized military affidavit. Attach the affidavit or response to the checklist so the compliance officer sees it before they sign off on the sale. The Department of Defense also operates a database called the Defense Manpower Data Center (which is free), but is only a reliable resource if you have the owner’s Social Security number. You can also submit a search to the DMDC with the date of birth only, but responses come with a warning that stipulates that the results are not guaranteed which may not satisfy a judge. If you have neither the Social Security number nor the date of birth, you cannot use the DMDC. c. Mark your calendar so you can redo your online military verification not more than two days before any sale. It is probably a good idea to avoid scheduling sales for Mondays or days following holidays to be certain

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